and kris too omg


Took an impulsive trip to the city to see the Met Gala red carpet and help i-fans represent for Wu Yifan/Kris Wu. It was such a delight seeing all the chinese themed outfits and celebrities showing up to appreciate Guo Pei’s Chinese fashion showcase party.

Thank you Kris for pushing your way to the front of the red carpet to see us. Thank you for waving and greeting us so much when we chanted your name. Thank you for staying as long as you could to be with us until someone told you to get inside. Thank you for being an adorable smug butt and making silly faces too.

I enjoyed everything about this day, even the difficulties. Please have a good time in the city while you’re here and a safe trip home~ Good night~

EXO Reaction to you Having a Weird Fetish/Dark Secret

Here’s a reaction that was requested a few days ago :)

- Jasmine


Baekhyun: *gif*

Chanyeol: Let me hug you because you are so darn cute

Chen: I don’t understand you have a collection of what?

D.O: Well this is some interesting news

Kai: OMG YOU TOO?????

Kris: That’s a little kinky but ok

Lay: Thats totally not creepy jagi

Luhan: Wait repeat that again

Sehun: Oh i was just thinking, what no i’m not weirded out it

Suho: *judging*

Tao: Ewwww

Xiumin: Wow that’s interesting 

Exo Reaction to seeing their girlfriend in Lingerie

can you do a exo reaction where they see you ( gf ) in lingerie? thanks <3- Anon. 

Xiumin: I can get used to seeing this everyday ;)

Luhan: Hang on, this is too much for me to handle. 

Kris: Omg don’t think about it Kris… Don’t think about it…

Suho: *buries his face in his hands*

Lay: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to walk in on you. 

Baekhyun: Gurl you are rocking the black ;) 

Chen: *winks* Don’t go anywhere… I’ll be right back ;) 

Chanyeol: Is it just me or is it hot in here? 

D.O: Holy Shit… she’s like half naked…

But D.O isn’t complaining ;) 

Tao: Why hello there? 

Kai: My girlfriend is so beautiful 

Sehun: I think it’s time we take a trip down to the bedroom. 

These gifs aren’t mine!

Exo reaction to when you confess to them.

Sehun: ”ME????!

And then after he calms down,


Of course you should, since-

Lay: Wait…you what??

After understanding what you said,

Baekhyun:“Oh really, you do?” *Acts cute*


*Feels embarrass afterward.*

Suho: “You like…”

You made a right choice. Shall we go to my island now?

Chanyeol *inside*:“Hold it in…hold it in..”

Brags to his Hyungs about your confession.

Tao: “I got you girl!

After leaving, “Oh yeah, I’m dah best!

Kai: “Wait! So explain to me again. You like me right?

Kai:“You ain’t chicken but you’ll do.

D.O:“That’s right! Bow down to your lover girl!

Jokes aside, “Alright, so do you own a kitchen?

Xiumin: “Did you just confess, wow.

Too fabulous.

Chen: “Omg! OMG!

Oh yeah! Party on!

Kris: ”REALLY??!!?!

Kris: ”My awesomeness is the best.

Anonymous whispered:

Omg guys have you guys seen this?

Baekhyun looked like “hey let me turn around and look at nothing so Chanyeol could look at me and yay he did”. Don’t you find it adorable? I think that’s what people do when trying to get their crushes’ attention. Like turning around and look at nothing. Don’t you guys do it too?

and this

Chanyeol’s like “omg Kris closer closer omg”, and look at his face, that’s priceless. He kinda side-eyed Baekhyun, and I can’t anymore with these two. P/s: ignore baekhyun’s handjob

If you think chanbaek isn’t real - not as in lovers; maybe more than friends - I don’t know anymore

orz sorry for submitting too much but you really cant stop when you go on a chanbaek tag on tumblr

Just look at this lil shit Baekhyun blowing Chanyeol’s hair. It looked like he did that on purpose. Notice how Baekhyun (followed?) the direction of chanyeol’s head moving? And if you look closely you can see jongin “ouch” “guyzzz” “I don’t wanna do this anymore”

and “opps i blew you”

Yeeees at least I had seen the first gif countless times before, omg (it’s saved in my baekyeol massive pic/gif dump filed under ‘real subtle you losers’)

Like you said, Baekhyun turned around and Chanyeol just scanned him like it’s a casual thing. From the looks of it, none of the members in the back were talking to Baekhyun, so he seems to have literally turned around to look at nothing, like you suggested. And yes, people do this often to get other people’s attention. Just to check if they look at them when they turn or something. It’s absolutely adorable and (most of the times) rather effective!

This second gif is just so confusing, lmao. We have Baekhyun doing dirty things to the trophy, Kris looking fierce in his man ponytail and Chanyeol doing… idk what. Trying to get closer to Baek? Casually sporting a creeper face? Looking mysterious? Dang it lmao 

Regarding the third gif. All I can say is adorable. So adorable. Chanyeol’s exaggerated reaction and how Baekhyun is an annoying brat. Omfg so cute

special ohteepee is special ;A;

-admin SFS

These gifs are adorable (it’s also saved in my royal collection of baekyeol goodness). I love how super aware Chanyeol is of Baekhyun standing next to him, and Baekhyun can pretend he is engrossed in doing inappropriate things to the trophy, but we all know that this isn’t exactly the case here. I mean, since when Baekhyun isn’t hyper aware of Chanyeol’s presence? That has never happened.

But lol, I do the same as him, trying to gain someone’s attention by turning around like I’m looking at something, when in fact I’m just trying to take a peak, or check if they look at me. I’m such a loser. And my flirty techniques suck when I’m really interested in someone. Remember Baekhyun favorite game of quickly glancing at Chanyeol and then quickly, almost abruptly turning his head away? I do that to… *tsk* There is a reason Baekhyun is my bias after all. We are dumb in a similar fashion when it comes to crushing after someone.

Anyway, let’s talk about the third gif. Baekhyun is deliberately being a little shit, wanting to draw reaction out of Chanyeol, and to have his attention. Reminds me of this moment a bit:

Honestly, I laugh at Baekhyun’s antics here every damn time. Like hell he was actually surprised. Freaking delicate flower my ass. He was being oddball on purpose, and Chanyeol sure did notice him. I can’t with them both. They provoke each other all the time.

But gotta love how Baekhyun was able to quickly calm Chanyeol by just touching his hand lightly…

… and how Chanyeol is never really angry with him. I bet he thinks Baekhyun is adorable even when he is being like this.

/OTP feels

-admin MTL