and kind of cliche

i kinda want keith to disguise himself as one of the bom guys to save lance from a dangerous situation or something and after he rescues him, lance starts flirting with him (”thank you….mysterious hero you have my gratitude”) and keith takes off the mask to reveal himself: “lance… it’s me keith!” and lance is like “yeah i know, i still recognized your mullet even if it was covered” *winks* which leaves keith a blushy mess

things to remember:
  • there will always be a tomorrow
  • nearly all problems are fixable
  • even your smallest achievements are something to be proud of
  • being alone can be exactly what you need sometimes
  • always get back up, no matter what it is that pushes you down
  • new opportunities will come along
  • you are not alone
  • you are valid
  • you are loved
  • and you are going to be okay.
Better Late Than Never

Steggy Positivity Week | Day 1: Agent Carter Timeline

Peggy has a very important appointment to keep.

Normally, Peggy would consider patience to be one of her strong suits. But as she waits at the door to the phone company that hides the SSR, she can’t help tapping her foot and glancing anxiously between the street and the clock on the wall. As the minute hand tips perilously close to the half-past mark, the door finally swings open and Peggy sighs in relief.

“You’re a lifesaver.

“I know, I know. You’d be lost with me,” Angie says breezily, holding out a large bag. “You can pay me back by telling me every single detail later.”

Peggy chuckles. “Of course.”

“I mean it, English. Every detail.”

“Every detail, I promise. I’ll see you later.”

She waves Angie goodbye, then heads back downstairs with the bag. She doesn’t have much time left - maybe twenty minutes, if she pushes it - but she thinks it will be enough.

One of the few advantage of the being practically the only woman working at the SSR - actually the only advantage - is that she has the ladies’ room all to herself. So she can throw her things around and not worry about anyone else coming in as she kicks off her shoes and strips off the blouse and skirt she’s been working in all day.

It would be preferable, of course, to do this at home, in her apartment, but when a case requires she stayed late she will be damned if she’s seen to be leaving any earlier than the other agents.

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A little post for @inuyasha-valentines @kagomeforever

InuYasha and Kagome’s relationship is not only ridiculously cute, but incredibly healthy. Though it doesn’t start that way, it certainly grows that way. They both love each other unconditionally. When one is hurting, the other is there to help without expectation of judgement. And though they fight, it’s usually because they want the best for each other. They know each other inside and out, and accept the shortcomings each person has. 

The two embody the cliched (yet beautiful) “love is patient, love is kind… it is not self-seeking… it rejoices with the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). Their relationship has inspired me to let go of relationships in my personal life that did not serve or inspire me. When we respect ourselves enough to make room for the love we seek and deserve (especially coming from within), that’s when magic happens.

I hope the true love of these two goofballs can inspire us to fight for the love that we want, no matter how painful that journey may be.

Happy Valentines Day!


Imagine Jensen being a nervous goofball at your wedding rehearsal. 

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, mild wedding angst

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: 6k Celebration and One Year Fic-i-verary Celebration Fic FIFTEEN. The line requested was, The line “Do I really say awesome a lot?” was requested by @iwrotemyownending . It will be highlighted in the fic. I combined it with a gif I just fell in love with.  Hope you enjoy it! It kind of came out of NOWHERE. It’s a little cliche, but I love it. Thanks for celebrating with me!

Feedback Appreciated

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Jared Kleinman x Reader

Summary: (i sort of changed the prompt slightly) ’Somehow every time I have a dentist appointment you do too and you always sit next to me in the waiting room and ask me ‘what are you in for’ as if we are in prison and this has been happening for almost two years who are you’ from this prompt list! || masterlist

WC: 2,805

A/N: honestly, im super disappointed with how this turned out and would really really appreciate any form of feedback (positive or negative) !! i might delete this, it depends. just wanna apologise in advance for the lack of writing skills here

Warnings: SWEARING !! Pretty cliche at parts, Dentists?? Awkward teens, kind of anxious reader at certain points, and horribly written - the plot is completely upside down. i’m sorry

October 7th, 2015. 4:00PM.

