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I legit can’t write for anyone other than Peter now ahhh
Hope you guys don’t mind xx

Title: Hesitation
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: A slightly jealous conversation and close proximity leads to more between you and Peter
Word Count: 1,284
Warnings: None 
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           "Ok, here, listen to this one,“ you insisted, handing Peter the headphones once more.

           "Come on, Y/N,” he replies, rolling his eyes with a sheepish grin on his face.

           You were sitting in your bedroom, listening to some of music you had picked out for Peter. He wasn’t a music buff, but you demanded that he spend a few hours listening to the music you recommended, and he’d do anything to see a smile on your face.

           Thus, he accepts the headphones and looks at you as he listens intently. Peter pretends to understand the musicality of the song, but for the most part it’s just sound waves travelling through his head. But if this made you happy, he’d do it. Besides, it was a good excuse to spend time with you.

           "So?“ you asked as the song finished. "What’s your rating?”

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Our Son

HIIII!!! Umm could I request a scenario where y/n has Jungkook’s child but he doesn’t want it and leaves y/n and y/n is all alone until Taehyung says he’ll take care of the y/n and the child and you fall in love with Taehyung and Jungkook Regrets it after the child is grown up… Its kinda long sorry!! BUT I LOVE YOUR BLOG❤❤💙💙💙❤💙

For anon

Here it is

Hope you like it


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Yet another test, another result. Unless they were all flawed, they were clearly saying that you were pregnant.
And it was a big deal. You were too young, you would have had to give up the University and mostly you did not know how your boyfriend would react.
Jungkook was as young as much as you are and you were always so careful. You could not figure out how it happened when memories of the night a few weeks before get into your mind.
You were so taken by the passion that you had given up the condom and that was the result; a completely unexpected pregnancy.
“Baby, you’re locked in the bathroom for nearly half an hour. Are you feeling okay?”
Jungkook’s voice jolted you and you quickly threw the tests in the trash near the sink, by covering them with a paper towel so as not to make them visible.
“Sorry, I was removing makeup. You know things for women, Kooks ” You apologized, coming out of the bathroom and smiling at him mildly; “What are you staring at?”
“You look pale. Are you sure you’re okay? ” He asked curiously, coming closer to you and brushed your cheek with your fingertips; “Don’t make me worry.”
“It’s okay, Kooks. Everything is fine. ”
And that was the first lie in a long line.

Your lies were getting too many and it was becoming increasingly hard to hide the truth to Jungkook.
After making up some courage you had decided that that night you’d have said everything, hoping that he would have taken it good and above all being happy.
After initial shock, you had begun to accept that pregnancy more and more until you felt happy to bring one creature in your womb. It was the fruit of your love and what could be wrong with something so pure and beautiful?
“Kooks… Do you have two minutes? I need to talk to you. ” You began, sitting on the bed beside him, busy playing a video game that you didn’t know.
“Sure baby, talk to me.” He smiled and hope kept increasing in you.
“A few weeks ago I discovered something. Of course at first, I was scared… but I mean this is an amazing thing, believe me. ”
“Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me what’s going on, Jagi” He encouraged you, slipping on the mattress as he approached you; “Have you found to be the best of your course? Is your brother getting married? Have you won a vacation? Teeeeeeell me. ”
“I’m pregnant.” Your emotion was palpable in the tone of your voice and your gaze was bright, but Jungkook’s look made you freeze completely.
His smile had vanished, his eyes were wide with shock and his look was totally blank.
You immediately took his hand, stroking the backs with the pad of your thumb, waiting for the news to make way into his mind and the happiness you felt became his own.
“Kooks.. I know we’re you–”
“No, I don’t want it.” He immediately stopped you and those few words were a stab to your heart. There was no happiness in his eyes, only anger and you could feel it on your skin as he stared at you. “What you wanted to tell me, huh? I don’t want that son, Y/N, and you should think about your future, how it will be ruined by this child. ”
“You can’t be serious!”
“Yes, I do. We’re nineteen, we are kids ourselves. How are you going to raise him? Huh? ”
“No, I’m sorry but… It’s not what I want. ” He almost screamed as he rose from the bed, jostling you away and reaching the wardrobe.
You looked right at him while he was taking a duffle bag and started to throw in his clothes, without bothering to fold them and place them.
He was leaving you and just because you were pregnant, the idea itself disgusted you incredibly much and hurt you so much to leave you speechless.
“I’m sorry Y/N; but this is not the life I want. ”
“So you don’t assume your responsibilities?”
“I… I can’t do that, I’m sorry. ” He whispered, turning to look at you. You could understand his fear, but not his actions. You looked into his eyes for a moment and after that little moment he turned back again, taking the bag and leaving the room.
The sound of a door closing, shortly after, made it clear that he was gone. Forever.


“Yah, Y/N … He’s a jerk, I’ve always said that. ” Taehyung said for the umpteenth time, while his arms welcomed you with joy and you were hiding among them.
It was in days you were in those conditions, struggling to eat, to sleep, that everything reminded you of him and it hurt you.
The only relief came from the presence of Taehyung, who tried in every way to help as best he could. He even volunteered to come with you to the check up that you had hoped to do with Jungkook, but all your hopes and dreams were completely blown away.
“How… How do I do it now? ”
“What does it mean? Do you want this baby? ”  
He asked earnestly, looking down at you and shifting a lock of your hair so he can see your eyes.
“Of course, Tae. ”
“All right, then fuck Jungkook. The only thing that you have to think about now is your health and the health of the baby ”
“I’m alone…”
“What am I? A Unicorn? ”
You heaved your face, upset by his attitude. He could not have really understood that if he wanted to help you during those months, he would have had to be close. It was too much to ask him and you did not want to ruin his life, it was the last thing that he deserved.
“Taehyung… I can’t ask you this. ”
“Listen, Y/N, you know me. I love children and you’re one of my dearest friends. Let me help you, I want to take care of both of you. ” He said, then giving you one of his brightest smiles. Tears pinched your eyes  (but not enough to make you cry, just smiling back.
He was there and for the first time in days, you did not feel alone anymore.


“WHAT WHAT?” Taehyung screamed, running out of the kitchen with a fork full of food in his hand, looking upset.
You, as a reply, threw against him the remote control while the umpteenth and violent contraction made you fold in two for the pain.
They had begun that morning but were mild and your gynecologist had made sure they were normal in calving.
“OKAY, OKAY… WE’RE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL, YOU … THE BAG, I GOT IT, ” Yet another scream as he ran to retrieve the bag, ready for days, for the hospital and came back to you. “ I HAVE TO TAKE YOU IN MY ARMS OR CAN YOU WALK? ”
You did not know what to expect, you were afraid that something could go wrong, that your little boy would be likely to hurt himself. A thousand thoughts invaded your mind but when Taehyung, without saying anything, took you into his arms and came running out of the house, all the negative thoughts vanished.
Your guardian angel was with you, nothing could go wrong.


It was the most difficult and painful twelve hours of your life, but in the end, the little Sooyoung had seen the light. He was perfect, with already a bushy little of hair, powerful and clear voice so as to make the nurses laugh when he started to cry.
You were too dazed to figure out anything and you accepted willingly the anesthetic in order to rest for at least a few hours without the slightest pain.

“Sooyoung, you look exactly like your mom. Yes… You’ll become a beautiful little man. How about I wake her up? ”
A deep and full of sweetness voice woke you up and opening your eyes you laid your gaze on Taehyung, sitting in a chair beside you, holding your child in his arms.
“Hey.. Look who’s here. ” He muttered with sweetness, getting up and approaching you. Gently, he put Sooyoung into your arms and a swirl of emotions made you break down and cry, while you kissed and caressed with your lips that perfect and small face.
“He’s beautiful.”
“As his mom… I’ll leave you alone, you need some time to get to know him. ” He rose from his chair but immediately you gripped his wrist, blocking him from leave you alone.
“But… I mean, I think you want to enjoy this time with your son. ”
“O-our son.” You faltered while he stared, caught off guard by your words. “Taehyung.. In these months you never left me alone and … I… Don’t go away. ”
“Why? Let me hear you say, Y/N ”.
“Because I fell in love with you, Tae.”


