and know some people who could pull them off

Sugar and Spice, ch 3

Summary: Your second date with your Sugar Daddy, Richard Speight Jr, is at his place, for a barbecue, and you meet his friends.
Word count: 2270
Warnings: Asshole!Rob Benedict, pre-smut, mini bit of angst

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Chapter 3: the barbecue 

“Come inside with me.”

Your voice was low and soft.
“Right now?” Rich asked. You looked at his hand on your thigh. Just the feel of it almost had you wetting your panties. He had such great hands. You nodded.
“No, I can’t,” he said, and your heart dropped,
“Oh. Okay.”
“I have to be up early tomorrow. But I was thinking… I want you to come to a barbecue with me. It’s at my house, and uh…” He smiled. “Then I want you to stay,” he finished. You smiled back and nodded.

“Sounds good. When is it?”
“Next Saturday.”
“I’ll be there.”
“Great. I’ll transfer the money to your account tomorrow, that okay?” he asked and squeezed your thigh. You were so turned on that all you could do was nod. Richard chuckled and let go.

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Well since you asked about a hc of RFA’s glasses/frames I thought I’d throw my ideas/thoughts out there. (It took me a min to find pics, sorry!)


Simple round frames to fit her face shape. Nothing too fancy, but she would still want a pair she could look nice in. She wears a lot of browns and mute colors, so glasses with a warmer brown tone would suit her best.


I don’t know why, but I feel like he would wear some simple wired glasses. They would match everything, and he wouldn’t have to waste too much time on them. That said, He of all people would be the one who could pull it off~


He wouldn’t wear his out and about very often, why hide fis beautiful face? He would wear them while reading his script though. I feel like Zen would want a more classic looking pair, something thats always fashionable, but also fits well with him. So i think some classic black frames would suit him best.


This poor boy has probably ruined his eyes from all the late night gaming sessions, so now he has to wear glasses when he’s on his computer. I feel like he would want a brighter pair of glasses though. If he has to wear them, why not look cute?


The bolder they are, the happier he is. (Need I say more) 


Black. No colorful frames here. He may act like he doesn’t care about how they look, but we all know he cares a little. Clean black glasses. Not too classic lookin though. (he still has to be a little different, how else will he feel edgy!)


Ok, lets be real. V is a little bit closer to the hypster style of glasses than the others, and he can pull it off.

Truth or Dare- Tyler Joseph

Request-  Hello 💞 can I request an imagine for Tyler Joseph being jealous please?? It can turn into smut if you feel like it 💘😘💝

“Y/N truth or dare.” Josh asked after he took a shot. We’ve been playing for the past hour and it’s been gradually escalating. It was after one of Tyler and Josh’s shows and there was about 10 of us just completely wasted at Josh’s hotel suite.

Tyler was somewhere in the room but you wasn’t sure where, you hadn’t seen much all night.

“Truth.” you told Josh.

“When was the last time you and Tyler hooked up?” Josh asked and everyone turned and looked at you, making blushed.

“I don’t know what you mean by that.” you said denying that me and Tyler had something going on. You’ve been seeing each other in secret for about 3 months and Josh tries to make us admit that we are dating but we deny it every time.

“Don’t deny it Y/N. I know.” he said with a wink.

You stood and walked off to go find Tyler. To be honest you just wanted to go to bed. It was already 2 in the morning and you were regretting drinking so much.

You got to the kitchen part of the suite and saw Tyler standing on his phone. He was all alone. He looked up at me and the usual smile you get from him was a frown.

“Ty what’s wrong?” you asked.

“Don’t, go back to your game.” he said standing straight and looking at me.

“What did I do?”

“Nothing just go back and have fun. I’m going up to my room to go to sleep.” he said starting to walk away. You grabbed his wrist.

“Tyler, talk to me.”

He pulled away and sighed before leaving.

‘What the hell did I do wrong?’ you thought to yourself. It made you kind of upset that he was being like this, but you weren’t gonna let it ruin your night. You made your way back to where the party was.

“Just in time, we’re doing more shots, you in?” Josh asked.

“Sure.” you said as you took a shot glass.

Now 3 shots and 4 rounds of truth or dare later you heard the front door fly open. You were met with Tyler’s big dark eyes.

“You’re leaving let’s go now.” he said sternly grabbing your wrist.

“No, I’m having fun.” you said letting the shots you took talk.

“Y/N I’m not going to tell you again. Let’s go.” he pulled you out of the suite and into the hall.

“Why are you being such a douchebag Tyler?” you slurred

“Don’t fucking talk to me like that.” he said pulling you into the elevator.

As the doors shut Tyler looked up at you. His eyes were dark and you could see the intentions he had.

He pushed you against the wall and pinned your hands above your head.

“You’re mine Y/N and I don’t enjoy watching you get drunk and friendly with other guys.” Tyler said.

“What do you mean?”

“Josh sent me a picture of you getting real close to that crew guy. I don’t like that. I left you alone for all of 40 minutes and you become a slut.” his voice was low.

The doors opened and he lets go of you.  

“Come on.” he said holding his hand out for you. You grabbed it and he pulled you to his room.

“I’m sorry Tyler.” you whispered when he was opening his door.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at you. He lifted your chin with his finger and kissed on your lips.

He opened the door not breaking the kiss and pushed you inside the room.

“Say something Tyler. Are you mad at me?” you asked feeling extremely guilty.

“Go to the bed and loose your clothes.”

You went to the bed undressing in the process.Tyler followed you stripping down to his boxer.

“Center of the bed now.” his voice was low.

“So you think you can be a little slut and play truth or dare with just any guys huh?” Tyler said as you went to the center of the bed. “Let’s play some truth or dare my way. So, Y/N truth or dare?”

“Umm, I guess truth.” you said going with safe with a truth, not sure what his intentions were anymore.

“Why do you have to be such a slut?”

“Tyler-” Tyler cut you off before you could explain yourself.

“I’m giving you a dare. I dare you to start playing with that perfect little pussy of yours.” you did as he requested and he rubbed himself through his boxers.

