and killer biceps

What instrument should you play?????
  • Violin: do you hate being ignored? Want to be a child prodigy and have all the solos and love to back stab people for that first chair?? Want nothing but melodies and egos??? The violin is just for you!!
  • Viola: if you were bad at the violin, fear not! The viola is waiting with open arms!
  • Cello: if you have expressive facial expressions, like to rock back and forth, and if you have been called "overly dramatic" in the last five days, the cello is for you!
  • Double Bass: want to do nothing but play tonic and dominant notes all through the piece????? LOOK NO FURTHER!!!
  • Harp: never want to be heard?? Do you have an extra $30,000 to spare???? The harp is for you, my friend!
  • Bassoon: If you excelled at oboe, level up to bassoon! If not, stay there.... In the oboe section,.Please
  • Flute: want to make grown men cry and shriek with terror at your high notes?? flute gives you all the power you could ever want!
  • Clarinet: do you like hardly ever being heard in the orchestra??? But you want a lot of solos?? Is cappricio espagnol your dream clarinet-orchestra piece?? Make that dream a REALITY!!!1!1!
  • Bass clarinet: Clarinet.... But with more OOMPF AMIRITE YES!?,,??2!
  • Trumpet: play as loud as you can, whenever you can!! Want your lips to fall off as well??? Come join the trumpet cult!
  • Trombone: If you like long slidy things that go woo-OOO then this if for you. Or if you like alcohol. If not, don't think about it.
  • French horn: Silent, yet do you secretly judge everybody??? Play this, and you can judge everybody WHILE PLAYING AN INSTRUMENT!!! 10/10 IMPROVEMENT!!
  • Tuba: If you are a double bassist wanting to expand your notes that you play by three more, come to the tuba section!
  • Percussion: want killer biceps??? (Jk not really) join the perc section!
  • Piano: are you lonely and melodramatic at heart? Then the piano is perfect for YOU!

taekook shippers: I love taekook!

jungkook: lmao 😂👏🏻 kim taehyung 😍🤣 no one ‼️loves 💘 taetae like me 😐😩 all of you☺️💩 aren’t on my level 😎👻 the grind 🙌🏻🙌🏻 never stops 💪🏻 these killer thighs 👇🏻and biceps 💪🏻 and delicious 👅 chocolate abs 🙏🏻 you wish you had 😜😋 im working out while you sleep 💤 rolling in cash 💸💰💸 we have matching elephant moles 👀 and a secret handshake 🤝🗣 when will you ever 💅🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻⁉️❗️😂

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Call Me Short One More Time
Masterlist: x

It was no secret: you were short. However for some reason whenever anyone met you that was all they would mention at first would be your height; as if you didn’t already know. The way they went on about it was as if they were informing you about your height; or lack there of. It made you so incredibly mad. 

Even when you were training everyday in the gym, if you were of a normal height people would have applauded your enthusiasm to be healthy and to be fit but because you were 5 foot 1, they looked past your abs and killer biceps and went straight for the “Hey aren’t you a bit young to be in here, oh sorry thought you were just a kid y'know cause of the height” If you had to hear that comment one more time, somebody was going to die. But then again you would probably get away with it as all they would notice was how you couldn’t reach high enough to stab him in the face. 

So, when you joined the avengers you were hoping they would look past your lack of height and focus on your incredible fighting skills, oh how wrong you were. Walking in, you felt all eyes on you and you could already read their minds. As you were so nervous for meeting them you had pulled on the combat boots that add a couple inches to your height, so you weren’t as short as normal but they still noticed. 

“This is y/n, she is going to start  joining us on missions, she like Natasha is a fighter, so I suggest you all introduce yourselves and make her feel at home” Fury spoke over the intercom, him and Tony had had a disagreement so Fury was here by no longer allowed in, unless he told Stark his ideas were all amazing. 

All the avengers began to introduce themselves to you before heading back to their rooms.  Finally the silver haired, chiseled man sped over to you making you jump. “Hi i’m Pietro, and I know they all look like assholes, but i’m super nice” he winked making you giggle. I’m guessing you might need a tour no?“  he offered making you nod unknowingly, your brain just decided for you that you needed to spend time with this man. 

Pietro showed you everywhere, and there was a lot of everywhere, you could hardly remember one of the placed but to be honest you knew that was going to happen. "You know, I think that they will warm up to you” Pietro spoke placing an arm over your shoulder sympathetically. Whilst walking around you told him about how you knew they were judging your height.  "And this" Pietro gestured waving his hand out. “is the gym”. Natasha was going over what looked like your file, she seemed to be impressed. 

“Hey y/n, fancy showing off your skills and fighting me?” Natasha asked throwing down your file to the side as Pietro stepped back.
“Y/n, Natasha is a very skilled fighter it will take a while before you stand a chance at beating her” he chuckled watching as you rolled your eyes before stepping into the ring. This was where your lack of height came in handy, with every punch and kick you could dodge much easier than she did and through many minutes of constant struggling you managed to pin her down.
“Jesus y/n” Pietro called making you climb back out of the ring, “Remind me not to get in a fight with you” he teased causing you to blush a little, “Although if that’s what it takes to get you to sit on me” he smirked wiggling his eyebrows


running off to sea to seek your fortune: a how-to guide

About seven months ago now I walked down a dock in April and tried to guess which of the three shrinkwrapped schooners docked there was going to be my home for the foreseeable future. Coming out the other side of the season, I’ve got hands like leather, killer biceps, a general familiarity with sailing, two near-death experiences, and in general I’m pretty comfortable wearing a knife around now. This is going to be a quick breakdown of the ups and downs of windjammer life, because I sure as hell had no idea what I was getting into, and if it sounds like an interesting job maybe you can go into it a bit more prepared than I was.

