and kisses are a great place to start

Enchanting with touch -

A lot of witchcraft seems to be focused on visualisation as a means of imbuing things with magic, energy work seems almost entirely written to suit those who can visualise images.
I am extremely tactile, I am a touchy feely person with busy hands so I decided to share how I “enchant” items.

Enchantment in my book means to take an object and make it magical, whether it be a charm, a ward, an agent of the spell itself.

Kissing things - your lips are far more sensitive than your fingers, they are also very close to your nose so you can incorporate smell into this, too. Take the item, and bring it too your lips gently, place a plush firm kiss whilst focusing on planting your into into the item.

Stroking or brushing - I have heard people try knot magic by braiding their hair, my hair is too short for this, but you could start by brushing your hair. Really smoothing it out, deeply brushing hair or even fur is a great way to transfer magic from your mind to the hands to the object, brushing is very therupeutic and could almost be a trance inducing activity. When I had hair I could sit on, it was a wonderful sensory experience to hand brush it after a wash.

You could also feel the surface of your item by smoothing it with you hands, really get to know the texture, let the magic explore the grain of the wood, the crevices in the stone or the cool touch of the metal.

Crumbling something - You could do this with breadcrumbs for kitchen magic or a bath bomb for bath magic (I wouldn’t crumble a bath bomb imo but I have heard some people prefer to do that.) Guide your intent to your hands and let it over whelm the object in your palms.

Stepping on something - This could be very destructive and great for curses.

Walking around it - Walking around an object features a lot in folk lore, perhaps you could use it to slowly build up intent and magical energy within you?

Throwing or juggling - Juggling is a great skill to learn and I can well and truly say kinetic energy is magical very powerful, throwing and catching something in the air until your satisfied is a fantastic way of enchantment, the weight as you catch it in your hand and watching it fly in the air is just fantastic.

Rubbing it to give it body heat - This is very physical, you can feel the warmth you’ve transferred to this object and its very responsive as well.

Cuddles- Harry Potter


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Saturday afternoons around Christmas were always a do nothing day, I sat in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin common room reading The Great Gatsby, “love why are you so interested in muggle books?” Draco asked. I ignored him and continued to read my book as it was getting quite intense, I felt the cushion next to me sink in and Draco was soon huddled right next to me, he started placing kisses down my neck “how do you expect me to just sit there and watch you bite your lip like that” he growled against my skin “Draco, I’m trying to read” I said sternly, “you’ve been reading all day” he whined as he continued to pester me. I closed my book tossing it on the table in defeat “I just want to cuddle” he pouted, I rolled my eyes at the blonde boy who always tried to come off as a big tough guy but in reality was the biggest marshmallow ever. He lay down on the couch pulling my back into his chest, but he soon rolled over so I was now the big spoon, I sighed, but not surprised my dorky boyfriend just wanted to be held all the time. 


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OWLS were finally over and we had a couple days to relax before we had to go home for the summer, this was the time of year most of us dreaded, Harry didn’t want to go back to the Dursley’s, Hermione loved her parents but after 5 years she was still in awe with Hogwarts and Ron hated how crowded his house got with his brothers visiting home and the constant stream of guests. We all knew within a month’s time we would be the guests crowding up the Burrow, but we still said our good byes as if we wouldn’t see each other till September. I sat on the end of Ron’s bed as I watched him pack, he lugged his trunk to the door and plopped himself down next to me, I lay back following his actions, he soon grabbed my hand playing with my fingers and hair. I knew that was his sign, every time Ron wanted to cuddle he would never initiate it, he would start to fiddle, touching my hair or arms, I rolled over as he wrapped his arm around me, I could feel his steady breathing against my neck, his hand interlaced with mine, I smiled at this perfect moment I always longed for.


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Another year and another courageous fight my stupid yet good-hearted boyfriend has won, I went up to the boys dormitory where I knew Harry would be packing his trunk dreading another summer with the Dursley’s. When I slowly pushed the door open I saw Harry standing over his trunk, carefully staring at a piece of clothing, still mourning the death of his God father, I padded across the room wrapping my arms around his waist pressing my head into his back “sorry love, I’m not really in the mood” he sighed pulling away from my grip. I frowned as I watched him close his trunk and carry it over to the door “Harry” I complained “I know you were supposed to live with Sirius this summer, and I know you loved him, you can’t push the people who care about you away” I sighed walking closer to him, this time he didn’t back away, I pulled him down to his bed and leaned my head on his shoulder, holding him close, “it’ll be okay, we can get through this together” I said, this was the first time he cried since it happened, the sobs wracked through his body but I comforted him “you don’t have to be strong all the time Harry” I whispered stroking his back. 


