and lame scenario

a fan: *calls jinyoung jr./junior*

Jinyoung: bitch, come again???

photo (cr.)

Expectations vs Reality
  • Kpop fanfic: you couldn't believe your eyes, your own boyfriend naked on your bed with another girl, cheating on you.
  • Reality: you couldn't believe your eyes, your own boyfriend sitting shirtless on your bed eating kfc all alone behind your back.

Jin: Joon is such a wonderful month.

Namjoon: Hyung, no.

Jin: Lets go to the park, Jimin.

Jhope: We have practice.

Jin: Don’t be a hoe, Hoseok.

Jungkook: He’s back at it again.

Jin: We can get Tae and kookies after that.

Taehyung: Thats getting old, like you.

Jin: Maybe two cubes of-

Yoongi: Make a pun about me and I’ll murder you in your sleep.

  • Yoongi: Hey Nams can you look over some lyrics for me?
  • Namjoon: Sure just text them to me.
  • Yoongi: *Sends him the lyrics*
  • Namjoon's Phone: *Emits the sound that Jin makes while eating*
  • Namjoon:
  • Yoongi:
  • Namjoon: Don't tell Jin.

nsfw namjoon ~ for anon

Take One For The Team - Yuto (M)

Baseball AU

Suggested: ‘Pentagon Yuto thigh riding smut? 💓💓’

A/N: If you don’t know what a cup is it’s just a protective plate baseball players where over their privates^^
Also, this title is not relevant, but just go with it
- Admin Finn

Word Count: 758

A hand caught your wrist as you browsed the aisle of the bus. You glanced down, a smile gracing your features as your gaze fell upon Yuto, your boyfriend. He sat against the pleather bus seat, a small grin gracing his features as he tugged you to join him.
Your appreciative gaze swept over his team uniform, the baseball cap upon his head concealing his raven tresses.

“You came?”

“Of course,” you replied, smiling gently, “I love watching you play-”

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minnie: bro

taebae: bronander

minnie: broseph

taebae: tony bromo

minnie: brometheus

taebae: brovakin, the dragon brorn

minnie: tolstoy broskyefski

taebae: brosa parks

minnie: brotato chip

taebae: bro-sie o’ donnell

minnie: brochacho

taebae: edgar allen bro

minnie: brohamad ali

taebae: brolaf

minnie: nintenbro 64

taebae: brorack brobama

minnie: brocahontas

taebae: bromeo

minnie: angelina brolie

taebae: brobi wan kenobi

minnie: c3pbro

taebae: han brolo

  • <p> <b>Taeil:</b> You've met Luc-<p/><b>Ten:</b> //violently screams// YOU LOOK SO PERFECT STANDING THERE IN MY AMERICAN APPAREL UNDERWEAR AND I KNOW NOW THAT IM SO DOWN YOUR LIPSTICK STAIN-<p/><b>Taeil:</b> Ten...<p/><b>Taeil:</b> I'm talking about Lucas, the new member of smrookies...<p/><b>Ten:</b> shit, wrong person<p/></p>