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I hope we see you again. We’ll be back to play some more shows before we go away forever. I’ll thank you again if I see you again, but I’d like to take the time now to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the time you guys have spent listening to our music and sharing with your friends and coming to our shows. We don’t feel entitled to any of this. We feel it’s a real privilege that we’ve gotten to do this with our lives and we owe it a lot to you so thank you so much for being here. Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful night and a good rest of your year.
—  Jesse Lacey; October 29, 2017 in Dallas, TX
Almost || Dan Howell

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POV: Reader


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“Is this how you want this to end?” I whispered, my bottom lip quivering.

I looked up into his cold brown eyes in search of any sign of emotion. There was nothing. It didn’t hurt him like it hurt me.

“Maybe this was doomed from the beginning.” I said more to myself than to him.

All my life I had always been the one who loved people way more than they loved me. I was that kind of girl and he was that kind of boy who barely loved people.

I was a hopeless romantic and he was a rationalist.

It didn’t make any sense but somehow, I still fell for him, hard.

He didn’t fall at all.

I saw that now.

A few weeks earlier, I was walking through the busy city centre, carrying a few bags. I was out shopping since my aunt was going to get married next week and I still needed a dress. After having tried on about fifteen different ones I finally found a light blue lacey dress that fit perfectly.

I happily payed for my new piece of clothing before I headed out of the store.

The streets were busy but no matter where I went I always looked for his face in the crowd. He never left my mind, whenever I saw a tall, brown haired guy my heart beat faster in the hope of it being Dan. Most of the time the man I spotted would turn around and look nothing like him.

When I walked into a little local coffee shop after my exhausting shopping day, a little bell rang as I opened the door. It smelled heavenly like cake and caramel. It was a rainy spring day and I was really looking forward to a big cup of hot chocolate

“That will be 10.30” the cashier told a tall, brown-haired boy who was wearing a leather jacket.

My heart was jumping by now. Could it be him?

“Have a nice day.” I heard the guy say in a posh accent and by now I couldn’t avert my eyes from his tall frame.

When he turned around to walk to his table, I was suddenly face to face with Dan.

“Oh hey! Nice to see you around.” he exclaimed and hugged me.

I smiled brightly and hugged him back.

It was actually him this time. Dan and I had met a couple of times through our mutual friend Phil. Since then we used to talk on the phone quite often. We had never met up without Phil though and while I was sure that I had feelings for Dan, it was highly possible that I was just a friend in his eyes.  

I still had hope though and when he asked me to sit down at his table my heart was smiling.

We talked for about an hour before Dan had to leave and we kept in contact through texts after.  

Phil did invite us both over a couple of times but Dan never acted like I would have expected him to act. We had been talking to each other on the phone for nearly half a year and still when we met in person I was like a stranger to him.

The thing between us was a constant up and down of him showing interest in me and him ignoring me.

I on the other hand fall hard for people and once I have fallen for them there is no way back. He was driving me crazy and he was all I could think about.

After we had finally met up a few times on our own, without Phil, I was basically sure that he was the right one.  

So, what happened you might now ask, if you read the conversation at the start of this story. I will tell you, I will tell you and it will hurt.

I think it was a Friday and I was fine and an hour later I wasn’t fine anymore.

It was already dark outside when I got onto the bus on my way to Phil’s flat. He had invited me and Dan over once again. The first thing I noticed was a tall, brown haired guy in the back of the bus. My heart jumped up and down again as I walked past a few empty seats before I sat down next to Dan.

“Hi” I chirped happily and gave him a short little hug.

It wasn’t that unlikely to meet him here since we lived pretty close and we both had to be at Phil’s at 8pm.

We made a little bit of small talk before we reached our stop and got off. To get to our friend’s flat we had to walk about five minutes from the bus station and I was enjoying the time I could spend with Dan.  

“This feels like a date.” I joked, but I think we both knew that I wasn’t really joking. I immediately regretted that I said that as I saw Dan’s expression.

“I don’t feel the same way, Y/N.” he suddenly blurted out as my face fell.

“What?” I asked him, wide eyed and completely dumbfounded.

“About us, you like me way more than I like you.”

I couldn’t believe his words, my hopes were crushed and I was shocked because we were suddenly talking about our feelings. I felt like dying on the inside.

“Why did you spent half a year texting and meeting up with me then!?” I wanted to know. I had been pretty hopeful that he could like me back, but apparently, I was wrong.

“I was lonely and I guess I like you, but that feeling is not strong enough. It’s nothing compared to how you feel about me.” Dan explained, throwing his hands up in defence.

“All you did was lead me on! Dan, I’m so damn into you it hurts and you just got my hopes up because you were lonely?” I shouted at him, I felt empty and betrayed.

