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I Could See You (Shadow Monster/Blind Reader)

I was listening to the JT Machinima/Music rap for the game Perception and got Inspired. Also the Presence is hot and even though it’s evil I love it.

So here’s my own Not Evil version of the Presence.

Most of it under a read more so it doesn’t clog anyone’s dash

For as long as you can remember, you’ve never been able to see.

You weren’t born blind, but an accident when you were young caused you to lose your vision. You never really thought much of it. It was just a thing, to you. No matter how many people give you that moment of pity when they realize you can’t see. God damn that gets annoying, though.

You learned to use your other senses to get around- sound, smell, touch. You knew the layout of your house and street by heart.Your roommate- a werewolf that you jokingly call your seeing eye dog- is happy to take you to out when you need it.

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I found it marvelling, how people wounded themselves over chances of healing, how people who had caused each other pain were willing to give each other something better, and I knew it was impossible to not hurt people you love, but it was well within our power to give them the gift of healing, to love the pain away, if only we’d be lucky enough to have them let us, and I lived for it, for healing, for chances, because in this world, that’s all I had to hold on to, hope that my humanity would be forgiven, that I would not be cast out for making treacherous mistakes, that in the end someone would love me beyond what I thought I deserved, that someone would tell me about the future when I cried over the past, that someone would remind me about how important it is to focus on what can be held, what can be moulded and made anew, all I ever need is a little hope, and I’d see us through anything.
—  Eliot Kngith

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In hood & glove, the scene where otabek first meets yuri, starting with: "oh thank everything, can you swim?"

This scene was AMAZING fun to write because the two characters are working off completely different scripts, and you can see Yuri getting progressively nonplussed and annoyed by the fact that Otabek just DOES NOT CARE about his FAKE TRAGIC BACKSTORY. How dare he try to apply LOGIC!!

Meanwhile Otabek is 100% deadpan trolling his way through this CLEAR FAE TRAP from the first few seconds. 

I deliberately used a slightly distant third-person narration for Otabek in this story, to go with his reserved manner, so that his specific thought contents are often hidden from the reader. It’s only by the end of the scene that you realise Otabek knows what Yuri is the whole time. 

The other layer to that is that by the end of the story, you realise that Yuri knew who Otabek was, too. Not that it helped him.


Faust, why didn’t you try saying this before the duel? You know, when Playmaker is much less likely to dismiss it as you trying to stall or knock him off his game?

I’m wondering how much the Knights of Hanoi think Playmaker knows. Revolver was surprised that Playmaker would side with SOL Technologies, when it was revealed he was a victim of the Lost Incident - which means Revolver assumes that Playmaker already knew SOL were behind the Lost Incident. So maybe the Knights also assume he knows more about the Ignis AIs and the threat they pose to humanity?

So Faust only tries to use reason once he’s desperate. He assumed Playmaker knows what he’s doing and has already decided to side against humanity.

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I imagine Severus being insecure about his looks (though he tries to focus on more important things). how would he react if his SO suddenly complimented his looks after a short time of dating?

I imagine him basically doing that thing where he kinda ignores it at first. Because he’s not used to it being directed at him, and then later, he doesn’t know what to say in response.

“Thanks,” seems so stilted.

“I knew it!” seems to be rather tone deaf.

“Of course, I’m fabulous, darling,” is something that Lockhart (barf) would say.

So he just stands there and shuffles his feet and tries to avoid eye contact until the compliment has faded like an invisible noxious fart.

But, over time, he begins to grow comfortable receiving the compliments.  He stops flinching and moving further away when he receives them, as if the punch line is an actual punch he’s expecting. He leans into them, his body purring with the knowledge that the words are not lies, at least not when they come from this person who, against all possible reason, loves him and finds him attractive.

But when anyone else tries the same, he immediately reverts to his prickly, skeptical self.  

He makes an exception only for you.

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(sorry of you get this twice. Thing glitched) So, Hanamura opens his restaurant and his S/O decides to help out as a server. How would he react when he sees them having to deal with an asshole customer. Y'know one of those who treats employees like dirt and uses phrases like "the customer is always right" to justify their behavior? (How would he react if the customer tries to use the old "I'm friends with the owner" lie?)