“Why is my champion screaming like that? What’s going on? ”

You were sitting on the couch, checking out some books to write the next chapter of your thesis, while Sooyoung kept running around the house chasing Taehyung. Their screaming did not bother you, indeed ,somehow, they helped you to stay more focused. After four years you were completely accustomed to their madness.

“Appa I want ice cream!”
“You have to ask mom.” Taehyung gave to you the “problem”, causing you to raise your eyes to heaven in a fake desperate way. Immediately the little Sooyoung jumped on the couch, holding onto your neck and stuffing your face with kisses.
He was a corruptor, just like his father.
“EOMMAAAAA, I WANT ICE CREAM” he screamed, pouting his lips as he always did Taehyung whenever he wanted to get something. “PLEAAAAAASE”.
“All right, let’s go get some ice cream.” You agreed, squeezing him softly in your arms and getting up off the couch completely ignoring your studies; “But when we finish the ice cream, we get back home.”
It was a day in June, the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was perfect. You were holding hands with Taehyung while Sooyoung was two steps ahead of you who hopped, unable to contain the enthusiasm that he was trying at that time.
“Sometimes I wonder if he’ll run out of his energies …” Taehyung whispered into your ear, making you smile and shake your head immediately; “But he’s so bea–”
His break concerned you right away, so your eyes returned to alight in front of you. And the reason why he had stopped was immediately clear to you.
Sooyoung was in front of Jungkook, the last person you wanted to see.  
Jungkook bowed to reach the cap that your son had lost and your looks have met.
“Your cap, kid.”
“Thank you! ” Sooyoung thanked him and you could see his toothless smile even though you were a few steps away from him.
“Sooyoung, come here. Let’s choose our ice cream, come ” Taehyung recalled the child without deigning to glance Jungkook. The little boy immediately turned and ran up taking his hand he was holding out.
They went into the ice-cream parlor, leaving you alone in front of your biggest regret and disappointment.
Jungkook came up to you, his hands in his jacket pocket, and a guilty look drew onto his face. He smiled but you did not smile back, remembering only at that moment how much pain he had inflicted on you.
“You’re looking good.”
“Thank you.” was your answer, totally icy.
“You and Taehyung, huh?”
“It’s none of your business.”
“Already… He… What’s his name? ”
“It’s none of your business, Jungkook.” His smile faded away to your answer, but you did not felt sadness at seeing that look on his face. “Now I’ll go back to my son and my husband if you don’t mind.”
“I regretted my choice every day for the past four years, Y/N”.
“Jungkook… I don’t regret instead. Because I found a person a thousand times better than you, who didn’t leave me. On second thought, I just have to say thank you for abandoning me. Thanks to you, now I know what it’s like to be really happy. ”

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‘how perfect?’ (derek hale drabble)

it’s almost a week later and here tf i am with these damn vday drabbles. enjoy this hunk!

(gifs aren’t mine!!)

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t.” ft Derek Hale

You and Derek dated secretly for a little over five months. You thought things were going well when Derek walked up to you two days ago. You thought he was finally okay with telling the pack. You were, of course, wrong. He grabbed you by the arm during the middle of a pack meeting and pulled you into his study, slamming the door behind him. He kept pacing back and forth, eyes never meeting yours as he slowly explained to you that he no longer wanted to date you. He wanted nothing to do with you, personally or professionally. His outburst surprised you, but you walked out with your head held high. The rest of the pack didn’t know what was going on or why you wouldn’t show up to the meetings, but you managed to give them viable excuse after viable excuse.

Today is probably the most annoying day of all after your fall out with Derek. Today is Valentine’s day, a national holiday to remind you of both your loneliness and your rotten luck. The rest of the pack had gone out on a couple’s dinner sort of thing, and Lydia made a point to invite you every day, but you couldn’t go. Not because of Derek’s sorry ass but because you didn’t wanna be the seventh or ninth wheel.

So instead, you’re at home. You’re dressed in a comfy crop top and baggy sweats, a bowl of ice cream in one hand and a bag of hot chips in the other. You set your snacks down on the table and before your ass can hit the sofa, you hear rapid knocking on your door.

“I’m coming! Jesus,” you grumble, walking to the door as the knocking becomes more incessant.

Your mind immediately jumps to the worst conclusion as you twist open the locks of your door. What if your friends were hurt? What if “couples dinner” was code for attack??? You quickly unlock the door only to find Derek on the other end. He looked like a complete wreck, and the terrible feeling rushed through you again.

“Derek, what is it?” You whisper, keeping yourself together as you let Derek in, closing the door behind him. He stands in the small hallway, not moving. “Derek please tell me what’s wrong? Is someone hurt? Did something happen? What–?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t,” Derek repeats the words, almost as though apologizing to you.

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“W-what?” You hesitantly place a hand on his shoulder and he looks up at you, his tired sea green eyes meeting your gentle ones.

“I’m so sorry. But I can’t stop thinking about you. I go to sleep every night, picturing you next to me. I wake up every damn morning wishing I could kiss your forehead one last time. I can’t sleep, I can’t focus, you’re clouding my every thought, Y/N,” Derek’s voice breaks as he falls to his knees in front of you.

“Derek,” you whisper, gently running your fingers through his hair as he buries his face in your stomach.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt,” he wraps his arms around your legs and let’s it all out.

You lower yourself so you’re face to face with him as he tells you about a new threat, a vampire coven. The pack had never dealt with a coven before, but they’d heard rumours about how ruthless they could be. They’d take the pack’s weakest link and tear them to bits. Derek didn’t trust himself around you, he didn’t want to risk your life so he broke things off and pushed you away.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Derek whispers, gently cupping your face. You lean into his touch and close your eyes.

“It’s okay, Der. I feel better now… at least it’s not my fault,” you look up and meet his loving eyes.

“Is that what you thought?” His eyes search yours before leaning forward and placing light kisses all over your face. “It’s not at all your fault. You’re perfect.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but I am pretty damn great, huh?” You smirk as Derek chuckles, shaking his head.

“You’re perfect, I swear.”

“How perfect?” You whisper, biting your lip as Derek stills in front of you, eyes landing on your lips.

“Let me show you.”

She Do This Often

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,900 (I have a problem, haha)

Request: Bucky just doesn’t like the songs of the 21st century. 

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Often, so language, obviously! 

A/N: Hello babes! the first request is here, this one was requested by the lovely @suchabigmesss, hope you enjoy, hun! Also, definitly listen to The Weeknd - Often while reading this one, I promise it makes it better. Hope you enjoy! lots of love to you all!  

There were many things that baffled Bucky about the 21st century: the rude behavior people had adapted to, the selfishness, the way men spoke to women, how women were spoken about and especailly the nonexistant filter regarding physical intimacy, especially when it came to the songs in this century. 

The concept of dirty talk wasn’t a new one for Bucky, really, it wasn’t. But what was said and done in the privacy of the bedroom was one thing, saying the words out loud, for the whole world to hear, was a whole other thing.

Bucky grimaced at the song playing on the television and turned it off. Lying back down on his bed he let out a deep sigh. All the Avengers were out on a mission which Bucky had decided to skip. He hadn’t been feeling completely healed after the injury he sustained on the last mission and no one had obliged to the fact that he didn’t want to go. He had quickly regretted not tagging along anyway as boredom overtook him.

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The Lucky One

I have been dying to write a Chanyeol fluff as of late, so here you guys go. Enjoy!

           “Chanyeol!” I yell as he turns his back on me, pushing another girl into the counter and kissing her with as much force as he can muster. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

           He pushes closer to her, tangling his hands into her black hair as she kisses him back with just as much intensity. She sighs, and one hand cups her face, the other slides to his zipper and she spreads her legs wide for him, her skirt hiking up to reveal her lack of panties. He slides himself into her and I watch, unable to speak. I can’t breathe, it feels like a knife has been shoved into my lungs and there’s an unbearable ache in my head.

