and kills anything and everything


When Jon asked Melisandre to not resurrect him, because he would come back into a world, where Sansa is no longer alive, where she killed herself, because he failed her.

↳ “I am ordering you not to bring me back.“

Big List of Fantroll Facts from Hiveswap

This is all pulled straight from the game with 0 (or attempted 0) bias from me or @peckonthecheek

We have both played the game so I can verify several things on the list. Most of the information comes from @peckonthecheek​ who exhaustively did everything in the game and recorded useful information.

If you want to add to this post, feel free to screenshot what you want to add and send it to me!

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I love Fai’s shadow stretching so high behind him because the implication here is that he’s the shadow. The smiling Fai is the person he puts on display for the world so he can hide behind it in the collected darkness, a shade that no-one ever looks at, and this is Kurogane making all of my dreams come true and finally turning the mirror back in on itself.

AND THEN HE USES THE KIDS AS EVIDENCE, IN THE SAME WAY THAT FAI HIMSELF NOTED TO HIS DISMAY BACK IN OUTO. HE CARES FOR THIS FAMILY MORE THAN HE EVER PLANNED TO, MORE THAN HE EVER WANTED TO, And Kurogane saying this to him is the ultimate sign that Fai has failed his goal in every single way, because it means he knows it too, and that he knows it all. 


He says “I said it, didn’t I? I wasn’t going to die.” That was in Koryo, too. Fai’s pretending that the magic was purely in self-interest – which, on the first level, is the sign that he’s lost the battle on the “I don’t use magic” front, but making a decent attempt at the “I don’t actually care for anyone” claim.

But Kurogane JUST



AND HE DOES. THERE EVIDENCE IS EVERYWHERE AND THERE’S NO WAY TO PRETEND IT’S ANYTHING ELSE. He could have resisted the urge to use magic. He could have just let them all be captured and see what happened. But Kurogane points out exactly why he didn’t; because they might not all have survived.  

It’s not even about them as a collective unit. They might have gotten out of it eventually but what if Sakura died in the process. What if Syaoran died in the process. Or Kurogane. 

Fai was at the point where he was no longer willing to risk any of those outcomes, not even a little bit. So without any prodding from anyone at all HE HIMSELF CHOSE TO USE HIS MAGIC AS AN ACCEPTABLE PRICE FOR ALL OF THEIR CONTINUED SAFETY.









It was like pulling teeth to get it out of him but HE DID IT.


This is honestly one of my favourite things to ever happen in this entire manga.

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Forgive me if you've been asked this already but at what moment do you think Clarke fell in love with Lexa, or realized she was in love with her? I believe Eliza had trouble answering this at a con (I think she said it was before the bow though) so I'm wondering what you think.

Mmm that’s hard to say, and honestly, that’s kinda what I love about it. Because you can’t always exactly pinpoint the moment you fall in love with someone, right? Maybe it’s a feeling that grows gradually but unstoppable, maybe it’s like a wave hitting you at once, it varies. And that’s how I think it was for Clarke.

The way I see it, it was sudden for her at first and then everything slowed down and it naturally developed. It wasn’t love yet in the beginning, but there was definitely a realization that she had feelings for Lexa. Just look at her face after storming out of Lexa’s tent in 2x14. 

Why else would she looked so bothered? If she had just been upset about their argument she would have had an angry face. Instead she looks like she’s literally trying to physically restrain her feelings, whatever they may be. She takes that deep, shaky breath in an attempt to collect herself because, what the hell just happened inside that tent? Did Lexa really just confess she has feelings for me? And why does it affect me so much? What am I feeling? This is what I think is going through her mind. And then of course we have the confirmation of this, when she gladly replies to Lexa’s kiss. Even after she rejects her, there is no indication of that being a definitive rejection. There is no feeling of “I’m sorry, but I don’t reciprocate.” Clarke is not ready for a relationship, and it’s right that she was honest with Lexa, but she rejects her in literally the softest way possible, AND leaves the door open for the future. Not yet. That means she already sees herself considering a relationship with Lexa in the future, after healing, when she’s finally ready. And look at how tender and somewhat tamely longing her gaze is even after she rejected Lexa.

