and kit harrington's hair

I’ve talked my husband into trying to let his hair grow out a la Kit Harrington. He’s been not wanting to go to the barber for awhile and I was finally just like “just grow it out! It would look like Jon Snow! You love him!”
At first he thought I was crazy and that it would take a lot of maintenance. But after showing him article after article about how he and Kit have very similar hair types and it really wouldn’t be as much maintenance as he thought, he’s agreed!
On the contingency that if he doesn’t like it, he can cut it into a mohawk.
So now he’s just in this awkward phase. It’s too long to be styled like he normally does, but not long enough to just comb back or something.
Any tips from the hair experts?
He has thick, curly hair.
I think he’s going to look awesome and love it.

Jon is NOT dead, I repeat, NOT dead.

I feel the need to expand on my earlier post saying that Jon is NOT dead, by adding that yes, I did read all the Kit Harrington interviews. I know he’s trimmed his hair. I see your evidence.

I still don’t believe Jon is dead. 

There’s a famous quote, and like many old quotes, no one at this point is sure who said it, but my first creative writing professor used to quote it at us all the time. It goes something like this:  “If a gun is on the mantle in the first act, it must go off in the third.”

Good writers (and I consider GRRM to be a good one, despite his tendency to get lost in his own story and his love affair with new characters) know this rule. They follow it. And the reason they do is because, if you don’t, readers feel cheated. You want the reader to feel things, yes. You want them to be surprised. Amazed. Happy. You’ll even take angry.

But you never want them to feel cheated.

If Jon’s parentage has been so widely teased and we get nothing ….I’ll feel cheated.

If Jon’s importance to the overall arc has been so clearly pointed out and it turns out to be a red herring …I’ll feel cheated.

If Melisandre is conveniently close to Jon, and yet she can’t bring him back for “reasons” ….I’ll feel cheated.

If this is the end of Jon Snow, we’ll ALL feel cheated, in a way we didn’t when they killed Ned, or Robb. And emotions are good things, you want your viewers/readers engaged. But you don’t want them to feel cheated. (Right Shonda Rhimes????!)

So, ignore Kit “I lie to people about GoT Spoilers” Harrington. If there is something else coming for Jon, he might not know it. They might not need the same actor. They might have told him to SHUT his MOUTH because, if GRRM is really close to finishing The Winds of Winter, they want the reveal about Jon to come from the author himself. It doesn’t matter. IGNORE THE ACTOR. IGNORE THE INTERVIEWS. 

Focus on the books. Go re-watch the tv show. They all send the same message, and that message is clear.

Jon Snow’s story is not over yet.