and knowing them and how they are now

Energy Shift = Eclipses Coming

Okay guys here is the skinny, many people are reporting we are in the process of an Energy Shift which has been going on since the beginning of this week. It’s amazing how these shifts keep increasing at a tenfold rate. 

However what many of them are NOT writing is this is mainly due to the build-up towards Eclipse Season on the horizon. 

Eclipses can be felt before they occur and will integrate for about six months after they take place. Whatever you are feeling NOW is the highlight for what you will focus on come integration time for the eclipses. 

They are HUGE cosmic shifts that illustrate where we are headed. I always stress eclipse energy because it brings about abrupt change and soul progression. It’s important to know what is going down so you have a better idea of how to handle it. 

I expect the energy to be a little more rampant than usual…Eclipses have a tendency to bring up emotional issues and CHANGE. They aren’t always light because they are known to shake things up, pushing new ideas and revelations into our heads which can cause the resistance of letting go. 

Eclipses Broken Down:

Total Solar Eclipse March 8-9th:
Masculine, External, Analytical Logic, Material World.

They are the Masculine force building external change and motivating us to push forward into new territory. 

Lunar Penumbral Eclipse March 23rd-24th: 

Feminine, Internal, Emotions, Intuition. Spirit World. 

The Lunar Eclipse is Yin Energy. The feminine force transcending our  emotional boundaries and inwardly focused. Especially during lunar eclipses you will notice you will suddenly be very introspective and thinking about your choices. 

Eclipses not only usher in external change but they also usher internal change within the mind.
So you might suddenly find yourself retracing your steps or wanting to take a new direction.
They can feel similar to retrogrades because they push us into new territory and sometimes even the unknown. It comes from a place of deep internal change where eclipses really push our barriers and get us thinking outside of the box.

If you think of your body prepping itself for the incoming energy, you will basically be going though a period of releasement and recalibration.

People are Reporting Energy Shift Symptoms Such as: 

  • Crown Surges: Tingling, headaches, dizziness, head pressure, pulsating vibrations through the head. When the Crown expands letting in new energy, it can feel a bit like a pressure cooker ready to burst. I think i felt that last night…Recalibration aka light downloads is usually linked to our Crown.
  • Physical Symptoms sending people freaking out running to the dr or ER, come back finding you are entirely normal and healthy. These symptoms can often be very intense, which brings a paranoid panic but most of us who experience them are merely witnessing energetic changes within the body, not actual physical illness. It is weird and quite bizarre but you eventually get used to it
  • Panic and Anxiety out of nowhere: The energy body pushes and pulls which if you aren’t used to can send you into panic attacks or abrupt anxiety from the impact that you aren’t used to…relax as much as possible through the process
  • Ear Pressure, Hearing Changes: Feeling like you are in a wind tunnel, your ears become highly sensitive to the point where noisies are heard differently. Many report buzzing or vibrating in the ears, like a hum from the pressure. It’s you hearing frequency humming through hypersensitivity.
  • Intense back, shoulder pain, and/or pain shooting up and down the left side of your body. Cosmic Energy is received through your left side{Right-hemisphere} and given through your right side{Left-Hemisphere}.
  • Heart Shifting: Heart Palpitations, Chest pressure, Tightness in the chest area, feeling as if your heart is pounding. This is the heart center opening, try not to panic stay centered and grounded during the process. if it doesnt go away after awhile seek medical attention. more than likely it will suddenly go away.
  • EMOTIONAL RELEASE: Crying out of nowhere, tears of happiness, tears of sadness, just emotionally releasing like you are suddenly unable to hold in emotions.
  • Yearning for love, cuddles or feeling CONNECTED: Hugs just feel so good. the feeling space opening up the heart, empathy increase, you want to be connected physically, emotionally, spiritually with people. May yearn for that sense of connection symbolically linked to your connection with yourself
  • Dimensions shifting: hallucinations, vision, walls moving, vertigo. you aren’t losing it, you’re finding the other side. ;)
  • Seeing/feeling energy: orbs of light, vibrations, tingling, colors, geometries, visual snow
  • Feeling like you are dying/or disappearing: You aren’t dying, although you may be going through some odd memory processing. this is just the ego’s way of telling you, you are being reborn, so you can have a panicked moment of feeling the emotion of “omg am i dying”. This is ego death at its finest.
  • Major Bursts of Creative Energy, Motivation and Manifesting desires!: The mind is made to create, the more you feel this, the body is telling you it is time to recreate yourself from the inside out.

