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My warden ladies- Kalinda Aeducan, who, on reflection, wishes she’d killed both brothers; Eofir Brosca, who is super keen to show the world what a casteless can do; Talitha Mahariel, queen of the resting bitch face who could do with a little less of this shemlen nonsense; Allecra Cousland, whose favourite things are revenge, big shiny swords and adorable idiots; and Viveka Amell, who thinks everyone would be so much happier if they just like tried getting along and stopped trying to kill eachother for five minutes.

Eofir is my only warden who really wants to be one. The rest are all like “This is literally my only choice that doesn’t involve dying right now.” Allecra is my canon warden, though I’m leaning towards Kalinda these days. Viveka is also in my canon, but not as the warden.

(My: Wardens / Hawkes / Inquisitors)

(Also if I offered £10 commissions for DA portraits like these, would I get any takers?)


You’re thinking of doing something, aren’t you?

Christine also told us what she’d like to see happen as far as final scenes between her character and the firm’s private investigator Kalinda Sharma, now that fans know actress Archie Panjabi will be leaving The Good Wife at the end of the season to pursue a development deal.
Panjabi’s exit comes one season after that of Josh Charles, who likewise left to pursue other opportunities and whose character, Will Gardner, had a shocking send-off in the middle of season five. Diane and Will didn’t really get to say goodbye, but Christine is hoping that Diane and Kalinda will.
“I would hope you’d see that there’s genuine affection between those two women,” she reflected, “who are so different and yet at a time of great grief they reached across to each other.
"It was Kalinda who encouraged Diane to move on and to have faith and looked her in the eye and said, I’m here for you. Will’s not here anymore but I’m here. It was a beautiful moment,” she continued. “She’s actually been kind of like my girl. She used to be Will’s girl and then she was really there for me.”
“I’ve often wished that I could have more material with Archie,” Christine added, “just because I like working with her and I love the dynamic, and she’s just such an interesting character, the Kalinda character, powerful in her own way. I hope we have a moment, before whatever happens and I have no idea how they’re going to write it, but I hope there is a moment of something.”
-Christine Baranski

i think that’s the reason this week’s tgw worked so well, actually, and why it managed to be more emotionally intense and less emotionally manipulative than almost any other television death ever; because so much of the episode was about the world going on without will, and no matter how much alicia and diane and kalinda (and even fucking david lee for a millisecond) wanted it to stop and wait for them, they had to keep swimming

kalinda trying to rewind time and desperately searching for some kind of catharsis, kalinda who moves at the speed of light, kalinda who barreled past cops and into the line of fire knowing it was too late because what if she got there one second early enough to make a difference, kalinda who somehow feels she should have prevented it from happening, kalinda furious, kalinda in pain she thought she’d learned to bury

diane keeping the ship afloat without her co-captain, diane letting actual mephistophiles david lee do what needed to be done and touch the work that would burn her, diane steely-eyed and needing to be both lockhart and gardner, diane taking will into herself and making him a part of her, diane doing ‘what will would have done’, diane widowed

alicia clinging to any hope of meaning, alicia searching for narrative purpose in the senseless, alicia wishing for just a little more time, alicia with things unsaid and unknown, alicia looking at the gate that closed on the road not traveled and regretting, alicia who had moved on suddenly confronted with the absoluteness of changing her mind and wondering, alicia without the relationship that had shaped her professional and personal life for five years, alicia who had moved on and moved up with the ladder kicked out from under her

all three of them were suddenly thrown into a tailspin and even though everyone in their world was knocked over with them, the rest of the world kept going, and they’re gonna get carried along whether they want to or not (and i think it was very pointed that neither alicia nor diane was willing to cry openly or without control, and kalinda didn’t allow herself that release at all)– the sun is still out and the birds are still flying, people die every minute, and even a meaningless and tragic loss doesn’t stop the earth from moving

Ready to hear something really unusual? Something might have never happened in the history of TV? If you know any similar situation please let me know, it’s for research. ;)

Here we go:

Archie Panjabi has been playing a character in a show named The Good Wife without being in the same room with “the good wife” FOR 40 EPISODES. 



By “room” we mean even as big as a courthouse set. By “being in” we mean breath the same air. 

She has won this show’s very first Emmy, has been nominated for the Golden Globes. And she’s been completely isolated in the show for 40 episodes and 2 years. And she’s leaving.

This is how fucked up the situation is.

Please be noted this post is not about the friendship, is not about Kalinda Sharma even, it’s about an actual actress being treated unfairly. Also, this post is simply stating a fact, which actually happened and is still happening, so don’t throw the “it’s just a rumor” thing. But “plot driven” or “structural barrier” are always acceptable, because we all know that’s the truth. ;)

This blog has gained a lot of followers lately, most of you are fans of The Fall I think, thanks for following!<3 I hope you know how much it means for us to see Archie in The Fall, being friends with Stella Gibson, because, God, look, Archie can be in the same room with the main character! HOW AMAZING IS THAT.

You don’t know how much I hate to make this post, but IT’S JUST SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS. 

We don’t know how to make it right, we can’t do anything about it. But I think people should know. 

Remember that “Kansas” is written by Andrew Chambliss & Kalinda Vazquez who also wrote “Dark Hollow” & “Lost Girl”

I always get excited when I see who the writers for upcoming episodes are especially when looking at the beauty of what they have previously given us.

 In “Lost Girl” we had this:

and in “Dark Hollow” this amazing moment (and a personal favorite of mine).

Also keep in mind that Andrew Chambliss also co-wrote:

 “The Stranger” with this emotional and intense Emma moment

and “Heart of Darkness” with this beautiful True Love’s Kiss for Snow & Charming.

