and kissing him


So what is it about the ballet that you love, Valentina?

  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock:*working*
  • Molly:*working*
  • Sherlock:*clears his throat* So, I heard you slept with Moriarty.
  • Molly:*still working* Yup.
  • Sherlock:*frowns* Why?
  • Molly:*shrugs* Because I wanted to.
  • Sherlock:*scoffs* So? You want to sleep with me and you never have!
  • Molly:*smirks* You're jealous.
  • Sherlock:*pouts* He's a mass-murdering psychopath and you let him...*grimaces* touch you.
  • Molly:*sighs* I didn't sleep with Moriarty, Sherlock. I dated Jim from IT.
  • Sherlock:*looks at her*
  • Molly:*steps closer* And I don't want to have sex with the high-functioning sociopath *whispers in his ear* I'm going to shag Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sherlock:*immediately drags her to a supply cupboard*

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What do you think of Andy x Saru?

This one could be intriguing. The biggest hurdle here is that I think Doumyoji is definitely Fushimi’s least favorite of the alphabet squad, since he comes off as pretty immature and doesn’t take things seriously and of course Fushimi doesn’t care for that much at all. Doumyoji also seems to be pretty scared of Fushimi, since Fushimi’s his strict mean boss and all. On the other hand, Doumyoji’s also probably the member of the squad closest in personality to Yata – especially middle school Yata, like I could see Fushimi doing some kind of awesome computer thing and Doumyoji staring at him with shining eyes and calling him cool. That might be sort of where it would start, that the two of them keep getting stuck together somehow because they’re the youngest members of the squad and neither on is super pleased about it but Doumyoji is at least trying to make conversation and keeps getting shot down. Then Fushimi does something cool and suddenly Doumyoji’s all interested and chatting happily with Fushimi even as Fushimi tries to blow him off. Meanwhile Fushimi keeps getting funny fluttery feelings because here’s another person who keeps smiling at him even when Fushimi’s being unfriendly and he doesn’t know how to deal with this kind of thing at all, not when he still remembers what happened the last time he let someone get close.


Imagine: Being a Slytherin and dating Harry, but Draco secretly liking you. [x] [x]

Y/N: What’s wrong Harry? You’ve been in a bad mood all morning- have I said something?
Harry: No, it’s not you. *glares over at Draco* It’s him.
Y/N: Draco? I know he’s an arse, but what’s he done recently? *smiles* It isn’t something Gryffindor/Slytherin rivalry, is it?
Harry: No… *pauses* Just found out something interesting about him.
Y/N: I’m very magical, but I can’t read your mind, Harry. What is it?
Harry: Apparently, he likes you.
Y/N: And, you’re jealous? *smirks* *Harry grumbles* Over Draco? Really? Not my type- I’m more into the dark haired, green eyed boy-heros. *smiles* *kisses him on the cheek* See you later, Harry.
Harry: *blushes* See… See you later.

Want to request an imagine?

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Imagine if Puppeteer used Dark Cupid instead of Rodgercop. Then Ladybug ends up getting hit by the hatred arrow and is ordered to take Chat Noir's miraculous. Chat Noir doesn't remember how to break the spell of hatred but eventually somehow comes to the same solution Ladybug did so he kisses her. He realizes it worked but then also realizes that in order for the spell on him to break in the Dark Cupid episode, Ladybug must've kissed him and he passes out.

Oh wow. But yeah that would have been an interesting turn of events


But oh, darlings, you do not understand how wonderfully intimate and calming it is. To be there with one another in the dark, losing yourselves to each other as you let go and give yourself to the person you adore in nakedness and love, knowing they’ll protect you with all of their being; or even simply to be standing alone in a warm shower with nobody else but the two of you there, kissing each other’s wet lips slowly as the water trickles down your skin like a waterfall. To dry one another off after that shower, or to be lying there tired and naked in the darkness as you hold one another close only to press soft kisses on his chest as he kisses your forehead before falling asleep, safe in one another’s arms - it is in these special, intimate moments that you find yourself hopelessly in love, and it is in these moments that you know everything is going to be alright. It takes a great amount of love, trust, and growth in one’s relationship to truly feel the experience and passion in these moments; but oh, darlings, when you can have these moments, cherish them in your heart forever. For there is no greater love than the love between two souls, and those little moments you share with one another that make it all count at the end of the night…
—  A little personal, but a feeling I know to be all too true <3 I know that the romantics and poets out there understand what I’m talking about… those special intimate moments that take your breath away, because you’re so lucky to have him and those moments, and until you experience those moments you will never truly understand how much in love you can be with someone else <3 {1AM thoughts from the heart} via @petersonlylostgirl

