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5 things

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:
my phone, headphones, and three pairs of sunglasses

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
movie posters, too many blankets, songwriting notebooks that are half filled, a few guitars, and my keyboard

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
write/finish a book (i’m writing one now), travel cross country on a road trip in one of those converted vans, makeout with @ssbechloe, sit down over coffe/drinks with Kay Cannon and make her tell me everything, live in Boston

5 things that make me happy:
music full blast with the windows down, Meaghan’s laugh, lacrosse, potatoes, getting drunk

5 things I’m currently into:
Meaghan, revamping my entire life/identity, Atypical on Netflix (goooo), studying filmmakers, writing

5 things on my to do list:
finish this stupid fic i’ve been stuck on writing, go to the gym, eat food?, go to target and spend money i don’t have, Meaghan. (hehe)

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Get Up! Raise Your Voice: Toonami Summary! Jojo returns to the block!
  • DBZ Super: Golden Fritadas is once again at the mercy of a man with teal eyebrows. This he cannot abide, so he destroys the entire world. Wis gives them a redo so that Goku won’t languish in guilt for eternity.
  • DBZ Kai: Vegetable snacks insists on angering Buu, the bubblegum of world destruction, because that went so well for the last guy. Buu does not like him, and tells him so. Supreme Kai quivers.
  • JOJO BIZARRE ADVENTURE RETURNS TO THE BLOCK. Featuring, the rudest Joestar on record. He is difficult enought that he starts the episode in jail, after beating up too many people. An evil spirit brings him manga?
  • Tokyo Ghoul Continues with Tokyo Ghoul Continues with Amon going to visit his father, whom he hates. In prison. Kaneki also goes to prison, to free some dude. Akira gets nibbled.
  • Hunter x Hunter: Gon and Killua audition to be SAO Greed Island players. Both of them figure out the audition process with trouble and succeed. Gon enters the game, learns rules and receives a shitty message from his shitty dad. 
  • Lupin the 3rd is about Lupin today He is still (for some reason) trying to divorce the delightful Rebekah. She pretends to let him and films it as part of a horror movie. For privacy, she makes him a zombie. Those papers still aren’t signed.
  • Sheorotheoruh happens. Naruto was sitting tight, until he wasn’t anymore due to anger. The tails countdown has begun. Yamato’s hand helps him out with updates. Naruto retreats imside himself while screaming and sprouting tails. There is a ball of dirt.
  • Gloss in the Bell Ghost in the Shell is in reruns so people stayed up to sing Inner Universe. The Major and friends are in a pickle. A corrupt politician has leaked their existence and cast them in a bad light so that he can avoid consequences. This means they may die.


By George A. Romero


>Tfw you think you see a MOTHERFUCKING JOJO REFERENCE out of the corner of your eye.

In the pirate AU Shifu is still a master and fights pirates off to protect the villages. But Tigress ends up getting mixed in with the pirates because she’d be one of the few females scary enough to actually become a pirate captian.

Relations wise:

Kai owes her approximately eighty five drinks from lost bets and also some coin he stole on a visit. But she finds him to be a useful decoy or partner in crime bc he’s too damn slimey and greedy to fail a task that pays well. But she finds him to be cheap and atrocious. Also relates to how they both are dead inside.

Tai Lung owes her even more drinks but helps himself to her rum, instead. She finds him annoyingly narcissistic and loud but he knows his stuff so she tolerates it. Wants to fight him bc he likes to boast a lot and also she’s tired of hearing about “ that one time he went to Singapore ”

As for Shifu; he has great distate for both Tai Lung and Kai and is confused and enraged at Tigresses decision.

somewhere only we know

A present to all of the lovely Kainora shippers out there. :)

“They have a spot. / [Kai/Jinora] Minor Book 4 finale spoilers.”


Jinora shows it to him shortly after the airbenders arrive on Air Temple Island. It’s one of the many trees on the island, secluded away from the others, near a small cove. The sun filters through the leaves just right so it offers the perfect reading light. At night, the stars are brilliant as the winter solstice draws nearer and the days darken. Most importantly, it’s a spot that nobody else goes to. It's her spot.

And now, it's their spot.

Kai’s face lights up. “Jinora, this is amazing!”

She laughs lightly, as bright and clear as the shimmering pond under the midday sun. “I’m glad you like it. I come here all the time.”

“I - and I can come here too?” he asks uncertainly. Jinora nods, smiling. He grins back at her. “Cool. Thanks.”

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Hey urm if it isn't to late to send a prompt urm sendrick finding out Bechloe in pp3

Their relationship had been a secret for going on five months (5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days, not that Anna had been counting). No one knew, and surprisingly they were pretty good at hiding it. Random sleepovers here and there, dinner dates in public but sneaking little touches under the table where no one could see. They would occasionally go on little weekend trips just to get away and not have to worry about anything. 

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you know what sucks is that even if bechloe wasn't intentional in pp chloe being a main in pp2 is queerbaiting bechloe. aubrey was a bigger role in the first and the fact that she isn't as big in the second and chloe is is only for the benefit of queerbaiting bechloe. she should've graduated with aubrey but they made it so she didn't just to continue queerbaiting and it just sucks so much

The way I see it, whoever is in charge knew it would be a mistake to leave Brittany out of the sequel because they saw the fan base for Beca and Chloe’s characters. And because Elizabeth Banks and Kay Cannon are merciful people, they found a way to keep Chloe around. And I don’t care if it’s queer baiting or subtext or whatever, I will take anything I can get.


I for one am glad Chloe’s back because there’s something so special about her and I think she is essential to the success of the Bellas. She’s so optimistic and brings everyone up. Plus in this movie, from what I know of interviews and spoilers, Beca becomes too concerned over an internship and isn’t fully present for The Bellas. That’s where Chloe saves her ass is by taking charge. Chloe is so under appreciated it’s ridiculous.