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A man writes off his ex-lover by manifesting a ‘river’ of female dancers to act as an extension his indifference toward her.

“Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake | Choreography by Andrew Winghart

Starring George Lawrence II

Featured Dancers: Laura Aronoff, Michelle Barfield, Andrea Bess, Ellie Biddle, Brooke Brady, Audrey Case, Katherine Cheng, Kelly Choi, Emily Crouch, Natasha Crudup, Shelby Davis, Sammi Farber, Melissa Farrar, Katie Hazard, Mikaela Jagim, Chelsea Jennings, Bridget Krouse, Bailee Krucek, Kelsey Landers, Arielle Libertore, Madisyn Maniff, Juliette Martinez, Briana Morrison, Nikki Norenberg, Lonni Olson, Victoria Pizzo, Cailyn Rice-Robinson, Kailyn Rogers, Jordan Salisbury, Courtney Scarr, Lauren Shaw, Taylor Sieve, Mariah Spears, Lucy Vallely, Natalie Weaver, Aaliyah Zolina


You got a war face? AAAAAHH!!! That’s a war face! etc etc etc.

Dubbed a comic from
If you haven’t seen their comics, by all means check ‘em out! They make comics out of gifs usually about animals and such.


Kelly/Kelsey/Katie/Jerry  ► Faith

Grampanda  ► Me

Andy Samberg’s on the wing in the new Storks trailer

We’ve had a couple of chances to take a look at new Warner Bros. animated adventure Storks, which features Andy Samberg voicing one of the titular birds. The new trailer adds a little bit more plot and a lot more jokes. Take a look below.

Storks is set at a time when the birds, led by Hunter (Kelsey Grammer) have left the baby-delivering business behind and switched to handling packages for an Amazon-style mega-corp called But when a family’s request for a new addition unexpectedly shows up to be dispatched, Junior (Samberg) and human Tulip (Katie Crown) decide they’re going to make sure the infant girl makes it to her parents, with Tulip, long considered an orphan, hoping it might also find her own family in the process.

Of course, it’s against company policy, so the unlikely pair is soon being chased down by others, including an unusually silly wolf pack (led by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele). This is one group of feral canines that apparently shares some abilities with the Wonder Twins…

With Jennifer Aniston and Ty Burrell also in the voice cast and Nicholas Stoller writing and directing alongside Pixar veteran Doug Sweetland, Storks will flap into Aussie cinemas in October.

- James White

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Power Rangers!

Omg, an ask!! Thank you for this! Alright, get ready, hehe…

Mighty Morphin’, Alien, Zeo, Turbo, in Space - Jason/Kimberly, Zack/Trini, Zack/Tanya, Rocky/Aisha, Aurico/Delphine, Andros/Ashley
Lost Galaxy - Kai/Kendrix, Damon/Maya, Mike/Haley
Lightspeed Rescue - Chad/Kelsey, Joel/Angela
Time Force, Wild Force - Lucas/Katie, Trip/Nadira, Eric/Taylor, Cole/Alyssa
Ninja Storm - Cam/Tori
Dino Thunder - Connor/Kira, Trent/Kira
SPD - Jack/Ally, Sky/Z, Sam/Nova
Mystic Force - Chip/Vida
Operation Overdrive - Will/Ronny, Dax/Miratrix, Ty/Rose
Jungle Fury - Theo/Lily
RPM - Scott/Tenaya, Flynn/Summer
(Super) Samurai - Mike/Lauren
(Super) Megaforce - Troy/Emma, Gia/Emma
Dino (Super) Charge - Tyler/Shelby, Shelby/Kendall
Ninja Steel - Brody/Sarah, Preston/Sarah

Alright, what we have been waiting for, the OTPs:
Mighty Morphin’, Alien, Zeo, Turbo, in Space - Billy/Kimberly, Adam/Katherine, TJ/Ashley, Zhane/Cassie
Lost Galaxy - Leo/Karone
Lightspeed Rescue - Carter/Dana
Time Force, Wild Force - Wes/Jen, Merrick/Alyssa
Ninja Storm - Hunter/Kelly
Dino Thunder - Tommy/Hayley
SPD - Bridge/Syd
Mystic Force - Xander/Madison
Operation Overdrive - Mack/Rose
Jungle Fury - Casey/RJ, Dom/Fran
RPM - Ziggy/Dr. K
(Super) Samurai - Antonio/Mia
(Super) Megaforce - Orion/Emma
Dino (Super) Charge - Ivan/Kendall
Ninja Steel - Calvin/Hayley

I hope we have some ships in common! Message me if you do!


Cry Me a River from Andrew Winghart on Vimeo.

A man writes off his ex lover by manifesting a ‘river’ of female dancers to act as an extension his indifference toward her.

Featuring the music of Justin Timberlake

Directed & Choreographed by Andrew Winghart

Starring George Lawrence II

Featured Dancers:
Laura Aronoff
Michelle Barfield
Andrea Bess
Ellie Biddle
Brooke Brady
Audrey Case
Katherine Cheng
Kelly Choi
Emily Crouch
Natasha Crudup
Shelby Davis
Sammi Farber
Melissa Farrar
Katie Hazard
Mikaela Jagim
Chelsea Jennings
Bridget Krouse
Bailee Krucek
Kelsey Landers
Arielle Libertore
Madisyn Maniff
Juliette Martinez
Briana Morrison
Nikki Norenberg
Lonni Olson
Victoria Pizzo
Cailyn Rice-Robinson
Kailyn Rogers
Jordan Salisbury
Courtney Scarr
Lauren Shaw
Taylor Sieve
Mariah Spears
Lucy Vallely
Natalie Weaver
Aaliyah Zolina

Produced by Cailin Lowry

Director of Photography Brandon Somerhalder

Edited by Kerry Furrh

Makeup Artist - Alexandra French
Makeup Assistant - Yeritza Bonilla
Wardrobe - Jill Paz
Wardrobe Assistant - Mauricio Paz

Gaffer -Jon Corum
Key Grip - Ben Velzen

Grip -Cooper Rowe
Swing / BBE - Kaleb Blakey

The first year in the nwsl the Washington Spirit finished at the bottom of the table. Year two and three playoff spots clinched but failed to make it to the final. YEAR FOUR THE WASHINGTON SPIRIT ARE IN THE NWSL FINAL 👏❤

FC Kansas City Preseason Roster

GOALKEEPERS (3): Nicole Barnhart, Katelyn Rowland, Kelsey Brouwer**

DEFENDERS (9): Brittany Taylor, Amanda Frisbie, Katie Bowen, Brianne Reed*, Alex Arlitt*, Molly Menchel**, McKenzie Karas**, Tessa Andujar**, Lauren Silver**, Becky Sauerbrunn (NYR)

MIDFIELDERS (11): Jen Buczkowski, Mandy Laddish, Yael Averbuch, Erika Tymrak, Frances Silva, Kaysie Clark, Jessica Ayers**, Alexa Newfield*, Lo Labonta**, Heather O’Reilly (NYR), Desiree Scott (NYR)

FORWARDS (3): Shea Groom, Caroline Kastor, Tiffany McCarty

*2016 NWSL College Draft picks
**Non-roster invitees
NYR (Not yet reported)