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Hiya ^^ I was wondering if maybe you could type Souji Okita please?

Hakuouki - Souji Okita [ESTP]

The Dynamo: ESTPs are outgoing, straight-shooting types. Enthusiastic and excitable, ESTPs are “doers” who live in the world of action. Blunt, straight-forward risk-takers, they are willing to plunge right into things and get their hands dirty. They live in the here-and-now, and place little importance on introspection or theory. The look at the facts of a situation, quickly decide what should be done, execute the action, and move on to the next thing.

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Se (Extraverted Sensing):
-Spontaneous, not hesitant but realistic
-Bold and practical
-At home and can play up with the external environment like a piece of cake
-In tune and incredibly sensitive with their physical surrounding

“You prefer to live in the present moment, rather than dwelling on the past or day dreaming about the future. “Be Here Now” comes naturally to you. You are almost always tuned into the present moment, and you wonder why other people seem so spaced out.”

Souji is incredibly quick to take action. He loves the thrill of the moment in his killings. He lives for a good fight and when he cannot, he is moody, loses his self ‘worth,’ gets bored or depressed. 
He really does sincerely have a lot of fun with fighting and killing.
He jumps in situations that can easily cost him his life without a moment’s hesitation. This comes from his cynical world view of death and places very little value on life at all whether it be others or especially, his own. 

Souji is extremely observant with the environment around him, can detect strange things at the drop of a hat and react to it promptly saving the oblivious lives around him such as Chizuru.

“However, if you try to escape or get in the way of our rounds, we’ll kill you.~”
“I can still fight!”

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Ti (Introverted Thinking):
-Think and evaluate internally
-Have a lot of questions as to why and how as opposed to getting shit done quickly
-Blunt and objective in their words and decisions
-Likes word/thinking games

“Ti is what fuels their drive to understand the world, as well as their focus on mastering hands-on skills and talents. It comes second in their “functional stack”, and it operates mostly in their subconscious.”

Souji does not mince words when he speaks. Many of the things that come out of his mouth can be quite sensitive and even cruel to those around him. 
It is a wonder Chizuru continues to take his easy death taunts in stride.
He likes to talk a lot and takes the world as it is rather than what it was or could be. 
Even if it can come out a bit obnoxious or inappropriate, it is essential one knows that many of the things he says have basis and that there are reasons for it. Rather than wanting to take the lead with the Shinsengumi (as Te would prefer,) Souji is more than content to serve Kondou for the rest of his life and does as he is ordered by him alone.
His mind is very independent from the rest of his squad which makes him come off as quite detached. 

“Jeez, you’re useless. It’s your job as the “Oni Lieutenant” to make the impossible happen.“
"I’ll pass. It’d be too annoying.”

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Fe (Extraverted Feeling):
-Focuses on external feelings of everyone around them
-Have a difficult sense having an identity of their own
-Need external validation to feel self-worth

“Although they’re a more extroverted type, they often get into social situations where they just enjoy the company and don’t feel the need to say much.”

Souji loves to mess and tease people most notably people he treasures. He likes to watch things around him unfold for his own amusement such as keeping quiet initially that Chizuru is a girl and only revealed that he knew all along once everyone else finds out.
Souji has had very little sense of self since his childhood when his sister brought him to the corrupt house of Inoue. It tarnished his whole lonely childhood and it wasn’t that he met Kondou that he builds up self esteem because Kondou gave him a purpose.

He grew up needing to prove to people that he does not need anyone and forces himself to be unattached whose goal is to only grow stronger.
But it is clear that he needs that validation.
When hindered from killing and fighting in cold blood with Kondou’s reprimand, he does not understand why that is a bad thing because in his mind, he is doing it for the greater good. 
His identity and esteem has been stunted from the beginning in his early years and value very little his own life very little.

He does not like to talk about his terminal illness and hates to worry others and make them pity him. He would rather die fighting for what he believes in and for those he loves and die alone. 
He openly lashes out and shows his unhappiness when something triggers him.

“If I’m no use to the Shinsengumi, then my existence is worthless.”
“I’m not totally useless yet!”

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Ni (Introverted Intuition):

-Visionary and focused
-Unyielding and unbending from one’s goal to achieve
-Has a hard time coming up with different possibilities rather than the one they envision at hand
-Have a hard time adapting to other’s reasoning 

“Ni makes their internal world abstract and can involve jumping around on intuitive leaps. It can also give them the sense that it’s okay to not have everything figured out.”

Souji’s inferior function is too developed. When Chizuru came into the picture, he knew immediately that she is female and delayed telling anyone.
He devotes his whole entire life to serve Kondou because he puts all his faith and vision in the man, even sporting his hairstyle out of idolization. 

When struck with his disease, Souji refused to see other optimistic alternative, accepts his fate and fights while he is still alive all the way until his death. 

“That’s why.. I’m leaving Hijikata-san to you, Chizuru-chan..”
“Don’t worry. You won’t get hurt if you don’t get hit.”

~Miss ENFP
Hakumyu LIVE - KINNIKU LOVE "Eng Sub"
I just put this video together :) , I do not own the video or the translation, all thanks goes to whoever translated it, and to Idea Factory

I don’t care what your feelings are but OMG


Title: The Kondou, Hijikata, and Souji Relationship ~Part I: Kondou and Hijikata~

This analysis will be broken down into three parts since this is the longest friendship triangle in Hakuouki. This post will cover Hijikata’s relationship with Kondou.

Basically, these two men live under the same social class as peasants, but we all know they’re not ordinary people. Both aspire to live greater lives as samurai, not for the riches, but rather for the sense of accomplishment of fulfilling their dreams. In historical context, anyone who desired to move up in social status was considered a fool. Especially for the samurai class. If you weren’t born into a samurai family, your chances of becoming a samurai were downright impossible. But that social trend doesn’t stop Hijikata and Kondou’s shared ambition. Because they share the same dream and various ideals, they instantly become friends. In fact, they become so close that they’re practically brothers at heart. Their goal becomes more than just becoming samurai, they want to change the world’s meaning of a warrior: proving that blood and status is irrelevant to a warrior’s pride.

