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I legit can’t write for anyone other than Peter now ahhh
Hope you guys don’t mind xx

Title: Hesitation
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: A slightly jealous conversation and close proximity leads to more between you and Peter
Word Count: 1,284
Warnings: None 
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x

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           "Ok, here, listen to this one,“ you insisted, handing Peter the headphones once more.

           "Come on, Y/N,” he replies, rolling his eyes with a sheepish grin on his face.

           You were sitting in your bedroom, listening to some of music you had picked out for Peter. He wasn’t a music buff, but you demanded that he spend a few hours listening to the music you recommended, and he’d do anything to see a smile on your face.

           Thus, he accepts the headphones and looks at you as he listens intently. Peter pretends to understand the musicality of the song, but for the most part it’s just sound waves travelling through his head. But if this made you happy, he’d do it. Besides, it was a good excuse to spend time with you.

           "So?“ you asked as the song finished. "What’s your rating?”

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‘how perfect?’ (derek hale drabble)

it’s almost a week later and here tf i am with these damn vday drabbles. enjoy this hunk!

(gifs aren’t mine!!)

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t.” ft Derek Hale

You and Derek dated secretly for a little over five months. You thought things were going well when Derek walked up to you two days ago. You thought he was finally okay with telling the pack. You were, of course, wrong. He grabbed you by the arm during the middle of a pack meeting and pulled you into his study, slamming the door behind him. He kept pacing back and forth, eyes never meeting yours as he slowly explained to you that he no longer wanted to date you. He wanted nothing to do with you, personally or professionally. His outburst surprised you, but you walked out with your head held high. The rest of the pack didn’t know what was going on or why you wouldn’t show up to the meetings, but you managed to give them viable excuse after viable excuse.

Today is probably the most annoying day of all after your fall out with Derek. Today is Valentine’s day, a national holiday to remind you of both your loneliness and your rotten luck. The rest of the pack had gone out on a couple’s dinner sort of thing, and Lydia made a point to invite you every day, but you couldn’t go. Not because of Derek’s sorry ass but because you didn’t wanna be the seventh or ninth wheel.

So instead, you’re at home. You’re dressed in a comfy crop top and baggy sweats, a bowl of ice cream in one hand and a bag of hot chips in the other. You set your snacks down on the table and before your ass can hit the sofa, you hear rapid knocking on your door.

“I’m coming! Jesus,” you grumble, walking to the door as the knocking becomes more incessant.

Your mind immediately jumps to the worst conclusion as you twist open the locks of your door. What if your friends were hurt? What if “couples dinner” was code for attack??? You quickly unlock the door only to find Derek on the other end. He looked like a complete wreck, and the terrible feeling rushed through you again.

“Derek, what is it?” You whisper, keeping yourself together as you let Derek in, closing the door behind him. He stands in the small hallway, not moving. “Derek please tell me what’s wrong? Is someone hurt? Did something happen? What–?”

“I can’t stop thinking about you… I can’t,” Derek repeats the words, almost as though apologizing to you.

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“W-what?” You hesitantly place a hand on his shoulder and he looks up at you, his tired sea green eyes meeting your gentle ones.

“I’m so sorry. But I can’t stop thinking about you. I go to sleep every night, picturing you next to me. I wake up every damn morning wishing I could kiss your forehead one last time. I can’t sleep, I can’t focus, you’re clouding my every thought, Y/N,” Derek’s voice breaks as he falls to his knees in front of you.

“Derek,” you whisper, gently running your fingers through his hair as he buries his face in your stomach.

“I don’t want you to get hurt, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do if you got hurt,” he wraps his arms around your legs and let’s it all out.

You lower yourself so you’re face to face with him as he tells you about a new threat, a vampire coven. The pack had never dealt with a coven before, but they’d heard rumours about how ruthless they could be. They’d take the pack’s weakest link and tear them to bits. Derek didn’t trust himself around you, he didn’t want to risk your life so he broke things off and pushed you away.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Derek whispers, gently cupping your face. You lean into his touch and close your eyes.

“It’s okay, Der. I feel better now… at least it’s not my fault,” you look up and meet his loving eyes.

“Is that what you thought?” His eyes search yours before leaning forward and placing light kisses all over your face. “It’s not at all your fault. You’re perfect.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but I am pretty damn great, huh?” You smirk as Derek chuckles, shaking his head.

“You’re perfect, I swear.”

“How perfect?” You whisper, biting your lip as Derek stills in front of you, eyes landing on your lips.

“Let me show you.”

Our Son

HIIII!!! Umm could I request a scenario where y/n has Jungkook’s child but he doesn’t want it and leaves y/n and y/n is all alone until Taehyung says he’ll take care of the y/n and the child and you fall in love with Taehyung and Jungkook Regrets it after the child is grown up… Its kinda long sorry!! BUT I LOVE YOUR BLOG❤❤💙💙💙❤💙

For anon

Here it is

Hope you like it


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Yet another test, another result. Unless they were all flawed, they were clearly saying that you were pregnant.
And it was a big deal. You were too young, you would have had to give up the University and mostly you did not know how your boyfriend would react.
Jungkook was as young as much as you are and you were always so careful. You could not figure out how it happened when memories of the night a few weeks before get into your mind.
You were so taken by the passion that you had given up the condom and that was the result; a completely unexpected pregnancy.
“Baby, you’re locked in the bathroom for nearly half an hour. Are you feeling okay?”
Jungkook’s voice jolted you and you quickly threw the tests in the trash near the sink, by covering them with a paper towel so as not to make them visible.
“Sorry, I was removing makeup. You know things for women, Kooks ” You apologized, coming out of the bathroom and smiling at him mildly; “What are you staring at?”
“You look pale. Are you sure you’re okay? ” He asked curiously, coming closer to you and brushed your cheek with your fingertips; “Don’t make me worry.”
“It’s okay, Kooks. Everything is fine. ”
And that was the first lie in a long line.