While Kalinda Vazquez co wrote “Into the Deep” with this epic Snowing moment:

This is just some food for thought. I think “Kansas” is going to be an amazing and emotional episode.

Alright, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to these asks, but here we go. I’m going to do this all in one post.

Honestly, I know a lot of people feel like the sky fell recently, but I don’t think anything has changed for the worse.

What Lana said is not news. I guess there are some people out there who really believed Swan Queen was their secret plan from the start. I don’t, and I never did. So Lana saying she doesn’t think that Swan Queen was their original vision is simply a truth that I think a lot of people have worked very hard to ignore. And saying she doesn’t think they’ll go there, that is simply her opinion and hypothesis. Even just recently at comic con, she and Jen both said they were surprised with the direction the writers are taking Emma and Regina this season. They don’t always know what lies ahead for their characters. Lana’s guess is just that, her guess.

As for Kalinda, I really appreciate how respectful and honest she was. However, I think people went a little overboard crying, “Welp, there you have it!! Swan Queen is dead!!” She said a romantic storyline is not something that is being pursued. She did not say CS and OQ are endgame, she did not say that it was out of the question. She said it is not being pursued, and right now that is the truth. The canon romantic relationships are, like it or not, CS and OQ. That is what the writers are currently pursuing. Adam has said he and Eddy are the only ones who know their plans. Kalinda does not know where the story ends, only the path it is on right now, and she told us the truth about that.

I am not saying this to be deluded. I am aware that SQ is not something the writers probably currently plan to make canon. What I am saying, and have always said, is that my hope for SQ has always laid in the passion of the fandom. I think that the upcoming story lines and much of the beautiful moments we have gotten between these two women are a direct response to that passion.

Every good thing we have ever gotten has been a result of positive displays of passion and love for this ship. What Lana said and what Kalinda said does not destroy my hope, because my hope was never in them. It’s in us. So keep talking about it. Keep being loud and keep showing LOVE because trying to hurt the show or the people involved with it, in my opinion, will never get us anywhere.

Why Breaking Glass was important to all "ships"

There was a lot of “ship” turmoil and back and forth going on over the hiatus. We saw some of the people on twitter getting some harsh feedback as well as celebrities like YNB who stopped tweeting due to backlash. 

Kalinda Vazquez posted a note on her twitter a few months back addressing the relationships and strategy on the show to help clear things up and stop confusion. This is the note below:

She was one of the Co-Writers of the show last night. There were a lot of things that happened during the episode. 

1. We saw Emma and Killian in a sweet happy relationship at both the beginning and the end. They showed their closeness and how it was growing with Emma letting him into her past and into her life further. He was being supportive of her and comforting her.  

2. We have both Emma stating that Robin Hood is Regina’s true love and also Regina saying that he is her true love. This reinforcing that it is Robin Hood that Regina wants to be with and that he loves her. A TL Ship. Regina continuing to try to help Robin even though she knows it is completely contradicting her possible happiness. She even admitted to Emma she wanted to kill Marian so she could be with Robin freely. That is how much she hates the mistake Emma made bringing her back.



3. We have Emma saying that she wants to be friends with Regina. Regina reinforces that thought saying you thought we were friends? They are looking to the audience to see they are trying to say that S Q is a platonic ship. Finally ending with Regina saying she didn’t want to kill her. 


 4. We also saw Snow and David in a loving relationship. Each trying to help each other be their best selves. They reinforce what a TL ship looks like.


So initially I thought ABC was stirring the pot with their advertising prior to the show but I really think they want to reinforce Regina and Emma as friends. I think that somehow this season it will be the combine power of all the magic to defeat their foes.


A Prayer for Kalinda Sharma.

News broke yesterday that Archie Panjabi will leave The Good Wife after the show’s current sixth season and take her beloved character Kalinda Sharma with her.

Panjabi won an Emmy for the first season of The Good Wife playing a mysterious in-house investigator for an upscale Chicago law firm. Kalinda was secretive, gutsy, dangerous, and brilliant, sort of a Lisbeth Salander-type but with more heeled boots. Her friendship with Julianna Margulies’ eponymous good wife character was the warmest, funniest part of the show. She was also a queer woman of color on primetime, a format that rarely portrays characters with intersectional identities. Audiences were immediately captivated by Kalinda, a character so unlike anything else on television.

Then something weird happened. As The Good Wife progressed into its third and fourth seasons, “Kalinda malaise” seemed to be occurring in the writers room. These years saw a string of subplots for Kalinda involving one of two archetypal characters: 1) aggressive men determined to expose Kalinda’s past/sleep with her and 2) women in law enforcement determined to use Kalinda to get to her employers/sleep with her.

These characters repeated themselves for years, never revealing anything of depth about Kalinda, but instead causing her to tread water and gradually fade into the background of the show. The departure of her friend and confidant Will (played by Josh Charles) last season makes Kalinda now feel more vestigial than ever. Add to the mix rumors of on-set conflict between Panjabi and Margulies, and you have an uncomfortable situation for a breakout fan favorite to be in.

I will miss Archie Panjabi. Her deadpan delivery, comedic instincts, and tense physicality. Her bizarre transatlantic accent and her ability to rock a leather jacket in any color. I wish her the best with her pilot for 20th Century Fox. I hope she leads a show worthy of her talents.

I also offer this prayer for Kalinda Sharma: that her final season on The Good Wife be one in which she and her arc are respected and given the same credence as any other character’s; that the writers will acknowledge the existence of bisexuality and be unafraid to use specific language to talk about Kalinda’s identities, instead of letting her drown in ambiguity; that Kalinda will date someone who isn’t a violent white man from her past or a conniving white lady in law enforcement (Cary, she should date Cary); that she will leave with dignity and go on to greener pastures.

Godspeed, Kalinda. Don’t fuck this up, Robert and Michelle King.