and korra as the avatar after aang

Snapshot of the airbender kids right after Rohan reveals his new tattoos! (Jinora 22, Ikki 19, Meelo 17, Rohan 12)

Love the idea of Meelo keeping his hair. <3

I imagine that Jinora is helping her father record knowledge from Wan Shi Tong’s library into books stored in Air Temple libraries. She’s still going steady with Kai, and every now and then they casually discuss marriage. Her dream is to compile vast libraries in the three remaining air temples and have these locations be hubs of literature, scientific knowledge, and spirituality free from political restraints. 

Meanwhile, Ikki is oblivious to the romantic advances of those around her and usually prefers the company of spirits and animals anyway. She’s also experimenting with how airbending can be used to muffle or enhance sound waves and voices. When she isn’t helping her father and siblings train airbenders, she sings, sculpts, and paints.

Meelo is extremely popular with the ladies, and he is at the age where he thinks more about fun and freedom than his responsibilities or future. Still, he has grown into a fine, bright young man, and he is considering with his Uncle Bumi the tactical advantages airbenders can bring to the United Forces. In a few years, he’ll work with Bumi to establish an airbender reconnaissance and rescue team in the wake of an Earth Kingdom civil war. 

As for Rohan, he has grown up to be a sweet and intelligent boy. Like his oldest sister, Jinora, Rohan is exceptionally attuned to spiritual energy. He hasn’t managed to project his spirit yet, but he has entered the spirit world through meditation a few times already. He’s a little quiet, but quickly warms up to people and reveals his mischievous side. He enjoys drawing with Ikki, sparring with Meelo, and discussing history and literature with Jinora.

Korra can't make contact with the past Avatars any more but they're still in the Spirit World

Ok but what if Korra and Asami see Aang and he’s asking all about Tenzin and Kya and Bumi and Katara and Zuko and he gets really excited that they found Toph and he thinks it’s hilarious that she’s just been hiding in a swamp this whole time and he wants to know what his grandkids are like and he wants to know all about the new airbenders and about all the bison and about how Pema’s doing after having four bender kids and

There is not a single white character in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.

Aang is fantasy counterpart Tibetan. 

Katara, Sokka, Korra are fantasy counterpart Inuit.

Toph Beifong, Lin Beifong, Suki, etc. are fantasy counterpart Chinese.

Zuko, Iroh, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Asami Sato are fantasy counterpart Japanese.

Tenzin, and his children, and his siblings Bumi and Kya are fantasy counterpart Tibetan/Inuit.

Mako and Bolin are fantasy counterpart Japanese/Chinese.


Which is, by the way, the reason the film adaption is so horrible, horrible and horribly wrong, because of it’s blatant white-washing. This is why it’s not okay to picture ANY of these characters as white. If you don’t know how to draw Asian/Inuit characters, at least try or better, LOOK IT UP. There are tutorials out there.

But don’t just make them white because “artistic freedom”. That’s a lazy ass, shitty and harmful excuse.

Korra is as strong as Aang

I get Aang’s avatar state is so much more powerful but I think I know why.Aang by using his avatar states taps into the powers of all his previous lifes.He is using the exact same avatar state Yangchen uses and not necessarily his own strength.

Korra had her connection to her past lives severed but still,before that,she has demonstrated exceptional strength in the avatar state even without having a lot of time to master it.

Everything after book 2 is Korra and only Korra fighting.That’s why in book 4 she doesn’t use the avatar state so much.It wasn’t really worth it to constantly be in it so she just used it as a booster.

She is at least equal to Aang.In the finale having evolved a lot,she was precise,reading through Kuvira’s movements and redirecting them with particular ease.

What does the rest of the fandom think?


AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER // Masters’ + Element

Hey guys!

After receiving such a positive response from Avatar fans on these ATLA phone wallpapers and receiving requests for possible purchasing, I’m happy to announce that these pieces are now available for purchase on redbubble! 

