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Almost || Dan Howell

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Word Count: 1.2K

POV: Reader


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“Is this how you want this to end?” I whispered, my bottom lip quivering.

I looked up into his cold brown eyes in search of any sign of emotion. There was nothing. It didn’t hurt him like it hurt me.

“Maybe this was doomed from the beginning.” I said more to myself than to him.

All my life I had always been the one who loved people way more than they loved me. I was that kind of girl and he was that kind of boy who barely loved people.

I was a hopeless romantic and he was a rationalist.

It didn’t make any sense but somehow, I still fell for him, hard.

He didn’t fall at all.

I saw that now.

A few weeks earlier, I was walking through the busy city centre, carrying a few bags. I was out shopping since my aunt was going to get married next week and I still needed a dress. After having tried on about fifteen different ones I finally found a light blue lacey dress that fit perfectly.

I happily payed for my new piece of clothing before I headed out of the store.

The streets were busy but no matter where I went I always looked for his face in the crowd. He never left my mind, whenever I saw a tall, brown haired guy my heart beat faster in the hope of it being Dan. Most of the time the man I spotted would turn around and look nothing like him.

When I walked into a little local coffee shop after my exhausting shopping day, a little bell rang as I opened the door. It smelled heavenly like cake and caramel. It was a rainy spring day and I was really looking forward to a big cup of hot chocolate

“That will be 10.30” the cashier told a tall, brown-haired boy who was wearing a leather jacket.

My heart was jumping by now. Could it be him?

“Have a nice day.” I heard the guy say in a posh accent and by now I couldn’t avert my eyes from his tall frame.

When he turned around to walk to his table, I was suddenly face to face with Dan.

“Oh hey! Nice to see you around.” he exclaimed and hugged me.

I smiled brightly and hugged him back.

It was actually him this time. Dan and I had met a couple of times through our mutual friend Phil. Since then we used to talk on the phone quite often. We had never met up without Phil though and while I was sure that I had feelings for Dan, it was highly possible that I was just a friend in his eyes.  

I still had hope though and when he asked me to sit down at his table my heart was smiling.

We talked for about an hour before Dan had to leave and we kept in contact through texts after.  

Phil did invite us both over a couple of times but Dan never acted like I would have expected him to act. We had been talking to each other on the phone for nearly half a year and still when we met in person I was like a stranger to him.

The thing between us was a constant up and down of him showing interest in me and him ignoring me.

I on the other hand fall hard for people and once I have fallen for them there is no way back. He was driving me crazy and he was all I could think about.

After we had finally met up a few times on our own, without Phil, I was basically sure that he was the right one.  

So, what happened you might now ask, if you read the conversation at the start of this story. I will tell you, I will tell you and it will hurt.

I think it was a Friday and I was fine and an hour later I wasn’t fine anymore.

It was already dark outside when I got onto the bus on my way to Phil’s flat. He had invited me and Dan over once again. The first thing I noticed was a tall, brown haired guy in the back of the bus. My heart jumped up and down again as I walked past a few empty seats before I sat down next to Dan.

“Hi” I chirped happily and gave him a short little hug.

It wasn’t that unlikely to meet him here since we lived pretty close and we both had to be at Phil’s at 8pm.

We made a little bit of small talk before we reached our stop and got off. To get to our friend’s flat we had to walk about five minutes from the bus station and I was enjoying the time I could spend with Dan.  

“This feels like a date.” I joked, but I think we both knew that I wasn’t really joking. I immediately regretted that I said that as I saw Dan’s expression.

“I don’t feel the same way, Y/N.” he suddenly blurted out as my face fell.

“What?” I asked him, wide eyed and completely dumbfounded.

“About us, you like me way more than I like you.”

I couldn’t believe his words, my hopes were crushed and I was shocked because we were suddenly talking about our feelings. I felt like dying on the inside.

“Why did you spent half a year texting and meeting up with me then!?” I wanted to know. I had been pretty hopeful that he could like me back, but apparently, I was wrong.

“I was lonely and I guess I like you, but that feeling is not strong enough. It’s nothing compared to how you feel about me.” Dan explained, throwing his hands up in defence.

“All you did was lead me on! Dan, I’m so damn into you it hurts and you just got my hopes up because you were lonely?” I shouted at him, I felt empty and betrayed.

I kicked a little stone with my foot and it flew across the pavement. We passed a few street lights and Phil’s flat was in sight already.

“So, is this how you want this to end?” I asked Dan silently, from my voice he could tell that I was close to crying.

“I’m sorry.” he told me somewhat truthfully and I understood that he couldn’t choose who he had feelings for.

“Tell Phil that I couldn’t make it.” I snivelled as I turned around to walk back to the bus station. I had the strong desire to just hide in my bed for the next week or two.

“Believe me, I’m so sorry that we ended with an almost.”

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A/N Hi guys! Please dont hate me for being inactive for so long. Work sucks and i got hooked on Teen Wolf again so… yeah. Here is my story with a new OC, Lacey Garcia. She was requested and i hope you like this story Anon! Im sorry its not that great

Tags: @the-shadow-of-atlantis @speedypan @insideoflit

Lacey Garcia was average. She knew that, and for the most part was OK with it. Except when it came to Peter Parker. To Lacey he was perfection. Nerdy in all the right ways, good looking and recently he had become a bit of an athlete too.

Looking around the girls locker room only reminded Lacey why she was so average. All the girls near her may as well be models, with their perfect figures, blonde hair and pale skin. Well, pale compared to Lacey’s naturally ‘a bit more than a tan’ skin tone.

Looking in the mirror, Lacey only say dark hair, that was too short to look good, curves that didn’t suit or look how curves were meant to, and a skin tone nobody wanted. ‘How could Peter even notice me? I’m too plain. I just fade into the background.’ Shaking her head and pulling the horrible gym shirt down, Lacey left the overwhelming locker room.

Halfway to where her class was sitting, Lacey vaguely heard a yell to watch out. Barely looking up, she saw a basketball heading straight for her. ‘Of course,’ the brunette thought before feeling herself slam into the ground. Slowly blinking, Lacey saw Peter above her face.

“Crap! Lacey right? Are you ok?”


Looking around, Peter made a decision. “Yeah. Ok. I’m gonna take you to the sick bay. You’re looking kinda wobbly.”

“You, uh, don’t have to do that, uh peter. Im sure im fine,” the teen replied, struggling to stand up without her crush’s support.

“Funnily enough, I don’t believe you, Lacey. Just let me help you, so we all know you’re ok.”

Looking around, Lacey knew Peter was right. Not only was her head throbbing, but the whole grade was looking over at her. She needed to leave, if only to stop her face from going any redder with embarrassment.

“Uh, yeah. OK. Let’s go to the uh, nurse. I mean I will. You don’t really have to go but-”

“Do you always ramble so much?” Peter asked, picking his new friend up and starting to carry her towards the office. With a small squeal, Lacey looked up at Peter, eyes wide with the realisation that he was CARRYING her. He was freaking carrying her!

Giving herself a moment to indulge, Lacey’s head rested on Peter’s shoulder and she let out a sigh. She never thought Peter would carry her. Ever. Let alone be this close. ‘Whats a girl to do when their crush is holding them?’ Lacey thought. ‘Embrace it. Definitely embrace it.’

Before she could even realise it, the pair were in the office, ready to part ways.

“I, uh, thanks,” she said lamely, looking down at her converse covered feet.

With a large friendly grin, Peter couldn’t help but hug the girl. “No problems, Lacey. I was kinda my fault you got hurt anyways,” pulling back, he looked Lacey in the eyes, so intensely even the shy girl couldn’t turn away. “When you feel better, why don’t you come and have lunch with me and Ned? I mean we’re not cool or anything but were pretty fun, and i personally thing were pretty funny. So, uh, yeah. What do you think?”

“I, uh. That sounds nice.”

“Cool. Cool. Ill leave you here to feel better then…” Peter couldn’t resist another hug before turning awkwardly towards the door, and almost leaping back towards class.

