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Know any more story blogs like yours?


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If you could be one of the Korean models, which model would you look like? Act similar to? And like to be friends with? Hiya Jade :D -anon

Hi anon. :) ~ Han Ji Yeon is a model I would like to look like since she looks youthful just like me. I would act similar to Park Hyun Sun since gives off a fierce/cool aura. Last but not least, I would like to be friends with Heo Yoon Mi since she is a social butterfly.  

Han Ji Yeon

Park Hyun Sun

Heo Yoon Mi

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hey i love your blog! c; i was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about what the scene where albus and scorpius were separated was like live?

Gosh thank you so much <3 I love hearing that it makes other people happy too. Running it is sort of my favorite pastime at the minute!

IT HURT. Also bare in mind that seeing it live was my first ever interaction with the play so I didn’t know WHAT was going on. The scene lasts at least 2 minutes which on stage is a very long time and the whole scene is a complex choreographed dance to the song ‘Half Life’ by Imogen heap (it was the instrumental version but you’ll still get the impression if you search the normal version too) It involves two staircases which can be freely wheeled around the stage that feature as bits of furniture/scenery/transport its all very clever and minimalist.

The stairs only have one banister and are open ended at the top meaning you can walk staight off the top of the stairs as though you’d reached the second floor. This means that when Scorpius runs up a set of stairs he then spins on his heels, falls backwards into the wings on a crash mat and then walks back on stage to climb a ‘different’ set of stairs to create the illusion of constant movement. Its beautiful. Albus is doing the same so the stairs and the actors are constantly moving like a live montage of days passing. It sounds silly and it sort of is but also its gorgeous.

Towards the end of the montage there is one moment (one of two in the WHOLE play) where the staircases come together. the left staircase has its barrier on the outside and the right staicase has the barrier on the outside creating one giant staircase. This is such an amazing visual metaphor for how perfect they are together and the two walk down it side by side before looking at one another longingly as the staircases then drift apart going their separate ways. The only other time the staircases come together like this is when Boring-Ron and Teacher-Hermionie share an awkward conversation on the stairs together. In this instance the two staircases are conjoined again but this time with both handrail barriers facing inwards creating a literal barrier between the two actors as a hint to their circumstances. Honestly the staircases are a metaphor for soul mates and you can’t convince me otherwise

God i’ve done a pants job of explaining this! Give me a little while i’m going to try to whip up some diagrams and then add them to a reblog of this ask ive totally lost my trail of thought here what day is it?

Things to think about

And to the Truckers our dumbass president signed a bill into law that states that all trucks made before 2009 must be epa compliance by 2020 .thanks asshole you have no idea what that means for millions of people who have older rigs , and all the people who make money from the chrome to parts to polishing ,guess your shit don’t come by truck and Last but not least they are trying to put all trucks on a max speed of 60-68 mph to save lives of 4 wheelers who cause most of the wrecks in the first place .also they want to put automated trucks on the road that means no driver and will be run by a computer with no clue of what is going on .To all the people who hate truckers and trucks i ask you this how the fuck you think you get anything ?

1 year….Can’t believe that this blog is already 1 year old. 

Firstly I want to thank you, yes YOU, the one who’s reading this. You are the reason this blog is alive, you keep me wanting to come back because of your likes, your reblogs and comments, though I didn’t post much lately (summer is a pretty bad time for running any blog). Without your support Royal Hair would have lasted a few months only.

Secondly I want to thank the blogs that keep the hard work and update us with the agenda of the royals, without you I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the activities of the royal ladies (and it’s still hard to post about everyone…) @smrletiziaofspain @royalwatcher @anythingandeverythingroyals @misshonoriaglossop @jordanianroyals  @ifreakingloveroyals @camillasgirl @being-a-royal @spanish-royals @europesroyals and many many more, without you I’d be lost! ♥♥♥

And last but not least I want to thank all the tumblr friends I made in the last year. You know who you are and it’s always great to talk to you =D Thank you for the past year and see you soon!


