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Smuffy week is brilliant. EXO reacting to their S/O calling them "daddy" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It caught him off guard but he quickly brushed it off by sneaking few jokes about it, even though he secretly liked it. “But you’re not a mommy?”


It completely embarrassed him and he needed to stop whatever he was doing as he hid his face in his hands, hiding his blush. “Oh no, why did you say that?”


He’s of course teasing you and wiggling his eyebrows at you, chuckling to himself when you blushed. “Oh well, I guess I might like it”


He doesn’t know how to react and just smiles shyly, dropping his gaze to the floor and laughs nervously without saying anything.


He actually starts laughing because he thinks you’re not serious, but when he realizes that you actually are his mood changes completely. “Now tell me, why did you call me that~”


He’s trying to hide his embarrassment behind acting cool just to impress you, though you can still sense it. “Yeah, I am your daddy. You love it, don’t you?”


He didn’t expect you to be so bold with him and is lost for a short while. He doesn’t really respond to it, but sends you a wink which is a mixture of cute and sexy.


Likes it a lot and clearly shows it, giving you a smug look and kissing you. “You should call me that more often, it’s hot”


Snorts with amusement and laughs at you like it was the best joke he ever heard, then teases you about it. “Jagi, I never knew you were so perverted!”


Is awkward at first, but quickly decides to forget about it and move on, he just hopes that it won’t slip from you when the others will be around. “Let’s leave it for the night, Jagiya”


He’s totally into it and smirks at you, kissing you. He then leads you straight to your bedroom so you can take it somewhere more private. “Let me hear you calling me that a few more times~”


At first smiles sweetly at you and acts like he thought it was adorable, but when you two get home, he’s suddenly holding you very close. “Now, what should I do with you, my dirty Jagi?”

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

Good Girl CH 10: Touch Me (M)

He lays me down in his familiar bed, those cat like eyes are focused on me with such intensity I have to look away. I’m disappointed when he doesn’t lay down next to me, instead he places the thick comforter over me and tucks me in, placing a kiss on my forehead. As he is about to step away I sit up and reach for him, catching his hand in my small one, blinking up at him childishly.

“Daddy, can’t you stay with me? I don’t want to be alone,” I feel stupid saying such things, and even embarrassed for behaving so childishly when I have never acted like this in my life until I met these guys.

He gives me a small smile, “Daddy has to finish some work first, then I will come cuddle with you, okay?” I pout but nod making him bust into a full smile. He wanders away to his desk that is that is to my left. I scan the large room, the royal blue walls, the dark wood flooring that is threw out the house, the floor to ceiling windows that is the only source of light other than for the little lamp on his desk. Facing the massive windows, in the distance I can see the beach and I feel calmer as I watch the waves crash on to the shore. But still, my heart races and my chest is tight with anxiety, I want him lying in bed next to me, regardless of how long we have known each other I find comfort in his closeness.

I look away from the window to him; he sits facing the door, which is on the wall to my right, typing on his laptop and checking the papers in front of. He looks so much older and mature when he is working, not the cute playful man I normally see. I just watch him, completely focused on his work.

Or so I thought, “Baby girl, go to bed.” He says not even looking away from his work.

“What time is it?” I ask, not moving to lie back down.


“It’s late,” I say mindlessly.

“Yes it is. You have to get up for school in four hours so you can go with Suho, so you should go to sleep.”

“What time do you go to work?”

He sighs, realizing I’m not going to listen to him so easily, “I work at 8.”

“So you wake up at 6?”

He just hums in response.

“You should go to bed too. If you don’t get enough rest you could get sick.”

He chuckles, “Thank you for your concern but I want to finish this.”

“You’re the boss, just do it later, come to bed.”

He finally looks up at me with those eyes that make me tingle, “Why do you want me to come to bed so bad, baby? You aren’t still scared are you?”

I shake my head, “I want to cuddle.”

“Baby, we can cuddle when I’m done.”

“And a bedtime kiss,” I surprise us both with the words that come out of my mouth. He quickly shakes the shock off and tries to play it cool, not wanting to get his hopes up on what I could mean.

“I already gave you a kiss baby.” I nibble on my lip as I debate on what I should say. His eyes automatically snap to the movement and soon he begins mimicking the action.

With a deep breath I decide and say, “I want a different kind, like the one you gave me earlier.”

“Like the one on the couch?”

I nod but see the way his eyebrows raise and remember to use my words, “Yes Daddy.”

He closes his computer and strolls over the end of the bed, his hands on the footboard. “Baby are you sure?” I take in his hot disheveled appearance, his baggy sweatpants and t-shirt and begin to tingle like I never have before.

“I’m sure.”

Without another word he comes around to the edge and climbs on the bed. I wait nervously as he crawls over to me, positioning himself only inches away from me. He leans in slowly, our lips brush softly at first, but only for a second before I find myself reaching out and wrapping my arms around his neck. I can’t help but pull him closer, wanting to feel his body against mine, wanting his warm presence to wash my anxiety away. We move around so I’m lying flat on my back with him above me, resting on his forearms so his weight won’t fully rest on me, he finds his way under the covers with me. I let out a little moan when his hips start to move against mine like before. Except this time, there is less in the way, making it easy to feel his hard manhood threw the thin material of his pants.

He surprises me by cupping one of my breast in his hand, his thumb gently runs across my sensitive nipple making me moan into our deepening kiss. My fingers lace themselves threw his caramel colored hair as I lift up my hips and start moving mine with his, earning me a growl like moan from the man.

“Baby,” He warns as he pulls away, making me whine. “Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

“But I don’t want to stop.” I pout and mumble under my breath, “It feels really good.”

“I’m sorry baby but daddy can only control himself so much. I can’t do this knowing I can’t go any farther with you looking like that, moaning underneath me. Knowing I can’t touch you where I want is fucking hell,” He growls the last few words under his breath as he sits back on his knees.

I pause for a minute before asking, “Where do you want to touch me?” I surprise him again with my words, and like before I can see him trying to push the hope away in his eyes.

“You are too innocent to say such words. Go to bed baby girl.” He moves to get off the bed but when he sees my grab my own breasts he stops and stares at me with wide eyes.

“Is it here?” I squeeze them slightly, that is enough to get my nipples to perk up and be seen threw my silk tank top.

“Baby,” He growls warningly.

“Or is it here?” One hand slides down my body in between my legs and cups my woman hood. “I know I’m young and I don’t really know how this works and I don’t think I’m ready for sex but touching is okay.”

He takes a deep breath as he comes closer to me again, sliding under the covers, “You want me to touch.”

“Yes,” I shyly add in, “and I want to touch you.” He takes my hands away from my body as he lays me back down, positioning us the way were before but this time my hands are pinned on either side of my head.

“I’ll play with you baby but I have one rule for you.”


“Absolutely no touching yourself. You have a house full of guys who would jump at the opportunity to just hug you, they would kill to touch you like I’m going to, ask any of us and we will do whatever you want. Understand?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good girl.”

He lets go of my hands as he kisses me again, not wasting anytime with little pecks, he devours my mouth with his. My hands go to tangle in his hair again while one of his slips its way under my tank top, his cold hand leave goose bumps in it’s wake. I let out a soft moan as his fingers begin gentility playing with my nipple. He starts kissing down my neck, to my collarbone, to my nipples that are showing threw my shirt.

I stare down at him as he pulls my top up and right off my body, discarding it somewhere on the floor. Not even giving me a moment to get nervous about being naked in front of a guy for the first time his lips find themselves back on my breasts, sucking and nibbling, leaving love bites all over my chest. My hands go to my mouth to keep me from moaning.

“Oh no baby girl, I want them to hear you. I’ve always wanted to know if they were all in screaming distance, now is the perfect time to figure it out,” He chuckles as he pulls my hands away. He leaves my breasts alone, pink and sore from his abuse, and kisses his way down to the waistband of my shorts. I begin nibbling on my lip as I watch him hook his fingers on the sides of my shorts, my whole body tingles at the sight and sensation as he starts pulling them down slowly. Soon they are on the floor with my top, leaving me completely bare in front of him. I feel the need to cover myself as he sits back on his heels to really look at me but the moment my hands start to move his lustful gaze turns angry, freezing me in my spot. “Don’t you dare try to cover yourself, Daddy wants to see all of you.” His hands grip my knees gently, his thumbs move in small circles to try and calm me.

When he is done taking in my naked body and the love marks that cover my chest he leans back down, his face in between my thighs, only inches away from my heat. I moan as he leaves more love marks on the inside of my thigh, he licks the purple bruise, trying to take the pain away. My womanhood tingles as he looks up at me, a small smirk on his face at my already breathlessness.

“Daddy,” I whine as he continues to kiss and lick everywhere but where I need him.

He chuckles, “What baby, tell me what you want?”

“Touch me, please,” I beg pathetically.

“Like this baby?” He asks as he slides one finger into me and curls it making me clench. I’m surprised when he groans with me, “Baby girl, you’re so tight.”

“Daddy more!” I moan as my hips move on their own against his hand for more friction. Without a word he adds another finger and begins pumping, I didn’t notice him lean in closer and start sucking on my little button until his hot tongue made contact. I throw my head back with an embarrassingly high pitched moan, not caring if any of the others heard us, which I’m pretty sure they did, as he sucks on it like a vacuum. There is a little knot in my belly that starts to grow as he continues to suck and pump me for all I’m worth. My hand finds it’s way down to his hair, tangling my fingers in his locks as the knot continues to tighten, making me moan louder and louder.

I never thought I would be loud in bed, I’ve touched myself many times before but I was always quiet and now I’m realizing it’s probably because Xiumin is a lot more knowledgeable about things down there.

The knot in belly is about to explode when he suddenly stops, his fingers still buried deep in me, his eyes locked with mine, “Daddy,” I whine.

“I’ve been good to you baby, it’s time for you to beg for it,” He teases as he curls his fingers in me.

“Daddy Xiumin,” I grind my hips against his hand but he uses his free hand to hold my hips down on to the bed.

“I said beg baby,” His tone is firm and all daddy.

“Pretty please Daddy, can I cum?” The words sound so dirty yet cute.

“You can do better then that.”

I let out a little yelp when he adds another finger, stretching me a little more, “Daddy please let your little girl cum, I promise to be a really good girl for you.”

“You promise baby?”

“Yes daddy, I promise, just please let me cum!”

He chuckles before returning his mouth to the little bud, sucking on it harder then he was before. It doesn’t take long for me to reach orgasm because of Xiumin’s magical fingers and tongue. I scream out his name as he works me threw my orgasm, making sure I’m completely spent before he stops. He pulls his fingers out of me and sticks them in his mouth, sucking all of my juices off before crawling up next to me and holding my trembling body to his chest.

“Daddy,” I start but he cuts me off.

“You were so good baby girl, but it’s time for sleep.” He shushes me.

“But what about you?” I wonder out loud about his release.

“You owe me baby, we have plenty of time, and you aren’t going anywhere. So there is no rush, being able to touch you like, to taste you is enough for me today.” He kisses the top of my head before tucking me tightly against his chest. “Sleep baby girl, tomorrow you have to face all of those jealous horny boys.”

“Do you think they heard us?”

He chuckles, “They definitely did.”


I wake up a little later, it’s still kind of dark out, but the sun is coming up in the distance. I tuck myself back against Xiumin’s chest, enjoying the warmth he is giving off. I think about what happened how every many hours ago and blush at how childish I was. Something about these guys brings out my inner child and as embarrassing I find it, I could do it without hesitation with them and they seem to like it. Actually it’s a little more than like, I can tell by the way Xiumin’s hard pecker presses against my thigh. Thinking back, I feel bad that he didn’t get anything from it except a hard on.  

Something Jihyo told me once passes threw my head about her favorite way to wake guys up and I decide to take her advice, since it’s gone so well for me before. Ignoring my own smart-ass comment, I slide down Xiumin’s body, trying my best not to wake him as I slip out of his death grip on me. When I’m out of his arms he automatically shifts to his back, lucky for me, making this a lot easier.  I can’t help but have a mischievous grin on my face as I do to him what he did earlier, hooking my fingers on his pants and pulling them all the way off. I guess I’m not the only one who went commando last night. A blush spreads across my face, even though no one could see me hidden under the covers but now being face to, um, face with the first dick I’ve ever seen I feel embarrassed.

It’s bigger then I expected and I’m happy I didn’t let him sleep with me last night, I don’t think I’m ready for that but this is something I can do. Jihyo had talked enough about it, I’ve seen videos and read about it, I can do this. With a deep breath I lean closer and kitty lick the red tip. A small moan leaves Xiumin’s lips. After another moment I finally convince myself to go for it by taking the whole thing in my mouth, happy I don’t have a sensitive gag reflex. I pull back slightly before I start bobbing up and down without a care.

The man under me starts moaning; deep throaty moans that make me tingle knowing I’m the cause of it. His hips start moving up, meeting me half way, fucking my mouth like there is no tomorrow, and to be a little bit of a tease I hold his hips down, like he did to me.  He did not like that, not one bit. I’m surprised when he sits up, pushing the blanket away, reveling my naked body to him and the cold air. I pause, my mouth full of his cock, and make eye contact with a very upset, but turned, on kitty.

“Baby,” He nearly growls.

I swirl my tongue around the tip before I start bobbing again, hopping he won’t be upset after he cums. But I was wrong, even as I suck him I can feel his intense gaze on me, especially since I’m still holding his hips down. Though that didn’t stop him from moaning, but he wasn’t happy that I could make him moan that loud, that I was in control of him. I can tell he’s close when his fingers go into my hair and he tries to push me down, to take him deeper into my mouth. I happily oblige. A few minutes later after very sexy grunts and groans he cums in my mouth, I swallow without a thought. I finally sit up wiping my face with the back of my hand, and look up shyly at a very upset Xiumin.

“Baby,” He actually growls this time.

“Good morning daddy,” I give him a small smile.


“Because I felt bad that you didn’t get anything out of what happened before so I thought I could pay you back. Did I do bad?” I look down at my hands, embarrassed that I may not have done as well as I thought I did.

He sighs, “No little one, you did really, really good. It’s just that you are a baby, you shouldn’t be doing such dirty things on your own. Where did you get a thought to wake a boy up like that?”


“Of course, I need to thank that girl.”

EXO (OT12) - Reaction to Thinking You are Out of Their League

Dating and being a doctor is not easy. When you met Minseok on the off chance that you were at the same restaurant during the free time you both had so little of you knew he would be amazing. So, when he brought up the fact that you having an MD made him earning a Doctorate in Music look like slacking. “Minseok, you have got to be kidding me!” He gave you a somber look, “Y/N, it is true though. You are so smart and I just feel inadequate.” You pulled him into a hug and looked straight up into his eyes, “You are amazingly smart and talented. The fact that you are even earning a doctorate in anything while being an idol is outstanding to me. Do not look down on yourself.” He gave you a smile and kissed your forehead, “I guess so, thanks for your wisdom babe.”

