and keeping the panels to a minimum

Monster High & SDCC 2017: ADDENDUM

UPDATE: This Saturday, I asked Garrett Sander (the Monster High creator) how the fandom can best express our feelings about Monster High and its presence at comic-con to inspire change. He gave a me a few pointers:

• Call the customer service number, and leave comments about how much you love Monster High and how much you miss the SDCC panel and display: 1-800-524-8697

• Write letters to Mattel, Incorporated explaining why Monster High is important to you, and why Mattel should put it in their focus. This is an especially good option, because it allows us to relay the largest amount of information.
Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012

Concentrate our social media efforts as much as possible to one place. I was told that it’s important to consolidate ourselves so Mattel can see how many of us there are! I’d like to propose that we choose the Mattel Instagram page (, because it serves the dual purpose of getting our point across while also keeping negativity away from Monster High’s social media pages. if you don’t have an Instagram account, don’t worry; the above two options are still really important.

Perhaps most importantly of all, though, we have to STAY POSITIVE. Be cordial, be kind, lay off the swear words, and speak from the heart. Social media reps are trained specifically to ignore negative comments (or to respond with positivity), so if you’re going to post on Instagram, make sure to say that you love and miss Monster High, and wish to see them again at SDCC next year! When you write letters, keep the suggestions and complaints to a minimum. Mention how the artistic integrity, detail, individuality, and posability of these dolls is important to you, so Mattel knows those things are worth putting money into. We can absolutely do this. I believe in us.


I just spoke to Becca Shipman, the current lead designer of Monster High.

the higher-ups at Mattel decided to focus only on their licensed brands at SDCC this year. it’s supposedly a better business strategy. that is the reason for the huge focus on WWE and DCSHG, as well as the lack of a Monster High panel. the designers of Mattel’s home-grown brands, Monster High included, were crestfallen, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Monster High spent the year preparing for SDCC as usual before the corporate decision was finalized, so they slated reveals, which are now happening on social media, and Becca designed that Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps 2-pack, which was supposed to be the SDCC exclusive.

the Monster High crew cares so deeply about the brand. they care about girls, they care about misfits, they care about stories, they care about fashion and art, and more than anything, they care about their fans. I know this firsthand. I know they love each and every one of us.

there’s been a lot of transition from the Monster High fans I follow from despair into acceptance. people seem to be sure that this is the death knell for the brand. I’m telling you otherwise. please make an uproar about Monster High’s presence at SDCC. please try to make your voice heard, guys - and don’t bother Monster High’s people about it. go directly to Mattel. storm their official Instagram. write letters and e-mails. even if nothing comes of it, they should at least know how we feel about this. the brand is important to us! its presence is important to us! and the artists behind the brand who care so deeply about it are important to us. we don’t have to whine about it online (although we still can - a healthy amount of whining is important), and we don’t have to accept defeat. I think it’s time we make our feelings known in the most positive way we can. conventions aren’t just for superheroes and wrestlers! they’re for ghouls, too.

veilrony  asked:

I've only heard negative things about the NDP in Alberta... What positive things have the NDP done over here? (I'm not trying to be aggressive, I'm genuinely curious.)

Here’s a few. Feel free to add more if I’ve missed anything major.

-Put out a plan endorsed by the Oil Industry & Environmentalists to reduce CO2 emissions.

-They’ve created an ‘Alberta Child Benefit’ aiming to bring low income families and children out of poverty.

-Have begun diversifying Alberta’s economy

-Is reducing school fees

-Despite the economic downturn they’ve refused to resort to austerity, keeping schools and hospitals funded.

-They’ve put policies into place to protect LGBTQ youth in schools

-They’ve brought out a plan to give subsidies to people who want to save energy in their home (Free LED’s, low flow showers, etc)

-They’ve brought out a plan to subsidize the installation of solar panels on homes & businesses, making it more affordable.

-Are committed to raising the minimum wage to $15/hour by 2018.

-Have banned Corporate & Union donations.

damianwayre  asked:

Hey! I live in a pretty small apartment that only allows for small pets, so I was thinking of getting a hamster, rats, or guinea pigs. I was wondering what you would recommend for this situation. I really want a pet who I can pet and is a companion, and I want to be able to care for them the best that I can with a big enough enclosure for them

Either of those would work well for a small apartment! It’s really just up to you, they’ve all got their ups and downs. 