This was definitely both the weirdest and best day that Lacey had ever had.

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Sigh...."@SharnaBurgess don't let pride make you miss out. You need a right closure. Life is to short." And linked a fan vid of S&B. Just stop already. Just effing stop. She doesn't need closure on something that never existed dumbass. And it is "too" not "to". Your spelling always gives you away that you are the same person without a face on twitter just a new fake name.

I am more pissed that they ruined this song that was an amazing Stop and Go fic by the incomparable Lacey. This was really hard to watch too fyi. Also fuck these guys, shit is OVER. Move on


Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been totally inactive this past like week and a half we’ve just finished school with finals and all so we should also be getting back into the swing of things soon! Another note being that now it;s probably only going to be one admin for a while now because the other says they’ll post but doesn’t actually post so yeah :/ sorry for the bitch session. Also i feel like the request is a bit odd, so I’m gonna change it to how Ethan decides he want to experiment with girls instead. Also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted this is kinda my first time writing something like this. 

Request: A dirty imagine with Aiden and Ethan where Ethan realizes he isn’t a gay anymore and likes Aiden’s girlfriend and Aiden teaches his twin brother how to pleasure a girl?

It seemed like a normal day in Beacon Hills, the bad guys were getting ready to come back from the dead, and I was visiting my boyfriend Aiden as usual at his house.  When I got over to his house Ethan opened up the door for me and I smiled at him and he gave me a weak smile back and told me that Aiden would be down in a sec.  It was easy to tell that he was troubled and even though he has been out for a while he still seemed a little confused.  I always caught him staring at me and sometimes I could swear I saw a hint of lust in his eyes. I wasn’t sure if Aiden had noticed that his brother was having a difficult time so I had told him about what I have been noticing a few nights ago, but he just said that it was all in my head and he would notice if his own twin was having problems so I let it go.  I sat down on the couch next to Ethan while I I waited for Aiden and I attempted at making casual conversation with him but he seemed extremely fidget-y. I leaned in a little closer to him and whispered, “Is everything you okay Ethan?”  If he was to embarrassed to tell Aiden if something was bothering him, I could hope he felt comfortable enough to talk to me because I really did like to believe that we were friends. Suddenly, without warning he leaned into me to and pressed his lips to mine.  

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Nightclub Romance (Jaebum Smut)

You and your friends are always down for clubbing and one night stands. But, what happens when you meet a guy who’s more than just a one night stand?

Genre: Smut (Reader x Jaebum)

Word Count: 5922

Clubs weren’t for everybody, but for you and your friends, it was like a second home. The club was where you and your group of friends could always be caught at on Friday and Saturday nights. Series of different events always went down on club nights and it wasn’t rare for you to seperate with your friends and wake up the next morning next to someone you had just met the previous night. One night stands were popular, sometimes even expected. And since you were someone who was at the a local club frequently, you were known. People knew who you were, people wanted to hook up with you. The same went with your friends. The same also went with another group of boys that you never bothered to touch. It was a system. Your friends and those group of boys never really got along much. They looked at you guys as competition; it was immature, but you let it be the way it was. You ignored them.

So, here you were, waiting in a short line to get into the club with four of your close friends. You looked good tonight, not that you were concieted. You wore a strapless black dress that clung to your body, showing off your shape, a bit of cleavage, and your protruding collarbones. The dress stopped at mid thigh, showing off your legs nicely. Your choice of shoes were tall, black heels that had a lacey strap to wrap around your ankle. The heels were very tall, but nothing you weren’t use to. You didn’t wear much jewelry other than a black, velvet choker that topped off your outfit perfectly. You felt confident, you felt good.

As you were checking your makeup in a small, compact mirror, the guy at the entrance asked for some ID. It was a new bouncer, any of the usual bouncers would have let you in without questions. You and your friends took out your ID’s for him and without a problem, he let you all in. You walked in first, the four following beind you. As you walked in, the scent of hard liquor and a mix of different colognes and perfumes hit you like a bus. It was a bit much, but it was too familiar to you to make you gag. Blaring electronic music filled your ears instantly. People were either on the floor dancing, at the bar drinking and talking, or against the walls making out with a stranger. Flashes of colorfuls lights accented the atmosphere, lasers sprawling across the dance floor.

“Who are you gonna hook up with tonight, Y/N?” One of your taller friends nudged your arm.

“Hm, good question. Nobody’s catching my eye yet, so i’m not sure.” You huffed, scanning the club, observing everyone.

“Let’s go get some drinks.” One of your other friends who was a bit shorter than all of you suggested. She was the smallest one, but she wasn’t a lightweight. She was ready to drink at all times and she held herself together well. She led the way, weaving through people to get to the bar where plenty of open chairs were waiting for you five. You all sat down, the shorter friend sitting to your right, and ordered some drinks. You started off light, no shots yet. You weren’t ready to get too wasted at such an early hour of the night.

“He’s kinda cute.” Your friend said to you as she nodded towards a fairly tall guy who was talking to another guy. Both plain looking in your opinion.

“Go talk to him.” You encouraged her.

“Maybe later i will.” She nodded and the bartender came back with your drinks. You took a sip of yours, not knowing what to expect because you decided to order something new. It tasted fruity, but strong. Not bad. You sure as hell weren’t a lightweight either, so you liked the strong, harsh taste it had to it. Just as you were about to talk to your friend, the group of boys you had mentioned earlier, walked pass you guys. They all, of course, gave you looks.

“Well, look who it is. Almost didn’t expect to see you guys here tonight.” One of them spat. His name was Mark, he was the oldest of all of them, but you could never tell by the way he acted. He was attractive, you had to admit, but he annoyed you majority of the time, no matter how much you secretly liked the way he had his dark hair pushed back tonight.

“I was just about to say the same to you.” You sarcastically said back as you took another sip of your pink drink. Unfortunately, Mark decided to take the seat right next to you, his friends filling in the rest. As they did so, you looked pass him at someone. A new face. A face you swore you had never seen before and he sat right next to Mark. He looked different and it had you interested. He had  dark hair that you couldn’t tell whether it was dark brown or pitch black. Whichever color it was, it was pretty. It was pushed back, showing off his soft looking forehead and his perfectly shaped eyebrows. It looked like he had an undercut, but you couldn’t tell with the dim lighting of the club. His plush, pink lips were parted as he observed people. He was attractive. Very attractive. He was wearing tight, black jeans, some shirt that you didn’t bother looking at for long, and a black leather jacket that certainly added to his look for the best. If you judged him immediately you would say he looked like a “bad boy” but from the way he was acting, that label didn’t fit him. He was quiet, not talking to anyone, just observing. His eyes looked kind and delicate. He didn’t ask for any drinks even when the bartender offered. And when you couldn’t tear your eyes off of him, he looked up at you, which made you take in a sharp gasp that was only audible to you. He gave you a friendly smile, but you looked away, trying to ignore what had just happened. You hadn’t checked out someone like that in such a long time. Maybe even since your last boyfriend, months ago. Maybe even a year ago by now.

“May i say, you look good tonight. I’m liking the…edgy look.” Mark turned to you, hooking his index finger onto your choker. You pushed his hand away and rolled your eyes.

“Thanks, wish i could say the same about you.” You clearly joked because he did look good. You just didn’t wanna admit it to him, he would never shut up about it.

“Wow, offensive.” He gave you a fake pout, but you just laughed and turned to your friend who was poking your arm.

“Hey, who’s that guy that’s beside that other new guy.” She asked you. You turned around to look at who she might’ve been talking about. That’s when you realized there was another new guy beside the one you had been checking out.

“I don’t know, he’s proba-”

“His name’s Youngjae and the guy next to me is Jaebum. They never came here before, so i decided to bring them along. Maybe they can find a date for the night.” Mark butted in, listening to your conversations.

“Thanks, but stop listening to our conversations.” You snapped and turned your back to him, sipping your drink.

“I’m just helping you guys out. You look like somebody Youngjae would like, maybe you should talk to him.” He nodded at your friend.

