and know your worth

It’s not about the person you’re thinking of late at night in bed.
It’s about the person you think of first thing in the morning. Wanting to spend the rest of the day with them.
It isn’t about the person you’re thinking of on those late night drives.
It’s about the person you’re thinking of when you’re running an afternoon errand, the radio is on and you’re singing along at the top of your lungs in the middle of traffic wishing they were right there beside you.

It’s about the one you want to spend the little moments with, the moments that will flash before your eyes one day and there’s no one else you’d rather see yourself with in those moments because you know that that’s when you feel like your life is worth living the most.

—  S.A // Conversations About Love #8

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I don't know if you've already done this, but Chocobros and a chubby S/O?

I don’t think I have done one…

Noctis loves your curves, loves how soft you are, he loves that you’re not hard and lean and kind of bony like he is. He never pressures you to lose weight, or to fulfil expectations. He just wants you to be who you are, and know that you’re loved because of it.

Prompto understands your insecurities about your weight, and knows that your sense of self-worth is currently tied up with your weight. He does his best to reassure you that you don’t need to change for people to love you, but if you want to change, then that’s up to you. He’ll support you either way, and he loves your body as much as he loves your mind.

Gladio, to your surprise, loves your body. Like, he cannot get enough of you. He’s always touching you, and always telling you how much he loves your legs and your hips in particular. He’s really great for your confidence, and very protective of you. If he feels you starting to get uncomfortable, or hears that sigh you give when you’re feeling out of place, he just loops his arm around your shoulders and pulls you tight and tells you you’re beautiful. He encourages you to be active, but never tries to embarrass you or shame you into doing something you don’t feel like doing.

Ignis is a little critical of your diet and nutritional choices, and tries to cook healthy but gorgeously tasty food for you whenever you’re around. Other than that, he doesn’t make any comment or put any pressure on you. He loves you, and while it’s not that it doesn’t matter what you look like (he thinks you’re beautiful), he doesn’t see the parts you hate the way you do. When he loses his sight, and has to rely on touch to see you, he knows you’re self conscious, but he loves the shape of you and does all he can to reassure you that he still loves you.

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In the words of Cry from some animal dating sim "AAAAAA IT TOOK SO LONG, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT"

Hehehe I know what your referring to, but I’m so glad my boys back, his play through are the most relaxing but funniest, he is the longest YouTuber ive watched, 7 years now, beating ohm by 1

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Hey I'm an Italian trans boy... I just wanted an advice... last summer my mother found out that I was trans and stuff checking through my phone and literally grounded me !From then on I had to pretend I was female ,I did it to be able to see my friends again because they are so supportive and always get my pronouns right and never misgender me... I wanna come out so baaaaad because I am 17 and I want to get T asap... but I guess I'll wait 'till university... what should I do?

This isn’t something I can judge very accurately, because I don’t know your situation fully.
But I think if you felt worth it you should come out again, and if you get grounded again tell her that this isn’t something she can ground out of you, that you’re trans regardless of what she wants to think.

Please stay safe though and don’t risk getting put out or anything. - Matthew

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Are you loons for real? U actually think G is with PM to get better work or an Oscar? We all know the real reason behind your rage. Gillian is not worth David. Never has been. Your fantasy is ruined & because u have no lives it affects you so. U need medication because you are definitely not stable. An embarrassment to the fandom. Delete your blog.

You are mistaking me for some other loon. Never have I said any such thing. I said I felt PM is a manipulative bastard. Sheesh, get your facts straight you silly sausagekins. ❤

No matter how much you miss a toxic person, please don’t ever contact them again.. please. Don’t. It’s not worth it, you will be sad again regardless of the many times they told u it wouldn’t be that way anymore. You deserve nothing but happiness and it is not them.. You don’t ever need to feel drained and exhausted over a person

Real love will find u

Be confident with who you are and if you find you are in the company of those who cannot see how great you are, don’t be afraid to cut them off, okay?

I’m not the girl your mother warns you about.
I won’t kiss your best friend or break your heart.
I won’t make you choose between what you love to do & me.
I’m not cold. I’m not reckless.

I’m the girl your father mentions when your mom’s not around.
I’m the girl that gets away.

I will love you more than anything.
I will kiss you when you cry.
I will stand by your side until you decide otherwise.

And you’re just like your father, so you will.

You’ll let me go & I won’t look back,
But you will.
I promise you, you will.

I’m that girl.

You are loved by your daughter, your girlfriend, your sister, your entire family, and the children you served lunch to everyday at school. You were not a threat, a thug, or any of the hurtful names they called you.  It hurts to know an officer can take your life for no valid reason at all and walk away a free man. It irks me to the core to know that the officer felt your life wasn’t worth living. For you and anyone else who has lost their life due to do the individuals who are supposed to be protecting us, we will not give up hope or faith.  

Philando Castile, I will continue to say YOUR name.

Be alone. Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity, and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it, because you are sure of yourself.
—  make sure you know yourself :))
Falling in love with the wrong person can be toxic. But falling in love with yourself never will be. Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s only knowing your self worth.
Surround yourself with people who know your worth. You don’t need too many friends in your life; you just need a few who can see who you are, and appreciate your uniqueness and value.