and karl was brilliant! * *

are you a strudel cabin pressure fan or a cheesecake cabin pressure fan? cheese tray or fruit tray? carl or karl? marlas or skipthur? birling day or summer christmas? GERTI or gertie? terrific or brilliant? sing the theme tune or say the credits with b-cumbs?

We need to talk about Andy Karl. He is brilliant in this show and did not get enough credit for it imo. In the beginning he’s such a dick in the most charming way that you still love him.

When he finds out he can do whatever he wants HOLY SHIT. He’s just dancing and pelvic thrusting all over the place. His facial expressions and physical comedy are next level.

HIS ACTING in general. The whole thing. From dick to carefree to even more depressed to appreciating life and seeing Rita for real. I… just can’t describe what a joy it is to watch him. You can’t take your eyes off him.

So sad to see the show go. As a whole it was incredible and one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen. The cast, staging, and choreography were phenomenal. My stomach hurt from laughing and ofc I cried. See it if you can. You won’t regret it.

ravenhull  asked:

As that McCoy appears to have been your favorite Star Trek character (something I can get behind), what did you think of Karl Urban's performance?

I think it’s brilliant. There are moments when he channels De Kelley SO PERFECTLY that it’s positively uncanny. …It also touches me that he insists on wearing the same ring that Kelley insisted on wearing all through shooting (a gift from his mother, IIRC).

Anyway. He’s terrific. I pray daily that another Kelvin-period movie is written that gives him something to really stretch himself in the part. Troublesome, in that it’s an ensemble situation at best… but oh well.

Meanwhile: I don’t know about McCoy being my favorite Trek character. Certainly it was always a serious pleasure to have a chance to write him as a medical professional instead of just some crotchety foil to Kirk or Spock. But then, to the best of my knowledge I remain the only professional Trek writer (either on the canonical or noncanonical side) to have certification and work experience in one of the caring professions. (I could be wrong on this, but I doubt it.) And it was a pleasure to be able to bring that expertise to the table.

My problem has always been that in a show where the dramatic cathexis is spread so evenly among the Big Three, it’s impossible (for me) not to love them more or less equally. Don’t get me started on Kirk (my second Great Love in the fandom). And seriously, don’t get me started on Spock. (My first.)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 9th July, 2017.

This was a really fun show! The audience seemed to be full of first timers who had no idea about the plot. I love when that happens. I get what the cast say now when they talk about the energy inside the theatre. I never realised how much of an impact the audience has on my enjoyment of the show too? Well, to some extent anyway. I always enjoy the show of course :p But a responsive audience really adds to it. Although saying that, the cast are so good sometimes I honestly forget there are other people in the room…

But anyway, on with the recap!

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My review of The Loft

A suspenseful who dun-it film.  The performances by Karl Urban, James Marsden, and Wentworth Miller were brilliant.  From a female perspective it was interesting look into male bonding and friendship. But what really made this film awesome was how they kept the story going. You are constantly trying to guess who dun-it, but at the same time your finding out how important these guys are to each other. The film was well balanced between sexy, sensual, and story telling. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would recommend it to the appropriate audiences.

Karl Lagerfeld, who among his vast virtues is a brilliant aphorist, famously said photography is the only means of capturing a moment that is otherwise gone.

To the point, this particular capture of this delicious tête-à-tête = a treasure.

{Congratulations to Dame Judi Dench on her record-breaking eighth Olivier Award.}

{Sidebar: Should anyone ask, my cause of death was Cate’s Cateness right here.}


Photo: Jeff Vespa, Getty Images | Premiere Women in Film Awards {Beverly Hills}, 09/12/06


The LazyTown cast has started a gofundme for Stefan Karl! The link is in the description of the video. This brilliant actor who’s spent almost all of his career making children smile has been diagnosed with cancer. Please donate anything you can!!!