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Thorki: Soulmates au

I’m making a slight change to the Thor timeline–instead of him and Loki being nearish in age, Thor is roughly four or five when Loki is brought home.

“How will I know?” Thor asks, fascinated by his mama’s stories of soul mates. He’s not sure he understands; she said that a soul mate is someone he would want to spend the rest of his life with. Well, Thor wants to spend the rest of his life with her, does she count?

Frigga had laughed at that, laughed and kissed him on the head.

“You just will,” she says with a gentle smile. “It’s indescribable.”

Which, to Thor, sounds a whole lot like ‘when you’re older’ and he just hates those words. He huffs at her and, now bored with the conversation, demands to be held.

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IKON REACTION: If another idol confessed to you and he happened to see him almost kissing you

B.I.: He’d be watching the scene from afar, controlling himself  to not go there and talk with the idol.

He’d freak out seeing the idol aproach even more of you, but before could do anything, Hanbin would see you retreating.

“idiot… she’s my girl”

Jinhwan: He’d get very jealous and couldn’t hide it, he’d let you solve the situation alone,but after that, wouldn’t go away from you and would say to everybody that you’re his girlfriend.

Yunhyeong: He would let you solve the situation alone, but would be watching from afar until you reject the Idol.

“hey jagi… Where were you, I missed you so much”

Bobby: “hey jagiyaaa~~ I was looking for you!” He’d appear from nowhere before the idol kiss you.

Donghyuk: Just forget his cuteness… Dongdong would go to you at the same time. 

“what do you think you’re doing with my girlfriend?” He’d ask for the idol who still trying to kiss you even after you said no.

June: “jagi, What’s going on here? Are you friends? Nice to meet you I’m Y/N’s boyfriend”

Chanwoo: Jealous Chanwoo on, after you resolve everything he would call the Idol to a talk. “what do you want with my girlfriend?”

I hope you all enjoy <33

~ADM Cherry~

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are you ever just going thru life and suddenly think "louis got a little x tattooed on the first spot harry kissed him" and have to stop what youre doing

i almost just screamed at my desk 😩😩

Complicated (Part 2 Of ‘Denial’)

request(s): Honestly I’m too lazy to write them all together but I’m glad you guys liked that one so much!

A/N: I wasn’t really sure how to end this but since it’s about the sweetest human being ever, also known as @teenwolves-ahead there just had to be a happy ending! Anyways enjoy…and enjoy ;-) I’m sorry but it’s a little short.

Part One


“Isaac I-”

“Did you really think I was that stupid?”, Isaac scoffed. His words felt like a sting in my heart, even though he was the one with the right to be insulted. Shivers ran down my spine as I saw the coldness in his eyes and it scared me. I knew this was a bad plan… Why couldn’t I have normal friends with normal ideas? No. This was my fault. I shouldn’t have gone out with him, I shouldn’t have kissed him. 

“If you wanted to know, why didn’t you just ask?”

“As if you would’ve told me!”

The words had escaped my lips before I could stop them and I could see the damage they made. Isaac’s face contorted in anger as I took another step back. The almost magic atmosphere I felt just a few seconds ago was already forgotten. 

“You thought it would be better to lie to me? To pretend that you like me?”

“It wasn’t pretending.”, I admitted sheepishly without looking him in the face. I was afraid of what would happen. The thought of being as vulnerable to him as I was right now frightened me, especially when he probably hated me. Just because I had experience with cocky idiots didn’t mean I had experience with opening up to someone. I wasn’t used to like someone the way I liked him, not that it mattered anymore. 

