and kimmy helped me with a drawing that i needed so badly

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This has also been brewing in the back of my mind. If I could write I'd do it myself so thank God for you! I hope this isn't too specific. Beca comes out to her father and it goes badly. Not wanting to her crush/gf(s) to see her upset she goes to crash by a friend but doesn't say what's wrong. When she misses movie night/date night her crush/gf(s) gets worried and tries to find her starting by checking with Dr. Mitchell.

“So, Beca, how have you been? You said you had something to tell me?” Warren Mitchell takes a bite of his dinner, his eyes on his daughter. 

Beca twists her thumb ring under the table, glancing down at her dinner. She swallows and looks up at her father and tries to calm her racing heart. She mentally scoffs at herself, since when did she actually give a shit about what her father thought?

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