I kicked a little stone with my foot and it flew across the pavement. We passed a few street lights and Phil’s flat was in sight already.

“So, is this how you want this to end?” I asked Dan silently, from my voice he could tell that I was close to crying.

“I’m sorry.” he told me somewhat truthfully and I understood that he couldn’t choose who he had feelings for.

“Tell Phil that I couldn’t make it.” I snivelled as I turned around to walk back to the bus station. I had the strong desire to just hide in my bed for the next week or two.

“Believe me, I’m so sorry that we ended with an almost.”

“If you can’t sleep...we could have sex”

Request 62 

Kaitlyn x MC

As per request :)

Slightly mature, lots of fluff 

You lie awake in bed. It feels like hours since you first laid down. You glance at your phone. 2:06 AM.

Maybe I just don’t want to sleep.

A light flashes from outside, filling your room with what almost feels like daylight for a quarter second. A thunderous boom soon follows.

Or maybe the clouds just won’t let me.

You chuckle

“God’s will..” you muse to yourself.

A knock sounds from the wall, near your headboard. You yank your blanket over your head, willing yourself to be invisible.

“*MC? Is that you?” You exhale loudly.

After you and your friends decided the shower was off-limits for eating (aside from on the most special occasions, of course) Kaitlyn restricted her irregular eating habits to the confines of her ‘second floor abode’. Unfortunately, bedrooms, unlike showers, as Kaitlyn likes to point out, aren’t self-cleaning, and so her accumulating munchies brought on major ‘abode’ infestation.

She has since fled the scene and has been sleeping in what has been dubbed “the cubicle”; a ground floor walk-in closet next to your own room.

“Kaitlyn? I guess you can’t sleep either, huh?” Lightning flashes.

“Ha, what, with all this noise? I’ve slept through horror movies quieter than–”

Thunder booms.


“I wish I had a horror movie to sleep through. Or even to watch at this rate, I’m so bored! I feel like I’ve been awake for years”

“Well..if you can’t sleep..”


“Never mind, forget it”

“No, tell me. Trust me, anything is better than this”

“I was just going to say well if you can’t sleep…we could just have sex”

“What? Kaitlyn, I–”

“It wouldn’t have to be a big deal or anything, I was just throwing an idea out there. Never mind, just forget I said anything”

“No it’s just..well you know I’m kind of seeing someone, right?”

“Who? Becca? I thought you said you guys weren’t serious–or at least not exclusive”

“Well, we’re not..”

“So what’s the problem then?”

“I guess there isn’t one”

“I’ll be there in 5”

You gulp.



After what feels like an eternity, you watch in agony as your doorknob turns not once, twice, but thrice.


The door clicks open, Kaitlyn steps in, invisible in the darkness “All right, all right..don’t get your panties in a twist” she teases.

You chuckle “Oh believe me, I won’t be” you frown in thought “err..they won’t be?”

You hear Kaitlyn snort in the darkness. She steps forward, illuminated by the sliver of silver moonlight breaking through storm clouds. Your jaw drops as you stifle a gasp.

In front of you stands Kaitlyn, her shoulders draped a sheer silver scarf of dancing moonlight. It slips off her shoulders, fluttering gracefully to the floor.

Lightning flashes. Your eyes widen and you stifle a gasp as it illuminates Kaitlyn, dolled up in her lacey black lingerie–your lacey black lingerie, as she called it when she first wore it for you back in freshman year. You close your eyes for a moment, fondly reminiscing to when you first presented your new lingerie to each other together, back when there was a ‘together’. ‘It would look better on my floor’

You chuckle.

“What?” Kaitlyn asks, looking incredulously down at herself. She lifts an arm and sniffs it tentatively “Okay so I didn’t shower today but that’s just because I wanted to eat my spaghetti and you guys said–”

You grip your stomach in laughter, snorting between breaths “No, no, it’s not that, ughh you’re so cute”

She grins down at you, and takes a step closer, allowing you to observe the mischief dancing in her eyes “You think I’m cute?”

You playfully roll your eyes “You know I’ve thought you were cute ever since I first met you–”

She scoffs and pounces on you “I believe your exact words were ‘SO HOT’”

She wraps her arms around your neck, closes her eyes, and slowly leans in towards you..

“–but in a platonic way, like Dopey Cat!” You tease ruthlessly. Her eyes flutter open and she grins diabolically.

“Like Dopey Cat, huh?” She cocks an eyebrow and lowers her lips to your collarbone, kissing and sucking feverishly.

Gasping, you arch your back; your hands finding their way down hers. Her mouth moves from your collarbone to your neck, making your breaths ragged and labored. You slip your fingers into the back of her underwear, pulling her toward you. Your hands move up her back; one palm pressed to the small of her back, pulling her towards you, the other effortlessly unhooking her bra, letting it fall away.