Of course :p

Request: Teruteru Hanamura & S/O dealing with rude customer

  • He was so grateful you’d offered to help out
  • He loved to see you in the restaurant as well as at home
  • And you just volunteered
  • He wasn’t about to turn you down
  • But he wanted to pay you
  • Which you declined
  • Either way, you’d been working there a week or so
  • You knew enough, but some things were still new
  • And that was apparent
  • You asked the customer multiple times what he wanted
  • But with each course he ordered he had some special requirement
  • And you got through the starter without a problem
  • But got the main confused
  • You bowed and tried to apologise
  • Fixing it asap
  • But when you brought him dessert he started to pic flaws at it
  • “I-Please, I’m just server, I didn’t make this,”
  • “Well you should have. Then maybe you would have got it right. You took the order,”
  • You tried to defend yourself in the most polite manner
  • “You ordered this without requirements…”
  • His eyebrow shot up
  • “Oh did I now? I don’t recall that, do you?”
  • He looked across to the person he was eating with
  • Who shook their head
  • By now Teruteru had emerged from the kitchen
  • And was watching over the bar as it unfolded
  • Just within hearing distance
  • “You see, I’m friends with the owner… And I feel they wouldn’t be happy with this… You’re saying I changed my order, but clearly I didn’t? Don’t you know, the customer is always right,”
  • You just stuttered
  • Trying to get another apology out
  • “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice the commotion, what’s happening here~”
  • You tried not to look too relieved as Teruteru came to your side
  • “Who the hell are you?”
  • “I thought you’d know, considering you’re friends with the owner,”
  • You tried not to smile
  • Especially at the customer’s clear dismay at being caught out
  • “Now, I will offer you a refund on the course that we genuinely mixed up, but other than that, you can pay the full and eat what you have, or just leave now and let me bill your boss,”
  • Teruteru just winked to you and walked away
  • Leaving you to bow and quickly get back to serving another table

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If you hate SE so much why don't you just stop playing their games?

Because that isn’t going to fix anything? I like SE games, and I like their music, the issue I have is how they are blindly (and in a very shitty way) trying to milk out FFXV.

With KH they were trying to milk it dry for sure, but you had the ORIGINALLY director behind it, so he could always add shit to the plot that he thought was interesting or will go somewhere, OR the fact that they knew their fanbase and knew how to make them happy.

KH gave you more Roxas like people asked, gave you more Axel, gave you more background on characters that even though are small in the game, became pretty big in the actual fandom. They gave us a darker plot at some point, they pushed out some of the Disney elements as well that were too overpowering. They kept trying to put pieces together and form something bigger out of it.

With FFXV however, you do not have the original director, you have Tabata who was not the original writer, was not the original designer, was not the original ANYTHING. He had no idea how to expand this universe, he had no idea what to do to add to characters and he still has no idea of WTF he is doing, except milking this shit. He hadn’t worked on any fucking major game at all whatsoever that would tell me that this dude knows what the fuck he is doing with a big title like this and it fucking shows. IT SHOWS ALL AROUND. 

Now, this isn’t all of Tabata’s fault because FFXV was originally going to be part of FXIII as we all know, and you can tell if you play FFXIII that Noctis’ role got divided into 3 different characters and Luna pretty much got split into two. This was all done to finish FFXIII and push FFXV as their own title.

But what is his fault is the shit mess that he is giving people and still having the balls to say “I don’t think is THAT BAD” when even a 10-year-old would scratch their heads at the fuck up that this game has become. You have ONE GOOD THING going in this game, the 4 bros yet they don’t give more content with them except the DLCs that are at most 2 hours long. They don’t even bother to extend on existing characters much and either fuck them up more or just make you shrug and be like meh (ravus and luna).

Yet SE keeps greenlighting this shit because as we all know they were going broke as fuck because they hadn’t had a major hit in fucking years and most of their income was coming from phone games from Japan. It is depressing AF.

So it goes back to are you blindly going to follow a company because you have been a fan for a long time, or are you actually going to have a mind of your own and be like “Mhmm, this doesn’t sound right.”

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You know, I always wondered how Jaime could go "Oh yeah, the Boltons used to flay Stark princes, make pelts out of them and wear them to battle hundreds of years ago" and "I got no idea who the current Lord Bolton is, whatever" in the same breath but now I know. What a nerd! A nerd with massive issues.

