and justice is blind

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’

When Ameneh Bahrami rejected a man’s marriage proposal, he turned bitter and threw acid into her face leaving her with extreme disfigurements. She went through 19 agonising operations and is permanently blind, but this didn’t stop her wanting justice on the man who ruined her life. In court, the judge wanted the accused to serve a lengthy prison sentence and pay full compensation to Ameneh, but she had different ideas: She asked if she could have exact revenge, by injecting acid into the man’s eyes. The court allowed it as a capital punishment, and arrangements were made for Ameneh to inject 20 drops of acid into her attacker’s eyes to blind him.

However, in a last-minute act of peace and bravery, Ameneh decided to pardon her attacker. Strapped to a bed, he kicked and spat at her while he awaited the injection, but she could not ruin someone else’s life, no matter what he’d done to her. She told everyone: “I couldn’t do it, I knew I could not live with it until the end of my life. I knew I would have suffered and burned twice had I done that.”

Rosamund Marriott Watson (1860-1911)

• Victorian poet
• mother died when she was a child
• wrote mostly under pseudonyms
• was twice divorced
• eloped with her second husband
• wrote about nature, the supernatural, legends, folk tales, the disillusionments of love, loss, art, domestic struggles between spouses…
• published in The Yellow Book among other places (The Yellow Book was a journal that was associated with Aestheticism and was rather edgy; Oscar Wilde had a copy of it when he was arrested in 1895)
• wrote a book of verse called “The Bird-Bride” which includes poems and sonnets called things like “Death and Justice”, “The Blind Ghost”, “Compensation”, “Fulfilment”, and “An Unbidden Guest”
• when she became pregnant with her second child she wasn’t living in the same house as her husband (?!)
• her poetry was so good many people thought she was a man

Oh and

• she wrote a poem called “A Ballad of Were-Wolf” where “a wolf has stolen a couple’s children and the husband has been engaging in a physical struggle for dominance”; later “the reader learns THE WOLF IS ALSO THE WIFE”

We have defined disability as a matter of social justice—disability residing not in paralysis but in stairs without an accompanying ramp, not in blindness but in the lack of Braille and audio-recorded books. Disability itself doesn’t live solely in depression or anxiety but rather in a whole host of stereotypes and damaging material realities, not in dyslexia but in teaching methods unwilling to flex, not in lupus or multiple sclerosis but in the belief that certain bodily conditions are a fate worse than death.
—  Eli Clare
Together Forever and Always chapter 4



Warnings: Traumatic Nightmares, fluff, injury, more fluff, blindness, infection, disturbing details(?), vomit.

Reaper picked up Geno in his arms standing up as quickly and as carefully as he could warped to their tent. Stripping off Geno’s jacket and using it to dab and soak up the fluid leaking from his soul.

All he could think to do was give him some of his magic, to feed the small soul as well. He had never given life to anything, saved anyone. All he could do was destroy but he couldn’t this time.

There was a flash of light temporarily blinding the god of death then silence for a moment.. tiny cries could be heard.. with each moment passing they got slightly louder. Finally he could see again his eyes widening with what he saw.

Geno had fallen unconscious all evidence of the green liquid gone and a small skeleton laying on lap crying softly. He scooped the small infant up in Geno’s jacket wrapping it up carefully, he could see a small soul beating in it’s chest. It was a small baby boy.

He shook Geno’s shoulder carefully trying to get him awake surprisingly it worked. His eyes fluttered open immediately going to the small infant in Reaper’s arms.

“Wha- who?” He asked leaning forward his hand petting the small infants skull, it was soft and warm. The baby seemed to settle with his touch his cries dying down.

“He’s ours,” Was all he said handing the child over to the stunned parent, tears pricked the edges of Geno’s eyes looking down at the tiny miracle.

(done on mobile sketchbook)

“He’s beautiful,” He sobbed hugging the tiny skeleton wiping the tears from the tiny ones eyes. A bit of green dripped from the child’s right eye giving Geno a bit of concern but he decided not to let it worry him for now what he needed to worry about was how he and Reaper were supposed to take care of a child at the end of multiverse.

“What are you going to name him?” Reaper asked leaving the decision up to his significant other. He didn’t know what to him if he was being honest, it was just so unexpected.

“Let’s just call him Baby for now,” He suggested Reaper laughed.

“Who are you? Asgore?” He chuckled Geno gave him the look, the look that read ‘you better stop talking or you’re sleeping outside tonight’. He shut up but still laughed quietly to himself. Geno sat down on the bed getting comfortable with the child in his arms setting up the pillows behind him and throwing the blanket over himself.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m hurt, upset, and tired. Me and Baby are going to take a nap.” He said his anger from earlier seemingly faded away from the joy of having another child.

