and knowing them and how they are now
Feminism, fashion and today’s new teen icons
From Tavi to Amandla, Willow to Kiernan, a new gen of girls are proving that style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive
By Dazed

I really love and have the utmost respect for girls like Tavi and Amandla and Willow, like they are really some of the brightest people on the internet right now but i have this ever growing frustration with how people choose to make them the forefront of how teens in america live today, knowing damn well that this is all so flawed. A poor black girl in bumfuck nowhere is not going to read this article and relate to it. 

There is only one type of girlhood or experience being presented every time they run pieces like this, on the same type of people who say and do exactly the same things. I honestly feel ridiculous typing this because this is such a dead topic and “representation” has become totally obsolete now because who even cares anymore? But it doesn’t stop being frustrating to people like me who come from low-income backgrounds with no resources, like i really just hope that one day celebrity culture will no longer play a part in the whole conversation of girlhood and feminism and that we will be able to reach across various types of girls and people who go through different experiences and see the world from different angles and be able to show that feminism does not only take place in the west and that girlhoods differ, and right now there are a lot of girls (mainly black girls) who are being swept under the rug or ignored because i guess our girlhood isn’t pretty enough or aesthetically pleasing. 

There’s nothing funnier to me than people who say Mads (and Hugh) wouldn’t like where the show has gone.

It’s not like Bryan Fuller hadn’t told them in excruciating detail exactly what will happen and how the characters will evolve before they even signed their contracts. It’s not like he answered all their questions. It’s not like he didn’t work with them and let them contribute.

It’s not like he called the show a ‘love story’ from the very beginning back in season one.

Oh wait.

“It really is a love story, for lack of a better description, between these two characters. As Hannibal has said [to Graham] in a couple of the movies, ‘You’re a lot more like me than you realize.’ We’ll get to the bottom of exactly what that means.” - Bryan Fuller

He did.

I don’t get it.

I know the bears have been hard to read lately and confusing, but I don’t get the backlash against them. Are we forgetting how awesome it is to have a rainbow mascot? Are we forgetting that big bear is dressed like Teddy Mercury much of the time, has worn gender-bending clothes, read books about queer celebrities, and dressed as local drag queens? Are we forgetting that rainbow bondage bear has served as a point of fun and interest and interaction and excitement for months and months now, and all the great times we’ve had with them? And how it’s so clear that whoever is doing them is having so much fun pampering them and dressing them up for us?

I understand it if you’re not interested or not wanting to analyze them, but the Bears have served a very important place as a rainbow and queer mascot for this fandom, both last tour and this tour, and I don’t understand why they’re suddenly being treated like disdain and a taunt.

and now u know what my hair smells like

Regardless of how Adam and Eddy feel about LGBTQ+, I find it hard to believe that they don’t realize how influential they could be as writers… Their show has an opportunity to literally go down in history as the first Disney affiliated lesbian love story- that’s HUGE! Everyone knows it: If Emma and Regina were together, Adam and Eddy would have the spotlight thrown onto them and their work; they would be interviewed countless times, and they would be talked about decades after decades from now… Their names would be attached to an unforgettable story! Their characters would be referenced forever… So, really, I don’t see why they WOULDN’T make Swan Queen happen. It not only makes so much sense for Emma and Regina to be together, but Adam and Eddy would be doing such an incredible thing for their own careers. How could- and why would- anyone pass that opportunity up?

-SPOILERS- Texas Lucaya Theory.


Thought I might place a theory on what will happen in girl meets Texas- and how both Rucas and Lucaya will kiss. 

Lucas will get invited over to Texas. Giving him the option to move back there now. His friends are allowed to come too- so they all go to help support him to make the right choice.

Lucas invites Riley on a date showing her the horses. She is excited. She gets to pet them, have some animal fun while she spends quality time with the one she feels deeply for.

 While there, he ends up kissing her, wanting her to know how he feels after the semi formal and some other events.

After the kiss, Riley feels confused. The kiss didn’t feel like it should of- at least to her. It felt weird. She will have a late night talk with Maya that evening, as they are sharing a room in Texas.