Your lies were getting too many and it was becoming increasingly hard to hide the truth to Jungkook.
After making up some courage you had decided that that night you’d have said everything, hoping that he would have taken it good and above all being happy.
After initial shock, you had begun to accept that pregnancy more and more until you felt happy to bring one creature in your womb. It was the fruit of your love and what could be wrong with something so pure and beautiful?
“Kooks… Do you have two minutes? I need to talk to you. ” You began, sitting on the bed beside him, busy playing a video game that you didn’t know.
“Sure baby, talk to me.” He smiled and hope kept increasing in you.
“A few weeks ago I discovered something. Of course at first, I was scared… but I mean this is an amazing thing, believe me. ”
“Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me what’s going on, Jagi” He encouraged you, slipping on the mattress as he approached you; “Have you found to be the best of your course? Is your brother getting married? Have you won a vacation? Teeeeeeell me. ”
“I’m pregnant.” Your emotion was palpable in the tone of your voice and your gaze was bright, but Jungkook’s look made you freeze completely.
His smile had vanished, his eyes were wide with shock and his look was totally blank.
You immediately took his hand, stroking the backs with the pad of your thumb, waiting for the news to make way into his mind and the happiness you felt became his own.
“Kooks.. I know we’re you–”
“No, I don’t want it.” He immediately stopped you and those few words were a stab to your heart. There was no happiness in his eyes, only anger and you could feel it on your skin as he stared at you. “What you wanted to tell me, huh? I don’t want that son, Y/N, and you should think about your future, how it will be ruined by this child. ”
“You can’t be serious!”
“Yes, I do. We’re nineteen, we are kids ourselves. How are you going to raise him? Huh? ”
“No, I’m sorry but… It’s not what I want. ” He almost screamed as he rose from the bed, jostling you away and reaching the wardrobe.
You looked right at him while he was taking a duffle bag and started to throw in his clothes, without bothering to fold them and place them.
He was leaving you and just because you were pregnant, the idea itself disgusted you incredibly much and hurt you so much to leave you speechless.
“I’m sorry Y/N; but this is not the life I want. ”
“So you don’t assume your responsibilities?”
“I… I can’t do that, I’m sorry. ” He whispered, turning to look at you. You could understand his fear, but not his actions. You looked into his eyes for a moment and after that little moment he turned back again, taking the bag and leaving the room.
The sound of a door closing, shortly after, made it clear that he was gone. Forever.


“Yah, Y/N … He’s a jerk, I’ve always said that. ” Taehyung said for the umpteenth time, while his arms welcomed you with joy and you were hiding among them.
It was in days you were in those conditions, struggling to eat, to sleep, that everything reminded you of him and it hurt you.
The only relief came from the presence of Taehyung, who tried in every way to help as best he could. He even volunteered to come with you to the check up that you had hoped to do with Jungkook, but all your hopes and dreams were completely blown away.
“How… How do I do it now? ”
“What does it mean? Do you want this baby? ”  
He asked earnestly, looking down at you and shifting a lock of your hair so he can see your eyes.
“Of course, Tae. ”
“All right, then fuck Jungkook. The only thing that you have to think about now is your health and the health of the baby ”
“I’m alone…”
“What am I? A Unicorn? ”
You heaved your face, upset by his attitude. He could not have really understood that if he wanted to help you during those months, he would have had to be close. It was too much to ask him and you did not want to ruin his life, it was the last thing that he deserved.
“Taehyung… I can’t ask you this. ”
“Listen, Y/N, you know me. I love children and you’re one of my dearest friends. Let me help you, I want to take care of both of you. ” He said, then giving you one of his brightest smiles. Tears pinched your eyes  (but not enough to make you cry, just smiling back.
He was there and for the first time in days, you did not feel alone anymore.


“WHAT WHAT?” Taehyung screamed, running out of the kitchen with a fork full of food in his hand, looking upset.
You, as a reply, threw against him the remote control while the umpteenth and violent contraction made you fold in two for the pain.
They had begun that morning but were mild and your gynecologist had made sure they were normal in calving.
“OKAY, OKAY… WE’RE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL, YOU … THE BAG, I GOT IT, ” Yet another scream as he ran to retrieve the bag, ready for days, for the hospital and came back to you. “ I HAVE TO TAKE YOU IN MY ARMS OR CAN YOU WALK? ”
You did not know what to expect, you were afraid that something could go wrong, that your little boy would be likely to hurt himself. A thousand thoughts invaded your mind but when Taehyung, without saying anything, took you into his arms and came running out of the house, all the negative thoughts vanished.
Your guardian angel was with you, nothing could go wrong.


It was the most difficult and painful twelve hours of your life, but in the end, the little Sooyoung had seen the light. He was perfect, with already a bushy little of hair, powerful and clear voice so as to make the nurses laugh when he started to cry.
You were too dazed to figure out anything and you accepted willingly the anesthetic in order to rest for at least a few hours without the slightest pain.

