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since i’ve watched it a million times, here’s my personal list of highlights from seeso’s first MBMBaM episode Tarantulas & Travis Did A Hit:

  • the intro theme making me cry with pride and weird nostalgia
  • the titular hit being unscripted but turning it into an Overarching Plot Point anyway
  • “one time i saw a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell.”
  • the endearing second-hand embarrassment awkwardness of three extremely socially anxious boys attempting to interact with ppl
  • justin giggling uncontrollably at his own jokes before he finishes them
  • “Eight legs of justice.”
  • travis apparently being unable to decide between red or blue nail polish for the show so por que no los dos?
  • “my name is………. zach” “no, hang up.” “you did so bad.”
  • justin had absolutely no reason to make up a fake name, he just panicked, and he’s my hero.
  • griffin being Peak Little Brother and immediately telling on travis to their dad for hitting justin
  • justin being Peak Big Brother and both antagonizing his brothers but also assuring them spiders aren’t that scary
  • griffin and justin on either side of travis, holding his arms reassuringly and talking him through his Spider Exposure Therapy.
  • “this is the most dangerous spider in the world-” travis: *fucking sprints out of the room*
  • Hey everybody, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex blast off into cybersex Joe Biden.
  • griffin laughing really hard and leaning into travis’s arm. cute bros.
  • “ah, local teens!” “look at all those thought influencers!”
  • monster factory reference. A+ pls continue crossing the mcelroy empire streams.
  • “end of the parade!” “now go home! it’s important you don’t all leave in the same direction, or that is just a continuation of the parade!”
  • genuine apologies = selling out to hollywood, according to clint mcelroy
  • “you got foot water on the spaghetti!”

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The reader telling Kara to come closer to her, undoing her ponytail and slowly taking her glasses off while staring into her eyes and whispering: "I'd know you anywhere, Kara Danvers"

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“You know, I saw Supergirl today.”

Kara suddenly stopped what she was doing before turning to you. “Uh, really?That-that’s cool.”

“Yeah, it was! She wasn’t stopping a big alien or anything, just a mugger, but man was it cool!”

Kara smiled, before becoming more neutral, knowing she couldn’t give you any hints. “Yeah, she’s pretty awesome isn’t she?” She said as she turned away from you and back to her work.

“She is. And can I tell you something else?”

“Uh, sure.”

“She’s kinda hot.”

You smirked as you heard her breath hitch and a pencil snap. “Uh, uh, really? I-I mean, she’s ok I guess. I haven’t really thought about her th-that way before.”

“Yeah, of course you haven’t.” You said before deciding to drop the act. “Kara?”

“Uh huh?”

“Can you come here for a sec?”

“Sure.” She got up from the couch and put down the story she was working on. “What’s up?” She asked when she was about arm’s length from you.

You moved in closer until your faces were almost touching. You can Kara was getting nervous, but you weren’t sure if it was because she knew what you were about to do or just the close proximity.


“Trust me.” You whispered as you reached behind her head and slowly pulled her hair out of her ponytail. Surprised that she wasn’t stopping you, you then went to take her glasses off.

You stared at her for a minute before smiling and moving in even closer, lips almost touching.

“I’d know you anywhere, Kara Danvers.” You whispered before she finally pulled you closer and put your lips against hers.

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Do you think Dylan was attracted to taller women? I mean...Julie Strain, Uma Thurman...

We don’t really know for certain that Dylan’s so-called “dream girl” was Uma Thurman and the poster that Dylan had hanging of his room of a girl in a leopard bikini is someone I placed to be the 6′ former porn star turned B movie actress, Julie Strain, in Enemy Gold, a low budget, campy, soft core action movie that E & D watched for fun. He may have pinned it to the wall for some tongue-in-cheek humor..or heck, maybe he thought she was kinda retro hot?  It’s a bit difficult to say for sure.  All the same, I  doubt Dylan would have an issue dating a taller woman though. I tend to feel those types of things wouldn’t have threatened him being tall himself..they’d be on more closer to equal footing. :)

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Okay wait! You don't know that your draw mustly Sexy?! Especially that maid Sakuun! <3 you must know that yourself better Ca3 san °v°

Hahahaha~ well I guess that maid!Sakuya I drew was kinda hot. lol For me at least. You guys should read the fan fic the amazing wonderfulchaos69 attached to it!!! ;D

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Maid Sakuya is something I will NEVER let go of. I even have another Maid! Sakuya art in progress…. I have a lot of stuff in progress I need to focus on one thing at a time good lord….

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consider: eth meeting enet for the first time and just staring at him with doe eyes and saying, "wow... he's so pretty" and enet just replying "i am designed to be aesthetically pleasing" and eth has to come to terms with the fact that he kinda finds himself hot esp as a robot

y*ll….. this is cute… i want them to kiss