She is definitely aware of her feelings for Lexa here. But then the betrayal happens and ah, they take 46 steps back.

Now, of course, Lexa’s betrayal causes Clarke to close herself off. Clarke is angry at Lexa, she’s angry at herself, she’s in pain, every other feeling pales in comparison. And obviously, so much of Clarke’s suffering is tied to what Lexa did, so it’s definitely not a surprise that romance is out of the question when they first meet again. Clarke’s pain is consuming her, she is definitely not thinking about whatever she and Lexa had. And yet…

This isn’t a romantic moment by any means. But we’re talking about Clarke realizing she loves Lexa, and I don’t think we can’t gloss over this moment. When I say that I don’t romanticize this scene, it’s because this is not a cute moment. This isn’t a “oh my God, she loves her!” moment, this moment is sad. It’s painful, it’s heartbreaking, but it’s so damn important. Clarke can’t kill Lexa here. How much easier would it be for her to shut her heart out entirely, to blame Lexa for everything and just kill her without feeling anything? I bet in that moment, a part of Clarke wants that. But Clarke feels, and she feels for Lexa. She has these feelings and they won’t go away, not even when she’s at her lowest. So yeah, not a romantic moment, but definitely essential to understand Clarke’s complicated feelings for Lexa.

After the bow, Clarke is a little more trusting towards Lexa, but she’s definitely still closed off, she’s not ready to expose her heart yet. And we get to the “I’m doing it for my people” episode, 3x04. Right from the very beginning, Clarke spends the entire episode trying to find a way to keep Lexa safe, to protect her. But every single time she voices her concerns to Lexa or hell, even Titus, her preoccupation feels far more personal than political. She’s worried, she’s agitated, she even seems angry that Lexa won’t listen to her and step away from the duel. It’s a crescendo of apprehension and frustration and anxiousness as every single one of Clarke’s attempts fails, crescendo that culminates in an emotional explosion.

The second gif is particularly telling. Titus interrupts them, the moment is gone and Clarke finds herself having to face what just happened. Look at her face, at how she looks away from Lexa and sucks a breath through her teeth. She’s restraining her feelings, but she’s a little too late this time. And it’s not only Lexa who is shaken by Clarke’s emotional outburst, it’s Clarke herself too. She doesn’t catch herself in time and now she can’t pretend with herself that those feelings aren’t there. I think this is when the true first “shift” after the betrayal happens. Clarke wants to keep Lexa at arm’s length but Lexa might very well die that same day and, despite any resolution she had, the thought terrifies Clarke. And she’s so scared that she’s never going to see Lexa again that…

I could write an essay on all the emotions Clarke experiences before and throughout and at the end of Lexa’s duel, but the gist of it is that during this tense moment, with Lexa’s life on the line, she can’t bring herself to hide her feelings. It’s all there, on her face. 

Only when things settle down she is able to collect herself again. Lexa comes visit her that night and we see Clarke pull her walls up again. “I was just doing what was right for my people.” BUT! Even if Clarke is not ready to open up her heart again, that scene is infused with intimacy. Even Clarke’s “rejection” is filled with emotion.

Clarke is the opposite of cold here. The way I see it, she is pulling away because she’s realizing she’s close to giving in, but she’s not yet ready for that. It’s so clear that here Lexa is talking about what happened at Mount Weather too, this is another quiet apology that Clarke obviously recognizes. If she went with her feelings, Clarke would have to admit that she does understand Lexa, that in her heart maybe she’s already forgiven her. But in that moment it’s too overwhelming, so she looks away and avoids the conversation, avoids Lexa’s gaze, avoids having to focus on her feelings.

She literally keeps having to look away because things get too intense but at the same time there’s a tenderness in her eyes that she can’t hide. And once Lexa is gone and she can breathe… bam

All the feelings she restrained, everything she tried to hide merely minutes ago hits her full force. I said I think Clarke’s love for Lexa developed gradually, naturally, but if I had to pick a specific moment and say that’s when Clarke realized she’s in love with Lexa, it would be this one.