You enter the waiting room, shivering from the harsh cold of outside. All of the seats are filled except for one, so you plop yourself down in the space next to a boy who is picking at his nails.

Its your first time heading to the dentist without one of your parents, and you cant deny the feeling of nervousness that bubbles in your chest.

“Hey” your hear someone murmur from next to you.

You turn your head and you’re met with a boy wearing glasses, his hair looks a little disheveled and puffy and he’s smiling right at you.

Despite not knowing who he is, you give him a soft smile and nod your head.

“Hello” you reply.

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You woke up facing Fred’s upper arm. Everything was blurred and soaked in darkness before your vision finally became clearer, revealing what seemed to be your small bedroom. You dared to let your head sink into your pillow with a thud. It was uncomfortably hot around your head and neck, and as the heat was making its way to your legs and chest, you jerkily pulled away the sheets in hope of cooling down. It made you angry. What kind of dream had that one been? Strange, terrifying things had happened, some of which were simply absurd, and yet you could not deny you were feeling somewhat afraid. Quickly, your glimpse wandered to Fred – or, more precisely, his back – to find out whether he was asleep. His breathing was steady; he was slightly curled up, most likely dreaming of better things than you. Your eyes rested on his figure for a moment, his hair that you could only see from behind, his arm, his upper body. It was calming to see him, but it nevertheless felt odd laying inside this bed in the darkness that surrounded you. “It’s all about falling asleep again, it’ll be less scary tomorrow morning” you kept thinking to yourself. If only it was that easy: You turned and twisted, but you could never be comfortable – either it was too hot or you just opened your eyes, somehow fearing that there was something in the dark.

By now, it felt as if you had been awake for hours. Perhaps the thought of missing sleep worried you, for you remained uneasy and thus started to move and fidget noisily as if there was a fly bugging you. But when you turned once more and curled up, you heard a little snort from beside: Fred seemed to have woken up. Hoping he would fall back asleep as quickly as possible, you forced yourself to remain still and waited for him to calm down again. However, you found it quite surprising to see him suddenly turning to you and looking into your eyes in the darkness. “Are we comfortable now?” he asked, his voice a bit raspy, and smirked. If the vision had been clear enough, he would have seen how you were blushing – for a moment, you remained silent before you desperately smiled at him and shook your head. “Sorry, Fred. I didn’t mean to wake you up” you said softly. Fred’s glimpse wandered over your body since the heat had caused you to push away the sheets. “Well, you’ve been quite… fidgety, (Y/N), so-“ – You smiled, not knowing what to say. Making Fred miss out on sleep was something you tried to avoid, but then again, you couldn’t help it. “Which is why I reckon there’s something wrong” he then continued. Surprisingly, he straightened up to get his wand from his nightstand and with a quick “Lumos”, a soft glow was brightening up his face. “What’s wrong?” he asked. His question didn’t seem to be filled with subtle disinterest, though; he seemed genuinely concerned and suddenly wide-awake, especially when he saw how hot you were. Looking into your eyes, he leaned on to the pillow while you moved a bit closer. “Had a bad dream.” you said softly and sighed. “That must’ve been one hell of a dream if you can’t fall back asleep anymore, (Y/N)” – “I’ve forgotten most of it, to be honest, but do you know that feeling when you’re in this kind of odd leftover trance from what you’ve dreamt? That feeling that just lingers on and you can’t get rid of?” – “Yes” Fred said thoughtfully, “I reckon I know what you’re talking about. No doubt that feels strange. I guess we’ll have to make you fall asleep again, right?” A quick smirk traced his face while his hands were softly stroking your hips, whereupon he gave you a gesture, probably to ask whether you felt the need to talk about the dream in detail. To respond, you brought your hands to his and gently brushed it with your fingers before taking it, making him understand. “Well, I can’t guarantee anything, (Y/N), but I guess we’ll try and get some sleep again.” he suddenly whispered. “And how are we going to do that, Fred?” – “Well, first of all, I reckon you should come a bit closer.” He smiled teasingly and moved aside to offer you space, whereupon you buried your head in his neck for a moment, taking in his scent.