After a minute he pulled your hand way.

“Told you you’re just a little slut.”

“Only for you Ty.”

He smirked at you and took his boxers off.

“Since you seemed to enjoy my last dare I want you to get down here. I dare you to suck me off.” you did as he requested again. You got on your knees and started by kitten licking his tip.

“Don’t fucking tease me.” he said holding back a moan.

You took his tip in your mouth and started to work your way down. It was apparently too slow for him because he held the back of your head and bobbed your mouth of him faster and deeper.

“Fuck, I’m so close Y/N.” he threw his head back as he spilled down the back of your throat.

You swallowed all of it and he pulled you back up to your feet and pushed you down on the bed.

He looked you up and down before climbing on top of you.

“God you’re so hot.” he said running his hand up and down your inner thigh. He attached you lips with his and moved his hand to your core which at this point was soaked.

“Mmm…. you are a little slut. You’re wet from just a little dirty talk.” Tyler said break the kiss and lining himself up with you.

“So now it’s time for a truth. How much do you want it right now?” Tyler teased.

“So much. Please fuck me.” you begged.

He pushed inside of you giving you no time to adjust to the feeling.

He thrusted hard and fast, hitting your g-spot each time.

“Fuck, Ty, I- I’m gon-na-” you could barely make words out.

“Don’t. I’ll tell you when.” his thrust became faster and sloppier.

“You can cum now baby.” as if those that was all you needed, your orgasm washed over you, taking over your entire body.  

Tyler pulled out and realised onto your stomach. He was moaning your name and he fell next to you on the bed, both trying to catch your breath.

He stood up and went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel to clean you off with.

“Wow, guess you are a slut for me. You squirted all over the bed.” he said with that familiar smirk.

He cleaned you up and climbed back in the bed and pulled the covers over the both of you. You had your back pressed to his chest and his face was buried in your neck.

“One last dare, this time it’s for you.” you said.

“And what would it be.” he said smiling into your neck before placing a small kiss.

“It’s not really a dare, but I think it’s time we tell people we’re dating.”

Just as you said that there was a knock at the door them giggles.

Tyler stood and put on some clothes quickly as you covered with the blanket.

Josh and a few of the other guys stood there and walked in.

“Fuck, Ty.” Josh imitated your moans from earlier.

“Guess they already know.” Tyler said pushing them back out the door. You could hear them laughing down the hall. You got all embarrassed and covered your reddened face.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” Tyler said pulling the blanket off of your face.

“They’re just a bunch of horny single guys who are jealous of us.” he said which made you laugh.

“You’re beautiful.” he said sleepily.

“I love you.” you said and he pulled you back into his chest.

“I love you too Y/N.”

How Snowbarry Could Happen

Now, I would like to start this off by saying I am a multi-shipper who prefers WestAllen. I am not, as the die-hard WestAllen fans would say, a delusional Snowbarry shipper who questions Barry’s love for Iris. The reason I ship WestAllen more is because of Barry’s obvious love for Iris whereas since season one, we haven’t really seen the potential for any romance between Caitlin and Barry. But, we know lots of fans enjoy it, just like lots of fans enjoy WestAllen and while it seems unlikely to happen, it’s not entirely impossible. The direction of the show would just have to change quite a bit for Caitlin and Barry to end up together. And even then, we don’t know whether or not it would be endgame or if WestAllen would. However, while the writers haven’t done Snowbarry, in season one, they seemed to enjoy teasing it. They had Barry and Caitlin hold hands in the dark when Farooq attacked STAR Labs, they had her ask him to stay with her until she fell asleep, they had them sing Summer Nights, a song about a summer romance, and they had a shape-shifter in Barry’s shape kiss Caitlin and she seemed to enjoy it after she got over her initial shock. The writers shouldn’t have done that if they didn’t want any fans to ship Snowbarry. With their writing in season one, they should have known that some people would end up shipping it. However, Snowbarry kind of fizzled out in season two, which is why I stopped shipping it so much. It’s seemed more like a friendship since season one, with two exceptions in season three. Those two exceptions were when he talked her down from being Killer Frost, which could have just been a moment between two friends considering Barry was madly in love with Iris at the time and Caitlin started dating Julian not too long after, and the fact that Killer Frost kissed him when she tried to kill him. Now, I hate it when that kiss gets romanticized, because Caitlin was obviously trying to kill him, but it is the writers once again teasing Snowbarry shippers despite the obvious abuse of the kiss. Caitlin could have tried to kill him multiple ways, yet she tried to do it by kissing him. The only other person she tried to kill by kissing was Julian, whom she was in love with. Thankfully, since Julian would not survive that kiss, I am glad she was stopped before she could. Point is, Snowbarry has been teased on the show, so while the writers haven’t done it and seem to prefer WestAllen and Snowlian, it doesn’t seem like they are entirely opposed to it.