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Could stormpilot be happening? I really support them like reylo, I do but whenever I see KMT's character and how everybody's talking about her role (like a source of potential loveinterest for Finn) I'm really disappointed. I truly believe Poe is gay there is so many hints in TFA book as well as how Oscar introduces him. But. Does Disney have a ball to make him gay? Well in Star Trek we have a nice shot of Sulu and his partner. Can we have this with FinnPoe? What do you think Gwendy?

Much as I love Stormpilot, I’m pragmatic enough to know that in our current social climate, I don’t think Disney would go full on with that route. I am kinda hoping at least in the last movie, we get a moment between them that can be taken as a yes or no confirmation, like Poe putting an arm around Finn and them sharing a meaningful look, something like that. As for KMT, we know very little about her character at this point so we shall have to see if KMT/Finn takes a spot in my shipper heart.


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Noel is a lackey, not A.D. and Not a Drake.

Noel is definitely involved somewhere somehow…but he is not in charge. He’s never been in charge. I’ve never thought it was him at the top of A or anything, but last week, at least to me, proved it with this:

The way he looks up at the camera is very much like “look at me, I’m doing what you asked.” He’s definitely looking directly at the person behind the camera. If he was the one orchestrating this, why would he look up at his own camera? He wouldn’t.

I’m thinking that it’s going to come down to one of three stories for Noel:

1. He has been blackmailed by A.D. to do some terrible things - like painting Spencer with blood in the dollhouse. He’s a reluctant lackey and has to do what he’s told. The way he acts is all to keep it a secret. This would support my thought that telling Hanna she’d end up like Sarah Harvey was a warning and not a threat.

2. Noel is connected to the other Drake child. This could be particularly true if it ends up being Jenna….or maybe he thinks he is the child and this is all to find out the truth? Either way, Noel has a stake in finding out who the child is. 

3. Perhaps my favourite, Alison is A.D. She had already said that Noel was helping her because she was keeping his secrets. I’m starting to really roll with the idea that Alison is Uber A, and in that case it would make sense that Noel is super sketchy and also a lackey. 

All of these different ideas could also explain why he had a thing for Aria, then went to Mona, then to Jenna. He was looking for information. Maybe for Uber A. Maybe for the other Drake child. Maybe for himself. Maybe for Alison.

It could also explain why Noel kept showing up at a bunch of sketchy scenes, like outside of the church when Ian tries to kill Spencer or when Maya’s body is found….


After almost a year, I finally designed my character for infernalblossom’s book series, Light Years Away

She told me I could pick any of the minor characters from her character list and design what I want them to look like at my 21st birthday last year. So I picked this character called Nunki because it’s from the Sagittarius constellation and it’s in no way related to my sun sign lol

It’s been at least…9 years since I last came up a character design so it was fun to finally draw this out and come up with a character’s overall look

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►Give your brother a hug, and not one of those lazy 'wrap one arm around the other's shoulder's hug' either. It also has to last for at least five minutes.

Your wish is my command 

He grimaced at his older brother, shivers traveling up his spine at the mere thought of enduring such a vast amount of time in his arms. Unfortunately he had no say in this as his arms had a will of their own, controlled by the magical meme symbol.

“No! No, no, no, no-..!!”

With his voice muffled by the firm chest of his sibling his protests were distorted into a small wail of discomfort, the transmuters arms wrapping around the small of the taller male’s back. These five minutes were going to be the longest five minutes he has ever experienced in his lifetime. And also the worst.