“Sooyoung, you look exactly like your mom. Yes… You’ll become a beautiful little man. How about I wake her up? ”
A deep and full of sweetness voice woke you up and opening your eyes you laid your gaze on Taehyung, sitting in a chair beside you, holding your child in his arms.
“Hey.. Look who’s here. ” He muttered with sweetness, getting up and approaching you. Gently, he put Sooyoung into your arms and a swirl of emotions made you break down and cry, while you kissed and caressed with your lips that perfect and small face.
“He’s beautiful.”
“As his mom… I’ll leave you alone, you need some time to get to know him. ” He rose from his chair but immediately you gripped his wrist, blocking him from leave you alone.
“But… I mean, I think you want to enjoy this time with your son. ”
“O-our son.” You faltered while he stared, caught off guard by your words. “Taehyung.. In these months you never left me alone and … I… Don’t go away. ”
“Why? Let me hear you say, Y/N ”.
“Because I fell in love with you, Tae.”


“Why is my champion screaming like that? What’s going on? ”

You were sitting on the couch, checking out some books to write the next chapter of your thesis, while Sooyoung kept running around the house chasing Taehyung. Their screaming did not bother you, indeed ,somehow, they helped you to stay more focused. After four years you were completely accustomed to their madness.

“Appa I want ice cream!”
“You have to ask mom.” Taehyung gave to you the “problem”, causing you to raise your eyes to heaven in a fake desperate way. Immediately the little Sooyoung jumped on the couch, holding onto your neck and stuffing your face with kisses.
He was a corruptor, just like his father.
“EOMMAAAAA, I WANT ICE CREAM” he screamed, pouting his lips as he always did Taehyung whenever he wanted to get something. “PLEAAAAAASE”.
“All right, let’s go get some ice cream.” You agreed, squeezing him softly in your arms and getting up off the couch completely ignoring your studies; “But when we finish the ice cream, we get back home.”
It was a day in June, the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was perfect. You were holding hands with Taehyung while Sooyoung was two steps ahead of you who hopped, unable to contain the enthusiasm that he was trying at that time.
“Sometimes I wonder if he’ll run out of his energies …” Taehyung whispered into your ear, making you smile and shake your head immediately; “But he’s so bea–”
His break concerned you right away, so your eyes returned to alight in front of you. And the reason why he had stopped was immediately clear to you.
Sooyoung was in front of Jungkook, the last person you wanted to see.  
Jungkook bowed to reach the cap that your son had lost and your looks have met.
“Your cap, kid.”
“Thank you! ” Sooyoung thanked him and you could see his toothless smile even though you were a few steps away from him.
“Sooyoung, come here. Let’s choose our ice cream, come ” Taehyung recalled the child without deigning to glance Jungkook. The little boy immediately turned and ran up taking his hand he was holding out.
They went into the ice-cream parlor, leaving you alone in front of your biggest regret and disappointment.
Jungkook came up to you, his hands in his jacket pocket, and a guilty look drew onto his face. He smiled but you did not smile back, remembering only at that moment how much pain he had inflicted on you.
“You’re looking good.”
“Thank you.” was your answer, totally icy.
“You and Taehyung, huh?”
“It’s none of your business.”
“Already… He… What’s his name? ”
“It’s none of your business, Jungkook.” His smile faded away to your answer, but you did not felt sadness at seeing that look on his face. “Now I’ll go back to my son and my husband if you don’t mind.”
“I regretted my choice every day for the past four years, Y/N”.
“Jungkook… I don’t regret instead. Because I found a person a thousand times better than you, who didn’t leave me. On second thought, I just have to say thank you for abandoning me. Thanks to you, now I know what it’s like to be really happy. ”

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She Do This Often

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,900 (I have a problem, haha)

Request: Bucky just doesn’t like the songs of the 21st century. (part 2 here)

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Often, so language, obviously! 

A/N: Hello babes! the first request is here, this one was requested by the lovely @suchabigmesss, hope you enjoy, hun! Also, definitely listen to The Weeknd - Often while reading this one, I promise it makes it better. Hope you enjoy! lots of love to you all!  

There were many things that baffled Bucky about the 21st century: the rude behavior people had adapted to, the selfishness, the way men spoke to women, how women were spoken about and especially the nonexistent filter regarding physical intimacy, especially when it came to the songs in this century. 

The concept of dirty talk wasn’t a new one for Bucky, really, it wasn’t. But what was said and done in the privacy of the bedroom was one thing, saying the words out loud, for the whole world to hear, was a whole other thing.

Bucky grimaced at the song playing on the television and turned it off. Lying back down on his bed he let out a deep sigh. All the Avengers were out on a mission which Bucky had decided to skip. He hadn’t been feeling completely healed after the injury he sustained on the last mission and no one had obliged to the fact that he didn’t want to go. He had quickly regretted not tagging along anyway as boredom overtook him.

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What if I liked it? // Thor x Reader

Pairing: Thor x POC!Reader
Warning: Language, Fluff ‘n’ Smut, Oral sex (m & f receiving) Accidental butt stuff 
Word Count: 1.7k+

Summary: Accidents happen…but what if you’re into it?