“Woah, woah. Since when do we cross with your friends? I thought you guys all saw us as some childish competition.” You interrupted.

“Hey, we’re trying to be more open and let that die out. What else are we suppose to do when you and your friends are the most attractive people that come here?” He explained, but you only scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Which, speaking of, how about you let me treat you to stay at my place tonight, yeah?”

“Mark, i’m not hooking up with you.” You awkwardly laughed, raising an eyebrow. It’s not that he wouldn’t be a good night, you just didn’t have any attraction to him like that. You knew him too well and he bugged you on so many levels. You didn’t have any desire to sleep with him.

“Fine, fine.” He finally gave in and turned to talk to his friends beside him.

“Let’s go dance.” One of your friends a few chairs down suggested and you all agreed. You walked onto the dance floor to a spot where you all could squeeze into and not get seperated. The music was loud and giving you a lively adrenaline rush. You and your friends danced and jumped around for awhile with each other. The feeling was great and you felt more alive than you had ever felt before.

After about 10 minutes had passed, you were startled by a hand tugging you by your arm, pulling you away from your friends and into another part in the crowd. You tried to pull away, but the person didn’t let go. Instead, they caught ahold of your other arm and pulled you close to their body. They weren’t being aggressive, they seemed like they were simply trying to get your attention, so instead of trying to resist, you looked up at who it was. Your legs felt weak and shaky when your eyes met the curious pair that was looking down on you. It was that guy. The guy you had checked out earlier. You thought Mark said his name was… what again? Jaebum?

“Sorry, i didn’t mean to startle you like that, i just didn’t know how else to get your attention. It’s pretty loud in here.” He shouted over the music with an awkward grin. He was tall, really tall compared to you even with your heels on. He had broad shoulders and biceps that made his jacket grow tight whenever he moved his arms a certain way. His jawline was sharper than any other you had ever seen. He was more than attractive. He was stunning. He was giving you a feeling you hadn’t felt about anyone in awhile. He made you less bold, more shy, but kinda in a good way. Usually you flirted with people easily, but he was different. You didn’t see yourself easily coming onto him like you usually would to anybody else.

“Oh, yeah, it’s fine, sorry.” You shook yourself out of your deep trance when you realized you forgot to answer him. “What’s your name?”

“Jaebum. Yours?” He asked. His voice was deep and had this sharp tone to it that you liked a little too much.

“Y/N.  I notice you were new here.” You attempted to break the ice between you two.

“Yeah, my friend, Mark, told me about this place, so i figured i’d come. I don’t regret it, it’s a cool place.” He smiled at you, which made your face heat up and your eyes drop to your feet. Before you could respond, a familiar tune came on that you loved.

“Oh my god, i love this song.” You shouted and started dancing to the beat.

“Me too.” He shouted back and started dancing in sync with you. You started singing along. You two danced and sung along for awhile, not stopping even after the third song had came on. You were exhausted and you could tell he was too, but that wasn’t stopping you two. This moment was thrilling, even better than the other moments you had here. It felt meaningful, at least to you. Usually, you would just come and hook up with someone just for fun, you never really bonded with anyone like this. But, you didn’t let your mind treat this like it was anything special. You didn’t know what Jaebum was thinking. You didn’t if he felt that this was special or irrelevant. Without putting more thought into it, you continued to dance with him and sing along.

About three more songs had passed and that’s when he stopped dancing and jumping.

“Hey, stay still for a second.” He laughed, placing his big hands on both of your shoulders to hold you still.

“Why?” You tilted your head, but all of your questions were answered when he pulled you into him and crashed his lips against yours. Kissing him was different than the majority of the guys you had ever kissed before. This felt real, it felt legit regardless whether you two had just met. You kissed him back and that was when you knew that this was happening, this was real. You felt young again like how you had felt when you had your first kiss. His lips tasted fresh, like peppermint gum. His hands moved from your shoulders to cup your cheeks and pull you closer to him, close enough to feel the warmth of his body. His touch was so delicate. The room suddenly felt silent and it felt as if you two were the only ones there, but in reality you two were just a tiny fraction of the crowd. A few drunk young adults kept bumping into you two, but it was just an excuse to move closer. Your arms wrapped around his torso as you completely melted into his hands and his soft lips. He pulled away from your lips and looked you right in the eyes as if he was even unsure of what had just happened. 

“We should get out of here.” He leaned over to say into your ear and you nodded. When you gave him your approval, his hand found yours, intertwining perfectly with yours as he was the last piece of a puzzle, and pulled you behind him. He maneuvered through the thick crowd and finally found an exit door. He pushed it open and you followed him out to where you assumed was the back of the club. The cool summer air hit you and you had to admit, it was refreshing compared to the air that was tainted with alcohol and perfumes. When Jaebum didn’t let go of your hand, you realized how comforting his hands felt. They were smooth, but very firm. You also noticed the way he smelled. You couldn’t place what cologne it was, but it wasn’t too strong, quite subtle. The scent of the cologne was also dressed in that scent of peppermint you had tasted on his lips earlier. He smelled wonderful and that only added to his appeal.

Still holding his hand, you trailed behind him as he led you to the front of the club. He spotted a taxi and ran to it, waving his hand in the air to get the driver’s attention. The taxi stopped and allowed you two to get in. Out of courtesy, Jaebum opened the door for you to get in then walked to the other side to hop in beside you. The minute he got in the cab, he aggressively wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you next to him. You crossed your legs across his lap and he pressed his lips against neck. You gasped at his new, aggressive persona but you were pleased in every way.

“So, you guys gonna tell me where you headed to or are you guys gonna use my car as a bedroom?” The driver spoke up and immediately you were embarassed. Jaebum’s touch made you forget that you were still in public, but he surely wasn’t embarassed at all. You could tell by the way he ignored the driver and continued to intensify his kisses along your sensitive neck.

“S-Sorry, nearest hotel in the area.” You stuttered, but the driver nodded and pulled off. Jaebum pulled away from your neck momentarily to ghost his lips over your ear.

“You’re sober right?” He whispered so only you could hear.

“Of course, why?” You whispered back.

“Good, i just wanted to make sure.” He answered and returned his lips back to your neck. He was polite and you admired that he actually cared about you, at least that’s how it seemed.

His innocent kisses against your neck turned into harsh kisses as he attempted to form small, dark marks on your neck. The way his wet lips felt around your neck made you clench your thighs together. He was creating this dreadful, burning sensation between your legs and you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself together much longer. You knew soon you’d be begging for more than just his lips against your neck, but you tried to keep yourself together especially while you weren’t in complete private yet. But he wasn’t making this easy for you, and the fact that he didn’t give a single care that you were around someone else turned you on even more. It made him come across as determined and bold.

Before he could affect you anymore, the cab pulled up to a hotel. It looked like a nice hotel, probably pricy. You knew it was gonna cost you, but you didn’t care at this point.

“Alright, we’re here.” The driver said. Before you could open your small purse for money, Jaebum pulled out cash and paid the driver. He then opened the cab door and helped you onto your feet. His hand found yours once again and he led you into the hotel. It was a really pretty hotel, very high end looking. You hooked your arm around his arm and followed him to the front desk. He briefly gaved the young lady minor info and requested a room. You couldn’t hear what he was booking, but the price the lady told him made your jaw drop.

“You don’t have to pay for all of it.” You said, pulling your credit card out of your purse.

“No, no, keep it. Don’t worry about it, beautiful.” He debated and kissed your forehead. The little name he had given you made you feel flattered. With that, Jaebum paid for the room and the lady handed him a keycard. He politely thanked her and led you to the elevator. You didn’t know much, well anything, about Jaebum, but one thing you did know was that he was polite and you liked that about him. It made you like him in a perspective that was more than a sexual sense.

The elevator seemed to take days just to go to the sixth floor. When it reached the floor, Jaebum eagerly pulled you along out of the elevator and down the hall. He scanned the different room numbers when he stopped at one that matched the number on the keycard.