You were always so kind to everyone and plenty of people adored you. Luhan always felt like he was so lucky to have a chance with you. He knew he was a good person but he just thought that you were so much better than him. He would always question what good you saw in him and you would roll your eyes and list off the many reasons why you cared about him. He would then respond with how amazing you were and that he could not compare. You would just pull him close and let him feel how much you loved him even if he didn’t believe he deserved it.

Kris (Yifan):
You had been going out with Kris for a month now and you thought he was great. One problem he had though was that he thought that he wasn’t good enough for you. You happen to be a part of a rich family even though you never cared for the money to begin with. “Hey Y/N,” he said giving you a serious look, “what would your family want to do with a singer and actor like me?” You gave him the same look you always did when he brought up your family judging him, “Listen babe, if they don’t like you that is their problem. I like you, if they love me then they should support me anyways. So just stop worrying and come cuddle with me.” He nodded and moved closer to wrap you in his arms. “Sorry baobei, I just overthink it.” You gave him a reassuring kiss and he smiled at you.

Intimidating is the word that Junmyeon described your career with. You had worked your way up from an intern who did the daily coffee runs to the head CEO of a fortune 500 company. You didn’t think it was all that different from him working his butt of from being a trainee to becoming the leader of one of the most popular Korean groups out there. He would become very shy whenever you would mention him visiting you at work and try to change the subject. “Jun, what is it?” You asked just wanting to know why your boyfriend was so against going to your office. “I just feel like I don’t deserve to be with such a successful person, and visiting your work makes me more self-conscious.” You grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes. “You are definitely successful! Look at where you are, look at your group and how much work you have all put in. There is no reason for you to feel like that.” He agreed and put on a cute smile, “You always know how to set my mind straight, thank you Jagi.”

Yixing has a very busy schedule and he knew how much you liked to devote your time to the people you cared about. So when he brought up the idea that you should probably break up with him since he couldn’t promise how much time he would be able to spend with you, you were taken aback. “Yixing? What are you talking about?” You could meet up with him for a quick lunch at a little restaurant you both liked. He looked like it hurt him to say it, “I mean you deserve someone who can actually spend time with you, not someone who can only fit in short phone calls, video chats, and texts when they are promoting their career.” “But you are here now, and that is what matters. I like you, and you like me. So what if we can’t spend hours on end with each other, as long as we get moments like this.” He let out a sigh and reached across the table to take your hands. “I am sorry, we shouldn’t waste our time, right?” You both gazed adoringly at each other.

You loved to give back to people and to your community. Baekhyun loved how big your heart is but it was also one of the reasons he felt that you were too good for him. He casually mentioned it to you one day when you were relaxing at your apartment and he had the day off. You were telling him some things about your week and he told you that specific worry of his that had been nagging at him for a while now. “Baek! You are such a great person. The time you give up for your fans is more than enough proof how much you care about other people.” He gave a shy look at the ground but you pulled his chin up to face you. “Do you hear me?” His eyes met yours and he gave a shy smile. “You are right, but I still want to do more. Maybe I could help you with your next project?” You returned the smile, “I would like that,” then you gave him a kiss on the lips.

You and Dae had been speaking for a couple of weeks now but nothing serious or romantic had popped up. You had both been flirting with each other and he really enjoyed making you laugh but he had not made any advances towards asking you out. From the first time he saw you he noticed how extremely beautiful you were and worked up the nerve to ask for your number. Ultimately you decided to make the move for him. “Dae? Do you plan on asking me out or did you just get my number to talk to me?” He knew he had been caught and finally asked you to date him. “You were just so pretty that I was worried you would just want to be friends.” You giggled and he joined you. “You are pretty handsome too, I don’t understand why you thought I would say no.” He gave you a cheeky grin, “Handsome, am I?”

You had met Chanyeol when you helped choreograph a music video. After seeing his goofy smile, his bubbly personality, and hearing his deep voice, you knew you were done for. You noticed that he was having trouble doing the dance moves so you walked over and helped him practice one on one. After spending quite some time together he eventually asked if he could have your number. You smiled and typed it into his phone happily. “Seriously!?” He started giggling, “I thought I would have ruined it by being so bad at dancing.” You gave him a smirk, “Dancing has nothing to do with personality, besides this way I can help you get better.” The boy’s face broke out into an even wider grin.

You and Kyungsoo had acted in a movie together and had become good friends. You liked him and the way he acted towards you made you think he felt the same. You would try to talk to him alone on set and during get togethers with the cast. He felt that you were such a good actress that all you could be were friends. So when you asked him out to dinner and not any other cast members he was confused. “Is it just us then?” He gave a confused look and you giggled at him. You walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Does that answer your question?” He was shocked for a moment until a smile spread across his face. You held out your hand and he took it into his own.

Ever since Tao had heard you perform for the first time, he felt like you were such an amazing singer that he couldn’t possibly have a chance with you. He knew he could sing and rap but he still felt that you were out of his league. You had hung out a few times and you had sent him hints but you seemed to think that he did not get them. Finally, you just ended up asking him out. “Of course!” He started to act giddy, “I was too afraid to ask you because I thought you were too good for me.” You just smiled and took his hand, “does it seem like I think that?”

Jongin noticed that a beautiful girl frequented many of the same places that he goes to. He thought that you were so gorgeous and could not possibly work up the courage to talk to you. A few times he had covered your bill at the café that you both went to quite a few times during the week when he was not away promoting or on tour. Eventually, you noticed him glancing at you and you walked over to greet him. “Hello, I’m Y/N. And you are?” He shyly introduced himself and you started up a conversation with him. Eventually you casually asked if he was the one paying for your coffee and sandwiches and he nodded quietly. “Well I think I owe you, care to go out for lunch?”

When Sehun and Junmyeon attended fashion week, he never expected to meet a woman who left such a mark on him. You had been one of the up and coming designers that they featured on the main runway. You two had met after your show and he complimented you on your work. You always felt like you could do so much better on everything you do but were still grateful for this opportunity. He was handsome, and he dressed well. He on the other hand thought that there would be no way that you would go out with him. But he still took the chance. “Y/N, I would really like to have dinner with you. Would you like to join me?” Since you had been talking for a bit anyways you thought it would be nice. “I would love to,” you responded with a smile and took his arm that he offered out to you. He was very cute and happy after you accepted and after you had finished your meal he stated that he thought you would have said no. “You really thought so, do I look that mean?” You both laughed and continued to spend some time together.



This is a (VERY LATE) holiday fic for my non-fandom writing group SS, flutterby_cupcake_26 on AO3.

It’s SoMa. It’s sweet, sad, and sappy. I hope you find some enjoyment even if it’s not your fandom or pairing, and I’m so so so sorry for being the worst latest SS EVAH!

Thanks go to @sahdah for the eyes, the film suggestion, and also for doing a silly awesome thing when we talked about no shave November.

Sahdah’s no shave November post can be found here.

Read on AO3 or FFN.

Fuck no shave November, that’s all he has to say. Fuck no shave November, fuck Black Star for goading him into that ridiculousness, and most of all, fuck Maka for being so damned earnest, and so damned cute when she’s so damned earnest that he never has the heart to say no when it actually matters to her. Not that he really denies her anything much ever.

No, really, fuck Maka. He wishes. Which is probably the reason he’s in this mess. Well, more like sappy, gross, sentimental feelings. Refer back to that whole generally-forgets-the-word-no-when-she’s-around thing.

The girl is definitely trouble.

With an exaggerated sigh, Soul scowls at his own face in the mirror. Yeah, alright, he’s got a nice, full, white beard since he’d been too lazy to shave it off right away. And his usual mop of white hair under the silly red velvet cap. And a soft red suit now stuffed at the belly. So maybe he can pass for pop culture Santa, except the whole red eyes and mouth full of oddly sharp teeth that make him look more like Satan than Santa–hey, only a few letters off, really.

He grimaces at his own reflection, and actually, that’s better than the scowl that would surely send kids screaming for the hills. Makes him look just that bit less like the devil posing as jolly old Saint Nick.

“So are you coming out?” A voice calls from the other side of the dressing room door. Is he? No. Definitely no. Being seen in public this way, even in a lame costume shop smack in the middle of a run down strip mall, is surely some form of social suicide, good bye cool, goodbye dignity, goodbye self-respect.

“Yeah, whatever,” he says instead with another exaggerated sigh, his inability to say no to the girl on the other side of the door biting him in the ass for the umpteenth time this month alone.

Taking that last step to the door, Soul twists the knob and haltingly swings it open.

Ah, there she stands, his reason for the season, his cruel, cruel mistress, leaned so casually against the wall that he might be looking for new jeans rather than sealing his social suicide. Not that he’s ever been much for people. Goodbye, cruel world!

“Oh my god, Soul, you look–you look–”

Her grin is stretched so wide across her face that he’s sure it has to hurt, green eyes sparkling, and his heart does loop de loops in his chest cavity. Yes, Maka is trouble and he is in trouble, as usual.

“–Ridiculous?” Soul says before she can, the scowl firmly back in place in spite of the way her smile does funny things to his insides.

“I was going to say ‘adorable,’ but just at the moment, with that sour puss, you look like you want to maim me.”

Well, he sort of does. Not maim, but mark, maybe. Touch definitely. Then again, he always wants that with her, the unobtainable, so that’s easy enough to tamp down on. No, even more than that, just at the moment Soul wants to wither and die, or maybe disappear, anything to diminish the humiliation he feels as two teen girls trying on some sort of skimpy elf get ups come out from another dressing room and start giggling his way.

“Whatever.” He shrugs as Maka glares at the girls, and unlike his scowl, that sends them scampering back into their dressing room. Go figure.

“I told you this wouldn’t work–can we go now?”

“It’ll work if you can refrain from glaring at the world for a whole hour of your life.” She saunters up and puts a hand on his chest, stroking the material of the fuzzy red coat. Maka herself has donned an elf costume–short festive dress, pigtails, ears. She looks adorable. His scowl softens considerably at her proximity.

“Doubtful.” Soul offers her a flat stare.

“Do it for the kids?”

This earns her an eyeroll even if he knows she knows that yes, he is a marshmallow on the inside, and yes, he would indeed humiliate himself to make sick kids smile even if no one else on the planet but her might realize that. Well, maybe Wes, but he’s not here to back her claim.

“Then do it for the reward?”

“Reward?” He’s already going to do it and they both damn well know it, but hell, may as well get something for the trouble and complete loss of cool.

“Mmm hmmm,” she hums and smiles sweetly. “I’ll bake your favorite cookies.”

Maka’s a good baker and pretty much never bakes. His stomach rumbles at the thought. “It’s a start,” he mutters.

“And…” Her hand continues to stroke at the material of the red coat.


“I’ll let you pick the movie tonight. Any movie, and I won’t say a word. Or retaliate.”

Well, that’s also something. It’s not his turn, and even when it is, if Soul picks something he knows Maka won’t like, she will pick the worst historical romance bullshit she can find the week after. There’s only so much coy flirting he can take, really, and the trite classical scores always give him childhood flashbacks he could do without.

“Getting warmer,” the concession is grumbled.

And, I’ll rub your back while we watch the movie.”

Ding ding ding we have a winner! Movie, cookies, and backrub with Maka. She’s hit the trifecta, and fuck it all if that sly smile doesn’t say she knows it.

Well, then.

“Fine, you win,” he grumble-sighs, and it’s only half for show because while he dreads the next hour, he has an evening of bliss ahead of him.

In the end, Soul supposes, an hour of Santa suit purgatory is a small price to pay.

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Is It Arranged Love? Chanyeol x Reader [Requested] Pt. 1

By: Gen

Word Count: 3344

Genre: Fluff

Request: Female reader x Chanyeol or Baekhyun where in you are an international idol and you were paired to them in We Got Married and ends up falling for you. A little fluffy in the end if it’s okay. Thanks!

A/N: I got you fam!! Sorry for the long wait. Lots of research and switch up of writers… Here it is!! Part 2 Coming Soon!!!!

Originally posted by chanshine

Chanyeol POV:

My legs shivered as they came in contact with the cold bench. I made sure to have a content look on my face at all times. It would be on broadcast soon, many fans are already angry when they found out I was gonna be on the show, We Got Married.

I fiddled my fingers, thinking of the mystery girl I am supposed to be married to. Well, at least in the show.

“I hope she’s nice…and beautiful,” I remember admitting in the interview, “I hope she can take care of herself, but at times I can be the one to care for her,” I shared.

Waiting for the camera crew to get ready, a man brought me a box. I muttered a quick ‘thank you’ and curled my linen-covered fingers around the edge of the box cap. As I started to pull it up, a makeup artist almost screamed. I look up with panic, she bows and apologizes, realizing that she had caused a scene in the small park.

“You can’t open it until we film, Chanyeol,” she voiced.

“O-ok…” damn, why am I so awkward, I think to myself. I let the box go and put it to the side of me. I clasped my hands together, attempting to avoid looking in the box.

“Okay,” the director says, “let’s get this started.” I stand up. I brush the imaginary dust off of my coat.

“ACTION,” yells the director. A big grin shines on my face. I have to present myself well to my fans.

“Oh, I’m so nervous,” I say, honestly. I hear my stomach growl faintly, but it seems like the entire film crew could tell I was hungry.

“Maybe once I meet my wife, we can go get something to eat,” I anticipated.

I shuffled around quietly, trying to figure out what to do.

“Chanyeol-shi,” whispered the same makeup artist, “get the box.”

A box? Oh! The box!! I remember. I pick it up and finally get to lift the red covering off. In the box was an iPhone, a red scarf, and a tiny note with a poem:

'Use the tech
to find me
as I am the one with the freezing neck’

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EXO Reaction: you being new to the company and having a “bad girl” image

A/N: You also play guitar but that would have made the title longer and we all know I’m bad enough at short titles… 

Chanyeol: The second he heard you play guitar, his initial idea of you went away. Sure, he’d been a little intimidated at first, who wouldn’t be? You were pretty and, well, a “bad girl”. He’d try to get to know you, the real you behind the image. Be ready to compose songs with him. 

Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun: He’d be a little bratty flirt. He’d probably say he was more talented than you in hopes of you showing him your - for lack of better word- “real” side. You’d roll your eyes, not amused and say, “The second you can play the guitar better than me, I’ll go on a date you with and let you get to know me.” 

Sehun would make a face, saying, “Deal.” He’d work his butt off just to get to know you. But like, real low key… 

Originally posted by wooyoung

Baekhyun: He would be totally into this image. He’d try and tell you that he, too, had a “bad boy” image, but you wouldn’t buy it for a second. Baek would go out of his way to see you perform, always telling you you were amazing. He’d probably tell you you played the guitar better than Chanyeol as a way of complementing you. You’d laugh but would enjoy his endless praising, showing him that, okay, maybe you weren’t a “bad” girl, but you did have a rebellious side. 

Originally posted by osehu

D.O.: Kyungsoo would be a little flustered the first time he met you. You would have just finished your makeup and gone into the rehearsal before the company concert started when you would run into him. Out of curiosity (and because he thought you were cute), he would ask to sit in on the rehearsal. When you picked up your guitar and began tuning it, his eyes would widen and he’d probably say something stupid like “you play guitar”, then blush like an idiot. He’d try to get to know you better and I can for some reason see him requesting you play him songs just because he loves the way your face scrunches in concentration and your hair falls into your face when you play. 