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Fred and I were polar opposites, he was so loud, funny and outgoing, whereas I was quiet, serious and incredibly shy, but I guess it’s true what they say, opposites do attract because I couldn’t be any happier than I was with this goof ball red head. I sat in the common room re-reading my potions notes, I had told Fred and George many times they should study as well, but they decided they weren’t writing their OWLs and were planning a “brilliant prank” in their words. It wasn’t until 2am the boys came running in the common room, as usual disturbing the peace “y/n love, check this out… fireworks” Fred simply said, him and George making sound effects and popping actions with their hands. I stared at them, putting my notes down “fireworks?” I asked confused “fireworks” they repeated in unison, Fred plopped himself down next to me, the sudden weight shift causing me to fall into his side, he wrapped his arm around me pulling me close “we have come up with these fireworks that will re-create Umbridge’s pig face” George laughed “right, and when and where do you plan on doing this?” I asked concerned “in the great hall during the final exams” they exclaimed in unison “isn’t that a bit dangerous?” the questions continuing. They quickly but excitedly explained their plan before Fred tried silently but failed to tell George to get out, “now that we’re alone” Fred smirked pulling me onto his lap “Fred, I’m tired” I yawned “then sleep, love, I just want to be with you” he mumbled into my messy hair, I soon fell asleep to the steady heartbeat of Fred Weasley.


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I sat on top of my boyfriend with every intent in keeping him pinned down “you think you’re stronger than me?” the redhead smirked “I don’t think, I know” I challenged. He rolled his eyes at me “you’re the biggest goof I’ve ever met” he smiled, I pretended to be offended “me!?” I gasped dramatically “yes you” he laughed pulling the pillow out from under his head and wacking me with it, before i could react he jolted up and grabbed me, pulling me into his chest, i burst into a fit of giggles against his chest, once I had calmed down I readjusted myself so my legs were now straight “George Weasley, what would your mother say about you hitting girls?” I joked “oh but I thought you were stronger than me” he smirked. I rolled my eyes “you’re such a loser” I mumbled into his chest “yes, but I’m your loser” he said pressing his lips to my temple, the energy in the room soon died down to relaxation and I was beginning to feel tired “I love you George” I whispered “I love you too, y/n” he replied holding me closer. 

Newlyweds// Fred Weasley x Reader imagine

Fluffy imagine where the reader and Fred are doing stuff together as newlyweds!


The sun was slightly peaking through the blinds. You sat up quietly in bed. You looked over to see Fred sleeping soundly. You decided to make breakfast for you two so you quietly snuck out of bed and into the kitchen without waking him.

You started cooking and a little while after you heard footsteps come down the hall. You looked over and saw Fred standing there in only his boxers. “Morning love, how’s my beautiful wife this morning?” Fred asked you wrapping you up in a hug. He picked you up and spun you in a small circle before placing you back on your feet. You shared a kiss before responding. “I’m doing great and how about you dear?” You asked back. Fred had a cheeky grin on his face. “Just dashing.“ You two both smiled before sharing another kiss

After the breakfast you made you two went into the living room together. “What will we do with all these presents?” You said sarcastically, pointing to the small pile of presents from the wedding. “Re-wrap for Christmas?” Fred joked. You playfully slapped his arm. He pretended to be hurt before letting out a small chuckle. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and kissed the top of your head. You two looked around the room at all the presents and boxes of items you still needed to put away. You spent some of the day unpacking and organizing while Fred did nothing and relaxed. “Love, I thought we were going to relax today. We have quite a while still until we have to unpack and everything. We’re married now remember?“ Fred called to you.

You let out a sigh before caving in and going to the living where Fred was laying on the couch flipping through the TV stations. You stood in the doorway and simply admired him. You couldn’t help but smile. This was your life now, with your best friend and forever partner in your very own house. “Something on your mind?” Fred asked, looking back at you. “No, still getting used to this that’s all” You saw a small smile form on Fred’s face. He motioned you over to him and you gladly went. You layed next to him on the couch, his arm around you. You grabbed his hand and looked at his ring. You kissed his hand and looked back at him. You gave him a warm smile before looking back at the TV. “This is it. This is our life now” You said. “i wouldn’t want it any other way” Fred whispered to you.

“I love you Mr. Weasley"
“And I love you Mrs. Weasley"

HSJ’s Reaction To Their S/O Hugging Them Suddenly

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Yabu: He would find this super cute! He’d probably laugh before hugging you back, bringing you as close as possible. He’d rest his chin on your head and probably start a conversation, staying like that until one of you wants to/has to pull away.

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Hikaru: Would be pretty surprised by your sudden hug. After the initial surprise, he’d hug back and start planting pecks on your face. You will basically be attacked with kisses. He must outdo you, be prepared.

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Yuto: You basically just made his day. He’d hug back straight away and would probably turn it into a cuddling session, think before hugging him because you’ll probably be stuck cuddling for hours.

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Yuya: Always down for skinship so he’d think this is great. Would let you just hug him for a few seconds before hugging back, maybe placing a kiss somewhere and stroking your hair.

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Daiki: This would make him very happy! Daiki is basically your personal teddy bear, hug him 24/7. He’d give you a bear hug in return for your hug, he may not let go for awhile.

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Inoo: Another personal teddy bear. Would be laughing at your sudden action and trying to turn it into a cuddle session as soon as you hugged him. 

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Keito: Would take a second to hug back because he’s flustered and internally screaming but he’d love it. After a few seconds, he’d just bury his face in your neck, staying there until one of you pulls back. He loves any kind of skin ship with you, please hug him regularly.

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Yamada: Would get pretty startled but it’d still make him very happy. He’d teasingly scold you for startling him before hugging you back, letting you hug him for as long as you want.