Yeah I think he knew that it was Roose, but didn’t know much else about him aside from his family history which is well known across Westeros (“The Boltons skin their enemies.” Jaime remembered that much about the northman. Tyrion would have known all there was to know about the Lord of the Dreadfort, but Tyrion was a thousand leagues away). I believe Jaime’s ignorance/disinterest in all things political is partly genuine, but partly a performance too. He thinks knowing things is just not his strong suit; he convinced himself that he has an anti-political brain and revels in it, just as part of him perversely revels in being called the Kingslayer. He likes to pretend he doesn’t care—it’s all part of the persona he’s construed in all these years. But as we see later in his AFFC arc, if he buckles down, he can be quite the astute political observer, and occasionally thinker too.

It also amuses me that the full speech re: the Boltons having a long, bloody history of violent rivalry with the Starks is actually an attempt to help Brienne make sense of the Red Wedding. :))


Lauren, you know, your sister lives across the street. I’ve chatted with her a few times. You two should talk.

Lauren pointed behind her, to the wooden rainbow hearts that hung above the stove.

You see that? That rainbow? She would never support that.

I though you told me that she always knew about us, and hid it from your parents.

Well, yes, but–

No. No buts, you can’t make excuses Laur, you’ve talked to me about how you want to reconnect, how you don’t want James and Rose to end up like you two. Maybe the best way to do that is to show how it’s possible. That way if they ever fall out, they can look at you and Clarissa.

I guess you’re right, I’m just scared.

Lauren, you can’t be scared, you have to do this, for your sanity and mine.

Okay. We can go at some point today.


Yes, I promise.

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also its ridiculous how everybody knows abt "Hello, Dean", even Asmodeus who just arrived. I mean... JFC, guys... so lovely.

Yes, it was actually very interesting. He also knew that he could use Cas as bargain with the Winchesters so while we haven’t seen him (or much of him) he got to know a few handy details.

Apart from that, I thought it was curious that the first “Hello, Dean” we got was from Asmodeus, not Cas himself. Every other time where a “Hello, Dean” would have fit in we got - nothing. And people were screaming at their TVs JUST SAY IT… and now we got it but it’s not right either. It wasn’t just from the wrong person it also felt wrong because it sounded rather harsh? Which makes sense, who knows how long/often Dean has been trying to call Cas. :P 

So it wasn’t a good thing in any way, it was used by Asmodeus to manipulate Dean (I hope it didn’t work, that phone call was waaaay off what Cas would say) and these are not Cas’ words anymore. It’s going to be interesting to see what Cas can/will say instead. 


“You’re loaded.”

Roxane was going through an overload of information, all in the span of in one day. For one, the Whittmores came from old money. A lot of it. Something he dropped casually in conversation in the time it took them to walk from the limo to the front door. Like it was either supposed to be common knowledge or the world’s biggest secret that she was now privy to. It’s how he knew them - Rafael, Juliette, Evan, Anastasia and Suanne - they all grew up together. It could explain Tasia’s hostility towards her - she probably believed all she was after was her family’s money. Something she didn’t even know existed. Until now.

“My family is, yes.”

“I find that I am slightly irritated by the manner in which you are acting so nonchalantly about all of this. ”

“That’s no way for us to start our vacation.”

“How long have we known each other, Evan? And when exactly were you planning on telling me all this?”

“You are right, we do need to talk. Can we do it later?”

“Why? Now’s as good a time as any.”

“Mummy cranky.”

“I am not-”

“Hey there - you guys made it!”

Cederville Heights Chapter 1.17: Chance

Dance With Me Chrisvik

My teaser for the fic I did for @chrisvikzine

Victor feels sick to his stomach despite the fact that Yakov offered him some small blue capsules from his arsenal before they left the hotel room. He’s been nursing the same ginger ale for hours now. When they told one another, “if neither of us is married after retirement,” wedged between the sheets at a five star hotel, he never believed it would be something they’d actually do.

It’s just that, of all of the men he knows of in the division, he never anticipated that Chris would marry at twenty-five. He couldn’t deny that Samuel was perfect for someone like Chris. He knew how to work around Federation rules and make them work for Chris, who thrived upon skirting along the edge. He was attentive, and he was grounded to a fault. Yet, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he and Chris should be at the bar nursing tonics and sizing up the room at someone else’s wedding.

“You look wonderful tonight,” and in an instant the sour feeling in his stomach is gone. Chris’ words are genuine because he means every one. Chris’ face has been a near constant smile, from the moment his mother walked with him down the aisle. His blonde hair looks like a halo around his head in the dimmed light.

Victor leads them in the meandering zig-zag pattern of the foxtrot.

Chris removes his hand from Victor’s shoulder. “So do you,” Chris says pushing back Victor’s hair.  “Even with so much of it gone, it’s difficult to see your eyes.”

