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help me immigrate? (repost)

hello! i’m an autistic queer/trans immigrant of colour. i have been dealing with various financial issues (link), mainly due to my residency status, but: i can finally apply for permanent residency! and with the recent turn of the election… i really want to finish this long, long journey

the only problem is that the actual application costs a lot of money. i need $550 for just the initial application processing fee, as well as $200 for the medical exam, and $490 for the acceptance fee. this doesn’t include fees for FBI check, keeping up with my other bills, etc. as explained in the post linked above, i can’t afford to save up for this right now, so i’m asking for help

the support i’ve received has meant more than the world to me, and i am so thankful for all of it. i don’t know how to pay back all the love and generosity i’ve received. i hope this will be the last time i have to ask for help, as getting permanent residency would open so many doors for me. i want to make things right for myself, and for all the people who believe i can and have helped me

i have a donation button on my blog, or you can donate directly to me at if you are uncomfortable donating, i can do $5 sketches right now. either e-mail or PM me if you are interested in that! (this post will be updated soon with a place to view examples, sorry)

thank you, be gentle with yourself, thank you, thank you

You know what? Fuck it. Reblog if you think your belief system/philosophy is right and others are wrong

You can be objective about truth but still love friends and family who believe differently, don’t listen to the bullies. Enough of shaming those who believe that their faith/worldview is the only correct way of living. If someone choosing and uplifting their path as “the best” or whatever makes you pissy then maybe you need to get over your subjective insecurity.


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yall, i’m aware that the whole list/lottery issue causes these crazy debates in the fandom right now, but that last scene between clarke and jaha is ingrained in my brain, because their interaction during the last seconds is kinda nice? lol

like, the way clarke tells him that she hopes he is right about all this

and how jaha then puts his hand on her shoulder

and then

fucking smiles

because “damn clarke, you’re the only one to say this to me”

obviously somethings are going to happen, but i still think this is nice dshfds


Hi im noora and i guess my knack is art?? The first two are bday cards for my friends (theyre album covers) done with markers and the third one is a painting for art class on the topic of “motherland” but i think theyre neat