A/N: I know. I know. I know. I haven’t posted a fic in forever. I’m sorry. Writer’s block is an absolute cunt and I hate it. I couldn’t even create art without trashing it immediately. But I’m back now. PLUS I SAW THAT DAMN GIF OF THOR COVERED IN LIGHTNING AND I’M CURRENTLY ON THE VERGE OF COMBUSTION. So…let’s see how much you like this fic I cooked up for @emilyevanston CAH Challenge. [#1: Surprise finger in the Anus with Thor]

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Leave You - Andre Burakovsky #4.2

about/request: could you possibly do a part 2 to the andre one with the kid?? that one was so adorable, and if you do choose to write a part 2, it could be maybe 1-2 years down the track and it’s even more family oriented???

warnings: none

authors note: this is the fluffiest thing i’ve ever written wow. i hope you enjoy it, i did end up making it a little bit down the line!!

word count: 1461

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sf9: the morning after

Youngbin: hugging you so protectively that when you wake up you can barely move. Your back is to his chest, so when he feels you moving slightly or struggling, he wakes up himself, looking at you with adoration in his eyes and a sweet smile. “I enjoyed last night, did you?~”

Inseong: similar to Youngbin, he’s snuggling you when you wake up. Just gives you sweet little kisses before dragging you to the bathroom where you brush your teeth and take a bath or a shower together, will probably ends up with another round.

 Jaeyoon: A SWEETHEART. Wakes you up with really sweet kisses down your naked back and around your hips, smiling up at you gently. “Does it hurt anyone else, jagi? I’ll kiss it better for you~” so the whole morning is spent with his pretty lips on your skin.

 Dawon: is downstairs cooking so when you wake up, you think he’s ditched you lmao. You’re a bit upset until you see him in the doorway with just boxers on and both of his hands full of breakfast, your heart is fluttering. “You really don’t think I would just leave you!”

 Rowoon: it’s almost like you’re in a fairy tale with him. When you wake up, he’s instantly in your face, kissing you and telling you how perfect last night was. If you’re hurt anywhere, expect his hands to be massaging wherever you’re hurt. Next thing you know you’re in his arms and he’s carrying you to the bathroom, where he babies you even more. (sO tempted to write a scenario from this omg rowoon why)

 Zuho: he’s probably dead asleep when you wake up so don’t expect him to be doing anything right away. If you kiss his broad ass shoulders a little bit and drag your hands and fingernails down his back, he’ll be awake immediately, and even though you’re doing the most domestic things, he’s ready for another round.

 Taeyang: you think the sun shining through the window is blinding you? Think again. Looks fucking perfect when he wakes up, rubbing his eyes and brushing his hair out of face, but when he spots you, he smiles so damn wide, moving on top of you and giving you a big smooch that ends up with you two cuddling for hours.

The Tick In Time ~ Chocobros (NSFW)

So based off a post I saw on @dirtyffxvconfession I have decided to write this. I hope you like it. Please don’t hate me This was kinda rushed but only cause I’m drowning in sin. Haha


There was no explaining what happened the day was normal until there were two. The older boys smirked seeing their younger counterparts stand before them baffled.


-Initial reaction
Older Gladio: “HaHaHa look at you all young and small and shit.”
Gladio: “Who you calling small old man.”
Both: “Hahahaha!!”

Older Gladio: Fuck! That’s not how you block!
Gladio: Yes it is!!
Older Gladio: NO it’s fucking not! He balls his fist and throws a punch
Gladio: Bring it Old Man! He throws a punch back
Results: both sore and tired and neither one winning.

Older Gladio: MMM damn she looks the same you know
Gladio: Who? Y/N?
Older Gladio: Yep she has a few more wrinkles on her forehead but that’s it.  
Gladio: Okay so are we gonna do this or not
Older Gladio: I was waiting on you

They both grab you as they take you into the tent and strip you of your clothing Gladio ripping your top off and Older Gladio disposing of your pants and panties as they both stood side by side as you looked up at them as they drop their pants their big hard identical cocks in front of you as they say in unison “Suck Babe!” You do your best to please both cocks taking them in and out of your mouths getting a few moans from them here and there and Older Gladio picks you up and Gladio lays down. Older Gladio sets you on top of Gladio before they both smirk at each other as each places there cock in your holes Older Gladio stretching your ass with his impressive cock as Gladio shoves himself deep inside your dripping pussy. They relentlessly pound your holes as you moan in pleasure also terrified they will rip you apart. You feel both cocks inside you filling you up more than you could ever dream off as you screamed and came hard they both growled and fucked you harder you eyes rolling into the back of your head as they came deep inside your holes.


-Initial reaction
Prompto: wow this is neat
Older Prompto: Not gonna lie pretty cool
Both: Sweet! You look good!

Prompto: Your overexposing the picture it’s gonna be blurry
Older Prompto: I know what I’m doing go play with a disposable camera.
Prompto: Oh whats that? It’s your saggy balls calling you. Maybe you should put them out of their misery.
Older Prompto: Wow I use to suck at comebacks.
Results: None

Older Prompto: I don’t know about this are you sure she’s okay with it.
Prompto: She said she was I’m nervous too.
Older Prompto: Well anything to make her happy.

They both crawl next to you and lay down one on each side of you as they both kiss your neck in unison and slide their hands down your body as you spread your legs they both rub your clit and then one slides two fingers inside you as the other rubs your sensitive clit and the both suck on your beautiful breasts and leave hickeys down your sides you hand grabbing onto their cocks  tightly as you begin stroking them hard and fast they thrust into your hands as they finger you and you feel the pressure building as your orgasm peaks and you moan out their name in pleasure as they both make a small gasp and cum on your thighs and hands.


-Initial reaction
Ignis: Hmmm this is very interesting.
Older Ignis: I would have to agree.
Ignis: How is this possible.
Older Ignis: I’m not sure we will have to look into further.
Ignis: Agreed.

Ignis: “what are you grabbing that rosemary, not sage. What are you blind!”
Older Ignis: “Yes, Yes I am you Imbecilic little shit.”
Ignis: Moves all the knives away from him.
Results: Ignis feeling bad and Older Ignis smirking at his mental warfare.