So, how could Snowbarry ever go beyond occasional teases of romance and a brotp? Well, there’s actually a potential for that in season four. Now, Snowbarry shippers, don’t get your hopes up too high, because I still think it’s unlikely they will ever canon Snowbarrry, but I know how they could pull it off in season four if they wanted to. As a writer, I know what audiences like. And trust me when I say that even the people who ship WestAllen pretty damn hard probably don’t want them getting married this soon. Yes, there are some who do, but me? No. I don’t want them getting married right now. I think it would be really rushed and boring for them to get married this quickly into the series. The Flash is most likely going to last at least ten seasons, so if Barry and Iris get married in season four, there will be little to no more romantic tension, and people who watch for that will get bored. People like the will-they won’t-they story telling when it comes to romance in TV shows and they also like slow burns. All of that goes away if WestAllen is permanently canoned now. This means that if the writers want to be smart and draw it out longer, they would give Barry a new love interest. Now, it’s very possible they’ll bring in another of his canon love interests and not use Caitlin, but it’s also possible for them to use her. After all, Barry and Caitlin both found themselves separate from their significant others at the end of season 3. Caitlin told Julian that she wasn’t Caitlin anymore, basically telling him she wasn’t the woman he fell in love with anymore, and she needed to figure herself out and be let go. She basically told him to move on and told her friends to let her go, because she was someone else now. Question is: will Julian actually move on? Six months is a long time. It’s always possible he will have considering he and Caitlin weren’t together that long. But he will have to in order for Snowbarry to happen. As for Barry, he entered the speed force at the end of season three, and while considering Grant Gustin is confirmed on imdb for season four and for the SDCC as the top billing, it’s pretty obvious Barry is coming back, he won’t necessarily get right back together with Iris. Candice Patton said in an interview that they still won’t have Barry out of the speed force and Iris is dealing with it in her own way and stepping up to become a leader in Team Flash. Question is: what exactly does that mean? Did Iris listen to Barry when he told her to keep loving and found someone new during the six months Barry has been absent, or did she perhaps decide she doesn’t want to be in a romantic relationship with anyone right now because of the pain they cause and wants to focus on her individuality? The latter happened to Kara on Supergirl. She really wanted to be with James, but when season two happened, Kara had gone through a change and needed to figure herself out. She decided that James wasn’t the one for her. She ended up getting with Mon-El later, but the point is, she decided that she and James were better as friends and she needed some time to be single. She also started dating Mon-El eventually, who was another alien. He probably understood her better than James did because they were both refugees on Earth. Either way, it’s possible Iris will have moved on and won’t want to be with Barry when he comes back right away. Or it’s possible she will be psyched to see him and they will go through with the wedding. As I said, though, I really think it would be bad for the writer’s story to do that this early on. So, if Caitlin and Barry’s love interests have both moved on by the time the two of them get back, both of them are suddenly single. And yeah, the writers could do what they did in season two and bring in two new love interests for them, but that would be a pretty big cast, right? Especially if the way Julian and Iris have moved on is to other people. There would be a lot of characters to keep track of and not enough time to develop them all. Another choice they could make is have Barry and Caitlin get together, even if it’s only temporary.

So, what could make Caitlin and Barry go from friendship to romance if their significant others have moved on in season four? Well, both of them have gone through some very serious character arcs. Caitlin has actually confessed to being someone else and needing to figure out who that is, and I would not be surprised if Barry was a slightly different person too once he escapes the speed force. At their core, the essence of who they used to be is still the same, but for any Supergirl fans out there, as Cat Grant says, someone will be hundreds of different people throughout their lives as they grow, change, and experience new things. Caitlin and Barry have already gone through some pretty life-changing character arcs. They will probably never be the exact same people they were before. Seeing as they both have experienced this, it could push them toward each other, because they can each relate to what the other is going through. Another thing that might push them toward each other is feeling like outcasts in Team Flash. After all, both have left and it has been six months. There will be a new dynamic to the Team when they come back and they might feel out of place. If they both feel this way, it gives them another area in which they can relate to one another. So, if the two of them feel this way and have both lost their significant others by the time the next season starts, it’s possible they will gravitate to each other. And whether or not that turns from friendship to something more would be up to the writers to decide.

Again, I don’t want anyone getting their hopes up, because Snowbarry is still very unlikely to happen, but I don’t think it should be ruled out entirely considering they way the writers enjoyed teasing it in season one.

An added note for all the butt-hurt die-hard WestAllen fans who came along to rag on this post: Wow, I love how all these die-hard WestAllen shippers just had to come along and attack a post that wasn’t even made to hate on their ship or their beloved Iris. I like WestAllen and Iris, for crying out loud. I also really like Candice Patton. I think she’s a great person from what I’ve seen of her and an amazing actress. And I stated multiple times that I preferred WestAllen to Snowbarry while writing this post because of the connection between Barry and Iris being so profound and full of love. And for the record, Barry still considers Caitlin his friend despite her actions as Killer Frost considering how much he wanted Caitlin back, told her they were family, and how he wanted to go talk to her immediately when he saw her at H.R.’s funeral, so the WestAllen shipper who was acting like he’d suddenly hate Caitlin for what she did as Killer Frost is delusional. He’s forgiving, unlike this damn fandom. Do all of you have nothing else better to do than hate on posts you don’t agree with? Go get yourselves lives. Your level of immaturity is amazing. This was not a hateful post, so you have no real reason to attack it, but you choose to anyway because you’re so obsessed with your fictional ship that you can’t handle it when someone else doesn’t ship it or ships something else too. And for the record, as much as I hate to say it, because I am a WestAllen shipper, I think WestAllen shippers are the real bullies in this fandom, particularly on Tumblr. Yeah, you’ll come across Snowbarry fans who can be bullies too, but I have seen more WestAllen fans rag on Caitlin and Snowbarry than I have seen Snowbarry shippers rag on Iris and WestAllen, at least on Tumblr. A lot of Snowbarry shippers actually like Iris, but just don’t see chemistry between Candice and Grant and have told me so. Yet WestAllen fans act like the reason Snowbarry shippers don’t ship Snowbarry is because they are racists. Well, here’s what I have to say about that: first of all, you’re misusing the word ‘racist’. Its original definition before people started misusing the English language was someone who believes their race is superior over all races. Really, the word you should actually be using is bigoted or prejudice, and even then, you’re more often than not accusing someone of being something they are not. You act like just because someone dislikes a black character for their personality, that they are suddenly bigots. Whereas if someone disliked a white character for their personality, they are not considered bigots. But people can be bigoted against white people too. I know it for a fact because it has happened to both my mother and my father. A black woman disliked my mother because she was white and refused to work with her and my father, who marched in the Civil Rights movement with Dr. King, is constantly referred to as ‘an old white man’ in a discriminatory way. You also act like just because they don’t see chemistry between Candice and Grant that they are bigoted for it because Candice is black. You’re wrong nine times out of ten. That’s where YOU are the delusional ones. Most people who ship Snowbarry would still ship Snowbarry if a white actress had been cast to play Iris. You’re bringing unnecessary hate to the fandom and I wish you’d grow up and stop because you are just as bad as the handful of Snowbarry shippers who are actually bigoted. And honestly, shouldn’t you just be happy that WestAllen is currently happening? You have what you want, so what do you get out of hurting others for not having what they want? How would you like it if Snowbarry had been canoned instead of WestAllen and the Snowbarry shippers rubbed it in your faces? I think you’d hate it. Also, one of the WestAllen shippers who brought hate to this post said the only way Snowbarry could happen is in another universe where Caitlin is magically Iris, yet you forget that Barry has dated other women like Linda, Patty, Felicity, and Becky Cooper. While I don’t think he’s loved any of them the way he loves Iris, I think Patty came pretty close considering the nightmares he had where he feared Zoom killing her. He really loved Patty, which proves that Barry is capable of loving someone other than Iris, even if it’s not Caitlin. Also, I have seen so many hardcore WestAllen fans get pissed when Snowbarry fans rag on their posts, yet that’s exactly what all of you did to this post. Your hypocrisy is showing. Also, someone in the notes tried to accuse me of tagging WestAllen in this post, but I really didn’t. I suppose I did write: #I am a multi shipper who prefers WA writing this, but that’s not the same as tagging #westallen. The tag in this is #snowbarry, so all WestAllen fans who rag on it are invading the Snowbarry tags in this case and once again, are hypocrites considering I see you all complain about Snowbarry shippers apparently using WestAllen tags when posting their comments almost every time I look up WestAllen. Honestly, there is so much negativity in this fandom, from both sides, though I think the WA shippers are worse from everything I’ve seen. Most of the Snowbarry shippers only start getting hateful after being bullied by WestAllen shippers, and then I really can’t blame them. WestAllen may be my preferred ship of all the ones on the Flash, but it’s certainly not my preferred fandom in the Flash. It’s so full of hate.