Of course, Hijikata becomes so devoted to Kondou that he becomes determined to do what it takes to achieve Kondou’s dream. As they learn the way of the sword, they finally form the Roshigumi with Serizawa and company. This is when both of them begin to realize the hardship of fulfilling their dream. If they’re going to be samurai, that means getting tough and most of the time disregarding morals. The complexities of maintaining friendships, keeping the peace, earning a good reputation, and making a name for themselves brings a lot of chaos to the Roshigumi. Killing is a must, and there’s little room for mercy. Sometimes one must disregard what’s right in order to maintain a strong image as samurai. Of course, Kondou and Hijikata feel the weight of how much their goal will cost them, but they both become strong together: Hijikata earning the title of the Oni Lieutenant, and Kondou becoming a respectful commander of the Shinsengumi. Serizawa has a role in polishing these two, but that’s on another unrelated note.

Even with accepting the huge burden of leading a group of growing samurai, Kondou and Hijikata’s friendship is unwavering. Even in times of stress, they both manage to bring smiles to one another. Whether they talk about politics or war tactics, it’s clear that they’re inseparable. They’re both good for each other. Kondou relaxes Hijikata when he’s tense, while when Kondou begins to think pessimistically, Hijikata rekindles Kondou’s dream. 

After the Shinsengumi is formed, they both finally get the taste of getting closer to their dream when the Aizu Clan sponsors them and when they begin to get recognized by commoners and the shogun. But the tables begin to turn as the historical events take place. The shogunate is progressively losing power, Kondou gets shot at one point, and basically they are losing the war. But the most dramatic event that almost destroys Hijikata is Kondou’s surrender to the New Imperial Army. However, Kondou’s actions prove just how admirable he is and that he cares about saving his friends rather than surviving. This action proves just how dear the Shinsengumi is to Kondou, and that he would rather sacrifice himself (instead of his comrades) in order to let his dream live on with Hijikata and the others.

And so Hijikata accepts the position of the chief of the Shinsengumi. There’s no way in hell he’d let Kondou’s life go to waste. But as the war gets worse and his friends die around him, it becomes harder to live on without them. He starts to question his dream and ultimately he wants to die in battle honorably to rejoin his fallen comrades. He’ll carry the Shinsengumi as far as it’ll go, but without Chizuru, Hijikata can’t find a reason to live on. However, he learns that if he’s to keep his friend’s hopes and dreams close to heart, he’ll survive. Someone must remember what the Shinsengumi fought for, and that person is Hijikata. By outlasting the war (no matter how hard it gets), Hijikata preserves everyone’s dreams and although in death, their souls can live on, including Kondou’s.

Hijiikata and Kondou are perfect depictions of brotherhood, perseverance, and warrior pride that survive no matter what odds they face or how much the world changes. And that right there is one of the aspects that makes Hakuouki awesome and a show/game full of honor and high praise (unfortunately this must bring tears; beautiful, painful tears).

Feel free to share your opinions about this beautiful friendship that lives throughout the ages! And look out for Part II of this analysis!


I seriously love Souji Okita, because he’s such a complex person. Initially he seems cruel, with a passion for killing and love of pranks and teasing. But there’s more to him than his incredible abilities with his sword and his cold personality. Because of his past, having lost both his parents and having been left by Mitsu, he knows what it’s like to feel alone and abandoned. He grows up with Kondou, and is regularly beaten by the students at Kondou’s dojo, though he is not someone who wants to be pitied on. Although injured, Souji finally wins a fight against an older student and it is Kondou who congratulates him. This starts Souji’s mindset of “using my sword is all im good for” because it is all he’s ever praised for. He becomes the best swordsman at the dojo, and ultimately kills for Kondou under the name of the Shinsengumi. Kondou, a person who doesn’t necessarily like violence, doesn’t like that Souji seems to have a passion for killing, but Sannan, having figured out why he likes to kill, manipulates Souji into killing off many of their enemies.

Souji understands that killing is unwanted and violent, but his unbreakable loyalty towards Kondou has him happy to kill any of his enemies. His entire sense of self worth is based on his ability to kill and fight for Kondou. So when he gets sick, and is forced to stay in bed, he feels he is useless, and this is where his true personality shows.

Souji is extremely family-oriented. He has a deep respect for Kondou, who he sees like a brother, and is fiercely protective over his comrades, who he has grown up with. Essentially, the Shinsengumi is his family.

Once Chizuru is introduced (referring to his route) she gets to know him by her constant worry of him, and through spending time around him, his goals are made clear- of why he is happy to kill, and why he kills in the first place. Simply put, he kills to protect. This is proven when Okita was fighting Kazama, and although he threatened to kill Chizuru should she ever get in the way, his first instinct is to protect her when Kazama goes to harm her.

Chizuru’s devotion towards caring for him in his sickness and her constant worry is something that Souji deeply appreciates. In return, he worries that she isn’t getting enough sleep. Besides Souji’s devoutness towards Kondou, this is where he begins to show his “soft heart”. Throughout Souji’s route, he proves himself to be Chizuru’s pillar of support- (spoiler) when Chizuru’s brother tries to kill him, he doesn’t express any hate towards him as he usually would, most likely out of respect for Chizuru. When Kaoru tries to kill Chizuru, it is Souji who protects her. Throughout the story, Chizuru’s devotion towards Souji is appreciated, as he is a devoted person, and reciprocated by means of protection and support.

Once Souji becomes a fury, he is forced to rely on Chizuru for her blood or medicine. This reliance strengthens their bond and brings them closer to where they both rely on each other for welfare. The entire game exhibits that Souji is the actual phrase “hard on the outside, soft on the inside”, as he is shown to be the most loving character, as he has stated he is willing to die for Chizuru (which proves he loves her as much as he loves Kondou, and look at all he’s done for Kondou. Meaning he’d do everything for her that he did for Kondou and more). In one route, he sacrifices his life to save Chizuru after screaming at the top of lungs for her to move out of the way of harm, even pleading Kaoru not to hurt her. In his last moments, his only regrets are dying, as he would be leaving Chizuru alone (and he knows how that feels). Being that they promised to stay together, Chizuru kills herself immediately after Souji’s death.