          I pound on the counter as hard as I can, and while it stings deeply into my bones, he doesn’t even turn to glance in my direction. He doesn’t stop, and his hands are digging into her hips as he drills her on my kitchen counter. Tears stream from my eyes and he ignores me again. I stamp my feet, trying to get him to look at me, but it’s futile. Finally, I push him off her, shoving him to the side with all my might. He pulls his zipper back up, and turns to look at me.

        “I think we should see other people,” he says calmly, his brown eyes icy and his stance defensive. I can’t breathe and it takes everything in me not to yell in his face. He takes a step toward me, and for a second I think he’s going to kiss me, but he pushes me into the wall. Hard enough to make me knock my head into it, but not hard enough that it hurts. The tears sting my cold face and he brings his hand up to caress my hair.

       “I’m so sorry, but I’m just not happy,” he breathes.

        I bolt upright out of bed, the tears stinging my eyes as I look around for my phone. They spill over as I get my trembling hands to press the dialpad button. I key in my boyfriend’s number, the muscle memory doing me more good than anything right now because I’m pretty sure I’m having a panic attack. I press the send button and it rings once, twice, three times. He answers, finally, and I lose it. The tears are falling faster than I anticipated and it’s all I can do to breathe.

        “Babe? Babe… what’s wrong?” Chanyeol’s deep voice sounds like it’s underwater, but I’m starting to resurface. “It’s okay, I’m here… Shhhhh,” he soothes me, “I’m here.”

        He starts singing to me, and I calm down enough to the point where I’m not crying anymore after a few minutes. He pauses once I’m reduced to sniffles. “What happened? It’s three in the morning, you should be sleeping.”

        “I was, but I had a nightmare…” I trail off.

        “What happened, baby? You can tell me,” he whispers. I can see him in my head, definitely shirtless and rubbing his face sleepily, trying to make sense of me and my anxious brain.

        “It’s stupid. Are you sure you want me to tell you about it?” I hesitate.

         “Of course,” Chanyeol says softly, so I start at the beginning. I tell him everything I can remember, and the tears are pricking in the back of my nose, threatening to come out again. I press a hand to my cheek, feeling the blood rush to it as I do so.

         “I know it’s dumb, but I can’t help but wonder sometimes if you’d be happier with someone else,” I sigh, lying back down.

        “Y/N, there has never been—and will never be—another person that I have ever been happier with. When I started dating you, I knew I was going to be dating your anxiety too. I knew there were going to be sleepless nights and feelings of inadequacy and definitely a lot of questions, but I promise there’s no one else I’d rather be with. There’s nothing going on with anyone else. It’s you for me or nothing.”

         “Babe,” I say, then pause, not really knowing what to say. “You’re too good to me.”

         I can hear him smile into the receiver and run his hand through his hair. “No, baby, I’m just taking care of you, like I’m supposed to. You have nothing to worry about. I’m not going anywhere.”

         I sigh. “Tell me you’ll be home soon so I can kiss your perfect face.”

        “I will, actually. Three more days till we have a home show and I can come home to stay for the night. I miss you, baby.” The sincerity in Chanyeol’s voice sends a warm tingle through my body, and I do a half-chuckle into the receiver.

       “What?” he asks.

       “Just wondering how I got this lucky,” I breathe.

       “Not you,” he says. “I’m the lucky one.”

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Yoongi. He's cold until you get close to another member


You try avoid Yoongi’s watchful eye as you danced, hoping that you executed every move right, but by the look on his face, you knew you did something wrong.

“Stop stop stop,” he demands, waving at Jimin to turn the music off. I Need You is cut off, silence taking its place while Yoongi slowly steps towards you.

“What the hell was that?” he sneers once he’s a foot away from you. He crosses his arms over his chest, awaiting your answer.

“I… Uh… I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you tried explaining, “I thought I was doing goo-”

“Good? Good?” Yoongi interrupts you, “you actually thought you were doing good?”

He steps closer to you as he yells. You flinch back, but keep your stance. Yoongi scoffs when you don’t reply and rolls his eyes.

“Try it one more time, and do it right this time.”

You go to argue, but Yoongi has already cued the music and walked to his previous spot, watching you. So instead, you bite your tongue and get in position.

This time, you execute every move perfectly, but once you’re finished, Yoongi still doesn’t look satisfied.

“Well,” you urge, “was that good enough for you?” you snap, sick of his hard criticism. He was acting like you couldn’t dance, when really, you knew that you were the best god damned back up dancer BTS had ever had.

With a smirk, Yoongi shakes his head, “your dancing was alright. It’s your face that discomforts me. I think our back up dancers should at least be pretty enough to dance with us.”

Your mouth drops and you curl your fists at your sides as he starts to walk away, laughing. He walks all the way to the door, hand on the handle, before turning back to face you.

“Don’t bother showing up for practice tomorrow. I don’t think you’ll be here much longer.”

With that, he waltzes out of the practice room, satisfied highly with himself. You on the other hand, are still standing there, tears pricking your eyes as you watch him leave.

You can’t believe how cold Suga is towards you. You had only been his backup dancer for a week, and had tried to listen to everything he told you to do, but he still seemed to hate you.

“Hey,” Hoseok says quietly, handing you a water bottle. You take it but just keep it gripped tight in your hand as you drop it back to your side.

“I think you did fine,” he says, trying to comfort you. “Don’t take Yoongi personally okay? He’s just an ass. He’s like that to everybody.”

You flick your eyes to Hoseok’s trying to see mockery in his eyes, but you found none.

“Well that’s a really shitty way to act towards someone you don’t even know,” you say, voice cracking. You groan at yourself, frustrated that you allow Yoongi to work you up this much.

“I know, and I’m sorry,” Hoseok apologizes. “You are definitely a good dancer, and your definitely not ugly, so just forget what he said.”

You’re too upset to notice the compliment that he had just given you, so you make yourself busy with grabbing your dance bag.

“I’m gonna go,” you say, making a move to the door. Before you can go too far, Hoseok has your wrist in his grip, stopping you.

“Please come to practice tomorrow,” he pleads, “maybe when it’s over, I can help you practice. Like a little one on one thing.”

He smiles, hoping to convince you. When you nod reluctantly, he lets out a sigh, letting your hand go.

“See you tomorrow then,” he says.

“Yeah. I guess. See you tomorrow,” you give him a little salute before heading out of the room.
At practice the next day, Yoongi is quiet. He doesn’t say anything when you dance, his usual criticism seeming to have silenced. You’re thankful for this, actually enjoying practice for once.

You’re actually feeling confident when Hoseok starts the one on one practice you had promised him.

“Ok, so you move your hip like this, step to the left, and then push your hands out to the side,” Hoseok instructs, showing you the moves to a dance he had choreographed in his free time. You guys had perfected all the dances you needed to know with time to spare, so he decided to show you this.

“Like this?” you ask, doing the move. Hoseok chuckles and shakes his head. He steps behind you and puts his hands on your hips.

“No, like this,” his big hands jerks your hips the other direction. You giggle as he moves you to do the right move, causing him to laugh himself.

“Ok I think that’s enough for today,” Hoseok says cheerily once he saw that you had done the move right. You nod in agreement.

“Thanks Hoseok,” you say after a moment of silence. He looks at you confused.

“For what?”

“For being so nice to me,” you reply. A knowing smirk crosses his face and he nods.

He goes to say something when the practice room door is slammed open and Yoongi stomps in.

“Suga, what are you doing he-” Hoseok tries to say, but Yoongi pushes through him, coming straight up to you, grabbing your wrist. He starts walking back towards the door, pulling you along with him as he goes.

“Let go of me,” you order, trying to pull your hand from his strong grip. He ignores you and keeps pulling you until he pushes you into an empty closet. He slams the door shut, locking it behind him.

“Yoongi, what are you-” You’re cut off by a pair of lips smashing into yours. Your eyes widen as Yoongi slides his lips urgently against yours. He tried to grab your face when you don’t kiss back, but you push him away.

“What the fuck!” you scream. Your hand instinctively goes to slap the boy across the cheek. It echoes throughout the tiny closet and he holds his cheek in pain.

