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“I had a picture to give you, but I’m so bad and then kei happened and now I’m going to flee.”


rainy day study aesthetic

> Slytherin

light drizzle, foggy window pane, studying with your best friend in a secluded alcove of the castle, bulky sweaters, distracted glances, dark mocha lattes, squinting at tiny text, notebooks with neat bullet points, the gentle purr from your cat cuddled against your hip, witty remarks about past lectures, looking over questions from old exams handed down by an upperclassman, exchanging notes to see if either of you missed any details

> Ravenclaw

heavy downpour, low rumble of thunder, kneeling on the floor at the coffee table in the common room, sweeping loose hair behind your ear, hot cup of tea, rereading sections of the textbook, sliding glasses up the bridge of your nose, underling key points, writing notes in the margins, a semicircle of empty mugs enclosing your study area, lots of leaning back and sighing in deep frustration, scoffing when a classmate asks if “so and so” will be on the test because the hell if you know

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Really a random question, but how do you differentiate Tsukki and Jason other than the fact that there are different characters with them? My dash is filled with these two baes and it's so hard to tell who's who (If you don't mind answering)

I had to study so obviously I decided this question was a perfect opportunity to not study.

karasuno @ the beach
  • Daichi: surfing?! i get all the ladies this wa- *falls off board*
  • Suga: *swimming around* wow i feel so relaxed so at peace hey it's a wave hey it's- dAICHI NO
  • Noya&Tanaka: *intense sand castle building*
  • Hinata: yeahhhh flying a kite!! and imagining i'm the kite and i'm flying and- *trips*
  • Kageyama: volleyball! at the beach??? beach volLEYBALL!?!!! *heavy breathing*
  • Tsukkishima: *probably has a crab clamped onto his butt or smth*
  • Yamaguchi: sunscreen! lots of sunscreen! bc frecklesss

I’m incredibly terrified excited to announce that I’m writing a fic!!!

It’s no secret that I have an overwhelming amount of feels for Tsukki. I have spent a shameful amount of time analyzing his character, speculating his motivations, and developing countless head canons. A couple weeks back one of my dear friends on here made a suggestion that I try writing. At the time I totally brushed her off like that was the craziest thing in the world..and here we are now, hah.

This fic will follow Kei’s development from the moment Karasuno lost to Seijoh in Season 1 all the way through the end of Season 3. My goal is to give you all an inside look at what (I think) Kei possibly went through all that time. Actual canon events and conversations will be used (and tweaked, at times) along with many new situations that I think may have happened behind the scenes while the focus was more on Hinata/Kageyama. (And let’s be honest, I really just needed an excuse to write third gym antics)

Chapter 1 will be posted this Friday, but to thank you all for taking the time to read all of this rambling, there is a preview here under the cut! =^^=

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16 for tsukkiyama maybe?

16. A Naughty Kiss 

(Okay, NGL I had a lot of trouble with the definition of ‘a naughty kiss’ so I had to consult a few friends before I got to this.  Between 5 people I got a really wide range of interpretations so I’m sorry if this isn’t quite what you were looking for in ‘a naughty kiss.’)


Movie night in the Tsukishima household started as a custom instilled by Akiteru in a desperate attempt to keep Yamaguchi coming back to their home and to keep him as Kei’s only friend.  Proudly he watched as his baby brother went from having ‘a-guy-I-know-from-school’ to ‘a friend’ to a ‘best friend.’  The ‘boyfriend’ step was unexpected and not in the original plan, but so long as they were both happy, Akiteru wanted only to be a loving, supportive older brother.

So the movie nights continued from custom into tradition, and Akiteru was happy to hang out with them on his visits home from college… but the cuddling definitely left him feeling less like a third wheel and more like a vestigial toe most people tried to ignore until they could get it removed.  It was time for some house rules.

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So, with EMP Sherlock could wake up, 

In the hospital after slipping into a coma from the fall.
In the hospital after being shot.
In the hospital after revealing who Mary is to John.
In the plane.
In the hospital after the plane, going into a coma with all the drugs.

Is there any that I’ve missed??
It’s a pretty extensive list. All have evidence and all seem equally true. And with EMP, it could be any one of those…

When was the true point when everyone and I mean everyone seemed ooc…
My gut tells me either after Sherlock got shot or in the plane buuut then my brain tells me that it was really after the fall…

There’s something somewhere that has the key to all of this. And I have no idea where it is. Ugh. 😐

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1) (for references) - Is Yandere-themed ask also unacceptable for you? 2) Can you do a set of headcanons for chocobros then they walk on someone's (not theirs(!) but one of their friends) s/o changing?

Hmm I will accept Yandere as it’s more of a imaginative what if the boys were psychopaths scenario, and not so much as what if they were just straight abusive, but they will always be labeled as possibly uncomfortable for some people!

Noctis: freezes with a bright red face and slurrs out incomprehensible mumbles increasingly getting more frantic as he sees the person he walked in on become flustered and quickly try to hide themselves. He ends up snapping out of it and running out of the room with a quick sorry, low key terrified their going to tell their s/o and his friend is gonna knock him out. Literally has a red face the rest of the day and sweats bullets if the person is even in the same room as him.

Prompto: shouts loud enough for the whole world to hear in his panic, would probably throw the closest piece of fabric at them to cover up before screaming sorry over and over again while covering his eyes. Tries to run out of the room, but hits his head on the door on the way out and gives himself a bloody nose. High key terrified he’s gonna get knocked out by his friend for seeing his s/o in such a state. He’d completely avoid the person at all cost and wouldn’t forget about it for weeks.

Gladio: would let out a surprised grunt when he saw the person changing and let out a quick sorry then with a nod of his head he’d walk right back out with a light blush on his cheeks, later when he saw the person he’d bump his fist against their shoulder and let out a quick apology and maybe even joke about it to ease the tension. They’d quickly forget about it and make it a funny story to tell everyone highlighting the faces they both made in the moment Gladio walked in.

Ignis: The moment his gaze lands on the person he’d say “my apologies” before briskly shutting the door and walking away, clearing his throat from the embarrassment. The same as Gladio he’d seek them out to apologize properly and sincerely, and would let it go as they forgave him, however that night he’d make the whole group dinner and would make sure it was their favorite as a sort of peace offering.