In the happier route, they live their days lounging in the sun, napping in the grass. If that’s not the perfect symbol of peace i dont know what is. It draws an equivalent to the peace Souji feels, and who he really is beneath his bloody and rough exterior.

I rambled big time here but I’m just trying to explain why Souji is so awesome.

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For the 3 names-meme~! Souji, Kondou & Hijikata! <3

Thank you! Anyhooowwwwww…

Roller Coaster-Without a doubt, Souji. Having said that, I see him being a total troll like a friend from years ago by asking, “Are we theerrreeeee yet?” the entire ride up the lift hill and me resisting an urge to strangle him the higher we get.

Nightly Woods Visit-Hijikata. I don’t know what’s in the woods in the middle of the night, but I’m pretty sure he’s more scary than whatever may be there. Besides, I think he’d be good company.

Netflix-Kondou! I feel like he’s be super fun to just chill with and watch stuff  all night.

Send me 3 names

[SPOILER/recaps] Chii's favourite corner in Hakumyu LIVE

Read at your own risk okay? Or read after you’ve watched it or while you are watching the said segment [1:03:56 - 1:13:26]

So this the the… ‘variety corner’ in Hakumyu LIVE? And on of my favourites I’d say! HAHAHAHAHA. /deadeded/

Because I cannot contain everything inside. I’m gonna do a recap on this part :p (I am translating quickly by ears so, there are parts I didnt get so I use my instinct, too lazy to rerepat 9238742x :p)

- Hijikata: Now, each of you guys will make a 'kakizome’ (first calligraphy of the year)
- Everyone: Kakizome?!
- Hijikata: Hurry up get ready!
- Hai!
- *heisuke ranting something at the background*
- Hiji: ??
- Heisuke: baka! (lol how dare you)
- Sano: Heisuke!
- Okita: Hijikata-san, what’s with the kakizome?
- Hijikata: We cant help it but to do swordpractice all the time. But to be accomplished in both literary and military arts is the way of true samurai too.
- Okita: Then, will you show your kakizome too Hijikata-san?
- Hijikata: I am not doing it!
- Audience: EEEEEEEEEEHHHH (LOL I love the audiences! I GO EHHHH TOO ON BED :p)
- Hijikata: I said I’m not doing it, didn’t I?
- Okita: (to fuel it up) EHHHHHHHHHH! *smirking at audiences*
- Okita & Audiences: EHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
- Hijikata: SHUT UPP!!! You too, you’d better hurry up and get ready!
- Okita: Haii~
- Hijikata :Yosh! Everyone is ready?
- *kazama enters*
- Saitou: Kazama Chikage, why are you here?
- Hijikata: What business do you have here?
- Kazama: I think I’m going to following along with your worthless game.
- Okita: But nobody invites you
- Hijikata: Its okay though
- Heisuke: Its okay?
- Hijikata: Yosh! I’ll announce the theme for today. Today’s theme is 'This year’s Aim/Target’.
- Everyone: This year’s target?
- Hijikata: Okay then write your kakizome

- Heisuke: *complaining again at the back i cant catch it ; A ;* No, nothing. (lol :p)
- Hijikata: …..? This year’s target, write it properly okay! If anyone’s done, raise your hand

*everyone is concentrating on kakizome*

- Hijikata: Why are you guys so slow, things like this, you gotta write quick and with power (lol this is my own line but +- along that line). Usually you guys are not thinking of anything, that’s why it is taking time isnt it?

- Kazama: *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Alright, Kazama Chikage (eee Piroshi why do you have to say that line so coool-ly akshdahsd)
- Kazama wrote: 'Chizuru’ (thus the KYAA from audiences)
- What do you mean by that?
- Kazama: (I am not sure of this line but I think I’ve heard this line in anime? 'This year, I’ll make sure to ___ that women’) Marry? Kidnap? idk but the audiences went WOOOO~~~ XD
- Heisuke: What’s he saying XD
- Kazama: Perhaps, sometimes playing with you guys like this, isn’t that bad huh
- Hijikata: Oo, so sometimes you can say something nice too huh?
- Kazama: Enjoy yourself!
- Hijikata: I wonder what happened to him. Is he in festive mood since its new year? Whatever.


- Hijikata: Okay who’s next? Yosha! Souji!
- Okita wrote: 'Makoto’
- Hijikata: Oh, what does it means?
- Okita: This year too, I think I want to support Kondou-san to carry on the 'Makoto’ flag.
- Kondou-san: Souji, yoroshiku, I’ll be counting on you.
- Hijikata: Quite a nice resolution isnt it.

[1:07: 29]
- Hijikata: Yosh, next?
- Sanbaka: Hai!

(Lol look at themmm, they are lined up like that, like stairs lol. So cute, tooo cute XDDD)
- Hijikata: Oh, you guys are doing all at once? Okay, sanbaka.

- Sanbaka: Sano: O | Heisuke: Do | Shinpachi: Ri!. Odori taishi (dancing souldiers?)!
- Shinpachi: Ha!
- Heisuke: What do you think?! (lol im thinking of smacking all 3 of you. bet hijikata-san is thinking of the same thing too :p)
- Hijikata: I said THIS YEAR’S RESOLUTION YOU IDIOTS! *kicks*

(oh instead of smacking, hijikata-san went for a kick lol)
- Hijikata: Why are you guys playing around?!
- Sano: Well its okay isnt it?

- Hijikata: Okay, next?
- Sannan *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Okay, sannan-san. Sigh, please.
- Sannan wrote: 'De-rasetsu’ (www XD)
- Hijikata: haha, what do you mean by that?
- Sannan: De-rasetsu!
- Hijikata: Yeah, that’s right. We need to quickly make a cure right?

