and kid!hermann i guess


If we’re not friends on Snapchat, you probably haven’t met the newest (though temporary) members of my doggie family! Captions with names, but I know those don’t show up on mobile so, in order LTR, meet:

  • Ralph! Firstborn, he is the only black one. We also sometimes call him Harley because he cries a lot, like his father. His favourite activity is eating.
  • Dancer! She has long hair like Ralph, so it will probably be wavy/curly when she grows up. She loves to be held and is very calm. She is the only puppy that doesn’t mind when I hold her up and make her “dance”, hence her name. 
  • Patchy! She is the only one who has a white patch on her chest like her mother. She is very smart and has learned how to move their cage around when she wants a lot of attention - she knows I’ll go in and fix it and probably play with them some. (We aren’t using the bottom tray of the cage, so it can be moved easily.)
  • Sleepy! He is the only one that didn’t cry at all when he got his microchip and shots. He likes to sleep most of all. He was the easiest one to photograph and is, in general, cool with whatever. 
  • Runt! He was born last and was so small when he was born, we were afraid he might not make it. However, he’s grown a lot and is only a couple of pounds smaller than the rest now. He is by far the most playful and energetic. He absolutely hates being held and it was difficult to get him to sit still long enough to take even a halfway decent picture. 

I actually don’t particularly like puppies (I prefer calm, older dogs; also puppies are poop machines) but I can’t deny how cute these guys are. 

Nap time.

Why can’t things be nice for these soft cutiesss T♢T)ノ
I’ve been seeing a lot of dad Jack AU’s from so many artists and I was just so full of feels–
This version in particular is my take on it, but I was mostly inspired by @witchy-fan’s ‘Daughters of the Samurai’ AU!

My dad told me a story recently about how he was in Boy Scouts or something and they went on a hike and were each given a rifle and one single bullet to practice shooting with (idk, it was the 70s or whatever). One of his friends, whom I’ll refer to as Steel Balls for reasons that will soon become clear, beckons my dad to a part of the woods and points to a giant hornets nest up in a tree. SB announces that he’s going to shoot it, waits for my dad to take cover (as one should in this situation), and fires off his only round into the nest. Sure enough, a swarm of pissed off hornets descend upon SB, who stands stoically and perfectly still at the base of the tree. Dad maintains that, despite their buzzing right around him, none of the hornets stung his friend, and they soon calmed down and returned to their newly renovated nest. SB turns back to face my dad and imparts this chunk of wisdom: “That’s the secret to dealing with hornets, Jim. They don’t know humans make rifle shots; they don’t know where the noise came from. You gotta stand still and don’t move, and they won’t chase you. If you run, they know you’re guilty.” Apparently dad was so awed he gave up his single bullet so SB could shoot the nest a second time, with the same results.

Long story short: hornets can sense guilt and there are people in the world who have tested this theory.


Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely


“Aedion grinned at his queen as the entire world went to hell.”
Collaboration between @taurielsilvan​ & @wondcrwomans​.

Happy birthday, Kesh ( @akrhamknight)! (April 19)


guess that fate brings them together in one way…or another! Haechan forever promoting his Mark hyung ♥


Okay, so this one has been in my drafts since…. November?? idk but I don’t have any new (finished) fanart to show you so have this at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For some reason Shutora looks different each time I draw her and I never found out why?? Like it should be pretty easy to draw her since she looks pretty much like a smol Levy but without curly locks and yet I still manage to screw it up?? amazing