In general these shifts are bringing the Crown and Heart into Alignment. So this energy can feel a bit…overwhelming. This is because instead of being “down here” in the grounding chakras, we’re integrating “up here” in the higher otherworldly chakras.

So you may feel out of your element, anxiety overload, over-active empathy, ascension symptom uprise. 

Imagine if someone opened up your aura and is letting in all sorts of different flavor frequencies, that is kinda what this feels like.

The last few days have been very heavy…

Keeping it real with you all.

Let go of the old you, Let go of the resistance.

Resist or Allow.


Find that feel good place.


Ah that felt good. <3

I thought we were over the whole rand00m shit, but, wouldn’t you know, just this last Saturday there were two emo girls in our Hot Topic faux-frantically picking up all of the Deadpool shirts from the front of the store, giggling and going on about chimichangas and how much they love how insane Wade is. They stopped after they saw me and the husband staring at them. I’m afraid to go into the theatre to watch this movie now. I don’t want to sit in a room full of this shit.

i love hero/villain ships where the baddie is like “your moral purity and ability to kick my ass without even trying has made me question and relinquish everything i hold dear. i will now follow you around in the hopes that i may be able to earn my place in humanity. show me the way to the light.”

and the hero is like “i have no idea how this happened but i’m just gonna roll with it?”

like, not even redemption by love, just redemption by example. a brave pure heart who inexplicably ends up with a weeping former evildoer in battered livery following them around, marveling in amazement at their humanity. 

because it can be hilarious, beautiful, or both

I don’t know if seeing Louis’ name on Freddie’ real-life birth certificate has given some people a shock, and maybe they are confused and looking around at different blogs now, considering that what they’ve thought for a really long time isn’t true, but if there are people out there like this, if you’re one of them reading this, there are some really nice people outside the Larrie fandom that are here and willing to answer your questions. We’re not going to tell you how and what to think, but we will tell you what we think. You can do what you will with that information. 

I’ve seen other people go through this, and I know it can be very difficult to come to grips with what you thought was real, not being so. I’m going to keep reblogging posts refuting whatever Larries are saying about the BC being fake, because I think it’s important to have that out there publicly, but I also want this to be on my blog. There are safe spaces in this fandom for everyone. I literally do not follow one Freddie or anti blog that wouldn’t welcome someone who is confused and/or hurt about what’s been revealed tonight. 

anonymous asked:

You are so rude, you didn't answers my question if jefrey Dahmer is dead. I also didn't mean mup I meant MOP. and because if my bad grammer I using my phone to ask questions and don't have time to check them all.

Are you kidding me right now?

He’s been dead, I don’t know how anyone can be interested in true crime and think he’s still alive. I’m sorry. I feel like I’m getting trolled.
X & Y

This story may not be everyone’s cup of tea…..In this one, both Taylor and Calvin are back in relationships with their exes.  Oh and it’s a mature fic. 

His hands clasp within hers as he holds them against the bed.  He moves inside of her, staring down at her face as he watches the emotions move across it.  He’s discovered that he likes this.  Likes keeping his eyes open and watching her as he fucks her.  Somehow it makes him seem in control.  That in the few minutes he has with her, he’s making sure she’s not thinking about anyone or anything but him.

He knows her expressions by heart now.  He knows when she’s uncomfortable.  When she likes what he’s doing or how he’s moving.  He knows when she wants him to be gentle or to fuck her so hard it feels like he’s going to break her.  He knows it all and uses it all to his advantage.  Or maybe to hers.  He’s not truly sure.  

He slams into her again and laughs softly as her mouth opens and she begins to moan.  He knows she’s close but he doesn’t want this to end just yet so he slows his rhythm until he finally stops and her eyes flutter open onto his.  This is what he likes the most.  That look of longing he sees in her eyes.  That silent begging she’s doing right now.  She wants him and only him and he loves that.   

He leans down and brushes his lips against hers before he releases her hands and moves his own to the headboard and starts to move again.  He feels her wrap her arms around his waist, bringing his torso as close to hers as she can while she arches up into him.  

Her eyes are closed again but he still watches, ignoring the sweat pouring off of his forehead and down his face.  He wants to see her when she climaxes.  He wants to thrust into her so hard when he sees she’s almost there that she’ll call his name out for only his ears to hear.   

And he does.  Right when he sees her move her head back and her face tighten up.  The way she always does right before an orgasm.  He slams into her so hard that her head hits against the headboard and she yells out his name in ecstasy.  And when she does, he can feel himself jerking inside of her, his own release always coming as he hears her call his name.  And then he collapses against her, his sweaty body sticking to hers, as he whispers her name over and over again.  






