and landed on an ice rink in a perfect spread eagle

I will show you the true meaning of Eros


WOAH, THIS TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE. A full long week of fighting against Writer’s Block, lots of self-doubt, and believing I would never be able to finish this. Needing one full hour to write only one sentence, or even just one word. But I won over frustration, I wrote everything, even if it took so long, edited the hell out of this, and here it is! A sort of decent Viktuuri fanfiction!
I came up with this idea the day before episode 3 aired, and I actually planned a whole choreography in my mind (which the anime destroyed, by the way). Even if this is a sort of AU (what I wish had happened in the anime), I didn’t want to just forget about all the effort I put on the choreo I had planned, especially because the events and progression of the fic depended on the structure of the program. So, I made a sort of mix between canon and my own plans (and given that we don’t see the full program in the anime, I took some liberties). I would have never expected Viktor to make Yuuri do every jump in the second half of the program. What a sadist. My plan was to put the quad salchow first of all, and then do steps plus a spin before the other two jumps. Canon destroyed that idea, but I kept it for this fic because it worked better that way.
I also did so much research to write this very short piece. It’s ridiculous, but I take writing seriously even if it’s something as short as this. That’s dedication to writing and to Yuri on Ice. I hope you enjoy it!

You can also read it on AO3.

Pair: Yuuri Katsuki x Viktor Nikiforov

1968 words, 1 chapter

Summary: While Yuuri is practicing his short program, he struggles to grasp the meaning of Eros, until Viktor decides to help him by skating along Yuuri. But will it be as simple as just skating together?

Warnings: no warnings.

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