Originally posted by dyoru

Lay: Yixing would be very curious. He’d overheard a manager talking about the new girl who would be joining a group about to debut very soon. She’d have a “bad girl” image and play the guitar, so it worked out well. When he first saw you, he was a little shocked to say the least. You weren’t intimidating until you started playing the guitar. Yixing was mesmerized, completely in love with everything you did. He would make it his mission to get to know you, and maybe even compose a few songs with you. 

Originally posted by laygion

Kai: I feel like he would be a mix between Lay and D.O. He would be very curious and would probably make a fool out of himself when he first met you. He’d always find an excuse to spend time with you or listen to you play or watch you perform. One day he needed to speak with the choreographer that was working with you. The next he needed help finding a room he’d been to a thousand times and loOK YOU HAPPENED TO BE THE ONLY ONE HE COULD FIND. 

He knew the “bad girl” image was just an image. But even so, he loved when you were on stage with it. 

Originally posted by porokrong

Suho: Suho would be so into this. Oh man. I can see him being like the gossip mom and getting the scoop from Lay and thinking, “that’s really hot”. He would push aside those feelings and be super supportive, constantly popping in to listen to you. He’d flat out tell you he loved how you played the guitar and he’d try to show he wasn’t super into your image. But you’d know. He would always be supporting you at your concerts. 

Originally posted by wooyoung

Xiumin: I feel like Xiumin would be a little wary of your bad girl image. He’d gotten to know well in the short time you’d been at the company before your girl group debuted. He knew you weren’t like how you appeared on stage or even interviews sometimes. However, he’d also love it. When you performed on stage, that signature smirk on your face as you played the guitar, fingers moving expertly, he couldn’t help but feel a little jolt run through him. You were so talented.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Chen: Chen would tease you about your image all the time. That one time you tripped over a cord running from your guitar to your amp? He’d be quick to say “you’re so intimidating. A real bad girl. Nothing can defeat you- oh wait”. You’d turn and glare at him, causing him to bust out laughing. 

However, you’d show him. Every concert he’d be front row, eyes trained on you. You’d show him how bad you could be. 

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Tao: Tao would also love to try to convince you he was the “bad boy” of EXO. 

Taking this to heart, you decided to show him what a real “bad” image was. Each time you were on stage, guitar in hand, you played flawlessly, drenched in leather, but ignoring the heavy material. Your makeup was dark, your gaze fixed and challenging. Tao’s heart would race, knowing he had nothing on you. 

Once you got off stage, you turned to him, smirking, “Your turn.” 

Originally posted by shinylightblue

Luhan: He would be super into this, working to befriend you instantly. He’d claim it was helping his manly image and you’d go along with it, glad for the extra time you were able to spend with him. He hadn’t known you played guitar initially, but found out pretty quick. The company had given you a new one for the debut of your girl group. Luhan had been so shocked; not only were you absolutely beautiful, but you were musically talented too. He’d ask you to teach him how to play, grateful he wasn’t very good because it meant he got to spend more time with you. 

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris: Kris would be drawn to you. We all know he’s actually a giant nerd, so he’d be ecstatic when he found out you weren’t as bad a girl as your image made you seem. He’d constantly ask you questions about everything you were interested in, and when he found out you played guitar in your group, his eyes would go wide. Bad girl, guitar player, perfect. What next? 

Originally posted by jinful

Good Girl Ch 34: Under The Table

“Are you being serious?” I beam up at the handsome man in front of me.

“Yes, but don’t forget, there will be a list of rules,” He tries to sound stern but I know he is happy to see me so excited.

“Thank you!” I scream as I launch myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He laughs and swings me around a couple times before setting me down on the marble. “When will she be here?”

“Youngbae will be here with her around ten after a meeting,” He glances at the clock on the wall. “We still have a few hours so do you mind tagging along with me to my work to grab a few things?”

I nod eagerly, “Of course!”

“Okay, let me change quick,” He turns toward the hall.

“Should I change?”

“If you want, you look beautiful like that,” He winks at me before continuing on his way. I look down at my ripped black jeans and t-shirt and decide I should change. After finding my way to the fully stock closet Jiyong so sweetly provided, I glance threw all of it until I find a basic black dress. I pull it on, loving the way it hugs me small figure. Jiyong doesn’t even bother knocking when he comes into my room dressed in a completely black suit. “Wow,” He whistles.

“Who picked all these clothes out?”


I cock a brow at him, “You picked out all of these?”

He nods, “I was very excited to have you all to myself in my home.” I say nothing as he walks over to the dresser built into the wall of the walk in closet and digs threw the first drawer. He returns to me with a golden necklace that he basically demands to put on me. I don’t put up a fight and turn around so he can put it on easier. “Perfect.”

“Thank you,” I hum.

“Grab a jacket, it’s still pretty chilly,” He tells me. I nod and pull on one of the many jackets in the closet. The ride in the elevator in quiet, as well it the walk out of the building. He had told me earlier that his work was only a few blocks down so he usually walks. Like last time he places an arm around my shoulders and pulls me close. My eyes mindlessly wander over the lit up buildings taking in the city life that has become foreign to me since my, um, situation began. We reached his office in no time; passing security and ridding up the elevator was an interesting experience with all the guards staring at me completely dumbstruck. Guess him bringing girls around is rare.

His office is covered in black marble with gold accents. I can’t help but stare out the floor to ceiling windows that stare over the city. In the distance I see a familiar looking building that makes me run up to the window like a child. My hands press up against the clean glass, my nose even gets smashed a bit in my eagerness.

He clicks his tongue at me, “Of course you saw it.”

“So that is their building?”

“Yep,” He hums.

“I had no idea your building was so close.”

“Yea, now when you get bored this summer you can just walk over here.”

I scoff, “You want to start a war don’t you?”

“Of course,” He smirks.

I’m about to scold him when movement on the couch catches my attention. A fat fur ball is sitting up, it’s slanted green eyes mirror my own. In childish excitement I rush over to the cat with a little squeal.

“Kitty!” I grin as I crouch down in front of the fur ball.

“Mojo,” Jiyong tells me.

“Mojo,” I coo at the cute kitty.

“I need to look through some files quick.”

I nod but keep all of my attention on the kitty that looks completely done with me already. It stands up and jumps down, it’s nails click quietly on the marble as it exits the room. I eagerly follow behind.

“Stay on this floor!” Jiyong yells at me as I go.

Like my daddies building, Jiyong is the only person on the whole floor. The massive golden doors that lead into Jiyong’s office are cracked open allowing both Mojo and I to slip threw into the massive lobby. Mojo scurries to the left down a hall. All the way down the hall he turns into a dark room that I blindly follow him into. Flipping on the light I see a long table with chairs lining the sides, it’s a conference room. Glancing around I see Mojo sneaking under the table.

“Come here kitty,” I call quietly as I follow it under the table.

It finally stops and sits, its eyes are fixated on me. He meows loudly, once, then twice. Scooting closer I’m finally allowed to run my fingers threw his amazingly soft black fur. The soft hum of its purr begins to fill my ears making me smile.

“Why is the light on?” A familiar voice asks with a bit of hostility in his voice.

“We were here earlier so we must have left the light on,” Daesung’s calming voice reasons.

“It looked like someone was in the office too,” Another bitter voice snaps.

What are they doing here?

“You guys,” Suho snaps back sternly, “I know we are all irritated about Jooyoung but we need to talk business right now.”

Kai scoffs, “Easier said than done.”

“I was undeniably annoyed when that little girl first started popping up in conversations but now I understand all the fuss,” Seungri teases them. Though what he saying may sound a little dickish, he had said it to my face yesterday so I mind it less.

“Watch your mouth,” Xiumin growls.

Seungri chuckles, “It’s a compliment, I swear. She is a very nice girl.”

“I still couldn’t care less about her,” Seunghyun interjects. I roll my eyes at him, what a cranky man.

“No one cares Hyung,” Daesung chuckles. “Now gentlemen, as much as we would all enjoy continuing this conversation we have things to discuss. Please take a seat.”

Shit, shit, shit! I pull the cat into my lap and curl into a ball, praying that they wouldn’t see me. As much as I am over joyed to be seeing them, well their legs as they sit on one side of the table, I have a very strong feeling they would not be happy to know that Jiyong just let me wander around his building unsupervised. I notice a familiar pair of long legs take the seat next to where I’m curled up. Daddy Yeolie. It takes all of myself control to not reach out and touch him, to not crawl up into his lap and wrap my arms around his neck. I missed them. I still miss them. I never realized how irritating it is to have them so close but not be able to touch them or talk to them. At least I can hear their voices, though they aren’t filled with their normal warmth, or any to be completely honest. The iciness in their voices makes me shiver.

On my other side are the four men I’ve come to know in the last two days. Closest to me is Daesung, then Youngbae, Seungri, and finally Seunghyun. They take up a small portion of their side of the table compared to the twelve men sitting across from them. The more I notice about the whole situation I realize there is no way I can get out of this without someone noticing. Then I remember Jiyong will be looking for me soon. I silently curse the cat in my lap for bring me here and curse myself for being stupid and following it.

“You told us that you found the man who sent the email,” Daesung finally starts their serious conversation. I nibble on my lip as I consider covering my ears but curiosity is tempting me to listen in until Jiyong comes for me.

“We did, it was a bit difficult but after an hour with us in the dungeon we were able to figure out who asked him to research her.”

“I heard about your extraction on the news,” Seungri chimes in. “Another club that will be closed down I guess.”

Another club? Did they shot up another club? I clench my fist as I resist the urge to come forward with my presence but I’ve already kept quiet this long.

“I don’t see how that is any of your business,” Kris doesn’t even try to hide the distaste for the younger man. “We got him and the information, beyond that, what we had to do is none of your business.”

The room is silent for a minute. My mind is racing with thought of what could have happened in the short amount of time I was gone. Luhan had told me about a small problem that they were going to take care of but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be dangerous. I know I’m stupid and childish for thinking that violence was just a rare thing for them. They’re gangsters. They are one of the biggest mafia groups in Asia, I just keep forgetting that or ignoring it.

“I don’t even know why I’m here,” Seunghyun grumbles as he stands up. “I couldn’t care less about that little girl so I’m leaving.”

“Have a good night Hyung!” Seungri yells happily.

“I see Jooyoung’s magic didn’t work on everyone,” Chen says once the older man leaves the room.

Dae chuckles, “He’s the only one. She even has Youngbae hyung wrapped around her pretty little finger.”

“As much as I love talking about how she has us all whipped I would like to know why some bastard was looking into her,” Youngbae finally speaks with a voice a cold as ice. I tense, someone is looking for me?

Suho clears his throat, “We found out he’s actually a member of Block B sent to not only find information about all of our relationships with her but he said he’s supposed to find an opening to have someone take her.”

“Don’t tell me that Zico bastard is seriously trying to fuck with both of us,” Seungri scoffs.

“We are going to be doing some more checking the next couple of days before we have our foot men step in. Are yours’ available to tag along with them as well?” Kris wonders.

Youngbae hums a yes, “That should be fine. Were you able to figure out if he knew anything more about her?”

“He knew a little more about her relationship with us. He wasn’t very good at his job, finding secrets or keeping them. The little that he did have was stuff that he could have gathered just from watching her or asking anyone at her school a few simple questions about her.”

Lay help him answer, “Other than for her birthday, close friends, and school they don’t know much else. I’m not sure how they were expecting this kid to spy on someone protected by both our groups.”

“He could be a newer member they thought was expendable,” Dae suggests.

“We are going to check into him more, he was too easy to catch and too break.”

Dae clicks his tongue, “By the way you’re talking I’m guessing he’s no longer with us.” I guess I’m not the only one who caught on to that.

“You would be correct,” Soo answers.

“A question for you,” Seungri’s voice is laced with mischief and from what I’ve learned from the others is that it means he’s up to something bad. “I haven’t been able to get in on any action lately, mind giving me some gruesome details?”

In a panic of not wanting to hear whatever they had done to this boy, I grab on to Daesung’s leg, finally telling someone I’m here. Where is Jiyong when I need him? Dae tenses under my touch before he slides a hand under the table. I offer up my hand with Jiyong’s ring on it so he can figure out it’s me. As his hand finds mine he freezes, his fingers feel the warm metal before holding my hand. His thumb makes small circles across the back of my hand.

“Seungri,” he says in the warm voice that I know. “We don’t need to hear about that right now. You should get your kicks elsewhere today.”

“Why are you being such a buzz kill today? I’m quiet sure you love to listen to the gore as much as me. Better yet, I have wanted to ask what the Choi’s son did to get such a shitty end. His mother was so heart broken I almost cried,” Seungri chuckles.

Next to me Chanyeol growls, “There was an incident but we handled it.”

“You call sending your friend’s head to his family’s door step handling it? I heard his teeth were ripped out, along with his eyes. Let me guess, you did the teeth. That’s your usual thing and the eyes must have been Xiumin hyung. Sick bastard, I heard he was still alive when you did it.” The amusement in his voice should disgust me but Jiyong warned me earlier about the younger man’s crude mouth.

“It got the message across to anyone.”

“What message is that?”

“Don’t touch our baby,” It’s Xiumin who snarls this time.

Once again the room is silent, Daesung’s hand holds mine tighter.

“Why so quiet now?” Kai sneers. “We’re sick bastards for tearing that boy apart limb by limb until you know that the same kid tried to fuck our baby.”

“He tried to what?” Youngbae mumbles so softly I barely hear him.

Daesung’s words surprise me, “And you only kept him alive for an hour?”

What the hell? Don’t encourage this stuff! I scream in my head at the sweet man I thought was the light in the darkness.

“It was an hour of hell,” Kris barks. “We made sure of that.”

“If it was us it wouldn’t have ended that quickly,” Seungri scoffs.

Kai is on his feet and slams his hands down on the table, “We were much more concerned about our baby being horrified of us and having a full on mental break down. So sorry if we didn’t torture that bastard enough for you but you know damn sure we made that short amount of time was the longest moment of that bastard’s life.”

“Kai,” Soo tries to calm the younger.

Kris makes Kai sit back down with a forceful tug before turning to my new oppas, “You have no right to call us into question about anything we do outside of our business. Even though we are working together to get rid of the mole in our midst, what we do with our baby is none of your concern.”

“You honestly can’t expect us to not worry over her,” Youngbae scoffs.

“You have no right to worry about her after only knowing her for a fucking day,” Tao sneers.

I can imagine the glare Youngbae is giving them, “We don’t need your god damn permission to worry about her.”

“She is safe with us. You have nothing to worry about.”

Daesung holds my hand tighter as if he can sense the panic growing in my chest. I know he wants to help get me out but we both know he can’t without causing some kind of scene. To be honest though, at this point I might not mind a scene as long as it gets me out of this room and away from this horrible conversation. I know my life of rainbows in sunshine won’t last forever but I don’t want it to end right now, not yet. I want so much more time with them. I know I’m not always the little girl they want but I try, I really do try to make them happy and feel needed. But maybe they will get tired of my stubborn big side and get rid of her, get rid of me.