Ignis: No! I don’t like this!
Older Ignis: Stop being a bitch.
Ignis: I don’t want another man fucking my beloved.
Older Ignis: We are the same person…
Ignis: Still,
Older Ignis: Come on, We are both tactical and great at strategies so whats our play.
Ignis: She has a tight mouth.
Older Ignis: Perfect!

Ignis would caress your face and kiss you slowly sliding his hands down your body “We are going to fuck her not sing her a lullaby.” Older Ignis says as he grabs you hands and holds them behind your back as he takes his belt off and wraps them around your hands binding them and grabs your hair as he lowers his pants the familiar cock standing erect before you as you lick up the shaft and around the head before sucking it into your mouth when you feel the same cock roughly sliding into your wet pussy as Ignis smirk holding your belt bound hands pulling you back onto his cock you mouth full of Older Ignis large cock as he fucks your throat pulling your hair You have never had a better sensation of feeling so dirty yet so perfectly full in your life as you moans vibrate through the cock deep in your throat both males grunt the way only Ignis can as they inhale through clenched teeth and you know they are gonna cum soon the thought alone pushed you over the edge as you cum in pure bliss As they tilt their head back that beautiful moan you know all too well escapes them as they fill you body with their cum.


-Initial Reaction
Noctis: Hey good looking.
Older Noctis: Well hello to you too handsome.

Both too lazy to fight over anything.

Older Noctis: Let me show you how it’s done

Older Noctis would strip you of your clothing while kissing you passionately while younger Noctis sits aside watching as older Noctis makes your body arch under his fingertips and kisses you and slowly enters his big hard cock deep into your wet pussy as he fucks you hard and deep your moans becoming louder as Noctis watches and you can see him visibly getting upset those sounds those moans were for him. Nobody else and you were making them with another man. He quickly got up closing the distance between you as he sat underneath you attempting you enter you tight ass his hard cock slipped and with some effort slowly buried its way into your pussy You winced at first but them your body melted feeling both of their cocks in your tight pussy as they slowly moved together fucking you deep stretching you out knowing you will never be the same but you love it, Both their cock inside your tight dripping pussy you claw at Older Noctis back as Noctis grabs your hips tightly as they started to pant and you came hard on both their big cock as you felt them both throb Noctis biting your neck and Older Noctis kissing you hard as they emptied themselves both inside your pussy leaving your shaking.

cotton candy [c.m x reader]

Requested by: @glitchedrabbit

“ “ I need some fluff with my boy can I ask for Connor x Reader with 14. “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?” And 15. “Can I kiss you?”

Warnings: fluff, swearing, FLUFF
Word count: 950-ish   Y/N = your name!! 


xoxo cass

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(Requested by Anon)

You stared at yourself in the mirror, wanting to look away but at the same time not because maybe if you glared hard enough all of your insecurities would disappear.

You weren’t… good enough. There wasn’t anything specific you hated about your body, it was just unappealing to you as a whole.

As a human you had loads of self confidence issues and you thought they’d all go away once you transitioned. Sadly they didn’t disappear. Even when your boyfriend insisted you were the most beautiful creature he had ever seen you were still doubtful.

“Now what are you doing here?” A familiar voice murmured as strong arms encased you in a loving embrace.

You leaned back into Felix’ hug and closed your eyes. “You know what I was doing.” He somehow always caught you like this. In a bad mood, staring at yourself and wishing you looked different.

“Maybe I do, but I don’t accept it. I don’t see why you would hate anything about you when you’re just so… perfect.” He started peppering kisses on the side of your face, drawing out quiet laughs from you.

“Felix, shouldn’t you be working?” You looked up at him, trying to change the subject despite the warmth settling in your chest from his affection.

Your boyfriend shrugged and leaned down to press a kiss to your lips. “My first job is to make sure my mate is safe and happy. So, am I doing a good job?”

You smiled and turned in his arms so you could hug his waist.

“You’re doing great.”

Faith | 2

Originally posted by rapnamu

Chapters: [1]

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Word Count: 3,569

Genre & Warnings: Fluff & Smut….and ANGST. I’M SORRY. 

Notes: This chapter seems a bit fragmented because it takes place over the period of a year. I wanted to show how good and cute they were together. 

“Where are your pants?”

You glance up from your movie to see Namjoon had let himself in again. This was slowly becoming the norm over the past month that you’d been seeing each other, and you found that it didn’t bother you in the slightest. In fact, you were pretty sure it gave you those warm, tingly, butterfly feelings everyone always went on about. 

“I’m sorry, sir, but in this household, we follow a no pants rule. The only exception is pajamas or if we have to wear pants to leave the apartment.” You pat the empty seat next to you on the couch and watch as he kicks off his shoes and pants before dropping into it, obviously exhausted. 

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rain, rain, don’t go away

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Rain, swimming pools (idk guys roll with it i’ve been writing a lot of pool-centric fics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), mentions of a therapist ???

A/N: For @nataliarxmanxva ‘s writing challenge!! She said this was one of her favourite prompts, and I was super nervous, but I actually kinda really like this?? Idk,,,, If there’s mistakes, I’m sorry !

Prompt: Getting caught in the rain

(if you like making love at midnight,,,, im sorry i just think of this song whenever someone mentions anything like the lyrics lmao)

i don’t bite!