So, in short, all of you should stop being unnecessary haters and go get yourselves lives.

 It’s been a long time since I made this post, and I would like to say, I no longer ship WestAllen for any reason other than seeing Barry happy. I got bullied by so many WestAllen shippers, that I became ashamed that I shipped the pairing and started questioning why I did. I ended up realizing that I really don’t like Iris and have since made a few posts as to why I don’t. I have started blocking the WestAllen stans that come and attack me, I even report them on occasion depending on just how offensive they are, and I am happy preferring Snowbarry to WestAllen now. So, way to go, WestAllen stans; you helped scare off someone who actually preferred your OTP. I should actually thank you, though, you lifted the wool from my eyes and now I am comfortable with the fact that I don’t really like who Iris West is as a person and I’m done trying so hard to like her character. I will only ever ship WestAllen to enjoy seeing Barry, my precious little cinnamon roll, happy. I’d really prefer him to be with someone else, whether that’s Caitlin, since Snowbarry was glorious when they let them interact in season one, or someone else entirely. Sorry some of this post, where I say I like/prefer WestAllen is inaccurate, but it was accurate when I made the post. Goes to show, the WestAllen shippers and their horrible bullying can really drive someone away from their ship.

anonymous asked:

After TWD finale are you still Team Defiance?

I’m gonna have to go with no, this isn’t to say I wouldn’t be extremely happy if Beth came back to TWD at some point. However, enough time has passed for me to say that I don’t believe it’s gonna happen. 

Beth’s death and the circumstances around it (No Burial, Missing Days, Missing Scenes, Missing Panels, No Commentary) will always strike me as odd for a show that’s so meticulous about every scene. They literally made sure to include the burials of every character since Beth, including walkers we haven’t seen and goats. Maybe they we’re going to go in that direction then decided against it? Maybe they never were and everything was just a huge fuck up. I don’t know. 

Also, I know this might hurt some people I know who are rid or die Team Delusional, but I cannot see how they could pull off this storyline anymore. I just can’t see it. Fake-Out deaths can only work if they are done quickly in my opinion. Waiting 2 and half seasons to reveal that Beth was alive along would be odd and bulky in the narrative at this point. 

I think most casual viewers have moved on, I doubt many of them remember Beth the way the online fandom does. Hell I doubt my own mother would remember her much if I wasn’t bringing her up every single time they show an onscreen burial. 

I just can’t see how they would be able to do this storyline justice by now. I just can’t see how it will be written. My main theory is I think they decided to kill her off cause of the C@ryl stans, who go crazy over the idea of Daryl with someone other then C@rol. I think AMC decided it wasn’t worth alienating that fanbase by pairing him with someone else and thus killed Beth off. I think they’ll forever keep Daryl single to keep them pleased and pair C@rol with King Ezekiel but still occasionally throw a bone towards C@ryl in order to keep them happy. 

Bottomline, if she was really dead then Scott Gimple screwed Beth Greene over in my opinion. It wasn’t fair how she killed off (It was OOC AF) and it was solely to further the plotline of the men around her. The further the pain the person Beth died for was quickly killed off (They could have at least kept Noah in the god damn show). None of this was fair to Beth as a character or to her fans. Sometimes I sit down and wonder if she is dead then what was the purpose of her from Scott Gimple’s POV, was she solely just some added man pain for Daryl? Was it solely just to show that innocence can be tarnished? Whatever it was her fans have come up with far better ideas for her character than he ever did. What happened in Coda was unfair and triggering to a fanbase they decided to play into. 

If she is dead, then she was just some sexist trope glorified. I’m not comfortable with that, I’m not comfortable that I was expected to love a female character, who struggled with depression and mental illness, who wasn’t fit for the Post-Outbreak World, and was killed off to further men’s storylines and pain. 

But I do stand by what I said in my video, until they address the weirdness, until Emily Kinney does a panel on Beth people will always hold hope that she could possibly be alive and come back. AMC should address it at this point and allow fans to move on.

Honestly, I wanna move on at this point. I just wish they would address it and end any remaining hope I have. 