Youngbae’s angry voice takes me out of the thoughts that are beginning to make me shake. “How can we not when her care takers are known for their violent and short records with women. You’ve already kept her for three months, how much longer do you think she’ll keep your attention? Are you going to get rid of her like you did with the other?”

“She is different, we aren’t going to-“ Suho tries to defend them but Youngbae doesn’t even give him the chance.

“You are going to throw her away? Then what are you going to do when you get bored. You guys always get bored. But you’re right, you can’t just throw her aside like the others, she knows way too much. So what are you going to do, kill her, torture her for information about us?”

By now tears are streaming down my cheeks. I try my best not to sniffle but Youngbae’s too truthful words are too much for me. I know the dungeon is the only place I could end up at this point, I’d be an idiot to think this would last forever but a girl can dream. But now this dream is turning into a nightmare as the idea of them not wanting me anymore fully sinks in. I want to reach for them right now. To beg for them not to hate me, to not throw me away. Even though they love me today, what about tomorrow, or next month. Is them planning things for me this summer planning too far ahead?



The room is silent.

“What are you doing here?” One of the men on my left yell. I curl tighter into myself, thanking Jiyong for everything. Glancing over my shoulder I see him standing in the doorway, his face is out of view but I can see his hands clenched at his sides.

“Where is Jooyoung?” Baekhyun is up on his feet as I imagine him staring at the doorway expectantly whether he’s happy or worried that I might have over heard, I’m not sure.

“She is safe.”

“Is she with you? Can we see her?” Soo’s sweet voice only makes me cry harder. I’m down here daddy, but I don’t know if I want you know that. I don’t know if I want you to know that I heard what you did. Will you be mad that I was here? Will you be mad that I already know how this will end for me? That I know what’s beyond the world of rainbows and sunshine that you made for me?

“I left her at my apartment,” Jiyong lies. “She’s napping.”

“You just left her? What if she wanders off?” Xiumin is on his feet now too.

Youngbae scoffs, “Afraid she’s going to take the first chance she’s got to run away from you?”

“I’m getting tired of your shit!” Kris roars.

“And I’m fucking tired of Jooyoung being afraid that you could kill her or throw her away because she’s not how you want her!” Jiyong snaps back.

“She told she’s afraid?” My dear Lulu asks.

“We’re leaving,” Suho deadpans. The whole line of men are on their feet now and begin to make their way out. Suho is the last out, he stops in the doorway and turns back to face the room. “Thank you for meeting with us, if you have any information please call us and let us know. Until then we will see you on Tuesday. And one more thing,” The politeness in his voice quickly slips away. “What we do or do not do with our Jooyoung is none of your fucking business. Whether we keep her as our baby for the rest of our lives or throw her away or sell her off or chop her little body into pieces is none of your fucking business. We both know that she is going to be the one to call it off with all of us. She’ll get tired of acting for us, I can already tell she’s not enjoying it as much.

“When that happens, our world will fall apart. We will have to do things we don’t want to think about now but it’s the only option we will have. She’s too well known in our world already, she’ll be come a target. We’ll end it when we have to, not a moment sooner. If she wants to go to you, we will give her the option but if not…” He pauses to calm himself. “Until that moment comes, she is ours. Got it?”

“Got it,” Jiyong echoes.

“Go back to her, to make sure she’s safe, okay? Your time with her is running out so enjoy it while you can because this will never happen again.” Suho’s voice cracks at the last word. I see him turn on his heel and quickly walk away. I don’t know how I feel right now. Tears are still running down my face but I don’t know whether it’s because I want to run to them or because one of them finally admitted it. They are going to kill me. Not now but after this is over, whenever that is, they are going to kill me.

“My love.”

Jiyong’s voice is the new light in my darkness. He must have seen me under the table and figured him kicking everyone out is my only way of escape without my daddies freaking out about me hearing this whole conversation. But now I can’t get myself to climb out from under the table. My mind is swirling its self into a dangerous web of fears and regret and worry. The four men are sitting in the chair in silence, having a mental debate on just dragging me out or letting me get out myself.

After what feels like forever I let out a sigh, wipe away my tears and finally let go of the whining cat that I’ve been holding in a death grip. All the men watch me with soft eyes as I scoot out and look up at them with probably red eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Seungri mumbles softly.

Youngbae hums an apology, “We wouldn’t have said that stuff if we knew you were here.”

“I know most of it anyway,” My voice is barely above a whisper. “I know that they will throw me away. I know that they will get tired of my attitude and that me not being afraid of them will get old. It’s just different hearing it out loud.”

Jiyong helps me up and gives me a tight hug, “Do you still wanna go out tonight?”

I forgot about that. I want nothing more than to go home to my daddies and curl into a ball for the rest of the week. But instead of saying that I nod. I want to go home but at the same time I don’t want to face them. To go home and deal with all the problems I’m constantly trying to ignore. Going out and getting completely shit faced with Jihyo seems like a horribly great idea!

With a deep breath I smile, “Lets do this!” I take Jiyong’s hand and lead him to the elevator with the others on our tail.

“Are you sure?” Dae worries cutely.

“You heard some pretty scary stuff about the people closest to you, it can shake a person up.”

I shake my head, “I knew scary stuff to begin with, I’m just stupid and pretend it doesn’t exist most of the time.”

“You are not stupid for doing that,” Jiyong tries to comfort me in the elevator.

Daesung nods, “You are just doing what it takes to survive.”

“I’m not doing it to survive I’m doing it because I’m fucked up in the head and don’t seem to mind that the only people who care about me are gangsters who kill for a living.” That I have to basically act like a child to get them to love me and to be honest, I don’t mind it that much. I love when they dote on me but at the same time I wish they would love the real me completely. That I will become whatever they want me to be as long as they promise to keep loving me. God what the hell is wrong with me? “I just need a couple shots of tequila and my best friend to be happy right now.”

They just nod. The walk home is quiet until Jiyong’s arm around me tightens, “If you want, you don’t have to go back.”

I’m surprised by his words, “What?”

“You heard me. You don’t have to go back to that house or that school. You can just stay with me forever.”

I don’t respond right away, I seriously consider his offer. Could I stay with him forever? He doesn’t expect anything from me, no baby talk or stupid rules. We could talk for hours about nothing, he would probably let me hang out with Jihyo more and he is always honest with me. But even with those things, I want to go home. I want my daddies, their warmth and comfort. Tonight will be my last hoar before I go back to rules and school and home.

“Maybe not now, but later,” He adds on when I don’t respond. “When you are done playing house with them, when you realize that they only love your little side, when you are ready to have someone love all you, my door is always open to you.” He kisses the top of my head softly.

I say nothing. Not even when we reach his penthouse, I go straight to my room to change into something more risqué than I would normally wear. After pulling on some high waisted black shorts and a crop top. Leaving my air a bit crazy is a lot easier than trying to style it again only to have it be messed up in the club. My make up is pretty basic, gold eye shadow and lots of eyeliner to compliment my cat like eyes. A knock at my door brings me out of thoughts, it swings open to reveal Jihyo in a similar outfit.

“Hello Sexy!” She squeals as she basically tackles me to the floor.

“You don’t look to bad yourself,” I tease as I sit us up.

“I’m beyond jealous right now!” She swats at me, “Where the hell did you get more hotties?” Seungri and Daesung are standing in the door with smiles on their faces.

“Don’t be fooled by their looks, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing,” I warn her.

She grins mischievously and suddenly I’m more worried about what she could do to them, “That’s what I was hoping.”

“You have an interesting friend,” Daesung pipes.

“I get that a lot.”

Ji glares at him over her shoulder, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, just that you weren’t what I was expecting.”

“Are you ladies ready to go?” Seungri beams at us.

“After the rules of course,” Youngbae adds as he joins them in the doorway.

Ji groans, “More rules!”

“Trust me,” I pat her back, “they will be a lot less strict than my other oppas.”

“I wouldn’t guarantee that,” Dae chuckles before leading us to the living room where Jiyong is waiting. They sit us down on one of the couches before taking their own seats either across from us or on the other couch like a bunch of dads.

“So rules?” Jihyo hums.

“I’ve heard you are quiet the trouble maker,” Jiyong eyes her up and down.

Jihyo feigns hurt, “Me? A troublemaker?”

Jiyong ignores her attitude, “No leaving the club without us.”

“Understandable,” Jihyo muses.

“Drink as much as you want, it’s on the house. Do not accept drinks from strangers. If a guy makes you uncomfortable please let me know and it will be handled.” I raise a brow at his words, something he automatically notices, “Depending on the severity of his actions will decide how it’s handled.”

“Sounds good to me!” Jihyo is on her feet.


Jihyo whistles, “Wow.” We both stand in the middle of the moving club in complete aw. The club is absolutely amazing and beautiful with just as beautiful people crawling all over the place. The dance floor is packed along with the many booths and the bar stools. Of course we have nothing to worry about with the owner holding on to my other hand leading us to the private balcony for VIPs only. With our own private bar and booth we are able to sit back and relax for a little while before Jihyo gets the itch to shake what she’s got.

I’m dragged along without much of a fight, the large amount of alcohol that we just drank seems to encourage it. We are both a giggling mess on the dance floor, spinning and screaming along to the music like the drunks we are. I barely notice the creepy looking guy sneaking up behind me and snaking his arms around my waist. His chest is pressed against my back as he begins grinding with me. Even in my drunken state I know I want nothing to do with this guy, I try my best to push him away but he’s a lot stronger than me. Thankfully that issue doesn’t last long before Jihyo is there trying to pry this bastard off me.

“Hands off,” She growls at him.

“Back off bitch,” The drunk man slurs.

“The lady said hands off,” Youngbae appears next to us and I breath a sigh of relief.

“Try finding your own piece of ass shorty,” The man laughs.

Suddenly the man is ripped off me and is on his knees with his arm twisted behind his back and Youngbae standing over him. “What was that?”

“Nothing man, I’m sorry.”

“Are you alright?” Youngbae pushes the man on the ground and steps over him to get to me.

“I’m fine Oppa, just a little dizzy.”

“How about you sit down for a little while?”

I shake my head, “I want to dance a little more first.”

He seems hesitant to leave, “Are you sure?”

“How about you dance with me to make sure no one else tries to bug us? Get one of your sex friends down here for her!” Jihyo suggests with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I don’t know,” Youngbae is hesitant to place his hands anywhere on Jihyo when she gets close to him.

Glancing around I see Jiyong at the main bar nursing a half empty drink, his eyes are locked on me. I wave him over, he of course rushes over to see what is wrong. The man who had been all over me is now crawling away at the sight of Jiyong, who does not look one bit happy to see any guy near me but what does he expect in a club full of drunks.

“Dance with me,” I demand the moment he’s close enough to hear me over the music. His eyebrows go up as he looks from me to Youngbae and Jihyo, who has somehow convinced the short man to grind with her. “Not like that, just dance.”

“Are you sure?”

“I prefer you to some stranger.”

“That means a lot,” He chuckles.

“You know what I mean,” I roll my eyes at him, “Don’t want me getting another admirer do you?”

He smirks, “Someone’s cocky.”

“Are you doubting me? I might as well look around for some other options for when my daddies get tired of me.” Though my tone is playful Jiyong can hear the pain behind it. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close so we are doing a basic slow dance in a crowd of thrashing bodies.

“You have me, you always have me,” He mumbles in my ear. “Not to mention that you won’t find anyone better then me in here.”

“Now who’s being cocky?”

“I’m not being cocky, it’s the truth. I’m the most dangerous monster in the whole country my Love.”

“I think your wrong,” I counter.

“Oh really? Who do you think could beat me?”


A soft chuckle leaves his lips. “What a smart little girl,” He muses as he leans in close again and rests his chin on top of my head.

Jealousy in technicolor - Lay

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this gif cracked me up lol

Group: EXO
Member: Lay
Type: fluffy smut ( i think?)
Warning: slight angst, jealousy, sexual content

inspiration song: Arctic Monkeys - That’s where you’re wrong


Big speakers blasting loud music, colorful spotlights, people screaming to eachother to get their voices above the noise and singing along, the slight smell of sweat and slippery, beer-covered floors. It feels like it’s been centuries since you’ve experienced these familiar sensations. 

Going to concerts has become a rarity since you started college. The endless assignments and studying for mid-terms and finals made sure your social life was as exciting as a whole evening of watching vacation slides of your aunt who went to Tenerife. You were so glad you could finally relax and make up for lost time with your boyfriend Yixing. 

You’ve been together for a few months now and it’s been perfect. Except for the fact you only saw eachother twice a week max. because of both your busy schedules. The group that performed at the concert was one of Yixing’s and yours favourites and you were having a blast, warbling and screaming along with the lyrics, occasionally having laughter attacks when one of you messed up, kissing throughout entire songs and ofcourse dancing your feet off, you went out with Zhang Yixing after all.

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Bully (Chanyeol)~ [Part 1]

I walked down the halls of the crowded hallway. Alone, with no one besides me. I was friendless…No one wanted to become friends with me because they thought I was the weird girl, the too smart to hang with. The typical nerd.

What they don’t know is that I feed myself. I live alone. My parents died in a fire when I was 13. My aunts and uncles never wanted to accept me into their families because I was, apparently, annoying. Therefore, I had lived alone for about 4-5 years.

It’s my last year in high school now, thank goodness. I can’t wait to leave this place they call hellhole. I mean I would’ve enjoyed the past 4 years, if it wasn’t for the name calling and a bully. His name was Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol. A tall, handsome, deep voice, straight teeth, nice smile, big eared, guy. He (mainly), along with his friends, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun is the starters of my torment.

Even though they’ve bullied me for years, yes, they went to the same school as me since kindergarten, I was never one to fight back. It only started when I wanted a snack because I forgot to bring my own, so the teacher made Chanyeol share his food. I didn’t take much, but to him, I “obviously” took his favorite animal cracker. I didn’t know the tiger one was his favorite!

Anyway, I made it to my locker to open it just in time for him to slam it shut, nearly snapping on my fingers. I jumped a little at the sudden slam
“Aw, you’re acting innocent…After 12 years of this, you’re still getting shocked?” Chanyeol asked with a scowl on his face
“Or are you just faking it?” Jongin, or known as ‘Kai’ questioned
“Who taught you to act? Your parents?” Baekhyun asked…Oh no…
“They’re somewhere…” I answered, not wanting to inform them too much information
“Somewhere as in where?” Chanyeol asked. I kept my head down, staying silent. They started chuckling darkly.
“What, cat got your tongue?” Sehun asked. Still silent. They hissed
“Just give us our homework, Short Fool.” Chanyeol demanded as they all held out their hands. I hurried to get their individual homework
“Don’t you have any friends?” Kai asked. I nodded
“Who is it? Your action figures?” Chanyeol asked. I kept my mouth shut…I don’t even have action figures…But I do have one friend. His name’s Kris, or I like to call him Yifan. He’s the only person I consider even close to me. I would trust him with my life. He goes to my school but we don’t see each other that much except lunch. But he knows about these 4 and he hates them with all his guts.

