and kissing him


Interview and show with Kevin and Mark Ronson at Splendour 2015.

dreamed that i was making out with han solo in a secluded mountain cabin, can i send someone a gift basket or bouquet of flowers in thanks for this

It’s been so long since I saw the normal version of the romance, I forgot how different some of the conversations with Doc were that way. Say what you will about his romance, but I still think they did a pretty good job of having him react to you differently based on the type of relationship you have with him.

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Luke welcoming his newborn into the world for the first time?

so after a few mental breakdowns and many, many hours of crying. luke was ready to see his newborn child. it was a boy, and luke couldn’t be happier. the doctors said that he was healthy and happy, he’d only cried twice in the day. luke would be in tears, afraid to hold it cause he was clumsy, but you insisted. so he held the small child in his giant arms, kissing it’s forehead and whispering to it. “hey there, little guy, i’m your dad, nice to finally meet you.” and he’d laugh at his own joke through his tears and kiss him on his little baby cap he had on his head. ashton, calum, and michael would come later in the day, giving you both hugs and cooing over the baby. luke would tell them multiple times to shut up because they were being too loud. ashton was the fist to hold him cause he knew how, he already had a kid. “hello, i’m uncle ashton” he said in an old man voice. the baby waved it’s little arms at him. next calum, who kept exclaiming on how cute it was. “look at his little nose! and his hands!” and michael was like “nope, this isn’t happening, i can’t believe luke has an actual kid now” but he’d hold him none the less. “aw, you’re so adorable. i’m definitely going to teach you how to play pokemon when you’re older.” and everyone would laugh. you’d lightly kiss luke on the cheek. “nice job, luke.” and he’d laugh nervously. “i just hope i’ll be a good dad.”