Windjamming - the part of the traditional-rigged sailing industry that deals with tourists, and the focus of the guide. Generally to do anything else with tall ships, like deliveries (moving a ship from point A to Point B, like the Florida Keys to Boston in time for the summer season), you need to have some sailing experience already.  Windjamming can be split into day sailors and longer cruises.

  • Day sailors make 2 to 4 short trips a day, generally in the area of three hours each. The tips are better because you see so many people in such a short time. You’re in port every night, so you’ll always have access to cell service, grocery stores, the bars, etc. You tend to have rainy days off. On the flip side, it’s not always a live-aboard position, so if you’re hoping to be staying on the ship, make sure you ask. You’ll also be feeding yourself out of pocket. The repetitive nature of the trips can be monotonous, and you don’t really have a chance to get to know the guests. Generally smaller boats and smaller crew.
  • Longer Cruises make overnight trips, generally 3-6 days, which means they go further and there’s more variety in where they sail. You get to know the passengers much better, and you really get to see the breadth of weather on the ocean - it’s a much fuller experience in terms of sailing. These are almost always live-aboard positions, so you have a home with no rent to pay. You’ll be fed as well as the passengers are, and even on the days you’re in port, there will be leftovers to eat if you don’t want to spend money - you can save a lot more because virtually nothing has to be spent on the cost of living. On the other hand, you’ll be out of contact for days at a time, and the unending nature of the job - with guests aboard, you’re responsible for their wellbeing even when not actively on duty, which can mean up to six unbroken days of Customer Service Face - means that it can be emotionally a bit overwhelming at times.

Pay varies pretty greatly from one boat to another; for the entry-level position of messmate, I’ve seen anywhere from a pretty generous $400/week to volunteer. Those seem to be the extreme ranges of the spectrum, so anywhere in that ballpark could be expected.

Positions open to you as a total beginner are:

  • Deckhand - a standard sailor. Usually you need a bit of sailing or sailing-adjacent experience, but not always, if you’re strong and quick to learn. Duties tend to include tacking, furling, and reefing sails, cleaning the ship (deck, the toilets, the sides of the hull, etc.), helping passengers up and down the ladders, and similar tasks.
  • Cook or assistant cook - day sailors don’t have this, so if you want to work in the galley you’re going to have to commit to a longer cruise. Planning and preparing all meals, three times a day, for about 30 people. Often includes things like baking your own bread. might be on a wood stove or a propane stove; sometimes the stove swings to stay level and sometimes it has fiddles to keep pots from sliding off, but not always. You’ve got to be an early riser, and good at time management.
  • Messmate: another galley position, but this one is half-way between the galley and the deck - ideally a 3/1 ratio. Cleaning dishes, setting tables, assisting the cook on occasion with meal prep, maybe snacks and things like that, as well as small things on deck like tacking sails. A lot of that is on you, however - go bug deck crew to teach you if that’s where you want to be.

Life on a windjammer/General things to know

  • Pack practically. I really can’t emphasize this enough. You’ll have a few days off but you’re not going to have the energy to get into nice clothes and honestly you’re going to be covered in paint dust/anchor grease/pine tar/whatever the fuck anyway. You really won’t have any use for anything besides working clothes and mayyyyyybe one nice outfit to remind you that there were better days, once. Bring clothes that you can burn at the end of the season, because they’re not going to be wearable in public.
  • Get a pair of work pants - Carharts, Dickies, doesn’t matter - as long as they’re tough as hell and have a lot of pockets. You’re also gonna want to have a leatherman, or ideally a rig knife/marlinspike set (cutting lines, tightening and undoing knots, etc. are things you’ll find yourself doing frequently).
  • Learn how to tie a bowline, a cleat, and a rolling hitch. You can learn everything fancier, but these are the three you’ll be using the most.
  • Just…give up on ever feeling clean. Life is easier that way. You can get a shower and wash laundry on land, but while on board it’s lucky to have hot water, and you’ll still be washing your hair in a swimsuit, on deck, with dish soap. Embrace it, bring deodorant, go swimming in the ocean.
  • Some really weird jobs are going to be given to you. Sailing, cleaning, whatever, all in a day’s work. Rubbing down all seventy feet of the main mast with Vaseline while being belayed down on a swing also covered in Vaseline…a bit out of left field. Windjamming is basically an endless string of crises, so don’t be too thrown when something goes wrong.
  • Ideally you’re reasonably good with heights (if not, avoid ships with topsails) and don’t get motion sickness.  
  • There’s a lot of turnover - people leave all the time for all kinds of reasons, like going back to school in the fall, getting hurt, getting fired, getting overwhelmed and quitting.
  • It’s a gift culture - your crew is what keeps you going, and you share what you have - people with real apartments will offer you a place to sleep and shower. People who’ve done this before will give you things you’re missing. Things like hats and books and jackets get traded and gifted a lot. Over the course of the season I gave away hand cream, a coffee mug, rides to places in my car, drawings - not much, but I didn’t come with much that could be useful. I was given a rig knife, a ceramic bowl, a few books, tea, a ukulele. Share what you have and give away things someone needs and you don’t. 
  • You’re going to meet a lot of weird people. Well-balanced people with 9-5 jobs who are content with their lives and like doing things like ‘leisurely sipping coffee in caffes while it rains outside’ and ‘bathing’ don’t often apply. If this is the kind of job that appeals to you, then it’s likely they’re going to be your kind of people.
  • There’s definitely a drinking culture, but there’s no pressure to join in, in my experience. Everyone is really chill  about whether or not you’re drinking; often the local dive bar is simply the closest warm place to find people and touch base with the other schooner bums. Once in a while someone will buy everyone a pitcher to share, but this is more related to ‘share what you have’ than to ‘everyone must drink’.

