and knowing them and how they are now

… At first, though, I hated it. I thought it was too on-the-nose future fashion. Upon closer inspection? The lizard effect of the material transmitted through metal is a nice blend on the old vs new theme. And, then, well, compared to Zac Posen’s joke of a Claire Danes dress, it got a lot better. Also, unlike so many other gowns, it allowed her to dance.

With Tom Hiddleston.

How did we not realise until now that they are the celebrity mirrors of each other? She knows all the words to every song and sings along. He knows all the accents and imitations and drops a monologue on request. They’re equally eager. They’re equally earnest. And they both take “dance like no one’s watching” to a new level. Thank you, Anna Wintour, for bringing them together.

—  Lainey Gossip on Taylor’s Met Gala fashion and dancing with Tom Hiddleston.
  • Roman:Remind me again why I'm doing this?
  • Cinder:Emerald, Mercury, Neo, and I signed ourselves up as Haven students so we can be apart of the Vytal Tournament so our plan will go accordingly. Unfortunatly I failed to realise this school hosts Parent-Teacher evenings. That is why you're doing this Roman. Now keep smiling, nod at what these fools have to say, and tell them how proud you are of me!
  • Roman:Okay, okay, no need to get so worked up.
  • *The two of them make their way over to a teacher while whispering angrily and glaring daggers at each other.*
  • Teacher:Ah, hello, you must be Mr Fall.
  • Roman:Err sure, I guess.
  • Teacher:Huh, okay, well let me start of by saying that Cinder is lovely student to teach.
  • Roman:I don't know, I think she's kind of a pain in the ass.
  • Teacher:....
  • Cinder:I knew I should have brought mom.
I Want To Write, But What?

I can’t say this happens to me often. It happens, but typically if I’m writing a lot, I just keep writing and who knows where any of those ideas come from. But now, let’s unpack this. It’s a certain type of writer’s block. You want to write but cannot think of what it will be. 

How do we get new ideas for new writing? 

  • Prompts. They can help but if you’re just not into them you can’t force it. 
  • Go for a walk. And don’t bring music. Just walk and start thinking of things to write about. 
  • Pick words from a hat. Write down a bunch of interesting nouns to put into a story, drop them into a hat. Pull out 3 or 4 and see if you can write a story that either uses all of those words or incorporates most of them. You may have to do this two or three times before you come up with a story you’re really excited about. 
  • Read a book. Don’t copy the book. Let the book inspire you to write. 
  • Start writing anyway. You don’t have to know what you’re writing about. Write down whatever is on your mind and just make things up until it starts making sense again. This is a good way to start generating ideas. 

Sometimes when none of these things seem to be helping you, the reason you’re stuck is because you already kind of have something in mind that you want to write and none of your ideas are meeting this vision. If you’re afraid to write that thing you haven’t really figured out yet, don’t be. The worst thing that could happen is that it’s bad and in that case, you don’t show anyone and keep toying with it until you’ve gotten it right. There is no risk in trying. 

My jazz & contemporary tech teacher made us watch Dylynn’s bad blood solo & Bostyn’s body gold solo during class and I almost screamed

he was like “now these girls know how to maintain great musicality and performance and rhythm without loosing their stellar technique” and “choreo is fab” “they’ll be going places” “they are to die for dancers”


Imagine: Sirius flirting with your best friend because he wants you’re attention, but he doesn’t know that you already like him. You’re upset and end up admitting your crush to Remus when he goes to comfort you because he sees you’re upset. [x] [x]

Y/N: Thank you so much for listening, Remus. You’re an amazing friend, truly. *hugs him* *notices Sirius walking over* I have to go now. Talk to you later. *hurries off*
Sirius: *sits down next to Remus* What was that about? I was just about to talk to them. Did you scare them off?
Remus: No, I did not! You did, Sirius.
Sirius: What are you talking about? I’ve been trying to get closer to them- not push them away.
Remus: You messed up, Padfoot. I don’t think you even know how much.

Want to request an imagine?

Some more (less-than-sober) thoughts about Civil War...