“Finally.” He murmured and slid the card into the slot. He put the card in his pocket and opened the door. He pulled you inside and shut the door behind you. He didn’t bother to turn on any lights, one dim lamp was already on on the nightstand by the bed and that was good enough. He pushed you up against the door and returned his lips to yours just as he had done in the club. The only difference was that he didn’t hold back. He kissed you hungrily, siwping his tongue against your bottom lip, practically begging for entrance that you happily granted. His tongue slipped pass your lips and wrestled with yours. The feeling felt new even though you had done this with plenty of other people before. Something about this was different and you didn’t know how to explain or handle it. You let him take lead as his tongue dominated yours and his hands gripped your hips, pushing you harder against the door, trapping you between the cold door and his steamy body. Your hands felt up and down his clothed chest and stopped at his neck. You wrapped you arms around his neck and without a problem, he lifted you up with his hands under your thighs as you wrapped your legs around his body.

He walked you over to the freshly made bed and gently laid you against it as if you were a fragile piece of porcelain that he didn’t want to damage. He climbed on top of you, propping himself up with his elbows and left a trail of kisses down your jawline. It didn’t take very long before he was kissing your lips again. To hint that you wanted more, you took his plump bottom lip between your teeth and tugged on it, not hard enough to hurt him. He let out a low, dark chuckle.

“Didn’t peg you as the freaky type, but i like it.” He glanced down on you.

“Surprises are the best.” You flashed him a smirk and pulled on the sleeve of his leather jacket. He took your hint and lifted up to take the jacket off and toss it to the floor. You stared in shock when you saw how strong his arms looked. His biceps looked even bigger depending on how he moved and sometimes you could see a small vein bulge out.

He sat himself up and pulled you into his lap so you could straddle him. He kissed you deeply as his hands wondered behind you, his fingers finding the zipper of your dress. He unzipped your dress and pulled it down to your waist to expose your bare chest.

“You’re gorgeous.” He murmured against your skin as he pecked your neck down to where your cleavage began. He tightened his arms around your waist to bring you in closer. He dragged his lips down your breast while gripping the other one with his hand. The new feeling of his lips and hands in different places only made the arousal between your legs build up more. And the minute he took your nipple between his plush, wet lips, you couldn’t hold back your moans any longer. You let out quiet moans as he swirled his tongue around your hardened nipple and rubbed your other one with the pad of his thumb. You dipped your head back and arched your back, encouraging him to continue. Your mind was getting cloudy, a type of cloudy that was usually due to alcohol, but not this time. The cloudiness in your mind was fully due to pure sensation that he was giving you. It was a better sensation that you had ever felt before from any other guy or girl. He made you feel new to this all over again. He made you feel innocent and submissive to him. It was an incredible feeling.

“Jaebum…” You whined, close to begging him for more than he was giving you. To your advantage, he pulled away from your breasts and laid you back against the bed, your head against the cool pillows. He sat up on his knees and worked the rest of your dress off of you. He then unbuckled your heels and placed them somewhere on the floor, neatly so he wouldn’t damage them. And there you were, fully naked in front of him and he couldn’t take his hungry eyes off of you. His eyes were filled with a dark, lustful determination and you were thrilled to see what else he had to offer.

He placed his hands on your knees and spreaded your legs apart for a better view. In attempt to tease him, you pressed your thighs back together and smiled at him, batting your eyelashes and placing your finger against your swollen lips. Showing his darker side of him, he gave your thigh a brief spank.

“Don’t be a bad girl, sweetie. It’s greedy to not share and keep this all to yourself.” He growled, once again spreading your legs apart and lying between them. His lips were dangerously close to where you needed him most. So close, you could feel his hot breaths hit your dripping core.

“Being bad is better.” You debated.

“But, only good girls get treats, now don’t they? You don’t want me to keep teasing you, do you?” He asked as he ran his index and middle finger between your damp fold, making you let out a moan of relief.

“I asked a question.” He hissed, stopping his movements. He was demanding an answer.

“No, i don’t want you to keep teasing me. I want more, i want you, Jaebum.” You begged, falling head first into his game. You lost all your will to be dominant towards him and you felt completely submissive to him. At this point, you wanted him to be dominant over you.

“That’s what i thought, princess.” He smirked and kitten licked the lips between your legs. He licked in long motions between your folds. You let out soft whimpers and watched his every move between your legs. When he felt that you were ready, he pushed his index finger into you. You let out a sharp gasp and gripped the sheets beside you. After only seconds, he inserted a second finger into you. Working his fingers inside of you, he continued to massage your bundle of nerves with his tongue in slow, even motions. As he quickened his pace with his fingers, he kept his slow pace with his tongue. And the moment he found the spot that made you almost scream, he didn’t lose it. He curled his fingers so he hit that same spot everytime without fail. The combination of his fingers and his mouth was all too much for you. You couldn’t control your moans or the way your body was squirming from his touch. You were loud and you knew it, but you didn’t care.

“Save your pretty voice for later, you’ll need it.” He hummed against you, sending electrifying vibrations through your body. With his free hand, he reached upward and found your lips and pressed his thumb against your bottom lip. To soothe yourself, you took his thumb into your mouth and sucked on it. But, that only helped so much. As he hit your spot a few more times, more aggressive than before, you felt yourself clench around him and release onto his fingers. Your thighs were shaking as you came down from your first orgasm of the night, and you had to admit, that might have been the best orgasm you ever felt in your life.

He pulled his fingers out of you and you released his thumb from your mouth. He replaced his thumb with his glistening fingers that were covered in your juices to which you kindly took in, sucking them clean.

“That’s my good girl.” He praised you, smoothing down your hair with his other hand. You released his clean fingers and he stood up to pull his shirt off of him. You stared at his chest. He had a nice figure and this was the first time you got to look at it. He was thin, but had a toned chest and a trail of tiny hair that led from his belly button to where the tint in his jeans started. He reached into his pocket to grab a shiny, silver packet. He then unbuckled his belt, and pulled his jeans down, his boxers following. He kicked them both off to the side. His hard on slapped against his stomach as he did so. He was bigger than you expected, but that only made you bite down on your bottom lip in excitement.

“Flip over, princess.” He commanded and you did so, flipping over and propping yourself up on all fours. He pulled you to the side of the bed, keeping you in position as he stood tall behind you. You looked over your shoulder to see him tear open the silver packet with his teeth and pull out a condom that he rolled onto himself. His arousal showed vividly when he grunted at the feeling of his own hand against himself.

“Face forward.” He demanded as he grabbed you by your hair, pulling your hair into a temporary ponytail so that he had full control of you. His assertive dominance was attractive, he wasn’t too rough, he was perfect.

The feeling of not being able to see and only being able to feel what was going on was exhilarating. You felt him rub himself against your entrance, prepping you and making sure you were still wet enough for him. He slowly pushed into you, tugging at your hair so you sank down even deeper onto him. You let out a muffled moan as he filled you up. He was thicker than anyone you had ever had before, but you weren’t complaining.

“You tell me if i hurt you, okay?” He rubbed his spare hand down your back, stopping at your hips. The fact that he was so demanding yet caring at the same time was something you could appreciate.

You nodded at his question and he took that as a signal to move as well. He gripped onto your hip, hard enough to leave a possible mark. His thrusts started off slow and smooth, but when he felt that you were comfortably adjusted to him, they turned into rough, but passionate thrusts. You could feel him curve perfectly inside of you, hitting your sweet spot with every thrust. The feeling sent shocks of pleasure throughout your body and you weren’t sure how long you would last, but you tried keeping yourself together. You sank down onto your forearms as he pounded into you, but Jaebum pulled you back onto your hands. He sensed that you were getting close, so he slowed his thrusts down until he stopped completely. He pulled out of you as he wiped away beads of sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Jaebum, keep going.” You whimpered as he took a seat on the bed, leaning against the headboard. He pulled your panting body back on top of him so you straddled him.