“Maya, you found out that I love Lucas, just not in the way I was hoping too.” She’ll say. Maya will nod, now helping comfort her friend since she finally came to the conclusion by herself.

She will ask what made her realize. And Riley will tell her about the kiss.

“I- I don’t know Maya. You’re supposed to stare into each others eyes. You’re supposed to feel all tingly and a force is supposed to pull you towards them. I HAVE SEEN IT IN MOVIES! You’re supposed to want to kiss! You’re supposed to see the sparkle in their eyes and melt.” 

Maya will laugh, because she doesn’t exactly believe that that’s the way it goes- she doesn’t believe in Fairy-tales after all. But she does agree that if she doesn’t feel that way towards Lucas, they should talk about it.

And they do the next day. Lucas gulps, taking the news in. He feel’s a little saddened. He did like her in that way, she was the sunshine. But he still really wants to be her friend- so they agree. Be friends. A cute quote will go here. Maybe something like. “You’ll always hold a special place in my heart, no matter what.” 

Anyway, that evening- everyone is tired from the fun antics they had all day. And almost everyone is asleep- apart from Lucas and Maya who are gathered around a campfire outside, staring at the stars. 

“So, you ever roasted marshmallows City Girl?” He will ask.

She will raise her eyebrow, and smirk. “No Hoppalong. I can’t say I ever have.” 

He will laugh softly and start talking about how him and his family always used to roast marshmallows over an open camp fire. Usually after a long day horse riding with the family, when they were all together.

Maya looks at him, truly looks at him and smiles, just watching him be… Lucas. He has a certain… glow around him, as he speaks about all his memory’s in the comfort of his home town.

She becomes saddened- only slightly.

“Guess I’ll miss him if he chooses to move back here…” The thought quickly enters and leaves her mind. She’ll shake it off.

He grabs two marshmallow sticks, preparing them, before turning around to face her.

“Okay, be careful now- We don’t want City Girl to get burnt now, do we?” He will tease.

She smiles, and looks into his eyes. Just for a few seconds. What is this she is feeling? The weird want to be closer to him- and what’s the pain? No- Weird sensation- tingly feeling she feels inside her stomach?

Maya becomes silent, Lucas is worried. Did he say something wrong?

“Would- Would you rather have s’mores?” he will ask, trying to get the conversation going again.


“Because we have some-” 

In a matter of seconds, Maya leans forward and captures his lips into a kiss. This kiss will not be screened like the Rucas kiss- it will be full of passion.

Lucas will not pull away, he was not, at all expecting this- and he is kinda shocked.

It lasts for around seven seconds. When she breaks the kiss, she looks a certain type of horrified.

“What did I just do?” She’ll ask herself.

And Lucas says, softly, after a sharp silence between them:

“What did you do that for?”

And Maya stay’s silent. Because she doesn’t have an answer to his question. 

She has no idea what just happened or why.

And then it will end, “To be continued.” x3

Just a thought! ^^

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Which gem do you think Steven will fuse with first? Like in Friend Ship, I legit thought that Amethyst and Steven were gonna accidentally fuse when they were panicking, since they were totally in sync with their "what do we do?" But now I'm kind of leaning towards its being Peridot and its gonna be by complete accident. Though I may be biased since Peri is one of my faves.

I’ve actually got this completely off-the-wall theory that Peridot can’t fuse, or at least she doesn’t know how to. Those feet of hers that can come off? They make her part physical and so she can’t turn her body into light. This was done to all new gems on Homeworld to prevent them from fusing due to the obvious stigma or whatever against it.

This is just my out-there theory, because everyone needs to have at least one.

Time for Dag X Dad Max headcanons, since I haven’t thought enough about those two:

Max carrying Dag’s baby girl around on his shoulders.

Dag making Max take regular baths because she doesn’t want her daughter smelling like the dirty garage every time he holds her.

Max getting swatted by Dag for sneaking out flowers every now and then, for a certain dirty garage lady.

Dag and Max make a deal, he can have seeds for his own rose bush, but he has to let her teach him how to care for them properly.  

When Max is feeling particularly worn out, he goes up takes care of the rose bush, but only if Dag is busy, because he knows as soon as she seems him she’ll come over and critique his plant care or start talking about spirits or something else he doesn’t understand.  