Reaper smiled attempting to get into the bed as well before getting swatted away.

“You can’t nap with us,” He declared.

“He just came into existence and you’re already being greedy,” Reaper huffed Geno stuck his tongue out soothing the whining child laying on his chest.

“You need to go get baby clothes, baby food, baby medicine,” The list went on and on Geno only tired himself out saying it.

He fell into a blissful sleep the baby laying on his chest sleeping peacefully but who knows how long that would last.

Reaper still felt the anger from before, he also felt regret for not being able to finish Killer off. He traveled to The Omega verse seeing if anyone had anything there but all he got was a few old clothes and someone offering to babysit.

He traveled to a few other safe zones gathering some more items and even finding a healer for Goth.

The Healer had stopped by did some magic on Goth and Palette saying that they’ll be alright with some rest.

He had asked her if the blindness was permanent but she only replied with ‘h-he just needs r-rest,’

She had a look at the baby much to Geno’s disliking. She had said the green leaking from his eyes wasn’t much of a problem, it was just a small infection that was leaking residual magic. She gave them some medication and went back to her home in the safe zone.

She didn’t seem sure with her diagnosis.


Geno sat in the tent getting Baby dressed for the day. He held the gauze to his eye placing the tape around it to keep it in place. The leaking hadn’t stopped yet and they couldn’t let it keep dripping everywhere.

He buttoned up the sea green jumper pressing the wrinkles away, he held the child up smiling at him and kissing his forehead.

“Yay! You’re all ready for the day!” He said the baby smiled slightly cooing softly. Geno stood up with the child in his arms stepping out of the tent shakily still not back to full strength.

“What are you doing?” Reaper asked seemingly popping up out of thin air Geno huffed.

“I’m going to show the baby to Goth,” He stepped away from Reaper seemingly gathering his strength and taking confident strides towards the tent Reaper followed only now that it dawned on him that he just suddenly became responsible for a small, fragile, innocent child.

“Wait how are we going to take care of him?” He asked almost to himself getting left behind by Geno.

Goth was sat up in his bed hugging one of his pillows thinking about what his life was now. Only a few weeks ago he was fine, him and Palette were friends hanging out and then suddenly it was the end of the universe!

A small cry brought him out of his thoughts, turning his attention to where he thought the sound was, the patch over his eye obstructing his sight which he was pretty sure was gone. Hopefully it was temporary.

“Who’s there?” He asked Geno smiled sitting down on Goth’s ‘bed’ touching his hand.

“It’s just me sweetheart,” He said the he corrected himself “Well and a little someone I’d like you to meet.” Up until now Goth hadn’t met the baby being to weak to even hold a pencil until now.

“Hold out your hands,” He said at almost a whisper, Goth felt something in his hands something small and light. It wriggling around crying softly. Geno helped him wrap his arms around the baby, Goth’s finger was caught by a tiny hand.

“Is this?” He asked not being able to finish a lump caught in his throat.

“He’s your baby brother,” He almost choked he had a brother. A small little child all to himself.. well almost.

“Did you name him yet?” He asked bouncing the child soothingly. He heard Geno sigh, he knew what that meant.

“Sadly no, we haven’t been able to think of a name,” He replied Goth thought for a moment.

“How about Finio, Finny for short?” He suggested Geno beamed at the name, nodding but then realized his mistake.

“That sounds wonderful,”

Killer had watched the threatening fusion leave through a portal much like one he had seen before when he had fought Streak. He looked at the soul running over and snatching it up before it could shatter.

He absorbed the soul feeling his body grow becoming 13 once more. He knew he could never go back after this but his decision was already made.

He looked at where the other fusion, Justice, once stood several crystals lying on the floor. He picked them up in his hands a devious smile spreading across his face as he pocketed them.

He would finish what he started.


The sound of a blade tearing through bones, the blood pouring form his open wounds.

“I wonder how long it will take before you break,” Another rib snapped,

“Metaphorically I mean, I know how long it takes for these to break,” Snap!

“P-please I beg of you, s-stop,” he whimpered only to have the knife plunged into his torso.

“I hate beggers,”

Goth woke up feeling bile rise in his throat trying to keep it in only being able to for a second before all of today’s meal was on the floor. He heard Palette get up from his bed stumbling over to him.

Palette threw a spare blanket over the puddle of spent magic and sat next to Goth wiping his face clean with the edges of his blanket.

“Goth are you alright?” He asked his voice hoarse still not fully recovered. Goth shook his head holding his hand over his mouth.

“Look it’s going to be alright,” He cleared his throat and then continued “whatever happens I’ll be here for you,”

Palette layed down with Goth holding him close rubbing his back, he wasn’t going to let his best friend suffer like this not when he could help.