“Well, since we won’t have homework today. Go to the gym later, maybe the fat on you will come off.” Sehun said as they started to walk away
“And look for your parents while you’re at it.” Chanyeol finished as the 4 walked away laughing at themselves for their ingeniousness.
By now, the hallway have cleared up and tears were starting to flow. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and do what I had to do. The typical teenage girl cutting herself. There was an amount of scars on my arms and cuts that were starting to heal. And just now, new ones. I washed the blade and hid it in a clean crack in the wall. Then I washed my arm and made it to class, pulling down my sleeves on the way.
“Miss ____? Why are you late?” professor asked
“I woke up late this morning..” I lied.
“No, we saw her this morning, right guys? Yeah, we stopped to talk to her.” Chanyeol asked, looking at his 3 friends as they smirked at me, challenging me to think of another lie. Professor crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Alright, I tripped over my own feet in the hallway and had to go to the nurse. She said I’d be okay.” I lied again. You see, after being late most of the time because of these guys, you kind of learn to lie on the spot. Professor nodded at me, unsure if he should believe me or not. That was my cue to go sit down. I slightly tripped over Kai’s foot but saved my face from being injured.
The lesson droned on and on and on until the bell rang. I made sure I packed up as slowly as I can so I can be the last out. Not a good idea, I met the 4 guys on the way.
“Your lie was pretty good…Just hope you have one after you don’t show up for the rest of our classes.” Chanyeol smirked as he and Kai picked me up by my arms and then brought me to a secluded place in the halls since everyone was at lunch. Not only do these guys emotionally harm me, they do it physically as well. Punches, kicks, jabs, slaps, etc, etc….After that day, I didn’t show up to classes anymore and went straight home. When I came home, my head was throbbing and pounding. I tried my best to wipe off blood from my mouth and nose before I blacked out.


After the little fun that we had with ____ we 4 went to our next class after lunch. The teacher did a role call
“Chanyeol?” she asked
“Here.” I lazily said
“____?” she looked around when no one answered
“Is ____ here?” she asked again. Everyone looked around and started whispering to themselves.

The guys and I was, too, confused on why she didn’t show up. She wouldn’t miss a class for anything (like the nerd that she is). But she didn’t show up to this class….or the rest of the day. We even had a project due today and she didn’t show up (maybe it was the fact that we destroyed her project yesterday and the teacher said it was too late to make a new design.) Now I was starting to worry….Wait what? Me? Park Chanyeol? Worry? Ha! Funny.

The 4 of us left school and saw an ambulance rushing somewhere along with a police car. I raised my eyebrow. Strange…rarely anyone got hurt here..Oh wait…it can’t be because of ____ right? I mean…It could be…but it can’t be…she’s taken our attacked loads of times…Oh my god, we’re going to jail.
It seems like the other 3 were thinking of the same thing because their face matched mine.

“Guys, that can’t be for ____…right?” Baekhyun asked.
“I want to believe it’s not..” Kai answered. For some reason, we all started to follow the ambulance car to the house. It was a cute small place actually. All of a sudden, we were stopped by the police as paramedics rushed into the home and started shouting for the things they needed. Soon enough, they rushed back out with someone, a girl specifically, on a gurney.

I took a look and my heart stopped. My stomach churned and I felt like my lunch will come back up. It was her…____…She was the girl on the gurney. Her face had started to bruise badly and she seemed unconscious. Following the paramedics, was a guy that’s as tall as me. Kris. Everyone knows him around the school, he wasn’t hard to miss. He was the 'Mr. Don'tMessWith.’ I know, that seems like our title but we’re the Cool ones in the school, the ones people (girls) would die to hang out with.

But what was Kris doing in her house? Are they friends? Are they dating? The thought of the two dating got my heart beating rapidly with anger and I don’t even know why. Kris was going to join the paramedics in the cart but his eyes landed on us. He stopped and told the guy something before they nodded. He stepped out of the car to let them drive ____ to the hospital.

Kris stormed up to us four with a deadly gaze. You can see the fire in his eyes.

“You. Four. Motherfuckers.” he said slowly. His anger was hard not to miss.
“What happened to ____?” Sehun asked.
“What happened? Do you happen to know the people who have been beating her up? Huh? I know you guys know EXACTLY what happened to her. Don’t play stupid, I know it was you guys.” he growled. My heart sank.
“You guys are real idiots. You wanna know what happened? I just came to visit her 15 minutes ago because I KNOW what she’s been through. You know what I saw when I walked through that door? Her on the floor with blood coming out from her fucking head. Not only that but her wrists. Did you guys know that? Do you guys know what she did to herself because of you?” she asked, his voice getting more and more scary by the minute

“I just want to ask one thing of you guys. Just stay the fuck away from her. Don’t breathe near her, don’t look at her. Don’t lay one goddamn finger on her, don’t even think about visiting her in the hospital because I won’t hesitate to fucking attack you all..Let this be a warning.” he sneered at us before walking to his car and driving to the hospital.

Meanwhile, all of us were staring at each other in horror.

“We’re going to go to jail, hyung!” Sehun smacked my arm.
“I don’t want to go to jail!” he added
“What the fuck did we do?” Baekhyun asked horrified
“It’s all your fault!” Kai pointed his finger at me
“Mine?! What the hell?! You guys beat her up as well!” I argued
“If you just let her have that goddamn tiger graham cracker, we wouldn’t be in this situation!” Baekhyun groaned out. We all kept silent.
“You do know that we’re going to visit her, right?” I asked. They all sighed and nodded, hanging their head in shame.

Well, when we entered the hospital, we asked for her name immediately. She lady asked for our names and then declined our admission when we told her. She said that some really tall guy came in and told her to do that. It was probably Kris. We sort of argued a little but then stopped when Kris came down from the elevator.

“What did I tell you? Don’t visit her. I’m sure even if she was awake, you 4 would be the last people she’d want to meet.” he snarled.
“Now leave before I call security.” he warned. We quickly left the hospital…

It’s now been a month since ____ has been in the hospital. The news went around quickly, even among the teachers. So, about 2 week after she was in the hospital, Sehun and Kai sent her loads of mail before they told me they had to transfer schools. Baekhyun also sent mail, but it wasn’t as much as the other two, it was much longer. And he had to move away to a private school. Now, I’m friendless. This must be how ____ felt..It was rumored, that she was going to be going to school again today.

So for some reason, I woke up extra early this morning, ate breakfast, got dressed and basically ran to school searching for that familiar face. I glanced at her locker, to which she wasn’t there. I sighed and took a lazy walk to my locker before the office door opened, stopping me from walking. The person almost opened the door to slam my face

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” I boomed
“I-I’m so sorry!” her voice apologized. My heart fluttered a little. I looked down to see her. ____. Looking healthy. Her face has small purplish bruises. That was the first time I’ve heard her yell, and it was an apology to me! When I was suppose to be the one apologizing! What’s wrong with her? She looked up and her eyes widened as she backed up and looked around.

“Oh, Sehun and Kai transferred and Baekhyun moved to a private school.” I filled her in on the things she missed. She made an “Oh..” face as she kept backing up.
“S-so…um…are you feeling okay?” I sheepishly asked. Her eyes flared but she stayed silent. I took the time to notice her features. And the fact that she had a ton of books and papers in her arms made her look cuter.
“Do you need help with those?” I asked, hoping the answer was a yes. She quickly shook her head
“I-I’m good, thanks.” she mumbled before turning and hurrying away. By now, students have noticed her and started whispering again
“Shut up about her!” I yelled and it was silent once again. I want to do something to gain her forgiveness…but what?


[Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]




a/n: smut was supposed to be endgame but it didn’t seem quite right so i removed it ,, don’t kill me and i hope this meets or exceeds the expectations of whoever requested it !

The plush material of Kendall’s comforter kisses your bruising feet, the pain subsiding significantly at the touch. The culprits are sitting haphazardly by the entryway, Louboutin‘s trademark red soles peeking at the bottom. Chantel’s drunken steps, made heavy by the alcohol, can be heard outside the bedroom door, her voice muffled by the phone she keeps pressing to her mouth, thinking the proximity will increase volume to her voice and aid her in the ongoing screaming match with her good-for-nothing ex-boyfriend.

“She’s so loud,” Hailey groans, reaching beneath you to grab two small embroidered pillows. “I can barely hear myself think!” Directing her words toward the door, she presses the pillows to her ears, the depiction of a spoiled child on the verge of a tantrum so spot on, she must have some practice under her belt.

Kendall, the sole one in the group who can somehow hold her liquor, despite her thinner frame, has her phone angled above her, head tilted to the side, lips jutting out. You thank the Gods above she’s far too inebriated to be selfless and include anyone else in her Snapchat stories, because though you haven’t glanced at your reflection since your departure from the club (that was a half hour ago), the thick strands of hair matted to your forehead and the heaviness of your eyelashes hint you’re in need of a touch-up. Pronto.

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Telling them Apart


Suho is the leader, you can tell who is he by looking for the person who is almost all the time ignored and looks like he will cry if he’s made fun of one more time. Most likely when he’s seen with the rest of the group he has the “don’t mess with me or i will ground your ass in no time” look. Suho can sometimes look like the word “daddy” personified or he can look like a 30 year old man who’s given up on life and there is no in between. Can be squishy and cute. $uho’s wallet is thicker than his eyebrows.

Baekhyun is the little black haired shit the one who looks like an adorable puppy that makes you want to punch yourself. Most of the time he’s on screen and when he’s not…no actually he’s always on screen, it’ll be easy telling who he is because he talks a lot and makes stupid jokes that you laugh at because he laughs at them as well. In a performance or a music video you can tell who he is by waiting for the high notes and looking for the person who looks like a baby lion trying to roar for the first time and has neck veins more popping than your booty. A way of finding him is throwing a cucumber into the group, whoever runs away and cries is Baekhyunnie

Chanyeol is the giant, he’s basically a Korean yoda-fairy-elf-puppy. 90% legs, is on screen a lot if not he’s humping fawning over Kai (I’ll tell you about him later) Sometimes makes jokes but most of the time is the one who’s laughing over baek’s jokes cos he has a thing for him. Can be spotted by looking for giant ears that make him look like Dumbo or something. He’s the one with the deep voice, the vibrations from his voice will get your panties wet, trust me I’m a scientist. You can also spot him by looking for the one who’s whoring out on the ‘V’ sign, V standing for virgin.

D.O. i don’t even know how to describe him, he’s either super handsome, super squishy or super satanic, you can never tell which one he’s gonna be.50% eyes 50% lips. His eyes are big enough for you to see the trapped souls of fangirls, the number 1 fangirl being Kai. His lips will give Angelina Jolie a run for her money and her husband cos D.O. brings the boys out, he brings the gay out in everyone. Whenever Baekhyun is around he is the one who looks like he can kill someone, looks like he’s given up on life and doesn’t know who the other members are. When he smiles sun shines check it out using lyrics but honestly his lips are perfect for smiling, but before he smiles he has this little smirk that makes him look like he knows all your dirty little secrets.

Kai is hot as fuck i don’t care, let me hold onto my panties cos shit. In a performance or a music video he is the one who is always, alWAYS hot. He’s on the taller end of EXO. His jawline is sharp enough to cut through diamonds i am not lying. Kai’s lips are like D.O.’s but not as plump. It’s easy to tell him apart he’s the one who either has dark brown/black hair or a greyish blond colour. Either looks like a 5 year old boy or a 20 year old model. Off stage he is cute and looks like a ball of fluff, almost childlike. Like Chanyeol he laughs at jokes but it’s not really a laugh, it’s more of a opening his mouth as wide as he can and shouting “HA HA HA HA” ya feel? Also when he laughs you can spot him by the one who hits people who are next to him. He makes you want to cuddle him but also do very inappropriate things, will hip thrust his way into your heart fuck you kim jongin.

Sehun the maknae. The one with the hair that always stays in shape yet never the same colour, you can tell who is he by looking for the strong eyebrows, he’s the tall hot shit that you really want to do even if he isn’t your bias. When he’s not around all the members he looks really cold and arrogant but in reality he’s a softie. Sehun’s voice is also deep and his dancing makes you want to scream. When he talks he does this eyebrow thing, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Ways to find him: shout yehet and he will be obligated to shout ohorat and you shall find him. Almost always has his tongue sticking out of his mouth and if by chance that’s not happening he’s making the ( -  /\  - ) face, is basically 97% legs.

*takes a deep breath* time for EXO-M 

Xiumin he is your bias even if he isn’t your bias, he used to be chubby and adorable but now he’s xiuman and hot. He’s small but his arms aren’t, you can tell who is by the one that Luhan is clinging on to, it’s kind of hard pointing him out in performances or music videos, or even at all because he’s small and quiet but whenever he does talk you’ll find him because all the attention will be on him. He’s hot and cute at the same time. Sometime he looks like the youngest but then he does the eyebrows and BAM you’re on the floor crying over a 24 year old Korean who has too much power. He can make the boom boom’s in your heart go BADOOM BADOOM with just one look, i want to marry him and that’s that. He’s a real life Disney prince, the end.

Luhan is the finest piece of China available, constantly looks good. If you’re trying to find him in an interview or show wait for a joke to be said and look for the one who looks like they have no chin, he has delicate features and flawless skin which make him look girly but he isn’t, he’s not okay. Looks like Bambi, sings like an angel and dances amazingly well. His thighs are big and muscly so just look for those and you will have found Luhan! Most of the time he is around Xiumin. Luhan is utter perfection, literally idgaf he’s better looking than anyone and it makes me angry and sad because i love him so much. I have so many feelings for Luhan and you will too

Kris okay I know he’s not part of EXO anymore but he’s been in every single era okay so imma do it. Let me explain to you a thing, he is incredibly handsome, incredibly tall, incredibly talented. Whenever EXO wave at the camera or whatever look for the big yaoi hands, who’s hands are they? Kris. This is gonna be short, Kris is hot, tall, fantastic hair, deep voice. His voice is deeper than the ocean and will make you cry, imagine him calling you baby and you have an automatic breakdown why? It’s too good to be real. You can easily tell who he is by looking for someone who looks cool but then he ruins it by saying something stupid. his eyebrows can sometimes make him look like an angry bird The End.

Lay is the angel, the pure heart, the unicorn. A distinct feature is his dimple, it’s deep enough for you to cry into and then drown yourself in it because he’s too perfect to be real, his bottom lip is cute and pops out, why? Cos he bites it so much it’s probably swollen, poor thing. He is incredibly handsome and cute. In Korean interviews he doesn’t say a lot but in Chinese one’s he’s the one who always makes everyone laugh and smile, Changsha’s Pride; that’s what he is. Every member of EXO loves him and he loves every single member too. On camera he’s the one who spends about 60% of his screen time bowing. He’s very forgetful and can seem high so that’s how you find him. He’s extremely precious and kawaii. Even if you don’t love him, he will love you. His smile will give you diabetes

Chen is the one who you forget is actually talented. All the time he is trolling people, teasing them and mocking them it doesn’t matter if the member is his hyung or dongsaeng he will fuck you up with his words and laugh about it till the world ends, his laugh will echo in your ears at night leaving you with no sleep and you shall shout out his motto “WAEEE”. ChenChen is the one with high cheekbones, just as high as his notes and a kitten like smile and a cute adams apple. There’s something about his forehead that you’ll like, I can’t explain it. In music videos and performances he’s the one who does the high HIGH notes and does a little kick after he finishes. 

