and kiss his cute face

So I went to go get a new phone case today. And the attractive ginger I’m crushing on was definitely working today. And he definitely waved and smiled at me. And I definitely almost exploded. And I was definitely staring as I was leaving the store and he definitely caught me staring(this happens every day he’s working and I’m there). And I think my dad may have also noticed. Oops. I also think my dad’s been catching on because when I asked to go to the store he asked “why? Hoping to see someone?” And I was all “dad what? No I just want a new phone case” and by that I definitely meant “yes dad. And I definitely will get a date with this guy. It’ll happen”

OMg that Gena Bellamy scene was so incredibly adorable and beautiful *aww* how she was touching his hair and holding his face and that cute lil kiss and have you seen how Bellamy looked at her sososo cute THATS WHAT I WANT FOR BELLAMY SOMEONE WHO LOVES HIM BACK WHO TAKES CARE OF HIM I´m sad Gena is gone now, she was the only thing he had that made him happy, even just a lil ;( 

He’s been my hiking buddy for almost a year now, but now I can kiss his cute face and tell him stories and I don’t look like a crazy girl talking to myself. (at Ventura Botanical Gardens)

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but that first time tony started crying after being called dad, his son is like 'what's wrong? did i do something wrong? i'm sorry' and tony just hugs him closer and tells him he loves him and that's how steve finds them

imagine tony just cradling tiny 5 y/o baby boy to his chest and kissing his cute face and telling him he loves him so much. imagine tiny baby boy starting to cry because after he was put into care he didn’t think he’d ever find someone that would love him ever again. 

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2006-2007 trick is so cute i just wanna kiss his lil face

i feel omg i just wanna have him sit on my lap and show me how to work garageband tbh…i wanna touch the ‘burns too but. ahh. i lov prehiatus patrick sm