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one day, im gonna give you every damn thing i cant give you now.


Tfw you’re watching a video and you see Jungkook looking vaguely in Jimin’s direction and you think ‘haha, I bet he’s looking at Jimin’ but you can’t prove it because he’s not in the shot and then you watch another video and he’s staring directly at him and you just think, ‘oh’

i know this is cliche af but i want a plot where muse a is broke as hell and does little jobs to get by and gets hired to spend a summer at some rich family’s estate and do some stuff around the house. meanwhile there’s muse b who is a part of the family who owns the estate and leads a lifestyle of lavish parties and thoughtless spending, and is entirely different from muse a. still, they keep bumping into each other, and eventually end up growing close to the point where muse b sneaks muse a into fancy parties, and muse a takes muse b out to know the seedy little bars hidden out of the view of the wealthy or for motorcycle rides in the dead of night because they keep this relationship under wraps? and maybe there’s even some angst and jealousy when muse a runs into an ex they never thought they’d see again or muse b is flirting with someone else at a party muse a is working at. this could be so much fun tbh


• viktor has a huge bladder and will hold all day for fun and/or profit
• yuuri loves seeing him squirm and try to keep himself composed and they tease each other
• when viktor’s close to wetting himself yuuri pulls him somewhere private so he can be the only one to see him lose control
• theyre gay, and love omo

Not as bad as I thought

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Summary/Original Request: One day you join Bellamy’s group out exploring the woods, when you all then get surprised by the acid fog. Bellamy doesn’t hesitate and pulls you with him towards a cave where you’re safe. You stay there for the night but it gets terribly cold, so you and Bell cuddle close together and keep each other warm. 

Warnings: None
Word Count: 1550
A/N: I hope this is what you had in mind!! :) And I hope you like it!

It had been late in the afternoon when Bellamy had summoned a small group from the Camp to investigate further into the woods with him. 

He had carefully chosen the people he thought could be of use, some of them carrying knives and sharp objects they had torn off the dropship to defend themselves if needed. Bellamy, his gun securely kept in his jacket, walked close behind (y/n) the whole time, keeping her in sight. 

Now that it was steadily becoming dark they were on their way back, after having tried to gather more information about the Ground. Or – how they probably should start calling it – their new home. For Bellamy knew, there was no returning to the Ark. At least not for him.
Thus, Bellamy had decided that it was best, if they knew as much as possible about it. One could never know when the extra knowlegde might come in handy.
After all, within the few weeks they had been on the Ground, he had seen more definite dangers than he could list.
And he wouldn’t accept anyone else being hurt by them. Especially not Octavia. And definitely not (y/n).

His possibilities had been letting her stay at the dropship with the others and more precisely with Murphy, or taking her with him, where he at least knew he could protect her. His decision had been easily made. He didn’t trust Murphy and his friends as far as he could throw them.
Actually he had wanted to take Octavia with him also, but she hadn’t agreed on coming. And so he had decided, that she was safe with Clarke, rather than out in the woods with him, where she would probably end up running off alone.

Slowly their small group made their way through the woods, and though their initial enthusiasm had vanished, they were still more than wary about their surroundings.

Suddenly (y/n) stopped. „What is it?“, Bellamy asked, stopping right next to her, shoving his hand into his jacket, ready to pull out his gun.
But she didn’t answer, and instead put a finger to her lips to shush him. Bellamy looked down at her, before lifting his head, straining to listen to whatever she just had heard. And then he did, too. A horn.
„What is that?“, she asked and turned around, but seemed to get an answer to her question almost immediately, as her eyes grew wide. Quickly Bellamy turned around too, finally realising what was happening. 