Tao: looks like an assassin but is actually a 12 year old girl. He’s one of the giants of EXO. Long ago when Tao’s teaser came out everyone thought he would be the cool mysterious one but boy were they wrong, whenever Tao tries to be cool or cute it fails, but when he doesn’t try it works. Looks like the Asian Miley Cyrus with blond hair. Always, I mean, always with Sehun cos he’s a raging homo for him or bickering with Baekhyun. Basically look like a cat/assassin who sleeps a lot. In airport pictures he’s the one constantly on his phone. Doing what? Looking at his nudes cos he loves himself like that. If you ever hear about an idol being very sexual with the fans, it’s Tao. 

now comes the hard part of deciding which one of these shits is your favourite, it wont matter cos in the end you will cry about all of them at 3AM. Enjoy the ride but even if you don’t they will cos they ride each other till the sun rises

it doesn’t matter because you’ll love all of them equally :)

Good Girl Ch 21: This Is Not A Date

“This is ridiculous,” Baekhyun groans from my bed where him and a few others are sprawled out on, all voicing their hatred for this whole endeavor.

“I agree with you all, this is being made a bigger deal than needed,” I glare at Tao who is in charge of getting me dressed for my dinner with Jiyong. Like I expected, they couldn’t do much to stop his demand for my company, not that I mind. It felt like forever since someone treated me my age.

“Tao,” Kris growls, “Is the fancy lingerie really necessary?” All twelve men scan me from head to toe, taking in the pretty lace bralette and matching panties I’m standing there wearing.

“It’s cute, plus we get to think about it the whole time she is out and he’ll have no idea how amazing she looks underneath.” Tao smirks devilishly at me.

“And the outfit?” I question staring at the dozen dresses he has thrown on the floor, only one hanging up still, it’s the one that Jiyong sent with a formal invitation to dinner.

“I want to find something close to it so you’re wearing the clothes we bought for you, not the ones that asshole did,” He glares at the beautiful dress. I sigh, tired of this drama, and grab the dress off the hanger before pulling it on. “Baby!” Tao whines.

“Daddy,” I say sternly as I pull on the heels that go with it, “He would notice and get mad. I don’t want to get you guys in trouble for something so small.”

He sighs, coming over he places a hand on my back that brings me close, “You shouldn’t have to be doing things like this, we should have protected you from him.

“You guys are doing a great job protecting me, I’m well fed, happy. And I don’t have to do anything, I’m going because it causes less drama for you and your business and because I enjoy my conversations with Jiyong oppa.”

“I’m very annoyed with how perfect that dress is on you,” Kai pouts from the bed. I click into the closet to give myself a once over. Like normal Chen helped me with my hair so the curls are resting naturally down my back, I let Baekhyun do my makeup, which he is surprisingly very good at. Looking down at my outfit I’m very happy with Jiyong’s choice. It’s a black A-line with a sweetheart neckline that makes my natural curves standout more, the matching stilettos with a bow top it off. Kai is right, it’s perfect, cute but sexy.

“Thank you guys for not rallying and starting a gang war about this.”

Suho chuckles, “Chanyeol tried but with only Kai, Baekhyun, and Sehun backing him, he lost majority vote.”

I eye the giant, “I would go to war for you baby,” He gives me that smile.

“Please don’t, I am not worth a war.”

This time Xiumin approaches me, obviously upset by my words, “You are worth a war a million times over. If he wanted more than dinner, there would be a war without question. If he tires to hurt you or even makes you uncomfortable you tell us, we will start a goddamn war.”

“Daddy, I said no war. We will both behave, have dinner, and he will bring me home.”

“God,” Luhan groans, “I feel like we’re actual fathers getting our daughter ready for her first date.”

“Don’t say that,” Baekhyun shakes his head, “I’m not having thoughts any father should have right now.” Chen swats at him.

“Do I have a curfew?”

“I don’t know, if we can set rules on like that when it comes to something like this,” Suho thinks.

“He should be here in a few, we can talk about it down stairs,” Xiumin decides taking me hand and leading me out of the room with the other boys in tow. By the time we reach the door someone is ringing the doorbell; as expected it’s Jiyong in a nice black suit. He looks right past the boys to me, beaming he walks right in and up to me.

“You look beautiful!” He is grinning ear to ear, I can’t help but smile back at such a handsome face.

“I already want to change my mind,” Xiumin grumbles as he continues pulling me along into the living room.

“You’re new ring goes wonderful with that outfit,” Jiyong scans me, but when he notices the other ring on my hand he stops. “That one, not so much.” He grabs my hand once we reach the living room to look at the new addition. It’s the ring my daddies bought me as soon as we left the office, it’s a beautiful golden ring with xoxo engraved on it and a pretty good-sized diamond on it.

“You’re the one that said they could claim me as well,” I tease the older man.

“I’m regretting it.”

I scoff, “We both know if I’m taking one of these rings off it’s yours.”

He sighs, “I know, forget I said anything. Lets go eat.”

“Wait a minute,” Suho blocks the doorway with Sehun and Kai flanking him, their arms crossed over their chests, now I understand what Baekhyun meant earlier. “We need to talk about a few things before hand.”

“Like what?” Jiyong snaps.

I take my hand away from him to stand closer to Xiumin, “Like what time they want me home, where we will be going, no excessive touching, no running off to Paris.”

“You guys talked about this in detail?” He cocks an eyebrow at me.

“No, you remind me of Jihyo and she tends to forget these kinds of things so I figured you were the same.”

“Fine, what time would you like her home by?” Jiyong cross his arms over his chest and looks at the wall of men in front of the doorway.

“9,” Sehun deadpans.

“It’s already 7. Midnight.”

“She has a bedtime,” Suho says this time.

Jiyong gives me a questioning look, “You weren’t kidding about the whole daddy, rules thing.”

I shrug, “Told you.”

“You are making an acceptation.”

“I agree,” I smile at my daddies. “I promise we will be good.”

“You guys are going to all of that time at a restaurant talking?” Kris doesn’t seem to believe us.

“It’ll take us an hour to get into town, we’ll eat and talk for three and I’ll have her home by midnight.”

They all share a look and I can tell they are about to cave. Grinning big at the idea of my first time out since this all happened I quickly kiss each other daddies on the lips before grabbing Jiyong’s hand and pulling him to the door. I yell over my shoulder, “Love you all, be back tonight!” Jiyong is grinning next to me, he quickly takes the lead throwing me into his black sports car before climbing in on his side.

“I’m not having you back by midnight.” He quickly whips out of the driveway and speeds down the road.

“Shit, at this rate we’ll be in town in half the time,” I pull on my seat belt, worried for my safety.

“They seem very strict.”

I shrug, “They aren’t that bad, more rules than I’ve ever had but I don’t do much anyway.”

“You aren’t a crazy girl with boys blowing up her phone every second of everyday?”

“You are confusing me for Jihyo.”

“There is that name again, Jihyo, I would like to meet this girl if she reminds you of me.”

“She is probably more your type anyway.”

He glances at me, “What makes you think you know my type? We don’t know each other that well for you to know those things.”

“I can just guest.”

“Please tell me what kind of women I like, oh wise Jooyoung.”

I sink lower into my seat as I stare at him, “You like the beautiful bad girl. The one with short skirts and leather pants. She spends more money on her shoes than her rent, that is if she pays for them at all.”

“Not bad, I have to admit. That is a very close description to the sluts I normally fuck with, but very far from the type of girl I see myself in an actual relationship with.”

“Relationship? You want to settle down?”

He nods, “I want nothing more than to have someone at home to welcome me warmly with a smile on their face.”

“That isn’t hard to find.”

“Try living like me Beautiful. My life isn’t simple, most women who see me, fear me, or want me for power. It is hard to find someone like you.” We ride in silence the rest of the way, I feel kind of guilty for assuming so much about him when I know nothing beyond the fact that he’s the head of the mafia. I switch from staring at his face that is being illuminated by the dash and looking out the window into the darkness. When we finally get into town it’s only 7:30, he’s speed only decreases slightly but he continues to follow his own traffic rules. By the time we pull up to the restaurant my hands are cramping from gripping the door handle so hard.

He chuckles as I massage my hands once we step out of the car, “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

I glare at him, “I’m calling bullshit.”

“Come on Beautiful, I’m starving,” He offers me an arm that I wrap mine around. With a little smirk he walks me towards the set of tall black doors, they burst open scaring the crap out of me, I tighten my grip on Jiyong’s arm. “It’s okay, they are just going to greet us.”

“Greet us?”

Beyond the door are two lines, one on their side of the door, all bowing deeply to greet us, but mostly Jiyong. “Welcome Black Dragon,” The group says in unison.

“Everyone scram, you scaring my guest,” Heads turn up to look at me at his words. Men and women alike were utterly surprised to see me on his arm, their wide eyes and hanging jaws told me it all. When no one moves Jiyong snaps at them again, “I said scram!” With that they all scattered, creating chaos for a moment as they run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

I laugh, “Do they do this all the time?”

“This is a first, they usually respond right away. They must be distracted by my date.”

“This is not a date,” I deadpan taking my arm away from his.

He pouts, “This is a date.”

“We are two friends out getting dinner.”

“Beautiful,” He huffs.

“Oppa,” I huff back.

He sighs, “Fine, this is not a date. Now may we please go eat?”

“Yes,” I give him a victorious smirk, looping my arm with his once again. He leads me past the beautiful entry way into the darkly lit dining room. I’m surprised to find it empty and all the candles on the table are out. Without hesitation he leads me to the single table with a candle still lit, like a gentleman he pulls out my chair for me. “Did you buy the whole place out?” I tease, placing the napkin on my lap as he takes his seat across from me.

A smirk spreads across his face, “This is my place.”

I roll my eyes, “Of course it is. You didn’t have to close the place down, that is unless you are embarrassed of being seen with me.”

He shakes his head, “I wouldn’t have put that ring on you if I didn’t feel anything but fondness for you. I just want all of your attention.”

“I can focus on someone when other people are in the room, you know.”

“People would be staring, trying to talk to me to be polite, I can’t stand people. I liked the bubble we had at the office, just us, I wanted that again.”

I nod, “Fair enough. What are we going to be having for dinner?”

“You can pick from the menu, we have a very wide variety of foods,” He hands me one of them menus in front of him. “Anything to drink? Martini, wine, margarita?”

“Water is fine.”

“Please get something other than water.”

I sigh, “Fine, some wine would be great with a steak.”

“That is easy enough,” He claps his hands three times, right away there is a man coming from the kitchen doors to our table. The man is probably not much older than me, early twenties, he’s handsome even with such a cold face. “Two glasses of my favorite wine and begin bringing out number three.” The man nods before rushing back into the kitchen without a word.

“So tell me Mr. Mobster, why did you want to have dinner so bad?”

“I’m not 100% sure, it may be the lack of fear in your eyes, or you’re cute curiosity in things you should run away from.”

“Could I ask you something?”

He nods.

“Are you above my daddies?”

“Above in ranking?” I nod. “They are the head of their group, I am the head of mine, we are technically on the same level.”

“What do you mean by technically?”

He relaxes into his chair as he explains, “We may be the same position but our groups are on different levels. We are involved in different things, they are focused on guns, animals, and information.”

“And you?”

“You promise not to be upset?” I hesitate answering, not sure I can promise something when I don’t really know how I will react. After nibbling on my lip for a minute I nod, letting him know to go on. “We deal with drugs, people, and moving money.”

“People,” I echo.

He nods, “Do I need to give you a minute?”

I shake my head as I try to let that information go in one ear and out the other, “Don’t give me time because I will only talk myself into a hole I don’t know if I’ll be able to get myself out of, can we talk about something else?”

He tires to change the conversation, “How was school?”

I’m happy with his attempt but bust out with, “How do you expect me to talk about something as boring as school when you sell people?”

“I sell people,” He confirms.

“How can my daddies think I would get upset at them for selling guns, animals, and information, when you sell people?” For some reason I can’t seem to wrap my mind around how a person could do that to another human being.

“They have to do a lot of bad things to get those things, they have to kill and torture to keep their secrets and to get other peoples’. Like I said Beautiful, my life is not simple. Either is theirs’.”

“How much more dangerous are you than them?”

He doesn’t understand at first, “I don’t know how you want me to answer that.”

“Lets say on like a scale of 1 to 10, what are my daddies?”


“And you?”

“Solid 12.”


“Because they have sort of a democracy amongst each other, they can’t do things unless they have a majority rule. They also have each other, even though they are half siblings they grew up raising each other. They have things to loose, things people could hold over their heads, friends, parents, more family. I, on the other hand, rule alone. I have no one but my right hand men and even most of them are expendable. They all know I wouldn’t bat an eye if they got taken. I’m alone, no friends, no family, no lover.” There is a coldness growing in his eyes that gives me a chill.

I feel the need to be playful to get that horrible look away. “What does that make me? I thought we were friends.”

He cracks a smile, “True, you are, for the first time in my life, my weak spot.”

“Wow, your weak spot already after a few days? What does that get me, a look and a phone call to ask how much the ransomed is?”

“It means I would make sure no one can take you in the first place,” He is suddenly serious again as he stares at me from across the table with affection in his eyes. The first course comes along with a bottle of wine, my mouth is watering at such a delicious sight. The food is absolutely amazing and so is the wine, that I’ve somehow already downed two glasses of. Time flies by quickly with many different conversions that I would have never thought I would talk about, soon the bottle is empty and I’m pretty sure Jiyong is only on his second one by dessert, oops.

“You shouldn’t let me drink.” I’m a bit passed buzzed where my little side has been popping her head into the conversation, giggling like an idiot and making me feel like a dumbass.

He laughs, “I’m happy I did, you are adorable.”

I groan, “Everyone loves me when I’m drunk because I’m so cute and loveable and not a bitch like I am normally.”

“You are not a bitch. I prefer you when you are your normal self, I like your fiest.”

I give him a sad smile, “Thank you for being one of few. My daddies hate it when I’m big.” There it is again, my constant insecurity about how the men who abducted me feel when I’m not little.

“They do not hate you.”

I sniffle, “Yea they do. Xiumin and Kris only scold me now because I want to do things for myself. Kyungsoo won’t let me watch him cook anymore since I keep trying to help but it’s too dangerous. They all just get so distant when I’m myself. I know Chen told me it’s because my big side is too much temptation but I’m calling bullshit! They just hate the real me,” I cry. Once I realize how stupid I’m acting I try to stop the tears but they don’t want to listen. “God I’m such an idiot! Who cries over shit like this?”