He knows he shouldn’t have dropped everything when he got her text message to meet her at the studio.  But he did.  He can’t seem to stop it anymore.  It’s like he’s lost all of his own self discipline.  Like she is a drug that he can’t stop using.  So he left Rita with some trivial excuse and went out in search of his fix.  

There were no words when he found her.  Instead he just took her into his arms and maneuvered her against the vanity in the tiny dressing room.  He lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and quickly released himself from his pants.  

And now he works into her like he’s on a mission.  Today will be quick and messy.  The way it always is when there’s a chance they might get caught.  But he knows she likes that risk.  That it turns her on so much that she can’t resist it.  And that he’s the only one she calls when she can’t.  He loves that knowledge so much that it makes his addiction to her even more intense.  

Her hands are clawing at the control board, trying to gain some balance as he pushes against her.  And he watches, feeling his own excitement grow as he sees hers.  He grabs the back of her head and pulls her mouth to his; devouring it with so much intensity that it sometimes even scares him.   

And then she pulls her head away and arches it back as she does the same with her torso.  He pounds into her one more time and waits for her to say his name, this time a little more quiet considering their surroundings.  Adam.  He loves the way his name sounds when she’s the one saying it.   

He waits for his body to stop convulsing and then pulls out of her and fixes his pants.  He kisses her one more time before he heads out the door and back to his girlfriend and she heads back into the arms of the man she supposedly loves.   





He doesn’t remember how this all started.  How he ended up spending his evenings in seedy hotels on the wrong side of town or sneaking into restaurant bathrooms during the middle of the day.  He doesn’t know how he started cheating on Rita, how he became the other man in Taylor’s life.  But as he has her up against the wall in the stall of some disgusting 24 hour grease bucket, he doesn’t really care.  

He gave up on logic long ago.  When their once a month encounters turned into once a week and then into every few days.  There’s not truly a reasonable excuse for what they’re doing when there are so many other people involved.  But it still doesn’t matter to him and he can’t explain why.


He hears her giggle when the bathroom door creaks open and someone closes the door to a stall a few feet away but he doesn’t stop holding onto her hips and bouncing her against him.  She feels way too good when she’s against him and he won’t let some stranger ruin it.  So he moves one hand to cover her mouth and increases the speed in which he’s controlling her.   

She opens her eyes only briefly and then they roll back into her head as she begins her ascent.  He feels her speak into his hand and he lets her warmth overtake him before he explodes into her.   

When her body falls into his, he holds her there, cradling her head against his chest.  And when he hears the person down from them exit the restroom, he stands her up and helps her pull her panties and skirt back on before he does the same.   

He kisses her forehead and then sneaks out of the bathroom, leaving her there to wait a few minutes before she returns to her normal life.   

At least as normal as it can be considering she’s betraying everyone in it.




He’s considered the fact that he’s her boy toy.  That when she says jump, he says how high.  That he’s there at her beck and call.  He’s even thought about trying to slow it down.  To not be there every time she calls or messages him.  Trying to eventually bring an end to their affair.  If that’s what you want to call it.  But deep inside, he knows he can’t.  

He throws his head against the back of the chair as she grinds her hips into his.  He pushed out the thoughts of how wrong it is to be fucking in his manager’s chair in his office long ago.  It’s not like he’s here anyway and when she called and wanted to meet, he didn’t think twice about bringing her to there.  She didn’t seem to care anyway.  

He feels her pushing harder against him, using her feet as leverage as she digs her toes into the floor and molds into him.  Her eyes are closed.  Like always.  But his are still open.  He’s grown so used to watching her face that he’s found himself noting how expressionless Rita’s is when they make love.  He’s even found himself hating her for it.  

He leans forward, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing against her shoulder and up her neck.  He moves his hips back and forth in the chair, meeting her thrusts with fierce intensity.  Their meeting is raw and open.  Revealing.


He doesn’t flinch when her head falls onto his shoulder and she bites at it.  He likes the pain.  It’s appropriate.  But he wants to see her face so he grabs her hair and pulls her head back.  She too seems to relish in the pain he’s bringing and begins to move harder and faster against him.   

He responds by pumping into her with reckless abandon.  Now he’s lost all sense of reason.  All he feels, all he knows is her.  He watches her face.  Her jaw clenching and then falling open as she moans.  Then he watches as tears start to fall relentlessly down her cheeks.  