“Why should I believe anything that comes out of your mouth?”, he asked but before I had a chance to say something he was already walking away, leaving me alone in front of my house. I wouldn’t have known what to say even if he would’ve stayed but admitting that to myself was almost impossible. I refused to talk for the rest of the evening, even to my parents. It was stubborn and ridiculous, I knew that but a part of me needed it at the moment. I was a little surprised that I didn’t cry, not even a single tear. I had cried because of a lot less important things but I couldn’t help it. 

The argument had almost left me numb. Just a few days ago I would’ve slapped anyone that dared to tell me that I liked Isaac. But I knew the attraction had been there for a long time now. Why did I even do this? Wouldn’t we see what Derek planned once he did it? And why didn’t I just try to find out without hurting someone else’s feelings? It was just too complicated to even think about it for too long and yet it was the only thing on my mind. I liked Isaac. I liked him so much that it scared me. I didn’t want him to think that this evening meant nothing to me, hell it was probably one of the best evenings in my entire life. But how could I convince him to trust me?


“Well how did it go?”, Stiles asked after he had suddenly appeared next to my locker, almost scaring me to death. I internally cringed when I saw Isaac clenching his jaw from the other side of the hall, he could hear everything. 

“I don’t want to talk about it.”, I huffed and walked into class before Stiles was able to interrogate me any longer. I really didn’t have the power to concentrate on this period, or the once that followed. In hindsight it was hard to believe that I had managed to dodge the question of Scott and Stiles for most of the day. The one person I couldn’t escape though, was currently heading towards me and I knew that the following conversation would be uncomfortable. 


“It was horrible. I’m horrible.”, I sighed as I realised that escaping Lydia’s question was like trying to run away from the sun. Her gaze softened immediately and I was incredibly grateful when she shooed Stiles and Scott away from the lunchtable. 

“What happened?”

“The date was great, I had a lot of fun, we kissed and I screwed up. In a nutshell he thinks I used him. Which I kind of did, but I regret it now and I actually like him…”, I rambled. It surprised me that Lydia could even follow my complains since I had to leave out a big part of the story. She didn’t know about the supernatural, or at least not much and I didn’t want to be the one to explain it to her, also it would bring a lot of danger and I didn’t want her to be in danger. 

“He had fun too, right? Before you ‘screwed up’ I mean.”

“I guess so. Yeah.”, I replied weakly. 

“And he kissed you?”


“So he clearly has feelings for you and the only thing you need to do is convince him that you have feelings for him too.”, she stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I blinked and stared at her with a blank expression, trying to process the things she had told me. 

“Well, go!”, she ordered and pushed me off the bench. I muttered curses under my breath as I stumbled out of the cafeteria. What should I even say to him? It sounded a lot easier when Lydia said it… I froze when I saw him leaning against a locker, casually talking to Erica. The both looked up at my unusual heartbeat which made me even more nervous. Erica smirked and gave me a wink before she walked away, not before making a inappropriate gesture that made me blush. 

Isaac looked at the floor as I approached him, I could see that he was still mad and he had every right to. I was so going to regret this. 

“Okay so, I know I’m probably the last person you want to see right now but you need to listen, okay? Okay. I know what I did was wrong, and I’m sorry for being a bitch but what I said was true. I enjoyed the evening a lot. I didn’t expect that I would, and I didn’t plan on kissing you. But I don’t regret it. And to be honest, I don’t know why you should believe me but everything I said is the truth.”

I fiddled with my hands after finishing my little speech without even taking a breath. It had to sound pathetic to him… I almost jumped when he seperated my hands to intertwine them with his. He smiled down at me which made me grin back like an idiot. This time it was me who stepped on her tiptoes to kiss him, not that Isaac minded. 

“One condition.”, Isaac spoke up after we pulled back. I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion, scared of what he might demand. “You pay the tickets for ‘Catching Fire’”. I couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up inside me as he continued talking about his new favourite book series. 

“See, I’m not saying Peeta doesn’t love her, I’m just saying Gale and Katniss are made for each other…”

Forever the Gentleman

Hello My Lovelies,

For ease of access please find below links to all my previous stories.