Jiyong is around the table with his arm around me shushing me sweetly, “I told you, they do not hate you. I’ve seen them with women they hate, you are a queen in their eyes. Please stop crying.”

“Can you take me home? I just want to go to bed,” I sniffle, letting him wipe away a few of my tears.

“Of course, can you walk?”

I nod but still accept his arm when he offers it. I sway slightly but manage to make it to the car without an incident. The drive home is not as awkward as I thought it would be, we didn’t talk but he refused to let my hand go. It was comforting the way his thumb drew circles around on the back of my hand. He drove the speed limit on the way back, giving me time to cool down before I have to deal with the dozens of questions that we both know are going to come.

Pulling up to the house Jiyong reaches for his door to walk me up, “It’s okay, I can walk to the door myself.”

“Let me walk you in,” He says sternly but I shake my head.

“I was stupid and drank too much of your probably thousand dollar bottle of wine and cried because people don’t like me on only our second time meeting. Let me have some self respect tonight.”


I smile at him gratefully, “Thank you so much for a night Oppa, I had so much fun. I’m sorry for ruining it by crying.”

“I’m happy I was there to comfort you. We’re friends, it’s what I’m here for. If you ever need someone to talk to about this, I’m here. I’ve never been anyone’s person to call when they are upset, but I’d think I could do it for you.”

“So cheesy Oppa,” I laugh. “Thank you again for dinner and being a good friend, I’ll see you again.”

“Of course, you have a good night.”

I give him one last smile before getting out and going to the door. The door is surprisingly unlocked, but I still go inside, locking it behind me. Standing in the door for a minute a sad feeling settle in my belly when the whole house is dark. Did no one wait up for me even after throwing a fit about me going? It’s 1 in the morning so of course they went to bed, why would they wait up for me? I’m a big girl remember? I don’t need anyone to take care of me! Than why do I feel so small right now, why do I feel like crying at the fact that no one cared if I got home okay? Like the baby that I am I start to sniffle once again, not caring now that I’m alone how stupid I might look.

“Joo-ya?” Daddy calls from the living room.

“Daddy.” I say back in a small voice.

I hear him shuffling to me from the living room, “Are you crying? What’s wrong?”

“No one wanted to greet me,” I cry. “No one cared that I got home safe. But I’m a big kid so I shouldn’t cry about stupid things.”

“Are you drunk?”

“Yes I’m drunk! So you should be happy, I’m little right now. I’m small and weak and crying and all I want right now is a hug.”

His arms are around me in a second, holding me to him firmly, kissing my hair, “Why in the world is my baby crying?”

“Because no one was happy that I’m home, because I’ve been big lately. No one likes me when I’m big.”

“Baby, we love you all the time.”

“No!” I snap back pushing out of his embrace. “You have been avoiding me! You constantly ask me where is your little girl, where is she? I’m not always going to be in a little state of mind, why? Because I’m not a little kid! I’m fucking 17 years old. You guys tell me that you love me and that you’ll protect me but I’m calling bullshit on all of that because the moment I become myself you all treat me like I have the plague. I should just leave now before you guys get bored with me so I can still have some pride.”

His arms are around me again, holding me tighter, his is in the crook of my neck, “Don’t say things like that. You are not going anywhere.” He kisses me softly at first on neck, leaving a trail of kisses up to my jaw, just before he reaches my lips he says, “I’ll prove how much I love you.”

Naughty Boy

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Genre: Fluffy Smut


The sound of a doorknob shaking like small rattlesnakes stirred your mind awake in the dimly lit room. Partially paralyzed by deep sleep, you could only move your eyes tiredly towards the door. A slither of light beamed through the door as it narrowly opened to allow entrance of a dark silhouette that you knew all too well. “Yifan?“ you called out into the darkness as you heard the door being quietly shut.

Hey,” he softly whispered as he pressed his lips against your forehead before feeling his way under the covers next to you. He enveloped you tight in his warm arms and hooked a leg around yours, bringing you closer to him. He hummed in satisfaction. 

"W-what are you doing here?” you stammered, pulling back a little and cupping his face that was slightly rough from the small stubbles that sprinkled it. 

You could make out your boyfriend’s toothy grin that shone ever so brightly as your eyes soon adapted to the darkness with the aid of a single nightlight in the corner. “What do you think, babe? Sleeping with you, of course,” he chuckled amusingly. He rocked his leg that was around yours playfully while wiggling his thick eyebrows.

Your mom is right next door, Yifan!“ you hissed at him, mustering a glower on your face as best you could. 

"So? She’s a heavy sleeper,” he replied quite nonchalantly. “Besides, you know I can’t be away from you when I’m with you, right?” His lips inched to smooch your tired eyelid. 

“Fine,” you conceded with a grumble much to Kris’ satisfaction as he pulled you happily against his warm body. “But you have to go back early in the morning!” You poked his chest with your finger.

He hummed in response. “Good luck waking me up, baobei,” he laughed quietly. 

When he heard the sound of your steady breathing, he pulled the blanket covers over the both of you snuggly to keep you warm from the cool night in Canada. “Baobei?“ he softly whispered, combing your hair with his long fingers soothingly.

"Hm?” you replied, not quite asleep yet as you banded Kris’ waist with your hand.

“I’m really glad you came to Canada with me to visit my mom,” he confessed, unable to hide how happy he was feeling. It has been a long time since he has felt as complete as he did now. “She really likes you.”

“Really?” you perked up, blinking your eyes awake as you peered up at your boyfriend. 

He laughed at your reaction and shook his head. “Why are you surprised? Can’t you tell she adores you?” His lips found their way to your nose this time. 

“I-I don’t know… I think I’m awkward,” you told him shyly.

“Hm…” he paused to think, “I admit that you were at first.” He chuckled softly, causing you to frown at him. “But my mom and I found it cute that you were stuttering. Hey, I do that too.” He tapped his finger on your nose lovingly. 

You smiled gently at him, loving how he always knew the right words to say. You leaned in to peck him lightly on the lips. “I’m relieved,” you told him as you traced patterns on his chest. “I like your mom, too. She’s so sweet.” You giggled when Kris responded by ghostly brushing his fingers on the sensitive spot of your lower back.

“Like you,” he whispered before pressing his plump lips to yours in a passionate kiss.

“I like your cousins, too. And your aunty and uncle,” you added after breaking his sudden kiss.

“My cousins?” Kris raised his eyebrows. “Which one?” He questioned with a slight growl as he remembered he only introduced you to his male cousins today.

“Caleb? He was so nice and kind and he even fixed this glitch on my phone when you went to the bathroom,” you rambled, not noticing the grip Kris had on your leg had constricted and the gaze he had on you darkened. “And he was really tall and handsome, just like you!” You giggled, poking Kris’ chest. “Alex was super nice, too, and - ”

“Stop,” Kris growled, his hand on your waist slightly becoming more firm.

“What?” You asked, brushing his bangs aside. “Are you okay?”

He let out a puff of air from his pouty lips as he squished you against his chest. “No. You’re not going to fall for any of them, are you? And why didn’t you tell me to fix your phone?” His dark eyes bore into yours as he waited for your answer. 

You laughed quietly at your overly jealous boyfriend. He really is too possessive sometimes. His eyes only grew darker by the second as he didn’t get a response. “Baobei…“ He warned with a small growl.

"You’re too funny, Yifan,” you giggled. “Why would I fall for any of your cousins when I’m here to visit your family? And you did try to fix my phone before, but it didn’t work, remember?" 

Kris paused to look up in thought. “Oh yeah…” He admitted softly, now burying his nose into your hair. “Fine," he grumbled into your ear. "But Caleb is always the flirty one; I need to keep an eye on him…” He muttered under his breath. “You love me, right?” He asked childishly, brushing his lips back and forth against your neck before landing on a spot to suck on it gently.

You smiled and cupped his face in your hands. “I love you so much, Yifan,” you reassured him softly with your sparkling eyes that he loved so much.

A grin broke out on his face as he gently held both of your wrists. He slowly brought one of your hand to his lips, kissing each of your fingers lovingly. “Love you, too, my love.” He adjusted his arm to wrap around your waist securely under the blanket. “You know, my mom told me that I can’t keep my eyes off of you,” he said with a blush.

A similar pink hue blossomed on your cheeks as well. “Is that so?” You grinned.

Kris hummed in response. “And you know what else? It seems like I can’t keep my hands off of you either, baobei,” he said as his hands slithered under your shirt sneakily, caressing your smooth skin around your hips before slipping them under your sleeping shorts. You gasped and he grinned pervertedly.

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can you do a reaction where he finds out he was your bias ? :)


*Turns to Chanyeol* ‘Bitch I told you so’

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“I knew it.”

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“Really?! I was your favourite?”

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*Just blushes and laughs*

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“I thought so, but I’m still surprised.”

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As much as you’d think Kris would be all cocky about it, he would just blush and laugh.

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“Ah, really?” He asks, grabbing his cheeks while he feels a blush creeping onto his face.

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“Well, duh. Obviously.”

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“Yeah I was and I still am” He says, winking.

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*Gets cocky af for the rest of the day and teases you about it*

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*This just boosts his ego by 28287178192%*

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Sorry, this one was really short!

EXO getting hit on when they are taken.


You were at a shoot for some variety show that your boyfriend was going to be on. During a break you notice one of the make up girls going up to Suho. Even though you couldn’t hear exactly what she was saying, you could tell by the look on her face she was flirting. You decided to look at Suho to see how he was handling it. To your surprise he was staring at you with a mixed look of confusion and terror. You couldn’t help but let out a giggle at his expression.


You already heard about what had happened from your boyfriend when he had come home that day. He had been at a radio station doing some promotion for the groups new song. You decided you wanted to see for yourself so you pulled up the video of that days recording session. You see Baekyhun sitting there in the chair with the microphone in his face. The radio hostess then said something flirty to him and you can see him avert his eyes and make awkward faces trying to ignore her.

“I told you nothing happened,” he said.


Backstage at EXO’s concert you sat and watched with pout on your face as you watched your boyfriend flirt with a girl in the audience. You knew he was only trying to get you back for last week when you had flirted with Chanyeol to make him jealous. It was just a prank but you were still angry. 

When the show was over Jongin came to you backstage. He was laughing.

“You’re an ass you know that?” you ask him.

“Yeah and so are you.” He said with a smirk on his face.


Kyungsoo had asked you to stand in the crowd during a press conference to give him support. Being a dutiful girlfriend you agreed. As you stood there admiring him as you answered questions and did things for the reporters. Suddenly a reported called out to him. 

“Kyungsoo could you do something sexy?” she asked suggestively. You looked up at him to see his eyes go wide. He decided to laugh it off and answer something else. 


The two of you were out shopping when a women came up to the to of you. She had on a short skirt and a ton of make up.

“Hey there big guy, wanna go out sometime?” You were shocked that this woman didn’t even seem to noticed you there. You looked to Chanyeol to see what he would do…


You were looking through things in a store when you turned to talk to your boyfriend. When you noticed he wasn’t there you saw him talking to a girl and smiling. ‘That little shit’ you thought to yourself as you walked over to them. The woman noticed you coming right away. 

“Hn do you know this girl?” She asked with a sneer on her face.

“Hmm let me think.” he said to himself.

You scoffed and smacked him on the shoulder. He then began to laugh.

“Yeah this is my girlfriend.” he choked out in between giggles.


It had been a long day of rehearsals for the both of you and you both just wanted to go home and sleep. You both heard a loud a gasp and suddenly a fan was next to Kris trying to flirt with your boyfriend! You weren’t in the mood so you went up to him, laced your fingers with his and stared the girl down until she left.

“Your cute when your jealous.” he said and giggled.  


Chanyeol and Chen were rehearsing when an intern went up to them. You were just coming back from the bathroom when you heard the intern trying to flirt with your boyfriend. Chanyeol looked at the girl not really believing that she was trying to flirt with Chen. You looked to Chen to see him flat out dismissing the girl. You smirked knowing he was only yours.


Yixing was talking to a girl who was clearly flirting with him. You went over to your boyfriend to try and establish some kind of dominance to the girl. Yixing not really understanding what was going on began to act cute for what he thought was just a fan. All you could do was slap your forehead and pull him away from the girl. 


“Luhan can I see your manly abs?” The fan asked and you stared at her in disbelief. Obviously the fan didn’t know the two of you were dating, but you couldn’t help but feel like she should have known. You looked over to Luhan only to see him lifting his shirt. 

“Luhan!” you shouted at him. 

“I’m sorry but I had to show them they are manly!” He exclaimed. You knew that he had a thing about being manly so you let him slide. This time.


You has just gotten off of work and your boyfriend was to pick you up. You walked to the spot where Xiumin usually picked you up, only to see a girl hitting on him. You smirked as came closer to them seeing him just ignoring her.


The two of you were at a bakery looking for something to curb your sweet tooth. There was a woman running the counter and as you came up to pay she began flirting with your boyfriend. Clearly Tao wasn’t buying it.

Finally it’s done. Again I apologize for this one taking so long. I couldn’t find my drafts. I hope you all enjoy! 

Good Girl Ch 28: Birthday Pt 3

I can’t help but laugh at the sight of my dear Sehun in a cute pink apron. He pouts cutely at me, “Baby, stop laughing and get over here so I can put yours on.” Doing my best not to laugh I join him on the other side of the counter of a beautiful bakery we took over. On our way in we passed all the delicious looking cakes and other desserts that Sehun scolded me for trying to eat.

Set out on the counter is a premade cake all ready for us to decorate, different colored frosting, candies that look like jewels and many other things. Sehun hands me a knife with a warning look, “Don’t get hurt and don’t tell Kyungsoo hyung that I let you use a knife or I’ll spank you.”

My response is out of nowhere and surprisingly automatic, “Is that a promise?”

“Watch that pretty mouth of yours,” He dips his finger in one of the bowls of frosting and pokes my nose.

“Daddy,” I whine.

He chuckles, leaning in close he licks it off with a satisfied smirk.

“So what have all of you guys been doing today?” I wonder as I try and smooth the frosting out.

“Business stuff.”

I nod, knowing that is the best I’m going to get, “Speaking of business stuff, I heard about what’s going to happen this summer. Are you excited to follow your brothers around?”

He scoffs, “It’s freaking ridiculous. I swear to god the only reason they decided to do it, is because they were jealous that we would get you while they were at work.”

“I wonder what you guys will do with me.” I’ve never been left in the house by myself before, they barely leave me alone in a room. There is always someone right next to me, I frown at the idea of being alone again.

“You will be coming with us without a doubt. We already discussed renovating the empty floor below their offices into a place for you to hang out while we are working.”

“Good to know I have nothing to worry about. I never thought I would say those words,” I chuckle. “I’m liking this situation more than I thought I would.”

“Situation?” I can tell he’s offended. “Is that what you think this is?”

I stop what I’m doing to meet his glare. “This,” I gesture to the both of us, “is a relationship. I love you, all of you. But when I first got here, it was a situation, don’t you try to tell me it wasn’t. We were still trying to figure out how we all felt about each other. And the main situation I’m talking about is the whole daddy thing. I never thought I would do something like this but I love it.”