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Bucky just needed a minute. Just a minute alone, to collect his thoughts. It had been a rough day with the in-house therapist Tony had hired. AJ had said it’d take longer for him to feel like he was getting better if he didn’t let people in. They had said something about a safe space, and finding his, but at this point he’d stopped listening.

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Let’s Hope So - Draco Malfoy

Request: you and Draco are in potions class and are paired up for that semester or something and they end up getting along really well and have a lot of classes together so they always hang out with each other and people always think that they are a couple and theyre like nah but one day they’re chilling and he puts an arm around her or whatever and kisses her head or whatever and they just stay like that but question themselves if they’re a couple?

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You would never have thought that Draco Malfoy, yes that Draco Malfoy and yourself would’ve gotten along. But you clicked perfectly. You balanced each other out in the best way possible. His ambition paired perfectly with your dedication, his resourcefulness with your hard work. 

The two of you were paired as partners for potions class. You were currently finishing up a potion now. “Done.” You sat back in your chair. 
“Nice work, (your last name),” Draco said, gently placing a hand on your back. 
“Not too shabby, yourself, Malfoy.” You smirked, maintaining perfect eye contact before Draco turned away. 

Snape orders those done to place their potions in a case, while those not done must stay back to finish their grotesque abominations. Draco and you walk back to your common room, sitting down on the couch. 

Draco wraps an arm around you, an act that the two of you had picked up. You leaned into him, resting your head on his shoulder. 
“Get a room,” a sixth year sneered. Draco sneered and you gave them the finger. 

“I’m so tired,” you groan, wrapping your arms around Draco. You pull your legs onto the couch, practically laying on Draco. 
“Take a nap, we don’t have another class for an hour.” 

You close your eyes and fall asleep to the gently beating of Draco’s heartbeat. When you are awoken fifty minutes, feeling of only one, later, you must go to your next class. The two of you walk to DADA, which went by at a slow crawl. 

Afterward, you are walking to the great hall. The corridor is empty leaving Draco and you alone. He stops abruptly, as if seeing a barrier in front of him. 
“What is it?” you as fearfully. 
“You,” he responds. 
Your face flushes and your stomach knots around itself. “What?” you ask quietly. 
Draco places a hand under each side of your face. He slowly kisses you, your lips locking in perfect harmony. You wrap your arms around his neck. You tousle his hair. 
“I think I’m in love with you,” Draco whispers, your faces still touching. 
“Let’s hope so.” 

After dinner the two of you rush to the common room. Draco pushes you up to a wall, pinning your hands back. He is pressed into you, kissing from your lips to your neck.

“Shit, Malfoy! Get a room!” the same sixth year groaned. The two of you detach, leaving the poor sixth year alone. You find a large chair big enough for both of you. Draco grabs your hand and rubs his thumb over your skin. 
“So does this mean we’re dating now?” you ask.
“Let’s hope so,” Draco smirked.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request how the rfa+saeran would comfort an upset MC bc her parents are getting on her back about one grade in her worst class, when all the rest of her grades are near perfect and she just wants to be encouraged for what she did do right. (Maybe she gets off the phone and immediately starts crying- idk) it's finals season and I'm dying lmao, thank you!!

Ahh I’m sorry that this took so long anonny! I’m guessing that you finished up your final exams by now but I’m sure that you did amazing and passed them all! I made these longer especially Saeran’s for some reason as an apology so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You and Yoosung both had finals approaching so the two of you were driving home from a study session at the library
  • Both of you were stressing out over finals and receiving a phone call from your parents who yelled at you for one poor grade you had didn’t help
  • Yoosung watched you out of the corner of his eye as he drove, silently listening as he saw you crying
  • Yoosung pulled the car over as you sobbed out that you just wanted some encouragement but only got your parents yelling at you
  • His heart broke for you and as Yoosung gently wiped your tears away, he had an idea
  • He sped back home and once the two of you got there, he gave you his blue hoodie to wear and grabbed your favorite snacks and drink as he made his way over to his computer
  • Once you were settled in Yoosung’s lap as he sat in his large computer chair, the two of you spent the rest of the day playing LOLOL
  • When nighttime came, you and Yoosung were cuddled up together in bed with him holding you hand
  • “I don’t want you stressing about your grades MC. You’re the smartest person I know so you’ll do amazing on finals! Your mom is honestly crazy to say anything negative because all of your other grades are outstanding! I love you MC, no matter what your grades are.”
  • You fell asleep that night, stilling holding Yoosung’s hand, taking his kind words to heart, knowing that Yoosung really was the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ask for


  • Zen hated seeing you stress out over your final exams for classes since his princess should never have to be nervous over anything
  • He would sit across from you with his chin resting on his folded hands as he’d admire how hard you worked for your classes
  • But his thoughts were interrupted when your ringtone went off and after talking on the phone for a minute, you started crying
  • Zen rushed over to your side, rubbing your arm soothingly as he leaned in to hear your parents hollering at you for having just one bad grade
  • Seeing you this upset was not oaky to Zen so after you hung up, he buried your head into his chest as you cried your eyes out
  • But Zen wanted to get your mind off of things so he swept you up and started twirling you around the room, singing your favorite song for you
  • You couldn’t help but laugh as you and Zen clumsily danced around the room, with Zen pulling you onto the couch with him as he peppered your face with kisses
  • “You’re perfect MC, absolutely perfect. Having one bad grade doesn’t define who you are. I won’t let you go until you realize how smart you are! You’re the most intelligent person I’ve ever met MC, never forget that.”
  • Zen cradled your head onto his chest as you soon fell asleep on top of him with his comforting words and silky singing voice, no longer worrying about your grades


