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I have fallen in love with this show O_O

The art is beautiful, the voice cast really fits (my gosh Baba is so cute!), the music is nice and the content keeps me nice and calm before bed. Not to forget it’s all about animals, it’s educational (for the most part) and friggin Chris O’Dowd is the narrator! :D

I know it’s just a little kids show, but man, Puffin Rock has won me over.


(All credit for these images go to the animators of Puffin Rock)


Ok I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of smaller bands and I want to share with you guys! Please reblog to get these artists out there and feel free to add to the list! And for all these people I’ve linked a music video or some way of listening to them :) So here we go:

Moon Taxi: American indie/progressive rock band. (these guys aren’t that unpopular but still need more credit!!) 

Hiding Out: Pop punk band. They just came out with a new EP ‘Vena Cava’ ya’ll and it is LIT AF !! They don’t have a very big following but really should

The Stolen: Pop rock band. THEY’RE LIKE THE LOVE CHILD OF THE 1975 AND STATE CHAMPS S2G!! They came out with an new EP, ‘I’m So Dead’, check it out!!

Lower than Atlantis: English rock band. I saw Calum listening to them on spotify so I checked it out and I am in love?? Check out their albums on spotify :) also not a new band or totally unheard of but still aren’t that recognised i guess ?

Mainland: I can’t find an actual genre for this band on the internet or their social media accounts but I would say indie/progressive rock (correct me if i’m wrong!). Similar vibes to moon taxi. THEY’RE ON TOUR WITH MELANIE MARTINEZ NOW so hopefully they’ll get some more recognition!

In Stereo: Pop/pop rock band. You guys these boys are 15 !!!!! They’re a 3 piece from Sydney, Australia and they are such sweet boys! Chris and Ethan were on The Voice Kids Australia in 2014, and then they joined with Jakob to form a band to audition with in the X Factor AUS 2015. They just came out with an EP that’s available on Spotify, ‘She’s Rock n Roll’. Go check em out so when they’re big rockstars you’ll be able to say you loved them since they were 15 :)

Owl Kill: Pop Rock band. (again, this is my interpretation as I can’t find the genre they call themselves on their social media). GUYS THIS BAND IS SO UNDERRATED! They have 234 followers on instagram, they need our help to get out there! They have an EP on soundcloud so check it out!

With Confidence: Pop punk band from Sydney, Australia. WARNING: SERIOUS ALL TIME LOW FEELS ?? Seriously guys, this sounds like it’s straight off the Dirty Work album. These guys are currently touring Australia and have a full album coming out in June! 

Against the Current: Pop rock band with female lead. Ok so again, these people have a larger demographic than others on the list but I had to include them because WHY AREN’T THEY ON RADIOS? The song Outsiders is seriously beautiful, pls send help. You’ve probably heard of them, but if you haven’t heard their music then you’re missing out. 

This is all I can think of right now but SERIOUSLY GUYS HELP THESE BANDS OUT!! Reblog this, add to the list, tell your friends!! Let’s get these bands out there where they belong :) 

That’s the thing about punk rock. You’re right to speak to it is the fact that you were this kid who was picked on, depressed… And you found something that spoke to you.

I think that’s the best thing about punk rock. That’s like, the one thing I’ve learned from doing this podcast. That’s the legacy.

It’s not basement shows. It’s not songs that some people would describe as poorly played… It’s the fact that this genre spoke to disaffected kids all over the place and they all did interesting stuff.

—  Damian Abraham of Fucked Up, talking punk rock with comedian Chris Gethard
I took her to see Taylor Swift at the Staples Center and Chris Rock was in the green room with his two girls to meet Taylor and my publicist hooked it up so I could go and meet Taylor and my daughter could meet Taylor. And she came out and she was super great, she spent time with the kids. Then she asked Chris and I if we wanted to come up on stage. Chris Rock and I were like “Uhh..” we look at the kids and they were like “Yeah yeah yeah!” So he and I ended up going on stage and walking down the catwalk, like two complete boneheads. It was really funny. And then I got to the end where my daughter was there, and Taylor’s mother watching my daughter while I went up on stage. The whole thing was surreal. So that was my rockstar moment. And I get to the end of the stage and I look down and there she is like bright eyes look at my Dad up there. So the next morning at breakfast, we’re having breakfast and I’m like thinking how I’m gonna bring this up, “So what’d you think of your Dad up there on stage with Taylor Swift last night?” Without missing a beat she goes, “Ahh I thought you were kinda cheesy.
—  Matt Le Blanc on taking his daughter to see Taylor Swift in concert (x)
Homo Howell