(One of my fav lol XD)
- Hijikata: Alright, anyone else?
- Yamazaki: hai! *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Oh! okay yazamaki
- Yamazaki wrote: 'My own colour’ (LOL KAWAISOU www)

Okay because I am lazy and sleepy (4.13am). Basically Hijikata-san asked why. And he said, well he doesn’t have his own colour. Notice how Shinpachi is checking out his own clothes? Because green = Shinpachi. And Yamazaki mentioned:

- Yamazaki: Firstly, well green is Shinpachi and black is too dark to be seen (aww kawaiisouuu XD)
- Hijikata: That’s true *symphatizing*
- Yamazaki: That’s why, this year, I want 'my own colour’.
- Hijikata: Btw, what colour would you like?
- Yamazaki: …… uh, its a trouble for me to answer that
- Hijikata: oi… well try your best to find your own colour

(wwww. lolol piroshi!hijikata is having a hard time to control his laugh here XD)


- Hijikata: Okay next. Yosha, Saitou!
- Saitou wrote: 'Usagi’ (bunny)
- Hijikata: A bunny? Why?
- Saitou: Last year, I wasnt able to be honest with someone about my own feelings. So this year, I thought of making a 'yuki usagi’ with her. (snow bunny SAITOU’S TRADEMARK ASKJAHSKH!!!)
- Audiences & Me: KYAAAAAAAAAAAA (ofcourse! XD)

(And too much KYAAASS from the audiences. I dont know how Saitou!Ryou-kun can actually handle those KYAAAS with a straight face. And because of the intense KYAAA)

(LOOK, omg baby zachou how did you managed to maintain that straight face. Look at Okita & Kondou-san they are totally laughing and smiling. Okita!dainyan had to face back to cover up his smiles, and our dear fukuchou too is like :/ :) :? :p)

- Heisuke: Ugh, somehow that’s making me angry. (heisuke dont be jelly :p) 
- Saitou: That’s it.
- Hijikata: But I thought Saitou is a serious one. But that’s just my own assumption.

- Hijikata: Yosha, Kondou-san
- Kondou-san wrote: 'Toshi and Souji will stop fighting/quarrelling/misunderstanding each other’ (not accurate but +-, my kanji reading ability is ||orz)

- (And, Kondou-san actually write something wrongly and he crossed out the kanji)
- Hijikata: What happened, why those mistakes?
- Kondou-san: Because I.. was thinking about souji? (Kondou-san please XD). I got confused.
- Hijikata: My feelings didnt get through, it seems.
- Kondou-san: Toshi! please take care of me again from now on
- Hijikata: Ou!

- Hijikata: Yosh! Everyone of you.. well cant do anything with the 'Odori (dance)’. But the rest, try your best to achieve your resolutions! Okay, quick everyone, clear up everything.

(And I totallly saw this coming wwww XD)

- Saitou: Fukuchou.
- Hijikata: What?
- Saitou: Speaking of which, I think I haven’t seen you writing your kakizome.
- Hijikata: It’s okay, forget mine.
- Saitou: But..
- Okita: Hajime-kun. I found this in Hijikata-san’s room
- Hijikata: O-oi Souji wait! Souji Souji!

(LOLOLOL LOOK AT THAT FACE & SPEED. Ebil Okinyan is ebil, me loves :p)

- Okita: One two.. *tada*

(AI AI GASA?! (please google that XD) Symbol of love kind of thing with Hijikata + Chizuru. HAHAHAHA.OH MY GOD I DIDNT EXPECT THAT. HAHAHA. /deadededed whale noizez here/. And poor hiji, look at that face? :p)

(Awww, fukuchou what have you done. Saitou is upset nyao! XD)

- Hijikata: No.. this
- Saitou: Fukuchou, by all means, explain what is this?
- Okita: Can you please explain to us?
- And here hijikata-san is sweating and going um uh explaining nervously. Like he though of writing kakizome and then he thought of writing 'Toshizou’ but then, it ended up being that shape and well basically he end up saying 'and there’s no other woman other than Chizuru you see and uh.. it somehow.. ended up like that? :p’

(LOL nervous fukuchou with a cute smile. awnn piroshiii *mofus* XD)

(And after he nervously explained, next thing he found is Souji trying hard to tear apart the Hijikata X Chizuru on the paper :p LOL RIP hijixchizu.)

- Okita: *walks away* It’s not nice to dominate Chizuru just for yourself you know.
- Hijikata: But Saitou..
- Saitou: Fukuchou, I dont talk about other people. *walks away*
- Saitou: But.. I really admire you.
- Hijikata: I really have good followers.


(LOOK Shinpachi!Shuuto’s face. OMG Alien Neko you soo adorableee *mofus*. He made so many expressions in this LIVE, and so so so cuteeee. www I want to *PINCH*)

Okay, im sorry im sorry. I wrote too much. But this segment is tooooo FLUFFEELS!! XD

Anyways, the arrangements this time are A.W.E.S.O.M.E A.W.E.S.O.M.E. They rearranged, mix and match the songs, and idk whatever it is, SO AWESOME. I cant find words :p I didn’t really concentrate so I’ll have to re-watched for 92834928734x. *sigh* I wanna goo to LIVE. Please have another LIVE I NEED TO GO! akjsdasd.

Okay, jya ne! :p The files are at 95% as of now *wiggle imaginary kitsune ears and tails*


Title: The Souji and Ryunosuke Friendship 

Perhaps one of the strangest bonds in Reimeiroku, but still, they’re in a strange way friends. What they have isn’t your typical college-buddy-bro-type friendship. Rather than getting along by drinking and sparring together, these guys have a great sense of understanding for each other, which makes Ryunosuke one of the few characters in Hakuouki that can see past Souji’s friendly grin and uncover his darkest side. 

One of the things that makes Ryunosuke a great friend is that he can listen to Souji. Though he may be a judgmental jerk at first, Ryunosuke eventually opens up to Souji when he realizes they have several things in common with each other. And Souji does the same to him as well. He may be cold and hostile, but it’s a privilege to hear him out about his deepest thoughts and feelings. He NEVER talks about his deepest feelings to just anyone, including Kondou. Only people (Chizuru and Ryunosuke) who learn to “accept” Souji for who he is and not for what he can do earn the right to unlock a side to him that’s usually hidden behind a deceiving grin. 