That’s it off the top of my head, but please feel free to message me if you have any questions! I can’t promise I’ll have a good answer, but then again I might. Hope this helps!

Achievement Het Hunters [Rooster Hunters TF/MC]

For @henrycavbsc aka @mrcavanaughtf

Jake Dickson smiled, passing about brand new Achievement Hunter controllers to each of his friends. His raven hair combed down emo, body shorter than ever barely reaching at a 5 ft 5 with little to no body or facial hair.

He was about to chill a new game along with his two gay friends, Garett Finch and Rick Han. Loving boyfriends, the former being quite pudgy in his blonde haired belly while the latter being a skinny and strangely enough, overly tall asian trying to fit in with his brown dyed hair.

Connecting the brand new limited edition controllers to their PS4. The couple sat on the floor with hands intwined with one another, with their host Jake on the top of the couch as he started the game, out flashing three women in the intro with a huge label on top—


“Their faces, their bodies, their…voices. They all sound so familiar…” Each of them thought, eyes darting about, hypnotized the strong estrogen presence radiating from the screen. Spinning and STOPPING! At their match.

Looking STRAIGHT at the babe in front of them, barely even caring about the other as their dicks rise with unwanted resistance. Pheromones causing their gayness to melt away, boyfriends getting more uncomfortable holding hands with one another side by side.

Subliminal messages running through their new sensations, stroking their brains with gentle touches that they have never experienced ever before in their lifetime.

‘He belongs to her, so he oughta be the man she desires.’

Their bodies swell with testosterone, reeking with it. Bathing in games of call of duty and warfare. That’s what true men play, all guts and glory, all-

KICKASS legs being FILLED with STRONG STURDY muscle each EQUIVALENT TO PURE MANHOOD. Tough thighs and calves get wrapped around with that typical jean material you see in heterosexual men.

Feet wiggling bare and strong, thicker and meatier like their arms. Pores oozing out testosterone and pheromones that can magnetise any girl and—

“Man She’s hot….!”

Being the first, Garett slowly loosening up and losing all that extra fat he once carried. Cheeks becoming less round and jaw line stubbled with manly aftershave rumble, becoming more refined than ever.

Lean Torso, Carrying a swagger a homo never had before. Wiry hair sprouts out in a true hazel brown fashion, prominently accentuating his facial features as his eyes narrowed in admiration.

“Yeah I agree….!”

Rick eyes went WIDE OPEN and VISIBLE. Beard sparse over his changed face as his forehead and hairstyle gained a lighter brown shade. Nerdy features disappeared, he can’t disappoint his wife.

Undergoing masculinization, as his ethnicity melted away. Losing all the yellow to a pure Americano Caucasian white, filling up those sleeves with thick American muscle


The two former boyfriends’ shirts morphed and HEAT PRESSED into an greyish-blackish gamer tee. Proud with initials styled at their new-ever so manly back, and a gamer logos at the front.

Their unsatisfied expressions smirked up, as they separated from one another into their own individuality. Not as a pair but as strong sturdy gamers who just wanna…LET GO! Of homosexuality and PUMP their fists and—


J.D. Witnessed his best bros turning from Gay to Straight in an instant, forever changed and posing in their new lives as Gavin Free and Ryan Haywood. Proud heterosexual men who have wives they oughta be Fuckin’, you ain’t no pansy either!

Barely even resisting, RIPPING off those puny sleeves with his KILLER BICEPS! Torso being filled with brown bear hair that sticks out of his ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER tank top.

Jeremy Dooley ain’t gonna let the competition, standing UP! For his GIRLFRIEND! Fist pounding as his hair SNIPPED AWAY those bangs, browning up into brown curly locks and a studly beard that dons his now masculine bear features.


Individual Wedding Rings materializing on all their fingers, Eyes and reality wrapping in front of their girlfriends chatting through TV skype. This ain’t a drill, its the real thing. Not a simulator , but their reality as they PUMP OFF!


MYSME Headcannon: The RFA + Unknown ‘Body Insecurities’

A/N: So I’ve been bouncing this idea around in my head for a couple weeks & I finally decided to sit down & write out some headcannons for it. After all, everyone has some form of body insecurities.

(slight spoilers in 707′s & Unknown’s headcannons.)

Yoosung Kim:

  • If we’re being honest here, this boy actually has quite a few insecurities. He doesn’t like it when people perceive him as a child, understandably b/c he’s a grown-ass man. So Yoosung’s body insecurities revolve around the traits that he feels makes him seem younger.
  • He’s too short.
  • He has a baby face.
  • He’s neither toned nor athletic.
  • His eyes are too big. They make him look like a starry-eyed kid.
  • Part of the reason Yoosung dyed his hair was b/c he thought blond would make him seem older. But in reality, it just made Saeyoung call him goldilocks. (He absolutely hates that nickname.)
  • ~ “But I like your blond hair. And your smooth skin. And how you’re not that much taller than me…”~
  • MC would proceed to go on a 10 min long tangent on the 101 things she loved about Yoosung whenever he would start to voice these negative thoughts out loud. Which admittedly made him blush and also a little smug that she thought he was more attractive than Zen.

