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AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER // Masters’ + Element

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After receiving such a positive response from Avatar fans on these ATLA phone wallpapers and receiving requests for possible purchasing, I’m happy to announce that these pieces are now available for purchase on redbubble! 

To those interested, I sincerely apologize for the wait and I hope you enjoy them! :)

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Team Avatar Icons!

I’m really proud of how these turned out! I hope you all like them too!

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So, we all know that Bolin is a cinnamon roll, but what about the rest of the avatar characters? What kind of dessert are they?

Zuko – Crème Brule. A hardened, burnt exterior that hides a sweet and slightly mushy soul beneath.

Aang – cotton candy. Our hero.

Katara – Lemon meringue. Sweet, tart, tough.

Toph – Granola. It’s had enough of your crap, twinkle toes.

Sokka – Banana Split. Trying way too hard. It’s the dessert equivalent of a punchline.

Suki – Brownies. They’re there because they have to be there and very little is really expected of them.

Azula – Halloween candy that secretly has razors and shards of glass in it.

Tai-Lee – Bubble tea. Sweet and bubbly, but lacking substance.

Mei – Baking chocolate. Bitter. Hasn’t even made the effort to become a proper dessert.

Iroh – Mulled wine. Complex, full bodied, gets better with age.

Korra – Protein bar. Aggressively good for you. Maybe a little too aggressively.

Asami – Tiramisu. Delicate, beautiful, sophisticated, quietly packing a shot of rum. Because you can’t be afraid to mix it up sometimes, you know?

Mako – Wonderbread. Contains neither flavor nor any particular emotional value.

Varrick – Chocolate-covered, smoke-infused, liquid-nitrogen-dipped chili pepper. It’s my latest invention!

Zhu Li – A meticulously optimized chocolate-chip cookie. Perfectly calibrated to maximize average enjoyment.

Tenzin – Breadsticks. But not until after dinner. One mustn’t spoil one’s appetite.

Pemma – A bun in the oven.

Lin – Jawbreaker. Just you try and eat one.

Ozai – Vanilla Ice Cream. Ice cold, kinda generic.

Amon – Peppermint patty. Chocolate, but with the cleansing power of mint.

Zaheer – Biscotti. Rigid, ascetic, kind of hurts when you eat it.

Kuvira – Government-issued dessert rations.

Korra can't make contact with the past Avatars any more but they're still in the Spirit World

Ok but what if Korra and Asami see Aang and he’s asking all about Tenzin and Kya and Bumi and Katara and Zuko and he gets really excited that they found Toph and he thinks it’s hilarious that she’s just been hiding in a swamp this whole time and he wants to know what his grandkids are like and he wants to know all about the new airbenders and about all the bison and about how Pema’s doing after having four bender kids and

Korra is as strong as Aang

I get Aang’s avatar state is so much more powerful but I think I know why.Aang by using his avatar states taps into the powers of all his previous lifes.He is using the exact same avatar state Yangchen uses and not necessarily his own strength.

Korra had her connection to her past lives severed but still,before that,she has demonstrated exceptional strength in the avatar state even without having a lot of time to master it.

Everything after book 2 is Korra and only Korra fighting.That’s why in book 4 she doesn’t use the avatar state so much.It wasn’t really worth it to constantly be in it so she just used it as a booster.

She is at least equal to Aang.In the finale having evolved a lot,she was precise,reading through Kuvira’s movements and redirecting them with particular ease.

What does the rest of the fandom think?

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Hey JaxBlade you said you meditate everyday and I was curious how you go about doing it. Everytime i try I stop after like 5 minutes cause i dont know what I'm supposed to be thinking of. and how does it help you? THanks if you answer this BIG FAN of your YouTube Channel

Oh sure and thats Great you want to start meditating. 

My Buddy @train-go

Has an amazing post on Meditation so be sure to check hers out 


But for me personally. I do kind of a zen focused Meditation for 20 minutes everyday in the morning. I started doing it a lot after I got into an arguement and hurt and lost a close friend of mine because I was just so depressed and angry for weeks. 