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Title: Nagumo Kaoru ~The Psychotic Evil Twin Brother for a Reason~

(Dedicated to msbeastlyeevee for requesting this analysis)

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Kaoru is crazy, but does everyone know why? To delve into this question, one must look into the information we’re given about his past.

By all rights (sort of), Kaoru has a legitimate reason to hate humans. The Yukimura demon clan lived their lives peacefully and secluded from the world. They, like several other demon clans, refused to help the humans overthrow the shogunate, and as a result the humans decided to destroy them. The difference between the Yukimura clan and the Kazama&Amagiri clans is that they didn’t have human clans (Satsuma) to protect them from the humans’ assault. So in the end, the Yukimura clan was massacred. The only survivors were Kaoru, Chizuru, and Kodo.

But as we all know, Kaoru gets separated from his sister and eventually lives with the Nagumo demon clan. His experiences with this clan are unclear, simply because the story doesn’t delve in too deep with it, but we know that his childhood there was brutal. You would think that after watching his entire family die, the Nagumo clan would console and raise him properly, but that’s not at all what happens.

The only concern on the Nagumo clan’s mind is to preserve the species of strong pureblooded demons. By mistake apparently, they only saved Kaoru because they thought he was the female twin -the one capable of bearing offspring later on. Of course, they don’t hide their disappointment when they realize they got stuck with the male twin. So they end up raising him, but they constantly remind him that he was a MISTAKE. They call him WORTHLESS, USELESS, TRASH, and many more brutal words. As a child without a source of encouragement/love/and support, Kaoru loses sight of his self-worth and grows up with a cold mentality/view of things.

He develops a type of nihilistic view of the world, believing that he has no purpose in life, and you can’t really blame him for it. As a child, if someone constantly claims that your existence is meaningless, then of course you develop this nihilistic way of thinking. An example to prove that Kaoru is a nihilist is after Souji becomes a fury and Chizuru “chats” with him. Kaoru calls himself worthless, and Chizuru notes in her narration that “worthless” was simply a part of him now. He has no ambition for himself; he can only hate/curse the world (this will show up again).

But like Souji in his childhood days, Kaoru won’t succumb to being a subject of uselessness and worthlessness. He comes to believe that if he’s going to escape that title, he must get stronger. And by whatever means he utilizes to obtain power, Kaoru uses his strength to break free from being chained down as a “useless” child AND to curse EVERYONE who had done him wrong. And Kaoru starts off by destroying the Nagumo clan for their abuse to him; we find that out when he confronts Chizuru and says, “I suppose I can’t blame them for what they did. I simply wasn’t equipped to produce children, no matter what they did to me. I was worthless. Of course, anyone who told me that has long since been, ah, dispatched.”.

After dispatching the Nagumo clan, Kaoru must have found out about Chizuru’s whereabouts and discovered that she has no memory of him or the Yukimura clan’s demise. THAT is the reason why Kaoru starts to hate her. Initially when he reveals his true self to Chizuru, it appears that he hates her for having a better childhood than him, which is true, but not because he got stuck with the Nagumo clan and she ended up with Kodo, but rather she lived on peacefully without suffering her family’s loss. Because of this, Kaoru feels as though she ABANDONED him (does this remind you of a certain someone *cough cough…Souji maybe???). So this is when Kaoru’s quest of “getting even with Chizuru” begins.

So throughout Souji’s route, Kaoru constantly makes Chizuru suffer by turning Souji into a fury, gathering Itou’s men to shoot Kondou, shooting Souji with silver bullets, AND (to top the cake) he also turns his sister into a fury. He does ALL of this to have Chizuru pay for not remembering what happened the Yukimura clan. And in my opinion, he would’ve continued harassing her -had she not dreamt about her family’s demise.

And all while he’s making Chizuru suffer, he’s planning a plot with (crazy-ape-shit-dad) Kodo for revenge against the humans. This plan involves building a kingdom of demons by using Kodo’s furies with the excuse that they’re creating a place for demons to reign supreme and live in peace. In truth, the furies would’ve slaughtered humans, including innocents. This also ties into Kaoru cursing everything because the world is cruel place, and as survival of the fittest goes, the STRONGEST survive.

I’m going to make a reference to the Hakuouki (Souji) Musical, but at the final battle Souji “sings” that he can feel no ambition in Kaoru’s blade, there was only hate and darkness, which I believe to be entirely true. Kaoru’s “dream” isn’t to live in peace with a kingdom of furies/demons, in reality, all he wants is to punish humans for his mistreatment, and he wants to achieve that goal by whatever means necessary.

I’ll start by explaining the bad end to Souji’s route. Kaoru dies with a wicked smile on his face because he was able to inflict a mortal wound on Souji. Though minor (in terms of what his initial plan was), Kaoru was able to at least punish someone who was going to stop his plan. If Kaoru was completely driven (with ambition), yes, he would be happy to kill Souji, but I think he would’ve still shown some desire to live on to build his kingdom. But Kaoru dies almost immediately, which is mainly because of the severe wound Souji gave him, but Kaoru -in way that I see it- “accepts” death because he was strong enough to complete some part of his objective of cursing the world by killing Souji and leaving Chizuru all by herself.

Now the good end. This when Kaoru’s precious strength is in jeopardy. In this scene he says, “People only suffer because they’re weak. If they aren’t willing to do what it takes to get stronger, then they deserve what they get. Me, on the other hand…” “…I’m willing to do anything!”. He knows he can’t take on Souji one-on-one because Souji is extremely powerful, so as a desperate last resort, he drinks the Water of Life and becomes a fury. As a result, Kaoru gains the upper hand in the battle. A crazy move all the same, but this just demonstrates that Kaoru values strength over any ambition.

Strength is his ticket to avoid being weak and worthless, and that’s why it’s such a big deal to him over anything.