“What was that for?” he yells back equally as loud.

“Maybe because you fucking drag me into a closet and kiss me like we don’t hate each others guts,”

His face drops and he sighs.

“Listen, (Y/N), I.” You hold your hand up, silencing him.

“Don’t bother,” you make a move for the door, “I’m leaving.”

“Stop,” you hear him plead, and before you know it, you’re pinned against the door, his lips against yours again.

“Don’t fight me,” he whispers. His voice is pleasing and urgent, and you can’t help but give in.

“Fuck you,” he deeply moans into your mouth once you kiss him back. “Fuck you so much. You think you can tease me right? Wrong baby.”

“Yoongi,” you gasp, threading your fingers through his hair and tugging. It pulls a beautiful noise from his throat and you wouldn’t mind hearing it again.

Suga moves his body so he’s in between your legs, all the while not breaking your heated kiss. You could fuck with shirts on, but pants? Pants had to go. The pants you had on were easy to pull down to your ankles, you kicking them off eagerly and making Suga smirk.

“Slow down baby,” he murmurs, using his tongue to pry your lips open. He pulls your tongue into his mouth and sucks on it, getting a moan out of you when he starts grinding against your exposed sex.

“No,” you whines. “Go faster.”

He was planning on teasing you more but you yanked on his hair really hard when he tried, so he decided he should probably just give you what you wants. He stands back and sheds himself of his shorts and boxers, his hard cock bounding free.

“Do you need my fingers or..?”

“Check,” you say and he scrunches his eyebrows as he reaches down to prod at your entrance with his fingers.

“Oh fuck. You’re dripping,” he groans and you feel his cock twitch against your thigh.

He slides two fingers into you easily and you let out a long moan, your hands flying up to grip at his shoulders. He slowly pumps his hand in and out, looking to watch your face twist up in pleasure.

“I love the way you feel around my hand baby. So perfect,” he groans again.

He twists his fingers around, scissoring them to stretch you a bit more, since his cock was more like four of his fingers instead of just the two he was using. But he didn’t have the time, nor the patience, to stretch you properly so he just had to work with what he had.

Suga starts moving his fingers faster inside of you, biting his lip at the sound of your moans. Your nails dig into his shoulders and that’s when he stops, sliding his hand out and wiping his digits off on his shirt.

He reaches back down to grip himself at the base, trying his best to look and see where he was going as he guides himself towards you. He glides in slowly, inch by inch to allow you to stretch around him. You hiss under him and he leans down to pepper kisses all over your face.

“You’re doing perfect baby. Just a little more,” he murmurs, trying to take your mind off of the pain.

“It hurts Suga wait,” you say and he stops his hips immediately, glancing up at you with worry.

“Are you okay?” He asks but you don’t reply, just sitting with your face scrunched up in discomfort. “Hey. Do you want me to pull out?”

You take a deep breath before opening your eyes. “No. I’m fine. Go ahead.”

“Are you positive? I don’t want to hurt you,” he asks, unsurely.

You nod so he slowly moves his hips again. He watches your face carefully, making sure you didn’t show any sign of pain otherwise he would be pulling out. He leans down again to kiss your damp forehead sweetly, one of his hands moving downwards so his fingers could play with your clit. The pleasure from that distracts you enough until he’s fully engulfed inside of you.

He has to throw his head back and bite his lip, trying to control himself so he doesn’t hurt you. He knows once you’re used to him and stretched out, he’ll be able to be as rough with you as he wants. But right now you were tight as fuck and although it felt good to him, it was hard on you.

“Tell me when I can move,” he says down to you, his fingers still massaging your bundle of nerves gently.

“Go ahead. I’m fine,” you say and he checks your eyes for the spark of a lie. He doesn’t see it.

“You sure?” He asks anyway and you nods.

He pushes himself up and moves both of his hands to your ankles, pushing your legs up to bend at your chest. He holds you up by the ass as he starts to move. He watches his cock slowly pull out of you, your walls gripping onto him tightly, and disappear back into you just as slowly. The second time, he moves his hips faster and you start moaning everytime he pushes back in. He was biting his lip hard, keeping himself under control.

“Doing so good baby,” he praises you.

He starts snapping his hips into you now, going harder each time you doesn’t let a wince out but instead a whimper of satisfaction. He breathes heavily above you, his stomach flipping at the noises you was making. He could come from them alone, but he was holding himself back until you came first.

“Harder Yoongi,” you whine after a few minutes and he knows you’re at the point where he can finally be rough.

He leans down and bites your neck sharply. You scream and he moves up and pushes his lips to yours, silencing you before anybody could hear and come to see what was wrong. He grunts into your mouth, breathing heavily.

He drives his cock in and out of you quickly, having you both feel like he was pushing in deeper each time. The tip of his cock hits your prostate dead on and you scream again, so he has to capture your lips to shut you up for the second time. You whimper his name into his mouth and he sucks on your tongue.

“You like my cock Princess? You like my cock this deep inside of you?” He gasps and pants against your face, his orgasm creeping up on him. He knew yours was too. “Think I can go deeper baby? We both know I can.”

He reaches to grab one of your legs and bend it up by your head, your ankle pushed to your ear. He pistons into you at a fast pace, making your mouth fall open in a silent scream as your orgasm rips through your body. Your walls tighten around him and it pulls him to come with you, both of you moaning loudly and not caring anymore if anybody heard. Once he’s finished, he lets you go and buries his face in your neck, both of you breathing heavily.

“Well shit,” you say, and he pulls out. He smirks and kisses your forehead.

“See you at practice tomorrow,” he whispers, getting dressed again and leaving you alone in the closet.


thedawnsky. Here you go boo

For all my fellow voltage fans who are struggling,


You are having yet another bad day which leaves you empty inside and hopeless. You are numb. As you walk down the street you bump into your favorite voltage character. Before your mind registers that it’s them, they get excited and say that they have been looking for you everywhere. You smile for the first time that day.

Fast forward a few weeks and you are in your room crying. They come in and take you in their arms and wipe your tears away. They promise to be there for you always. That they will stay by your side and help you get through it. You are the strongest girl they ever met and they are proud you made it so far. They know you can go the distance. You are destined for greater things.

Another day you are looking at “nice” things. You know you can’t afford it but you still dream. Your favorite character notices. Next day they take you to the place where you can buy it and places a credit card in your hand. They, along with their friends, filled it and you can use it to buy whatever your heart desires. Your bills are paid on time, the fridge is full, your room is filled with the things you’ve always wanted and you even buy a gift for them which brings a smile to their face.

Another day you are lonely. As you are wishing for true friends someday, your favorite character shows up driving a car and tells you to get in. They make stops at their friends houses and soon the car is filled with them. They chat, sing to the radio and even bicker. You find out that it’s a night out and it turns into one of the best nights of your life. They are ecstatic to have you with them and you trust them. They text you forever after that night and invite you all the time. They treat you like a princess. You are surrounded by people who love you.

You are lounging cozyily in a chair with something in your hands to entertain you. Your favorite character is across the room also entertained with a hobby. You are both in cozy pajamas. Outside is raining softly but the room is warm and well lit. You feel safe and relaxed. Many days are like this.

Your favorite character holds your head in their hands while they gaze at you with awe. They kiss each feature on your face before telling you why it’s perfect. All your insecurities are washed away. They tell you are beautiful and precious. You know they are right.

Christmas Shopping

Recipient: @bionic-buckyb (fangirled when I got you ngl. Merry xmas, enjoy your smut!)

Prompt: Christmas Shopping

Pairing/characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff.

Word Count: 1300+

Triggers: smut, oral sex (giving and receiving), unprotected sex (don’t be a loner, cover your boner)

Tagging: @bovaria@marvel-ash@marvelfanfichq@givebuckyhisplums2k16@starstar1012@fairy-frills@emilypkuzu@annadier@buckystories@shamvictoria11@feelmyroarrrr@totheendofthelinepal@thelazyorange@creatorofwritings@callingmrsbarnes@whotheeffisbucky@palaiasaurus64@likochkah@professional-fandoms@james-bionic-barnes@fvckingavengers

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It was that time of year again. Christmas. And it was your first one with Bucky, actually it was the first Christmas Bucky had without being controlled by a nazi organisation or running from a nazi organisation and every government in the world so you wanted to make it special.

