and kris too omg


Took an impulsive trip to the city to see the Met Gala red carpet and help i-fans represent for Wu Yifan/Kris Wu. It was such a delight seeing all the chinese themed outfits and celebrities showing up to appreciate Guo Pei’s Chinese fashion showcase party.

Thank you Kris for pushing your way to the front of the red carpet to see us. Thank you for waving and greeting us so much when we chanted your name. Thank you for staying as long as you could to be with us until someone told you to get inside. Thank you for being an adorable smug butt and making silly faces too.

I enjoyed everything about this day, even the difficulties. Please have a good time in the city while you’re here and a safe trip home~ Good night~

EXO Reaction to you Having a Weird Fetish/Dark Secret

Here’s a reaction that was requested a few days ago :)

- Jasmine


Baekhyun: *gif*

Chanyeol: Let me hug you because you are so darn cute

Chen: I don’t understand you have a collection of what?

D.O: Well this is some interesting news

Kai: OMG YOU TOO?????

Kris: That’s a little kinky but ok

Lay: Thats totally not creepy jagi

Luhan: Wait repeat that again

Sehun: Oh i was just thinking, what no i’m not weirded out it

Suho: *judging*

Tao: Ewwww

Xiumin: Wow that’s interesting 

Exo Reaction to seeing their girlfriend in Lingerie

can you do a exo reaction where they see you ( gf ) in lingerie? thanks <3- Anon. 

Xiumin: I can get used to seeing this everyday ;)

Luhan: Hang on, this is too much for me to handle. 

Kris: Omg don’t think about it Kris… Don’t think about it…

Suho: *buries his face in his hands*

Lay: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to walk in on you. 

Baekhyun: Gurl you are rocking the black ;) 

Chen: *winks* Don’t go anywhere… I’ll be right back ;) 

Chanyeol: Is it just me or is it hot in here? 

D.O: Holy Shit… she’s like half naked…

But D.O isn’t complaining ;) 

Tao: Why hello there? 

Kai: My girlfriend is so beautiful 

Sehun: I think it’s time we take a trip down to the bedroom. 

These gifs aren’t mine!