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Chinen: Surprised but delighted, Chinen would be a bit taken aback by your sudden skinship. He’d take a second to hug you back, jokingly asking what you’re doing. But Chinen is always down for hugs so he’s definitely not complaining. 

 endliing: dreamworks planned for eldorado to be the start of a series with them going around the world and getting into trouble do you know how salty i am that that didn’t happen and that we have to imagine the event above instead of it taking place in a 7 part movie franchise?

       ooc. i have been ROBBED of this?! i’d kill eight men to watch chel, miguel and tulio run around the world being idiots?? more chel content, more tulio and miguel interacting with chel?? robbed of seeing how chel and miguel’s bond/friendship would grow and watching tulio/chel’s relationship strengthen?? i ache for death

heads up: law & order & authori[tea] 23 will be posted

either tonight or tomorrow morning, lovelies. Just putting some extra notice out there in advance this time since it’s been a while & all.

I regret the longer-than-usual wait on this one, as we’re finally starting to draw some pesky plot threads into place, but. Such is life! I just hope it’s not been so long a wait as to make it confusing. (Not doubting your memories, just my own ability to pace / foreshadow.) At any rate, gird your loins for:

  • Anna and Ben narrating!
  • Hewlett making new friends!
  • And kissing in dark corners… 😘 💋 ❤️
  • And getting pushed up against the wall… 😳 😳 😳
  • hell & disaster
  • disagreement & deceit
  • Everyone having a great time.
Namjoon Scenario: Couples Do Kiss.

Request:  May I have a request where Namjoon and I are invited to a TV show and we have to pretend that we are a family and we have two little kids (he is 3 and she 2). And he starts to have a crush on me! Oh and the kids are always asking us to kiss or do something romantic (exactly like their parents do) I count on u 😊

Genre: Fluff

The production had chosen a great place for today’s shooting, it was a private pool where you were supposed to teach your “children” to swim.

You were on a show were you had to take care of two children like they were your own, but not only you because you also had a husband, they variety show had the goal to reenact an ordinary family of a young couple and their two children doing domestic activities; of course the main targets for the young couple were idols; for these season they had chosen you to be the mother and as for the father they chose the very popular rapper and leader of his group, Kim Namjoon.

You had already two months in the show and so far you liked everything, you liked the production team and staff who were always kind, you liked the two little kids that were fun to work with although it could be a bit tiring taking care of a three years old boy and a two years old little girl at the same time; but of all the things you liked there was something or rather someone that never stopped to pop into your mind. You wondered how good of an idea this was when you saw him approaching you with a black and white stripped t-shirt and red shorts, he looked so chill and relaxed but still so manly that it made your heart drop.

-Y/N, are you ready for the pool?-

You looked at your clothes, you weren’t showing too much, since this was a family show you couldn’t wear a bikini or anything or the sort but you still wore little clothes, black shorts and a purple tank top. You didn’t know if you were ready for the pool but sure were ready to spend some time with Namjoon.

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Your smut is literally the best I've ever read, if you did one with Jun I'd be eternally grateful LOL - whatever you wanna do with it would be cool!

I’m always up for some Jun smut, so thank you for this request! I hope you enjoy it :3 Glad you like our smut! ❤︎

“You guys put on a great show,” you said with a smile to Jun when he got in the van. He grinned and took a seat next to you, immediately placing his hand on your thigh.

“Well, we do get better with each one,” he replied and leaned closer to kiss you on the cheek. Some of the other members started getting into the van one by one, and ten minutes later it took off to the direction of the hotel.

Being both Jun’s girlfriend and the hair stylist to some of the members, you had a fairly eventful life with Seventeen. You got to go on tours with them, got to see them improve day by day, and were able to make thirteen amazing friends. Although, Jun was a lot more than a friend, of course, and the hand riding up your thigh was only a reminder of that.

“Jun, we’re in the car,” you whispered to him and placed a hand on top of his. He chuckled quietly and leaned closer to you, his lips ghosting the skin of your neck.

“I’ll come to your room at 11, be ready,” he whispered with a husky voice only a second before the van stopped and the doors were opened. He gave you a grin and a wink before getting off, and you followed suit. You checked your phone and noticed that you had half an hour; better get ready.

You had a quick shower and tidied the hotel room while waiting for your hair to dry a little, anticipation already bubbling in your veins. Right when you were about to put your clothes on, Jun opened the door with the extra card key he had gotten.

“Don’t bother with the clothes,” you heard him say with his voice low, then the door click shut. He walked to you and hugged you from behind, inhaling the fresh scent of your hair and sliding his hands down your sides. “It’s not like you’ll have any on in a minute, anyway.”

You relaxed against his touch and sighed quietly. You opened your towel and let it fall to the floor before turning around and wrapping your arms around Jun’s neck, tip-toeing a little so that you could kiss him. He replied to the kiss with hunger, his lips passionate against yours and his hands holding your ass as he pulled you closer to him.

“I bought something for you,” he muttered against your lips and pulled away when you muttered a question about what it was. With an excited smile all over his face, he pulled a red scarf from the back pocket of his jeans. “I got it for you so that you could wear it, but tonight I was thinking… maybe we could use it.”

You swallowed and let your imagination free, the images of having your wrists tied while Jun pounded into you taking over your mind. All you could give him was a dazed nod before you caught his lips in another passionate kiss, one of your hands moving to the front of his jeans, where his erection was already straining.

