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Hi host club! It's my 18th birthday today and I've been feeling kind of tired and loney. What's something that helps you fight those feelings?

Tamaki:  Lonely?  Pah!  There’s no room for lonely girls on my watch!  *turns on the charm* The Host Club is the perfect place to avoid feelings of loneliness!  Here we’re a family who enjoys spending time with beautiful young ladies, like yourself!  

Hitachiin:  Agreed.  Who gets lonely when you have a twin?  

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Honey:  I always have Takashi and Usa-chan to keep me company while I eat cake!  Oh, I got you a piece of cake for your birthday!  But only one slice the rest is mine.

Mori:  Mitsukuni.  Share.  

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Haruhi:  Happy birthday!  I don’t often feel lonely, mostly because I’ve been sucked into the “Host Club Family,” but when it does happen, my dad and I reminisce about my mom.  Talking about her always makes me feel better.  What about you senpai?

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Kyoya:  Hmm?  Oh, I don’t really feel lonely.

Honey:  Really?  Not even a little bit?  

Hitachiin:  He’s bluffing!

Tamaki:  Aw, Kyoya!  I didn’t know you felt lonely!  Antoinette and I will have to drop by your house on our walks more often!  A happy pupper is the ultimate cure for loneliness!

Kyoya:  No need, Tamaki.  Surrounded by you 6 all day every day, it’s nearly impossible to get a moment to myself, much less enough solitude to feel lonely…  

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Look, I already had a terrible desire to see every staging of Berubara ever, and now you're going to torture me with these glimpses? Please stop and by stop I mean move into my apartment building so I can come over and watch them with you

im suffering through every berubara so everyone else only has to watch the good ones lol

look at this cute scene from the manga i’m always so sad is missing from the stage shows

why is this actually the best berubara of all time and why do they never do it any more

How they propose- Host Club


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- Tamaki wanted to propose but wasn’t sure when
- He waited for the perfect moment
- At dinner when he went into a huge 10-hour long speech on his love for you
- “Y/N! Every day I spend away from you, my (princess/prince) is a painful day indeed!”
-‘Tamaki everyone is staring!’
- “Of course they are staring! You are so beautiful they can not tear away their eyes!”
- He whips out the ring
- HUGE diamond 
- “Please never let me feel the pain of being away from you! Be mine forever and do me the honor of becoming my (wife/husband)!”
- Of course, you accept
- but like Tamaki next time you do something like this maybe it can be in private??


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- Kyoya definitely knew he was going to propose
- He plans everything, so this was no different
- But he doesn’t fret about it
- Would never do it public in fear of his reputation being tarnished
- Calm and collected on the outside
- Deep down he is quite nervous but would never admit it
- You are eating dinner at his house when he brings it up
-“Y/N we need to talk”
- Is he going to break up with me?
- “I believe it is in both of our interests to be engaged.”
- wow kyoya, can you even try to be romantic?
- The ring is expensive (I mean what else did you expect?) but stunning
- Obviously, you say yes


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-He tries really hard to make this the BEST proposal there has ever been
-Wears that one super uncomfortable suit hidden at the back of his closet
-He wore it once like a year ago?
-He writes a speech out and mumbles it to himself throughout the date
-“Kaoru did you say something?”
-“WHAT?? No no of course not!”
- Kaoru the heck is up with you?
-He proposes when you guys are out at dinner
-Completely forgets his entire speech
-ends up blurting out
-The ring is super trendy and stylish
-Immediately he hides behind his hair and blushes redder than a tomato
-Just put him out of his misery and say yes


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-Totally low key about it
-He proposes when you guys are hanging out at your house
-like in your pj’s cuddling on the couch
-Blushing stuttering mess
-“Y/N I w-was t-thinking.”
-that’s never a good thing
-“And I wondering if you wanted to get married?”
-simple diamond ring
-but you’re touched because he’s never been so open with his feelings
-When you say yes he pulls you into a crushing hug and lets out a relieved sigh


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-Plans in advanced
-Proposes on a quiet night when you’re walking through the park
-Simplest of them all
-Does the whole 'gets down on one knee’ and holds one of your hands 
-“Will you marry me?”
-Classic diamond ring
-He keeps a stoic face, but the tips of his ears are red
-“Mori, of course, I’ll marry you!”
-“Please, call me Takashi.”


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-Cutest proposal of all
-He puts the ring in his cake
-“Y/N-chan!! Eat some cake with me!”
-You’re chewing the bite when you almost choke
-wow honey, just kill me why don’t you?
-“MARRY ME!!!”
-The diamond in the ring is shaped like a heart
-Of course, you have to say yes to this little boy lolita
-He doesn’t stop cuddling you for the ENTIRE DAY
-“Y/N-chan is going to be my (wife/husband)!”