Nightmare was disgusted to find 13 back at his lair and he didn’t even finish his job. He scowled at the creature as it dared to come up to his throne.

“I told you if you failed to never return. What the h*ll are you doing here?” He spat 13 stood looking up at the arrogant leader trying to hide his discomfort. He held the crystals in his hand explaining his reasons before showing off his new asset.

“I haven’t failed yet, this is just a minor set back or rather a step forward,” He showed the crystals to Error who’s interest was suddenly peaked.

“Yesterday I was attacked by a fusion going by the name Justice, He killed Horror but left suddenly before finishing Killer and Horror’s soul off. I am like this because Killer absorbed his soul. The fusion on his way out dropped these,” He showed off the crystals once more, “I believe this is the way to finally get rid of Comet once and for all, along with anyone who gets in our way.”

Nightmare laughed wickedly from his thrown.

“Good job! I’ll have to raise your pay.. oh wait I don’t pay you guys,” He said Purposely mocking the broke fusion who ignored his comment.

“If you think that’s good then you are going to love this,” He hides the crystals away in his pocket. “Looks like Daddy Reaper and Mamma Geno just had another kid,”

“We can use this to our advantage,”


Streak hadn’t seen them in days, no a week maybe? He was on a mission to fix this.

He had finally decided to tell them what he had found out, though he hated the news he had to bare.

Finny wouldn’t stop crying that day, no amount of rocking, bouncing, and feeding could make him stop. Geno didn’t know what the problem was he had tried everything in the book.

His finger grazed the child’s right eye which only made the crying worse, his soul skipped a beat. It was like a brick had settled in his stomach.

He layed the child down peeling back the patch over his eye, a disgusting noise was all he could hear like cloth peeling off table syrup. He saw the eye was stuck closed by dry green magic gluing both lids together. There was a reddish purplish bruise around his eye, no it wasn’t a bruise. His eye was puffed and inflamed, no wonder he was crying.

Geno felt guilt like it was his fault his baby was hurt. If only he had seen it earlier! He took a soft cloth dampening it with water and running it gently over Finio’s eye wiping away the residual magic.

“My poor baby, I’m sorry it hurts,” He cooed He heard a portal open from outside the tent. He took Finio in his arms holding him protectively.

Peering outside he could see it was only Streak, letting out a sigh of relief he stepped outside seeing the surprised look on the fusions face when he saw the baby. His body shrunk down to a ‘normal’ height Geno didn’t know he could do that.

“Who is that?” He asked a curious expression on his face.

“This is Finio, Where have you been?” He changed the subject his words were almost like poison. Before he could answer Geno interrupted him.

“Do you know what we’ve been through while you were off gallivanting somewhere? Goth is practically blind, Palette can barely move they’ve been waiting for you to come back to help them!” Streak held his head low guilt settling in.

“I know, but I was away for them,” He explained, “I was out looking for a way to save them, To save Comet.” Before he could say more the child began crying again. Geno bounced him trying calm him down, Streak held out his hands.

“May I?” Geno was hesitant but handed the child over, Streak held him carefully, supporting his head and body with three arms. His fourth was inspecting the child’s eye.

“Have you seen someone about his eye?” He asked Geno nodded.

“We brought a healer over she said he’d be fine in a few days with some medicine,” He explained Streak scowled.

“Well she was wrong, I’m no doctor but this is not going to go away with time and medicine. I’ll take him to an actual doctor, I’ll tell you what I found when I return-”

“Wait! Let me go with you!” He pleaded only to get shot down.

“You’re in no condition to leave, I can tell by just looking at you, Don’t worry I won’t be gone for long I promise I’ll get Reaper to come with me if that makes you feel better,” He nodded solemnly watching Streak leave once more this time with his child.

Like he said it wasn’t long before they came back, Streak was holding the baby a guilty look on his face, Reaper hid his face in his hood. Geno ran over to them anticipation and worry written all over his features.

“What happened is he okay?” He asked Streak handed him to child there was a patch over his eye again but he was sleeping soundly.

“He’s fine but we couldn’t salvage his eye, it was the source of the infection,”

“Oh my God, my poor baby,” He hugged his child Streak put a hand on his shoulder leading both him and Reaper over to the sitting rock (as it’s been dubbed by Palette).

“I know the cause of all this,” Streak said getting the attention of both of them, “It’s called the multiverse manuscript, It decides what happens in the universe ,but it’s been tampered with causing the end of the multiverse as punishment. Comet was never supposed to exist and the tampering is part of the reason he does.”

He paused for a moment letting the information sink in.

“The only way to save him and the multiverse is to fix what’s been tampered with, until then the manuscript will continue to punish us for keeping Comet alive. Finio’s infection and premature birth was part of that.”

Geno gasped his grip tightening around the child.