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best oral experience you received?

my boyfriend gives me the best head i’ve ever had, every time is better than the last, he makes me cum at least six times every single time he eats my pussy

August 30th, 2016

Dear diary, 

I’m sitting on a bench in Central Park right now. I was out jogging for a bit, and am now taking a little break - or rather a long break, because Rich made me some delicous sandwiches (I have to hold myself back, try not to eat them all at once!) and he gave me homework to do in case that I was bored during my break. He wanted me to read one of his stories he wrote for LLL and the characters. And they are usually quite long and secondly, they’re often so well written that I can’t stop reading… So I guess my break will last at least a few hours…

You know, sometimes I wonder about how my life went until now. What would have happened had I never met Richard? Where’d I be now?  Would I ever have met Richard even if I hadn’t done the Hobbit? (Actually, I’m pretty sure I would’ve. We’re destined to be together.) Would I be living alone? Would I have a farm or would I only live in NYC? Would I be still with Carter? Or would I be with someone else? Marrying someone else? Nope, I can’t imagine this… 

It’s really strange how my life went since I met Richard. I think I changed a lot since then… I think I became calmer and more mature… (sometimes anyway), more responsible maybe… Rich really changed me and made me grow up…


I’ll never let you read my stories again. You are always talking rubbish afterwards…

Maybe you should stop writting so highly profound texts about live and let live! 

They’re not profund…they’re just my thoughts!

Yep, your philosophical thoughts about life and death, love and hate, fun and sadness… I have to think about things like that, too when you do…

Hmm, but don’t think about things that won’t change anymore. We met each other, we are together and we’ll stay together until death seperates us. Let’s get philosophical about our future and not the past…

Hmm…you’re right. But it’s not that easy to see the future, you know? 

Oh, I see the future..

Ah! And what do you see?

Us, of course, eating a huge wedding cake full of chocolate on our 50th wedding day…

XD That’s a very good plan! 


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Bumblebee/ Fluff

- I saw some cute bumblebee fan art so I decided to make a fanfic of my two favorite baby child’s! Oh, and and they are older as well -

Today was a very special day for Yang Xiao Long.

Today is the day where she got her newly upgraded robotic arm from Irownwood. Today is the day where she finally got to go back in the Grimm field with her sister. Today is the day where she finally went to go get groceries for her and Blake’s house. And, last but not least, she finally gets to talk with her best friend, sun. They haven’t spoken since sun went on a two-month mission with team CVFY and his own team.

“ Thanks for helping me get all the food I needed ”. Yang said as she walked beside sun who was pushing aside a cart full of grocery bags. The monkey Faunus looked at his best friend and grinned. “ No problem! And I needed some things too so it’s all good ”. He said happily. Yang chuckled, looking away to spot her car. Or rather ruby’s car since she was borrowing it for the moment.

“ So, how’s Blake doing? ”. Sun asked as he and yang stopped behind ruby’s car. Yang took out the keys and unlocked the trunk. It opened by itself and the two started putting in the groceries. “ She’s good. I bought a collection of a book series called Game of Thrones, that I gave to her last month for her birthday. She’s already on book three and those books are hella long ”. Yang said followed by a light laugh. Sun chuckled at the thought.

“ That’s great. I gave Neptune a necklace of our sigil forged together a few days ago. He was so happy ”. Sun said fondly. Once they put the last of the bags in the trunk, yang closed the trunk. She looked at her best friend and smiled at the fondness in his eyes. “ You two are honestly the best ”. She said wholeheartedly. Sun grinned, blushing lightly. Although yang didn’t see since it was nighttime. And the parking lights weren’t showing enough light where they were.

Yang was making her way to her home after she had just dropped off sun. They sang along the way to their favorite songs, and even kept a conversation where they planned to hang out next. It wasn’t until yang noticed it was around eleven at night – close to midnight – that she had to go. And yang was happy to go home to see her girlfriend after such a long day. Yang kind of felt bad since she left her in the morning while she was sleeping. Only leaving her a letter and a flower she got from their garden.

When yang arrived at her home, she was sad at the sight of the lights being off. She checked the time on her scroll and it was 00:08am. She sighed, pocketing her phone in her jacket and turning off the car. She got out with swiftness, opening the trunk with the keys. She went to stand behind the open trunk and stared at the many groceries Infront of her. And there was nothing she hated more than having to take two trips back. So she winged it.