„Acid fog!“, he shouted, and out of instinct grabbed (y/n)’s hand, pulling her with him, before he started running as fast as he could.  
He saw the others all running in different directions, trying to find shelter. But in this moment he couldn’t care for all of them. Now he had to save himself, and even more important – he had to save her.
„There are caves over there“, he cried over his shoulder, as both ran as fast as possible without tripping, away from the fog, that had already drawn close enough to waft around their feet. Bellamy could already feel the slight burning sensation spread over his skin.
Finally they reached the caves. Just in time Bellamy pushed her inside, following her as deep as they could inside it.
She panted heavily, supporting herself against the cave wall, lifting her head to look at – or rather – past him. „Are you sure it can’t get inside here?“ Panting as heavily as her Bellamy nodded, putting his hands on his hips, until he managed to catch his breath again.
A few minutes (y/n) sighed, and sat down on a small rock formation. „Looks like we’ll be in here for some time.“

Bellamy just nodded. He had just realised that this meant, he would be alone with her. But as quickly as it had come, he had swallowed the thought again. It was no time to be thinking about his feelings for her.

Over the past few days he had found his eyes drifting to her figure more and more often, his body conscious of her presence without meaning to, and even though he had tried to avoid her as best as he could, this feeling seemed to grow steadily. But he also knew, that she didn’t approve of most of his actions. Therefore she would most likely turn him down. And this was the exact reason he didn’t tell her. 

Frustrated Bellamy kicked a small pebble through the cave, before sitting down also, staring at the opposite wall, deeply wrapped in his thoughts.
„When do you reckon it is safe to go outside again?“, (y/n) asked into the rather uncomfortable silence that had formed.
Bellamy stopped staring at the wall, and turned his gaze to her instead.  He shrugged.
„A few hours I guess.“
She stood up, and went through the room, stopping in front of him, before she sat down on his side. „I guess this means we’ll spend the night.“ Bellamy nodded, clenching and unclenching his fists at the thought. Sighing she leant back onto the cave wall. „Cozy.“

(Y/n) had stood up again, and was now pacing the small room, much to Bellamy’s annoyance.
It made him nervous. 

„Would you stop that, please.“
She stopped for a moment, but just placed her hand in her pockets, before continuing to stroll through the small cave. „(Y/n). Please“, he said again, leaning his head against the cage wall. „You should try to sleep a bit instead.“
She nodded, but didn’t look very convinced. And she didn’t sit down. Bellamy opened his eyes and looked at her.
Not before that he realised suddenly that she was shivering. 

„You are cold“, he said, both a statement and sudden explanation for her pacing through the cave.
Licking her lips in slight embarrassment, (y/n) nodded.
He hesitated, but then scooched over a few centimeters, gesturing for her to sit down. She seemed suspicious. „Sit down“, he said, staring at her, until she eventually did as she was told.
Hesitantly she sat down beside him, making him very aware of the fact, that her shoulder was touching his. And as embarrassing as it might have been for both of them, this wouldn’t help much to improve the fact that she was cold.
On that account Bellamy carefully placed an arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. First he felt her body stiffen at the sudden physical contact, but not long after that she started to relax against him.
„Thank you“, she murmured.
Bellamy nodded. And then he sighed. „You should try to sleep now.“

And to his surprise (y/n) indeed did rest her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. Bellamy couldn’t get himself to avert his gaze, as he watched her slowly reaching out for the hand he had slung around her shoulder, taking it in hers.
Gently stroking the back of her hand with his thumb, Bellamy leaned back, so she could lie more comfortably against him, all the while anxious not let go of her hand.
Slowly he rested his head on hers.

A few minutes later, though, she shifted, causing him to lift his head again, and look down at her. Gently she squeezed his hand, and he returned the pressure, as he watched her turning to face him.
Weakly she smiled up to him, making his heart miss a beat. All at once he realised how close his face was to hers, and was painfully aware of every part of his body that touched hers.
And before he knew what he was doing, completely forgetting the fact that she had probably wanted to say something, he crossed the remaining distance between their faces and pressed his lips softly on hers. 

Barely had his lips touched hers, when she completely surprised him by returning the kiss.
Gaining confidence out of her response Bellamy put more pressure on the kiss and felt her smiling against his lips. 

After he reluctantly pulled away from her, he rested his forehead against hers and slowly opened his eyes, directly gazing into her (e/c)irises.
She let her eyes wander over his face, before a smile started to form around the corners of her lips.
„I love you“, Bellamy breathed, gently resting his free hand on her cheek. Her eyes widened slightly at his words, as she leaned into his touch, her lips parting slightly. But just as soon, her featured relaxed once more into a smile and her lids fluttered closed.