A quiet moan left your lips at the thought about him being hard already, and you were quick to get the piece of clothing off him while Jun pulled his shirt off. The next thing to come off were his boxers, and you knelt down while pulling them down. Jun stepped out of the boxers and kicked them away, focusing his eyes on you with the red scarf in his left hand.

You aimed your eyes up to him and darted your tongue out of your mouth, licking his cock from the base to the tip. His mouth was slightly open but he remained fairly quiet even when you placed kisses all over his cock, and a moan only left his lips when you teased his slit with your tongue, spreading some of the pre-cum around the tip.

“Yeah, baby,” he mumbled, his empty hand slowly finding its way to your hair. His hold was gentle, although his hand did tighten slightly when you finally wrapped your lips around him, your eyes still locked with his as you moved your head down as far as you could, the tip of his cock nearly at the back of your throat. Jun groaned and threw his head back, waiting for your next move.

You hollowed your cheeks and moved your head back up, then back down; as per usual the repetition didn’t get boring to Jun, not when you simultaneously let your tongue drag along the vein on the underside of his length and fondled his balls with one of your hands.

“Shit, I’m too close,” Jun gasped suddenly, pulling you off of him. Clearly, he had been anticipating your alone time for quite a while. You grinned at him, your lips glistening with his pre-cum, and stood up to kiss him hungrily. He started to slowly back you towards the bed, running his fingers through your already wet folds before breaking the kiss, letting your moan out in the air instead of it being muffled with his mouth.

“Would you like to get on your knees, baby?” Jun asked and caressed your cheek, his own cheeks having a light pink tint on them. You did as he asked, your ass up and your head down against the mattress. Jun stood behind you and you felt his cock between your ass cheeks as he bent over you, reaching for your hands. “Let’s tie these pretty little wrists…”

You moaned quietly, moving your ass against him a little while he did his best to focus on tying your wrists so that you couldn’t break them free but that it wouldn’t hurt either. When he was satisfied, he fell to his knees next to the bed and dragged his fingers through your wetness one more time before asking you to lift your ass just a bit more.

Licking his lips, Jun moved his head forward and licked you from your clit to your entrance, his hands tight on your quivering thighs.

“Jun,” you moaned and pushed against him desperately, which only earned you a low chuckle and his tongue only teasing the rim of your core.

“Yes, that is my name,” he grinned to himself and closed his eyes as he relished your taste, his tongue circling your clit before delving deep into you. He moved his hands up your thighs and took a hold of your hips instead, pulling you a bit better against himself. Your tied hands balled into fists as you let out muffled moans while Jun’s tongue slid in and out of you swiftly. Eventually he pulled away and pushed two fingers into your wetness slowly. He smirked to himself at the mewl you couldn’t help but let out and returned his mouth to your clit, which he took into his mouth and sucked on gently.

“Yes,” you whispered loudly enough for Jun to hear as you continued to subtly push against his fingers that were now curling inside of you, dragging along your walls and scissoring every now and then.

“Time to move on,” Jun muttered against your clit, kissing it before standing up and pulling his fingers out of you. He licked your juices from them before sliding his length between your folds, wetting it while effectively teasing you and making you into even more of a moaning mess than you already were. He placed himself against your entrance but remained in place, which caused you to turn your head and give him a sharp glare - all the teasing and he still wanted to continue it? With barely even his tip somewhat in you, you were going mad.

A grin remained on his lips as he caressed your hips. “I’m the one that had a tiring concert today, so I was wondering if you’d like to do the work… for now.”

Your inner walls clenched at his tone and you bit your lip, swiftly moving your hips backwards so that Jun slid into you, filling you up completely in a matter of seconds. You remained in place for a while, adjusting to his size and at least trying to control the moans that were intent on leaving your lips as you finally got what you had wanted. When the wait got too much, you began moving your hips slowly, testing the waters with a wiggle of your hips before starting to move them up and down.

Jun threw his head back and held your hips tightly, hardly able to stay still with how tight you were and how teasing your moves were. With one of his hands moving up your back, Jun exhaled heavily. “You’re doing me so good, baby…”

You picked up your pace, desperate for your release, only for Jun to halt your movements. He slid out of you and flipped you over smoothly as he had done several times earlier in your relationship, and crawled on top of you instead. You hooked your tied arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him hungrily with your legs wrapping around his waist instinctively. Jun replied to your kisses with as much fervor as you had started them with and guided his cock back to your entrance, thrusting in with ease.

His name left your lips in a mewl as your hips started to buck against his, and your muffled noises only got louder when he slid a hand between your hot bodies, massaging your clit in time with his fairly sharp thrusts. You dug your nails into the flesh of his back and nibbled on his lower lip, your breathing heavy and your core clenching around Jun already as your orgasm got closer with every second.

“Do you know how difficult it was to perform calmly with only this moment in my mind?” Jun asked with a mumble against your lips, his voice desperate and rushed as he continued to ram into you. Your mewl had hints of a positive answer, which caused Jun to groan. With a gentle pinch on your clit, he threw you over the edge, catching your cry with his lips and pushing deep into you as he reached his own climax as well.