My mind became an inner cesspool of stress, anxiety, anger, sadness from an amalgamation of issues but I started doing Meditation seriously at first you think“this is some BS why the hell are Characters always doing it when training” But it only takes a few days to really notice the effects. 

I feel I have much better control over my emotions.
I’m more productive,
MY Temper is more controlled so i dont snap
I dont procrastinate as much as I used to,
I’m a lot more focused on my goals
and Also I feel more relaxed. 

The goal of meditation isnt to control your thoughts but let them stop controlling you in a negative way.

Okay so this is How I do it.
I either sit cross-legged on the floor or in a comfortable chair. Back straight, head up relaxed. Though I do like sitting like the Avatar to be honest

Then I close my eyes and I focus on my breath and nothing else. Now this is harder than it sounds cause your mind f*cks with you and some thoughts come and go and your mind is constantly a flutter but If i slip up and my mind starts to wander I just my attention back to the breath and breathe in 3 and breathe out. Now when first starting off this seems bogus but you have to stick with it and then you enter this peaceful tranquil state and then you dont even notice the time go by its just like you’re in another plain and everything becomes clear. 

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and then I just open my eyes and get on with my day and after daily practice I feel A HELL OF A LOT BETTER like My God it helps me stay productive with my Online Personal training business and all my other goals. hope this helps also try some youtube videos they give you tips for it as well.

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I've always liked to wonder what an AU where the spirit water didn't heal Aang at the end of book 2. Maybe to that kind of thing?

  • Everything in this au goes the same way it does in canon, only now for some reason the spirit water doesn’t work for some reason.
  • With Aang dead, Katara takes the helm as the leader of Team Avatar
  • She’s definietly more furious than she was in canon.
  • While Aang is dead, Zuko’s arc goes about the same way as in canon, with him having a change of heart and joining the Gaang.
  • “The Western Air Temple” goes differently though, with Katara too blinded by anger to even remotely consider let Zuko join them. But, she eventually gives in. 
  • After the ar, the Gaang manage to track down the next Avatar, and Zuko vows to protect Korra, and becomes her firebending master. 

So I’m sitting here, ranting with @inesathammar about my fic and how Zuko and Sokka would’ve been the greatest in laws and we’re like cackling over all of the jokes the two would share and somehow… this list of Zutara AU headcanons came up. 

It’s very rambly and long winded. But. Enjoy.