Keep in mind that this absolutely does not constitute everything you need to know about these animals, nor is this brief summary qualified to stand in as appropriate research! But here are some basics for each to maybe help you narrow it down;

  • Hamsters have to be kept separate, so you would want only one. Because they’re more or less solitary, they’re not as social, but can still enjoy human companionship. The accepted minimum cage size for a hamster is going to be at least two square feet (Honestly, that seems kind of small to me though.),and should be deep enough to allow for eight or so inches of bedding. Hamsters dig and burrow, so this is very important! Most people keep them in tanks or tubs, or similar. You’ll need a wheel, a sand bath, and chew things too. Toys and treats are also great! Hamster balls are a huge no-no. Hamsters are generally a quiet pet and came be calm/tame with appropriate handling.
  • Rats are social! They will bond with you, but they also must be kept in at least pairs. It’s very important that rats have rat friends. The minimum cage size for two rats is at least four square feet, but bigger is better. Rats shouldn’t be kept in a tank, they need a barred cage with a top and everything. If introduced to a wheel when young, rats will also use a wheel and need things to chew on as well. They can be litter box trained and are surprisingly smart; the more toys and treats the better (food puzzles are fun too!). Hamster balls are a huge no-no. Rats are also a pretty quiet pet and generally tame down very easily, but can be a bit skittish at first.
  • Guinea pigs can be kept separately or in groups, but I hear that it can sometimes be hard to introduce older piggies together so if you want multiples, it’s probably best to get them at or around the same time. Piggies need a larger space than either of the two above; the minimum for one pig is about eight square feet of floor space. They wont scale bars like rats, but they can be surprising in what they can accomplish, so you’ll want to keep the sides of your cage at least a foot or so tall, probably. A lot of people make cages out of C&C panels. On top of a normal feed, guinea pigs need timothy hay as a large part of their diet. No wheels for your piggies, wheels (and, you guessed it, hamster balls) are terrible for them. Guinea pigs will also greatly benefit from toys and such and are a lot more inquisitive and curious than most people realize. Guinea pigs do lots of super cute talking! It’s mostly quiet vocalizations, but a talking piggy is usually a happy piggy. Guinea pigs are usually a little shy, but with appropriate handling, you can gain their trust and they become quite social.

All of these little guys can be found at rescues and shelters! If you can, call around and adopt a homeless pet. When most people think of shelters or rescues, they think cats and dogs, but so often small animals that people bought on impulse later end up at shelters. So take a peek there first if you can.

I threw this answer together kind of fast, so it’s probably a little jumbled and I’m sure I missed some things. If anyone else has anything to add, feel free!

Good luck with your new pet :)

Unheard Castings (R.R Spinoff)

Anonymous: PLEASE CONTINUE THE MODEL SERIES! I LIVE FOR THEM! Just an idea- but what if you were going in for an audition for LDN(or where ever) fashion week and H was one of the people who helped choose the models? 

Ahhhh thank youuuu I love you!!!!!! Btw, fashion show casting procedures are most likely incorrect here!


London Fashion Week was only a few months away and the castings for the different shows started this week. You sat in the big waiting room alongside hundreds of models, all of whom were equally stunning in their own unique ways.

A few smiled and recognised you but most were too concentrated and just ignored you. You were too nervous anyway to spark conversation. You were currently waiting for the casting of Alexender Wang. 

You quickly checked your phone for any messages but then your name was called. 

Keep reading

the idea that I’m getting is probably, obvs suggestive but he’s just touchin my face in the last panel so… this should be fine for here
I’ve had this idea for ages and I’ve only just now got to it rip… I hope you enjoy this stupidity I should hopefully have some better stuff on the way soon!!

both Crona and myself are agender, I use she/her and my headcanon Crona uses he/him and she/her, please respect our genders and pronouns
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!

anonymous asked:

Choose Law x Nami or Zoro x nami! Give reasons and moments why you ship the pair that you choose please :)

WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CHOOSE!? DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! *heavy sobbing* I love them both a lot for different reasons and I hate choosing between them (probably the other reason I don’t like love triangles- I want her to have both.) T^T

I’m a very greedy woman, okay!? >< But, since I did just recently do a Zoro x Nami ask the other day X, I’ll pick Law x Nami since it’s been a while since I fangirled over them.