It could barely be heard as he sighed out, but you felt goose bumps on the same spot you were so close to touching his skin. Fred could be very sensitive here and there, which was rather delightful to you, whereas he did not feel like this was a feature he should be highlighting too much. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but smile as well before softly bringing his hands to your hair, brushing it back lightly as you started to put gentle kisses on his neck. Something about him laying awake provided safety to you, as if it proved that what you had dreamt hadn’t been real. The sweat had dried off, as it seemed, and your legs were calming down – only now you realized how heavily you must have breathed before. Fred took a pillow, pressing it against the rest of your bed before straightening up slightly until he was almost upright. “You look a bit pale” he said jokingly, his gaze wandering over your figure. “Thank you, Fred.” – “No, I was only trying to point out that your dream must’ve been quite…” – “Lousy?” Fred chuckled, bringing his hands to your waist. There were dark bags underneath his eyes which looked rather glassy and puffy, and yet, he gave you a most mindful smile before pulling you closer again. “Time to get back to sleep again, right? How do you feel?” – “A lot better. Good thing I woke you up” you replied cheekily. “Well, I won’t be like this next time. You know what I’m like whenever someone tries to take away my precious slumbering…” You tiredly rolled your eyes and before he could counteract, you had pressed your lips onto his. It all felt a bit softer when you were tired; the sheets between you, his warm skin, his lips. It was a slow, sleepy kiss, and yet, it felt more intense than ever. His eyes met yours when you let go of him. Once again you had to point out how much the sleepiness that was tracing his face appealed to you. As much as you would have loved to repeat, you started to feel tired and thus put your hands on his chest, slowly drawing nearer. “I guess that’s a good night, then?” – “Mhm, Fred.” – “Wake me up if the feeling comes back. I’ll keep an eye on you.” You smiled against his chest, slowly closing your eyes. Maybe there was a bit of anxiety left, but what had engraved in your mind was Fred’s gaze. And as he uttered a soft “Nox”, you believed you would have better dreams this night.

Wall Flower Part II

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for the love and warm comments for Wall flower. I decided to make this a series guys. :) And of course feedback is gift feel free to message me anytime. :)

Part I

To say that everything remained the same was an understatement. The moment you step off Zach’s car everyone’s attention was on you. Heck even you will notice if this kind of phenomena happened. Little Miss. Nobody with Mr. Popular. A little cliche. But you wish you’re not the one on this situation. You’ll take extra shift at Monet’s if you have to. Volunteer on every dog shelter if you’ll be able to escape this situation. But no it’s happening: for real. You feel like a deer caught on the red light. There’s no escaping this.All morning everyone’s eyes was on you. It’s weird being the center of attention when all your life you’re just the wallflower who watches the drama on this school.

“Guess what’s the headline on Shaver’s paper! ” Hannah said while looking at me.

“Lemme Guess, a poem you write?” I sass back. You see last month Ryan published Hannah’s poem. Which for a geek poet like me it’s a privilege. Not so much for  Hannah  tho.

“ Touche.” says Hannah while rolling her eyes. “But seriously tho. Do I really need to know it from someone else? I thought I’m your best friend. I’m wounded,(y/n/n)”

“Hannah Banana. You of all people should know that you can’t know gossip. It is what it is. GOSSIP.” I retaliated while closing my  locker.

We were walking on the hallway on our way to the cafeteria for lunch.

Hannah linked her arm with me,“ So you and Zach is not in a relationship?” She pried.

You weren’t able to answer that. Coz technically you are. But it’s not something that you can explain with her in the middle of the hallway.

You stopped on your track when you saw him standing on the center of the hallway. Everyone is just oblivious of him.He was just looking at you. And you’re the only one seeing him. It’s like he’s not really there. You’re ready to go to him when a chest blocked your view. You looked up and saw Zach.