This a more symbolic aspect, but I think that because Kaoru looks like more  of a child he’s not able to grow up like Souji and give meaning to his life. I’ve said it before in another analysis, but this why Souji and Kaoru are perfect rivals. Technically they’re both the same, but Souji is the representation of growing up and learning how to find his self-worth whereas Kaoru remains imprisoned as a child, only seeing strength as his virtue.

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Title: The Kondou, Hijikata, Souji Relationship ~Part II: Souji and Kondou~

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(Credit must be given to tokio-fujita for her Reimeiroku translations)

(And this is when tears will stream out like a tsunami for me T-T)

Note: Souji is my FUCKING FAVORITE CHARACTER, not just in Hakuouki, but in everything I’ve ever seen/read in my entire life. But I’ll try to keep this analysis as unbiased as I can for Hakuouki fans that may not share the same opinion about him. But be warned, this analysis will be longer than usual. Enjoy!

Explaining who Souji is individually can be quite difficult because most of his personality is characterized by the people around him; however, once you understand him and begin to see his true self behind his witty jokes, threats, and wry grin, it makes things so much painful to bear but in a beautiful way that shouldn’t exactly be pitied on. To make things easier, I’ll explain things in chronological order of events.

Whatever life Souji lived before the Shieikan (Shiel Hall) days is for the most part unknown, but we know that his parents die, and it eventually becomes difficult for his older sister, Mitsu, to support him (economically, etc., etc.). We don’t know the full extent of their relationship, but I think it’s safe to assume that they were close. The reason why I say that is because we feel the most pain from the people who are closest to us if they ever “betray” us per se, and this is exactly what Souji feels for Mitsu after he gets dropped off at the Shieikan. We must take into account that he is a CHILD at this point, his brain can’t biologically and psychologically understand everything through an adult’s perspective. That said, instead of understanding that Mitsu can’t take care of him for economic reasons, he believes that she ABANDONED him because he’s useless. After all, what can a child do to help bring food to the table? Therefore, technically, he’s useless and a liability.

In the Shieikan, things go from bad to worse. “Useless” and “Pitiable” become words that Souji hears constantly about himself. After a while, older students that train at the dojo beat him and make fun of him while always calling him pitiable. Souji HATES that. He hates being weak. And it’s tougher for him because he’s smaller and “weaker” than the older students, and there’s no one there to stick up for him (except Kondou, but when he does it backfires). Even though Souji is suffering, I think as an audience that we shouldn’t pity him.  One attribute that he’s always had is that he’s stubborn. He will not let the older students have their satisfaction of calling him a pitiable child. Because of that, he becomes determined to escape from that title. But the only thing that provides him control of his own fate is a sword. He says in his Reimeiroku route that when he held a wooden sword for the first time, he held it like a weapon that could kill. This is when his killing instinct is born. Instead of succumbing to the title of a “pitiable child”, he forces himself to get strong, but in a way that’s of course raw. As a result, Souji’s self-confidence in his self-worth and value become low. The only asset that he thinks he has is the ability to kill. But that’s when Kondou comes in like a savior. If Souji hadn’t met Kondou, he would’ve become a monster, cursing everyone in the world (very similar to Kaoru, but that’s for another analyses I have planned). But Kondou teaches him that no matter how dark the world is there is meaning to everything, and that you should make the most out of what fate offers you instead of cursing it (remember this because it will show up again).

After Souji’s insane fight, we see Kondou stop him from possibly mortally wounding his opponent. I’m going to get a bit psychological here, but you know how you get rewarded for “good behavior”, well that’s sort of what happens when Kondou hugs and praises Souji. This is a theory, but Souji thinks he’s being “rewarded” by proving his skill with a sword -though Kondou praises him for his determination and perseverance. But the most important thing to take out from this scene is the instant connection that Souji has with Kondou. Unlike others in the dojo, Kondou is the only one who doesn’t call him pitiable, and he never looks down on him. He genuinely cares about Souji, and because of that, he deserves Souji’s instant adoration and unconditional devotion. To Souji, Kondou is someone whom he can trust, who won’t abandon him and call him pitiable. He takes Kondou’s earlier lecture to heart, but not exactly in the way Kondou would’ve expected him to take it. Souji believes that the reason his parents died and his sister left him was all fate’s plan of having him meet Kondou. And back to the the “reward theory”, Souji believes that he should repay Kondou for his kindness by becoming a weapon to him because that (coincidentally) brought out a good reaction from Kondou. Though Kondou does save him from a crueler fate, he still unknowingly places a heavy curse on Souji.

Then we get to the Roshigumi times. Souji’s so desperate to prove his usefulness to Kondou that he reaches a lunatic level of devotion. Itching to kill, Souji becomes a killing machine who takes life away without a second thought. Though he thinks he’s making Kondou  happy at first, he’s proven wrong after helping Serizawa injure several sumo wrestlers who disrespected them and were threatening to beat them with hexagon staffs. Kondou legit yells at Souji for his rash behavior, scolding him by saying that you can’t just cut down commoners who get in your way because it’s morally wrong and against what a warrior should fight for. This has a devastating tole on Souji. For a moment, he goes back to thinking he’s useless. He’s lost and confused. His mind thinks like “If I can’t kill, then what else can I do?”. He has no clue that Kondou values him for just being himself, and not for being useful or a weapon. Sannan figures out Souji’s mind process to a degree, so he uses Souji. Knowing that Souji’s vulnerable and afraid of becoming useless, Sannan claims that he knows what’s best for the Roshigumi/Shinsengumi; therefore, by following Sannan’s orders (which is doing a lot of dirty work a.k.a. killing spree), Souji will help Kondou in the long run -even if Kondou doesn’t agree with his actions. You would think: why does Souji continue to kill if it upsets Kondou a lot? Truth be told, it destroys him knowing that he’s making Kondou suffer; however, since he so strongly believes that the only thing he can do is kill, he’ll continue killing for the sake of the Shinsengumi because there’s no other alternative to demonstrate his worth and to repay Kondou.