And that started with presents. You were going out with Natasha and Wanda to get presents for the other Avengers. When you had organised it Nat complained about not having anyone special to buy a present for since Bruce had left her, but the two of you convinced her to go and that next year she’ll (hopefully) have someone.

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First kiss

Hope you like it :)

(Word count: 894)

“Could you go any slower!” 10k playfully yells at you.

“Actually, I could” you turn around and give him a cheeky smile.

Warren had ordered the two of you to go on a run for some food at an abandoned grocery store in a town near to your camp. Surprisingly, there had been no people there and only a few Z’s that were fairly easy to take out. You stalked up on canned peaches, fruit cocktail and you even found some old chocolate bars that you would probably just hide and share with 10k.

You had been with Warrens group for a few months and had grown close to 10k. You had also grown close to Addy and Doc and even Murphy, but 10k was your BEST friend. Every time he had to stay up and take watch while the others were sleeping, you would stay up with him and talk all night. You would go on runs together and always have each other’s backs.

“Are we almost there” you whine out, you had been on your feet all day and the walk from town to camp was an hour on foot.

“Quit being a baby” he laughs out “there’s a little stream up here we can take a rest at”

“Thank god”

After a few more minutes of walking, you approach the stream that 10k was talking about. The surrounding area was covered with beautiful green grass and a nice shady spot under two small trees.

“Gosh my feet hurt” you plop down under the tree, patting the ground beside you, signaling 10k to sit with you.

He made his way towards me and sat down next to me, leaning up against the trunk of one of the trees.

“Okay, we can take a ten minute break, but then we need to leave and get back before dark” he said

“Sounds good” I say, batting my eyes shut and resting my head on his shoulder.

I didn’t need to have my eyes open to know he was staring at me. He seemed tense and uncomfortable for a while, almost like he didn’t want me to have my head on his shoulders. I didn’t care though, I was tired and 10k could just deal with my head there for 10 minutes.


I woke up with my head in 10k’s lap and a pair of hands slowly running through my hair. I rubbed my eyes in confusion and sat up, turning towards the dark haired boy.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Only 30 minutes or so”

“30 minutes! Why didn’t you wake me up? I thought you wanted to get back as soon as possible?” I groan out.

“You just-uh-you looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to wake you” he nervously muttered out.

I roll my eyes and get up off the ground, grabbing my bags and knife.

“Well it’s getting dark so we better go” I say, walking past him, not even waiting for him.


“What the hell took you so long? We are starving over here” Murphy grumbled out

“Sorry we…. Got lost on the way back, I took a wrong turn” I said.

I was starting to feel bad about the little tiff 10k and I had earlier. It wasn’t his fault that I passed out, and I wouldn’t have wanted to wake him up either.

He glanced over at me for a split second and took his backpack off, pulling out the cans of food.

“Same old” he said, handing the cans of peaches and fruit cocktail to the group and taking one for himself.

“Anything else?” Doc sighed out

“Actually, yeah, hang on” I say. The least I could do for being late was sharing the chocolate with the rest, I’m sure we can find more if we go back.

I reached into my pack and pulled out 7 of the chocolate bars and tossed them at everyone.

“Shit, y/n! You’ve really outdone yourself” Doc laughed out, opening the bar and shoving it into his mouth.

“Don’t thank me, thank 10k. He’s the one who found them” I say, looking over at him and giving a weak smile.

“We good job, kid. You two really do make a great team, you know”

“Yeah, we do” 10k gave me a soft grin and sat down next to Doc.


The whole group had gone to sleep and besides you and 10k. Warren and Vasquez were sleeping in a small tent they had found. Addy, Doc and Murphy were around the fire and you and 10k were in the bed of the pickup truck.

“Hey, 10k I’m really sorry about earlier. I was being rude” I whisper to him.

“Don’t worry about it y/n”

“Is there anything I can do to make up for it?” It got really quite all the sudden. The tension between us was like a fire. 10k out his hand up on my cheek and leaned in, giving me a soft peck. His lips were dry and chapped but tasted sweet.

He pulled away fast.

“I’m sorry I ju-” you cut him off by smashing your lips into his and grabbing his face to deepen the kiss. Your lips moved in perfect sync, it was magical.

He pushed your back against the side of the truck bed

“I guess this makes up for it”


[Matt, imitating people asking questions: “Hi, I’m Rani from Madison, and I have a two part question. 1) How did you get so perfect and beautiful and pure? 2) Can I kiss your face?”


Dating Harry Would Include - 28

Matching tattoos:

- Asking you a last time if you’re still okay to get a matching tattoo with him
- Opening the door for you, his hand on the small of your back leading you inside the tattoo parlor
- His proud smile when you ask to do it first, rubbing gently the back of your shaky hand with his thumb
- Asking you to look up at him, giving you a confident smile when he feels you stressed
- Crouching down next to you, kissing your arm while interlacing your  fingers together
- Distracting you when you hear the machine buzzing and start to tense and hold his hand tighter
- Laying  his warm palm over your neck to rub slowly your jawline and earlobe
- His encouraging words when you hiss “ You’re doing great Little Queen, much better than me for my first time!”
- Trying to make you laugh when you frown in telling how  scared he was  the first time he got a tattoo
- Stroking your thigh up and down, his hand resting over your agitated knee
- Letting you hold his hand as tight as you want if it can help you
- His tenderized smile when you keep your eyes on him to being distracted
- His  smile when you look at your tattoo with pride and then show him
- His lips pressing a soft kiss in your forehead “ You see, I told you it will be easy! You was perfect!”
- Taking your face between his hands and kissing you before taking your place
- His arm snaking around your waist to make you sit on his leg
- “Need you to be close, you stay with me?” Winking to you playfully when you roll your eyes
- His eyes never leaving your face, more attentive at your reactions  than his own tattoo
- Loving the way you look at him, biting your lower lip when you think it must be painful
- Kissing your temple and resting his forehead on your cheek, his nose caressing your jawline
- His silent moan when you pass your hand in his hair, in scratching his scalp
- Whispering  hiding his face in your neck “ Keep doing that Love, that relax me …”
- Giggling softly “ You’re such a weirdo, you know that?” him looking up to you in waving his eyebrows “You have no idea!”
- Kissing his temple and taking him by the chin to make him look at his  completed tattoo
- Making your small hand resting over his large one “ Looks like we belong to each other now!”
- Nodding your head silently looking at the same little crown tattooed on both of your left ring fingers
- Taking your hand in his and giving your wrapped in plastic finger a soft kiss in whispering “ My Little Queen …”

“You have no idea!”

Home For The Holidays

Anon: Hai!! Could you maybe write a Frank Iero imagine where him and the reader have to pretend they’re dating because of family or something like that, and end up together??


You blast the radio in your car as you begin seeing the familiar surroundings of your home town. It’s Thanksgiving so you came home from college to see people who you haven’t seen in a long time. You’re staying with your best friend Frank who you grew up with since he lives right around the corner from your house. Since you didn’t feel like being around people all the time and his parents went on vacation to get away from the cold, you decided to stay with him. You pull up in his driveway and turn the car off before stepping into the cold November air and walking up to the door. Only seconds after you knocked, the short man appears in the door way with the biggest smile on his face. Without even exchanging words, you hug each other, inhaling his familiar scent.

 "It’s been so long, Frankie" you say as he welcomes you inside. 

 "I know, right. What have you been up to? Is college kicking your ass yet?“ He asks which makes you giggle as you take off your coat and boots.

"Hell yeah. You know I suffer from chronic procrastination. Of course college is kicking my ass.” You both laugh as he hands you a beer and you plop down on his couch. You sigh in relaxation before remembering something. 

“Oh shit, I was supposed to call my mom when I got into town.” You say pulling out your phone to do so. She answers and you can tell the house is busy. The sound of pots and pans, people talking, the oven beeping. All of this and Thanksgiving isn’t even til tomorrow! 

