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Stozier where they make out in dressing rooms while shopping 🤷

! ((also slight nsfw mentions??))

- Stan likes to drag Richie with him to the mall when he wants to buy new clothes, because he needs his boyfriend’s opinion. (He doesn’t- he just likes to see Richie try to understand fashion)

- “Hey Richie, do you think black skinny jeans look good on me?” “Yes, please buy a thousand pairs.”

- Mostly it’s just goofing around and quick pecks between outfits, but Stan always drags Richie into Victoria’s Secret to pick out some lingerie. That’s where things get a little less innocent.

- It’s torture for Richie to follow Stan around the store while he picks out panties and thigh highs and bralettes and all that. But the dressing rooms are even worse. Stan’s sure to open his little stall door every time he puts on a new outfit for Richie to see. 

- After the fifth or sixth, Richie eventually loses it and shoves Stan backwards before he can shut the door again and pins him to the mirror. “You need something, babe?” Stan asks with an infuriating smirk.

- Richie growls and kisses him, more to make him shut up than anything. He moves down to Stan’s neck fairly quickly because it’s so sensitive. Plus, it’s satisfying to see the purple hickeys on his skin afterward.

- Before long Stan starts pulling Richie’s hair and they both have to leave before they get too loud and the staff kicks them out (again)

- That should be the end of the teasing but then they have ice cream afterwards and Richie realizes he kind of maybe hates Stan a little.

- No he doesn’t

otabek altin is a Pure ;;

O: *SPUTTERS* ………. Yuri that sort of thing should only be done when you’re married


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Power Rangers: matching tattoos headcanons

All the Rangers deciding to get small lightning bolt tattoos of their corresponding colors on discreet parts of their bodies one afternoon because they are teenagers and they absolutely would.

  • Zack being like “this is a stupid idea we are already being obvious enough with our damn color coded wardrobe, tattoos would be even worse” before pausing because of the stunned look on Jason and Trini’s face like “shit he is the rational one for once” but then Zack bursts out laughing, turns around, lowers his pants and say “i’m fucking with you, way ahead of you losers” and there’s a black lightning bolt on his left butt cheek. “I was bored” is his only explanation.
  • Billy LOVES the idea but is very hesitant, not sure if he’s comfortable with the procedure, the concept of having something permanent on his skin, and also what his Mom would say if she finds out. Jason tells him he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. He eventually gives in and gets a blue lightning bolt on his ankle. “I’ll just never take my socks off” he says with a shrug.
  • Jason yelps in pain when the needle touches his hip, and crushes Kim’s hand that he is holding in the process. “WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH??? I CAN GET PUNCHED BY AN ALIEN AND BARELY FEEL IT WHY DOES THIS HURTS SO MUCH??” the tattoo artist shoots him a very confused look and Trini and Zack are losing it in the background. Kim is crouched down in pain and she is pretty sure her fingers are broken. “SUCK IT UP YOU FUCKING BABY IT WAS YOUR STUPID IDEA” she yells back. They just keep yelling at each other for an hour until it’s done and Jason goes “well… that wasn’t so bad!”. Kim punches him in the stomach.
  • Trini knows her parents would murder her if they ever found out about this. Jason catches on on her hesitation and like he did for Billy, reassures her that she doesn’t have to if she isn’t sure about it. Trini scoffs though, before taking off her shirt and laying on her stomach. “Just because you cried like a baby the entire time doesn’t mean everyone is as chicken as you, homeboy”. Zack, Billy and Kim snorts. Jason blushes. Trini smirks, sure of herself now. It’s not like her parents are ever gonna notice a bright yellow lightning bolt lodged between her shoulder blades, anyway.
  • When Kim takes off her pants without shame or warning, Jason’s eyes go wide, Billy lets out a small “oh” before covering his eyes, Zack yells “WHAT THE FUCK KIM” in surprise and turns around in a panic, Trini just momentarily malfunctions and she’s pretty sure she died on the spot. When the artist says “oh, not your first huh?”, they all start paying attention again. Kim already has a small tattoo peaking out of her underwear on her hip bone. An hindi symbol in black and brown ink. She shrugs, “it was for my grandma, when she passed away”. The artist tells her it’s lovely, Trini silently nods in agreement. Kim notices from the corner of her eye, smiles, then gestures to her other hipbone. Later, she finds that the little pink lightning bolt there balances her other tattoo neatly. The end of something, the beginning of another. 

When they get out of the tattoo parlor, Zack does a “i’m watching you” motion between his eyes and the artist, saying “we were never here”. The artist shakes his head, Billy drags Zack away by his jacket. Kim flicks Jason on the hip and snickers when he lets out a really high pitched yelp in pain. Trini looks at them all and smiles. The slight burn on her back is comforting.

Just a little something for Pride Month

This is a list of my fav (canon) LGBT+ characters. Or any LGBT+ characters that pop in my head.

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Nitori (trans girl)

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Tomoyo (lesbian)

Justin (gay) *I would like to add that he’s a character in a children’s (or at least early teens I believe) graphic novel, and outright told the mc his sexuality. I remember buying this book from my Catholic school’s book fair lmao 

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Todd (asexual)

Jaehee (bi)

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Akise (bi/pan) 

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Isabella (trans woman)

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Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus (both lesbians)

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Yoshino (trans boy)

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Nishima (lesbian/bi)

Seiko (trans girl) 

Niles (bi/pan)

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George (bi)