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Hi! I love return to Earth/family reunion fics/theories (but it's hard to find some with good angst) and I also love thinking about what will come in your cowboy au, as our boys try to become part of Voltron yet again. That's going to be really hard and angsty on it's own, but then I thought: what will happen when they finally defeat Galra and The Two McClains return to Earth? Reunite with Lance's family? (1/2)

“Sudden return of the space war veteran!Lance should be v angsty on it’s own, but imagine the amount of angst when a war veteran PLUS a scarred former merc!Lance after years returns to his family. Who finally accepted the thought of him never coming back from wherever he disappeared to, but now they got this Lance, stil haunted by some ghosts of his time on 2657. This isn’t exactly a prompt (as far as I know you don’t take them much, right?), but I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this!“

So, just wanted to say you’re awesome, first and foremost :D *tackle!hugs* Thank you again for you art and your translations!

And, oh boy. I definitely have thoughts on this — I have notes, in fact, because I was hoping to take a brief look at this in an epilogue to the space cowboy ‘verse. Not sure how far I’ll be able to write, or even I’m going to explore this in detail, so I don’t mind giving out a basic idea of what I have planned (and you’re right, I don’t take prompts ‘cause I’m writing so slowly as it is, and I have a few unanswered ones that I need to finish for Objects in Motion — apologies to everyone!)

(I know you’ve read Take Me Home by @reader115, but for those that haven’t, it’s an excellent, realistic take on Lance reuniting with his family. And there’s plenty of fluff to help sooth the angst ;D)

So if y’all are curious about Lance and Keith, as The Two McClains, and how they get along with Lance’s family — which is sort of like spoilers for the end of this space cowboys series — read on! If not, skip past this post ;D Click on the cut for a kinda spoiler-ish summary :)

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I don't know if you do this on purpose or not but I love how your bullet pointed headcanons' narrative tend to match the person they're describing. Like when you do one of Akechi your writing automatically becomes more sophisticated-sounding and pleasant like him or how Akira's will have a slightly teasing undertone to it (that's a little more subtle though). What I'm trying to say is you're an awesome writer thank you for existing :))))

GFKSDHGK I actually noticed this a few weeks ago and I didn’t even realize that I did it. I mean I do try to put myself in their shoes, and I guess it influences my writing style as a result?? Maybe it’s my subconscious drama kid habit of getting into character. LMAO Thank you for pointing this out and for your sweet compliments!! I’m grateful for your incredible existence as well, dear! <3333

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A correction (hope you don’t mind! I’ve just read X a gazillion times):
Seiichirou never divorced his wife, he’s happily married and has a 3 years old daughter. Which is great for him but also sad because Karen is in love with him. At least I don’t remember him divorcing in the manga? Am I mistaken?? Also he’s named after CLAMP’s own editor at the time! (that’s why the character is also an editor at a manga magazine).

Thank you for this! That’s very good to know. 

When I mentioned in the post that I didn’t remember much about Seiichirou, I definitely wasn’t kidding. All my knowledge was drawn from the vague mentions of him in my past liveblogs (and I barely talked about him at all) so I definitely appreciate the correction!

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