To those interested, I sincerely apologize for the wait and I hope you enjoy them! :)

direct links: WATER l  EARTH  l AIR l FIRE

Don’t imagine baby benders. Don’t imagine little earth benders causing little tremors when they hiccup. Don’t even think about little fires starting when baby fire benders get started. Little air benders messing up everything with their burps after eating? Don’t let that cross your mind. And don’t even think about the baby water benders in the middle of a small shower when they cry. Just… don’t think about little baby benders.


Based on the incredible map Mudron made (link), here is the Avatar world map in the time after Korra. The white circles are large suburban areas and towns, the white squares are major cities, and stars are capitals. The spirit portals are here too. :D The second map shows the world’s most important trade routes in red, and the green x’s show large deposits of natural resources (coal, lumber, natural gas, etc.). More versions of these maps will become available as the story progresses!

Avatar Headcanons #1

 Aang Era Headcanons

  • Zuko was very involved in the rebuilding of the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Zuko apologized to Gran Gran about what he did during the first two ATLA episodes…destroying the village, and dragging her out of the crowd etc…he was kind of embarrassed but pleasantly surprised when Gran Gran accepted his apology. 
  • After the war, Zuko taught the Fire Nation how not to rely on hate and anger for their firebending drive, and basically created a golden age for the Fire Nation founded on peace. 
    • This is also why lightningbending is so prevalent in LOK (will also post about that later).
  • Zuko learned to lightningbend.
  • As he aged, Zuko incorporated more waterbending forms into his bending style. Iroh was impressed. 
  • Zuko, and Aang had at least one flying bison v dragon race. 
  • When Izumi was around 10, she asked her father if she could visit Ozai in prison. Zuko refused–and Izumi visited Ozai anyway.
    •  Zuko was furious, but Mai and Iroh insisted that it wasn’t too bad of an idea for Izumi to visit her grandfather. 
      • Izumi’s line about “nonsense wars” was a direct result of Izumi’s interactions with Ozai. 
  • Both izumi, Iroh II, asked abou Zuko’s scar when they were young. When it was Iroh II’s turn…they were at a gathering and Izumi was incredibly embarrassed about the whole thing, but Zuko laughed it off and told his grandson–and anyone who cared to listen–the story of his scar. 

Pre-LOK Headcanons 

  • Assuming Iroh II was born shortly after Iroh I’s death, and assuming that Izumi is anywhere from 50-60, Iroh could have died when Izumi was between the age of 10 and 20. So profound was his effect on her that she named her son after him.
  • Katara and Tenzin showed Korra’s family the Southern Air Temple when Korra was a young girl. Taking a stroll with Tenzin, she overheares Korra say Aang’s name. Looking in her direction, she sees Senna kneel down to ask her how she knew Aang’s name. Katara smiles. 
  • Korra penguin sledding while Katara watches. 

Korra Era Headcanons

  • After Jinorra’s ceremony, Zuko approached Jinorra and mentioned how much she resembles Aang, and commented that her grandfather would be proud. 
  • By now, the Fire Nation throne room looks a lot like it did before Sozin began the war, but with two dragons (Ran, and Shaw) behind the throne instead of just one. 
  • Iroh II will name his son Zuko after his grandfather, finally enabling Iroh and Zuko’s relationship to go full circle with Zuko going from being Iroh’s surrogate son to his biological son.
  • On the next coming of Sozin’s Comet, there will be huge ceremony in the Fire Nation celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of the 199 Years War.
    • There will be a Ozai v Aang reenactment…Meelo will naturally volunteer to be Ozai despite being unable to firebend.
  • Bumi and Iroh II are total bros the same way Sokka and Zuko were. 
    • Iroh sometimes gets sick of Bumi’s shit though.
  • Korra visited Kuvira in prison on multiple occasions.
  • I doubt anyone besides Kataang’s kids know that Zhao’s in the Fog of Lost Souls…but, it would be interesting if Zuko found out. The Ocean Spirit killed Zhao because he’s the one that killed the Moon–but imagine Zuko thinking about how different things could have been. 
    • Imagine, instead of seeing Zhao in the Fog…we saw Book 1 Zuko. Imagine all the pain, and anguish that would haunt him in the Fog. On top of that, imagine Book 1 Zuko in the Fog while knowing how the prime timeline plays out. 
      • “I must capture the Avatar to restore my honor…father, I am your loyal son…” 
        • Heartbreaking, really, when you know how things actually end. 
  • Korra visited Katara after the LOK finale and thanked her for everything. 