Forever the Gentleman

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Could I request a dean x reader? One where he is always a gentleman but in a subtle dean way. Like he always opens doors for the reader and stuff but not in a rich snooty way.

Authors Note: So this ended up more as a ‘in a day in the life of…’ type stories. Hope it’s ok.


Dean handed Y/N her jacket as she came out of the bathroom, holding it open and helping her slip it on. He smiled as she turned and kissed him gently as he untucked her hair. He let the strands run through his fingers as he kissed her again. The actions coming naturally. He did so without thinking. When it came to her, a lot of things happened that way.

Y/N grabbed her bag and the two headed out to meet Sam, they had to interview the family of victim this morning.

Dean opened the motel door and waited until Y/N went through. Using the time to do what he always did, glance down and appreciate her arse. She waited for him outside the motel room door as normal and he slipped his hand into hers as they walked over to the car.

‘Coffee?’ Sam asked handed the cups over.

‘Cheers,’ Y/N smiled.

Dean unlocked the car and opened the back door for Y/N, he waited until she slid in and shut it behind her before climbing into the driver’s seat. He adjusted the mirror so he could see her and smiled as she got out her tablet and went through the file the police had sent her. He kept glancing at her as they drove off watching her eyes following what she was reading, the facial expressions, the way she bit her lip and he smiled to himself. God, she was beautiful.

The arrived at the house and Dean got out and walked around the car, opening Y/N’s door. She learnt a long time ago, that it was a Dean thing. At first she thought it was because his car was that precious he was worried people would slam them, but then she came to realise it was just Dean. Even if they were fighting he’d open doors. And you could visibly see the disappointment in his eyes if you got to it first.

‘Anything new,’ he asked quietly as she stood, getting out of Baby.


She felt his hand run down her side and she relaxed a bit more. They walked towards the house and Y/N felt Dean’s hand on her back the whole way. Gently guiding her, protecting her, claiming her, just being close to her, the contact in general. All the little things that Dean did constantly.
The interview finished and they made their way back to the car, agreeing to head to a diner for something to eat. Dean watched as Y/N rummaged through her bag frowning. He had Watched her lick her lips more than normal, the way she got slightly agitated at them being dry. He pulled up in the car park and opened the glove box, pulling out a lip balm and tossing it to her.

She was always losing them. He’d lost count of how many times they had disappeared. So he started storing spares in the impala, and another couple in his duffle bag.

He watched as her face lit up and she gave him that smile he loved so much.

‘Thank you.’

Dean grinned as he got out the car, walking around to open her door. She slid out and he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her.

‘Anytime, baby,’ he brushed her bangs from her eyes and kissed her again briefly, before letting her step aside so he could shut the door.

They walked into the the diner and Y/N went off to the bathroom and came back to find the boy’s sitting down in a booth, Dean shifting out so Y/N could slide in. Sam looked at the two and chuckled silently.

Dean was over protective when it come to Y/N, had been since they met. It was times like this that it showed. He was just grateful Y/N put up with it, letting Dean do what he needed without complaint.

Having Y/N sitting in the corner gave Dean better access to jump up and fight any threat that might come along, it gave him the chance to make any decisions about leaving quickly. He could just grab her hand and pull and she would follow, no questions asked. He didn’t have to say anything, risk exposing anything more than he had to until they were safe. Most of all, anyone who tried anything, had to go through him first. That made Dean feel more at ease, she was safe in the corner. Protected by the wall and the seat and most importantly, him.

‘I ordered you a diet coke and a burger,’ Dean said as he sat down.


Y/N smiled, she didn’t normally eat burgers, but her period was due soon and when that happened she usually craved all kinds of crap food. Dean must have realised as normally he’d just order her a chicken salad or something healthy. She was grateful she didn’t even need to mention it, he just knew.

Lunch arrived and the conversation stopped as the waitress placed their meals on the table. Y/N grinned at the extra salt on the chips Dean had ordered, and how the burger was missing pickles and onions but had bacon added to it. The guy was certainly boyfriend of the year; he knew exactly how she had things. She chuckled silently at the thought, he had figured it all out before they even got together.