“I’m sorry, beautiful, i just want to be able to see your face when you cum.” He looked you in the eyes and pressed his sweaty forehead against yours as he lined himself up with your entrance. He pulled you down onto him by your hips. You cried out at the feeling of the new position. His hands gripped back onto your hips and you grinded down onto him. His head dipped back out of pleasure and you took the opportunity to kiss his neck. He moaned and let out deep, throaty groans as you rolled your hips onto him. You placed your hands on his shoulders, accidentally letting your nails dig into his skin, but he didn’t seem to mind. You continued to bounce on him, feeling yourself get closer to your second orgasm.

“Fuck, i’m close.” You whined and you slowed down your movements out of exhaustion.

“I am too, princess.” He kissed your lips to quiet you down. He wrapped his arms firmly around your waist to keep you in place. Even though you were on top, he took full control of your body. He bucked his hips into you, hitting spots that had never been touched by anybody else. Your bodies moved in sync like this wasn’t your first time having sex with each other. It felt right. Both of your bare bodies were covered in a thin film of sweat that made your chests stick together. His increased his pace, pounding into you faster. The sweet sounds of skin slapping against skin and loud moans filled the warm air.

He thrusted into you a few more times harder and deeper than he had before and that’s when you felt the tight knot in your stomach unravel as you hit the edge. You both moaned a line of profanities into each other’s mouths as you felt him twitch inside of you, hitting his high as well. You both were breathing heavily as if you two had just ran a few miles. He slowed himself down to a stop and for a second you two stayed in that position to catch your breaths. Your body was still tingling all over and your head was fuzzy and clouded over with the feeling of pure euphoria.

After he slowed his breathing down to normal, even breaths, he lifted you up, pulled out of you and gently placed you against the blankets. He got off of the bed and rolled the condom off of him, discarding it into a nearby trashbin. He then pulled the blankets out from under you and covered you with them to keep you warm. He climbed back into bed and pulled you into his arms, your head resting against his chest.

“Are you warm enough?” He asked and you nodded. He wrapped his arm around your body, as you rolled onto your side. For awhile it was silent, not because you didn’t want to talk to him, but mainly because you were exhausted and still trying to let your body calm down from your orgasm. His fingers traced a variety of small shapes against your back.

“I feel bad for whoever’s in the room next to us, they probably haven’t slept at all since we checked in.” You giggled, embarassed at how loud you were.

“I’m sure they enjoyed it, at least i did.” He responded, both of you giggling.

“You know…” he began, “if it’s okay with you, i don’t plan on leaving in the morning.”

“Good. I didn’t want you to leave me.” You buried your face further into his chest, tossing an arm over his torso. This didn’t feel like just a hookup, or just a one night stand. You had plenty of those, but this wasn’t how those felt. This felt real. And as ridiculous as it sounded, this felt like love.

“I don’t want this to be just a one night stand. It didn’t feel like one to begin with.” You stated, your face heating up as you realized the soft side of your heart was exposed to someone you had just met hours ago.

“I don’t want it to be either. I want to get to know you more, Y/N. How about we go out for breakfast in the morning?” He lifted your chin up and gazed into your eyes. His eyes looked sleepy, but still happy.

“Sure, i’d like that a lot. Where do you wanna go?” You smiled.

“Anywhere. It’s your choice, beautiful.” He kissed your forehead.

“Okay.” You smiled against his chest.

“Also, i don’t think i want to go back to that club again.” He laughed, running his other hand through his damp hair.

“Mark told me it’d be a great place to hookup with people and party and find a girl to date, but i think i already found her.” He rubbed his thumb against your hip and leaned down to kiss your lips tenderly.

“You know,” you returned the kiss and  smiled, saying, “I don’t think i’ll be back there either, Jaebum.”

Your words made him smile and he held you closer to him, giving you many soft kisses against your forehead. You may not have known much about each other, but you both knew enough to know that you were interested in each other. You both felt a connection that was more emotional than physical. You both knew it was something that was indescribable, but it was something that felt like love.


Anonymous said: Jackson smut fluff. where you plan romantic events for your anniversary but things get sort of messed up and he comforts you and you do the do

Thank you so much for your request! This actually reminds me of another scenario I wrote, Firsts, haha. I also love that you used the phrase “do the do” because I use myself XD. Well, I hope you like this!

Genre: Smut/Fluff

Length: 2113

You stopped and took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. You were insanely nervous for tonight. It was yours and Jackson’s first anniversary, and you wanted things to go perfectly. You had everything planned out. You made reservations at the restaurant you guys had your first date at. Then you wanted to take a walk down by the pier. At night, strings of lights lit up the entire area, and you thought it was extremely romantic. You even bought new underwear for the special occasion. Now you just had to wait for Jackson to come home to set the plan in motion.

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Discography Discussion

This a fun social, interactive experiment for you guys. I’m going start posting some offerings from certain band’s discographys and have you rank them along with me from best to worst and if you can, explain why. I figured Brand New would be a good band to start with due to the blatant differences in sound each release embodies. I’ll start:

1) “The Devil & God are Raging Inside of Me” (2006)- Lacey and the boys reached their peak in terms of writing with this one. Flawless release front to back with topknotch, dark lyricism and excellent song structure. This is surely the most dark, emotional, well-structured, and musically interesting album of the four.

2) “Deja Entendu (2003)- This was the record where the group undoubtedly found their sound. The vibrant, upbeat nature of "Your Favorite Weapon” was present but stripped of the cheesiness and immaturity and luckily the beginning of the group’s descen into darkness. Deja was a much better use of Lacey’s self-loathing style serving as the perfect album bridging the first and third’s sound.

3) “Daisy” (2009)-I’m expecting this to be number 4 for all you guys but I love this record. It may have took a complete 180 from the direction “Devil and God” lead us to believe they’d go in, but it turned out to be a very fun, raw, dark, and abrasive experience.

4) “Your Favorite Weapon” (2001)- This has always been my least favorite primarily because I’ve never been much of a pop punk guy. It’s fun, youthful, and jovial but Lacey’s writing was too immature for my taste especially compared to later releases. Kids will be kids and you gotta start somewhere.

Stay away from them
After a long time I’m posting you something which isn’t dirty stuff, enjoy

WARNING: NONE, This imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you

Posted on Instagram: 10th of December, 2016


Y/N’s POV:

It was my third day in my new school. I was walking down the hallway with my tutor, Y/F/N who with I had felt connection almost right away when she first time showed in front of me on the first day

We sat on the bench and I looked around. Everyone looked so strange here. My former school had been so much smaller than this one and I was kind of scared would I ever learn where’s my class is

Also students looked different like before I had to pull on a school uniform but there everyone were able to wear their own clothes without worrying that they would get a detention

I scanned people around us but soon my gaze stopped on small group of boys who were all wearing black jackets. They looked so cool, I thought

“Y/N, those guys will lead you nothing but bad ways, stay away from them if you don’t wanna get in deep shit because of that” Y/F/N said when she noticed my gaze wondering over that boy gang over the lockers

“They do nothing but bad to people. They push people around, curse, bully weaker ones and act totally opposite way than you” she continued but I didn’t really listened her but continued staring over those guys and how one of them pulled a cigarrette pack out of his backpack and let others took ones there

I turned my head over Y/F/N and nodded back even I haven’t listened her att all during these few minutes. “There’s better people behind almost every corner of this school. Just trust me when I say that to you” she tapped my shoulder when we started walk to the class

We sat on our seats and I grabbed my books out of my backpack before we head how door flew open and boy with black t-shirt and jeans walked in. I recognized him one of those boys from that gang

“You shouldn’t even give a one gaze to them. They have big effect on people and if you once lost in their eyes you can’t ever get out of that jail” Y/F/N warned me but I thought that she was a bit too dramatic now

“You deserve better, Y/N. Don’t let that handsome core fool you, inside they’re like a hot lava” she mumbled before our teacher started the class. Yeah, she was totally getting over-dramatic now, I thought but decided keep my thoughts inside my head

We started do our writing task but my gaze wandered every other second over that boy which sat a few tables away from us his legs over the table and his hood over his head, eyes closed