“Lunch?” He said. Smiling at you. “ Hey Hannah”

“Uhm. Are you gonna eat lunch with us?” You asked trying to look pass him if he’s still there. BUt he’s no longer there. Did you just imagine that?

“You’re my girl. You’re supposed to be having lunch with me. But I understand you  don’t like hanging out with my friends so I’ll adjust for you. Compromise remember?” He explained while draping his arm on your shoulder.

You suddenly feel bad. It seems like Zach only does all the compromise on this relationship. “ We can eat with you guys. Right Hannah?” You blurted out. Zach smiled his megawatt smile that is so blinding and squeezed you in a hug. “Za.. Zach, I caaaan’t breathe.”

“Oohhh sorry.” He laughed. opening the door of the cafeteria for you and Hannah.

“Hey Helmet.” Hannah greeted his boyfriend Clay who became your friend as well. “Hey Clay!” You greeted him. Clay seems in a bad mood and just nod in your direction. Hannah sensed Clay’s mood and smiled at you.

“Let’s go sit outside, Helmet?” Hannah said trying to diffuse the awkwardness. “Sure.” Clay answered. “ See you on 5th, (y/n/n)” Hannah waived while dragging Clay with her.

Zach already ordered food for the both of you. He balances the tray on his hand while the other holds your hand. You just look at it. It feels natural. Your hands perfectly fits each other. How can this feel right? You feel torn. You have not been completely honest with Zach. And you have to explain to him everything as well. He needs to understand what page you’re in right now for this to work. You unknowingly squeezed Zach’s hand which he reciprocated. He walked passed his friends table which all of them are looking for the both you catcalling and just cheering you both. He settled in a table at the back.

“Why are we here? I thought we’re staying there?” you asked pointing at Zach’s friends.

“I don’t want you to get uncomfortable. We’ll take it one step at a time.” Zach smiled.

“For someone who’s so bossy, you are so thoughtful at the same time, Dempsey." you said settling beside him. 

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anonymous asked:

Heyyy first I wanna say that I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm in love!!😍😍 I love your reactions so much!!! So if it's not too much trouble I was wondering if I could request a reaction to you crying after they shout at you during an argument (I know it's kind of cliche but I really wanna see your take on it because I LOVE your work) if you decide to do it there's no rush!!! Keep up the amazing work because gawd damn I love it!!

AWW YOURE MAKING ME BLUSH!! who cares if its cliche, cliche can be good at times.

Originally posted by logwhore

Mark - hearing you sniffle his body freezes, realizing what he just did. he sees the tears rolling down your cheeks, mentally stabbing himself. taking your hands he sits down next to you and apologizes, hoping you can forgive him but he wouldnt be surprised if you held a grudge for a couple of days. he does his best to make up for him lashing out like that.

Originally posted by got7islife

Jaebum - (this hot head) you would flinch when he shouts at you. shooting up you retaliate and try your best to scream back without falling to pieces. while your shouting tears are just falling out of your eyes, getting his attention fast. you run into a room slamming the door while jaebum goes after you, trying to apologize. he does his best to apologize through the door hearing you cry. like mark he would give you your space until youre done crying. he would try to mend what he broke by spoiling you for the next week with gifts

Jackson - he wouldnt yell at you on purpose. it would just slip without him even realizing. seeing the tears well in your eyes his face would go pale. he himself would get choked up, going to you and embracing you in a tight hug. “im sorry y/n, i couldnt stop myself. it just came out. im so sorry.” he would whisper sweet things into your ear, rubbing your back; doing what he can to prevent you from crying. he feels his shirt getting damp while he holds you close.

Originally posted by suga-pills

Jinyoung - he would watch you run off. not knowing if he should follow you or stay, he decides to just stay in another room, listening to you cry. he mentally kicks himself in the head. after a few hours he gently knocks on the door, seeing you curled up on the bed/chair. he bends in front of you and sighs. “i dont expect you to forgive me, i know i wouldnt. Im sorry for snapping at you y/n.” he squeezes your hand gently while petting your head with soft touches.

