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In case you haven’t been following @rinpin​ on twitter, here’s all the Ghostbusters: Answer the Call sneak peaks she’s posted thus far. :D

oh, and also this lil’ sneek:

Pre-order the comic at your local comic store using Previews code AUG170423 or here’s where you can order it online.


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The Kennedy Center Honors pay tribute to Barbara Cook

Kellie Martin: “When I was 13, working with Patti LuPone on “Life Goes On,” I asked how she could cry on cue. She told me, “Honey, I’ve got a suitcase full of sorrows.” 

Wow, that is a HIGH-KEY on-brand Patti LuPone quote right there

anonymous asked:

What did you think of Maggie's Plan? It was a big shift, when you consider Rebecca Miller previous films, and I'm still a bit perplexed about it. Do you know about other female film-makers who at some point took a unusual/unexpected turn in the kind of films they did?

I didn’t really like Maggie’s Plan. I actually don’t really like Rebecca Miller’s work very much but I did have my hopes up or that one because it was so different from her previous work. In the end it didn’t quite gel for me because even though I could see where she was going it never quite got absurd enough for me and the humour didn’t quite land. 

Your second question is super fun! I can think of a lot of filmmakers that took really twisty turns with their careers. Patty Jenkins first movie was a serious indie biopic about a serial killer (Monster) her second was a big budget superhero movie (Wonder Woman). 

I haven’t seen it yet obviously, but Mustang director Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s next film seems completely different from her first. Her first was about a group of sisters in Turkey being increasingly oppressed by their family and her second is a period piece set during the 1990 L.A. riots. 

Kathryn Bigelow’s entire career has basically been her jumping from one genre to the next. She did a biker film (Loveless), a vampire Western (Near Dark), a cop thriller (Blue Steel), a surfer/heist movie (Point Break) a scifi murder mystery (Strange Days), a war movie (The Hurt Locker) etc.  

Ida Lupino made a whole bunch of B-movie film noirs and then her last film was about best friends at a catholic boarding school (The Trouble With Angels).

Amma Asante went from making a gritty contemporary film on racism (A Way of Life) to making historical romances (Belle, Where Hands Touch, A United Kingdom). 

Niki Caro and Mira Nair are two more examples of directors who have jumped around genres, styles and projects so much I can’t even encapsulate the work they do. They’ve worked on everything from really personal indies, book adaptations and big budget studio films. 

And then there are also directors like Coppola or Claire Denis who actually jump around genres a LOT but because they adapt the genre to fit their style the shifts don’t feel so great. If you look at Coppola Somewhere and Lost in Translation can sort of be grouped together, but there is a huge difference between The Bling Ring, A Very Murray Christmas, The Beguiled, The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette. 

And as someone who has worked my way through all of Claire Denis’ feature films she dabbles in genres way more than she is given credit for, but because her films have such a distinct feel they are kind of grouped together and those differences aren’t really discussed. 

I do love directors who consistently put out similar work like Nicole Holofcener, Kelly Reichardt, Miranda July or Andrea Arnold, but I am also a fan of directors who jump around and shift genres a lot. 

anonymous asked:

Do you know where I can order the new Ghostbusters comics since I don't have a good comic store near me? :D

There’s some large comic shops that will ship out to you, depending on what country you’re in. I’ve linked issue #1, variant A (Corin Howell’s cover), but if you’re interested in other covers/issues, you’ll need to shop around the sites. Regular covers are lettered A, B and so on. There are also “retailer incentive” covers, that are only available to stores that order a certain number of issues (10, 25, 50) that cost more, but are usually pretty cool. We only know what Corin’s covers are for sure, at this point, but here’s what some of the others might be.


Things from Another World:—Howell%29___548841

This is the shop I’d recommend if you’re stateside.

Midtown Comics:

Is another option, although they appear to be out of stock of #1 for some reason right now and also if you want variant covers, they don’t guarantee you’ll get them, like TFAW will.


The Beguiling:

Despite what the website says, the guys running it have assured me that they’ll take on individual series orders, so you don’t need to have a huge pull list. They probably won’t be able to get in retailer incentive comics tho, if that’s what you’re looking for. Just shoot them an email with the title or previews code AUG170423.

UK / EU:

Forbidden Planet:

I’m Canadian, so I’ve only been to their physical store the one time I was hanging about London, but it’s the only retailer there I have experience with in the UK. lol


You can also get ebooks from iTunes, or what I’d recommend: DRM free directly from IDW: 

It won’t be up until around release day tho, and I’d recommend buying physical single issue copies as it lends more weight to showing your support for the series. The series will need to sell lots of physical single issue copies for it to be a success and actually reach trade paperback. Ideally, we want to buy so many it sells out like 101 #1 did.

If anyone has any other places they’d recommend getting it, feel free to add to the list!


@servicetopholtzmann says you can also get them through Comixology, Amazon’s comic distributor:


EXCLUSIVE: Abby, Patty, Erin & Holtzmann Are Back in Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #1
A Class VII plans to turn the world into its own nightmare dimension! IDW's Ghostbusters: Answer the Call #1 by Kelly Thompson & Corin Howell.

GHOSTBUSTERS #1 OUT NEXT WEEK (10/25)! This is by yours truly and Corin Howell (@rinpin ) and with Valentino Pinto on colors! GET IT! ;D