“Justin, take your shoes off the table and get in work!” teacher yelled at him and he did, he just took it too exact. He took his shoes off and put his legs back to table smirking before he went back to that position where he was about minute ago

“Headmaster might not be happy if she see you again in her office, Justin” she warned but Justin just laughed back. “Oh actually she will, she loves it when I come visit her office” he grinned and collected his books. “I can go there right away”

I followed how he left the class and slammed the door close behind him. I haven’t ever seen some who had enjoyed going meet headmaster that happily. Like I was scared already of that if she comes ask something for me even I had done nothing bad

“They have an affair, they said” Y/F/N whispered for me like she would have read my thoughts. “When I once walked pass her office and Justin was there I.. trust me you don’t even wanna hear what I heard” she told and I raised my eyebrows. Wow

When the lunch time came we had it together with Y/F/N because I didn’t really have anyone else. I was really bad at making friends. She kept telling me about courses and what kind of teachers they had and how you should act on their class to get a good number

I just kept nodding and acting like I would have listened her but really there was just a one thing in my head: that Justin guy

I didn’t listened Y/F/N orders but moved over those boys right after she had left to her own class. I walked over them and asked politely: “Would there be one for me?” I pointed the cigarrette box which was on black-haired boy’s hand

They all turned around and looked me suprised but after few moments staring he handed me the box and I took one cigarrette there

I haven’t ever smoked or even kept that weird-looking roll on my hands but seemly if you wanted belong to new group you had to do as they do. One of the boys offered me a fire and I accepted it

I took a deep blow and I felt how dmoke burned me inside. It was hard not start cough but I had decided stay as calm as possible. I had to look confident. “So what’s your name, beautiful?” one of the boys asked and lighted up his cigarrette too

“Y/N” I mumbled and took another blow of that little white roll on my fingers. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. And welcome to Hell as known as School” third one of them started laugh on his own thing. Others joined on it too, and I felt myself a bit outsider

After few minutes laughing they calmed down and threw their stubs in the trash can. One by one they straight out their hands for hand shake and introduced themselves: Charles, Austin, Rory and Jace

There was still one hand shaking left. “Hey! You might know my name already but let me remind you, sweetheart, it’s Justin” he said and smirked. “It’s nice to meet you, guys” I told smiling and they chuckled again. Was there something wrong with me, I thought

“Sooo.. you must be new here, right?” Justin asked finally and I nodded shyly back. His voice was low and a bit raspy. It was that last thing maybe because he smoked. “Cool and you haven’t probably heard rumors” he chuckled

“What rumors?” I asked and boy named Jace looked other boys. “Those that no one should hang out with us because we’re bad role models to other students” he spoke out mocking like he would have been our history teacher, Mr. … I didn’t remember the name

I just chuckled and shook my head. “Oh and why they think like that? I think that you look and sound pretty cool guys actually” They laughted back. “Yeah, we’re cool actually. Finally someone noticed that” Austin told before the bell rang

“See you, guys” I waved to them but I noticed that they weren’t leaving to their classes. “Don’t you have classes now?” I asked. “Yeah but Mrs. Jordan’s classes are way too boring to handle so I decided just skip it” Rory sighed and lighted up a new cigarrette. “And Mr. Morrison..” “and Mr. Welsh” Justin and Jace said almost in same time

I looked them few moments and heard how Justin was talking about a car drive to somewhere. His gaze turned suddenly over me and he asked: “Would you like to come, Y/N? I heard that Ms. Flicks is sick today so I don’t believe that they won’t notice that you’re not there” he asked

Third POV:

After a couple seconds thinking Y/N nodded back and started walk behind the boys. Justin had just lied to her but Y/N didn’t know about that. She had just moved to dark side

Jace helped Y/N in the car and Justin jumped on the driver’s side. “Should we show Y/N some places down here or what do you think boys?” Justin grinned and looked her throught the mirror. “That would be really nice” she said quietly

They passed a shopping mall, a beach, other beach, a tennis court, few restaurants and for all of them they had some story to tell. “There we burned a one trash can.. there we shot a one bird..” Austin made a list all of their dones. Y/N wasn’t really interested on them

While that car drive she had noticed many times how Justin had paid attention on her, and when she had smiled over him he had turned his head away. He parked hus car back in front of the school building but they stayed still a little moment in the car

“Boys, I would like to tell one thing to Y/N so if you could..” he nodded them jump out and they did. Now there was just Y/N and Justin. “Sooo..” Y/N tried fill the quietness between them but felt soon how Justin pulled her closer and kissed her

He grinned and pulled away. “Was that what you wanted to tell me?“she raised her eyebrows suprised but Justin just grinned without saying anything. However his grin disappered soon when Rory ran over his car and told him to come out

"Mrs. Dickens wants to talk with you” he told and nodded over their headmaster. “Y/N, I gotta go but we can continue later if you want” Justin shared his last words with Y/N before he disappered with their headmaster somewhere

“He’s not coming back for a while, babe” Rory chuckled when Y/N stepped out of the car and slammed the door close. They started walk inside the school building and when Y/N stepped in she met Ms. Flicks’ angry looking gaze

“May I ask where have you been, Y/N?” she asked and those words made her nervous because she didn’t know what she should say. She should have listened Y/F/N earlier but thankfully Rory saved her in last minutes

“She was with me” he told and made Ms. Flicks raise her eyebrows. “I wouldn’t have believed on you, Y/N. I thought that you’re a diligent student but seemly I was wrong” she mumbled disbelieved

Yeah, me too, Y/N thought herself and smirked before she continued walking away with Rory

Y/N’s POV:

“So is that true that Justin and Mrs. Dickens have..” I asked shyly and he nodded quickly back “Yeah, you chose a really bad option as a boyfriend” he chuckled. It made me push him against his rib

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I hissed. “Don’t try! I saw how you guys kissed” he winked and I rolled my eyes. “It meant nothing” I mumbled. When we had walked over the lockers there was time for a new blaming speech. This time for Y/F/N

“Did I do all that work for nothing? Seriously, Y/N” she mumbled and walked away shooking her head. I looked after her without saying anything. “You can be part of our gang Y/N. We would actually need a one girl too since girl named Lacey walked away from us” Rory told

He didn’t have to ask that twice. I nodded: “I’d love to” He smiled and we heard how the door of headmaster’s office flew open and how someone pushed Justin out there with his pants on his knees

“C'mon, Theresa” he groaned and banged the soor before he noticed that he wasn’t the only one on that hallway. “Oh” he mumbled and pulled his pants up. I turned my head away because that wasn’t a thing which I would like to see

“I promised that Y/N can join to our gang since Lacey left” Rory told to Justin. “Nice but you need to be loyal then, Y/N. Everything we tell each others stay between us, okay?” he looked me. “Got it, you can trust me” I promised

I had made just a deal which would change my whole life but that was the best deal which I had ever made. Y/N Y/L/N was now something

