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Plot twist: The reason M'gann, Kaldur, and a bunch of others weren’t revealed at comic con is because they’re up chilling in space with team Voltron, and when Shiro disappeared he really just joined Wally in the speedforce and both teams meet and work together and the season threes will collide in a beautiful extravaganza that’s like JimmyxTimmy Power Hour but a billion times better and it’s beautiful and Shiro and Wally are okay and the team and Voltron fight together and all our favorite characters are alive and well, they’re just out making friends in another cartoon universe that is all

rewatching season 2 of young justice and i cant get over how traumatized conner looked when he first saw m’gann turn that alien into a vegetable on rann… like the face he made, dude. 

like this is a guy who doesn’t … usually show much expression aside from anger, dude. even in s2.

i wont be very happy if they put m’gann and conner back together in season 3. not with how they broke up and how she kept invading peoples minds like that until kaldur’s breaking finally made her feel guilty.

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I'm laughing so much at your 'why Kaldur grew a mustache' it's pure gold. So thank you for that, and also it's been confirmed that it's Black Lighting up there instead of Kaldur, which sucks because I want to see my son! I need to know that he's happy

Yep! Somebody submitted that!

Young Justice panel @ SDCC

  • Fans brought back young justice with streaming on netflix and starting that campaign
  • Being on the new streaming service gives them room to do more mature themes
  • Most of the voice cast returning; Have 10 episodes already recorded
  • There will be 26 episodes for season 3
  • First look at the team for Season 3
  • First look at 3 new characters that include Arrowette, Spoiler, and a new mystery character (rumored to be Traci 13). 
  • The new arrowette is said to be someone was saved by Artemis and Green Arrow got inspired by them
  • Producers would like to do a season 4 and 5
  • They wanted more obscure villains for the show which is why the used Sportsmaster etc
  • The creative team really wanted Wally & Artemis together
  • Still no official premiere date for the show, but said sometime in 2018
  • Jason Todd is only a hologram and nothing more
  • Diversity is really important goal and big priority to everyone creating the show
  • First look at Artemis, Dick, Kaldur, and Conner
Dark skinned beauties with light hair

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One of my absolute favorite things about Young Justice is the mind link. Seriously, just imagine all of the crazy stuff the team can do when they can actually read each other’s minds during a mission:  

- Infinite Rickrolls 
- Wally making an obvious effort to not call Robin “Dick” when they’re linked and getting really frustrated   
- Being spoiled about Christmas presents and surprise parties 
- When one member gets hurt everyone feels it 
- Dick and Wally trying to see how loud they can scream in their minds until Kaldur starts yelling at them  
- Something blows up and everyone simultaneously goes “same" 
- Everyone cringing when Conner and M'gann have really loud dirty thoughts about each other 
- Hearing Kaldur mentally sigh at least fifteen times a mission 
- When one person has a song stuck in their head, everyone gets the song in their head  
- This of course leads to the entire team becoming a silent choir as they all mentally belt out Let It Go together while beating up bad guys 
- When Raquel first joined, they learned that ”??????“ makes an actual sound in ones head 
- Zatanna thinking backwards and giving everyone a headache 
- They even linked up Wolf once just to see what it was like and they heard weird stuff like “Boy? Boy is bird?? He is puppy??? Need cuddles??? Must protect!!!” “Superboy!💗💗💗💗 Human! Best human! Best human in whole world!” “I good boy?? Treats????” “BANE BAD. KILL BANE. HE HURT BABIES?!?!?! BITE. BITE. BITE!!! I TREATS??? I DID GOOD??????” It was definitely a learning experience about how dogs work, and they also learned about how Wolf sees Robin as a small puppy in need of protection, so that was fun to tease him about.  
- Conner screams even in his mind 
- There is no privacy whatsoever, so that’s how the team learned things about each other that they will definitely regret knowing 
- Artemis and Wally flirting all the time just to make everyone uncomfortable
- Falling asleep on stakeouts leads to seeing each other’s dreams and even interacting in them
- Once Wally had a nightmare about his father and everyone saw it, though Wally had no idea and was confused when they spent the rest of the week being really nice to him
- On really traumatic missions, sometimes one member will get flashbacks and all of them see it too  
- Dick singing Bohemian Rhapsody for five hours straight 
- The team learning that M'gann curses like a sailor in her head  
- Kaldur mentally goes “WTF” so many times they lost count 
- Silently judging everyone together 

I just really love the mind link concept okay? 

Young Justice brought back by online campaign and success on Netflix. Online platform means they can have more adult plotlines. 10 episodes written, 10 more in process, 26 to be made in total. The creators joked that the cosplayer’s costumes’ll be out of date soon.

We got a look at the main line-up, now including Static!

It’s a few years after the last movie, leading to a slightly older Beast Boy as well as… The animated debut of Arrowette, Spoiler and “13“, who might be Traci 13, but she may also be a new character (hoping she turns out to be Cassandra Cain).

Like Stephanie, Arrowette actually appeared previously, where she showed up in the season one episode Insecurity, where Artemis and Green Arrow saved her dad from an assassin.

Here’s a clearer look at the cast.

And here is the final slide, of the look of the older members of the Team.

So Artemis, Dick, some guy (Kaldur but with dyed hair?), and Conner?

EDIT: Turns out that it’s Black Lightning not Kaldur, neat.