and kinda ryeowook

SUJU Reaction: When you have a very revealing performance outfit.

Leeteuk: *He’s hates the way the guys are staring at you*

Heechul: *He’s not fazed by the outfit and is cheering you on*

Yesung: *Surprised at your appearance because he’s used to seeing you in sweats all the time*


Shindong: “That ass!” (Sorry I had to.))

Sungmin: *Goes to have a serious talk with your stylist*


Donghae: “This is so weird, I can’t watch this.”

Siwon: *You’re like a little sister to him so when he’s sees you in you’re outfit he kinda loses it*

Ryeowook: *Sings and dances along to your performance*

Kyuhyun: “Ok, I think I can get used to this Y/N.”

Zhou Mi: “Is it really necessary to be showing that much skin?”

Henry: *When asked about you’re outfit* “I didn’t like it, but it’s her life and she’s old enough to make her own decisions. I will always support her no matter what.”



[TRANS] 110522 MCD Backstage Super Junior special U stage- Seventeen fanboying over SJ, what’s new? 

SPECIAL STAGE PERFORMANCE HERE | translation by emzhaek

Super Junior gif reaction of you brining home a stray kitten req by anon

Thank you~


Leeteuk: I don’t know…but it is kind of cute…maybe we can keep it.


Heechul: *eating and eyeing the kitten critically* Do you think he’ll get alone with Heebum and Bang Shin?


Kangin: *secretly dislikes the cat, but agrees because you like it - sometimes when you’re not looking he’ll mess with it but straightens up immediately when you’re looking*


Shindong: *to the cat* Yah, you can stay, but if you pee on anything you’re done for!


Kyuhyun: *agrees to keep the cat but bothers it 24/7 by hissing at it/poking it/meowing at it obnoxiously*

Y/N: Why does he hate you so much?

Kyuhyun: *shrugs, smiling*


Ryeowook: *kinda indifferent about the cat, but agrees to keep it and greets it whenever he sees it*


Siwon: Alright, but you have to clean up after it and do the litter box and what not.


Yesung: *sighs* Just make sure it doesn’t eat my turtles and it gets along with Kkoming.


Eunhyuk: I prefer dogs…but I guess we can give it a try.


Donghae - *agrees to keep the cat, and both of you quickly realize that it loves him more than you because it curls up on his lap whenever he’s around*

Hope you liked it! (Even though it looks like I think most of them would be less than thrilled about a new kitten…oops…)
~Admin R

When I get older and if I become a director or a film maker I want to make a documentary on Super Junior it wil tell their story, the story of Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Hangeng, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Zhioumi, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kinda, Kyuhyun, and Henry and the struggle they faced together. How they not once let the fact that their own company didn’t support them get them down because they cheer each other on. How they took over the world until it was cover in pearl sapphire blue, and how they became more than just band mates they became a band of brothers with a bond that became so strong that nothing could really break it. How they might had said bye to a member but not to a brother because they would always be part of Super Junior their family.And how they loved their fans so much that they were more than just their fans they were their Ever Lasting Friends, and how E.L.F grew to love them so much that they would betray the world to stand side by side their idols their superman Super Junior.And I would name it “Super Junior The Last Man Standing.” That’s what I dream of doing but if it isn’t me I just hope somebody else does.

Fan message: Hongbin oppa! How was it to have your neck grabbed by N oppa?
  • Ravi: Tell us now about it!
  • Hongbin: When we were practicing, it wasn't supposed to be that close, but when we were on stage, N hyung positioned his face really close to mine! Originally, when he grabbed me I was supposed to look up front and maintain that still posture, but because he was SO CLOSE I ended up looking elsewhere.
  • Ryeowook: It kinda looks like you two are about to kiss.
  • Hongbin: No no no no..
  • N: We won't kiss.
  • Ravi: Of course you won't!
  • Ryeowook: What if you win the 1st place? Would you do it? Kiss?
  • N: (laughed)
  • Hongbin: What...........
  • Ravi: (disbelief expression)

siwon: hates his job so he sleeps
ryeowook: kinda does his job
donghae: loser
sungmin: sassy player who gets a lot of dates
eunhyuk: the arrogant ass of the office
henmi: the bffls
kyuhyun: forever confused and got hired out of pity