The reasons I ship Law x Nami (outside of the initial OMG they’re so hot together reaction that comes with what was a crack ship) is the way their personalities mesh together. They have a lot in common in terms of history (what we know for sure in terms of Law’s history at least- pirate since a child). They’re both very intelligent and from what we’ve seen, they’re capable of actually talking to one another like normal human beings, even the one fight they had about him sending Nami’s group to Zou without Luffy and the others was quite tame in comparison to Nami’s usual disagreements with Zoro. Law seems to respect her opinion enough to let her decide for herself what to do, and in the end he won out thanks to her survival instinct kicking in.

They have the potential of bringing out more in each other. Nami is kind-hearted, and I think Law has more of a soft side than he cares to admit, so she can bring that out more for him. Law is calm, steady, and a natural leader, he can provide a solid support for her when she needs it. I like ships where there’s a balance between the differences and similarities between the two, and this ship has a very natural balance to me.

Moments that made me ship them? Well I didn’t need moments to begin with, but now that I have some, it just makes it better. I have a lot of moments that I love, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum here.

  • While Nami was in Sanji’s body, I loved Law asking if she had intended to stay behind on her own to help the kids. It showed how differently they see the world, that willing compassion that Nami has in comparison to Law’s more self-centered point of view. He seemed amazed at how strongly she felt about those children, and some part of me thinks that’s a quality he hasn’t seen in another pirate in a long time. 

  • In the anime we saw more of their off panel interactions while on the ship, and I loved seeing how easily they could talk to one another. I kinda wonder if that’s because Bepo’s his navigator (according to the big paw print on that map, at least), so maybe Law finds it easier or more natural to communicate with her. 

  • (Trafalguy-kun~ So adorable~)

  • Law giving Nami the vivre card to get to his crew. 

  • Law calling Nami when he needed help (he wasn’t wondering why Chopper or Brook wasn’t answering, just Nami-ya~ XD.) 

  • Law immediately hearing the thunder in the area and realizing the ship was near because he knew Nami must have been controlling the weather.

  • Also Nami’s reaction to Law getting shot. She was obviously very upset about it, and it made her realize just how important it was for her to keep to his plan and sail to Zou, even giving a very passionate argument in favor of it. I’d say she’s probably his best ally amongst the group at this point (Robin, as well, but I’m biased, okay… also Sanji because North Blue broship right there, lol). But Nami was the one to understand Law’s motivation with both Caeser and Momo (who Law never even mentioned was crucial in his plans, yet she figured that out), and it was her argument that got Luffy and the rest of the crew on track for what needed to be done.

Log 12

I have been searching the Everfree for a few months now. Every time I catch the trail, it eludes me once again. It IS sentient, I know that much. When I first discovered its tracks and followed them to its cave, I had foolishly believed that my presence would go undetected. Needless to say, it did not. But the creature not only detected me, but adapted its traveling to hide its tracks to the point where it was extremely difficult to find them. Recently I have documented several trails which it follows that are covered in much undergrowth as to leave a very minimal trail. I only found such trails because of a long strand of red hair left upon a bramble. Soon, I will attempt to set up a blind where I can observe this trail from a safe distance. Perhaps finally I will finally catch a glimpse of this elusive species.

(( Hey look! Actual story related content! I’m going to try to keep myself to an upload per week at the minimum in order to keep a constant story dialogue. Stay tuned, next update will have actual drawn panels! ))

gas-masks-official  asked:

If you want a great example of Russia fucking up a non-nuclear power plant, check out the 2009 Sayano–Shushenskaya power station accident. The bearings on a turbine melted down and the whole thing went to shit real quick.