Re: People upset or complaining about ‘lack of intimacy’ between Steve and Bucky

Bucky may be very touch-adverse right now.  I know we all want to see them all lovey dovey and stuff but in reality Bucky looks like he’s barely hanging on.  Steve also doesn’t know the full extent of what Bucky remembers; and ‘remembering’ the events of something doesn’t necessarily mean you remember the feelings. 

Steve doesn’t know if Bucky remembers their friendship.  He doesn’t know how appropriate showing direct intimacy - like hugging, forehead-kissing, or a whole number of amazing touches I would have loved to seen in Civil War - would comfort Bucky or make him feel uncomfortable.  

Bucky doesn’t exactly give off vibes of wanting that kind of attention, either.  He’s flighty, scared, jittery.  The poor guy probably NEEDS a hug and a warm bath more than I need air to breathe, but he certainly isn’t telegraphing that in his body language.

Basically, the whole situation in CivilWar is way too volatile to accurately gauge  what level of intimacy would be appropriate for each other.  They both probably need so much therapy guys.  They are all disasters.  

About You?

So, the description for Legends of Tomorrow episode No. 14 (”River of Time”) includes a line about how Mick and Snart consider returning home, unhappy with Hunter’s decision to take Savage to the Time Masters. 

Well, I know what sort of scene(s) I (and probably other CaptainCanary fans) would like to see. I’m probably not going to get them.

So I wrote them.

Shamelessly CaptainCanary. Oh, and I have a potty mouth. 

I own nothing. I just like to mess with the characters.


“If you leave this ship now, you’ll never forgive yourself.”

Snart’s chin goes up and his eyes narrow. This is not the reaction he’d expected from Mick, not at all. Not those words, not that sober tone of voice.

“What,” he grits out, “is that supposed to mean?”

When Hunter announced they’d take Savage to the TimeMasters, no one had been happy, least of all perhaps Mick. Snart, who’d never trusted the faceless group anyway, had proposed later that perhaps it was time to go … home. Central City 2016. Back to the city, back to the game, back to being anything other than heroes.

Mick … is not reacting as he’d expected.

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Welp, it had to happen eventually :P I’ve actually had quite a few people ask me what Fire and Lite would look like as ponies, and wonder if I’m ever gonna have them interact with Amber, so here you go~!

I haven’t fleshed out this AU at all, honestly, this was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing, ahahahh. I prooobably should’ve made Fire into a unicorn, ‘cause, y’know, fire magic and stuff, but I guess she can just be a pyromaniac in this AU~

I figured Iolite would be either a unicorn or an earth pony, but since she’s technically a worker, I went with earth pony.

About their cutie marks… I don’t even know, I did this at like 3AM

Fire’s special talent is burning everything ever and Iolite doesn’t get a proper cutie mark because she’s a cyborg :P

TL;DR: Mod Bun is being indecisive about everything and is also very sleepy.

Nico rested his hand on Will’s shoulder. “Apollo, we were worried. Will was especially.” Seeing them together, supporting each other, made my heart feel even heavier. During my delirium, both of my great loves had visited me. Now, once again, I was devastatingly alone.

Trials of Apollo


Thedosian Idol, Pt. 3

Can’t stop, won’t stop, not sure how to stop. So here’s almost 5,000 words of FenHawke AU fluff! 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three


Fenris’ list of positive things in Kirkwall is a short one, but given that he had no such list for Tevinter, even a short list feels luxurious.

Kirkwall has cheap rent, if somewhat negligent landlords; it has free wireless; it has a farmer’s market every Tuesday and Saturday; it has the Hanged Man’s drink specials and half-price fries; it has the wind off the sea to wash away the stink of its streets.

It has the first friends he has made in years. It has places to hear music, places to play music.

It has Hawke.

The list of negative things — the distance from his mother and sister, crushing debt, a soul-eating job as a security guard at the high school, obnoxious neighbors, the ever-present reek of fish — is far longer, but much lighter. It took him three years to realize it, but he’s happy. Stressed, tired, sometimes hungry, but never thwarted. When he opens the door to his apartment, and looks at the second-hand couch and the battered table, he always wants to smile. He wants to dance, a feeling not lessened by the picture on his fridge: Hawke, sunburned, her feet buried in the sand, smiling at the camera. At him. There had been a bonfire later that night, and singing until his throat burned and the sun stained the far horizon. Driving home, Aveline tuned the radio to an oldies station while Hawke fell asleep with her head in his lap, and he thought of his guitar in the trunk as each song melted away into crisp morning light.