Jaehee Kang:

  • Jaehee doesn’t really spend a whole lot of time nitpicking her body. She doesn’t have the time to spend. But if you were to sit down & ask her what her biggest insecurity was she would say it was her breast.
  • Yeah that’s right, her boobs.
  • But even then it’s less of an body insecurity and more of a pet peeve.
  • Jaehee was blessed/cursed w/ an ample bosom. But that meant that she was fairly top-heavy and trying to find work blouses that didn’t show too much cleavage was an absolute nightmare. And don’t even get her started about bra chaffing and boob sweat, especially in the summer… Ugh!
  • She really envies MC sometimes b/c in comparison she’s so flat-chested. She can even get away w/ not wearing a bra under some dresses. If Jaehee tried that she’d probably throw her back out from lack of support, not to mention people would notice.
  • ~ “If they bother you that much, Jaehee, I’ll fully support you if you decide to get a reduction.”~
  • MC really worries about her. She can only imagine how much strain lugging that extra weight around puts on her back. And to even think about running up the stairs…ouch.

Zen/Hyun Ryu:

  • It’s hard to believe than anyone as perfect as him has a body insecurity. Like really? How?
  • Zen is perfect. He’s got that almost symmetrical face, killer cheekbones, toned biceps and abs that Jaehee has been quoted of “wanting to eat ice cream off of”, while MC claims that “they’d make a good cheese grater for nachos…”
  • But everyone has body insecurities, even Zen. (Although it is very hard to believe.)
  • His insecurity was actually a surprise to MC. & it should’ve been considering how he went on & on about never getting pimples. 
  • That was a big fat lie. Everyone gets pimples, handsome musical actors not excluded. But Zen never got pimples on his face. Which meant that he got them other places.
  • As a teen, he had a case of horrible back acne which left numerous scars littered across his shoulder blades. The majority of them are faded now, barely noticeable to the naked eye. Thankfully w/ the help of acne skincare & taking better care of himself the problem cleared up.
  • But that doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t get a few zits now & again.
  • ~ “I can pop them for you, Zen-Oppa.”~
  • Zen is convinced that MC is an angel b/c who in the world would offer to pop someone’s zit. He’s just glad that she chooses to love him, scars & all.

Jumin Han:

  • Jumin’s insecurity is fairly obvious if you know what to look for. Fortunately, most people have no idea what to look for & he seems like such a distant person that most wouldn’t know where to start.
  • Perhaps, his distance is brought on b/c he rarely ever smiles. Even MC was puzzled by it b/c while he smiled at her a lot, Jumin never truly smiled. Like a wide-grin-pearly-teeth kind of smile. & MC found out why after a mishap in the kitchen involving a bag of flour & Elizabeth III. 
  • (An accident where she tripped over the cat & a bag of flour poured out over her head after she landed on the floor.)
  • “MC are you alright?”
  • ~ “Oh I’m fine. I’m just doing my impression of Lucille Ball.”~
  • Jumin & MC had been watching the famous sitcom of I love Lucy that week & they had just seen the episode w/ the flour gag the day before & the comment struck Jumin as hilarious b/c he laughed. & not only did he laugh, but he smiled –a true-face-splitting-grin!
  • MC saw it immediately, the slightly crooked tooth. Jumin quickly realized his mistake & schooled his expression to neutral.
  • ~ “No. Don’t hide from me, Jumin. I love your smile…”~
  • MC leapt up from the floor & threw her flour covered arms around his neck.
  • ~ “You’re so handsome when you smile.”~
  • “MC, you’re getting flour all over the floor…”
  • ~ “Come on, Jumin-Oppa, let me see it again. Please…”~
  • Jumin would be unable to resist smiling at the sight of flour-covered MC giving him the puppy-dog eyes. & then the second he caved MC would beam up at him then pull him forward to plant a quick peck on his mouth. Thus resulting in flour streaks on his face & hair.
  • ~ “There. Now we both need showers.”~

707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi:

  • As you can imagine Saeyoung has quite a few scars from his work w/ the agency & growing up w/ an abusive drunk of a mom. But one scar in particular stands out among all the rest.
  • It’s a deep, jagged scar that runs along the top of his forehead by his hairline. It stands out vividly in his memory b/c it was the one time his mother had actually done the responsible thing, taking him to the hospital after lobbing an empty beer bottle at his head. There was so much blood at the time, but Saeyoung could only ever remember his brother’s horrified face & him wailing at the top of his lungs.
  • & years later after he left that place, that scar reminded him of his failure as an older brother to protect Saeran from that sight & his inability to take him w/ him when he left. He keeps it covered w/ his bangs so as not to see it when he looks in the mirror.
  • When MC learns of this scar she hugs him tightly & kisses his forehead.
  • ~ “I’m so glad you’re here.”~

Unknown/Saeran Choi:

  • Like Saeyoung, Saeran also carries a lot of physical & emotional scars. But his body insecurity is tied more toward his emotional scars than it is to his physical ones.
  • He hates his tattoo.
  • It’s a reminder of every wrong action, every day he spent in Magenta following the Savior & hating his brother. Not to mention the things he tried to do to MC…
  • Really Saeran just tries not to think about it. & he keeps the ink hidden under long-sleeved shirts & sweaters. But there are times when he’s getting dressed that he just stops & stares at his shoulder for a good couple minutes.
  • It’s MC who suggests going to a tattoo parlor & getting it altered into something new.
  • ~ “That represents the old you, but you’re not him anymore. You’ve changed, Saeran. So let’s get it changed to reflect that.”~

V/Jihyun Kim:

  • Being blind alters your perspective on a lot of things. (Besides the obvious being blind part.)
  • Before he lost his vision, V had been self-conscious of a mole he had on his right butt cheek. But after losing his sight, he came to the realization that appearances were meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
  • That being said, he still gets embarrassed when MC playfully coos over how cute the little beauty mark is.
  • “M-MC, don’t kiss me there…”
  • ~ “Aww…Jihyun-Oppa you’re just too cute!”~
where soil lies, a new beginning blooms

note: a little something i wrote inspired by the one and only @vonseal​‘s magic users series on ao3, in particular witchcraft (my all-time favourite myungjin fic to date, bless her). the feels were all too real on a particular night and when i saw this joke on my tumblr dash, i was hit with all of the inspiration (though very regretfully, i should have not laughed as hard as i did when i read it) and managed to write this piece of fluff :’))

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persephone-is-here-omg  asked:

Can you, like, believe Sebastian won that genetic lottery? The biggest price? He's smart, talented, gorgeous, great hair, amazing ayes, killer thighs, huge biceps, his abs are so hard I bet I could do laundry in them... Oh, and he has long eyelashes too, the fucker. I want my life back.