The song ends, and Victor can see Samuel from the corner of his eye ready to cut in and dance with his husband once again. Victor is careful to not let his hands linger for too long upon Chris.

“Victor,” Chris calls as he turns on his heel.

Victor turns back to him. Chris’ long eyelashes catch chandelier light once more, and it is as if he is chasing after him all over again.

“I don’t have a bouquet,” his hands go to his lapel, where he unpins his boutineer. The hole from the pin leaves a dark ugly hole in pristine white fabric. “But you should have this.”

“For luck?” Victor chuckles.

Chris takes the lapel of Victor’s suit into his hands, and spears the fabric. Then, he smooths the white petals back into place against crisp dark leaves.  “So that you’re next.”

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You're basically 408's dad, so what have they done that you consider yourself proud of?

I’m always proud of those little assholes, but I think the coolest thing they ever did was learn to communicate. I started trying to teach them to read and write when we worked out they had above average human intelligence, which we weren’t expecting – we knew they were intelligent, because their coordination and mimicking told us there had to be intelligence there, but we weren’t expecting them to match and even beat average human intelligence. I started teaching them the alphabet to see how much they could remember, and how memory and learning worked in the hivemind, and it turned out they’re actually very good at learning. They quickly learned to recognize all the letters, and from there began to spell words and eventually full sentences. Now you can have an entire conversation with them just like you would with a person, though you do have to wait a bit as they have to spell out all the words rather than speak them.

Turns out they have a great sense of humor, too. They’ll often respond to things with images or faces, meaning they’ve been shitposting since way before it was cool.

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Hello, beautiful! I just have to say that I’m all for you making physical copies of your fics! Personally, I would buy the hell outta them (especially Long Distance, Smitten Kitten, and Buried)! I love books so much and I collect them so this would be just perfect! I hope you can make this idea a reality! 😍😍😍

It would be so cool right?! And I could like.. double sets for the series (like Storms/Frost or my Tattoo Shop one?!) And then one big collection of short stories?! 

How cool would that be!

And then one day when I am old and uncool I can look at my bookshelf at the dozen of books and be like, oh thats right. I used to write fan fiction that would make my grandchildren blush if they knew lolol 


Greatest. Night. Ever.

Oh my gosh you guys. I knew they would be excited for the Polar Express but I completely underestimated how excited they would be. Bug just kept going on telling me all about the parts of the train and how they were taking us to see HoHo. Sis was dancing and singing to all of the Christmas music.

My heart is so full tonight. I’m beyond grateful we were able to give them this experience. It’s going to be hard to follow this the rest of this holiday season!

For almost 26 years Freddie left us … All of us remember him every day …
I knew who was Freddie since i was a kid but I started to interesting him about a year ago …I remember this day .. I listened to my favorite music (George Michael, David Bowie, Billy Joel). In “recommended” I saw Queen song “Don’t stop me now”. I fell in love with the first 5 seconds. Earlier I knew Queen songs but I never listen intently to  to Freddie’s angelic voice. Then I began listen more and more …  I don’t know how it happened but he was already become the meaning of my life … I started to study his biography, reading books about his life and of course listeniing more songs. Now when I hear his voice I cry. It’s not  always … Just when I realize he is not with me…I’m dying inside… Yesterday (November 6th) I was at the Queen + Adam Lambert concert … It’s amazing to see people who knew Freddie …(Brian and Roger). Freddie many times saved my life with his music. I love him for everything he did for me and for the millions of fans in the world. Freddie is my God… my hero.
E. @bittersweet2114

At The Landsmeet

Loghain: whatever Howe may have done, he should have been brought to justice. There is no justice in butchering a man in his home

Cousland, whose father was in fact butchered in his home by Howe: 


*sun is how you think, moon is how you feel, venus is how you love*

Aries The Velocity. When you’re with her, her heart pumps adrenaline straight into your veins. She is the arms you fall into when the rush becomes too much. You never knew someone with such a hard head could have a heart this soft. She’ll light you on fire until you get used to the burn, until her jarring touch is as soft as feathers. And she will help you up every time, you take her hand and it’s like being in a freefall but it’s okay because you’re not alone. What she want’s deep down is someone who can run wild with her. You lose her the moment you try to control her. Don’t. Just enjoy the ride, for it’s one of a kind.