Child's Play


“I-I should go. Bell’s gonna ring and I-I’m still naked…” Phil stuttered, standing up to collect his clothes. Dan sighed, disappointed, but helped him because of course he was still shaken up - no matter how used to it he was. When Dan tried to help his boyfriend with his shirt he was thanked with an unappreciative groan and his hands were pushed away. Stepping back, Dan resorted to walking outside and gathering Phil’s books and things, and as he handed the bag to it’s owner the bell sounded through the room. Sighing, Dan leaned forward to catch Phil’s lips or cheek or something but Phil swerved away and made a beeline for his last class. He didn’t know what he’d done wrong.



Arriving home, Phil struggled upstairs and collapsed onto his bed, trying to soothe himself as he still ached from the earlier incident. Walking had been a struggle but at least he could relax now.

His door clicked open and he tensed. It seemed relaxing would have to be put aside for now.

“Sit up.” The voice was calm and gentle, surprisingly, so Phil gradually pushed himself up and sat cross-legged on his bed. His dad grinned appreciatively and climbed behind him, wrapping his arms affectionately around his son’s waist.

“I’m bored. We haven’t done anything all week.” He began to absent-mindedly kiss his son’s neck.

“We fucked last weekend, dad…” Phil responded, half-paying attention.

“But that was four days ago! I miss doing all that with you. It’s a shame your birthday only comes round once a year,” his fingers crawled lower, past Phil’s groin making his stomach twist, “I’d like to experiment a little more. You know I have everything we’d need, after all…”

Phil jumped up and tried to escape but strong hands found his shoulders to restrict him.

“Come on, my boy, you’ll enjoy it.” He bit at his son’s earlobe teasingly. “Almost as much as I will…” Dad ran his burning hands over Phil’s shoulders to lead him back, forcing him to sit so he could latch onto his neck again. Phil was much taller than he used to be.

“Saturday. I’ll do anything Saturday night but please - it’s a school night - leave it this time.”

Pulling up, his dad huffed in frustration and shoved Phil onto the floor. “We’ll do a whole lot more, just you wait. But for now… I guess I could settle for a quick one. You’ve worked me up…bad boy…” The boy was turned around and he didn’t hesitate to work at his father’s trousers again. He was relieved that this was all he was doing tonight, but god if he came back Saturday night…he shivered at the thought and focused on giving his dad the quick release he wanted.


Friday was the pivotal point - the day that would set them up for a long time coming. Period two was Art again. Dan didn’t know if Phil would talk to him. He suspected he would avoid him like everyone always does. That’s what he gets for cracking a chunk off his shell.

In Art Dan watched as Phil entered the room, then awkwardly turned his head away just in case Phil really did hate him now. But when he heard a nearby voice say “Dan!” he smiled to himself and turned around. Phil shuffled speedily over to him, eyes slightly wider than they should be.

“Dan - are you still thinking about the ‘leaving’ thing?” He was speaking fast in a whisper. Dan nodded confidently and Phil breathed in sharply. “Me too. Let’s do it. Let’s run.”

Dan shot out of his seat. “W-what? Really?!”

“Yes really. It’s the last day of term today - the school wouldn’t find out anything for another week at least.”

Dan ran a hand through his hair. “Fuck…we’re actually going to do this? When?”

“This weekend.”

His eyes flew wide. “W-what?? But that’s so soon!”

“You said you wanted to get away as soon as possible, plus you’re already packed right?”

Dan didn’t speak for a minute. “…So we’re leaving? In a couple of days?” Phil nodded. Then suddenly he found Dan’s arms had been flung around his neck, holding tight. “Thank you! Oh my god, thank you! This is the greatest thing anyone’s ever done for me.” Eventually Dan broke away, blushing furiously as Phil chuckled.

“Lunch. That’s when we’ll discuss times and plans and everything.”


Saturday rolled by, quicker than expected but slower than desired. They were meeting today. At the park - outside their school would’ve raised suspicion sooner. They were going to meet at 6pm then take the bus to Manchester. What they would do and where they would go was all down to Dan - he’d planned all this down to the smallest detail. He’d been stealing money from his dad for months now - he thought he was spending it foolishly himself on drink or prostitutes - and he had plenty to afford a flat and food for both of them, so long as they got jobs as soon as possible. But without any qualifications… Phil had told him it wouldn’t be easy, but they were sticking by their decision.

They’d even checked the weather; cold but sunny on Saturday, then waking up to rain on Sunday. It wasn’t ideal but beggars can’t be choosers.


“And where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

He had been so close! He had his grip on the handle of the front door but shit he wasn’t getting out so easily.

Dan gulped. “Err… Just out. Won’t be long, sir!” He didn’t move. He heard footsteps and gulped again. There was breath against the back of his head.

“Don’t lie to me. Where. Are. You. Going?” He spun his son around and glared at him.

“F-for a walk. To the park. Just to the p-park, sir.” Of course that wouldn’t work - he was stuttering. Dad knew he was lying when he stuttered. Huffing, he tore Dan’s bag from his shoulder and threw it to the floor. Oh god-

Strong hands seized him and sent him crashing to the ground. Dan’s mind spun but he didn’t bother trying to push himself up. As his right arm was gripped and sleeve shoved up he didn’t try to pull it away. He knew better. He felt the blade sink into his upper arm and slide down but no noise of defeat left his mouth. He was aware of the warm blood trickling off his elbow but made no attempt to wipe it away. Pain skittered through his nerves but Dan didn’t pull away. No - all he would do was let his face twist in pain and turn away; it always hurts more when you watch. Eventually the blade was dropped and it clattered, blood-soaked, to the floor.

“Go whenever the hell you want, I don’t give a shit.” The man muttered until his breath as he returned to his seat, acting as if nothing had happened.

Dan sat up, feeling weary and his arm stinging, and turned to inspect the damage done this time; there was a word spelt out:


Of course. It could match the other ten scrawls of the same word across his body. It would blend in with the crowd of 'UGLY’, 'FAT’, 'FAGGOT’, and 'WHORE’. The last one wasn’t true, though it could just as easily have been Dan in Phil’s position at school if he hadn’t been hiding for all these years.