I’m so mad. It’s so very unfair. He should learn to share.

imagine mark lee 10 years down the road: in all of nct’s subunits, is eating healthily, all buffed up and has killer biceps, produces over 10000000 mixtapes, has his own solo debut, hosts his own talk shows, owns 10 lamborghini veneno cars of different colours, owns 5 mansions, laughed his way through life happily every single day, still cute and squishy

The Bet

@ohsehunisamazing​ said to whoistaehyung:

Can you do a taehyung or jimin series/ angst to fluff where you two are best friends but you like him, and you overhear him saying that he would never date you, but in reality he was just trying to hide his feelings? Does this even make sense? Lmao Anyways thank you so much for ur hard work i love ur scenarios


Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst and extra mega fluff fluff

Word count: 4716


A bet with Yoongi, a tidal wave of emotions and drama feat Park Jimin, and the poor twenty dollar bill.

You’ve always been aware of how handsome your best friend was.

Aware of how he ran his cute chubby hands through his hair whenever he was frustrated, how he furrows his brows when he focused on something, how he purses his lips when he couldn’t get a dance move right, how he whined whenever you didn’t pay enough attention to him, and the way his eyes turned into crescents whenever he smiled at you.  

Although you’ve always denied it, you always have been and always will be aware.

You’ve always looked past it in the first year of being friends with him, knowing full well that falling in love with your best friend wasn’t the most admirable thing to do especially when he was completely out of your reach. However, as time passed by and as you drew closer to one another, you found yourself falling deeper and deeper for your best friend with the killer biceps.

In short you were whipped, but you’d never admit that.

“Y/N, you like Jimin don’t you?” Yoongi nonchalantly said, making you choke on thin air. Your eyes widened, gaze snapping to him who was casually eating his ramyun. Heat rushed to your face when Yoongi flashed a smug smirk at your reaction and you glared at him.

“W-Why would you even think I do? Jimin is only a friend” You blurted out, cheeks set aflame when Yoongi rolled his eyes at your blatant lie. Of all the boys you were close with, Yoongi always saw through you even when all the others couldn’t. At first you thought he was just bluffing, but in the length of time you’ve been friends with him, you’re starting to think that the guy’s a mind reader.

“You know you can’t lie to me Y/N. You’re like a daily newspaper that I’m forced to read you know.” Yoongi said with an exaggerated sigh, and you smacked him on the arm with a scowl.  

“It’s not like I like it when you read my mind too you know” You snapped, lips forming a pout when Yoongi laughed at you. You sighed in defeat, rubbing your temples soothingly as you unwillingly admitted, besides, there was absolutely no point in arguing with a person who saw through you like your skin was made of transparent glass.

“Alright fine, I’m kinda into him, but there’s no point since he only sees me as his best friend” you mumbled. Yoongi raised a brow at your bitter confession and took a sip on his drink.

“I think he likes you back though” He said, eyeing you carefully as you scoffed. 

“You don’t have to tell me that to make me feel better you know”

Yoongi leaned back on his seat, staring at you in analyzation. You hated when he does that, you felt like you were open to him, and the thought made you cringe. You unconsciously wrapped your arms around you in protection, glaring at him from the other side of the table.

“Yah Min Yoongi don’t you look at me like that you perv–”

“Want to make a bet?” He suggested confidently, making you raise your eyebrow in both confusion and suspicion. For the record, Min Yoongi never initiates a bet when his victory wasn’t ensured, which caused you to lose too much money for your liking. You weren’t sure if you he was initiating on a bet about Jimin’s feelings for you but somehow, the thought made butterflies erupt in your stomach.

After all, this is Min Yoongi we’re talking about, and he is either always right, or never wrong.

Deciding to play it cool, you gave him an amused chuckle, lamely pretending to not be affected by his previous declaration.

“Are you seriously trying to bet on whether Jimin likes me or not?” You asked, your tone laced in disbelief, as you took a large gulp of coffee. Yoongi shrugged at you and smirked.

“Sure. Twenty dollars, you in?” Your eyes widened and you choked on your drink, slamming your glass of coffee down on the hard surface of the table, causing it to spill and create a small dark brown pool. Your eyes snapped to his scrunched up face, your jaw dropped at the amount he was willing to give up.  

T-Twenty dollars? Are you being serious right now Yoongi?” You asked him, face filled with astonishment when he nodded without any further ado. You were baffled by his confidence, and a sudden urge to wipe his smug smirk away started to claw on your senses. It wasn’t always that you were given the opportunity to put the Min Yoongi to shame, and whenever you were presented a chance, it was stupid to let that pass.

You gave him a smirk, suddenly filled with determination as you held out your hand for him to shake. Yoongi grabbed it without a second thought, leveling your smirk with his own as he shook it firmly.


You didn’t know the exact reason why, but you were very much troubled at the moment.