  • Zuko, Sokka, and Hakoda have an ongoing, three-way bromance. 
  • Zuko and Katara had a small, intimate wedding on Kyoshi Island with just their family and big, formal wedding a few months later in the Fire Nation
  • They have three steam babies: 
    • Kya is the first born. She comes along kind of by accident when Zuko is twenty-five and Katara is twenty-three. She looks very much like Zuko, but has wavy hair and tanner skin. She is a firebender and she kicks ass. 
      • She visits Grandpa Iroh in the Earth Kingdom all the time. This is how she meets her husband, an earthbender, and they marry at the Jasmine Dragon. 
      • When she is thirty-five, Zuko abdicates the throne, and she takes over as the greatest Fire Lord - after her father, of course. 
    • Next is Ezra (YES I STOLE THIS NAME, EMILY. I LOVE IT). He comes along a year after his sister. He’s a nonbender, but his parents love him all the same, and he takes up his father’s skill with dual swords. He also trains with Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki. Ty Lee teaches him a bit about chi blocking. Basically, he’s deadly when he wants to be. 
      • He’s very sweet-natured though. He looks a lot like his mother and as he grows up, there’s a lot of Sokka and Hakoda in his features. 
      • Eventually, he marries one of Aang’s daughters, an airbender (more on that later), and takes up a nomadic lifestyle with her. They have all kinds of air babies.
    • Finally, five or six years after Ezra, our beloved Z&K have another little unexpected surprise, a waterbender named Lee. They call him Blue sometimes. 
      • He’s another baby that looks a lot like Katara, which makes Zuko happy because he thinks his wife is very pretty. 
      • Lee doesn’t like the royal life all that much, so Zuko gives him the Blue Spirit mask and Lee becomes a vigilante. However, unlike Zuko, Lee can rest assured that his father won’t put a warrant out for his arrest. 
      • Zuko teaches him all kinds of things about stealth and Katara trains him in waterbending and bloodbending. 
      • Lee is gay and marries a young man from the Fire Nation army. 
  • Zuko and Katara take the family for frequent rides on Druk.
  • I can’t really decide who Aang marries. I don’t ship him with any of the known characters, but I imagine him marrying a nonbender from the Fire Nation and living happily in Republic City with his family. 
  • Aang has many journeys he must take, but he is sure to include all of his children. 
    • Bumi and Tenzin exist as they do in LOK because I like them so much. 
    • Aang’s daughter is named Aria. She is Tenzin’s twin and also an airbender. She meets Ezra during one of her father’s many visits to the Fire Nation and from that point on, the two are inseparable. 
    • Bumi never questions his worth.
  • As for Toph, she never marries, but she has Lin and Su and is quite the wonderful mother. She lives in the Fire Nation (the palace to be exact) until her late 20s, and then she moves to Republic City to help run things. 
  • Zuko gives Toph honorary Fire Nation citizenship so she will always have a place she can really call home.
  • Sokka and Suki get married really young, like 18 and 19, and have one daughter who is an earthbender. 
  • Sokka becomes a member of the white lotus and his daughter does as well when she grows up.
  • Iroh lives happily in Ba Sing Se, running his tea shop, but he always comes to the Fire Nation for the entire winter to visit his son and grandkids. 
  • Iroh also has an adopted cat that he named Lui, after Lu Ten.
  • Hakoda meets a woman from the Fire Nation and remarries and adopts her son as his own. That son takes over the Southern Water Tribe as chief when Hakoda is ready to retire. 
  • When Aang does die, Katara still teaches Korra everything she needs to know about waterbending.
  • Also, at some point, Zuko runs into Jin during a visit with Iroh. He’s very awkward and stammering, naturally. 
    • Katara helps out a bit. She introduces herself to Jin and then introduces Zuko. After a bit more awkward silence, Katara invites Jin over to Iroh’s shop for some tea and conversation. 


You know what I really want in the third season of Voltron? I want a Shallura scene like that one we have in both shows, ATLA and the The legend of Korra. The one right after the main character is save from death for their significant other:

Like, just after the paladins have found Shiro, something really bad happens to him and Allura saves him from REALLY dying this time.

Just give me this scene this please!!!

Don’t imagine baby benders. Don’t imagine little earth benders causing little tremors when they hiccup. Don’t even think about little fires starting when baby fire benders get started. Little air benders messing up everything with their burps after eating? Don’t let that cross your mind. And don’t even think about the baby water benders in the middle of a small shower when they cry. Just… don’t think about little baby benders.

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5 Headcanons in the 'verse where Azula is the Avatar: What is Korra's life like?

Continued from here: [Link] and here: [Link] as well as from the drabbles linked in the first post.

1. Korra is from a sandbending family that had no idea that they were secret airbenders and that their sandbending was different from the other clan over there.  When she’s four years old, she goes “look mommy!” and firebends.

2. The Order of the White Lotus build a compound to train her in at the edge of the Si Wong desert.  Azula’s cruelty and megalomania, combined with the powers of the Avatar terrified everybody, including the White Lotus members.  Until Azula, a huge part of their purpose, as they saw it, was waiting for the Avatar to return so they could assist them.  But now they are forced to confront a world where the Avatar could be part of the problem.  Their solution is intensive ethical training as well as bending training.