Red Lotus Headcanons 

  • During his travels, Aang met a young man with a strong interest in Air Nomad traditions. Impressed, Aang fed the man’s thirst for knowledge and shared with him various Air Nomad teachings, even encouraging him to join the White Lotus. Eventuallyu, Zhaeer learned about Guru Laghima, and had regular debates with Aang about world philosophies. 
    • Even though the two disagreed with each other, they both enjoyed their philosophical debates. After Aang’s death, Zaheer met Xai Bau…and you all know how the story goes from there. 
  • Sokka rescued Korra, but died when he failed to swing his boomerang at P’Li in time. 
    • Boomerang did not come back that day. 

Zuko-Iroh Reunion Headcanons 

  • Zuko takes his grandchildren to meet with Iroh (I keep thinking he’d go alone for the first time, but he can’t just go without Iroh. And Honora Jr. would probably come too since we know she exists).
  • The Iroh-Zuko reunion is more heartwarming than the Zuko-Iroh reunion in ATLA. 
  • Iroh, knowing Zuko, will constantly expect Zuko to ask him to return to the mortal world with him, but is surprised when Zuko doesn’t ask him anything of the sort. If he does implore why Zuko didn’t ask that, Zuko will tell Iroh that he realizes what the consequences and implications of Iroh’s choice were, making Iroh smile before giving his nephew one last hug. 
  • Zuko tells his grandkids Uncle’s favorite tea joke on their way to see him, and neither of them find it funny for whatever reason–Iroh II especially. 
  • Iroh makes Zuko ginseng tea, Zuko’s favorite.

Sex Related Headcanons 

  • I really dislike Zutara, and think it’s illogical, but I’m on board with the idea of old, widowed Zuko and Katara hooking up if only because I want Maikos kids and Kataangs kids to constantly walk in on them for no reason but to create awkward moments. Also, I’ve pretty much headcanoned older kinky Katara thanks to some comic strips (said comics are actually about Korra), and besides the pairing here would at least make sense and it’s kind of cute. Alas, it would probably never happen–but, meh. 

Tenzin: Walks in on Zuko, and Katara WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?

Katara: Uhh…Zuko was showing me his honor/dragon? 

Izumi: Hey where’d our parents go? All I see are two leath–OH FOR RAAVA’S SAKE!

  • I always joke about how reports of erectile dysfunction disorder decrease dramatically among the Water Tribe population during the full moon, but let’s head canon it!
  • Kyoshi gives excellent sex advice…or, rather, did until Korra’s connection with her past lives was disconnected.

All headcanons I read are about Iroh. His death, his funeral, how zuko would react, how the rest of the gang would react, how zuko would find him again now that the spirit portals are open
That’s cool and all, but has anyone ever thought about bumi’s death? I mean he was a 112 year old man and I’m sure he couldn’t have lived 200 years like Kyoshi
I always thought about how it would be in omashu after the war. Did it evolve into a bigger city? Who is the new king? Does it still have a king? Who knows?
What was aang’s reaction when he knew his best friend had died? How did the gaang comfort him?
I just really want to know

anonymous asked:

Do you think it's possible that Bryke just took ATLA's Book 4 and 5's names "Air" and "Spirits" and just used those names to name the Books in LOK?

I think that is exactly what they did. They apparently used several ideas from the original Book 4 and incorporated them into TLOK. The origin of the Avatar was going to be explored in the original show. Aang was going to struggle with an inner darkness after taking Ozai’s bending. The dark and light within Aang alluded to him carrying the spirit of the planet within him, which was becoming unbalanced due to the stress he was suffering from energybending. Bryke later took this dark-light concept and used them to form Raava and Vaatu for Legend of Korra. Except in Korra, the Avatar carried only the spirit of light and not both though the spirit of the planet.