“Dan?” Phil yelled by the lake, trying to be heard but also inconspicuous. Not easy, of course. Why wasn’t Dan here already? It had already been fifteen minutes. People were becoming scarce, the sky was darkening and the wind was pricking his skin. Suddenly he saw figure running towards him in the darkness, carrying a rucksack on his back that looked way too heavy for him. When he reached Phil he was panting, completely out of breath because he’d just sprinted for ten whole minutes.

“’M sorry -” he started.

“Sorry? SORRY?! Dan we didn’t have time for this! It’s almost twenty past and fuck, we could miss our bus-” Phil cut himself off when he noticed Dan’s lowered head and slight shaking. He had no idea what this boy was going through or why he wanted to run away so badly, so yelling at him probably wasn’t the greatest idea. “I-I’m sorry. At least you’re here.” He wrapped an arm around Dan’s waist and lead him away. “We should get that bus.”

They took two seats at the back and dropped their bags, sighing in relief as they did so. Phil unzipped his and retrieved something before holding it out to Dan. “Dinner?” It was a chocolate bar. A fricking chocolate bar for dinner - there was no way Dan wasn’t going to burst into a fit of laughter.

“Are you actually shitting me? That’s incredible!” Needless to say he took the bar, though it was a struggle to eat between uncontrollable giggles.


Dan fell asleep a few minutes later, resting his head on Phil’s shoulder and breathing slow. His expression was so calm that Phil admired it for a good long moment. This boy…he’d known him for just over a month and here they were - running away together and trusting each other like they’d known each other all their lives. But they didn’t. Phil barely knew him, his background - there could be dangerous people behind this young boy - so why did he trust him? Honestly, Phil had no idea. Oh god…he hadn’t thought this through.

Well it was too late now.

Dan stirred lightly, pulling Phil back from his anxious thoughts. Unconsciously his small left hand reached out to his right and his fingers rested over the wrist - then he started scratching. He let his nails dig down and itch the scabs, picking some off and letting them bleed slightly. Without thinking Phil gripped Dan’s left wrist and guided his hand away, knowing that wasn’t good for people who did that. In his sleep Dan whined through pursed lips but was weak to resist since he was asleep.


Phil awoke hours later, groaning and stretching before he’d even opened his eyes. When he finally flicked them open it took him a few moments to realise he was on a bus, with Dan, on their way to Manchester. They were actually running away, they were free; it hadn’t really hit Phil before but now it had, he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face.

Glancing up, he noticed they only had a few more stops before their own so quietly whispered Dan’s name, then again more harshly. Still Dan didn’t stir so, smirking, Phil leaned down and sloppily started placing kisses all across his boyfriend’s face and neck. Dan groaned and his eyes flickered open, but as Phil grinned at him from inches away alarm flashed across his face. Unexpectedly hands were brought up to shove Phil away.

“Oh my god, Phil! There are people on this bus! We can’t do that, what were you thinking?” His eyes were as wide as a rabbit in headlights.

“Sorry, I thought it would be cute. Why is it so bad if people see?” He leaned in again but once again was pushed back.

“No, Phil. Can’t have people knowing we’re…” Dan fought for the right word “…together.”

Phil’s eyebrow raised. “Why not?”

Chapter 7

Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?

Fic Request: Liam accidentally walks in on stiles and Lydia in the janitor closet (he thought they were locked in there) and is traumatized. After they beg him not to tell anyone because it’s still new, and they don’t want to hurt Malia and all he agrees to keep their secret. Only Liam soon finds out he’s no good in keeping secrets and ends up blurting ‘Stiles and Lydia are doing it!’ to everyone he talks to, even if it’s completely out of context.

Rating: MA

Genre: Romance, Smut, Comedy, Established Relationship

Author: halsteadandlindsay

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You wanna know what I loved most about 5x09?

Oliver coming down to the lair, right after killing Billy, and showing the entire team Oliver Queen.

The broken, damaged, and heartbroken version of himself that the recruits have never seen before. 

Originally posted by olivergifs

So far Curtis, Evelyn, Rory, and Rene have seen the scary versions in The Recruits and A Matter of Trust when Oliver beats them down continually and shows who is in charge. Like some of the recruits have said, he’s been terrifying. In So It Begins, we see a different Oliver…the daddy! Oliver. But he’s still scary; still the leader of the team. 

And then we see the mid-season finale. Oliver kills Billy. First of all, I have to give kudos to Stephen (as usual) for the acting in a couple of the scenes. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It sounds sick, but I loved the part when he realized it wasn’t Prometheus he killed. The bow fell to the ground, and he staggered to the side. Perfect acting choice, as Oliver realized what he’d done. OKAY. Now back to what I was saying. Oliver comes down to the lair, utterly broken. The man who stands before these recruits now is not the man he’d allowed them to see for the previous seven episodes. 

He’s crying. 

He’s broken. 

It’s the Oliver Queen who we have seen in so many moments. 

The recruits haven’t seen this Oliver yet. And Oliver allows them to see it. He could have easily asked them to leave, or pulled Dig, Felicity, and Thea off to a different area of the bunker/cave. I know some people were saying that they wished Oliver had told Felicity privately about Billy’s death, but I think we should all be happy that he didn’t. This is the same Oliver hid William from Felicity and the team, and the same Oliver who has told more lies in a five year span then most of us in our lifetime. 

Generally, in moments of mourning/bad things happening, Oliver goes and hides. He’ll go to be by himself, often actively avoiding people. 

But this time, he went right to the lair and told everyone the truth. He showed the team that he’d grown, and learned from his mistakes. And that’s part of the reason why Prometheus won’t be able to turn the team against Oliver. There will be a higher level of respect for Oliver after this scene. 

Originally posted by queensarrow

 Remember this? (And the rest of the scene that I can’t GIF because I’m not technologically smart.) 

Originally posted by olicity-i-believe-in-you

Oliver proved Curtis wrong in the mid-season finale. He’s not heartless and he respects people. He showed that by telling the entire team about what he did. 