With both of your bodies shaking a little, Jun slumped against you and kissed your neck softly, rolling to lie next to you while pulling out of you. He draped his arm over your stomach and pulled you closer to him before untying your hands and merely holding you close, his lips pressed against your bare shoulder.

“How was it?” he asked and caressed your side gently. You let out a sigh and relaxed against his touch, allowing your eyelids to fall shut.

“Amazing, as always,” you muttered with a tired smile on your lips. You turned around so that your body was facing Jun’s, and slowly opened your eyes again to look into his dark ones that had an amused glint in them. You quirked an eyebrow.

“Just wondering if someone heard you,” he snickered, causing you to blush a little. You hid your face in his chest and giggled quietly.

Seungkwan’s face the next morning was enough of a confirmation that at least some of them had, indeed, heard you.

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Baekhyun - Play (II)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ?

; i know you’re looking at me, but you’re not looking at me.

meet the heartbreaker himself.

masterlist // get to know me

     Days have gone by since you’ve first met Nana and though it seemed Baekhyun had left you to catch up with her, nothing changed after that. Baekhyun still called you late at night and allowed you to have a spare key to his luxurious apartment. Heartbreak most definitely cured by a few intimate moments with him.

     Sleepless nights where he called you with that sweet voice of his would continue on in a different bed that was as familiar to you as your own. The pillow and sheets had your scent all over it, the soft and teasing perfume you knew Baekhyun liked to inhale in when he placed kisses on your body.

“I’ve missed you,” Baekhyun says as he kisses you.

     Both of you were in bed, naked and tired from the aftermath of great sex. You aren’t surprised when Baekhyun starts to leave ghost like kisses on your face. It soothes you, giving you butterflies in your stomach. Baekhyun continues to kiss you as he sees your heavy eyes start to close.

     Right before he leans in again and you fall into deep sleep, Baekhyun stares at you for a long second. Eyes bearing into your soul with something that wasn’t lust, something indefinable, something you’ve never seen before. At the moment he places his lips, you fall asleep, but you feel his lips against yours moving slowly and sweetly, deadly to your emotion. Sleep is unbeatable as you struggle to stay awake and enjoy this moment. Before you could lose all memories of his meaningful kisses, you taste the faint flavour of his favourite mints.

     He kissed you and not in the way he would when you made love. It was somewhere lost between love and confusion; somewhere Baekhyun may have lost himself just as you had with him.

     Sleep engulfs you whole, erasing the very last thoughts on your mind; what does his kiss mean.

     It was quite unusual to wake up next to Baekhyun after a passionate night. He would often wake up early and head to the gym or just stay somewhere else in his huge apartment.

     He had an angelic and pure aura to him as he slept. It was hard for you to keep your own lips away from his, seeing how adorable he was, but you couldn’t keep yourself away from touching him in some way.

     You move close to him, letting go of the blanket and allowed it to show your naked body.  Baekhyun was sound asleep as you brush away his messy hair from his forehead, his soft brown locks falling through your fingers. You were pushing back his hair away from his face when his hand stops you.

“You know I can’t ever resist a head caress, dear,” Baekhyun says, voice slightly deeper and groggy from sleep.

“I… I just wanted you to sleep well,” you stutter as you see Baekhyun looking at you.

     You were both still naked from last night, but before you brushed his hair back, you uncovered yourself from the blanket, fully exposing your naked body. You immediately grab a blanket and hide your body from him, embarrassed of what he could have seen.

     Baekhyun chuckles, “I’ve seen the whole of you before, babe.”

“Yeah, but not in light,” you tell him, looking away from him.

     There is a silent moment after you speak. He brings his hand towards your chin and faces you towards him. An endearing look on his eyes as he slowly tries to remove the blanket from your body.

“I bet it’ll just make you prettier,” he says, making you drop your hold on the blanket, showing your body to him.

“You don’t ever have to be afraid of me,” Baekhyun whispers, “I’ll love every part of you.” He leans in and kisses you once again like last night. Which one from last night you don’t remember, but the feeling is familiar yet different like as if it was lost in between.

Taehyung x reader When you are insecure about kissing

Summary: You lack experience in this area and didn’t want to disappoint him.

Genre: Fluff

Taehyung was not your first boyfriend but you still had your first kiss with you. Recently, Taehyung had been hinting to kiss you. But you always made an excuse and escape from the situation. 

You were over to his dorm and had a movie night with him. It was a rom com so there was many kissing scenes. Tae started to lean in while the main characters kissed on screen. You bit down your lip and blushed, thinking of ways to get out. You jumped up at the last second.

“Ah. I want to eat popcorn.” You rushed to the kitchen.

Tae just sat on the couch and sigh to himself.

You two were having a picnic in the nearby park. The weather was great along with beautiful scenery, it became the perfect place to kiss. With couples around you being all touchy and cuddly was not helping. Tae thought it would be a good timing to kiss you, so he started to lean in.

You knew it was coming so you pretend to be intrigued into the sandwiches you made. Picking them up and inspected them up close. Tae saw your blushed face and thought of what he did wrong. He knew you definitely know he was going to kiss you. So why were you avoiding him?

He consulted his members about the issue.

“Maybe she doesn’t like you.”

“Or she doesn’t like to swap saliva with you.” 