Taurus The Mystic. She is the vivacity of the living, the one who defies gravity. Her heart floating around her body makes you believe in magic. The kind everyone wants to experience. She pops her gum and tells you to put your money where your mouth is. So you rip your chest open, the blood of your beating heart splattering onto her lips. She cradles you in her arms, your worship inducing a heartfelt laughter that echoes through the vertigo of your final moment. “You did good.” she whispers, and at last you are at peace.

Gemini The Dandelion, her soaring heart tied to a string. She’ll rock you ultra slowly until you feel you could fade away into nothing, and live forever amongst the clouds. She demands you show her everything you have to give, before she even much as gives you a smile. The quest for her heart is for only the brave. She doesn’t mind what people say, the one who she calls hers has to be unyielding. So she won’t feel so liquid all the time.

Cancer The Lighthouse. Her satin heart is safely kept, for the one who will finally be worthy. But for now she will dance, she will dance with every angel until she finds the one with the shy smile and the softest curls. At night she tells the Moon all her secrets, and now she has a secret that makes her bones shiver and her lips tremble. She loves you, I promise. Just ask the Moon.

Leo Her heart is a cup overflowing with all things lovely, filling the hearts of others as easily as she fills her own. The Fountain of Youth. Hope, lust, tenderness. You can’t help but look at her in awe and think, “I am. Because of you.” The fear you try so hard to ignore is because she doesn’t need to prove her worthiness to anyone, you’re worried that someday she won’t need you. But if she loves you, you don’t need to be afraid. She will be with you when the world ends.

Virgo The Goddess. Her heart is a forest, full of life and mystery. She brings my soul to harmony in return for the respect she rightfully deserves. She cares for her world with everything she has, believing in the pure radiance of the noble hearted. Many might mistake her benevolence for weakness. However when she finds a bad seed, let’s just say nature can be a cruel master. After all she is the source of life and will not be exploited by the greedy. But to those who love with an open heart she gifts the vitality of spirit, and the liberation of the metaphysical mind.

Libra Her slow heartbeat echoes as it pulses against your palm, right through your bloodstream. She licks her lips and sways her hips to the rhythm. The Delilah. You cross your heart and close your eyes. “Open.” she whispers, and the cosmos had swallowed the pool table and barflies of the roadside dive. All you hear is her soft giggle and ocean waves crashing in slow motion. “Welcome to Eden.” You look around you, and you notice your blood isn’t vibrating anymore. You ask her how she found this place. She gently shakes her head with a smile on her lips and says, “Darling, you’re inside of me.”

Scorpio The Red Winged Angel, always under my skin. The beat of your heart vibrating through my system and I’m afraid that if you touch me I will shatter to a million pieces. Late at night I dream of finding someone as sensuelle as you. Sometimes I wonder how many hearts you own, even though I can’t quit you. I don’t know what I am addicted to more, your touch or the fact that you could disintegrate the earth from underneath me if you wanted to.

Sagittarius The Honeymoon. The fast moving gal who likes them slow. If you want her heart take her for a night drive. Show her the world through your eyes. Make her feel something she’s never felt before. Free yourself from the malevolent, open your chest and breathe her in. Give her the part of you that makes you human, and she will turn you into something ethereal.  

Capricorn The Empress. Class and a pure heart, and the international woman of mystery. And even though games don’t interest her, that don’t mean she doesn’t know how to play. No one does it like her. It’s almost painful how she works you, heightening all your senses with perfect impulse control. Engage at your own risk, because she will make you miss her more than anyone you’ve ever met. But if you want to love her, she’ll hold you down for life in hazy love daydream.

Aquarius I’ve seen her in my fantasies. The Extraterrestrial. She’ll waltz right into your love sphere like she owns the place, utterly unignorable. And then she’ll smile, like she has no fucking idea. And you wonder if she really doesn’t. She goes around granting all your wishes and you wonder, why she gives you the world but won’t let you feel her heart. And she will never tell you, because feelings are hard for robot girls. She is afraid she’s too cold inside. What she doesn’t realize is she loves enough for the entire universe, she is too busy electrifying other dimensions into existence. One day she’ll come back down to earth and see everyone around her on their knees.

Pisces She is the light that shines through the night. The Clair de Lune. You fall into her plush essence and she lets you, like a bug stuck in her amber heart. And you think how every moment of your life has brought you closer to this, to her. You finally understand the beauty of minimalism. Not every star needs to be possessed. Not every silence has to be filled. The most important things are the ones you can’t see with your eyes. Live for this. For the feeling.