Pastel!dan and punk!phil phic

warning: some swear words and some gay insults are 

Dan sat at the small lunch table with two people, his best friends.
Chris was demisexual and loved playing soccer
Pj was pansexual and loved drawing and film making.
To the eye Chris and PJ seemed pretty normal, it was Dan who stuck out the most. Today Dan wore light mint skinny jeans with a lilac top and a pastel pink flower crown adorned his chocolate brown hair.
Chris and PJ were hardly every made fun of. For Dan it was a daily routine. His day-to-day bullies was the punk rock group. Composed of about six people and they all despised Dan.. And dans sexuality. They were a group of punk rock homophobes. Dan was specifically bisexual but nobody cared to listen to Dan long enough for him to say that (with the exception of Chris and PJ who knew everything about Dan except his bullying encounters) but then new kid in school came along. That was the day it all changed.
Teacher: “settle down. As some of you may or may not know there’s a new kid in school.”
That’s when Phil stepped in. He wore black boots, black ripped skinny jeans, and a marinas trench shirt on. He wore black earring studs and had a lot of rubber bracelets on. You could sometimes see a tattoos peaking out from underneath his shirt sleeves and shirt collar. He had streaks of bright red and dark blue in his jet black hair. He wore smudged eyeliner and had three piercings. He had a lip piercing, a septum piercing, and another smaller nose piercing above his left nostril. He had pale skin that made all of this so much more obvious. Dan liked him. A lot.
Wait… What? How could you like him Dan? He’s probably already hung out with your bullies and said rude stuff about you! You can’t like him!
Teacher: “Why don’t you introduce yourself?”
New kid: “I’m Phil. Phil Lester. I just moved here from the north. I’m almost 19. I love music and I play the drums.
Phil sat himself down promptly at the seat right next to Dan. Dans heart beat sped up. He had butterflies in his stomach. Phil gave him a smirk and looked at the board while Dan zoned out for most of the remainder of class.
Phil nudged dans arm and handed him a note, dan took the note and unfolded it under his desk so it was hidden from the view of his teacher
"seems like I’m not the only one finding it hard to concentrate in this class… it’s boring as hell! My next class is biology and I was wondering if you could show me around? -phil”
Dan slowly folded the note and put it in the pocket of his skinny jeans. He tore off a piece of paper and wrote
“I have next class with you, I’ll walk you there -dan”
Dan Handed the note over and continued daydreaming until the realization hit him that Phil was probably just gonna bully him along with his new crew. They always did after first class. He wanted to give Phil a chance but he couldn’t afford coming home with any more black eyes. His mum wouldn’t take a lot more excuses, she already had a tough enough time with the recent divorce she was going through and Dan didn’t want her worrying about him too.
The bell sounded and Dan picked up all his stuff and Phil followed
Phil “ready Dan?”
Dan: “sure”
Dan was silently dreading his daily beating more than usual. Hoping maybe hanging with Phil would be like a free pass today. They walked in comfortable silence until Dan heard someone behind them
Jack: Lester! What are you doing with homo Howell?
Callum: he’s a pastel pansy!
Joe: he’s like a gay pride flag!
Callum pushed Phil aside and pushed Dan up against a wall.
Callum: who said you could hang with Lester?!
Callums stunk of dinner leftovers crappy axe body spray
Joe: Lester hadn’t gotten the memo that you played for the other team I guess. And I think homo Howell likes new kid Lester too!
Jack: discusting. I bet you he hates girls too.
Just the thought of Phil laughing at Dan, pissed him off. A lot.
Dan: if you could just take your head out of your ass and listen for half a fucking millisecond you would know I’m bisexual you douchebag!
Callum was about to give Dan a mouthful and maybe even a broken bone or two, but he didn’t have the chance because someone punched him
Phil grimaced at Jack and then gave Joe a look that almost scared Dan.
Dan: why’d you do that. ?
Phil: Because they’re all assholes. I can’t stand homophobes anyways.
Dan was about to apologize for everything but not before he was pushed up against a wall and made out with
Fireworks erupted in dans stomach.But He couldn’t kiss Phil back because he was smiling too hard.
Phil: we’re both on the same team. You’re cute.
Phil bent down and gingerly picked up dans flower crown.
Phil: I think this fell off of you when we were.. You know..
Dan: making out?
Phil: yea…
Dan took the flower crown and put it on himself
Phil: you look pretty good in a flower crown… Homo Howell
Dan: you were the one who made out with me!