By the time we get to 3x06, I do believe Clarke knows and has accepted she is in love with Lexa, but she’s still struggling to admit it out loud, especially to Lexa. That episode happens roughly 7-10 days after the events of Hakeldama, and when we see Clarke and Lexa again, they are closer than ever. There is a sense of intimacy, of almost domesticity between them. They are comfortable with each other’s presence. There’s not really a reason for them being in the same room in that scene: Lexa fell asleep while reading and Clarke is drawing (there are other sheets in her folder, which makes me think she was drawing other things before focusing on Lexa). They don’t have to talk or interact, they simply are together.

When Lexa wakes up from the nightmare, Clarke doesn’t hesitate to jump next to her and comfort her, with soothing touches and calming, reassuring words. And then we get to the moment Lexa notices the drawing. A lot has been said about Lexa’s face, but instead look at Clarke’s.

This is the exact opposite of what I was talking about in 3x04. Lexa sees the drawing and is taken aback. That she doesn’t know whether she should hope for anything is another story, but the look she gives Clarke is very telling. And Clarke doesn’t avoid it. Yes, her first instinct is to play it off as something meaningless. “Uh, that’s not- it’s not finished yet.” But then Lexa looks at her, confused, surprised, a tiny bit hopeful, and Clarke meets her gaze and they just stare at each other. Look at that little pause she does before lifting her eyes. That’s when she chooses not to hide. As I said, I think that here Clarke has come to terms with her feelings for Lexa, but here for the first time, she doesn’t hide them from Lexa. Her look is just as telling as Lexa’s. They aren’t saying a word and this is one of their most honest, important conversations. Clarke is silent, but her eyes are speaking, her untold feelings are there, and maybe letting Lexa know isn’t so unfathomable anymore. Maybe, maybe Clarke this is the closest Clarke has been to being ready.

So this is what i think. The way I see it, it’s tricky and complicated and simply beautiful.

The Types as Stupid Things I've Heard/Said
  • ENTP: "I'm not a COMPLETE sociopath, geez."
  • INTP: "Emotions? I don't know her."
  • ENFP: I'm not picking sides! *Five minutes later* "You suck."
  • INFP: "Everything has a life, don't kill anything. nO INTP DON'T KILL THE COCKROACH DAMMIT!"
  • ENTJ: "I win, shaboom!"
  • INTJ: *rather than using 3.14 for pi she uses 3.141592653589793*
  • ENFJ: "I wanted to tell her to leave as nicely as possible but all that came out was "Fuck You." Hm."
  • INFJ: "Ding, Dong, the bitch is gone, the bitch is gone. Ding, dong, the stupid bitch is gone!"
  • ESTP: "I'm the BEST! Muahahaha!" *trips on shoelace*
  • ISTP: "Why are you so rude? Like why? It doesn't make sense? You can just shut up?"
  • ESFP: "Let't not and say we did."
  • ISFP: "Do you know how to not?"
  • ESTJ: *puzzled look on their face as INTP attempts to explain a math problem to them*
  • ISTJ: "Stress can get the fuck out of my life please and thank you!"
  • ISFJ: "But they were so nice to me..."
  • ESFJ: *raises hand before teacher even finishes sentence*
Early Morning

Summary: Lance seems to have found his soft spot, thanks to you.

Pairing: Lance Tucker x reader

Warnings: Language; very vague mentions of physical domestic abuse

Word Count: 2,650 (sorry)

A/N: Here is my entry for @marvelous-fvcks’ writing challenge! My prompt was “Stay here tonight.” Note: flashback is set aside, in italics. Hopefully you all enjoy some more soft, caring Lance, because he’s my favorite. | masterlist

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Give me realistic DC heroes?