Ever since the talk with Yoongi a little while ago, you couldn’t talk to Jimin anymore without over analyzing his actions of some sort, trying hard to see through him and know if he really liked you like how Yoongi assumed. You were quite enthralled at the thought of Jimin liking you back, which led you to weird (and quite disgusting, honestly) methods to find out.  

So instead of listening to him talk about his day, you found yourself thinking of why he insisted on pouring your water for you a few minutes ago, staring into blank space with furrowed brows. Jimin had noticed long ago that you were out of the conversation, and the best way to find out if you really were, was to talk about unnecessary things.

Of course you just had to ignore him, which confirmed his suspicions.

Sighing, Jimin snapped a finger in front of your face, making you flinch back to life. You met Jimin’s unhappy eyes, and you felt your heart skip a beat.  

How can a guy be so goddamn handsome?

“Y/N were you even listening?” He whined, his bottom lip sticking out, clearly upset. You chuckled awkwardly, having no idea of what he was talking about earlier considering you were too busy imagining Jimin confess his undying love for you, which caused heat to rush to your face without your consent.

“Uhh… you were talking about Taehyung and Jin’s lame jokes..?” You tried, mentally slapping yourself at the stupid guess. The corner of Jimin’s lips twitched in amusement, coughing out a bit to hide his smile as he put on the best angry face he had.

“I was talking about the length of an average hippopotamus’ legs” Jimin answered for you.

You raised a brow at that, lips twitching at the very uncommon topic.

“You disturbed my peaceful daydreaming so I could discuss with you the length of a hippopotamus’ leg?” Jimin nodded smugly, arms crossed over his puffed out chest. Your jaw dropped.

“Jimin I think you need serious medical attention” You said seriously, pulling a scowl from Jimin’s face.

“Yah! What’s wrong with talking about that? A hippo’s legs are even longer than yours!” He snapped. Your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape at the insult thrown at you. You glared at him and jabbed a finger on his right shoulder.

“What?! Yah, Park Jimin don’t act like your so much taller! We only have a one cm difference you know!”

“At least mine are longer!” He bickered back. You placed a hand on your chest, offended. You two fell silent, chest heaving in sync and glares fixated on each other. It didn’t take long before the two of you broke into a fit of giggles, hands smacking the table repeatedly at the stupidity of your previous argument.

The two of you held your stomachs in a failed attempt to stifle your laughs, and tears were starting to form in the corners of your eyes. However, you couldn’t get your mind off the beautiful high pitched laughs that came out of Jimin’s mouth. You mentally slapped yourself.

Get a grip of yourself Y/N!

The laughs finally died out, and the two of you found yourself staring at each other with warm smiles on your faces. The moment felt comfortable, and you took the opportunity to take in Jimin’s godly features. From the creases on his forehead, to the slope of his nose, and the curve of his plump lips. Everything was perfect. Your eyes met his dark ones and you bit your lip at the hidden galaxy stored in them, so complex and fascinating that you almost forgot how to breathe.

In the midst of your staring, Taeyang’s Ringa Linga went off making Jimin snap out of his stance, cheeks burning. You felt your cheeks flush as well, looking away from him immediately and scratching the back of your neck self consciously as he picked up his phone.

“H-Hello?” He stammered, clearing his throat. You felt your insides twist at his sudden bundle of nerves.

“Yoongi hyung? Now? Ah, I understand. I’ll be right there hyung. Yea, bye.” Your ears quirked at the mention of Yoongi’s name, a small ball of suspicion stirring up in your chest. It has to have something to do about the bet, or Yoongi would’ve just texted instead of called. You were about to ask Jimin about it but he beat you to it.

“I have to go, Yoongi hyung needs to talk to me at the practice room. See ya later.” He said, flashing you a shy smile before walking away, leaving you feeling giddy and lightheaded. By the time he left your field of vision, you grunted loudly, running a hand through your semi-tangled hair, with little to no care about messing it up even more. You were very anxious. What if Yoongi actually asks Jimin about you? What if Yoongi does something stupid and tells Jimin about how you feel instead?

What if Yoongi was wrong after all?

You felt goosebumps rise because of the thought. That would be horrible. If that was the case then you’d lose everything you’ve built with Jimin. The 3 year long friendship will turn to shambles, and to add to that, a broken heart for you. You snapped your eyes shut and pulled on your hair lightly, muttering 'stupid’ to yourself repeatedly.

There was no way the bet with Yoongi was a good idea.

Your eyes fell on a textbook on Jimin’s side on the table, and you reached for it, running your palm over the neatly covered book.  

Jimin must’ve left it behind, you thought. You bit your bottom lip, and gathered your things, preparing to walk your way to their practice room. It wouldn’t be too bad for them to see you there, after all you were just returning a book Jimin left. It will definitely go well.

Your heart was everything but calm as you made your way to through the halls of the company, stammering out greetings to some staff you met on the way. You were a walking bundle of nerves, and by the time you reached the door of their practice room you had to take a break to stop yourself from falling over.

You took a long, heavy breath and held out your hand for the knob before the familiar husky voice that belongs to none other than Min Yoongi, met your ears.

“What do you think of Y/N Jimin?”

You froze in shock, blood running cold at the too direct question thrown by Yoongi. There was a short silence before Jimin’s answer was heard.

“What? I think she’s really pretty, although she can be very masculine and clumsy.” He answered, a melodic chuckle following closely after. You felt heat rush to your cheeks at that, reminding yourself to be more feminine. There was a drawn out silence before Yoongi spoke again.

“You know that’s not what I mean Jimin”

Jimin hesitated.

“What do you mean then?”

Yoongi ran a hand through his hair.