 "Hey, Mom.“ You say, a small smile appearing on your face. 

 "Hey, sweetie! Did you make it into town okay?” She asks. 

 "Yes mom. I’m at Frank’s. How’s everything over there?“ 

 "Oh we’re all getting things ready for tomorrow. Your sister’s new fiancée is cooking wizard! He can make a mean pumpkin pie too. I’m so glad my daughter picked a man who can cook because we all know she can’t cook to save her life.” She mumbles then laughs loudly. She starts talking to someone else in the background and giggles before realizing she’s still on the phone. 

 "Oh, (Y/N), honey, I have to go. Danny wants to show me the video of the proposal! Love ya! Bye.“ And before you could even respond, she hangs up. You sigh and put your phone away. 

 "What’s wrong?” Frank asks, popping Christmas colored m&ms in his mouth. 

“My sister beat me again, like she always does. She’s so fucking annoying! She always had the perfect grades, the soccer awards, she was her class president, she’s the one who got a car when she turned sixteen because she’s just the perfect fucking child. Now she’s engaged to some "cooking wizard” named Danny and I’m gonna have to sit at the dinner table while my mom asks ‘why haven’t you brought a boy home yet? Are you a lesbian? It’s okay we love you no matter what.’“ I sigh and drop my head and Frank giggles at the absurdity.

 "I’ll go if you want.” You look over at him as he pops more candy in his mouth. 

“What good would that do? You plan on proposing to me, Iero?” You raise an eyebrow and he laughs. 

 "No I meant like I could pretend to be your boyfriend. Just to make the experience less terrible.“ You smile at him. 

 "Would you really do that for me?” He nods.

 "Of course.“ 

 "Okay well….lets go pick out your outfit because if my parents see all these tattoos, it will be a whole different conversation.” You giggle, dragging him upstairs to raid his closet. This could actually work. 

 You fix Frank’s collar and brush off his sweater before resting your hands on his chest and smiling up at him.

 "You ready?“ You ask and he nods. You grab his hand in yours before ringing the doorbell. Your mother answers the door cheerfully. 

 ”(Y/N)! Oh and a handsome young man, what’s your name?“ She ask excitedly. 

"Hi, I’m Frank. It’s nice to meet you Mrs. (Y/L/N).” He smiles. Your mom quickly ushers you in from the cold. 

 "Guys, (Y/N) is here and she brought a gorgeous young man with her!“ She announces, running ahead of the two of you into the dining room. You look up at Frank who’s still holding your hand and he just shrugs. Eventually, everyone gets settled at the table and begins eating. You and Frank sit across from your sister and her fiancée. 

 "So, where did you two meet?” Your sister asks, putting some turkey on her plate. Well shit. You hadn’t thought about the backstory. How were you two gonna be on the same page about everything if you hadn’t talked this through beforehand? Before you could spit out one of the lies you were concocting, Frank started speaking for you.

 "We met at one of my shows. I’m in a band. She was wearing the cutest little skirt and a ton of rubber bracelets and for some reason she stuck out to me. As soon as I saw her I knew that we would meet again.“ He smiles to himself and you notice it.

 "Well, do you plan on getting married? I expect at least two grandkids.” Your mom says making your eyes go huge. 

 "Mom! Slow down!“ You tell embarrassed. 

"Well, I don’t want you just sleeping around with someone you’re not married to!" 

"Mother, please!” You beg her to stop. Frank puts a hand on your thigh.

 "It’s okay, (Y/N)….Mrs. (Y/L/N), your daughter is one of the most caring and kind hearted people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I would actually love to spend the rest of my life with (Y/N) and at some point intend to marry her. She’s just so incredibly gorgeous, I wouldn’t want anyone to steal her away.“ He chuckles and you look at him in awe of how well he’s handling this. The look in his eyes makes you wonder how much of this he’s making up but you push the thought away as you listen to the next story Frank is telling to everyone at the table. Somehow you make it through dinner for another 45 minutes before walking hand and hand out the door.

 "It’s was really nice meeting you Mrs. (Y/L/N)!” Frank says and your mother kisses him on the cheek. 

 "Anytime, sweetie. Hopefully (Y/N) brings you back around so I can see you before Christmas comes.“ She laughs. The two if you go out the door and stand in front of his at for a few moments staring at each other before you wrap your arms around him and squeeze him tightly. 

 "Frankie, you’re the fucking best!” You say into his shoulder with a huge smile on your face. He puts a hand on the small of your back, pulling you closer to him. 

 "It was no problem, (Y/N). I’d do anything for you.“ The way he said that made something click inside of you. It sounded….different. More genuine. You look up at him, snowflakes falling into his eyelashes. He smiles at you and as it fades away you connect the space between your faces, kissing him softly. It felt so perfect and comfortable, as if this was destined to happen. When you finally pull away, you just hold his face in your hands. 

 "Did you mean everything you said in there?” You ask sweetly and he nods. 

 "I-I mean the whole, like, marriage thing was just, y-ya know-“ his cheeks flush redder than they already were and you cut him off with another kiss.

 "Let’s just go home, doofus.” He nods and you get in the car.

 Once you get home, you sit on the couch in front of the fireplace, warming up from the freezing cold outside.

 "You know, Frankie….“ you say, crawling on his lap, straddling him.

 "My mother did say she expected two grandkids. Should we uh….get to work on that?” You say tauntingly, attaching your lips to his neck and sucking softly. You slide a hand up his thigh and you can hear his breath hitch in excitement. 

 "Oh, definitely. She seemed very serious about it.“ He smirks, placing his hands on your waist and sliding them up your shirt. 

 The "cooking wizard’s” pumpkin pie was nothing compared to the dessert you’re about to have on this couch tonight.

anonymous asked:

Aaah! I just went through everything on this blog, and I love everything you write <3! If you're okay with this kind of thing, could I have headcanons on how Kuroo, Kenma, and Akaashi help their s/o who has anxiety disorder?


i personally dont know how to deal with anxiety disorders so i hope i did this right…


Kuroo Tetsuro

- You would start to lock yourself in your room
- Bc you would start to feel like Kuroo secretly hated you
- And he would come over and be like ?????
- Why is she ignoring me???
- And he would knock on the door and invite himself in
- sees you curled up in your bed covered in the sheets
- Would immidiately jump on you
- Kisses you everywhere on your face
- Tell you how perfect you are to him

Kozume Kenma

- You would have to speak in front of the class and you were so afraid
- So kenma would hold your hand fot the whole day if he could
- Bc hes shy and pda aint that comfy with kenma
- You would be shaking
- When you were in an empty room kenma sees you
- And goes inside and hugs you tightly
- He would tell you bluntly
- “Youre great. I love you.”
- And youd blush but still be shaking
- Until he hugs you tighter and burries his face in the crook of your neck
- Then you relax

Akaashi Keiji

- You would see a group of girls staring at you and your thoughts would just be all over the place
- Akaashi would put his arm around your shoulder and drag you to the rooftop
- He knows you were having anxiety
- Bc you would do that thing where you start to frantically look around
- When you get to the roof he would hold your shoulders firmly and stare into your eyes
- “Don’t listen to them. I have no idea what happened nor do i know how to help you but i will do everything i can to make you happy”

Family Time || Wonwoo


Summary: A look into your life as the Mrs Jeon Wonwoo

Word Count: 813 sorry its much shorter than the others, but for the sake of getting through everything I couldn’t make this as long as I usually could. 

A/N: Wooh~ First Seventeen request completed on the blog! Thank you for requesting Anon dear and I hope you enjoyed it; sorry about the wait! <3 Also; requests are opening soon so keep an eye out!

You sat and smiled to yourself, hands settled on your stomach as you watched you r daughters run about in the small backyard of your family home. They weaved in between the tables you and your husband had set up earlier that morning, their laughter echoing around them as they chased each other. You laughed at the fragments of their conversation, strange sentences of context that you attempted to piece together, though failing miserably in the process.

“So everyone’s either not coming until later this evening or are stuck in traffic, so we’ve got a little while to ourselves.” A voice stated, followed by the shutting of the backdoor.

