and kaito's hair~


Felt like actually drawing my versions of Meiko and Kaito for a change!

(Fun fact: It took me ten thousand years to find a way to draw Kaito’s hair because I cannot draw anime hair for the life of me. I looked up other people who have cartoon art style’s way of drawing Kaito and it looked sorta like that, so I kept it. I’m sorry)

Do not tag as “me” please!

“Kuroba, care to tell me why I’m seeing a picture of myself, wearing something that looks like it came from a thrift shop, riding a horse through Tokyo? … Yesterday’s paper. … Kuroba… I’ve been in France for the past week and a half… … Right. Kid. Well, I hope a certain thief and a certain high school magician are banned from that bar, then, because if I see something like this again, you’ll have another phobia to worry about besides fish…”

Kaito Tenjo and Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon for atemues! Thank you very much for the request! ^o^

Now that I think about it, this is the first time I draw Kaito °-° I preferred not to change details too much like in Yusei’s one, because Galaxy Eyes has really an elaborated design! I tought it was better to keep it in foreground ^^ I did my best for the hair, lol, I hope you like it :)