But Souji’s a good liar. He keeps smiling, and for the most part has an optimistic attitude that gives no indication of the dark storm inside of him. That said, he pretends to have this “pure heart” facade because that’s really what Kondou thinks he has. If Souji were to let Kondou see his true dark-self, he would think that Kondou will ultimately reject him. Why? Because Kondou told him upfront that “They (lawless ronin) are swinging their swords at innocent souls and taking those lives, while being blinded by their self-interest. That makes them no different from beasts. I don’t want you to become like that”. You can easily imagine Souji’s inner reaction when he hears that (ultimate despair for me and him *bawls like a baby*; later he does actually cry when he talks about this issue with Ryunosuke). But in order to not let Kondou know that he really is a beast, Souji smiles and “accepts” Kondou’s words, hiding his inner pain quite well to Kondou, who buys all of his lies.

And until Chizuru comes into Souji’s life and teaches him that he’s not just a weapon and that he’s actually human, he maintains an impermeable wall to his deepest thoughts and emotions with an innocent smile that deceives everyone. And though his actions may be wrong, his heart is always in the right place. To end on a positive note; Souji is perhaps the most selfless character in Hakuouki. You may not see it right away, but Souji is altruistic to those he holds close to his heart, not at all caring what happens to him.

Feel free to share your opinions about Souji and Kondou’s relationship! And look out for the final part of this analysis! As you may have guessed, it’s going to describe Hijikata’s relationship with Souji.

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The Kondou, Hijikata, and Souji Relationship ~Part III: Souji and Hijikata~

[NOTE #1: I’m extremely sorry for the delay, but one of my AP teachers decided it was a good idea to start a project even though we’re already done with the class (let’s just say I’ve been really cranky about this)].

[NOTE #2: This analysis is mainly based off from what we see in Souji’s route, other than that it includes general story elements as well].

[NOTE #3: This is hella long. Anyways, enjoy!]

The reason why this part of the analysis comes last is because I had to explain Kondou’s relationship with everyone else. Kondou DOES have an effect on Souji’s relationship with Hijikata. That said, let’s begin :)

It’s pretty much a tornado heading toward Souji’s path when he first meets Hijikata. Basically, Hijikata walks in and earns Kondou’s friendship instantly. Not only that, but Kondou has no shame whatsoever in expressing how awesome his BFF “Toshi” is. When it comes to Kondou praising someone (other than Souji) for his usefulness, the obvious reaction from Souji is jealousy. Quickly, Hijikata becomes Souji’s rival in competing for Kondou’s affection and praise. Think of it as siblings rivaling against each other for a parent’s attention (though it’s a one-sided rivalry).

People may assume that Souji hates Hijikata, and it seems that way considering how ready Souji is to call out Hijikata whenever he “screws up”. However, Souji had known Hijikita since he was a kid. Souji believes that Hijikata is a threat to his relationship with Kondou, as well as to his purpose of being a sword. Both Hijikata and Kondou share many of the same ideals, which to Souji makes it seem that Kondou prefers Hijikata over him (though we all know Kondou loves them equally like younger brothers). You can say that Souji is jealous of Hijikata simply because he seems to be closer to Kondou. However, Souji can’t deny that Hijikata is VALUABLE to Kondou. Without him, the Shinsengumi would’ve never grown. Plus, Hijikata motivates Kondou to pursue his dream. Whenever Kondou is upset or is pessimistic about something, Hijikata gets him out of his slumps by telling him that a hero like Kondou can bring justice.

Souji can’t say anything like that to Kondou whenever he’s upset. Souji doesn’t understand topics such as money, politics, heroism, etc. Because of this, Souji feels separated from Kondou, whereas Hijikata is right by his side. Nonetheless, Souji can’t do anything to exterminate Hijikata due to his worth to Kondou.

Souji learns to accept him, but he also pulls childish pranks on him. Though Souji might have a grudge on Hijikata, it’s still obvious to see that Souji likes him. Souji displays his affection by endless teasing, which is why Hijikata is his primary target. One major personality trait that Souji has is that he’s childish. Because he’s childish, he won’t admit his brotherly love for Hijikata that exists DEEP DEEP down within his heart. So like a younger, annoying brother, we see Souji go out of his way to mess around with Hijikata (constantly saying witty remarks, stealing Hijikata’s haiku and showing it off to Saito or reading it aloud, setting up traps, naming cats after Hijikata, and MUCH more). And though Souji may look like an asshole in the process, it’s important to consider that if he didn’t care about Hijikata at all, he wouldn’t even waste his time or spend all that effort in aggravating the poor Hijikata.

Despite this, Souji is more than ready to eliminate Hijikata if he supposedly screws up. A perfect example of this happens when Kondou gets shot. Though we all know it wasn’t Hijikata’s fault, Souji still blames him. Still, Hijikata does take the responsibility for this event, which leads us to catch a glimpse of Souji’s dark side. He threatens coldly, “If he (Kondou) dies, it’s your ass in the fire, Hijikata-san”. And despite this, Hijikata says nothing back, as if he understands and accepts his possible punishment.

The reason why Souji blames Hijikata so easily is because he has ridiculously high expectations from him. Besides Hijikata being “The Oni Lieutenant”, Hijikata is mainly perceived by everyone as a perfect being. He’s strict, but he’s one hell of a leader; he’s as handsome as an actor; but most importantly, he seems to know how to make the perfect decisions each and every time. Essentially, he makes the IMPOSSIBLE happen (though we all know this isn’t necessarily true), and there are plenty of examples that make Souji believe this: Hijikata manages to intimidate the crap out of Serizawa, whereas others (including bloodthirsty Souji) can’t; whenever Serizawa tarnishes the Roshigumi’s/Shinsengumi’s name, Hijikata can gain the support from others again; but most importantly, Hijikata easily earns Kondou’s praise.