“I told you that we could have set all of these up later today and no one would have been the wiser.” You said, moving over so that Wonwoo could sit next to you on the outdoor couch.

“But now they’re done, and we don’t have to do anything.” Wonwoo countered, immediately slotting in between you and the arm of the chair, his own arms snaking around your hips and pulling you so you half sat on him and on the chair. You hummed in agreement, leaning your head on his shoulder.

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Can you write an imagine where the reader is chubby! and she’s super insecure and even though her and newt live together and have been dating for a long time she gets super down on herself one night. And newt is really fluffy and sweet to make her feel better and convince her that she’s beautiful and he loves her?

Warnings- self-hatred and blood

“Queenie, I won’t fit in that, it’s too small” you say sadly. 

“Oh sweetie I'm sure you will, maybe if you just try-” Queenie starts,  

“I said NO!” you yell. 

Queenie takes a step back, shocked by your outburst. 

“O-okay, I’ll see you in a couple hours” Queenie whispers. 

Tears start streaming down your face, you felt like such a horrible person. Fat and ugly and mean, how could Newt ever love you. He’s probably dating you out of pity. 

“Y/n, are you almost ready love” Newt calls from the other room. 

“Almost!” you yell back. You throw on what you normally wear with a big coat to hide yout disgusting body.  

“I'm ready” you say walking towards Newt, He looks amazing, he his hair looks perfect and his clothes fit perfectly. 

“Wow you look stunning Y/n” he compliments as he hugs you. 

“Thanks, you look absolutely amazing Newt” you reply. 

The two of you apparate to Tina and Queenie’s apartment. Queenie opens the door, “Hiya!  we’ll be leaving in just a moment” she says excitedly. 

She walks off and Newt goes to talk to Tina, 

“Queenie wait” you call, she turns around and you take her to the guest room. 

“I’m so sorry for snapping at you earlier, work has been stressful and I was tired. I'm just really sorry” you apologize. She gives you a sweet smile, 

“It’s okay, I know that body image has always been a thing.” The two of you hug and walk back out to join the rest of the group. 

“So where are we going tonight” you ask. 

“Oh this great little club downtown, it’s absolutely spectacular!” Queenie says excitedly. 

You all decided to walk instead of apparting. It was a No-maj pub so you didn't want to attract attention to yourselves. While walking you couldn’t help but look at Queenie and Tina. 

They looked so beautiful, their dresses fell perfectly along their bodies. You noticed Newt looking at them with fondness, you suddenly felt like shrinking until you disappear. You walk slower and end up at the back, Queenie joins you. 

“You know sweetie, he thinks you’re absolutely beautiful.” Queenie says, trying to cheer you up. 

“You really shouldn’t be so down on yourself.” she says worriedly. 

“Im okay Queenie, Please don’t read my thoughts” you plead. 

She nods and catches up to Jacob. You soon arrive at the club, everyone one inside is skinny and beautiful. You shrink back to the corner and order a glass of whiskey. 

Newt looks over at you in concern, he starts walking over when a pretty ginger starts talking to him. She is clearly flirting and Newt looked like he was perfectly content with speaking to her. She was thin, her dress fit her perfectly, and her hair fell perfectly along her shoulders. 

Of course Newt would rather talk to her than you. You were nothing like her, you were fat, ugly, your hair looked like a niffler’s nest. You looked up and saw her arm on his arm and her lips…on his. 

You run out of their faster than you’ve ever ran before. Tina tried to run after you but you apparated back to your apartment before she caught up to you. You collapsed on your bed and started crying. You walked to the bathroom and stared at yourself in the mirror. 

You took off your coat and clothes and began criticizing every single part of your body. You hated the way you looked, you hated how much fat you had all over your body. No wonder he kissed that over girl. You were nothing, nothing but a fat ugly loser. In a fit of emotions, you punched the mirror. 

The glass shattered and some went into your hand. A broken reflection stared back at you. You crumpled to the ground and cried. 

Newt was sprinting back to your apartment, basically forgetting he was a wizard and he could apparate. He had to explain the kiss, he watched you run out of the club and he tried to chase after you. Tina stopped him and yelled at him for a solid 5 minutes. He reached you apartment and ran inside, 

“Y/N! Y/N!” he yelled out as he ran through the apartment. He heard crying coming from the bathroom, he ran towards the door but stopped. 

“y/n?” he whispered. 

You kept crying, you didn’t hear him.  He carefully opened the door, what he saw brought tears to his eyes. You were curled up in a ball on the floor with blood running down your hand. The mirror was shattered and glass was all over the floor. He ran over to you and got on his knees, 

“Y/n! what happened, are you okay? are you hurt? please dont hate me” He fretted over you. 

“W-why don’t you g-go back to that ginger” you spat. He looked you in the eyes, 

“S-she kissed m-e y/n I swear, I love you so much. I would never cheat on you. You’re everything to me” he cried out. 

“Newt, that ginger was so much prettier and skinnier than me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to leave me for her” you sighed out. 

His eyes flashed with anger and confusion, “What are you talking about?! You’re perfect, I would never leave you” He said. 

You laughed,  “Ha, that’s funny. Newt I’m the ugliest, fattest person in the world”. He grabbed your face and kissed you 

“You are absolutly perfect. You are so so so stunning and sweet and such a wonderful parent to my creatures” He stressed. 

“Yeah but you can’t deny im fat” you hissed out. 

“Size doesn’t matter at all. You are practically perfect in every single way” he says acompined by a goofy little smile, “But seriously, there is nothing i would change about you”

You looked up at him and gave him a small smile. He hugs you tightly, you winced a little because your hand was still bloody. 

Newt jumped, “I almost forgot!” he yelled as he ran to his case, he came back with tweezers and gauze. 

“This may hurt love” he said as he started plucking the glass from your hands. 

“Newt” you start, “yes love” he replies, “You’re a wizard, you can use magic” you reminded him. 

“Oh right” his face turned a light red. 

He took out his wand and patched up the cuts then repairs the mirror. He picks you up and sets you down on the bed. 

“I love you so much, please don’t ever forget that” He whispers in your ear. you snuggle up to his chest and he wraps his arms around you. He starts singing to you, it calms down his creatures and he wanted you to feel safe in his arms.

“You’re so mean, so mean when you talk, when you talk
About yourself. You were wrong. 

Change the voices, change the voices in your head, in your head 

Make them like you instead. 

Pretty, pretty, please, don’t you ever, ever feel 

Like you’re less than fucking perfect

Pretty, pretty, please, if you ever, ever feel

Like you’re nothing. You’re fucking perfect to me” 

You giggle because you’re not used to Newt swearing or singing. 

“Isn’y it naughty to swear?” you try to be funny but your voice is still sore from crying, Newt gives you a sweet but concerned smile. “Thank you, I love you so much” you murmur into his chest. He leans down and kisses your temple, 

“Of course, anything thing for you love”

I have an obsession with Newt singing. PS. I love all of yall and if you ever feel like your not beautiful and amazing come to me and I will shower you with the love of a honey badger hufflepuff lol. 

Supernatural Preference (Your Best Friends Sam and Dean Finding Out About Your Secret Relationship)

A/N: You live with the boys and are super close


Crowley, your boyfriend of the past 3 weeks kissed you on the nose to bid you farewell.
“Goodbye Love, hells calling”
By this point your bodies were extremely close and you didn’t want him to leave.
You were too caught up in the moment to notice Sam and Dean walking into the room.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TOO DOING!!!” you heard Dean yell and straight away you jump right away, while Crowley just stood there.
“Hello boys and before you say anything else, yes me and y/n are dating” he said casually before disappearing.
The boys both look at you for an explanation, but you look just to the ground.