I nod, “I didn’t really enjoy the possessiveness and all the rules but after awhile I began to see it as love. No one except for Jihyo ever really took care of me so I didn’t really think I could do it but now I’m all for taking a step back and letting someone else drive.”

“So you are really happy here with us?”

I click my tongue at him, “Of course, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

He comes closer and kisses me softly. “I love you too.”

We spend our hour decorating the very ugly cake in too much frosting, candy pearls and multi colored sprinkles. Our laughs are probably heard by passers by and the people who live above the little shop. When Kai comes in I’m sitting on the counter while Sehun is cleaning my face. Like me, he can’t help but laugh at Sehun in an apron and covered in frosting from the food fight we had.

“Don’t make fun of my Sehunnie!” I defend my dongseang by pulling him into a tight hug.

He chuckles in my embrace, returning the hug and kissing my softly, “Noona, you’re so cute when you’re protective.”

“Okay lover boy, she’s mine now,” Kai pouts. Sehun rolls his eyes before pecking my lips and lifting me off the counter. Kai help me with my jacket and leads me out of the shop. “Looks like you had fun,” He teases wiping away some frosting that got on to my neck.

“I did, I’ve been having a lot of fun today. What are we going to be doing?” I ask as we walk aimlessly down a busy street, Kai’s are is around me.

“Well since you weren’t able to find a dress for tonight when you were with Kris, we talked about it and decided to let you window shop instead of us just giving you options.”

“I would accept any dress you guys gave me.”

He cocks his head at me and gives me one of his signature grins, “Really? Even that baby doll one I picked out for you? Kris said you hated it.”

“That was you who picked it out? I was guessing Luhan or Soo.”

“There is a street of shops up here, if you want to go inside any of them just tell me.” I nod. We wander into random stores that seem like they would have what we’re looking for but in every store we come up empty. Yes, we find pretty dresses that we like but nothing that is good enough in Kai’s eyes for me. After walking out of the fifth store we continue along for about ten minutes until I see the perfect dress on a mannequin in on of the windows. I point it out to him and without question he leads me strait into the store and up to the counter. “We want that one in a size 3.”

The woman behind the counter seems to recognize him and bows quickly before rushing off to find the dress in my size. I raise a brow at him, “I didn’t know you guys were so famous.”

“Infamous fits us better. We have some bars and restaurants around here so we are pretty well known.”

The woman comes back in the dress in hand and it’s absolutely amazing. I can tell from the smile on Kai’s face he likes it too. It is a modern, toned down version of the dressed he had picked out for me at the dress store. It’s a nice ivory, with lots of lace and an open back. I thank her, she leads me to the dressing room to try it on.

“Even if you decide you don’t want it for dinner you are getting that dress for me,” Kai teases from the other side of the dressing room door. Since the shop is open to the public he thought it would be better for me to change myself. I love it even more when I have it on, it ends mid thigh, and reveals a small amount of my chest threw the lace. “Baby, give me one second, the shop owner wants to talk to me about something.”

“Okay!” I look at myself for a few more minutes feeling very narcissistic for doing so. I remember seeing a pair of shoes that would go great with it and decide to go find them. The shop isn’t very busy, there is group of boys just coming in but I’m too short to be seen amongst the clothing racks. I find the pair of golden heels I’m looking for and begin searching for either Kai or a worker to help me get my size down from the high shelf.

“Can I help you with something Beautiful?” I turn around to find a strangely attractive man with a jaw that could cut threw glass.

“I’m just looking for my boyfriend,” I answer calmly, my alarms don’t ring so I don’t feel threatened, not to mention Kai is most likely within screaming distance and my other daddies are somewhere near by.

“Boyfriend?” He clicks his tongue, “What a shame.” His eyes rake over me, “You look very familiar, have we met?”

I’m debating if he’s still hitting on me or being serious when a familiar voice calls my name, “Miss. Jooyoung!” Junhoe comes over to me with a group of boys trailing behind him.

“Junhoe!” I give him a small bow, sighing when he returns with a full 90 degree one.

“Miss. Jooyoung?” The sharp jawed man questions a bit breathless.

Junhoe nods, “This is the girl Hyungnim tells us about.”

The man is on his knees bowing in an instant, “I’m so sorry, please don’t tell Hyungnim, he will kill me. No, he’ll do worse than kill me! Please don’t tell him!”

“It’s fine,” I say trying to get the man to stand up.

“Hyung, stop your fucking crying,” Another boy steps up and gets the man from the ground.

“I don’t want to die!”

“You are not going to die, at least not because of Jiyong oppa, my boyfriend on the other hand looks like he is about to rip your head off.” I finally see Kai in a full black suit and he looks really good but he does not look one bit happy.

“Tell Jiyong hyung that if he wants to see our Jooyoung he can come himself instead of sending his fucking foot soldiers, I would respect him more,” Kai growls as he pulls me away from the group of boys.

Foot soldiers, huh?

They don’t look very intimidating, maybe it’s because Kai is here glaring down at them. A smaller one, he doesn’t look more than a few inches taller than me, and the one who picked up his friend from the floor are the only ones who don’t look like they about to cry. The more I look at them, the more I think of my friends, are they my daddies foot soldiers, at least some of them? These boys don’t look much older than me but looks can be deciving, especially the little one.

The mean one steps forward, “Our boss doesn’t know we are here, we are off the clock,” From the way he talks I’m guess he’s the leader of the band of boys.

“What a coincidence that we run into you and Seunghyun in one day?” Kai’s glare doesn’t falter.

“Oppa,” I say sternly, earning all of their attention. “It was an accident. Junhoe looked genially surprised to see me.”

“You know them?”

“Only Junhoe, he’s a waiter at Jiyong oppa’s restaurant.”

Kai sighs, “I’m sorry, I just feel like Jiyong hyung might be a little bitter that we took you on his day with you.”

“He is bitter but he plans to make up for it this weekend,” The boy explains coldly.

“You should smile more,” I say flatly.

His eyes flicker to me but another boy answers me, “Our boss has been really irritable today because he won’t see you for awhile and he’s been taking it out on our hyung. Once our boss calms down, he’ll relax.”

I nod in understanding, “Sorry if he’s being a pain. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Could I send a picture of you in that dress to him?” The small one asks already pulling out his phone.

“Hell no,” Kai snaps.

“Oppa, it will only take a minute,” I snap back firmly. I eye him up for a minute, wondering if he will pull out the daddy card and say I’m breaking a rule or something but instead he takes a deep breath to calm himself.

“Fine, I’m going to pay for that dress, did you want any shoes?”

I nod and point to the box on the high shelf that he easily reaches, “Anything else?”

“You should get that suit. You look really handsome,” I give him a small smile hoping it will make up for the time we are missing. He tries not to blush but fails, quickly turning away. “Okay, go ahead and take the picture. I have to get back to my oppa.”

The small man comes forward and takes a picture of me smiling, he bows, “Thank you.”

“I hope it helps, I gotta go, will I be seeing you guys this weekend?”

Junhoe nods, “We are the boss’s guards this weekend with his head of security, Youngbae Hyungnim.” I nod as if I understand who he is talking about, thanking him silently for adding another name for me to learn. We say our goodbyes and I go to join Kai by the register.

“I swear that man is stalking you,” He says without looking my way.

“I’m sorry, I seem to attract trouble.”

“It’s not your fault, we are the ones who put you in the situation to meet him. You just need to stop being so amazing and drawing all of these bad guys in.”

“Lucky for me I have a thing for bad boys,” I tease as I give him a back hug.

“And bad boys have a thing for sweet girls like you.”

“It makes me laugh how all the bad boys want to protect me from other bad boys.”

He chuckles, “You are either the luckiest girl in the world or unluckiest.”

“If being unlucky got me where I am, I’m just fine with that, I don’t want to be anywhere else right now.”

He wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me close, kissing the top of my head, “My baby is so sweet.”

“Oh little one,” Xiumin’s sweet voice calls out. I’m taken away from Kai’s embrace and pulled into Xiumin’s. “I’ve been so worried about you,” The older man coos.

“Minnie,” Luhan whines, “I want to see her!”

“You guys fight like children,” Kai scoffs at his hyungs, only earning himself a few smacks to the head. I’m dragged back to the dressing room where the dress is gently pulled off of me and am dressed in work out shorts and a t-shirt. Xiumin pulls out a pair of sweatpants to where over the shorts until we get to where ever we are going. Kai is gone by the time we come back out. They each hold one of my hands in theirs as we walk down the street, I feel as if they are closer than they need to be but I’m enjoying the warmth.

“I hope you are ready to have some fun,” Luhan beams at me.

I laugh at their childish cuteness, “What are we going to be doing that has you guys so excited?” A dirty thought passes threw my head and I stop in my tracks once we enter some tall building. They look back at me concerned. I don’t know if my naughty thoughts are right but can’t help it when my body starts to tingle at the thought. Of course I’ve thought about sleeping with more than one of them at a time but the idea just seemed too deviant for me to suggest myself. I didn’t think it would be them to suggest it though, I’ve always thought it would be Baekhyun and Chanyeol or Kai and Sehun. Definitely situations I would not mind but still the two oldest have always been very selfish when it comes to my time with them, for them to agree to this something must be up.

“What’s wrong little one?” Xiumin questions.

“Are you not feeling well?”

I want to uses the right words to not make it sound so perverted but end up saying, “I don’t think an hour is enough time for us three to have sex.” They look from me to each other before busting out laughing, my face flushes at my own words.

“We were not planning on having sex but it seems to be on your mind,” Luhan manages to say threw his laughing.

“We were going to play a game of soccer but if you really want we can head up to an empty room for a quickie. I’m not a fan of sharing but if you really want,” Xiumin teases.

“No, no, soccer is fine,” I mumble as they continue pulling me along with a pout on my face.

The oldest clicks his tongue at me, “Who would have thought that our baby would have such a dirty mind?”

“It’s good to know Baek and Yeolie can go on with their plan,” Luhan glances back at me with a smirk on his face.

“Their plan?” I whimper.

“They have been wanting to have threesome with you for awhile now. They hardly stop talking about it when you’re not there. But they were afraid it would be too much for you since you are still our innocent baby.”

We walk down a few flights of stairs until they open a door to an indoor soccer field. I let go of their hands to run out on to the field just for the hell of it. It’s been forever since I actually ran and even after ten minutes of me just running I don’t really want to stop. But I’m not given much of an option, Luhan takes it upon himself to tackle me to the ground, rolling us over so he takes the impact.

“Are you having fun baby?” He says rolling over once more so he’s on top of me. My chest is heaving and my heart is racing, he looks about the same as me, already exhausted from such a sort run.

“I haven’t ran in forever, it feels so good to be in the open.”

“You are really fast for being so small,” Xiumin plops down next to us in the same condition as us.

“Were you chasing me?” I hadn’t noticed them at all, I was way too focused on the free feeling in my body.

“You were lost in your own head like usual,” Lulu chuckles kissing me shortly.

“So soccer?” I question once Luhan rolls off me and I sit up.

“Have you ever played?”

I shake my head, “I’m not very coordinated so I stayed away from sports but I really want to try if it’s with you guys.”

“We’ll go easy on you,” Xiumin pats my head.

A Little More, Baby {SLIGHT SMUT}

For the lovely yehetarticles ^_^

Pairing: You x Kris

Summary: When he’s jealous of your new puppy

Warnings: Dry humping (◔‿◔)

“Who’s a good boy? You are! You are!”

I ignored Yifan’s snort as I continued to coo at the puppy in my lap as if he were my own baby. Eragon was a beautiful chocolate brown Labrador that Yifan and I had picked up from the nearby pet shelter after I spotted him and incessantly begged my boyfriend to let me keep him. At first, Yifan was unwavering about his dislike for pets, but after a little a lot of begging and some terrible aegyo, he finally caved.

“He can’t understand you, you know,” Yifan said, sounding a little exasperated as I kept my eyes focused on Eragon who licked my face enthusiastically. “And don’t let him do that! You don’t know where that tongue’s been.”

I rolled my eyes, giving Yifan a dry look. “I know where your tongue’s been and I still let you-”

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EXO reaction to crush not picking up on their flirting

Sorry for how long this took. My tublr crashed on me when I was adding the gifs last night. Anyways, hope you enjoy it. Also, they are shorted reactions because I did all twelve boys. I do not own any of these gifs.

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When flirting: “Hey, (Y/N), you look cold. You should use me as a blanket.”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “Oh, no thank you, it is actually pretty warm in here.” Baekhyun: “Then maybe you should take off your sweater and get more comfortable.”

Because we all know Baekhyun is a flirt.

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When flirting: *Plays you a song that he wrote for you, all about how cute you are.* “So…?”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “That was a really pretty song. Your fans will love it.” *He would continue to stare at you to see if you ever pick up on the lyrics.*

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When flirting: “Do you know what this shirt is made of?” (Y/N): “No, what is it?” Chen: “Boyfriend material.”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N) “Oh, I always thought it was cotton.” *Chen would just stare at her, not believing she can be this naïve.”

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When flirting: *Stares at you with his typical adorable nervous look.* “Y-you look really nice today, (Y/N).”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “Aw, you are such a sweet friend.” You say as you turn back to whatever you were doing.

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When flirting: “I was feeling off today, but seeing you definitely turned me on.”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “I’m sorry you were feeling weird today. I’m happy you feel better though.” Kai: *can’t help but smile at your innocence.* “Yes, I am feeling much better.”

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When flirting: “Was your dad a boxer, because you are a knock out.”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “No, he was an accountant.” Kris: *Rolls his eyes.* “I don’t think this girl is my style.”

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When flirting: “Are you a banana, because I find you a-peeling.” *is smiling when he tells you the pick-up line that Sehun taught him in Korean.*

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): *You break out in laughter* “Aw, that was cute.” Lay: *smiles even brighter because you said it was cute; completely forgetting that he was trying to flirt.*

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When flirting: “I went to the doctors the other day. He said I’m lacking in Vitamin U.”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “Oh, what food can that be found in? I can make you something with it for lunch if you want.” You say as you hand him a drink and start looking through his fridge. Every time you turn around, you see Luhan giving you looks while he drinks.

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When flirting: “I lost my phone number, can I have yours?”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “How would that help you find yours?” Sehun: *Gif*

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When flirting: “Hershey’s makes millions of kisses a day…all I’m asking for is one from you.”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “I don’t think I have any chocolate with me. I’m sorry.” *He would find this both adorable but also frustrating.*

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When flirting: *While the two of you are shopping* “(Y/N), you look almost as good as me in Gucci.”

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When crush is oblivious: (Y/N): “Aw, thank you Tao, I didn’t think I was looking that good today.” *You say as you look down at your thrown together out.* Tao: “Yea, that’s why I said almost as good.”

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When flirting: *Gif*

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When crush is oblivious: *When you don’t understand he just continues to give you looks until you do.*

But who could seriously miss his hint

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