Originally posted by sxy-jmn

Youngjae - seeing the tears falling from your face he would feel his heart drop to his feet. he would try to speak, but nothing came out. you run to another room slamming the door, making youngjae jump out of his skin. he is frozen, trying to process what he did. instead of going to you he gets his stuff and leaves. he knows that you wouldnt want to see him for a while so he goes to a friends place, waiting until the next day to try to mend the break in the relationship.

Originally posted by jypnior

Bambam - you both would be screaming at eachother, insults flying through the air, until bambam takes it too far and causes you to stop. the red clears from his vision and he sees your tear stained face. you wipe your face and grab your keys and a jacket. “fuck you bambam”. you slam the door in his face, leaving him alone in the room. he would be in disbelief of himself. how could he say that? he was mad but not that mad. he quickly runs after you, making you stop and tries to apologize the best he can. he does his best to make you stay, knowing that if you left it could be the end.

Originally posted by got7kings

Yugyeom - after he yells at you, he sees you fall to pieces. you hold your head in your hands, running past him. he watches you run, not quite processing what hes done yet. hearing you cry in your room he stands in the door way with his head hanging, biting his tongue hard so he wont cry. he sits next to you and rubs your leg gently. “im sorry….i shouldnt have done that….” he knew that relationships take a lot of work to stay strong, but he didnt know that it took heartbreak as well. he takes a mental note to never yell at you like that again.

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Did someone say film noir/detective au?!

The discord was chatting and the idea of an SOA film noir au was brought up and, me being the absolute sucker for gritty detective stuff that i am, had to contribute.Kate is the no nonsense PI and Keith is her laid-back crime fighting partner who likes to break her concentration while she works (but is excellent at his job)

bonus doodle

i love this au too much

Cheater ; Yuta & Doyoung

Characters: Yuta / Dongyoung (Doyoung) / Reader
Genre: Angst, minor swearing
A/N: ik i usually use their real names but i’m too used to doyoung oops-- this is gonna get pretty cliche near the end so prepare thyself… also wtf is their dorm situation?? 


“You’re coming to Korea?” your best friend, Doyoung, said over the phone. Grinning, you held your phone between your ear and your shoulder as you folded and packed clothes. “Does Yuta know?”

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“To Fluff-Kevlar: What inspired you to create ARA and the history of robots and AIs?” - Wilson Yu

“I’ll break from the normal for a little to answer this one actually, it’s very relevant to this blog and my characters in general.

I’ve always been fascinated by AI characters ever since I was a kid. ARA is a combination of Melfina from Outlaw Star, “OS-tan” characters from my early internet days, the Roboticizer from Sonic, and a few other minor influences. I made ARA as a personification of the ship she operates from at first, then slowly over time turned her towards a more scientific instrument.

Science is a big part of my line of thinking, but I also realize that the mistakes and imperfections of sentience give the world colour and style, both good and bad, they make for interesting stories. I slowly moved ARA towards the kind of character who sees everything neutral, logically, and doesn’t understand why that kind of imperfection is necessary. It’s a very cliche thing in scifi for an A.I. to go rogue and try to kill all of a ship’s crew, enslave humanity, or whatnot. So I didn’t want to fall into that trap. She starts off as a nemesis to the protagonists because she sees everything as only her programming will allow, and her story, at the moment, in my head, is one about why logic and reasoning is important, but shouldn’t dictate every aspect of life.

I wanted her to be a different kind of AI character, both in the above mentioned ways, and in the sense of how a complete alien stranger to our ways of thinking might see things. To get people to appreciate the imperfections of organic life, taking the good with the bad, learning from mistakes and all that. It probably sounds like a very preachy summary, but it’s meant to be a bit more light-hearted. I don’t claim to be great at writing, but it’s an idea I’ve always liked to pursue; why a ‘technically’ perfect being would want to learn and adopt more from flawed organics, and what people from different walks of life can teach each other, what kinds of adventures they can have. Like Lord of the Rings, but using the medium of scifi.

Not that I claim for any part of this to be completely original, but I do try my best not to borrow too heavily from one source. This here is just my basic inspiration for how it all started.”