And then this: 

Originally posted by yet-i-remain-quiet

That scene in the bunker in 5x09 is the real Oliver Queen. The one the recruits saw for so long was the man who tries to stay strong at all times, and is terrifying. But the real man? He’s broken. He’s damaged. That’s who we saw. 

But the last part of the scene gives us another glimpse at him. When he accepts Diggle’s hug, it shows us the hope.. Two seasons ago, Oliver would’ve marched away and ignored the entire team. But this time, he didn’t. He let Diggle hug him. 

And that’s why we need to have hope for all of the story lines in the coming episodes!

The sense of fashion of each type or which style they tend to prefer?

Requested by Anon

(Feel free to send me what fashion sense you have and your type- I’m curious)

(And this is based of the people I know obviously)

SJ: These people are normally subtle fashion wise, but with a hint of edge. They will have their look: put together, neat and typical- but deep down they can feel (especially teenage SJ’s) that they should go a little crazy. Because this, they may wear like a little piece or clothing or carry some aura that can “imply” edge. But mostly they will look like an average person, who knows how to match cloths but isn’t going to dress to impress people. Also, they tend to find a style and stick with it….forever.

Ex. I know

My young ISFJ friend, by looking at her, is not at all wild. Her hair is to her shoulders with layers and is alway styled the same way and very neat. The cloths she wears don’t have any bright colors or anything, but sometimes she wears some leather or studs or shiny earrings. To her this is THE way she express herself. She thinks she would love to go crazy her style and hair, but she doesn’t. She just wears the leather jacket as a silent rebellion.

Young ESTJ- changes up her hairstyle occasionally, and wears some bright colors but never so bright that people think- “wow, she must have fun”.

ESFJ: Wears regular, typical cloths and always looks nice. (Blouses and pants) Does have a bit of a funky hairstyle but she has had it so long that she owns it.

Young ESFJ: Very classy, and girly. She has a style of sophisticated but not obnoxious that she holds well. Nothing too bold, always subtle, but has a good eye.

Young ISTJ: Doesn’t really care for fashion, although she like Project Runway. Always wears her hair in the same ponytail.

SP: These are your hippi’s (ISTP and ISFP) and your brandnamers (ESTP and ESFP) The introverted ones normally have an earthy feel to them- very 60’s and they KNOW how to wear it. The SP’s are the ones who have a style that they stick too. Not like the SJ who always looks the same style wise, but in the way that even though they are wearing something drastically different every day- it’s always has the “vibe”. The extroverted SP’s are normally the ones that are “in” fashion wise. Whatever is up to date and cool, they are wearing. Their style stands out in a crowd- ESP’s for the “Pop” factor and ISP’s for their uniqueness.

Ex I know

Young ISFP: Rocks the “hippie- hippster” to the max. Always has the same feel to her, though she never wears the same thing twice. Band across the forehead, long hair, loose tank top- completely 60’s yet still modern

Young ISTP: Earthy feel to them, in faded colors mostly, loose clothing, ripped jeans.

Young ESTP: Knows “the” shops to shop at, brand name, not too fancy, ruff looking, casual mostly.

ESFP: Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle. Bold colors, bright jewelry, always looks ready for a runway.

NF: These people are the ones who won’t really care about “fashion” they will either think it’s fun or not. They normally have a subtle style, but not like the SJ. Their subtle is much bolder, colors and style wise. They will wear different things and change things up often. They normally don’t stand out style wise, but you can always expect them to be colorful (figuratively or literally) and be different somehow. Also, the NF will be where most of your “don’t know don’t care” fashion people are at as well as NT.

Young ENFP and Adult ENFP: Pretty random, and doesn’t really have a “aura” they let off. Always fun and colorful and trying out different things.

Young ENFJ and Adult ENFJ: Doesn’t really keep a “style” going but wears nice, cut clothing. They look warm usually and “moral” if that makes sense. Like they are doing what they are supposed to while also being original but not an eye catching original.

Young INFJ: Same as the ENFJ except they won’t be as inclined to notice whether they have worn something like that before. Will probably just wear whatever they find in their closet- usually just shorts and a t-shirt

Young INFP: Unique and random. But not as “neon sign” as ENFP’s. They put their own twists on trends and and have the style of “I only put half thought into having my own look but I look like an individualist anyway”

NT: When these people develop a style it is normally a style only THEY could ever pull off. It’s bold and a little insane, but makes perfect sense to them and those who know them. Now that’s assuming they care- similarly to the NF you’ll catch a lot of NT who aren’t concerned with fashion at all.

Young INTP: She has some edgy boots and a bold haircut- half the time I’m really confused as to why she is wearing what she is wearing but it’s just so her I don’t question it.

Young INTJ: Doesn’t care at all for “fashion” would rather just wear nike shorts and a t-shirt everywhere.


SJ- Normal, everyday style

SP- Stand out in a crowd style

NF- Blend with the crowd, but in a “fun” way

NT- Either blend, or unintentionally stand out with a quirky fashion sense

pandoramouse  asked:

Can you do an Allies plus Italy and Romano on reacting to their s/o being the author to their favourite book series when they see their s/o at the stage of a convention they went to?

America/Alfred F. Jones: America would instantly yell out to his s/o. Although he wouldn’t have realised why they were there at first, once they told him that they were the author, he’d literally start bouncing up and down like a kid in a candy store. He’d start acting a lot like a fanboy instead of someone who knew them personally, and would often reference or quote their books when they’re around, just to show how much of a fan he was (honestly, it gets annoying after a week). He’d ask his s/o to tell him about stuff like this next time, as much as he loved surprises, he would rather have known from the beginning.