‘So we’re thinking ghost?’ Sam said.

‘Looks that way,’ Dean commented with his mouthful.

‘And it only kills women?’

‘Which is why Y/N’s staying at the motel,’ Dean added.

He watched as his girlfriend’s raised an eyebrow and turned to look at him.

‘Hey Sweetheart,’ he grinned, hoping to avoid the argument that was about to happen.

‘Dean,’ she smiled.

‘Not happening.’

He watched as her the smile faded and her expression went from amused to annoyed. She didn’t say anything else, she just finished off her lunch quietly. Dean knew it would be brought back up later.

They finished their lunch and went to leave. Dean slid out and held out a hand and helped Y/N out. He continued to hold her hand as they walked towards the door, letting go to open the door up, letting his hand run down her back as she walked through, before retaking her hand as they walked over to the car.

He opened the door to the impala and stopped Y/N as she went to get in.

‘I’m not having you near this hunt tonight. Not if you’re it’s type.’

‘Dean,’ she sighed.

‘I’m not going to argue about it, Baby.’

His tone told her there was no room for negotiations. It was one of those pick your battles moments and this one wasn’t worth the fight.

Dean bypassed a shopping centre on the way back to the motel, running in to grab more salt and another packet of matches. Y/N and Sam waited in the car, trying to find out what they could before the boys went in. Dean came back and climbed into the car, dumping a bag on Y/N’s lap.

She frowned, looking in it she grinned. Dean had gone and got her some candles, a box of chocolates, bubble bath and a bottle of wine.

‘I figure there’s a bath in our room, you might as well enjoy the night off,’ he muttered.

She smiled at him but didn’t say anything. It was Dean’s way of apologising for not letting her come.

They arrived back at the motel and the couple decided to walk down to the lake while they waited for night fall so the boys could go deal with the spirit. Dean held Y/N’s hand and noticed how cold it was, he frowned when he realised she hadn’t brought a jacket. He slipped his jacket off and slid it on over her arms and onto her shoulders. He pushed his hand around her waist and pulled her in tight, kissing her head.

‘Are you mad?’ he asked quietly.

‘Annoyed, but understanding.’

‘Well, that’s better than mad so I’ll take it.’

‘You worry too much.’

‘No such thing, not when it comes to you.’

They walked back to the motel room and Dean left to go grab dinner, leaving Sam and Y/N to research. When he came back in he smiled at his girl who was sitting in a dining chair, legs up on the one across from her, playing trivia crack with Sam.

Dean dumped the food on the table, lifted her legs and rested them back on his lap as he dished the food out. She went to shift but he stopped her and grinned. They ate dinner and Y/N could feel Deans fingers up the legs of her jeans, as he drew patterns lightly on her skin.

Once they had finished the boys got ready and Y/N went back to her and Dean’s room.

He came in a few minutes later to say goodbye, kissing her gently.

‘Be careful,’ she pleaded.

‘Always am.’

‘If that’s not code for make sure the first aid kits ready, I don’t know what is,’ she laughed.

Dean grinned and kissed her again.

‘Enjoy the alone time.’

‘I’d rather you time.’

‘When I get back.’

He kissed her again and headed off on his hunt.

He came back later that night and found Y/N asleep on the bed, TV on, first aid kit on the table ready to go, phone in hand waiting. He grinned and turned the TV off, took away her phone and pulled the blankets up.

He went and showered, cleaning up and climbed into bed, wrapping his arms around her. Making sure the blankets still covered her. He heard her let out a soft contented sigh as she snuggled into him. He grinned and kissed her head, before settling down to sleep.

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The fic about being in japan and honeymooners wasn't that one!! It's called "if the sky that we look upon (should tumble and fall) by blueshirt on ao3

thanks ^^

if the sky that we look upon (should tumble and fall) - ‘I wish I had kissed him at midnight’, he writes. A confession; letter by painstaking letter.

“Get it together, Phil,” he mutters to himself, shaking his head. “This is a lighthearted scrapbook, not a John Green novel.”

Or, 2015 through Phil’s eyes.

- iris