Lucifer and you have managed to keep your relationship a secret from the boys for the past month and a half, but Lucifer hated the idea of keeping it a secret.
“Hows this for an idea” he said as you both sat in the library together, while the boys were off on a supply run.
“Why don’t we tell them we’re in a relationship” he said pulling a face.
“YOU’RE IN A WHAT!” you heard Sam say behind you, you flipped your head around to see the boys enter the room.
“Wait whats going on” Dean said, as he’d just walked into the room and didn’t catch last bit of the conversation.
“Yeah why don’t you tell them y/n” you heard Lucifer say as you gave him a bitch face.
You looked back at the boys and ducked your head slightly.
“Lucifer and I have been dating for the past month and a half” you say to the brothers looking to the table and fiddling with your fingers.
The looks on their faces is a mix of shock and anger and lets just say they didn’t really approve.


Abaddon needed to help the boys with a case, but all she was doing was looking at you with that signature smile on her face.
You started to blush, because no matter how long you dated her she’d always make you feel special and flustered.
“I-I’ve got to get a drink of water” you said as you excused yourself from the room.
The boys looked at Abaddon, hoping for an explanation.
“Why were you staring at her and why did she all of a sudden leave?” Dean asked.
“Oh yes, well it seems no matter how long we date for she will always blush when I smile at her” she smiled to herself just thinking about you.
The boys looked at each other confused as hell (pun intended).
You walked back into the room and everyones eyes were on you, while you looked between all three of them hoping for an explanation.


Adam and Dean were hanging out in the bunker while you and Sam were off on a huge supply run.
“Hey man I’m just gonna get a drink, do you want anything” Adam asked his older half brother.
“Nah, I’m good” came Deans reply as he left the room.
Dean just sat there and a few second later Adams phone made a noise, indicating someone had texted him. Not seeing the harm in it Dean checked to see who it was from.

Danna: Hey baby almost home. Can’t wait to kiss that perfect little face and put hickeys all down your perfect little neck ;)

Dean’s eyes went wide as he read the text. He heard footsteps and put the phone back on the table standing up waiting for Adams return.
“Hey whats up man?” Adam said looking a bit confused.
“So you and y/n are dating” Dean said bluntly.
“Yeah” Adam replied simply and smiled a bit just thinking about you.
Dean wasn’t happy to hear this and couldn’t wait for you and Sammy to get home so all four of you can have a little chat.

Seventeen Reaction to You Telling Them You‘re Cold

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A/N: I’m going to assume that you just said “I’m cold,” then looked at him meaningfully. if this isn’t what you meant, I’m sorry!
Agh I feel like this was all over the place. I am so sorry, anon, I hope you like this!

~Admin AR

S.Coups/Seungcheol Ah, he would know what’s up the seconds you said it. He would wrap you up in his arms and chuckle into your ears. “This is what you were really saying, right, [Y/N]?” Then you would just sit there cuddling for the next few hours, together. He would whisper sweet nothings in your ear and give you small kisses, some on your lips and cheek, and ones that lasted a while

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Jeonghan This prince. He would immediately stop what he was doing to get you a sweater. “If you’re cold, you should have said so. You need to stay healthy, [Y/N]” He says while he hands you the sweater. You would give him the biggest ‘Really’ face you could muster, and he would respond with a confused face. “What?” He asks innocently. You turn away and grumble underneath your breath. A moment passes and then all of a sudden you feel his arms around you. “I’m sorry, [Y/N], is this what you wanted?” He murmurs. You nod. He pulls away and shakes his finger at you. “You should have told me, silly.”

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Joshua/Jisoo After you said it, he would slowly nod. Casually he would drape an arm over you shoulder, pulling you closer. “This better, [Y/N]?” When you didn’t answer, he put his other arm around you and held you close to him. At this you nodded, saying it was just fine. He gave out a low chuckle, kissing your forehead. “Perfect.” What you didn’t see was that his face was a bright red, overcome by the sudden amount of skinship he initiated.

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Jun/Junhui He would immediately know what you meant. “Oh okay, [Y/N] . I got you.” And he would have the greasiest smirk. (Like the one below) He would slowly lower himself, enveloping you with his embrace. You might feel uncomfortable at first, and he knows that. But he hugs you anyway. Just don’t forget he actually does enjoy hugging you, and his butterflies are dancing.

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Hoshi/Soonyoung Hoshi would know what’s up. Oh he would know. And he would immediately start teasing you. “Oh, you are, [Y/N] ? Should I get you a sweater? Some coffee? A blanket?” With each question his cheeky grin grew. When you tried to glare at him, he laughed. “Oh you’re too cute, [Y/N] .” After he got his breath, he couldn’t stop smiling at you. He wrapped his arms around you and cuddling you close, laughing softly. “Sorry for that, just had to.”

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Wonwoo Ahh, Wonwoo. Perhaps this gentle giant would know what you meant or maybe he didn’t. But one this was for sure, he didn’t know how to act. Should he cuddle you? Should he just get you a blanket? Is he ready for the skinship? After five seconds of these questions in his head, he decided to just go for it and wrap his arm around you, drawing you into his chest. “Is…Is this what you wanted, [Y/N]?” You nodded happily, and he let out a low chuckle, pleased with himself and knowing what to do.

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Woozi/Jihoon Without a word, he would hug you close and cuddle you. Then there would be silence. Well mostly silence. Woozi would try to make himself feel less awkward by singing to you. “Akkinda, [Y/N]” He finished, smiling to himself ever so slightly. You giggled softly, “You’re nervous aren’t you?” He nodded slowly. “Mhm.”

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DK/Seokmin Like Hoshi, he would tease you quite a bit, with that cheeky smile of his. But he would stop sooner and get down to cuddling. Well, it wouldn’t be cuddling, not for long. He would start softly poking your ribs, tickling you, and telling bad jokes and funny stories. He just wanted to hear your adorable laugh and see your beautiful smile. If you ever complained, he would quit doing whatever was annoying you, but he would keep his cheeky grin. “But you were enjoying yourself, right, [Y/N]?”

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Mingyu No words needed. He would cuddle you. Honestly, he had been wanting to cuddle you, but now that he had your permsission, all that was behind him. Nothing else mattered, just you and him cuddling. When the silence became too much, he would try to make you laugh. Either by poking you, tickling you, or telling terrible jokes, he wanted to make you laugh. “Yeah, yeah, this is great, [Y/N].”

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The8/Minghao He would be unsure, at first. Maybe he heard you wrong, or maybe you just needed a hot drink. He looked at you for some reassurance on your motives. When he saw those expectant, hopeful eyes, he felt confident to hug you. Which he did. Granted, he didn’t hug you close at first. But, gradually, he would hug you closer, and his smile slowly grew. “Honestly, I was unsure at first, [Y/N], but I’m okay now. Because I’m with you, darling.”

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Seungkwan This Jeju boy would be quite nervous, for a split second. But then he would confidently cuddle you. He also might tickle you and sing to you. But he all did it so you could smile. “You’re not cold anymore, right [Y/N]? Do we need to get a blanket?” He sang sweetly. You laughed and shook your head. He chuckled and nodded. You spent the rest of your time comfortably in each other’s arms.

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Vernon/Hansol He would feel kinda awkward first. You two never did that much skinship, and now you were asking to cuddle. But when he looked at you and saw your unintentional puppy eyes, he decided to go for it. He hugged you close, his face turning into a bright red. “You’re not cold anymore, right, [Y/N]?” When you nodded, he broke out into the biggest smile, chuckling softly. “Good, that’s good,”

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Dino/Chan Well, he is the youngest, so he would be at first very confused on what you meant. Slowly he would wrap his arms around you. “Uh, is this what you meant, [Y/N]?” He would mumble, his face a bright red. You looked at him giggling, and nodded. “Yes, it was.” You reply. His face lights up with a pleased smile. “Really? Great~” You would spend the rest of your time together cuddling like that, with Chan smiling a gigawatt smile.

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Forever Yours

Summary: Jaebum takes you out on the lake as a surprise for your birthday, and he ends up surprising you more than you expected.

Genre: Fluff

Length: 1024

@t-k-b-z Happy [late] birthday! :D

You could see a little light peaking from under the blind fold, but it gave you absolutely no clue as to wear you were going. You could smell water and fresh air, though, and hear the sound of birds. “Where are you taking me, Jaebum?” you asked, holding your hands out as you walked forward.

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