A life he never expected, and never dreamed of — and it was all his. How many songs had he gotten out of that day and night? Too many to count, but all he has to do is look at that picture and more come, flooding out of him.

An imperfect life, but his now, for three years, and he’s more than happy. He’s content.

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The Bible’s gonna be gay AF in 2000 years.

I was in wikipedia, reading about angels and the stuff you find is like “In some sources Michael is said to be the only archangel, some others mention 6 more archangels tho.” “Archangels are either the second lowest class of angels in Dante’s hierarchy of angels, or the they are the greatest of them all, you know big fucking difference  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

And then I just thought how in 2000 years from now when people are like:

 “In Holy Tumblr it was written how the angel Castiel had an passionate love relationship with a human called Dean Winchester [4:8 Book of Twist and Shout]. How ever it was also written, that Dean had a brother, Sam Winchester, and according to some sources they had a sex relationship as well. There are also many texts saying Archangel Gabriel and Sam Winchester were “doin’ it”. On top of it all, all of these four are also mentioned in texts including a person referred as “reader” or “Y/N”. 

I mean don’t tell me this wasn’t exactly how the Bible was written.¨


Every StarKid Show: [1/?]= Little White Lie (2009)
                       “Because the way that I feel when you’re around, is so                                         much better than the way that I feel when you’re not”

imagine yoonmin having a family

imagine it turns out that jimin is the strict paren

imagine them with cute little matching family outfits. and they’re all swag. and deep down, u just know min yoongi was the mastermind behind all that. imagine jimin teaching his kids how to dance with uncle hobi. imagine yoongi being so fuckin’ excited when his kids show interest in music. imagine yoongi and jimin being supportive of their kids even if they don’t choose to do anything with music

imagine bts ot7 and jimin and yoongi w their little baby… i shed a tear just now tbh… yoonmin gets me so frickin emo

shanlightyear asked:

"#now i need to know how he broke his arm#i imagine that's a grand tale"Im all ears my friend. I'd imagine it involves: some way to make money, not telling his parents about it right away, and lil baby Thorne with one of those classic colored casts.

*rubs hands together*

Oooh, yes. Definitely all of those things. I can see it going down something like this:

  • You know how in CGTBL it mentions his scheme of stealing fruit from the neighbors’ trees, then selling it to them at a profit? I assume that he’s already had some success with that by the time he’s seven, so one fateful summer afternoon, he isn’t being quite as careful as he should be while scaling the orange tree down the street.
    • That particular tree hangs over the sidewalk instead of the nice, soft lawn, so when little Carswell loses his balance reaching for one more orange and plummets to the ground, he’s got absolutely nothing to cushion his fall. 
      • Except the stolen oranges he stuffed in his shirt, but they don’t help much.
    • He throws out both arms to catch himself, but he lands on the right one with a painfully audible snap. And it hurts. It hurts more than anything has ever hurt before and he just lies there on the sidewalk in a daze of pain for a few minutes before he remembers that he was in the middle of a thing that will definitely get him grounded if his parents find out and he should probably leave the scene of the crime before someone sees him.
    • He struggles to his feet, but moving only makes it worse. Thorne doesn’t think it’s broken, though, because it isn’t twisted at a weird angle or anything. It’s probably just…sprained. Totally not something he needs to tell his parents about.
  • He hides out in his room the rest of that day and night, successfully avoiding Janette by feigning sleep when she checks on him and his parents, who were conveniently out of the house for a charity gala.
  • The next day, however, his arm isn’t feeling any better and no matter how hard he tries, Thorne can’t avoid his family forever. He is eventually ordered to come down to lunch.
    • He doesn’t want to because his arm still aches like crazy, he’s exhausted because it hurt so badly that he couldn’t sleep the night before, and he desperately doesn’t want to have to explain this injury to his parents, but he isn’t sure he can hide it.
    • But that doesn’t mean he won’t try. He saunters downstairs as nonchalantly as a seven year old in pain can, cradling his arm to his chest, and takes his seat.
    • His parents, who are famously unobservant, don’t notice anything amiss until Kingsley starts in on a particularly harsh lecture about Carswell not keeping up with his summer chores and little Thorne suddenly bursts into tears because apparently that was the last straw.
      • Kingsley panics because that’s very obviously not normal for his son and all three adults immediately pepper Carswell with questions about what’s wrong.
      • The truth is eventually dragged out between sniffles and Carswell is scooped up in his very concerned father’s arms to be taken to the hospital. His parents spend the whole ride fretting.
      • As it turns out, he has a nasty fracture, requires surgery, and is subsequently outfitted with a bright blue cast. Janette is the first one to sign it.
      • His parents are reluctant to let him out of their sight for the next few weeks because he nearly gave them both a heart attack who knows what other trouble he could get into?
      • He is also grounded.