It took a whole lot of struggle, carefulness and quietness as she walked to her kitchen. It was dark and she hit her knee a couple times against chairs and tables. She grunted as she speed walked to the kitchen and dropped everything on the island. She let out a large breath, moving her hand around the island countertop to find the screen. And when she did, she tapped on it and the whole kitchen lit up. She took a few breaths to regain herself then started putting the food away. Which took way faster than having to enter the house with bags along her arms, neck and mouth. Thanks to Blake’s organization order.

Yang was exhausted when she entered her bedroom. She silently trudged herself to her and Blake’s shared closet. She didn’t even notice Blake on the bed reading with her small light cube. Yang let out a huff as she took off each piece of her clothing. She didn’t want Blake to get mad at her for leaving her clothes on the floor. The last time didn’t go so well so it was something she remembered every time she changed.

“ I’m so tired… ”. Yang mumbled as she turned around. But when she did, the lamp beside their bed turned on. She jumped letting out a small shriek. Her eyes were wide when she saw Blake sitting on the bed with her arms crossed. Blake was only wearing one of yang’s large shirts and no shorts but that didn’t change the fact that she was looking at yang with a serious expression. Which was something yang was afraid of in these types of situations.

“ O-oh… hey Blakey. I’m home ”. Yang sputtered out nervously. She gave Blake a nervous smile followed by a nervous small laugh. Blake’s expression didn’t changed and yang just felt all the more nervous. She stripped down just to her boxer shorts and sports bra so she felt sort of vulnerable. Blake then stood up, grabbing her book and setting it down on the bedstand. Yang stood stiff as Blake then turned and walked to her. She approached yang with slow strides and stopped Infront of her. They both didn’t say anything although for different reasons.

“ Where were you? ”. Blake said in a soft voice. Blake’s expression turned into concern and yang frowned. She noticed the slight movement of her cat ears that went down. A sign of which Blake was scared or worried. Probably both. Yang then sighed and leaned forward to wrap her arms around Blake’s waist. Blake hugged back with her arms going around yang’s neck. They stood there, hugging each other. Yang squeezed Blake and moved her head to kiss Blake’s temple. She almost forgot that her girlfriend had abandonment and alone issues. As well as her but it was Blake this time.

“ I’m sorry I just left you a letter. I was getting my new arm, I went on a mission with Ruby, and I brought food with sun. I didn’t mean to make you worried ”. Yang whispered. Blake frowned, pressing her face against yang’s neck. They held each other for a few moments before Blake pulled away. Yang looked at her girlfriend and smiled when saw the small sign of happiness in her eyes. Yang let go of Blake when she reached for her hand.

“ I’m just glad your home ”. Blake said with a small smile. She lightly pulled yang to the bed they shared. Blake had climbed on first then yang after she turned off the lamp. She left the light cube on the desk as she went under the covers to lay beside Blake. Yang then wrapped her arms around Blake as she pressed herself against yang’s warmth. Yang grinned when she heard Blake purr when she made herself even more warm.

“ I missed you ”. Blake whispered. Yang leaned down to place a soft kiss on the top of her head. “ I missed you too… oh! When I went to the store, I saw your favorite ice cream so I got it ”. Yang said and she felt Blake stiffen. “ The mint chocolate chip?… did you also bring- ”. “ Yes, I also bought your fish flavored syrup. The cashier looked at me so weirdly when I paid for it ”. Yang said followed by a light laugh. Blake smiled, leaning up to kiss yang under her chin. She nuzzled her ears under her chin that made yang giggle. “ Thank you ”. She said in gratitude. Yang hugged her tightly and kissed her head once more. “ I love you Blakey ”. Yang said softly. Blake couldn’t help but blush and hug back. She felt so much warmth in yang’s hold and her words held so much love. She couldn’t believe she fell in love with such an amazing person… “ I love you too Yang… ”. Whom she loved with the same passion

I’m taking a short break from lifting because school start again soon and also because I'v been lifting almost every week so i need stores to forget about me. I’m pretty sloppy and easy to rembember so it’s getting dangerous.
Also i have enough make up for the moment and for clothes well i still need some stuff but It can wait.

I’ll soon receive my hook so i’ll be back pretty soon anyway haha… I want my break to last at least 1 month