Dag always makes sure to water Max’s rose bush, just in case he doesn’t have time.

Whenever Max is up in the garden, Dag purposely goes to pester him because she knows he secretly doesn’t mind.  He thinks she’s incredibly weird, but she gives him new perspectives on the world. Sometimes she helps him solve problems while making no sense at all.  

Max is too short to reach things sometimes, and Dag loves to tease him about that, and will often hold tools far above his head.  

In the evenings, Dag loves to tell strange, dramatic, and whimsical stories to the people in an open area by a large fire pit.  Max tries to be there when he can because it’s some of the best entertainment to be had in the Wasteland.

One time, Dag pulled Max onto her ‘stage’ and asked him to pretend to be a horse for her story.  The small children loved it so much that he occasionally guest stars in her story time, as the same horse.

Max sews a stuffed toy horse for Dag’s little girl.  She calls it “Max”, but since she can’t speak well yet, it comes out more like “Mash”.  Now, the horse in Dag’s stories is also called “Max”. 


So I know how y’all love it when this lil nugget here turns all fancy and wears a suit so I thought I’d draw you some of that

Now it’s fifty-fifty because Vik can’t put on ties properly and I can’t draw them

Vik, why are you looking like that? Everyone knows that bowties are cool

Do not trace, copy, steal or use without permission

This is how you lose yourself. You’re a senior in high school and you decide it’s time to be serious. You do all of your work, in fact you go above and beyond. But you don’t write anymore and you stopped singing in the shower

Before you could get over the bad days, you would shrug them off and begin again. But now they all add up. You’re less bubbly, you never know what to say in conversations. What does your laughter even sound like ?

You stop wearing your favorite jeans because your parents don’t like them and pretty girls don’t wear jeans like that. You dye your hair blonde because you need a change. You just didn’t know the change would end up so monumental.

The distance between you and your best friend seems to get bigger all the time. You don’t know how to give each other advice when you keep making the same mistakes again and again. She doesn’t message you when she gets in fights with her boyfriend and you don’t go to her when you can’t breathe.

You worked so hard to move on, to let go of the past. But you gave everything away in the process. You let the past change you and steal parts of you. You’re living your life in a dream like state, so when are you gonna wake up ?

You forget that you loaned your friend money the day before. You start putting everything in your calendar because if you didn’t you would forget everything. People ask you if you’re okay and you tell them you’re tired. But really, you don’t know what or who you are.

—  This is how you lose yourself.

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Vivian, how would EXO-M tell their kids that they're going to have a little brother/sister? Is a gif-reaction ok to request? If not, just a very quick description! >< - Sarang-unnie [who's going through her Got7 requests and will transform them on EXO ones! XD]

Gif reaction? Oh suuure~

Xiumin: Sweetie, we`re going to have another little disaster like yourself~

Luhan: Listen up yo, from now on you`re the older child in this family

Kris: Remember you were asking for a little sister? Well, daddy granted your wish

Chen: Kid, you`re not alone anymore! [happy hugs]

Lay: Mommy asked me to tell you that you`re going to have a little sibling… he or she will be this cute~~

Tao: I`m just so emotional rn I don`t know how to keep up with myself

You know you`re going to have a sibling? [+caption]

- Vivian

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)

on my dash today, i saw a fellow artist be picked on and berated and challenged to prove that her art was real 

and i just want you all to know

that needs to stop right the fuck now

it does not matter how you do your art, it matters that you do your art

only art can make art

only practice can make good art

idc if you think you’re descended from michelangelo or da vinci themselves, you have no right to go into someone’s inbox and harass them just because you do not agree with their style of art

shut the fuck up, back off, eat a cookie, and let the artist do what they want to do

remember, there are real people, usually underaged people, on the other end of that ask box, with real feelings and emotions. stop discouraging young artists because you have nothing better to do with your sad pathetic lives. go pet a dog. 


I’m hopping on the long post about the current situation wagon. This issue has so many different sides so I’m trying to sort it out in the best way I can.


-Cheyenne was making jokes that resulted in Ziegs’ feeling bullied, depressed, and suicidal.