Jesse Lacey of Brand New. Forest Hills, Queens, NY. 8/9/14

Guys, I did it. I caught the rarest of the rare: Jesse Lacey smiling…

Proposal Dace

Growing up in Napa Valley made life feel like a fairytale. If Grace had known just how different her life would look like without the rose colored glasses she probably would have moved out as soon as she was potty trained. Her family was normal, well off but relatively ordinary. Her parents were both successful in their work, enough to leave them satisfied and comfortable, never skipping payments or meals, never worrying about college funds or vacations. So for the most part, it was the perfect childhood. Grace had everything she could ask for and more, and since she had all the best her parents expected the best. It was only her grades at first, her parents expecting straight A’s no matter what, so Grace always delivered. But as she grew up that mentality wore off on her in the worst way possible, and her parents never helped. She made a 1600 on the SAT, the Thompson kid made a 1700, she got into UC Davis but wait, Craig Thompson’s boy just got accepted to Berkley, guess it pays off to go the extra mile. Grace had almost always wished she had siblings just to take the pressure off of her to always be perfect, especially when it came to boys. No one was ever good enough, no one made the cut, so she went off to college without ever thinking she would start dating so soon after she got her own independence. Majoring in business meant a lot of different opportunities and Grace was happy with her pick, a small bit at an advertising company central to San Francisco. Working at Argonaut kept her right where she wanted to be, even if the first year was exactly as grueling as she expected it to be. She was constantly running around with work from five other people above her, making coffee runs and trips to the printer to boost her way up in the job, so by the time she was twenty three they were actually putting her in charge of things that mattered instead of soy lattes. It was the kind of challenge Grace had always loved, tackling each potential client like a school project. For every single new opportunity she was given Grace would work on a presentation for days, run the numbers a million and one times, and by the time she was finished there wasn’t a single way it was anything less than perfect. That was her process, and it worked every time, so even though she was young she could see herself moving up in the company, promising enough to make it through long nights of too much work and never enough sleep. Not that the noise level in her apartment helped any. With work better than ever, Grace had even more time to concentrate on her relationship, thinking that every holiday and every anniversary held promise for that one, single question. Matt Thompson’s family had been friends with her family since their dads were in high school, their families constantly tossed together like a mixed up Brady Bunch, and since her parents both loved his parents Matt was the only boy they ever approved of. Ever. They started dating in college, the irritation for his perfect boy status growing into a crush, and by the time Grace graduated they were in talks of living together. Everything seemed to be going perfect. Except for one little problem.

His name was Dylan, but for the first three months she lived there Grace spent the whole time calling him 226. It took until one night before a huge presentation when she’d fallen asleep working on the couch, jolted awake by what sounded like band practice at one in the morning. Blood boiling, she’d turned around on the couch to bang on the wall with her fist. When that didn’t work she’d finally had enough. She could still remember balling her hands into fists while she marched next door to his apartment, banging on the door until someone’s muffled voice came through from the other side. Fucking get rid of her, Dylan. Dylan. The asshole had a name. He wouldn’t open up so eventually Grace gave up, but not before making as much noise as possible to mess with his. “Asshole.” So after that, whenever he kept her up with the guitar Grace gave him an early morning wake up call, banging pots and pans at seven or calling the landlord first thing in the morning to tell him she could swear she smelt gas near the far wall just before she left for work. Their little feud only got worse from there. The first time she actually saw her favorite neighbor was the last night she had to work on a presentation for a new account, some new edition Fitbit her company was desperate to get their hands on the rights to, and Dylan was driving her crazy with the music next door, always bumping around and making as much noise as possible. If he was trying to give her a heart attack it was working. He looked just as annoyed as she felt when he swung the door open, what looked like a date on the other side of the door, and they spent the next five minutes screaming at each other until the old lady in 225 called their landlord. So Grace gave up, went inside, and the next day when they came home at the same time, awkwardly stopping in front of their doors to fumble with keys, she glared at him like he’d murdered her family. “Dick.” She missed what he muttered back to her, too busy plotting her next take down. But all that drama didn’t matter, not with how great everything else was going. Until Matt dumped her out of nowhere the day after Thanksgiving. Over the phone. “Four years. Four years and I get a phone call? Like he’s canceling a subscription.” Grace was holed up on her couch surrounded by used tissues and a half eaten pack of oreos, relaying the story in broken sobs  She was sort of spiraling, but at least Lacey was nice enough not to comment on that, rubbing at her back and trying to comfort her with gentle reassuring. “Was it someone else?” She knew her friend was trying to be supportive but really the only thing she did in a crisis was make things worse. “Oh my god, do you think there’s someone else? That’s it, isn’t it? Oh my god.” Grace was only distracted from her one woman pity parade by the starting up of loud chords from next door, their paper thin walls doing nothing to hide the noise as always. And given the state she was in, Grace wasn’t holding back. “Give it a fucking rest, Dylan!” She wasn’t even sure he could hear her but she always yelled anyway. Her friends never understood the whole thing, neither did Matt, for that matter, but Grace never once backed down from the impending World War that was her relationship with her next door neighbor. Groaning loudly, she blew her nose again and wiped smeared mascara out from under her eyes, the beginnings of a migraine coming on. “Shut up.” she whined again, hitting the wall with a little less force. “If you hate this guy so much, why don’t you just move? There’s a million other places in San Francisco.” Lacey suggested unhelpfully. “Yeah, I move and he wins. No way.” Grace shot back, tossing another tissue over the edge of the couch while her friend stared at her with nervous eyes. “Wow, so you’re like an actual crazy person, that’s great.” It wasn’t until two weeks later that Grace had a full on meltdown in the form of an invitation to her family’s yearly Christmas vacation, always taken with the Thompsons. Only this time Matt was bringing a date. A girlfriend. “I only just stopped crying in the shower and he already has a new girlfriend?” Grace was telling Lacey, mouth hanging open from the shock. “I can’t go on this vacation, Lace, it’s two weeks. I’ll be miserable the whole time and he’ll just be rubbing it in my face.” They decided that he had to have been seeing her when he was still with Grace, a conversation that had her falling into another hour long crisis until they moved on to something more productive. “What if you bring a date too?” Lacey asked innocently, opening a door she never expected to open. “I can’t just show up with a guy, he has to be perfect, he’d have to be better than just a boyfriend, it’d have to be..” They talked over every last bit of the ridiculous plan until it didn’t sound so ridiculous anymore. Honestly, it was perfect, there was only one problem. “I can’t ask someone I know, that’s humiliating. Even just someone at work, it can’t be anyone I know. Or at least not someone I ever want to talk to again.” Grace only tacked on the end as a joke but paused after she thought about what she said, a hiccup in their conversation while the wheels in her head turned. It couldn’t be a friend, or a colleague, or even someone she knew from college, it would have to be someone she didn’t know, someone she didn’t care about. Better yet, it could be someone she hated. “Gotta go.” In three seconds flat Grace was standing in front of his door. It was the first time Grace had stood there without screaming. “Hey neighbor.” she grinned, as phony as possible, expecting him to close the door in her face and getting a jump on her suggestion before he had the chance. “Before you say anything, I have a proposition for you.” She went into the whole story, explaining that he was the very last person she wanted to call, but that because he was the last person she wanted to be around he was perfect for the job. After Grace finished with the whole story, the job description of pretending to be engaged to her for her family trip to their favorite resort in Maui just so she could rub the relationship in Matt’s face, she took a second just to catch her breath, crossing her arms over her chest. “So? Free trip, anything you want, and as soon as we get back.. I’ll move out.” It was the best offer she could think of, something he’d be hard pressed to pass up on after all the times she’d messed with him and reported him to the landlord and screamed at him through the wall. “You never have to see me again.” 

Dear Twisted Family,

Before the Twisted Finale airs tonight I just wanted you guys to know that I really enjoyed being part of this fandom. This fandom has forever changed my life and opened my eyes to so many different personalities that work so well together for a cause. I am forever grateful to this fandom that makes me happy; this fandom is like the charming gardeners who make my soul blossom. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me joy. Thank you for the memories I will cherish forever. Thank you for making me laugh, and cry. Thank you for your undying support. I was very fascinated and inspired by your dedication for Lacey Porter even though she was used and stomped on by the writers however I still believe a character that had so much potential will never be forgotten. Thank you to the amazing fan fiction writers that kept us entertained with your amazing gift. You guys should have wrote the show though…I’m just sayin. The mentality of this fandom is beyond our control but we did put up a strong fight for those who just didn’t get it. Like I said before Twisted can try to bandage the damage but they can never fix what’s been done. This fandom has also opened my eyes to ignorance that still occurs in our world today and all we can do is fight and let our voices be heard.  Even though Twisted may have broken my heart, you guys never did… and I really appreciate you for that. I refuse to let this fandom go because I love you all so much maybe in the future we can all find a new show. Thank you for everything!

Much Love,

Whitney aka iShipDacey

Miss Christmas? - Requested (Michael)

Hello, 8th Decemeber, Christmas is getting closer and here is number eight requested by Anon (Hi can you do an imagine where you and Michael have kids and he’s touring and you video chat him telling him how excited you and the your child are about him coming home. and then on Christmas Eve he calls you telling you he cant. And then you argue and tell him how much he’s missed but then on Christmas morning he shows up? Thank you :) I LOVE THESE IMAGINES!!) Thank you and ENJOY!!!!