Her emotion only makes his desire more intense.  And when he sees her on the brink, he slaps against her and brings her face down to his.  He feels her hot breath against him as she yells his name and then watches as she pants for breath.   

When her eyes open on his, he lets go.  He pulls her into his arms and crushes her against his chest.  He can’t breathe.  Or think.   

But he can feel.




They’ve moved on from seedy motels with dirty sheets to the high thread count Egyptian cotton covering her own bed.  He doesn’t know where Harry is.  Doesn’t ask.  He knows she’d never let him anywhere near her house, and especially her bed, if he were nearby.   

He knows there’s something different about her today.  He knew it the minute her heard her voice on the phone.  And confirmed it the second she opened the door to let him in.  But he tries to put it out of his head.   

It’s gentle this time.  Slow and soft.  Nothing like their last encounter.  His body covers hers, one arm wrapped around her back.  His movements are methodical and perfect.  He knows she likes it.  He knows too well.  This was the way it used to be with them.  Back when he was the only man touching her.  Before they decided Rita and Harry were their perfect matches and ignored how perfectly imperfect they were together.   

He feels her wrap her legs around his waist and she opens her mouth, her breath catching with every gentle push he gives her.  Her fingers then slip around his neck and she slowly brings him down to her, kissing him in a way he’s not felt for some time.  It’s not raw or rushed.  Not filled with reckless lust or scorching pain.  It’s sweet and gentle and he loves the way it feels and tastes.  

He watches her face in between their kisses.  Watches every emotion fill it.  Every emotion still the same, but today, somehow a little different.  But he continues to watch.  And kiss.  And glide. 


And as their normal few minutes of intense pleasure turns into a half hour, he finds her eyes on his.  Her electric blue eyes are locked onto his as he feels her begin to breathe more rapidly.  His pace increases with her breath but his thrusts are still gentle and right.  He expects her to close her eyes at any second as she nears her peak but she doesn’t.  Instead, she keeps them directly on his, like she’s reading the emotions he’s showing across his face.  

He feels like he’s in a well.  One he can’t dig himself out of.  But that well is the depths of her eyes.  And finally, he realizes what she’s doing.  She’s showing herself to him.  Not physically.  Not even with the emotions he’s grown used to on her face.  But inside.   

He lays his body softly on top of hers and places his elbows above her shoulders, laying on them as he brings his face down to hers.  Their eyes closer together.  She never moves.  Letting him control the rhythm.  Control the meeting as he’s seemingly controlled all of their meetings.  

But he’s learning at this moment, it is actually she that is in control.  She holds the key.  She holds the emotions.  She holds him.  

And as he sees her head arch back and he knows she is getting ready to climax, she still keeps her eyes open onto his.  She pushes her body up, increasing the friction between them and then he feels her release all over him.  But she doesn’t stop.  This time, he hears her whisper his name and then she places her hands on his back, guiding him into her over and over again.   

Her eyes are intense as she watches him and he can feel his body weakening as she continues to whisper his name.  And as she grabs him and pushes him into her, holding him there, he releases everything pent up inside of him.   

He falls onto her chest and feels the tears stinging his eyes.  It’s now that everything is painfully clear to him.  He loves her.  And she loves him.  And today they did not have sex.  They made love.  More beautiful and passionate than they ever have before.  

And he understands why he can’t let her go.  Why he can’t ever let her go.  

Because she is his drug.  His addiction.  And losing everything else is worth getting his fix. 

And tomorrow, he will call her.  And he will take her to his house where they will make love again.   

And again.  

And again.  

Until they’ve forgotten about the people they are supposed to be making love to.

Its been a while that Callie was around, and now that i’ve been doing some random things with Kensi… the two girls are just a part of my life, and i’m incredibly thankful for them both. 

I still feel like i’m not at adequate for writing. That i’m only just… a small little OC in a pool of growing amazing Marvel and NCIS/other writers. That i’m nothing more then just a simple writer. I do everything that I can do. 

But you guys believe in me… you guys have been staying with me. Those of you who I write with, those who Ive written with (WHICH WE NEED TO DO MORE) and to those of you who just added me (Which do NOT BE AFRAID OF ME) I want to just… thank you for being such amazing people. 

Now the people i have on here for thanks… and biased… are people who deserve to know how they are amazing. They’re kickass. They’re the most amazing  YOU GUYS ARE JUST FUCKING AMAZING. And you deserve to know. No matter what people say, no matter what people do… YOU ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU…. 