I wanna see Bruce Wayne with bags under his eyes, hiding cuts and bruises beneath his tailored suits and who pays high end valets to be his date for fancy parties so he doesn’t have to actually sleep with anyone because he’s exhausted. Batman, who’s knuckles break so often, the nerves are beginning to wear out, and who Alfred sometimes has to force to eat because he’s so focused on everyone else he forgets about himself. 

Give me a Diana Prince who will constantly revert back to speaking Greek, especially when she’s angry, and who talks of ancient battles as if they all had been there. Wonder Woman, who’s body is riddled battle scars, not only from training, but from war. A Diana who will often become lost in thoughts about the past, and forget herself.

A Superman who’s eyes sometimes hurt from his heat vision and gets headaches on bad days, able to hear every heart beating on Earth at once. Clark Kent, who sometimes forgets his own strength, and breaks things he doesn’t mean to, like doorknobs, or his own glasses. A Kryptonian that gets violently ill after being exposed to Kryptonite, and will often vomit for several hours after. 

I wanna see a Barry Allen with lighting scars on his palms from the chains he was holding when he was struck, and often shocks people unintentionally. Give me a speedster who, if he doesn’t eat when he needs to, will pass out in the midst of a battle. Flash, who mutters his mother’s name in his sleep and will sometimes overshoot a target zone because he was moving so fast even he lost track of himself. 

A Hal Jordan, who wakes up from nightmares and will subconsciously create a protective shield, often lashing out in his sleep. Who is sometimes so afraid, he will sneak into his best friend’s house just to sleep on his couch, comforted at the thought of another superhero in the house with him. A Green Lantern who is so lonely, he tries to reach out and befriend anything and everything that doesn’t try to kill him because his family won’t speak to him and hates that both Batman and Flash can read him so well. 

Aquaman, who’s lungs hurt from the air and has to pour water into the gills on his neck. A half Atlantian who sometimes forgets that the surface world exists and will scold anyone that dares kill a sea creature without valid reason. Arthur, who will ransack fishing boats because the fish are dying and he can hear them screaming for help. Just a man who experiences intense migraines just being connected to all the sealife on Earth. 

Give me a Cyborg that doesn’t eat or drink, and forgets what its like to breathe on his own. Who touches his face subconsciously, because its the last place he can still feel, and who’s head kills him sometimes, because its half machine. Victor Stone, who thinks in ones and zeroes and will sometimes forget empathy or how to read human emotions because his mechanical mind will take over.

Starfire forgetting that her fiery hair can burn skin.

Green Arrow, who wakes up every night in a cold sweat and has a difficult time learning to trust people. 

Black Canary will cough up blood if she screams too often, and cannot speak for several days to recover. 

Martian Manhunter, speaking in his own tongue and forgetting that his true form frightens people. 

Jason and Dr. Stein, whos’ entire bodies ache after fusing and whom, will sometimes cough smoke. 

Ray Palmer experiencing headaches and backaches if he shrinks or grows too carelessly. 

Kara crying at night because she misses her mother. 

All the Robins waking up from nightmares of the Joker. 

Blue Beetle experiencing overwhelming pain in his spine and just wanting that voice in his head to be quiet.

A Beast Boy who has to eat after every transformation because it takes so much out of him. 

Oracle trying with every fiber of her being to move her legs, and crying herself to sleep every night because she can’t.

Give me superheroes with humanity.

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Ghost (Bucky x Reader)

So I’m dumb and I’m starting ANOTHER series cause obviously I hate myself. I’ll keep posting She’s a Rockstar but I’m adding this one in too lol 

Summary: Y/N is a highly trained, very elite assassin and the Avengers have taken it upon them to try and find her. Bucky takes a special interest in her. 

Warnings: Nothing, slow burn, eventual smut probs 



She was fast as hell, almost impossible to catch, never stayed in one place for very long, no one knew her name, no one knew anything about her, actually.

“So how the hell are we supposed to catch her if she’s impossible to find and completely off the grid,” Bucky said, agitated.