„I love you too“, she whispered, before opening her eyes again, letting her lips brush over his again.

Gently Bellamy stroke his thumb over her lips and cheek, before pulling her close to him once more.
After they broke the kiss she shifted back into her earlier position, closing her eyes as she relaxed against his body. „Maybe staying the night isn’t as bad as I thought“, she whispered, before her breathing slowly became steady as her body relaxed against his.

Bellamy pulled her closer, resting his chin carefully on her head, after pressing another kiss on her hair.

He never thought he’d admit something like this, but maybe the time on the Ground wouldn’t have to be as horrible as he had expected. At least not with her around.

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I was hoping all the shadiness behind Liam and Niall's delayed albums meant that some sort of contract was expiring in March, but now I think it's them just not wanting to compete with Harry's release. Often where there is smoke there is fire. There were a lot of acting rumors that we brushed aside before Dunkirk. The latest rumors about Harry's album probably indicate that something is coming very, very soon.

I still personally really think Niall’s album seemed like it was planned a bit later and is still in production and there is something contractual keeping Liam’s from dropping and that Harry wouldn’t want his music to compete with/overshadow his movie role, so he’d want the music to come after. We’ll see what happens though!

Everyones freaking out and wondering if Bellamy and Clarke share a room but I think theyre just so close that they keep each other companying while working, Bell can just take a nap while Clarke is doing stuff. Just physically wanting to be near each other in general… just two friends (I’d go as far as to say best friends) spending time with one another, maybe not wanting the other to be alone, and I think that is soo cute

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learning about dragons with Charlie Weasley would involve...

  • Hagrid loves the two of you and you write him letters every week,  telling him about the dragons and sending him pictures of them
  • You end up pretty comfortable with each other’s bodies because you spend so much time treating each other’s burns
  • Both of you trying to learn Romanian together. He’s better at speaking it, and you’re better at writing it.
  • Keeping a close eye on each other at all times while you’re around the dragons. You both love dragons, but you respect them enough to know the damage they can cause if you’re not careful
  • You travel back to Hogwarts with him during the Triwizard Tournament to deliver the dragons, and stay with his family. Mrs Weasley loves you for looking after Charlie, and Mr Weasley asks you constant questions about muggle objects
  • Charlie writing letters home and talking all about you and how much he loves working with you
  • Working late nights, not wanting to stop, but being reminded you need sleep by Charlie when he brings you a plate of food
  • Growing attached to the dragons (even though you’re not supposed to) and naming them together
  • Telling each other stories about your life when you lay out by the dragons looking up at the stars
  • Being an iconic duo in Romania. Everyone studying up there knows that you two always work together and are amazing at what you do

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Masterlist: (x)

-Lauren and Kerrie


Words: 1,736

A/N: tbh I thought this would’ve been shorter but I put so much effort into this it’s going to end up having up to 2 to 3 parts. It’s just basically a fic based on @trashpandaballs character/ typo that ends up building his relationship with his brother. It’s not by much but it’s at least something. I referenced a bit of one of the small comics he made of Pay and Patryk, which you can find here. Also, warning, my english is bad, I can speak it p well, but its still pretty hard for me to write it. So if I mess up, ooops. Most of all I hope ya’ll’s enjoy!


It was a usual quiet morning in the home of the 4 soldiers, one of them not so quite a soldier. Two of them lay in their bed snuggled close to each other, keeping themselves warm as there was lack of a thick blanket. They had their arms wrapped around each other, and one of each leg on top of one another. The two lovers had been super close for a long time and sleeping was their best pastime. Although the thin thing they called a blanket was on either of them.

The other two in the household were also fast asleep. One had his own bed, bigger than the one the two lovers were sleeping on. He also stayed quite decently warm with his gigantic thick blanket. The other lay on the couch in the front room. He was sprawled across the couch with only a newspaper as a blanket. He didn’t seem much of a solder either from what he was wearing. He wore some extremely short shorts, a top that had one sleeve that hung just below his shoulder and a strap on the other side that held the hot pink shirt up on his body. His hair was a mess and his nails were painted a glossy yet dark navy blue.

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