All of their comments were useless. Eventually Jimin patted his back.

“You should ask her not us.”

Tae decided to ask you. He wanted to know why you were avoiding him and his kisses.

The next day he went to your apartment. He asked the question once he saw you. Not even bothering to greet you first.

“Why are you avoiding me?”

You were confused. “I didn’t avoid you. Why all of a sudden?”

“You were! You didn’t let me kiss you.” You blushed. “Can you tell me what’s wrong?”

You hesitated for a while and blurted out. “It’s my first kiss.”

He raised his eyebrows at you. “What did you say?”

“I said.” You took a deep breathe. “It’s my first kiss.” Your face couldn’t be more red, it was burning.

He laughed at your answer. “So you were avoiding me because you were nervous?”

“Well, yeah. I don’t have skills and I was scared it was not good enough and you would be disappointed. I might not be as good as you think and you would not enjoy…” You kept on blabbering.

Tae wasn’t even listening to you anymore. He grabbed your face with his large hands and kiss you hard on the lips. You didn’t know what to do so you let your body response to it instinctively.

“You can practice with me and I can ensure you, your skills will improve so much. You’re a good kisser too.” He winked at you.

“You’re not bad yourself.” You immediately regretted what you just said, it was so embarrassing.

Tae grabbed your face and kissed you again.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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Brooklyn Beckham

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“Babe, will you come zip this.” I asked as i walked into the bedroom where Brooklyn was. I was wearing a skin tight red dress.

“Sure.” He zipped it up for me and turned me to face him. “You look perfect.” Placed a kiss on my cheek so he didn’t mess up my lipstick.

“okay, we need to leave now.” I said looking at the clock. We were going to some red carpet event with his parents. As I started to walk towards the door I heard a groan behind me. I turned around confused.

What I was greeted with was brooklyn looking like he was in pain. “Your ass looks great in that…You are going to torture me all night.”

I giggled and shot him a wink. “Fuck.. please baby.”

I decided to lay it on think on the way there. Doing little thinkgs like gently brushing against him and what not. By time we got there he had a little issue and had to keep me infront of him the whole time so no one noticed. But i think some still did.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just love your blog you're great! (*_*) Could you do the main three reaction (with older Yurio of course) to their s/o telling them they're pregnant with twins? Thank you very much! And sorry for my English, it's not my first language


-Starts laughing when s/o tells him

-Was happy to get one kid, but twins?

-Even better!


-Well, it was unplanned, but doesn’t see anything wrong with it

-They’ll have to remodel the room though

-Probably starts planning everyting


-Absolutely overjoyed

-Kinda wanted twins (or more) in the first place

-Hugs and kisses s/o from happiness


RELAX-RIVER PHOENIX I closed my eyes, breathing in the earthy air. The woodsy smell I craved, as I sat next to my husband who I deeply loved, while he softly played the gutair, singing some lyrics once in awhile. “River…?” He continued strumming, but I knew he was looking at me. “I love you.” I felt his warm lips press against my cheek. “I love you too, baby.” He started pressing his lips against my neck, in a lazy way, opened mouth kisses. Then I heard him take a deep inhale of breath, and then exhale onto my skin. “I love sitting out here with you…ya know? Just us relaxing, being together out here in this little house.” He whispered and pressed a kiss behind my ear, making me sigh. “It’s great. Just us. Out in the most peaceful place on Earth.” You and River had been saving up for a LONG time to be able to vacation out to the little house in the woods for a couple months, and you both loved every moment. “Open your eyes.” He whispered, withdrawing his body from me. I slowly opened my eyes and directed my eyes towards him. “C'mon.” River discarded his gutair and we stood together. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, bringing me close to his chest, as I wrapped my arms around his middle. “I love you so much. I feel like I never say it enough.” River whispered, kissing my forehead. “You say it just enough, and I love you just the same.” He started humming my favorite lullaby my mom told him I liked ever since I was a baby, as we swayed from side to side slightly and gently. “I love to relax with you.” -Jae xx (RIVER IN GLASSES OMFG😍😍😍 r.i.p sunshine)

Winter Wedding - Jon Snow x Reader

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{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Jon Snow {Also includes Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Ned Stark and Catelyn Stark} 

Word Counter- 348 Words 

Persona- Female 

Drabble Friday- a wonderful jon snow wedding and the whole of the stark family dead/alive witness it

You were shaking with nerves. You were waiting outside the doors to the Great Hall where the wedding was taking place. Your own father could not be here to take you down the aisle, so Ned Stark was. 

You held on tightly to his arm as they opened the doors and you listening to the music start and everyone looked round at your beautiful dress. 

We walked up to the alter and Ned kisses my hand before he walks back to Catelyn, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon stood watching the bastard of the family be married to a Lady. 

You took Jon’s hand and he gives you a nervous smile. 

The septon smiles before speaking, “You may now cloak the bride and bring her under your protection,” 

Jon turns and places the Stark patterned cloak of your shoulders. You turn and place your hand over Jon’s. You’d both known these words since being young, you were trained to know them. 

The septon places a ribbon round your hands while saying, “In sight of the Seven, I hereby seal these two souls, as one, for eternity, look upon one another and speak the words,” 

“Father, Smith, Warrior, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Stranger, I am his and he is mine from this day, until the end of my days,” You and Jon say, looking into each others eyes and you grin before the septon nods. 