If your mind was as open as your mouth, you’d understand that regardless of what anyone wears, looks like or sings about, we’re all the same fucking kids fighting for what we believe in & you can never take that away.
—  Chris Cerulli
It’s not that it’s gotten worse, it’s just that it’s part of the 24-hour news cycle. What’s weird is that it never happens to white kids. There’s no evidence that white youngsters are any less belligerent, you know? We can go to any Wall Street bar and they are way bigger assholes than in any other black bar.
—  Chris Rock nailing the double standard of police racism and violence in America. He goes on to talk about the Baltimore officers being charged and the impact a black president has on white kids.
I won’t work colleges anymore, because they’ve gotten too conservative. Not in their political views – not like they’re voting Republican – but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody. Kids raised on a culture of ‘We’re not going to keep score in the game because we don’t want anybody to lose.’ Or just ignoring race to a fault. You can’t say 'the black kid over there’. No, it’s 'the guy with the red shoes’. You can’t even be offensive on your way to being inoffensive.
—  Chris Rock

anonymous asked:

I have a prompt: could you write something with that AU where Chris is a Wendigo hunter raised by the Stranger and he and Josh meet when he saves Josh from a Wendigo?

The Stranger’s name is Nicholi and Chris call him Nick. Also, Chris totally calls the Wendigo Wendy.

“Nick,” Chris hisses, ducking under a tree branch as he runs after his mentor. “Nick , there’s someone out here!”

“Shut your mouth, you idiot.” Nicholi snaps back, sticking an arm out to catch his young companion before he slips on a stretch of slick ice hidden in the snow. “There are three of them. Teenagers that just ran out of that lodge up there.”

“They shouldn’t be out here.” Nick gives him a bland look and Chris hurries on to continue. “The Wendigos are out. One of them set off the traps at the mine entrance.”

“And one of our little runaways just veered off the path.” Nick adds, gesturing toward the waving light in the distance. Through his goggles, Chris can just make out the shape of a guy running about a foot deep in snow. 

“Shit,” Chris looks back at Nick just in time to see him disappear down the slope. “Hey,” He hisses down at him, careful to keep his voice low in case there are any Wendys nearby. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going after the girls out there. You grab the other idiot and send him back to the cabin.” Nicholi calls back and Chris lets out an aggravated huff as he turns toward the light in the woods. They guy’s not all that hard to find, stumbling through the forest with enough noise to shame a one man band. Sadly, Chris’ attention isn’t the only thing he’s attracted and he can just make out the glint of preternatural eyes from the branches above. 

Pushing himself into a flat out run, he makes a bee line fore the kid, who chooses that moment to actually pay attention to his surroundings an notices Chris running at him. He break into a sprint, which is totally unfair because Chris may have been hunting Wendigos for a couple years now but no one should be that fast. 

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop.” Chris shouts and the guy doesn’t exactly listen so much as he trips over a rock and goes sprawling like a discarded doll. From the canopy of trees above a screech sounds and Chris groans. Another shriek answers from the opposite direction, somewhere around where Nick was headed and Chris hopes that he was able to find the girls in time. 

For now though, he has to get this kid before-

A snowball pelts him in the face and there must have been a rock or a chunk of ice or something because it hurts like a motherfucker. “D-don’t come any closer.” The dude stammers, scrambling back in the snow and Chris rolls his eyes before he remembers that he has goggles on. If his vision wasn’t complete shit, he would’ve taken them off, but while there’s a Wendigo circling above them in the trees like a vulture, he’d rather keep them on. 