“Do you like Y/N?”

“Of course I–”

“As more than just a friend?” Yoongi deadpanned, and you felt your chest tighten as Jimin fell silent. Your heart was pounding too noisily that you began to worry that they would hear, but it was all drowned out by Jimin’s silence that was all too loud for your preference. You felt paranoid and numb of all emotion except apprehension, and all you wanted was to just run away and forget about the deal you had with Yoongi. Maybe if you do so then you wouldn’t be hurt as much, and your relationship with Jimin would just say the way it was.

Maybe if you just interrupt them right now then Yoongi wouldn’t get the chance to hear Jimin’s answer, and you could talk him into ending the bet, even if it means paying for some high class dinners.

Finding newfound determination, you stood up straight, clearing your throat and plastering a huge smile on yourself as you reached for the door knob again. You managed to fling the door half open, but you couldn’t help but freeze as you processed Jimin’s words that seemed to pierce through your heart painfully like he was made for it.

“No I don’t. She’s only a friend to me, why would you even consider that?”

The textbook fell from your grasp, the sound of the impact causing the two lads to look at your direction, both eyes widening as they take in your appalled state. You were trembling slightly, a lump stuck in your throat and you struggled to breathe evenly, holding your emotions intact as much as you can. You felt absolutely stupid as you remembered the way you gave a meaning to the actions that obviously meant nothing to him at all.  

What even made you think that you’d stand a chance in the first place? You’ll always be just a friend to him. You didn’t even reach Korea’s beauty standard and yet you try to get it with one of the members of the hottest idol group. It was either you were delusional or just plain stupid.  

You were ashamed to say the least.

Trying to pick up the remnants of your embarrassing state, you quickly picked up the fallen textbook, and with all the strength you have, you put on the brightest smiling face you could muster. Jimin visibly flinched at the obvious front you pulled up, and regret was quickly rising in his system.  

He wanted to tell you it wasn’t true, that he didn’t mean it and that he truly felt something for you, but his voice didn’t allow him to, and like a fool, he just stood there staring at you with eyes that held everything and spoke everything.

You gave him a funny look and rolled your eyes.

“What are you looking so regretful about Jiminie?” You asked mockingly, ignoring the way your voice cracked at the end as you walked inside the room and finding it empty except for the two boys. It made it even harder, considering you weren’t in the state where you wanted to confront the two at the same time. Your eyes fell on Yoongi, and you winced at the amount of regret that flashed through it.

You chuckled bitterly.

“Don’t look at me like that Yoongi. I’m perfectly fine see? I just came here to return–”

“Y/n please stop it” You felt your blood boil at Yoongi’s emotionless words. Eyes screwed shut as your jaw clenched at their own accord. He didn’t have to say anything else for you to understand. Fuck, you completely understood what he meant, but you couldn’t shake off the rage that brewed beneath your skin as you remembered how expertly Yoongi made you assume that somebody like Jimin would like you.

You felt like you were being played, and you couldn’t be any happier.

Taking a deep breath, you flashed Yoongi a sarcastic smile, your knuckles clenched together tightly as the urge to throw a goddam punch on his pale face became stronger as seconds passed.

Stop? Stop what Min Yoongi? Stop returning things you guys left behind or stop entering your goddamn practice room?”

Yoongi sighed.

“Y/n you know what I mean”

“Oh of course I know what you mean Yoongi, so maybe you just have to shut your fucking mouth and lay down your pride sometimes. Other than that I have nothing to say, after all I saw this coming, and yes you don’t need to rub it to my face. I was fucking stupid to even believe you in the first place, and look where it got me.” You spat bitterly, every word emphasized for him to get the hint. Yoongi didn’t answer you, and instead looked away, biting his lip to hold back a snarky retort. You could see Jimin’s surprised look at your sudden outburst, and you turned to him, face blank and completely in contrast with the burst of emotions that stirred up in your stomach.

“Jimin.. I just came to tell you that you forgot your textbook” You said, refusing to meet his eyes as you handed it to him, ignoring the sparks that flew into your arm as his skin made in contact with yours.

“Y/n listen, I-I didn’t mean–” You slammed your eyes shut.

“Jimin, just… You don’t – you have nothing to explain Jimin. I completely understand and to be honest it should be me who’s apologizing. Please just – please forget that every happened okay? We can just – let’s just go back to the way we were before – with no special feelings whatsoever.  

"I’m completely fine with that so please - ”

“Y/n… you’re crying” You heard Jimin choke out. You cursed under your breath, furiously wiping the stray tears that fell down your now red cheeks. You were trembling furiously at this point, tears endless as you try to wipe at them all at once. Your knees were weak, and it took all your energy to turn around and run. Run away from Jimin, run away from Yoongi, run away from all the pain, and humiliation.

You ran and ran until your legs gave out, which didn’t take too long.

You found yourself inside an empty restroom, falling down helplessly on the tiled floor as you took a deep breath to unleash the scream that has been tingling in the back of your throat ever since the rejection left Jimin’s mouth. Your voice only heightened in volume, and yet you couldn’t give a single fuck as you sobbed as loud as you can, the walls echoing your screams and cries.  

You buried your head into your palms, nails digging into your scalp as you fought for control. Your vision was blurred with tears, and you just couldn’t understand what you did to deserve this.

But before you could organize your thought, a loud and urgent knock interrupted you.

You swallowed thickly, knowing exactly who it was behind the white colored door. You didn’t answer, praying intently that he would just stop it and leave.  

However, fate doesn’t work like that.

“Y/n I know you’re there. Please open up.” You heard Jimin say, his voice full of frustration as he tried twisting the knob a few times before giving up, and instead opted on banging on the door continuously. Seeing as you weren’t answering him, he tried again, this time, louder and firmer.