Im thankful to all of you who have talked with me oocly and for those who have just done so much to keep me working on what needs to be done.. and to keep me focused. 


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Okay seeing as U love buck & tones, do you ship them together???? (Winteriron??????)

are you reading my mind

hetaliaishellarad asked:

Could you do a small tutorial on how you draw a males torso bust?? I don't know how and it would be helpful.

Of course!! male torsos are really hard haha god I used to hate them >_> 

Before we start, I just wanna plug letmefixthatyaoiforyou’s redline anatomy tag, which, while now inactive, helped me LOADS. I love this blog. The redliner artist has clearly taken a couple of classes, seriously, they know their shit, the muscle diagrams are staggering

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sow, reap

follows perennial, growthtend the soilsprigs and sprouts, legacywilful weeds and fire’s heart


He falls asleep in his wife’s warm embrace, the exhaustion of the day dragging him under to the gentle cacophony of her even breaths, her soft snores, and her steady heartbeat against his back. He knows the shape of her against him, and the dip her weight makes in the mattress. He knows how she prefers to sleep when she’s pregnant (on her back, arms spread, belly-up), and now, curled on her side with her nose pressed between his shoulder-blades, her legs pulled up towards her chest.

He knows her. He knows this. This is his life, these few, precious hours before a shrill cry will shake them out of their slumber, and drag one of them from the warm comfort of their bed – both of them, if the first cry spurs another. He knows every creaking floorboard of his home, every jutting nail. He could walk the cottage in his sleep, feet following familiar paths, and rocking a small, screaming shape, pressed against his shoulder.

This is the life he falls asleep to. His wife, snoring softly. The knowledge of the three shapes, sleeping soundly two rooms over. The stirring of nightly noises beyond the window, and the balmy summer breeze.

But this is not the life he wakes to.

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One day I’m gonna realize I have not only moved mountains but created them during my lifetime. I can’t see it now but I will then. I will be 30 or 40 and live alone or with someone, it doesn’t matter, and I will see how much I did. I won’t remember the time I spent doing paperwork or homework but I will be so aware of the times when I did something for my soul. Don’t you think doing things you love is moving mountains? Don’t answer that. I know it is. I move mountains every day. 

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If the security issues are still valid though, and SAKS breaks with the ad campaign (if) it is indeed real life couples thing. Isn't that a problem?

Again, I am still getting questions about security, despite the fact that I’ve said I don’t have all the answers. 

I am not their friend. I am not their agent or their publicist.  I only know what I have been told.  I will not give you specifics about what I have been told.  I have no idea what their plans are right now and how Saks affects anything.  I can only make an assumption. 

Most celebrities learn how to live with threats to their safety.  Whatever is going on with them obviously initially spooked them.  I highly doubt they will ever share that fact with the public. They can’t live in fear for the rest of their lives.  I assume they are dealing with it maturely and appropriately.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Have you read the books so much you know them by heart? Or perhaps you’ve only watched the movies and never tried the books? or you are just curious about them? No matter where your stand, you are invited now to join our online Harry Potter readalong!!

This event aims to let us all read together the seven (don’t be scared) books of the Harry Potter saga, so we can finish them right before the release in theaters of Fantastic Beasts!

How does it work? easy! Every week, we’ll follow a schedule of chapters to read together, and you’ll be invited to contribute to the readalong with prompts. Any form of art is welcome: fanfics, fancasts, poems, drawings, discussions, jewelry, knitting, really EVERYTHING! If you don’t want to participate and just read, that’s completely fine too!

The readalong will officially start on March 6th, but til then, we’ll publish different posts with useful informations or free activities to keep you waiting :)

You may want to follow the readalong blog and track the tag #harrypotterreadalong to be sure you are not missing anything!

Soon will come more details on the readalong, but in the meantime, don’t hesitate to send us your questions/suggestions :)

Let the magic begins…

Jude ( @between-the-click-of-the-light) and Eilis ( @abookandacup)

(Also, if you want to know what a great readalong can look like, take a look at that Tolkien one)

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Are you going to still ship Caryl if we have the same ambiguous scenes on season 6? We already know Carol and Daryl care about each other. I'm not asking for canon right now, just development to see if they will be canon one day.

I will always ship Caryl, always. They could kill one or both of them off, marry them off to other people, or destroy everything they were to each other and I will still be moaning on about what they could have been, how perfect they were for each other, how important their relationship could have been, etc.