England/Arthur Kirkland: England’s shock would have frozen him to the spot, enough to let his s/o notice him. Before they could call out to him, though, he would have walked right out of the convention. They would attempt to chase after him, but others at the convention (fans and their manager) would keep them in place. England would go for a walk to settle his thoughts. He was certainly upset that they had kept it from him, but then again this would explain why on some days they would spend hours just typing away on their laptop. After some hours of mulling it over, he would return home and wait for his s/o so that they could talk it out. Once his s/o explained their reasons for not telling him, he’d be happy about the fact that the author he loved so much was his s/o. He would give his s/o some tips fro the viewpoint of a reader and would offer to help read their drafts before they sent it to their editor.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France wouldn’t do anything at the convention itself, but once they were alone he would shower his s/o with praises. He would start to notice how some of the characters indeed reminded him of either himself or people his s/o knew. The good-looking sidekick with a belief in love? That’s him alright. The cheerful yet oblivious love interest? Spain. The arrogant but kind-hearted rival? Who else could it be but Prussia? He would give his s/o some advice about creating characters, and would give them some inspiration from all the people he knows when he seems them struggling to make minor characters. 

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Russia would walk straight up to his s/o and hug them. Although some security guards tried to pull him away (without success), his s/o would wave them away. After being told by his s/o that they were busy with the convention, he’d back off and wait for them in a quiet corner, all while exuding an aura of sunflowers and rainbows. He loved their books, and would always read them when he was feeling lonely. Now that he knows that it’s his s/o’s writing, he’d understand why he always felt a connection to the author.

China/Wang Yao: China would play it cool, acting like a casual fan, at least in public. On the inside, he’d be squealing like he just saw a Hello Kitty toy. After the convention, he’d show his s/o that his shelf was filled with their books, and would start bombarding them with questions. Will A and B get together in the end? C is D’s parent, right? Why did E act that way to F? So on and so forth. Soon, he’d pretty much be a walking spoiler for the series as he knows everything that will happen in the plot. He’d still buy the books, though, just in case his s/o hid something from him.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: With a loud call, Italy would tackle his s/o in a running leap after the convention was over. He had been bursting with excitement throughout the whole convention and could finally confront his s/o about it. He’d sing them praises to the sun and would tell them what exactly he loved about their books. He may ask his s/o to give a certain character more scenes, they were his favourite character, pair so and so together, they’re just so cute, etc. He wouldn’t miss an opportunity to declare that his s/o was the author of the series.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: Romano’s original reaction would be hurt. He perceived his s/o not telling him as a small betrayal, and he may seem angrier towards them for the next few days. After finally having a proper conversation with his s/o about this, he’d get over his wounded ego and would praise his s/o a little. Although he was as excited as Italy, his pride prevented him from outright fanboying over his s/o. Through subtle hints, though, his s/o would see just how happy he actually was, and may tease him a little about it.

I’ve recently been doing some custom orders for people. Here’s one of them! Below is what Amy had to say about this one. Thanks Amy!

Our usually very well behaved son, Meekie, who was barely 3 at the time, decided he would like to find out what it would be like to be a wild animal inside of a grocery store so I left my shopping cart (you know it’s bad when a mom abandons cart) and put him in the car where I had a few words with him. We pulled into my driveway, turned the car off and before I could turn around he said, “whoa, hold on for a second, mommy, are you still wearing your angry eyebrows?”

Arrow Fic: Thus Far You Are The Best Thing

A/N: Another installment in the Sight of the Sun post-finale roadtrip ‘verse. At a vineyard in Coast City, Nyssa pays them a surprise visit.

(Sight of the Sun Series: Pack Light - Some Scars - Everything I Want From This Life)

A bit more angst, with this one, sorry! But there was some STUFF to deal with, y’all.

Thus Far You Are The Best Thing

AO3 /

“So, despite what I’ve done, I pray to God that we can move on,
‘cause thus far you are the best thing that this life is yet to lose.”
“Sight of the Sun” - fun.

Nyssa shows up in Coast City, because of course she does. There are few places that the ancient black leather of the League would stand out more than the seaside vineyard where they’re staying for the night.

They’ve just finished what might be the best dinner Felicity’s ever had (despite the fact that she nearly spilled pinot noir all over her pretty new dress when he ran his hand up the thigh slit under the table) and they’re rushing their way back to the private cabin when suddenly, she appears, in full League gear, among the grapevines. Oliver’s wife.

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anonymous asked:

how to spot a toxic friendship? I have a long time friend thats starting to weigh me down and they don't take any accountability. I feel like a horrible person thinking like that. Its been years of this. Idk, I was hoping you could spare some advice.

you’re in one right now. cut them off. i know it sounds really atrocious and harsh, but from personal experience, you will be so much better off in the long run. you might regret it or feel horrible for some time (it took me several months on and off), but now i think it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.

true friends should always be people who pull you up, not drown you. and i think you’ve given your “friend” plenty of chances to redeem her/himself but it’s so obvious s/he’s got a long way to go. be selfish this time and put yourself first. end it.

Things I've Learned within the Past Year
  • •If you feel really stressed out, it’s time to put it down and take a break. You’ll probably have all the answers when you get back to it anyway.
  • •Don’t fully rely on others for your happiness, but never hesitate to welcome all the things that pleasant company can offer to you.
  • •If people you hardly seem to know send compliments your way, those compliments are most likely true.
  • •Recognize the people who truly notice when you’re not ok, and keep them close.
  • •You should fully believe, at most, only about 70% of what you hear to be true. Don’t get super attached to any certain idea or philosophy or anything like that.
  • •Don’t argue. Yelling is just anxiety inducing and all it does for you is offer a little more exercise to your vocal cords. Ask questions instead in order for both of you to review their reasoning, and if you’re the one in the wrong, that’s just how it is.
  • •Also, ask a lot of questions about everything in general. Never leave curiosity to rot in some awful dark corner.
  • •Be willing to admit mistakes; not to be confused with “be willing to admit when you don’t know something.” Both are important, but they’re hardly the same thing.
  • •Smiles are some of the most beautiful things on earth. Don’t be afraid to spread them around. Even more importantly, show off your own even when you don’t feel happy; it might be what you need.
  • •Always thank people who do things for you no matter what those things are. It could be a fireman pulling you out of a burning building or just the girl that's letting you borrow her stapler.
  • •Smile and say hi to anyone and everyone that you pass by often. Ask them what their names are, and try to take note of them. Who knows, you might make some good friends that way.