  • Jaehee sees herself when she watches you study for your final exams, recalling her own exams
  • As she’s brewing you a cup of your favorite warm drink, she hears your phone go off and listens as you shakily explain yourself
  • She brings your drink to you and sees you holding your head in shame as you tell her through teary eyes that your parents yelled at you for having a single bad grade
  • Jaehee nodded, pulling you out of your chair and into the bedroom, putting on your favorite movie then grabbing a large blanket and wrapping it around the two of you
  • She moved your head onto her shoulder as you cried telling her that you were doing so good in all your other classes and just wanted some support
  • Jaehee pursed her lips as she mused your hair, kissing the top of your head as she gave you the encouragement you deserved
  • “MC, your grades are amazing so please don’t worry. Even though I know you’ll pass, getting one bad grade isn’t going to change who you are or tell you that you’re not smart. I love you MC, whether you pass all of your classes or fail them, that fact will never change.”
  • Listening to her soothing words plus being wrapped together did help you feel at ease, taking Jaehee’s words to heart as you drifted to sleep with your girlfriend


  • Jumin always admired how hard you worked in your classes even though he offered to give you a job at his company without having to complete school
  • But you refused, determined to get through your finals and you were starting to feel confident until your parents called you
  • As Jumin was getting you some water, he heard your parents scream so loudly through the phone that Elizabeth the third jumped
  • He went to your side, rubbing your shoulders as you hung up, crying as you told him that your parents are upset because you have one bad grade
  • Jumin picked you up bridal style and sat you up on the bed, smiling as he gently kissed your tears away - He then opened up the window blinds, showing the city below and the sunsetting in an array of vibrant orange and pink colors
  • The sight alone was already helping you calm down, which Jumin knew, as he ran his fingers through your soft hair telling you in his loving voice
  • “I’ve met many people but no one has ever compared to your intelligence MC. Your parents need to realize that you’re an amazing and talented person who I’m lucky to call my partner. I’ll help you with whatever you need MC so don’t worry and remember that I love you.”
  • Jumin held you close to him for the rest of the night, and with his help, you passed your exams with flying colors


  • Seven didn’t like seeing you stress out over your finals so he’d sit next to you and tell you some jokes before you got too anxious
  • You were a giggling mess, that is until you got a phone call from your parents
  • He heard leaned in next to you and winced as your parents yelled at your for having one poor grade in your worst class
  • Seven couldn’t understand why your parents were so upset over one bad grade so once you hung up with your eyes already red and puffy from crying, he was on the case
  • By the time your dragged yourself into the living room, Seven had masterfully set up a pillow and blanket fort and smiled as he led you inside
  • He carefully wiped your tears away as he turned off all of the house lights and played relaxing music, whispering sweet praises to you
  • “You know that you’re the smartest person ever right MC? You work so hard in all of your classes and I couldn’t be prouder of you! Even if your parents don’t see it, I see you as an intelligent and awesome person. I love you MC and that’ll never change!”
  • With Seven’s assistence, you ended up passing all of your exams to which you and Seven threw a house party to celebrate leaving some very annoyed neighbors and an even more annoyed Saeran


  • Saeran truly admired how hard you worked for your classes and studying for exams
  • He was resting on the couch while you were at the table one day studying when you got a phone call from your parents
  • Even from the couch Saeran could hear your parents hollering at you so he went to investigate
  • His eyes widened when he saw you with tears streaming down your cheeks as you tried to reason with your parents that you only had one bad grade but the rest were good
  • Saeran had enough of this so he took your phone from you hand, telling your parents to shut up because you’re amazing then hanged up on them
  • Stunned and still teary eyed, you cried to Saeran that all you ever wanted was some encouragement from your parents
  • He sighed and took your hand, leading you to sit on the couch while telling you to sit
  • Saeran returned with a big tub of ice cream, two spoons, and a blanket that he wrapped you up in
  • The two of you ate the chilly treat in a comfortable silence, something about feeling Saeran’s natural warmth plus the cold ice cream was relaxing
  • When the two of you were finished, Saeran awkwardly but sweetly wiped your remaining tears away and huffed as he encouraged you
  • “You know that you’re basically the most intelligent person ever right? I say screw your parents, if they cannot recognize how much of an amazing person you are then I’ll do it for them. I love you a lot MC, don’t forget that.“
  • With a sigh of contentment from you, you cuddled up into Saeran, wrapping the blanket around him as well, knowing that he would always be there for you was truly the most comforting thing imaginable

Things I’ve Said While Sleep Deprived | Sentence Starters

  •  You need to put one ham upways and one ham sideways for maximum ham. 
  • How do I get away with the murder of his car, then?
  • I am going to physically harm you. Leave.
  • Why do you have three of them? You are breaking my heart. 
  • If I slash three of his tires he can’t get insurance. I read this somewhere. 
  •  Who needs love or children when you’ve got chicken nuggets? 
  • Click click motherfucker, why won’t the page load?
  •  Do you ever just look at someone and like… want them to break a couple of your bones? Maybe a few ribs? Just answer the question. 
  • Sometimes I see you and wonder how I got so lucky. You’re, like, so fucking beautiful and perfect and I want to kiss your face.
  • Look at this cat. She’s more beautiful than I’ll ever be.
  • I leave you alone for five minutes and you spend $300 on games.
  • If I hear that rooster noise one more time I’m gonna kill my neighbors.
  • Why do you scream? What purpose does it serve?
  • Why you have to be mad? Is only joke.
  • She likes to yell.
  • I love them more than I love my entire self.
  • It stares at me with those eyes.
  • I can’t tell if it’s creepy or cute. 
  • You can’t bone something if it bones you first. Survival of the fittest.
  • Move the vehicle before I pull out your teeth.
  • Choking me will only make me stronger.
Second Chance