Jon pulls your lips to his and you smile as everyone cheers and claps and you grab Jon’s hand and you walk up the aisle together. 

You spend the rest of your night dancing and talking with the guests, particularly the Stark family and discussing what happens from now. 

Then of course there was the bedding ceremony which Robb excouraged loudly and it ended up being Robb who carried you to the room and Jon was dragged along by your female friends. 

You grinned at Jon and he grinned at you. 

“You’re mine now, forever?” You ask and he smiles and kisses you. 

“Forever,” He says and he pulls your lips back down on his. 

Imagine this

Jackson is really needy for some form of affection from you wither it was from a kiss, hug or simply holding hands but you were to “busy”, in his own words, to give him attention. So he starts to wrap his arm around your waist and decides to place his hand on your hip. He slowly slides his hand down and found a very comfortable spot inside your front pocket. Jackson turns to you and with great concern he’ll say “babe.. Why the fuck are your pockets so small?”

@miraculousstorytelling said: Have you gotten 31 for Ladrien?I feel like that would be cute 

31:  ladrien + catching the other before they fall

Most of the time, Marinette’s clumsiness doesn’t catch up with Ladybug.

(Except for the one time that she’s in front of Adrien, of course. The universe is sort of against her, it seems.)

Her yoyo string is tangled around her legs and of course she doesn’t even realize it until she’s falling. She braces herself. The pavement is starting to look like a great place for  —

“You might want to watch where you’re yoyo is,” a voice says above her. When she opens her eyes, she’s greeted with strong, toned arms and a blindingly white smile instead of a faceful of pavement.

She freezes in his arms, conflicted on how she should respond. Her mouth opens and closes like a fish and then before she can think of anything suave Adrien beats her to it.
“Shouldn’t a shining knight in armor earn a kiss from the lovely heroine he just saved?”

Ladybug almost dies right there.

“No!” He shouts. “I mean! I didn’t mean to say that it kind of just slipped out I am so sorry!”

In attempt to fix the situation, Ladybug stands up and realizes just how close she is to Adrien. A flash of pure confidence hits her and she presses her lips against his nose.

“Thanks for the save, hot stuff,” she grins. The yoyo, almost as if it just knows, untangles itself from her legs and she zips away before he can say more.

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Summer Nights//(N.M)

Everything was great in my life. The sun started setting out on the horizon. Night fall starting to show in skyline. Nate pulled me closer causing me to snuggle more into his chest. If it was even possible for me to do so. Wrapping the blanket around us as the breeze picked up. Summer nights this is what we both lived for. Slowly becoming a tradition to snuggle outside as the sun sets.

“We should probably go inside now” Nate said planting a kiss on my forehead. Placing his head in the crook of my neck kisses here and there are placed. Giggles escape my mouth as he continues.

“Your giggles are what I love to hear day and night. Brightens my mood instantly” he whispers in my ear before going back to my neck. I let him continue for a while before straddling his lap. Nate looks shocked at my sudden action before letting out a chuckle. The moonlight giving Nate a certain glow that was memorizing to the eye.

“What’s on your mind lil mama?” Nate asked seeing that I was quiet. Gently giving my ass a squeeze causing me jolt up in his lap. Smacking him on the chest before speaking.

“We’ve come a long way…” I said going him a peck on the lips. Looking at his face full of confusion. “Dated for 4 years, married for a year” told him as his face had a growing smirk.

“Best years of my life. Especially when you had me wait for 2 years to finally have sex. But after man those late nights tangled in the sheets were worth the wait.” He sported a goofy grin on his face while looking at me. I wrapped my arms around his neck looking into his eyes.

“Was sex the only reason you stayed” I teased him. Nate’s face changed from a smile to a frightened look at his choice of words.

“No no of course not the wait is what made it special.. Wait no. I love you and everything about you” I laughed at him before kissing him once again.

“I am teasing Maloley. I love you too. May I also say that I was probably testing to see if Maloley Jr. Was good as legend says” Nate looks at me before bursting out in laughter. Making us fall backwards on the grass. Now it was my turn to be confused.

“Maloley Jr. Really it amazes me how you still manage to avoid saying dick or cock even though we are married” he tries to stifle his next round of laughter. My hand smacks him on the chest repeatedly trying to contain my own laughter.

“It’s not my fault the word sounds to vulgar for my vocabulary” I say sitting back up on his lap. His had grips my hips as he sits back his original position.

“Too vulgar huh.. But you can say pussy and fuck when we have sex. Your funny y/n. You never seize to amaze me” making us both laugh “let’s not talk about how you scream daddy every time I hit the right spot” Nate continues making me blush.

“What if someone else called you daddy? What would you do Nate” I said becoming serious looking up at the stars shining down on us.

“A threesome. No way.. I already get jealous when a man stares at you for to long let alone a women” he says jaw clenching at the thought. Nate gets jealous easily and almost started a fight with his brother.

“No not like that Nate think about it a little more” I said placing my hands on my stomach a small bump forming. He looks down at my stomach before smiling like crazy.