@chasingawaythefoosa asked for a rock star/manager au

*Added ao3/ links*

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Killian Jones was such a cliche.

Black leather, brooding good looks, eyeliner. The works.

Emma Swan teased him about it constantly.

It was what had made him so popular on the Boston circuit. That and the fact that he was a hell of a singer.

Quite how Emma had ended up managing the roguish Brit was a bit of a convoluted tale involving mutual friends, low funds and too much vodka. Turned out though that she was good at it. So good, that every weekend Kilian was booked solid, playing to packed crowds with his small back up band. There were even enquiries coming from further afield, tentative requests from record companies and, yes, groupies.

Which was who she was fighting through at The Rabbit Hole one Friday night after a killer set that had lit up the room and left a small gaggle of ladies lingering by the door that led backstage.

“‘Xcuse me,” she huffed, wriggling through the mass of hairspray and cheap themed cocktails. Tiny, the bouncer, nodded her through the sacred door as the other women pouted and complained.

“More this week,” he observed as she passed by.

“Yep,” she quipped, side-eyeing the one trying to slip Tiny a ten to let her go through. “Same old, just more of.”

Backstage, the band members were packing up their equipment, but Killian was sat alone, his ever present hip-flask dangling between his fingers.

“That was a good show.”

He looked up as she approached, his smile warm and genuine.

“I messed up a few chords in that last song.” There was a frown as he took another drink.

“Like anyone noticed.” She pulled up one of those cheap orange plastic chairs that seemed to congregate in spaces like that, and sat beside him. “You have quite the group waiting for you.”

She nodded towards the door and he twisted his mouth. “Not tonight Swan.”

Emma raised her brows. He usually liked to spend the last hour or so in the bar, picking up a few numbers, or just women in general.

Come to think of it, it had been some time since she had actually seen him leave with someone.

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Alien AUs
  • “Okay, I know I told you I’m an alien and everything but I swear to god if you try to get me to say ‘greetings earthling’ I will punch you. Of course no one says that! What is this an ‘80s film!”
  • There’s this new kid in my school and they’re pretty weird. Not the cliche kind of weird, as in they actually don’t know how to fully operate as a human being and I think they might be an alien. 
  • “What am I if I fall in love with a being from a different planet? … No, i’m just wondering of course.”
  • “Uhm, hey, long story short I’m not from around here and there are people (with guns) chasing after me please please please let me hide in your house?” 
  • “I don’t know what would’ve been worse, me finding a bear in my kitchen at 4AM eating all my food or a cute alien eating all my food at 4AM.”
  • “Are all humans this cute?”
  • “I got hunted down and dragged out of hiding and now I’m in some scary lab (pretty sure I’m about to be dissected) but just before the operation this scientist came in to check everything was alright, wait what you’re unhooking me from the machine now we’re running away out of the science lab. man, maybe humans aren’t that shitty afterall.” 
  • “We crashlanded on Earth and despite being rivals we’re too scared to think straight and we keep clinging onto each other for dear life, oh god those humans think we’re a couple, quick you zogloid kiss me before they realise anythi— damn, you actually did it.”
  • “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and I can’t get over the fact how you’re so fixated on the screen and characters, omg you’re adorable.”
  • (Alternatively) “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and honestly I’m about to lose it because all you’ve been doing throughout the whole film is rant about how it’s so inaccurate and how that would never happen and watching you get so (adorably) angry about it is a lot more entertaining that watching the film.” 
  • “I was meant to only come to Earth to get information about humans so my race could figure out how to dominate the planet but I think I’m falling in love with my test subject, shit.”
  • “I don’t understand human emotions or motives but who the sparax made you cry I’m GOING TO HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM — too much?”
  • “I was always taught that humans were really horrible creatures, but something must be wrong with your DNA because you’re the most adorable, funny human I’ve ever seen… did I say that outloud?”
  • “Dude, just because I come from a different planet doesn’t mean I can’t understand English. Yes this does mean I did understand that comment you made about my butt.”

requests are open!