Listen, I still moan about Brandon and Andrea from Beverly Hills 90210 more than 20 years later! :D

But as for my BELIEF in what we’ll see on screen, that’s a different matter. LAst week my faith in Caryl as a friendship even existing was at it’s lowest ever. However, thanks to the SFX spoilers and the answer from Melissa my faith has bobbed up some more to a respectable level.

I think, for me, as long as the relationship is given the respect and time I think it deserves then I will have hope one day it will change and become canon. But I won’t deny that the thing I want is progress and development, far more than specifically “canon”. I’m honestly not looking for them to go zero to 60 in one episode and declare their undying love for each other - I woudn’t find that believable or in character. I just want NATURAL movement in a significant friendship in a world where you might lose each other any second.

All I want to see are the smallest of things. Specifically I want to see some verbal confirmation about how much they care about each other - not necessarily in a romantic fashion, just in general. I think it would be a  huge step for them both and yet at the same time a very real thing to happen.

Because of the spoilers about Maggie and Carol, and Daryl in episode 15 possibly being connected I have SOME faith we will see something that shows their connection, but without that I truly think my good will had run dry on the show. 

If we have no time spent on their relationship (in any way) this season AT ALL, then I do think I am done in terms of patience with the show. But I can never, ever say I’ll no longer ship Caryl - that simply won’t happen. Becuase even if I stopped watching the show, I know if I heard that there was SOMETHING about Daryl and Carol coming up, even if it was 3 years down the line, my pulse would quicken and I’d devour it like a final meal.

The show may anger me, bore me, frustrate me, disappoint me but whatever happens I’ll still think Daryl and Carol together would be beautiful.

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How do companions react to Sole kissing them for the first time? (Include Nick and Deacon as well, please)

I hope you like this! It’s my first ask, and I’m now realizing that it’s a little lengthy, but I’m reasonably satisfied with it. I hope you are too!

(I also don’t know a few of the companions too well yet, so I’m sorry if they seem a little out of character!)

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Do you ever think about how, in Anakin’s mind, the two people closest to him and who knew him best, who knew how kind and generous he could be, turned their backs on him when he needed them the most? Do you ever think about that and then remember that a little over two decades later, his son Luke, his son who had only encountered him a few times, his son whose hand he severed in a fight, his son who didn’t know him, who had no reason to love him at all because to all intents and purposes Anakin was now a hideous horrible monster… decided to sense the goodness that still existed inside him and fought tooth and nail to make Anakin surrender to it?

Do you ever remember that and cry? Because I do.

i, an open wound- bled down to the seams of my clothes / drenched in more feeling, than necessary; i scream, there is only aching in me, and maybe you could absorb it all through your bloodied teeth- the violence of your mouth on shattered edges, uncut / my wolf, with the softest embrace- how you talk like a healer, and shy away from it in day light; biting [i’m here]’s through my bones in the dead of night, and filling them with indescribable warmth; i may be untouched, but turned into a thousand small specs of the moon; you put me there, dear wolf- and now, to you call me your ocean, almost unknowingly [or knowing too well, maybe] how ready i am to drown / and destroy in you.  

Tbh I am super excited for all the Magneo in CS, but I also don’t think it’s going to be great between them either. It seems so perfect now, because they’re in love, but when shit hits the fan like we know it will (ie. Taran, Nicolo and Ashur, amara etc.) it’s going to be really interesting to see how they handle it. They’ve worked so hard for this relationship and it’s taken so much time I just hope and pray that things don’t fall apart when one gets jealous, or something big happens. I think this will really be the biggest book for Magnus and Cleo because - now that they trust each other- they have to learn to live with each other. Magnus has to accept the fact that Cleiona bellos is going to argue with everything he says. Cleo will have to accept that even though Magnus is changing, for the better, he’s not going to be perfect. There will be times when he reverts back to his old ways. When he lets his anger get the best of him. When sometimes he takes his undying loyalty to her and goes to extremes he knows in his heart he shouldn’t. Idk, it’ll just be cool to see them slip up, I think it will be a book FULL of adorable apologies, broken hearts, and people learning how to heal each other’s Hearts.


@nigellecter// I don’t know how I calmly took these edits and blew them up, but I was freaking out. I noticed that Nigel has some sort of tattoo on his hands. It looks like it’s some sort of quote on his middle and pointer finger at least.  Not sure what it says, tho I can’t tell it looks like ‘—- rather’ or something ‘father’ I’m not sure… Unless Mads has a tattoo there, some how I don’t see that tho. Anyways now that I stopped screaming XD,  I couldn’t wait to show this to you.