Cooking With Elsie:


She shook her head and sighed. “I asked Mrs. Patmore for a basket and she mentioned paté and chops. I thought they were already cooked, and I’d just need to warm them in the oven. I didn’t know they were raw until I pulled them from the basket. By then, it was too late to ask for directions, and I was too ashamed to admit to you that I wasn’t sure how to prepare them.” Elsie felt tears starting to pool in her eyes again and her voice dropped to a near whisper. “I suppose I’ll have to own up to my failure tomorrow when she asks about the meal.”

Charles could see his wife’s wounded pride reflected in her eyes and it was like a stab to his heart. “You leave Mrs. Patmore to me, and from now on, when we ask for a basket, we will make sure to check it before we leave the house. Or better still, we can stop by the Grantham Arms and have a bite to eat out every once in a while. That way, neither one of us has to cook or do the washing up,” he said, giving her side a little tickle until she was laughing and squirming out of his reach. 

****Thank you so much to @dameofdownstairs for the amazing artwork to go along with the story! You are wonderful!!! xoxo

anonymous asked:

Oooh! “we’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me i don’t know how to act around you now” for Nina/Matthias

I think you’re the most beautiful creature in this world.

She could have taken offense to the use of the word “creature” but she can’t deny that there was something flattering in the delivery of the words. There was plenty of beauty in this world, and she knew she was one of them. But to be the most?

I would do anything for you.

She watches Matthias from the corner of her eye as he awkwardly shuffles into his cubicle. He pointedly refuses to look at her. She doesn’t know how to look away. Or what to say. 

She hadn’t known what to say at the party, either, after those sweet words and the awkward, drunken, sloppy kiss he’d tried to give her. It was messy and horrible and yet it still makes her stomach flip when she thinks about it. Probably because of the things he said, though. Kissing is nothing. Plenty of people had kissed - or tried to kiss - her before.

Nobody has ever said they would do anything for her.

Especially not someone like Matthias Helvar, who has hated her. Whom she tried to dislike with as much passion. They knew each other before working at the Dregs, back in school. He called her a witch, she called him a pigheaded jock. They did not have a friendly relationship. There had been an almost-kiss then, she remembers. Something angry and confused. 

She chews on the end of her pen, watching his cubicle and wondering if he’s going to ignore her more. If he’s going to pretend that he didn’t drunkenly confess his love to her. And who let him get so fucked up to begin with? Sure, he’s an adult and nobody needs to hold his stupidly large hand, but surely someone–

Nina smiles to herself. No, none of the people they work with, save Inej and Wylan, would have stopped the meat head from drinking. She would have, she supposes. Because he clearly becomes a moron who regrets his actions afterward.

Or maybe he’s forgot.

Maybe she should have called him the next day.

Or showed up at his apartment.

Maybe she should have taken him home that night just to see his reaction in the morning when they woke up in bed together. Would he have been angry? Would he have kissed her with more finesse?

Would she have actually wanted that?

He was a terrible person. 

Sometimes, at least.

Then again, Nina was also a terrible person.

The problem here is, she has no idea what to do now but she knows she doesn’t have it in her to ignore him. He is way too much fun to poke at to do that. Licking her lips, she pushes back from her desk, adjusts her cleavage in her top (to cover them, to be less out there), and makes her way over to his cubicle.

He stares intently at his computer screen but doesn’t type anything. She leans against the entrance, arms crossed over her chest.