“Dude, I’m not gonna hurt you.” Chris tells him before he can get lobbed with another snowball, raising his arms in a sort of harmless gesture. 

“Says the guy with a machete strapped to his hip.” The guy snaps back, giving the weapon a pointed look and Chris is just about to retort with something totally epic, but he catches movement out of his periphery. Lunging forward, he tries to cover the other man with as much of his body as possible as claws rip across his back. They don’t touch skin though, instead shredding his back pack in half before the connect with the metal plating at its base, but the following impact sends them tumbling down an embankment before Chris can get the sense to grab onto anything.

They hit the bottom with a bone jarring thud; Chris on his stomach with the other guy (unfortunately) sprawled beneath him. “I should have payed more attention in climbing class.” 

“You mean gym?” The guy rasps, wiggling underneath him in a totally uncomfortable way and Chris supposes that it’s a lot better than the major freak out he was expecting. 

“Yeah, you know, with the climbing up the rope…” Chris tells him as he gets to his feet and offers him a hand. “Name’s Chris, by the way.”

“Josh,” The guy, Josh apparently, replies as he uses Chris to drag himself to his feet. 

I couldn’t resist.


So here’s the thing that @theycallmebecca and @evansscruff and @heather-lynn


Warnings: Swearing and a snake

It was a beautiful day outside in LA. You sat on the porch reading a book with your husband, Chris, while your two year old son, Brayden, played out in the grass. 

“What’s he playing with?” You asked, noticing Brayden near the sprinkler control box.

“Probably a rock,” Chris shrugged, the kid loved rocks. You went back to your book for a few minutes.

“Mama!” Brayden came up to you holding something out. You smiled until it hit you what he was holding: a snake, a tiny baby snake. You screamed bloody murder, trying to run away but tripping on the chair you had been sitting on and falling on your ass.

“’Nake!” Brayden said proudly. A small part of your mind wondered if your reaction had been appropriate, it could have scared Brayden and made things worse. Well…it did make things worse. He dropped the snake…right in front of you. It hissed and lunged at you.

“Is it a rattler?” You screamed at Chris.  No answer came. “Chris, is it a rattle snake?” You looked to your husband of five years, wondering what the hell was wrong with him. The fucking meatball had his head thrown back, a silent laugh coming from his mouth, and that damn hand over his boob. 

Christopher Robert Evans!” You shrieked. Brayden had wandered off back into the yard. 

“It’s…It’s…just…a…gardener snake…” He managed to wheeze out.

Then why is it trying to bite me! Get it the hell away from me!” You were still on your butt, as tight against the house as you could get. Every time you moved, the snake would strike at you. 

“I would be trying to bite you too…if you screamed at me…that way,” he said half way recovered. 

“I swear on baby Jesus, if you do not get that thing away from me right now, you’re never getting laid for the rest of your life.” You glared at him.

Of course that got the big lug into action and he grabbed the small snake and tossed it back into the yard. 

“You okay?” He asked helping you up, the smile never leaving his face. 

“No! Your son brought me a snake!” 

He threw his head back and started laughing again. “This is one of the best things that’s ever happened.” 


BΔSTILLE (Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson, Chris “Woody” Wood)

Hey look it’s this amazing alternative rock group! Bastille is known for Pompeii, obviously, but all of there music is both soothing and melodic. Filled with drums of all kids and Smith’s incredible vocals, Bastille is a band worth listening to. (I’m bringing back these band appreciation posts because i never post anything original on here)

From trivializing #AskHerMore to calling Carol a “girl on girl” movie to making a stereotypical joke about Asians at the expense of three little kids, and just generally not being very inclusive of non-black racial minorities who are equally affected by the lack of diversity in Hollywood films, I gotta say Chris Rock has been pretty disappointing as an Oscars host, even though he’s definitely had his positive moments tonight.

I think if you’re going to make the central theme of a program an attempt at getting justice and recognition for one minority group, you shouldn’t do it at the expense of other marginalized groups of people.