-Ziegs’ told Cry she felt hurt, and he, not understanding the severity of the effect it had on her, told her he didn’t know what to do.

-Cheyenne, has apologized publicly, saying she would have stopped with the jokes if Ziegs had told her herself, which Zieg stated in the original post she made that she was “terrified” (in quotations to reference a direct quote, not to condescend) of Cheyenne.

Now, here’s where I start talking. To quote Snake, it is absolutely deplorable that a member of the crew had to leave because another member made them feel suicidal. There is no defense for that. Now, Cry has spoken on the matter and how he didn’t understand how badly she was feeling, this is my issue with that:

The scaling is not important. If Zieg’s said to Cry, ‘Cheyenne’s “jokes” are hurting my feelings’ that should have been enough. Late Night has always been about having fun. It has always been a happy place and it has ALWAYS not tolerated any type of bullying, intended or not. So the fact that the only time multiple people raised an issue with someone and nothing being done, was with his girlfriend, is unfair. I am not saying what a lot of the, in my opinion, younger fans are saying, that he should have just kicked her out or even broken up with her, but only that there should have been a discussion the first time that ended the behavior. Not to say there wasn’t a discussion at all, we can’t know that, but it obviously did not change the way she was behaving.

If the standard for confronting an issue is waiting until someone feels bullied to the point of being suicidal, then how do we expect it to be a positive atmosphere?

Now I’m not saying this is Cry’s fault. I do believe he didn’t mean to overlook his friend’s feelings, and that he didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt. Only that he made a mistake, and telling Zieg that he didn’t know it was that bad, doesn’t mean he didn’t know it wasn’t happening, and he miscalculated.

Cheyenne is a human being. She is flawed and struggling with a lot right now, it is truly a shame that she took that out on other people, intentionally or not. Now her apology could’ve been done without calling Ziegs’ comment that she felt suicidal due to her jokes a “lie”. I don’t believe Cheyenne would do that intentionally, but I do believe that the way she treated Ziegs could have very well made someone feel like that. Everyone is different, and different things hurt different people.

This is not something to be taken lightly and everybody involved is, as cannot be stressed enough, human.  

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Hey Bonny having a really rough night because my dad drove me home from work and he got mad at me because I got so many groceries because I'm vegan now and my mom got so mad at me because I bought 56 bananas and I was just really upset & angry at them because I'm buying my own groceries and instead of them appreciating that they tell me "what a waste of money you spent"almost started crying cause I'm finally doing something on my own and they made me feel down for something I'm passionate about

Awh honey!! I’m sorry, it’s sooo hard when parents arent supportive. The only thing I can suggest is try and not let it get to you! Your parents are seeing a change in you and might not be adjusting to that so well right now, but in time you never know what will happen. Be the bigger person, and rather then getting angry at them, sympathize and maybe have a chat with them about how much this means to you, and how you’re trying to do what’s best for your health, body and mind !!!

Reassure them that you caring about your health and the environment is a GOOD thing. There are plenty worse things you could be spending your money on then bananas 😂😂 stay strong for you and for the animals! I PROMISE it gets easier. And who knows you might even connect with your parents on a deeper level after this experience… I’m a firm believe in the universe giving us each challenge for a reason. You will definitely grow from this xx


The following was pieced together from a thread on 4chan’s paranormal board from May 8th and 10th, 2013

Hey /x/, I need some advice. I know this isn’t technically paranormal, but it’s creepy as fuck and I’m not sure what to do. I go to college in the northwestern United States and a few weeks ago, during a party I was at, I stole a laptop and an iPod (I don’t need to hear about how bad a person I am for stealing, yeah I know and that’s not going to help me now). I have occasionally stolen technology in the past to sell at pawnshops and stuff. I’m pretty good with computers, so I can usually circumvent their passwords and stuff, and sell them as if they were my own. Anyway, the computer I stole had some fucked up shit on it.