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Thackery Binx x Reader

Second Chance

Prompt(s): “Thackery Binx and a girl from his town before he was turned into a cat secretly meet up as friends then eventually fall for each other. Her father is also head of the towns church.” And “Can you do a oneshot for Thackery binx where the reader is max and Danis older sister and she’s there throughout the whole dealing with the witches thing and Thackery starts to fall in love the second he sees the reader and the reader starts to fall for Thackery as well since he’s always near her protecting her and in the end he’s given the chance to stay or go to heaven and his sister tells him to stay with the reader”

Note: I have literally been in love with Thackery Binx forever. Like, FOREVER. So, obviously, I got carried away and wrote a huge long fic. Enjoy!

Warnings: hella fluff <3

Word Count: 2352

You were certain that Thackery Binx was the most handsome boy in the colony, or perhaps to have ever lived. He had left you as smitten as a kitten with a racing heart and flushed cheeks every time you thought about your sweetheart.

When you stepped out of the tiny shack you called home, a note had been nailed to the end of the post.

“My Love,

Meet me behind the church at dusk.

I have something I have waited long to give to you.

Sincerest Wishes,


You folded the note and tucked it into the belt of your apron, a grin spreading across your now-rosy cheeks at the thought of meeting your secret lover under the setting sun. The day passed so slow, each moment inching by at the pace of a snail. As soon as the sun began to approach the horizon, you made your way behind the church.

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Tate X Reader : Your Perfect.

Hey everyone!xx i got this request from @saracons87 I know i missed some bits out i hope that’s okay x 


Heres what you can request……


This is basically Tate comforting reader after she is called fat, and it turns to SMUT!! x

Originally posted by alexiabartollo

You slammed the front door behind you, tears running down your cheeks, you had just gotten home after a horrible day. You ran up the stairs towards your room, and when you got there, you shut the door behind you and curled up on your bed, mascara running. You were sobbing for just a couple seconds before you felt a warm hand on your back, you didn’t want Tate to see you like this, but another part of you was comforted by his presence. His hand rubbed your back as he sat cross legged next to you on the bed, a look of sadness in his eyes. He didn’t say anything for a while, you just cried. After a few seconds he pulled you into his arms and the both of you layed back, with his warmth surrounding you. he stroked your hair as you calmed yourself down enough to talk to him . He sighed and said,                                                                                                   

“Whats wrong baby?” 

you looked up at Tate, and snuggled in closer,


You didn’t need to say much more, Tate knew all about her, she had made you cry before but nothing she had done had effected you as much as what she said today. As Tate continued to stroke your hair, he softly said,

“What did she say to you?” 

Tate was always strong and confident, except when you were upset, that made his heart ache. You thought a little before your reply,

“Nothing but the truth, that’s why it hurt so much, because I agreed with her.”

Tate stopped stroking your hair and held your shoulders, sitting you up. He looked deeply into your eyes and his tone of voice changed to a more stern one.

“What did she say, Y/N, please tell me.”

His forehead slowly creased as he waited for you to reply. You away from his gaze as you softly said,

“That I was a fat beached whale.” 

There was a couple moments silence as Tate thought, then he pulled you into his arms and hugged you tight.

“Why the hell would you agree, Y/N that’s bullshit.”

He was shaking his head. You didnt reply, you just curled up and looked down at your belly, avoiding his gaze. Tate cupped his hands around your face and kissed your nose,

“Babe, your so perfect it’s unreal. Please dont think that, I love you so much exactly how you are.” 

You stared at Tate for a moment, what the hell had you done to deserve someone like him? In that moment you realised just how much you loved him. Tate’s lips brought you in like a magnet to a passionate kiss, that quickly turned into making out. the kiss got more and more heated until Tate’s hand was sliding down to the seam of your top, tugging at it. You pulled away so he could pull it off, revealing your bra.You were so caught up in the kissing that when Tate started looking down at your boobs, you tried to cover yourself. Tate ignored your attempt at covering yourself up, and continued to kiss you. He took off his tee shirt and jeans and began to remove your shorts, kissing down your belly. Whispering ‘your perfect baby girl.’ Once the both of you were in just underwear, Tate swiftly pulled down your panties and slid off his boxers.

“You ready princess?” 

You nodded, as he slowly slid into you, at first it hurt, adjusting to his size, but the pain was quickly overtaken by plasure rushing over your entire body. Tate quickly started moaning as he pumped into you harder and faster, 

“Yeah…baby you feel so fucking good,” 

Your moaning and panting was increasing aswell as you came closer and closer to the edge. Tates hand gripped your boobs as his motion increased in speed. You could tell when Tate was at his limit, his movement became sloppy but he tensed all over, before screaming out your name, Tate pulled out quickly and shuffled up the bed, pulling you into his arms. He kissed your forehead and the both of you lay there into the evening, chatting.

Thanks for reading, I know this was crap xx sorrryyyyy, if your reading this please go request I will definitly be doing any heacannons that are requested x

Razorblades And Lemon Juice (pt.18)


You eyed Negan appreciatively, he was wearing the hooded leather coat the material damn near dragging the ground as he adjusted the hood. He had the torso zipped up so it was hugging his body and you were enjoying the view.

“Baby if keep looking at me like that we’re never leaving this fucking building”

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