From wikipedia:

The accident occurred on 17 August 2009 at 08:13 local time (00:13 GMT). There was a loud bang from turbine 2. The turbine cover shot up and the 920-tonne (910-long-ton; 1,010-short-ton) rotor then shot out of its seat. After this, water spouted from the cavity of the turbine into the machinery hall. As a result, the machinery hall and rooms below its level were flooded. At the same time, an alarm was received at the power station’s main control panel, and the power output fell to zero, resulting in a local blackout. The steel gates to the water intake pipes of the turbines, weighing 150 tonnes (150 long tons; 170 short tons) each, were closed manually by opening the valves with hydraulic jacks keeping them up between 8:35 and 9:20 hours (9.30 by official report). The operation took 25 minutes, which is near the minimum time (highest speed) allowed for this operation. The emergency diesel generator was started at 11:32. At 11:50, the opening of 11 spillway gates of the dam was started and was finished at 13:07. 75 people were later found dead

Hydroelectric power plants are something not to fuck with. 


Rick Grimes in Every Episode» Now
You can hear it. Some of you saw it. They got back here, half of them. Still enough to surround us 20 deep. Look, I know you’re scared. You haven’t seen anything like this. You haven’t been through anything like this. But we’re safe for now. The panel the truck hit seems intact. We reinforced it just in case. Either way, the wall’s gonna hold together. Can you? The others, they’re gonna be back. Daryl, Abraham, Sasha, they have vehicles. They’re gonna lead ‘em away, just like the others. And Glenn and Nicholas are gonna walk back through the front gate after. They know what they’re doing, and we know what we need to do. We keep noise to a minimum. Pull our blinds at night. Even better, keep the lights out. We’ll try to make this place as quiet as a graveyard, see if they move on.


hi! i’m amika, here’s how i did one of the pages for straylight, coming out in Island #3. This is my very first comic - I feel super lucky to have been given a place in Island where I can just do whatever I like the most, cause Straylight is mostly made up as I go along and just whatever I think would be the most fun and interesting thing to draw at the time. I actually finished this issue way back, so it’s kind of cool to have to look at my old stuff and not hate it while I’m working on the next chapter in the present. Brandon said he wanted me to have a chance to tell my stories before the comics industry had destroyed my spirit.

1. i do all my pencils and stuff on 11x17 bristol board (this one took up the whole page to be scaled down 50% but more recently i’ve been doing it at print size), and then ink over and scan / clean it up in photoshop.

2-3. my colours are pretty much just flats with textures applied, beyond the shadow/sunlight i added in the top centre panel, i like to keep shading to a minimum. i think with my style being pretty geometric and sometimes disproportioned, it helps not to get too concerned about how small shadows would fall unless i’ve got some particular emphasis i’d like to work out.

4-5. my texturing is mostly dot patterns and photoshop noise - lately i’ve begun scanning and using gross damaged old paper and watercolour textures and stuff. you can also kinda see i’m messing around with the values of the things right up until the very last minute so the general light/dark shapes don’t make me unhappy to look at.

6. i work pretty dark on screen, so i remove a lot of the black ink on the version that’s going to print by putting it in cymk mode and using curves and levels to make sure the printer isn’t going to murk things up by using black ink to darken where it doesn’t have to. i also nudge out the cyan/magenta channels - i do this a lot because it seems to soften a lot of the ink edges that lose their smoothness when they’re translated to square pixels!

Thoughts on "Ping Pong: The Animation" (2014 Anime Series)

External image

When I first heard that this anime was being produced, I knew I HAD to follow it. Ping Pong is directed by Masaaki Yuasa (director of many great anime among Mind Game and The Tatami Galaxy), and is based on a manga by Taiyo Matsumoto (one of my favorite cartoonists.)

External image

Taiyo Matsumoto has a very unconventional style for a mangaka, one that blends typical manga visuals with a grungy french look he developed while studying art in France. I love it since it’s proof that you don’t need always need to follow the conventions of western-art 24/7 to create striking non-abstract art. Matsumoto’s perspective can be wonky, variety in line weight is kept to a minimum, it’d be a challenge to find a perfectly straight line that isn’t a panel-border, and yet I can never keep my eyes away from his art.

External image

Masaaki Yuasa adopted Matsumoto’s style for the anime adaptation, which is not surprising given his career. The visual styles he tends to work with have the common trait of being capable of looking really good regardless of the level of talent behind the specific shot being analyzed. This is a commonly underlooked trait when analyzing the visual-style of an anime television series, since the industry is infamous for dodgy budgets.