You turn your head and press your lips to her ear “I almost forgot how beautiful you are” and gently nibble on the lobe.

She gasps into your neck, and slowly relaxes, falling into you. She slumps down next to you, placing one last kiss on your (now afflicted) neck, and nuzzles into you, laying her head on your chest.

You hug her to close to you, strands of hair glow silvery white in the moonlight and tickle your nose. You inhale deeply, reveling in her scent which you’re realizing you may have missed most of all.

“Hey, Kaitlyn?”

You’re met only light, buzzing snores. Figures she’d fall asleep anyway.

Unsure of whether or not she’s listening, you whisper it into the darkness:

“I love you”

Then easily drift to sleep.


I hope you liked it! 

 I tried to take it in a different direction idk 

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letkeithinfodump  asked:

lacey please. what's a chad. i don't know this hip new lingo you kids are using these days....

incel: ppl (usually men) who think unwillingly not having sex with women for over 6 months makes them lgbt

chad: its hard to explain but its like… i guess a womanizer? idk how to explain it any better

softboy: boys on this website who hide their misogyny under the guise of the “uwuwuw im a soft angel !!!! uwu” aesthetic/attitude thing i guess

edgy: basically the same thing as a soft boy but like. the exact opposite aesthetic, red and black theme, knives… idk you get the point 

Brand New

That awkward moment when everyone thought the lyrics were condemning the type of behavior that was actually happening. 

I mean, really guys? You JUST realized that Jesse is a piece of shit and that all the songs were about shit he was doing. Jesus Fucking Christ. 

I just wanna know…. the stories were ALWAYS there. Why are we choosing to believe them now and not then? Is it because we’re being swept by a flood of sexual harassment allegations everywhere we turn?

More importantly…. I want the woman who started all of this to fucking finish it. She said she possibly had evidence against Jesse in an old computer in her basement but didn’t wanna dig up her past. Um…. isn’t constantly bringing up accusations of predatory behavior against you not bringing up the past? Why only bring up part of it? If this “woman” really wanted to bring down Jesse, she should do everyone a favor and release the fucking information to the police.

Seriously, if we’re gonna fucking put people out there, let’s not do it half-assed. This is exactly why I cannot take these allegations as 100% true. 

anonymous asked:

what do u think about the homophobic verse in desert? the first time I heard it it made me kinda mad lol but people are saying it's just from the perspective of another man so idk just curious about ur opinion

the first time i listened and read tyhe lyrics along i was like?? wha???

but then i read the thing on the side of the page and it said:

“Told from the point of view of a bigoted American Christian man, this song is is reminiscent of The Archers’ Bows… off The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. Here Jesse Lacey denounces the homophobia and anti-migrant hate perpetrated by so-called Christians.“

when you look at the lyrics through that lens, it makes a lot of sense. jesse’s written lyrics from another person’s perspective before, like in limousine, for example. brand new congratulated ireland legalizing gay marriage on their instagram, and aside from that i certainly don’t think at all that jesse (or any of them) are homophobic. i also think jesse’s a really intelligent guy and if he WAS homophobic, he wouldn’t so blatantly write a song about it.

Gonna jump on the “let’s talk about the Jesse Lacey situation” bandwagon for a sec because it has literally been running through my head since I heard the news. This guy is someone that I’ve looked up to since I discovered Brand New, and they are my favorite band. I can’t just take away the love and connection I have with their songs instantly. I’ve seen them twice and both times I had amazing experiences. I met one of my former best friends through our mutual love of Brand New and although that friendship isn’t there anymore, because I fucked it up mostly, it allowed me to progress through life more, and I’ve learned life lessons and become a better person because of her. Like I always associate Brand New with her, and it was already hard enough listening to my favorite band now that she’s out of my life. Now it leaves an even more sour taste in my mouth knowing one of the guys in that band, who I respected the most could be just as human as everyone else, because all human beings are flawed, we all try to not be shitty, but most of us are. I mean I’ve joked about idolizing Jesse before, and now it’s just weird to think how much slack I’m willing to give the guy, like my first thought was “hopefully it’s a lie”, but that’s not right either. We all make mistakes, and should we be forgiven for those mistakes? Who’s to say, not me, I’m not the victim. If this is all true then I feel really bad for the woman or women that this has happened to. Is anyone perfect? No. Does it suck that Jesse’s imperfections probably aren’t minor? Yeah. Does writing this post really help anyone? No. If it’s all true Jesse in his youth was just another douche in a band, and maybe he’s changed now, I’d hope so. I mean he was 24, now he’s like 40 with a family. Does that excuse what he did if he did it? No. Should he be punished? I mean if he did do it and there’s concrete evidence, then yeah. This has happened with musicians I’ve liked before…sort of. I used to be a huge As I Lay Dying fan and when I found out Tim Lambesis was a shitty human being who tried to have his wife killed, I stepped away from the music he made because it was all based on a lie. Brand New is kind of different though. Jesse isn’t spewing hopecore while pretending to be holier than thou. Jesse has always admitted he’s flawed, and that’s why we relate so well to his lyrics, because he’s human. He never made himself out to be this idol we all looked up to, we did. He’s always just been some guy with a guitar. People talk about separating the art from the artist, but as someone who attempts to be a creator, art is a reflection of the artist, and idk. I really dont know. I want to continue to listen to my favorite band, but life keeps popping that bubble for me. I guess we’ll see what the future brings for all of this. I mean if a crooked pastor/priest helped you learn what you needed to know to get to heaven, and it worked because you listened, but he didn’t make it, does it make the words he preached wrong? So just because Jesse isn’t above us as a human, doesn’t mean that the words he wrote from learning from his mistakes can’t help us. Idk I’m so conflicted rn I just want to know the truth so I can form a true opinion.


Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been totally inactive this past like week and a half we’ve just finished school with finals and all so we should also be getting back into the swing of things soon! Another note being that now it;s probably only going to be one admin for a while now because the other says they’ll post but doesn’t actually post so yeah :/ sorry for the bitch session. Also i feel like the request is a bit odd, so I’m gonna change it to how Ethan decides he want to experiment with girls instead. Also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted this is kinda my first time writing something like this. 

Request: A dirty imagine with Aiden and Ethan where Ethan realizes he isn’t a gay anymore and likes Aiden’s girlfriend and Aiden teaches his twin brother how to pleasure a girl?

It seemed like a normal day in Beacon Hills, the bad guys were getting ready to come back from the dead, and I was visiting my boyfriend Aiden as usual at his house.  When I got over to his house Ethan opened up the door for me and I smiled at him and he gave me a weak smile back and told me that Aiden would be down in a sec.  It was easy to tell that he was troubled and even though he has been out for a while he still seemed a little confused.  I always caught him staring at me and sometimes I could swear I saw a hint of lust in his eyes. I wasn’t sure if Aiden had noticed that his brother was having a difficult time so I had told him about what I have been noticing a few nights ago, but he just said that it was all in my head and he would notice if his own twin was having problems so I let it go.  I sat down on the couch next to Ethan while I I waited for Aiden and I attempted at making casual conversation with him but he seemed extremely fidget-y. I leaned in a little closer to him and whispered, “Is everything you okay Ethan?”  If he was to embarrassed to tell Aiden if something was bothering him, I could hope he felt comfortable enough to talk to me because I really did like to believe that we were friends. Suddenly, without warning he leaned into me to and pressed his lips to mine.  

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After learning that the allegations towards Jesse Lacey are confirmed, it is with a heavy heart that I have made the informed decision to no longer support or listen to Brand New. I feel bad for the other guys in the band that are having to now deal with the repurcussions of Jesse’s actions, but what’s done is done and that is my final decision on the matter.

All I’ll say on the matter.

My obsession with Brand New and Jesse Lacey has run deep for a number of years, since I was 14/15 years old. Knowing what went on behind closed dressing room doors and on tour buses after their shows when you were that kid who just wanted to get these guys attention, you see it from a different perspective after 10 years when you realise how fucking gross it is. You’re not lusting after the older guy anymore, hey, he touched us inappropriately and we were in love with them then so it was cool to hook up with the band guy. Now, it’s sexual assault against a minor and I feel sick to my stomach that I allowed it to happen and didn’t speak up about it, I got upset when people slated him. Now I’m registering what really fuckin happened and now it’s not Brand New saving me, it’s Brand New killing me. Maybe they’ve been killing me all along and I just didn’t know it.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I’m really sorry to hear about how torn up you are over this Jesse Lacey stuff. Two guys I really admired were also outed as pieces of shit earlier this year, so I can kind of understand how much of a blow than can be if you cared about them or if they were formative to your identity. I’d offer more words of consolation, but I doubt I’d be saying anything terribly new or helpful. Instead I’ll just say that this situation sucks, and it’s ok to feel hurt, even if you’ve never met the dude.

thank you <3

i read the statement jesse lacey put out and idk dude like…ugh…i loved this guy. this guy wrote and sang songs that helped walk me down from the edge. like not to be some loser but brand new saved me and this shit happens and augh. i hope the girls that he victimized could heal and cope and i’ve been that girl, i’ve had dudes like that in my life and it’s disgusting and it’s like someone i saw as a hero was that dude to some girl…some girls.