Like some stuff that makes me think I stole from an actually violent and crazy person (I don’t want to be too specific in case they or someone they know is on here, I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing). But my question is does anyone know how to break into a TrueCrypt file? Is it even possible? There is one on here and I’m not even sure if I want to know what’s on there after the crazy stuff I found that wasn’t even password protected.  […]

40 More Writing Prompts

For another project, 40 six word sentence prompts. :)

1.   It’s crucial we get this done.

2.   No one could be as stubborn.

3.   I did well today, didn’t I?

4.   I’m missing something here, aren’t I?

5.   You did this to yourself, sir.

6.   How can you be so resentful?

7.   We can go now or later…

8.   I would never lie to them.

9.   I’ll work when I have time!

10.   If you’d ever show up, yes.

11.   Soaked to the bone, he continued.

12.   How strange it is, being alone.

13.   Please just back the fuck off.

14.   I didn’t know I was scared.

15.   After the incident, I secluded myself.

16.   Aren’t you a bit… not… qualified?

17.   Something inside of them turned off.

18.   Please, don’t turn him away again!

19.   All we need is a signature.

20.   A bit of fuel for thought.

21.   I’ve given up fighting you… today.

22.   We’ll get through this, I promise.

23.   He’s not agitated, he’s a jerk.

24.   Now, let’s unravel your theory completely.

25.   There, I fixed it… Well, mostly…

26.   Not exactly proper, is it darling?

27.   He was seduced by the possibilities.

28.   Your soul is like a pit.

29.   She did the unthinkable and escaped.

30.   Something about cats… ring a bell?

31.   He could be anywhere by now!

32.   Don’t bother, you’ll only get hurt.

33.   I regret to inform you that…

34.   Give or take twenty days between.

35.   Ignore me, I don’t know anything.

36.   I can’t say I’m in love.

37.   You don’t know what that means…

38.   Stood up to them, regretted it.

39.   Love isn’t perfect and that’s okay.

40.   Hustle people, we don’t have time!


Another WIP

In my excitedness and tiredness I forgot to make them hat slider compatible so of course there is clipping and there is going to be clipping regardless because I mean look at it. I am debating about releasing things only because I know people always find a reason to hate no matter how nice you are to them. So I am hesitant. Its 5am and I’m gonna go back and make it slider compatible. I have this version and a version with ears. 3 types two with a towel like texture and then one that is fully recolorable. Okay I am done now. :)

crack au: DB(Z) x exo ☞ ‘when an unfortunate accident propels the k boys’ plane into the seventh universe, the only solution left for them seems to be to gather the dragon balls, and ask shenron to send them back where they came from. but dende’s shenron can realise three wishes now (unless one is used to resuscitate a large number of people), and joonmyun has difficulties shaking away the troubling second wish he has in mind, no matter how selfish he knows it to be. little does he know, the k unit’s disappearance in their original universe has prompted an unexpected reunion back home, as a certain ex-leader sets off with his former unit in joonmyun’s pursuit, into the seventh universe, precisely to prevent him from realising that second wish…’

I couldn’t resist *(❁´▽`❁)* I really wanted to doodle the different DB clothes, with all those the high-waist baggy pants and cute flashy cropped jackets, bright coloured boots and what not <3 ahhh But since my drawing skills suck and I am not comfortable drawing DB characters yet I decided to use the boys as a proxy instead. And then the idea for a crack-ish plot kind of came into being with it haha But here it is.

From left to right: Chanyeol’s outfit comes from Goku’s clothes in the pre-Cell Games episodes when he is resting with Gohan.

Baekhyun is from Gohan’s date with Angela when he is still trying to conceal the whole Great Saiyaman deal from Videl (not in the books).

Sehun’s outfit is Trunks’ generic outfit in DBGT, which I love because SCARF

Joonmyun is Gohan again, this time his first school day in Satan City outfit - which I also adore because… he pulls …his pants up… really high…

Jongin’s is the outfit for Mirai Trunks when he arrives in the present timeline for the first time (pre-Androids arc).

Kyungsoo’s outfit’s derived from Vegeta’s clothes in the ten years’ later part at the end of DBZ, since they’re both grumpy.

Their hair are from the 2014 MAMA. This said, if this au was to happen at all, it would definitely have to happen during the LMR era. It would also be a very……childish au…with lots of a kids’ adventures vibe…and not much seriousness involved…