External image

That said, the style still doesn’t work as well in cheaper shots, which is a damn shame.

External image

The story follows five similarly-skilled young ping-pong players in Japan (one is an exchange-student from China), and explores how they got to their skill level, what they find in the game, and what keeps each one from becoming the best of the bunch, as well as what to think when it becomes obvious you AREN’T the best. It’s very motivating stuff.

External image

Sometime I’m going to make a video about the scenes that actually depict characters playing ping-pong, because they’re the true highlights of the series. Through fantastic framing, pacing, and storyboarding, what is probably banal game to most becomes eclectic, tense, and extremely accessible to the average viewer. When characters talk about specific techniques involving grip, angle, position, and spin, you can really see what they mean in the scenes themselves.

External image

Techniques used are panels that divide the action up onscreen (as seen above), eclectic camerawork that follows paddles, characters, or the ball itself, and imaginative suspension of realism that helps visualize power-dynamics and intensity between players.

External image

As I said before, it’s a combination between two of my favorite people working in japanese cartooning, so I had a blast watching this.



Would you look at that, I actually got 333+ followers. Amazing. To celebrate this, I decided to have a giveaway, as you can see! I will have 3 winners!

  1. Detailed Picture, Cell Shading and Panel Edit (Optional)
  2. Cell shading, Panel Edit (Optional) and Doodle
  3. Doodle and Panel Edit (Optional)


  1. Must be following ME! I will check! (No one who follows me after I post this will Count!! So don’t follow me just for the sake of this giveaway, please!)
  2. KEEP IT SFW. Atleast sex-wise. No porn. I can draw gore and guts but no porn seriously. I have standards, y'know.
  3. Likes AND reblogs count!! But I suggest you only like this so people won’t break the rules on this thing. As I said, it’s only for my followers. (I won’t tag it as anything so other people can’t find it)
  4. I will draw ANY ships, literally. Of course, I have NOTPS but I’ll draw them for you anyway, if you want. Also, keep in mind: Please keep the number of characters to a minimum. 5 at max. Otherwise, I’ll most likely never finish it and you’ll get angry and then Everything will turn into a huge mess. We don’t want that, do we?

Well, that’s all! The giveaway will end on 7th of June. I will use a random list generator to decide who the Winners will be.

That is all!! uwu

anonymous asked:

As far as your comic layouts, how do you decide what panel is what size? Is there a system you use? What's considered a dynamic/action panel shape to you? Did you ever have trouble breaking from 'square only' panels? Sorry, many questions I know... thanks in advance!

Hm, for me, it’s a combination of what needs to go into the panel, how important the moment in panel is, or how quickly I want the reader to process the panel. Smaller panels tend to read quicker than larger ones. I also generally prefer larger establishing shots, but they aren’t always feasible for the layout. It’s just a lot of problem solving with thumbnails to figure out what you can fit on a page and how best to try and show the action.

For WL sized pages, I know that I can comfortably fit seven similarly sized panels to a page. So, as I’m writing I picture a general page and make the choice as I go along if I think a panel will need a lot of space or not, and kind of page-break the script accordingly. That way when it is time to thumbnail the page, I have a chunk of action that I can generally work with pretty reasonably.

As for dynamic paneling, I used to do a lot more diagonal and inset panel bordering, but with Wilde Life I’ve really tried to keep that to a minimum so that when I break the flow, it’s more effective (in theory??). So, fancy paneling is reserved for magical things.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m reading a comic where the artist made an ambiguous panel choice and I don’t know which order to go in. It totally sucks me out of the story, so I’m for sure a stickler for strict left to right, top to bottom, panels.

If you are just starting out, I would for sure recommend being very aware of the decisions you’re making in regards to readability of your panels. Don’t be afraid to show your work to trusted friends and ask them to read it and give feedback. I still do this! And then, just read a lot of comics and watch a lot of movies and observe how things are put together and framed.

You’ll just have to practice and find out what works for you.

How to Panel Like a Lit Champ!

