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[October 2017 Event Recap / Résumé des Evénements d’Octobre 2017]

1) Ryeowook performing “Ground Forces Festival” on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th October 2017.
/ Ryeowook interprétant “Ground Forces Festival” le 7, 8, 9, 10 et 11 Octobre 2017.

2) Henry during “Happy Henry Day With Strings” fan meeting on the 11th October 2017.
/ Henry pendant la rencontre des fans “Happy Henry Day With Strings” le 11 Octobre 2017.

3) “Revolutionary Love” Press Conference with Siwon on the 12th October 2017.
/ La Conférence de Presse “Revolutionary Love” avec Siwon le 12 October 2017.

4) “My Daughter’s Men 2″ Press Conference with Heechul on the 17th October 2017.
/ La Conférence de Presse “My Daughter’s Men 2″ avec Heechul le 17 Octobre 2017.

5) Eunhyuk and Leeteuk during “Seoul Fashion Week” on the 18th October 2017.
/ Eunhyuk et Leeteuk pendant la “Seoul Fashion Week” le 18 Octobre 2017.

6) Donghae at “Haru & OneDay” on the 18th October 2017.
/ Donghae à “Haru & OneDay” le 18 Octobre 2017.

7) Leeteuk and Donghae at a SM vocal trainer’s wedding on the 21st October 2017.
/ Leeteuk et Donghae au mariage d’un entraîneur vocal de SM le 21 Octobre 2017.

8) Ryeowook performing “Love Country” Concert on the 23rd October 2017.
/ Ryeowook interprétant le Concert “Love Country” le 23 Octobre 2017.

9) Super Junior performing “Super Sports Day” Japan fan meeting in Yokohama on the 24th and 25th October 2017.
/ Super Junior interprétant la rencontre des fans Japonais “Super Sports Day” à Yokohama le 24 et 25 Octobre 2017.

10) “Ex-File 3″ movie Press Conference with Hangeng on the 27th October 2017.
/ La Conférence de Presse du film “Ex-File 3″ avec Hangeng le 27 Octobre 2017.

11) Ryeowook during “Yeosu Marching” Festival on the 27th October 2017.
/ Ryeowook pendant le Festival “Yeosu Marching” le 27 Octobre 2017.

12) “Please Take Care Of My Vanity 3″ Press Conference with Leeteuk on the 27th October 2017.
/ La Conférence de Presse “Please Take Care Of My Vanity 3″ avec Leeteuk le 27 Octobre 2017.

[Forgotten, sorry / Oublié, désolée] : Ryeowook during a military band event on the 28th October 2017.
/ Ryeowook pendant un événement du groupe de musique militaire le 28 Octobre 2017. 

13) Donghae at Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s Wedding on the 31st October 2017.
/ Donghae au Mariage de Song Joon Ki et Song Hye Kyo le 31 Octobre 2017.

No offense to the Army’s, but BTS are not “the first kpop act” to appear in America, and not the first to sign under american label, Psy and Wonder Girls is the first kpop act to debut in America and he actually won an award in AMA’s, he’s also the first to debut on American TV, CL was on Late Late Show first too. Psy, CL and BigBang, SNSD are one of the artist that won in Youtube Awards in america and also all around europe, the very first kpop group to win outside Korea is Super Junior. Psy, BigBang and CL,are the first to sign under a American label, the first artist in kpop that worked with UNICEF is jinusean, before that there’s, BigBang who’s supports UNICEF as solo and as a group, also Snsd, SuJu, Tvxq, Epik High, 2ne1, f(x), Shinee and much more. So no BTS didn’t do that first..

Leeteuk is me with my friends😂😂😂

a summary of the "SJ returns" teasers
  • leeteuk: physically can't stop MC-ing, even to his dog
  • heechul: energy levels are the epitome of 0 to 100 real quick
  • yesung: only cries or swears (there's no in between)
  • shindong: either always hungry or always working
  • eunhyuk: practically a caveman
  • donghae: not the sea
  • siwon: a gentleman, a humanitarian, likes feeding people