and kendra's expression next to him

If there´s a light at the end (It´s just the sun in your eyes)

AN. So I watched Legends of Today, fell completely in love with the Hawks and this happened.

“I am glad you found your wings, Chay-Ara,” Carter said as Oliver left the room, going to speak to Barry in the other cabin of the plane. This was all a lot to take in. Carter was sitting next to her, but he wasn´t looking at her. Kendra gave him a look out of the corner of her eye, and swallowed hard. She wasn´t sure what to say, she remembered him, at least somewhat. Every time she was around Carter, she saw flashes of it. Of all the lives, she had lived before this one. He was there in every one of them. Being around him was weird though, because she could so clearly tell how he remembered it.

“Please stop calling me that,” Kendra replied, and turned in her seat towards him. He raised an eyebrow. She remembered loving him in another lifetime, but the feelings weren´t hers, not yet at least. She didn´t know, whether they would ever be. “The wings are enough to take in right now, just call me Kendra please. That´s who I am.”

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Scars Left by Time (DC TV)

If you think I’m not tempted to name anything that has to deal with Chronos!Mick after a Chrono Trigger/Cross track, you think I am far less nerdy than reality.

Title: Scars Left by Time
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2392
Characters: Mick, Len, Jax, Kendra, Sara, Ray
Summary: Post episode 9. A series of random moments exploring fun possibilities with Mick.

It probably surprised no one that the only person Mick spoke to was Len but considering he only told his former partner the kinds of violent, horrific things he planned to do once he got out, the rest of the crew didn’t envy him in the slightest. What surprised them was the fact that Len kept going back, even though he left the brig pale and shaking and raw while pretending he was fine until he got away from everyone.

Jax finally managed to intercept him- Len never took the same route from the brig to his room. “Man, you gotta stop doing this to yourself.”

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