I’ve been moderating and paneling for a long time and been doing a lot of panels these past few months and have a few thoughts about what makes a great panel.  I thought I would follow up Mette’s excellent A Good Moderator post from a month ago with a How to Panel like a Lit Champ! post.  These are just some things that I’ve learned along the years and try to strive for when I’m on a panel or when I’m moderating one and I thought I would pass these tips on to you.  Enjoy! 

1.If you are moderating, read the books of all the authors on the panel. This means their newest book / the one they are promoting.

2. Come up with questions. Do not wing it. Do not make them general questions. i.e. avoid things like, What’s your process? What’s your research? What are you working on next? Although of course, when peppered in with your thoughtful questions those could be great.

3.When you are moderating, have a pen and piece of paper to jot down anything interesting that you can turn into a question. Meaning, be flexible to how the panel is flowing.

4. Come up with at least one thoughtful question for each panelist that pertains to their specific book.

5. Moderators, try to contact your authors before the panel to let the panelists know what you are going to be covering / how you are going to run the panel. Sometimes you only get the publicists email. Ask the publicist to forward your email to the author. If you cannot email, make sure to get to the room early to greet your authors and let them know how you are going to run the panel.

6. Moderators, have a bio of each of the authors on your panel to introduce them.

7.Authors, do your moderator a favor and have a short bio readily available on your website. One that actually talks about the highlights of your career (and not about your dog or how much you like pie.)

8.Avoid having every single author go down the line and answer every single question. It is long and tedious and oftentimes boring for the audience. This is especially bad on panels with more than five people.

9. People like a conversation! If you are moderating, encourage cross talk! If you are on a panel, ask the other panelists a question when you are talking!

10. If you are on a panel that is being moderated by someone else, be classy and at least have googled the other authors and be aware of exactly what their new book is about. Read the flap copy or the first chapter. I know it’s hard to read. Trust me, everyone on the panel is busy and on deadline! But it makes the conversation on the panel so much nicer when people at least know each others literary flavor!

11. Bonus points if you read or have read at least one book by each author on the panel even if it’s not the one they are currently promoting. It means you can at least talk to that authors style or themes.

12. Also authors, google your moderator! They could be an author as well and it shows respect to at least know who they are / why they were selected to moderate the panel. It often also makes for a better conversation.

13. If you are an author and you are moderating a panel you should of course mention that and on occasion weigh in with your own thoughts, but your job is to moderate the panel so keep the self tooting to a minimum.

14. If it is just you and another author in conversation with no moderator, read the other authors book. Seriously. This is non negotiable.

15. If you are asked to read a short passage on a panel, read no more than three to four pages. And probably keep it on the shorter side. Remember that people look forward to the conversation and that’s the fun part of a panel and if everyone reads for a full five to seven minutes than half your panel is gone and the audience Q&A is truncated.

16. If your moderator asks you to read just one page. Really read just one page.

17. Do not be a mic hog as a panelist. This is not the “look at only me show.” Even if you are the most famous author and everyone in the room is there for you, you are on a panel. Let everyone talk.

18. Keep your answers short. You personally do not need to answer every question. Other people have things to say, too. Some people are shy and will not jump on in. Be mindful of that.

19. If you are a moderator and someone is hogging up all the time, jump in and guide the conversation to another author.

20. If you are a moderator and notice that a panelist is shy and not speaking much, try to help them to come out of their shell. They usually have great things to say when coaxed.

21. If you are a moderator and an audience member rambles on or does not ask a question, at the Q&A quickly (and kindly) move it along.

22. If you are the moderator and open it up to the audience for questions and they are a shy audience and do not have questions, make sure that you have spare questions for your panel. This is a good time to use those questions / further points that you jotted down.

23. You don’t have to be everyone’s best friend, but you do have to be friendly, polite and inclusive. If you are on a panel with your good friends, great! But avoid inside jokes. It alienates the other authors and the audience.

24. When on the panel and in the social parts / green rooms of a festival/ conference, remember that you are all peers and that the career wheels are always turning. Some are just starting out. Some are grizzled vets. Some are on the up and up.  Some are having a hard time of it. It doesn’t matter if you are the most famous or the least famous in the room / on the panel, be nice. Stay classy.

25. Have fun!