‘Daddy guess what!’ Tucker took hold of your hand pulling it closer to him so only he was in the frame. 'What?’ Michael asks, he sounds good, it’s nice to see Tucker so happy, and he is always so excited to talk to his dad.

'Today, me and mummy went shopping and a lady asked for our picture. And then I said do you want an autograph and she laugh and I wrote my name on a paper’ he rushes the words out like he is afraid he will forget as he smiles proudly at his dad, you see Michael grinning. 'It’s true and she said that tucker looks just like daddy’ you add in, Tucker nods quickly making you an. Michael laugh.

'But I said I need to have red hair, but mummy said no colouring hair until I’m a big boy’ he explain, you notice Michael glacé at you a small smirk playing his lips. 'But I’m a big boy next year because I will be six and that’s super big’ Tucker continues and you laugh ruffling his hair. 'Maybe when you’re sixteen’ you laugh making him pout. 'That’s not fair daddy had red hair’ he whines. 'But daddy is an adult, and adult can do what they like’ Michael explain, this courses Tucker to stick out his tongue 'No fair’ he moans making you both laugh.

'Hey Tuck could I talk to mummy a minute?’ Michael asks, Tucker nods blowing a kiss and rushing off towards Lacey. But he quickly runs back over 'Daddy, remember your passport’ he laughs rushing off and you laugh too remembering a couple of weeks ago when Michael forgot his passport and missed a show, but when you look to the screen Michael isn’t laughing. 'What’s up?’

'I’m so sorry baby’ he starts but seems to stop himself, you try to stay calm but you have a feeling you know what is coming and so you stand up and head into the kitchen to be out of ear shot it the kids. 'We were told we are doing a last minute interview so the flight we are meant to be getting we are gonna miss, but it was okay because they sorted for us to get a later one but we have just been told it’s cancelled because of weather’ he rambles on, you can feel the wave of emotions.

'So you’re not coming home?’ You ask with a raised eyebrow. 'You know I would if I could, I just can’t get out of this interview’ he tries but you’re having none of it. 'Bullshit Michael, if you wanted to be here you would be’ you half growl. ’(Y/N) please don’t be like this, there is nothing I can do’.

'Michael do you know how much you have missed out of, Tucker’s first Christmas, his birthday, Lacey’s first Christmas, and don’t even get me started in her birth. And they are the big things, not even mentioning all the little thing you miss, bed time stories, play dates, picnics at the park, writing Christmas lists, letters to Santa, putting up the decorations’ you take breath. 'How much longer do you expect us to wait around for you, wait for your interviews, your shoes, your fans, fuck that Michael, we are supposed to be number one, us three, I get it, okay, your living your dream, you’re having a good time but does that have to always clash with your family. I guess I’ve always known really, just never wanted to believe that we will always come last’ your voice his harsh and so are your words, you can see through the screen the shine if the tears in his eyes. But he doesn’t say anything, how can he really argue with that, he can’t. So you hang up, no good bye, no I love you, no apology; you just hang up and feel the tears pouring down your face. How could he let them down again, it’s already Christmas Eve he has missed the run up and not he is gonna miss the day. And you’re the one left to break Tucker’s heart.


You had spent half the night with a crying Tucker, devastated by Michael not coming home for Christmas. You lay in bed with him all night, his sleep rough, waking up every hour if so, Lacey lucky slept right through. At five fifteen you shuffle out from the bed and rush down stairs to get out all of the presents, you fill the children’s small stockings and then pile the presents in nice little areas for them both. You snap off some of the carrot leaving only the end in the plate Tucker and Lacey left out and poured the glass if warm milk downs the sink. Then you throw the mince pie in the bin making sure to leave a couple of crumbs in the plate before heading back to bed. You have only just lay down when Tucker sits up, his eyes wide 'Christmas’ he mutters to himself rubbing his head 'MUMMY ITS CHRISTMAS!’ He shouts making you laugh a little as you act like you have just woken up. 'Has Santa been, can we go look? Come in mummy get up, wake Lacey, come on, come on’ he cheers making you laugh and you sit up, you give Lacey a gentle nudge until she is awake.


Tucker is halfway through opening his presents and your sitting with Lacey in your lap as she tries to rip hers open, you take as many pictures as possible as you cheer along with Tucker gushing at his new toys. Your phone beeps and you reach over to get it hoping Michael will have finally woke up, you had tried to call but his phone was off.

*Morning beautiful, I’m sorry I let you down, I love you and the kids so much, I sent you guys a gift, it’s just arrived at the front door, love Michael (the douchebag)* you laugh a little. How does he win you round so early?

'Hey guy’s daddy said he has a present for us and it’s at the front door’ you tell Tucker and Lacey bouncing her in your knee. Tucker is on his feet straight away and runs to the door, jumping to try and reach the latch, you laugh a little as you catch up with his, Lacey griping a finger if each hand as she walks slowly to the door. You open the door, holding Lacey under the armpit so she wouldn’t fall.

'DADDY!’ Tucker screams, your head flies up and sure enough Michael is standing there a huge grin in his face as he drops his bag and picks up Tucker, 'merry Christmas little man’ he greets tucker with a kiss as he laugh. 'Daddy we missed you’ Tucker cheers, you laugh a little shaking your head. 'How are my princesses?’ He asks looking down to Lacey, she is bouncing now, and you pick her up, Michael steps in, wrapping his free arm around you and kissing Lacey’s forehead before bring his forehead to yours. 'Your right, I’ve missed out on too much, I’m sorry for being an idiot. You guys have always come first, maybe I don’t always show it but you do.’ You shut him up pressing your lips to him, it’s a lingering peck. And he chuckles a little as he pulls away 'I love you’ he winks. 'Yeah I love you too Clifford’.

'So then what’s Santa bought’ he cheers following you into the living room trashed with wrapping paper and unwrapped presents and you boxes and you laugh. 'What hasn’t he bought?’

From Chelsea

Who wrote this shit?

Like seriously, what the fuck did I just watch?

I can suspend belief from time to time but this contrived bullshit was too much for me. Jo has been up Danny’s ass since the second he stepped foot in Green Grove and he could have had her at any time if he wanted but he wasn’t interested. Now, all of a sudden out of the blue it’s always been Jo and Danny and they’re meant for each other and Lacey is nothing but the sad substitute. That’s bullshit.

If tptb wanted to do Janny they should’ve just done it from the get go and saved us all the time we wasted on this whack ass show. What really kills me is that Jo has parents that are shown EVERY week, and a best friend who somehow inexplicably has a story and love interest of his own. And if that wasn’t enough in the past few days/weeks in Twisted time Jo has had not one, not two, not three but FOUR guys that have all developed feelings for her and feel the need to shower her with attention which of course is totally believable. *RME*

And what does Lacey get? Her family apparently moved and left her ass behind. Charlie found her interesting for about five minutes until he laid his eyes on the wonder that is #SpecialSnowflakeJo. She has no friends and the one other guy that she was involved with before turned out to be an asshole that called her a bitch in front of the whole school. Now she’s with a new asshole who she bent over backwards trying to help and all she got in return is lied to. And not only that but she got the great honor of telling him that he really wanted Jo. SHE had to tell him that whatever THEY had meant nothing because it was him and Jo. Those asshole writers made her tell him that she was just a second choice and the third wheel because #JoIsTheOne. I don’t think I’ve ever been madder about a TV show then I was at that moment. Fuck whoever wrote those lines and fuck whoever is in charge of those stupid ass hash tags.

It appears that Lacey’s purpose on the show now is to babysit the new Snowflake who will probably end up having more of a story in the remaining few episodes than she’s had the entire duration of the show. At this point I don’t even care anymore. I’m done because I refuse to watch Lacey’s entire existence on this show boil down to her losing constantly just so Jo can have everything. Fuck that.