“That’s why we’re here Barnes, to get a game plan. See, we don’t have much information on her but what we do have is in your briefing folders,” Fury said as they all took a lot at the information before them. “What we do know is that she’s one of the deadliest assassins we’ve ever seen, ever. The name Y/N Y/L/N came up a couple times here and there so we’re going to have to try and find something using that.”

“Well how are we supposed to find her if no one knows where she is,” Steve inquired.

“We have footage of her from this morning at 2:38 am leaving the nightclub Marquee. We don’t know what she was doing there but check it out. Chances are she’s still in New York. We also don’t know if she works solo or if she works with or for someone. I trust that you are all capable enough to find this girl so let’s move. No more time to waste,” Fury concluded. He walked away leaving the team to deliberate.

“Could these pictures be any blurrier? What are we supposed to do with this?” Wanda inquired. The team collectively shrugged and went back to studying the photos in the file.

“Alright so it’s simple guys,” Bucky started. “We have to dig up her most recent assassinations, find out who she’s been dropping and who could be next. Look for a theme, bloodlines, country of origin, and any trace of gangs or maybe the mafia even. Just dig up everything and anything on these killings.” Bucky had dealt with his fair share of assassins, he could usually pick up their MOs and put himself in the mind of the killer.

After hours and hours of the team doing relentless research, tapping video cameras, cell phone calls, finding what they could on all her past murders.

“Guys I think I might have found something,” Steve said as he waved people over to him. “So I found someone that matches the description of this girl and came up with hundreds of different profiles, all with the pictures of her. I did some more digging and found a name, guess what name?” Steve looked proud.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” Sam answered Steve’s rhetorical question. “Well what does it say?” Sam asked.

“Hmm. Alright born in Canada-“

“Canada? Seriously? I thought they were nice up there,” Sam said with disappointment.

“Yes. Canada. Mom and dad died in a car crash when she was 9. Rumours that the car crash was intentional. After that she kind of just disappears. She resurfaces every once in a while, new information every time. Most recent one looks like it could be Alana Sanche but no way to really be sure,” Steve explained.

“Oh one of the surveillance videos I watched has a girl that looks exactly Y/N as Alana Sanchez. She looks like she’s on the phone at the time and some audio recording caught a few words like ‘it’s done’, ‘don’t worry’, and ‘who’s next?’. This could be her. The time stamp says around 2:45 am, 7 minutes after she left the club,” Wanda explained.

“Well time to go find a highly trained assassin who just so happens to be impossible to find.” Tony said sarcastically.



“What do you want me to do here Rick? He’s dead isn’t he?” You were getting frustrated. You had done everything he asked but still, something was done wrong obviously.

“Y/N you’re getting sloppy. I’ve heard that there are people looking for you,” Rick explained. “Only tryin’ to look out for you darlin’.”

“Don’t forget who I am Rick. I’m impossible to catch. You know that, I know that, they know that. Whatever they have is going to come up inconclusive. I know what I’m doing Rick,” Y/N retorted. He grumbled and turned away. “Anyway, who’s next?”


“Any leads guys?” Fury asked as he gathered the team together. They all mumbled a no and looked away sheepishly. “What do you mean no? Come on guys.”

“We have a name and we have a face. We’re pretty sure her current alias is Alana Sanchez but that’s pretty much it,” Steve explained.

“I’ve been looking in to all of her most recent killings, hard to find but there, and from what I can tell there’s no real connection. There’s no pattern. My thought is that she’s doing someone’s dirty work. If it were just her doing it then there would be a pattern. I thought it may be connected to the car crash but none of the victims have any connection to her parents’ death. It’s bizarre, I’ve never seen it before,” Bucky said.

“Keep looking then,” Fury said.

The team dispersed and got back to work. Bucky stared at the screen of his computer for what felt like ages, completely dumbfounded at this girl.

“God this makes no sense… What is she doing,” Bucky mumbled to himself.