“Y/n goddamn it open up! I heard your screams so I’m certain that you’re there”


Jimin gritted his teeth.

“Y/n if you don’t open up right now I’m gonna break the door open” He threatened, and you felt your anger spike.

“Can’t you just leave me the fuck alone Jimin? Why do you even want to see me right now?”

There was a pause.

“It’s because I fucking love you back. Do you understand now?!” He spat out, and before you could stop it, butterflies erupted wildly in your stomach, almost making you unconscious. Your eyes widened and your heart was beating wildly against your ribcage at his sudden confession.

You screwed your eyes shut, smacking your palms against your ears while shaking your head vehemently.  

It had to be a lie.

“Y-You’re lying. I-I don’t believe you. Just go away Park Jimin!” You screamed desperately, tone pleading and full of refutation. Jimin felt his heart twinge at your voice, feeling remorse crawl up his spine for what he did. He caused the love of his life pain, just to prevent his pride from getting torn.

He was a coward, and because of that, you had to suffer.

You heard the banging getting louder, a deafening crash following right after. You gasped as you realized that Jimin had knocked down the door, and you cursed, scooting towards the corner of the room to put as much distance as you can to the two of you.

You caught a glimpse of him entering the restroom before you buried your head deeper into your arms, wanting to just disappear into thin air right this moment. Jimin fell on your huddled up form and felt his chest ache at your pained state. Your heard his thundering steps approach you and you sealed your eyes shut as you waited for the worst to come.

You felt your heart leap out of your chest when Jimin pulled your wrist roughly, sending you flying into his hard chest. His arms wrapped around your body securely, his grip rigid and persistent. His scent wafted around you, leaving you breathless and giddy at the pleasant smell of raspberry and wood. Heat rushed to your face at the proximity and you press your small hands against his chest, trying to get him away but failing helplessly as Jimin tightened his hold.

“J-Jimin let me go!” You whisper yelled, still trying to push on his hard torso, ignoring the way his abdominal muscles flexed beneath your fingers. Jimin buried his face into your neck, inhaling your scent deeply as he growled into your ear.

“I’m not letting you go until you explain” he grumbled and you tensed at his words. Does he seriously want you to get even more humiliated than you already are?

“W-What more do I have to fucking say Jimin?” You asked, and you could feel Jimin’s muscles tense at your question. There was a short silence before he answered you with another hesitant question.

“Y/n, do you… like me?”

Your heart stopped, and you could’ve sworn you felt your organs flip at the frank question. There was no way you could deny your feelings for him this time, due to all the crying and screaming the two of you just had. It was all so obvious, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to answer, fearing the rejection that you were sure to receive. You didn’t understand why he wanted you to explain. You didn’t understand why he would even ask a question that had a clear answer. Had he wanted you to become more distraught than you already are? Maybe, and the idea ripped you to shreds.

Fuck it.

“Yes Jimin. I like you. Hell, I fucking love you. So please, please don’t make this harder for me, and just forget - ” Jimin pulled away from you, and you gasped as you stared into his dark orbs which held so much emotion that you had to look twice to make sure.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He growled out, and you flinched at his sudden change of tone, confusion etched on your features as he stared at you incredulously. His grip on your arms were tight, and you winced slightly at the slight pain that emitted from it.

Your eyes travelled back to his face and you felt you heart jump slightly as you found a wide grin on his face, his face filled with glee with a touch of disbelief.

Holy shit you don’t know how happy I am right now” he said, his grin never leaving his face as he giggled uncontrollably, the sound music to your ears. You tilted your head at him in confusion and he gave you a warm smile, his eyes turning into crescents that never failed to make your heart flutter.

“Just so you know, I wasn’t lying when I said I liked you.” He said and you felt your heart skip a beat. You flushed a light pink and looked away.

“Y-You don’t have to lie you know - ” Jimin grabbed your chin and forced you to look back at him, cheeks burning even more as he stared at you intensely. This can’t be real. It has to be a lie, I mean it’s Park Jimin we’re talking about.

“I’m serious. I-I really didn’t mean what I said there. It’s just that I became scared of the thought that maybe he’ll tell you when I was planning to just keep it to myself thinking that you’d never feel the same way.” He confessed, his face turning into a violent shade of red as he hung his head in shame. Your skin tingled as you take in his words, heart laced in a sudden warmth at his revelation. You could barely believe it.

He liked you back. The Park Jimin liked you back.

This has to be a dream.

You noticed how his gaze fell to your slightly ajar lips, his tongue sweeping out to wet his lips, your eyes unconsciously following. His eyes fluttered to meet yours and the look he had on his face was enough to make your knees weak and for all thought to leave your brain. His eyes were laced with pure affection and longing, making pleasant shivers run up your spine.

The two of you leaned in slowly, eyes fluttering close as your lips connected into a searing kiss that took your breath away. The kiss was gently and intimate, his lips soft as it moved with yours in a smooth rhythm. He tasted way better than you’ve ever imagined, his lips a mini heaven on earth as it greedily claimed yours. His nails dug into your hips as the two of you pulled away, breathing heavily with faces flushed into a soft pink. You both take in each other, wide smiles decorating your face as you lean your foreheads together, relishing the moment.

However, a small and tired grunt disturbed your sweet moment, making both of you snap towards the visitor’s direction, finding a scowling Yoongi at the doorway.

You saw Jimin’s ears turn red when Yoongi gave him a small smirk. Realizing what the small smirk meant, your face went pale, mentally apologizing to your soon to be empty wallet.

“Looks like I’m getting richer everyday”