Those fears are shared by her parents, by the way.  Azula scared people.

3. She is born much much sooner than in canon, after Azula’s defeat.  This means that Iroh and the White Lotus we see in Avatar: the Last Airbender are her mentors.  Pakku shows up with Katara to teach her waterbending.  Bumi and Toph teach her earthbending.  Zuko, Iroh, and Jeong Jeong teach her firebending and bicker like children.  Jeong Jeong brings Jet along.  It’s educational.  So at least she’s getting moral and ethical philosophy from someone like Iroh instead of a dry scroll.  She also gets Firelord Zuko’s rambling attempts at moralizing, which she just plain enjoys.

4. In canon, Korra is at the compound to keep her safe.  It’s stifling and isolating, and not exactly great, but it’s not like it is here, where there is this undercurrent of wariness, this sense that Korra has to be afraid of slipping up morally.  Did she lie to her mom about breaking the vase because she’s got Azula’s evil, or because that’s a normal thing kids do? (spoiler, it’s the latter).  This is a rotten way to raise a child, and the only person who seems to understand, other than Iroh, who isn’t very good at helping, is Zuko, who after all is the son of Ozai, grandson of Azulon, great-grandson of Sozin, and brother to Avatar Azula.  The day when he can get away for a little while and take her flying are the very best.

5. Bumi dies when Korra is a child.  She is devastated.  Bumi always remembered his childhood friend Aang, and treated Korra like a normal kid, and he was cool, and fun, and now he’s gone.  Toph’s not sure what to do about this, but strangely her: “Hey kid, let’s go toss some boulders around and prank Pakku,” suggestion seems to work.


Avatars running away…

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If Aang and Korra were to fight each other, who would win?

Book 1 Korra v Book 1 Aang

I’m going with Aang because Book 1 Korra is still very much on the attack.

Aang would probably wear her out by jumping around until he got a clear shot at winning.

But also, neither of them have mastered the Avatar state, so there’s that too.

Book 1 Korra v Book 2 Aang

While Aang still hasn’t mastered the Avatar state, he still has the advantage of using both offensive and defensive moves.

On the other hand, Korra, while still usually on the offensive, has all four elements, plus more training. 

Still, my vote goes to Aang since he has those classical airbending moves.

Book 1 Korra Book 3 Aang

 My vote goes to Aang because of his Avatar State, and training. 

Book 2 Korra v Book 1 Aang

It could be a close call but, Book 2 Korra has a fully  mastered Avatar State on her side, so Korra.  

Book 2 Korra v Book 2 Aang

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I think in the context of the show, Korra has the advantage since she gets to use the elements and all the fighting style in ways Aang, Zuko, and Iroh never got a chance to.

Plus, she has more practice with it

However, Book 2 Aang is starting to mix and match different styles. So, there’s that at least.

But…Korra still has the Avatar state, and she has more experience. I’m inclined to say Korra

Book 2 Korra v Book 3 Aang

Ok, here I’ll give my vote to Aang since he as a decent amount of experience with all the elements, as well the Avatar State.

Book 3 Korra Book 1 Aang

Korra, no question.

Book 3 Korra v Book 2 Aang

Honestly, this could go either way. It depends.

However, Korra still has that Avatar state, all four elements, and all the different styles. Plus, she’s started to change…so my money’s on Korra. 

Book 3 Korra v Book 3 Aang

Oh…this would be way too close. 

I’m going to say Aang by a really narrow margin. 

Book 4 Korra v Book 1 Aang

Korra, no question. 

Book 4 Korra v Book 2 Aang

Look, Book 4 Korra has so many good things going for her, especially after she overcomes her trauma. Depending on when she fights Aang, she may either win or lose but, as I’ve pointed out time and time again, Korra’s fighting style is so many things rolled into one.

Plus Avatar state and metalbending. 

Point goes to Korra

Book 4 Korra v Book 3 Aang

Oh god…Idunno. 

It can go either way, honestly.