“Hey pal, you doing alright?” Steve slapped a friendly hand on Bucky’s shoulder and sat down beside him. “This is a hard one isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what it is about her. Maybe it’s that there’s no order to this? Maybe it’s that she’s impossible to find? God man, I don’t know but this is driving me crazy. When I was… out of control… I always had a reason. Most of the people I killed had a common connection, they did something against Hydra but I’ve looked at all possible connection between the people she’s killed but there’s nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

“We’ll find her, then you can ask questions,” Steve offered. Bucky nodded and turned back to the laptop.

“Y/N Y/L/N. Who the hell are you?”


Simon Pegg
From Shaun of the Dead to Absolutely Anything.

(I know I’ve skipped a few, but here are the main ones.)

I know, I know
If you could go back you
would walk with Jesus
You would march with King
Maybe assassinate Hitler
At least hide Jews in your basement
It would all be clear to you
But people then, just like you
were baffled, had bills
to pay and children they didn’t
understand and they too
were so desperate for normalcy
they made anything normal
Even turning everything inside out
Even killing, and killing, and it’s easy
for turning the other cheek
to be looking the other way, for walking
to be talking, and they hid
in their houses
and watched it on television, when they had television,
and wrung their hands
or didn’t, and your hands
are just like theirs. Lined, permeable,
small, and you
would follow Caesar, and quote McCarthy, and Hoover, and you would want
to make Germany great again
Because you are afraid, and your
parents are sick, and your
job pays shit and where’s your
dignity? Just a little dignity and those kids sitting down in the highway,
and chaining themselves to
buildings, what’s their fucking problem? And that kid
That’s King. And this is Selma. And Berlin. And Jerusalem. And now
is when they need you to be brave.
is when we need you to go back
and forget everything you know
and give up the things you’re chained to
and make it look so easy in your
grandkids’ history books (they should still have them, kinehora)
is when it will all be clear to them.
—  Danny bryck

Okay but literally can we discuss how amazing Death Note would have been if LawLight was canon? Because, literally, it would have been pretty perfect.
First, we would have Light, the boy who was never interested in anyone, who was rarely amused, let alone /enamored/ but someone, and then this boy- this /man/ comes waltzing into his life, tricking him left and right without even knowing its him.
And it pisses Light off, because he’s supposed to be the smart one, fuck this L dude. But then! THEN! L turns out to be hot, and oh fuck, Light seriously didn’t need that. But he and L work together, they get close. L accuses him of being Kira, Light is a little shit and works around it. And they both know, oh, they know.
And so Light would be getting tired of this all, regretting it and embracing it all the same while he falls for L. Because had he not been Kira, would he have ever met L? Sure, his father works for the police, and sure, he would have become a detective, but there’s no guarantee that he and L would have met. There’s no guarantee that Light would have met his first love.
And as they grow together, Light doesn’t know what to feel. He’s scared, he wants to protect L, but he started this for a reason, damn it. And now he has Misa strung along, and he doesn’t know what his sexuality is, and c'mon, I would love a canonically gay or bi serial killer. Though he would probably be gay, since Light only ever used women for his personal advantage. But who the hell knows. Queer super villains AND super heros. Yes. L would be pan or bi.
And, okay, hear me out. While they’re falling for each other, at the pinnacle of their emotional rollercoaster, L handcuffs them together, and that’s just the end. And they lay awake at night and admit their feelings, and both know the other is their enemy but both wants to keep the other safe. But they know they can’t protect the other if something comes out- L can’t argue on behalf of Light if he is convicted, if he is captured. And Light can’t promise that one of the other Kira’s or a follower won’t kill L if his name gets out there, and if he issued a statement to not touch him, it would be painfully obvious to L that he was Kira, and would that be enough to convict him?
Imagine it. Imagine Light and L having an emotional episode where L gently pushes Light’s hair back and tells him that they can be together, that he wants to protect Light if he admits he’s Kira. And in return of his trust, he gives Light his name, says that Light may write his name down if L exposes him before they’ve settled on anything. And when Light doesn’t kill L, it makes everything so much more emotional and more complicated.
Just. Imagine if LawLight was canon. I’m emotional.