There are MANY moments when Kondou praises Hijikata in front of others. “Toshi has splendid talents”, is what Kondou says in Reimeiroku, and Souji recalls those words to Ryunosuke in his route. As you can tell, this obviously upsets Souji, but once again, he can’t do anything about it. There’s another reason why Souji holds high expectations for Hijikata. Hijikata, as the man capable of supplanting Souji for Kondou’s attention, he is, by obligation, a man who’s supposed to be perfect.

But Souji isn’t the only one to blame for having these high expectations. Hijikata himself does whatever it takes to live up to (more like surpass) people’s expectations of him. I think, to an extent, that Hijikata believes he CAN achieve the impossible. The reason why I claim this is because like I had mentioned earlier, Hijikata will take the blame for things that aren’t actually his fault. EX: he takes the blame for allowing Chizuru to go out on patrol with Souji for the first time which lead to fighting against Choushu spies; and he takes the blame for Kondou being shot. So why does Hijikata go to that extent of taking the blame for events he obviously couldn’t control?

Like Souji, who’s a control freak and needs to have control over life and death (as said by Chizuru in chapter 4 in Souji’s route), Hijikata needs control as well. For example, he can’t accept the fact that Kondou was misfortunately shot by the Guardians of the Imperial Tomb, he has to gain control of the event, even if it means blaming himself for the whole ordeal. He takes the blame for those type of events because he thinks that if he had made the correct decision in the first place he could’ve avoided an unwanted outcome. But because he thinks he made a wrong decision (which he really didn’t), he accepts responsibility, and by doing that he proves to others that he’s still a capable leader because they know that if Hijikata really had control, every situation would be played out perfectly. It also soothes his mind to take responsibility for such things because he can still feel like he has control. In other words, because he can recognize his “mistake” he reminds himself that he has control over fate by making his own decisions (even if it is the wrong decision).

You can also argue that Hijikata takes the blame to be a sort of “punching bag” for Souji. He knows how dangerous Souji can get when something bad happens to Kondou, so he’s willing to receive all of Souji’s anger in order to prevent him from doing something really stupid/risky/insane. In his mind, it’s better for him to be the punching bag/stress ventilator instead of someone else who isn’t strong enough against Souji’s blind rage.

But an important thing to note is that Hijikata is willing to be Souji’s punching bag because he loves and cares about Souji like a younger brother. We all know that Hijikata is perhaps the worst when it comes to expressing his feelings/concern for others, but there are still actions that prove that Hijikata really cares for Souji. When Souji starts getting in a killing frenzy mood back in Reimeiroku, Hijikata orders Souji to go back to Edo. That way Souji wouldn’t have to stain his sword with blood, or possibly turn into a mad killer that’s provoked by Serizawa’s influence. It’s not the best way of expressing his concern (considering that Souji takes it as a way of Hijikata trying to separate him from Kondou), but you can tell that Hijikata wants what’s best for Souji. He also demonstrates his concern by (sternly/coldly) ordering Souji to stay in bed because of his tuberculosis. It’s cold because Hijikata’s always blunt, and it devastates Souji because he really wants to fight for Kondou instead of staying in bed all of the time, but Hijikata is worried about Souji’s health (despite not knowing that Souji has a terminal illness). It’s tough (cataclysmic) love, but it’s obvious these two are brothers at heart as well.

However, all good things must come to an end.

So back to the idea of Hijikata being perfect. Of course, this idea of being a perfect man gets shattered when Kondou dies. To put it briefly, because not even Hijikata could do anything to save Kondou, Souji learns that Hijikata is human. He realizes that Hijikata isn’t perfect, and though the new idea hurts him, Souji is released from the burden of competing for Kondou’s love. And back to Hijikata being a control freak, he can’t take full responsibility for Kondou’s death because there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN HIS “PERFECT” POWER THAT HE CAN DO to save Kondou. He tried, but he failed, and that’s what devastates him. So the blow is (literally and metaphorically) harder to take when Souji confronts him.

Neither of them wanted Kondou to die. They were both raised with the mindset that Kondou (the idolized as an older brother) would’ve outlasted them.

At this point in Souji’s route, Souji has his own goals and desires that don’t revolve around Kondou or Hijikata. More than anything, Souji wants to find a cure to that will reverse the Water of Life’s effect on Chizuru, he’ll even give up the possibility of succeeding or avenging Kondou in battle with Hijikata. Even though the “brothers” separate for good, it’s not necessarily a sad scene. Yes, they’ll never fight together again, which is sad, but there’s a good outcome that Souji and Hijikata reach.

Because the Shinsengumi is no longer Souji’s center at that point, I suspect that he doesn’t want to keep fighting in the battlefield without a good reason. I mean, why would he want to keep living in a world full of war and pain? Plus you can argue that he’s head over heals in love with Chizuru as well (I can certainly argue this because they’re perfect together in my opinion), so the obvious path for him to take is to look for Kodo. If he were to rejoin Hjikata, it probably wouldn’t mend their relationship because neither one of them would forget Kondou’s death (and Souji might still hold Hijikata accountable for it).

But Souji’s decision to go with Chizuru instead is actually what’s best for them (still talking about Souji and Hijikata). The chains that held them together and threatened to destroy their friendship are broken. With their newfound freedom, Souji can at last become his own man with the love of his life, and Hijikata can go on to battle peacefully without worrying about Souji for once in his life.

As to Souji saying he’ll never forgive Hijikata, I think that’s partially untrue. As I had said earlier, Souji won’t admit his true feelings to Hijikata. So by saying he’ll never forgive Hijikata, what he really means is that he’s upset and he did expect more from Hijikata, but at the end of the day they’ll remember their brotherhood and move on (even if they don’t say so verbally).

Feel free to share your opinions about this conflicted relationship/family that’s still full of love!

Souji felt a hand ruffle his hair as Kondou introduced him to the tall, brown-haired man.
“That’s Toshi! Well, okay, his actual name is Hijikata Toshizo. He’s a really nice guy, Souji.”
Souji’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked up to the man. “Can I… trust him, Kondou-san?” he questioned quietly, his face and voice remaining stoic. “I don’t want to make that mistake again.”

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