It’s sad because even before I ever heard of Book 4, I always felt like something was missing. Only 3 seasons got covered (Winter, Spring, and Summer) and only 3 Elements (Water, Earth, and Fire). But Bryke said that was the plan from the start. So, when TLOK was announced and its Book was Air and it took place in the Autumn, I was actually happy because in a way it “completed” the original show. When I found out there actually was supposed to be a Book 4: Air of ATLA I was mad.

can you imagine how happy Katara must have been when she found out the next avatar was from the southern water tribe?

her civilization was completely robbed of its benders except for her. the southern tribe was minuscule compared to the northern, and it seemed very unlikely that it they would ever equate to each other.

but then after a lifetime of working to change the world, the next avatar was born into her native tribe.

it was like Aang influenced Raava to go to the Southern Tribe as a last act of love for Katara

I Used Korrasami To Come Out As Bisexual To My Dad

Me: You know Asami? The nonbender girl?

Dad: Yeah sort of

Me: Well Korra ends up with her.

Dad: Ends up how?

Me: Y'know, romantically

Dad: I thought Korra was with the fire bender guy

Me: Oh they broke up. He was stupid and decided to break up with her.

Dad: He was stupid?

Me: Yeah. They had goal differences at the time and never got back together. Then she and Asami ended up together.

Dad: So she ended up gay.

Me: No, she’s not gay.

Dad: Yes she is.

Me: NO she isn’t.

Dad: yES she IS

Me: There is such thing as being bisexual!

Dad: gaaAaY

Me: Bisexuallllll. The attraction to twooo genderssss

Dad: Are YOU attracted to two genders????


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Did you want the Korra spin off Or like me, did you want to see a grown Aang as avatar and so on

Well, after ATLA there was an option to make a series about Aang and Katara’s children. Here’s a few quotes:

“Before ATLA had ended and the possibility of a Book 4 was still up in the air, he said he wanted to explore the political side of their world (and airbenders would have been hiding in the Fire Nation instead of being the result of Harmonic Convergence!). After ATLA ended, Ehasz said Bryke wanted him to make a spin-off focusing on Katara/Aang’s children which would have bridged the gap between ATLA and LoK (instead of releasing comics).”

“The success of Avatar did have Nickelodeon calling Bryke back to do another series. One of the ideas Bryke had was to focus on stories of Aang and Katara’s children but this was considered too “similar” to the original series by Nickelodeon which would violate their contract with Paramount. They were, however, allowed to create a comic series about the adventures of Team Avatar after the war. As for the next animated series, they started working on a story featuring a new Avatar - thus Korra was born.”

I would honestly prefer TLOK to a series about Aang and Katara’s children under Bryke’s vision. At least TLOK has new characters. If Ehasz had finished his vision for ATLA, then I would have preferred to see the grown up Aang stuff.

Korrasami Analysis: Relationship "Health"

Anon ask #1: In your opinion, what makes Korrasami a healthier ship in general than Makorra/Masami? I have no hate for Mako but it was pretty clear that his relationships with Korra and Asami were unhealthy. What do you think sets Korrasami apart from that to make it a healthier relationship?

Anon ask #2: I saw a post somewhere saying that Korra and Asami doesn’t work because Korra let Asami to yell at her and she didn’t do anything and saying it wasn’t Korra. Saying that they don’t have conflict like mako and Korra (even katara and Aang argue) did where after they argue they get over it and saying Asami takes grudges and stuff and I’m like what. Do they know that Korra need one thing that doesn’t bring conflict to her life like being an avatar is? And that’s Asami who supportive all the way.

These two are very much related, because the “issue” raised with Korrasami in ask#2 gets at why it is that they work so well. I can’t believe anyone would view that argument as a bad sign for a relationship.

Before I jump into this, I will say I’m hardly the arbiter of what makes a happy, healthy relationship. But what I can do is look at characterization and hopefully explain how certain dynamics play into the emotional needs of the individuals.

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