“You’re serious right. You’re not joking lil mama” Nate says as he places a hand in my stomach. Staring in awe his eyes turning glossy. Tears slowly fall out of both of our eyes. I nod placing my hands over his as we both stare at our child forming in my stomach.

“This is the third best news I’ve heard all my life” he says hands wandering all over the small bump. I stare in question as he looks back up at me. “The first was you saying yes to marrying me and the second was is sealing the deal” Nate said before giving a passionate kiss.

“I guess now we share our summer nights with our baby boy/girl” I told Nate as I sat between his legs again looking out into the ocean behind our yard. Excitement running through my veins.

“Our family tradition. Summer nights with our little one. Are you ready y/n” he asked pulling me closer and placing a kiss on my head. Our family tradition. Cant wait for the future.

“With you by my side of course I’m ready. We will be the best parents. Who knows our child my take up your talent to rap and continue the Maloley name in the music industry” I look at Nate who is deep in thought. “Baby, are you okay” I ask with concern. He looks at me and smiles giving me a gentle squeeze.

“I have everything I ever wanted. A lil mama who supports me til the end. Brightens my world to the max. A drug like no other more addicting then weed. Now our baby developing in your stomach. Everything is better then okay I’m living the dream every man looks forward too.” Nate says as he lays down on the blanket bringing me along with him.

“It’s official summer nights are my best kind of nights” I tell him as snuggle closer to him. Breathing in his scent that I will never get tired of smelling. We smile at each other as we enjoy this summer night. I’m living the dream with the man that stole my heart from the beginning, Nate Maloley and how our love started on a summer night 5 years ago.

Imagine: Going Into Hiding With Fred

Request: An imagine where reader and Fred are best friends in hiding together during the war and they are talking about everyone they have lost. She mentions loosing her godfather, Mad-eye, and he comforts her and they end up kissing and other fluff. I would love this so much!!!!


“Man this is horrible,” Fred said while putting wards around the place you two were hiding. Everyone was in danger now, and witches and wizards all over Great Britain were trying to find safe places to hide.

You nodded your head and went to sit in a corner.

“People are losing their lives everyday and it’s ridiculous! I wish someone would just stop the mad man! How are people just letting him kill everyone?!” Fred ranted.

You nodded your head again and a few tears started to fall from your eyes.

“Y/N I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you,” Fred said as he rushed over to you.

You gave him a tiny smile. “You didn’t do anything Fred. The conversation just got me thinking about my godfather.” Tears continued to fall.

“Mad-Eye? Man I loved that guy! One of the coolest people I’ve ever met!”

You nodded. “I just can’t believe he’s gone!” You put your head into Fred’s chest and began sobbing.

He rubbed your back. “Shh, Y/N I know, I know. It’s not fair. He didn’t deserve it. But you have to remember that he lost his life for a great cause, fighting valiantly”, Fred comforted.

You sniffed and looked up at him. “You’re right. Thank you, Fred.”

He smiled down at you. “Whenever you’re sad, just let me know and I’ll do this.” Fred leaned down and placed a soft kiss on your lips. “I know it won’t change or make things better, but it might help a little.”

“It helps a lot, actually,” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Kissing & Bottles - A Carrison Fanfiction/One-Shot

This is set during the legendary Rolling Stones party that took place during the filming of Empire Strikes Back. Shout-out to the lovely @thecarrisonfiles for prompting me to write this and for all the help with the details! Also, shout-out to my sister from another mister @hewouldve for always telling me to write (and for saying that it’s going great, even when it isn’t) and for basically helping me get this started! Ohh and obviously thanks to my carrison girls for always being excited, I love you. Big thanks to @r2isbae-andurnot for making the banner for me! Disclaimer: this is a real person fan fiction, so it all definitely came from my imagination and I’m not trying to offend anyone (you know the drill). 

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to send me some feedback! 

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Lonely At Night

“You better have great reasons for calling me at 11pm,” Michael said as soon as I had opened the door for him. “I was in my boxers playing xbox.”

We had started dating nearly two months ago, but I was already getting used to comments like these. It was the first time I had called him and asked him to come at my place at 11pm though.

“Not even happy to see my face?” I pouted. He rolled his eyes, stole a quick kiss on my lips before he started taking his shoes off.

“I was just really comfy,” he stated, “And I love my xbox.”

“I know that,” I smiled. He observed my face before a yawn escaped my mouth, color rising in my cheeks. “Sorry,” I apologized, “Come.” I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom. I got under the sheets and he awkwardly stood next to me, looking at me with a confused expression on his face.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Get under the sheets,” I mumbled with only one opened eye. He walked to the other side of the bed and layed down on his back.

I turned on my stomach, wrapped an arm loosely around Michael’s waist, my head against his left shoulder.

“Why did you call me for exactly?” He wondered.

“I get lonely at night,” I explained.

“Really?” He asked with a soft voice. “Is this an invitation for me to come over more often? Or maybe you could come over at my place because even though you’re important to me, my xbox is very important too,” he mumbled as his fingers played with my hair.

I giggled as I heard his thoughts, of course he would say something like that. I did not reply though, I was really tired.

“You’re tired?”

“Almost dead,” I corrected.

His chest vibrated as he laughed. After a few seconds, his chest started to go up and down at a steady pace as he breathed.

“Sweet dreams, then,” he whispered.