and kiss your perfect face


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Dating Bangtan - Park Jimin
  • Making derp faces at each other from across the room.
  • Unnecessary amounts of winking.
  • ‘Movie nights’ which would mostly just consist of you guys cuddling and kissing.
  • Yelling ‘SARANGHAE’ at 2am.
  • Throwing popcorn at people at cinemas.
  • Him snuggling into your neck.
  • Hand holding everywhere.
  • Being best friends with Taehyung.
  • You bringing food for the boys at the dorms.
  • Him helping you learn dances.
  • Learning dances together.
  • You catching him staring and him blushing.
  • Just being there for each other when you’re stressed.
  • Endless praising of each other.
  • Trying to cook for each other but it completely failing and ordering pizza instead.
  • Ugly selfie competitions on snap chat.
  • Unexpected kisses all over the face.
  • Your first kiss would be so perfect.
  • You guys would be having one of those movie nights.
  • And he wouldn’t stop fidgeting all throughout the film, because he cannot get over how gorgeous/handsome you look.
  • You turn your head to see whats going on, to see he’s already looking at you.
  • You’ve never seen him look at you like that, with such adoration.
  • Very slowly he would inch his face closer to yours.
  • You both had been waiting for the right moment, and you both knew that this was right.
  • You two are now centimetres away from each other, looking deep into each others eyes, before he shuts his eyes tight, and closes the gap.
  • You guys move your lips against each others at a slow pace, finding a steady rhythm.
  • Now lets just say this wasn’t just a one time thing for you two.
  • Although he may seem shy at times, I believe making out would be quite a normal thing for you.

I hope you enjoyed the first of the Dating Bangtan series! Who should I do next? Remember to leave requests, my messages are so empty, and I have a lot of fun doing things like this :)


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This is the first time that I try to draw manga about Middle Class Family au!You guys want to know how was Kylo and Hux’s life like before they became the perfect family. And I want to tell you the story little by little

Once upon the time, deep in the very dark wood

There was a little black bear called Benny the pooh

He was depressed and grumpy, isolated and sad

“No one really knows me, and life is unfair”

One day there came a prince with shinny ginger hair

“Sorry for being so late, I’m here to save you from tears.”

“Under your dark furry skin, there is a princess sleeping.

The soul of my ideal girl, is here burning and gleaming.”

He cut the pooh bear open, filled him with spices and sweets.

After the pretties nightmare, the princess in fur was released

Happily they get married. Forever they left the sad old place.

This is how perfect tales should end. Evening kisses on your face.


I want to kiss want soft on my lips
Want to write about kissing but I’ve never been kissed
I promise my lips are large and plush I’ll feel like a love poem
And whatever you taste like I’ll say you taste like stars
I’ve never tasted a star

When I loved a boy I would kiss the edges of the letters I gave him,
Bring my love to the skin of my lips like blood,
This was before I wore makeup this was so long ago
We could match our lipstick we could kiss perfect color let me pattern your face with all the shades I own
Don’t let me be dreaming

I want to know where I’d put my hands
On your cheeks in your hair frozen at my sides
I want to know if I’d close my eyes

And you, who likes me enough
for lips, do you like me enough
to stay? Tell me, do kisses spark
I’ve read they spark
Will it light my hair on fire
will your eyelashes brush my face?

Is it soft like chewing gum is it sour candy
Is it the whole concession stand give me a hint
I just want to write a poem about kissing
Give me your mouth, give me your hand.

“Do you wanna sit on my lap or nah?” -the vibe I’m getting from this picture. 

Anywho, it’s been a while since we’ve had a Steve so gonna potentially work on a part 2 for Alone??

Also…Kirk fluff is happening, I promise. 

And bonus- I do have more of the 100 one-shots (mostly Bellamy, one John Murphy) as well as a Dean Winchester x OC one-shot and a Daryl x Beth one-shot if anyone is interested! 

xD Happy Hump Day, kids!