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After this last scene whit the secretary and jack, my supercorp feelings went through the roof. I was wondering if you could write a piece on Lena explaining to Kara why she chose saving her instead of Jack and Kara being there for her? Thanks! Btw, you are amazing!!! Thank you for existing 💕

The idea of being controlled had terrified her so much more than the idea of dying.

She’s been surprised when she told Supergirl that she had a better idea, that she’d listened to her without hesitation when she told her to keep them occupied.

That Supergirl trusted her with her life. With all their lives.

Without question, without hesitation.

It had been a stupid decision. On Supergirl’s part.

On her own.

Because Jack was dead, and she wasn’t even sure if their last kiss had been real, and he was dead, and Supergirl was alive, sure, but Jack was dead, and it was her fault, her choice, her fault. 

And she’s not sure why she’s telling Kara all this – because she killed him, killed him, killed him, and surely someone as gentle, as kind, as ethical, as Kara will hate her for it, will see her brother in her for it, will see her mother in her for it – but she’s telling her anyway, and she finds that she can’t cry, and she finds that she’s more terrified than she’s ever been in her life.

Because when she feels again?

She has no idea what she’ll become.

“I saved her because the world needs her. And it does, and that’s fine, but in doing so, I killed the one man I ever… I killed Jack.”

“No,” Kara is saying, and Lena wonders how anyone can be that earnest. “No, Lena. You didn’t kill him. Beth did. Not you. You were in an impossible situation – ”

“No. It was selfish, Kara. I made the selfish choice.”

Kara furrows her brow, and though her arm is still around Lena, she pulls her face back to look at Lena’s more directly.

“But you said – ”

“It was selfish because the world does need Supergirl. But so do I. Because I don’t… I’ve lived without Jack since I came to National City, but you, Kara? I can’t imagine my life without you.”

Kara freezes and she’s too stunned even to splutter, too terrified even to pfft out a laugh.

Lena smiles softly, but it doesn’t quite reach her heart.

“The glasses are flattering, Kara, but really, nothing can hide those eyes.” She shifts so their bodies are closer. “Or these arms.”

Her words are light, but her voice is heavy. Her words are almost flirtatious, but her eyes are dull. Distant. Almost dead.

And so, in a way, is she.

This isn’t how she wanted to tell Kara that she knew.

And it certainly isn’t how she wanted to tell Kara that she can’t live without her.

But she’s already destroyed Jack. She might as well destroy this, too.

Only that’s not what happens.

It’s not what happens because Kara is shifting closer to her, arranging their bodies so they’re flush together on her couch. Kara is whispering something in what Lena can only guess is the tongue she grew up speaking, and she’s pressing a soft kiss to Lena’s forehead.

“You didn’t kill him, Lena. Beth did. And you’re… you’re allowed to mourn. Anything else – everything else – can wait. Because I’m not going anywhere, okay? I’m not. I’m going to be here while you mourn, or rage, or stare sullenly at the night sky… I’ll hold you, or I’ll listen to you, or I’ll rage with you, or I’ll tell you stories about all the constellations, all the planets, and you don’t have to say a thing. I’m not going anywhere, Lena. And… and thank you. For saving my life.”

Lena almost smiles at that.

“So you admit that I’m right about you?”

“I admit that you’re a brilliant woman with excellent deductive powers.”

“I won’t deny that,” Lena teases, and she almost sounds like herself again.

Almost. But it’s alright. It’s alright, because Kara will be there until she is.


~ Our Heartache ~
Toriel, Asgore Dreemurr, Asriel Dreemurr, and Asriel “God of Hyperdeath” form. 

I recently picked up this game on Steam called “Undertale” and I heavily enjoy it. Bullet hell and a choice between not killing anything to killing everything. (So far I apparently have done Neutral Route, and True Pacifist). So I came to a point where I wanted to make a Simplistic Design of Toriel, Asgore, and Asriel. Kept it as simple as I can by keep to their initial design. 

(Due to the Fan-art merch policy of Undertale located (HERE) I cannot sell the designs I made as shirts etc, and host it via on my Redbubble…. I really wish I could sell the designs though, I’d wear it myself and all too..)