“I think you owe me an apology,” she says sweetly.

“I don’t,” he says to his screen.

“Your tongue was in my mouth.”

His face goes bright red. His stupidly large hands look like they might break the keyboard in half. “This is not the place to talk about… that.”

“What, you kissing me? Confessing your complete adoration?”

With a loud sigh, Matthias finally turns to face her. “I did not.”

She watches him with a careful little smile. “’Oh, Nina, my little redbird, how beautiful you are! I will do anything for you!’”

His brow furrows, and the red in his face looks more exasperated and angry than embarrassed now. “That’s not what I said.”

So he does remember. There must have been a look of triumph on his face before he huffs and grunts as he stands up. He towers over her, but she doesn’t back down.

“You did say you would do anything for me.”

“I was drunk.”

“Drunk words, sober thoughts.”

“You are an impossible witch.” He brushes past her a lot more gently than she expects that he will when he stomps off. 

“Oh yes,” she calls out after him. “I’ve completely bewitched you!”

Nina winks at Inej as she saunters past her friend, following at a more leisurely pace behind Matthias.

Sneaking can be fun, but lord it's exhausting!

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by G8rguy

Five times +1 format. Bitty and Jack are now in a relationship but no one knows so they have to be careful. Unfortunately, both of them are horrible at keeping their feelings hidden. Luckily their friends are oblivious, I mean seriously, how are you not picking up on this? Five times that Jack and Bitty try to sneak some togetherness around their friends without getting caught and almost do and the one time that they don’t manage to get away with it!

Words: 2795, Chapters: 1/6, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Hi Gabi! I was reading your post about the exposé vs. the paternity denial and I'm with you - I think they're going for the biggest slam they can get. But can you talk a little more about the snapback theory? I don't really understand...I mean, I get that it can help confuse the dates of when things happened if we don't know how long Louis' hair is or was, but he didn't wear it at Coachella so we can see how long his hair was then. Does that make sense, what I'm asking? Thanks!

He does wear it on a few pictures. And i think he wears it on all insta pics he posted. I can’t check now but I think he wore it on all of them.

Well that’s pretty much it. His hair on the Freddie strolling pics has been much shorter than it is in reality. On Apr 19 he had the dinner with D sans snapback and that **same day** he wore the snapback while strolling with the baby. Why? Then the next day (?) he is papped again, same snapback, almost same clothing, same hair length as on the other baby outing (aka shorter) and you have BEFORE and AFTER pics where his hair is much longer. Why? Why tamper with the dates of the pictures?

girlsarewolves asked:

Vanessa Styles

1. ten cent pistol by the black keys || she hit them with her ten cent pistol / because they ruined her name

2. bang bang (my baby shot me down) by nancy sinatra || now he’s gone, i don’t know why / and ‘till this day, sometimes i cry / he didn’t even say goodbye / he didn’t take the time to lie

3. middle cyclone by neko case || baby, why’m i worried now / did someone make a fool of me 'fore i could show 'em how it’s done? / can’t give up actin’ tough, it’s all that i’m made of

4. be ok by ingrid michaelson || open me up and you will see / i’m a gallery of broken hearts / i’m beyond repair, let me be / and give me back my broken parts

5. shake it out by florence + the machine || i am done with my graceless heart / so tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart

give me a character or ship and i will make you a 3-5 song playlist 

His time away from Whittemore had been both helpful and hurtful. Being back at his old house had filled him with so many unspoiled memories of when things were good, before he had found out about so much of what he now knew, so much of what now hurt him in ways he had never imagined. He had Justin. He was unimaginably thanful for that because even if he didn’t know what to say, just having someone with him had helped. Even then, he had not been able to forget about the others, though, about how they needed him and he had betrayed them with his selfish need to keep his Mother alive. It was a terrible contradiction and he knew he would never be able to forgive himself for starting a game that never stopped. He knew that there were more important worries, they still needed to get out of here, to be free. He would do anything to allow them that option, even stay here,. Now, mroe than ever, he wanted everybody to go home and leave him be but that didn’t stop him approaching the person, “Hey,” his voice was light, still slightly fragile as he simply sat down across from them.