“I’m sorry,” Was all Streak said after that.

Nightmare got his forces ready and it wasn’t a lot of people, 13, and Him only the addition of Cross who insisted they fused but one fusion was enough for this.

All they were doing now was a simple mission, go in and take a hostage.

He already had one in mind.


Streak, 13, Justice, and Finio are mine

Goth: @nekophy

Palette: @angexci

Geno: @loverofpiggies

Reaper: @renrink

Killer: @rahafwabas

Nightmare: @jokublog

Cross: @jakei95

(don’t worry the baby will be fine)


Dany is trying her very best to do the right thing, to be a good ruler. Sometimes, within the context of this world, being a good ruler means doing things like executing Mossador. It’s about laying down a justice that’s blind and impartial and applying it evenly to everybody, former master or former slave. In this case, it’s very complicated for her because she has a great deal of affection for this young man who was a slave until she came. That’s the reason he was selected to represent the freed people on her council and he’s been a strong ally of hers, yet he disobeyed her. In her mind, she’s making a very hardheaded but fair decision. In the minds of the freed men and women watching this execution, she’s turning on them. She’s executing one of her children, one of the people who called her “Mhysa.” – David Benioff and D. B. Weiss {x} {x}

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Wash your hands of the ordeal, its all behind you now.

Taurus: Beware of anything with antlers. The Old Game Shepards will not take you if you don’t bother them.

Gemini: They died in a car accident two years ago, they still follow you on tumblr and like your posts. You never knew them. They are glad for the company.

Cancer: Shes a fake bitch. Literally, she has a heart of clockwork and armored skin made of porcelain. Even unholy things like her shouldn’t gossip though.

Leo: Sorry about your cold, but the stars want you to know that the virus considers you a gracious and kind host.

Virgo: Check up on them. They don’t need it, but they’re always glad for it. Listen.

Libra: You will get the justice you desire. Justice is blind, and drags a blade with crippled legs. Justice can smell them. 

Scorpio: You can use burger king coupons like a tarot deck if you’ve had enough Tylenol. The stars and I do not recommend it though.

Sagittarius: Nobody gets what they deserve. You are worth more than the world can give.

Capricorn: Burn the evening.

Aquarius: There is a fickle beauty to an unsolved puzzle. I means you still have an experience to experience.

Pisces: The moon and the green mother love you, no matter what.

Preview of Eyes Wide Open All the Time: Chapter 19

Iwatobi has its set of untouchables. There is a handful of people so rich that the police just can’t arrest them because money can buy anything, even a judge or an officer. Sousuke never believed that justice was blind but he did not expect to witness an entire police force look away from something like the enigma of Diamond Back.

It is a secret society with origins dating back to the seventeen hundreds when Iwatobi’s harbors were still filled with ships. Throughout the centuries, Diamond Back made a name for itself by boasting extravagance through lavish parties – or passionate massacres if anyone threatened to take their wealth from them. They have always made their money through cold deception; they earn their riches with fangs poised to strike.

They do everything with a grand air, especially their crimes. Seijuro’s grandfather used to tell him horror stories about Diamond Back and in turn, Sei told Sousuke about an event from the 1940’s when the group once dumped so many bodies into the ocean that it turned red.

A person can only become a member of Diamond Back if they are in possession of a fortune and are ambitious about embracing the very worst of human nature. It is not difficult to find people like that in Iwatobi; the city’s elite are born killers who know how to lie before they learn how to speak. They live with a silver spoon in one hand and a knife in the other.

And they are all right in front of Sousuke, hundreds of them, with eyes that bore into him until he feels like a black mouse caught in their throats.

The tension is a suffocating pressure with the humidity. The buzz of insects is like a roar as silence crashes down. Sousuke’s skin is hot with adrenaline and sweat pours down his back like liquid fire. It does not matter that he is armed; he is being watched and one twitch of a finger will be seen. He cannot even move his gaze to see what anyone in Freebird is thinking – he is being scrutinized by Diamond Back that intensely.

So, there is nothing that he or anyone else can do but watch as the driver’s door of a grey Rolls Royce opens.

A branding rod takes the place of Sousuke’s spine, burning with panic. He feels the soldier take over, draining the color from his vision, details sharpening with the ringing in his ears. A cane pushes against the ground and a man steps out of the car, the only color in the world being the emerald velvet of his suit. His hair is elegant sweeps of black like a raven’s wings. His presence is a force of nature, influencing the very ticking of time to slow down and appreciate him. His air of wealth is so dominant that Diamond Back’s extravagance pales in comparison.

Sousuke quickly sees through the guy’s bullshit façade and pinpoints the details that nobody else can catch. The man’s face is straining as he bites back a grimace when he leans on his cane. He must have been injured because he is far too young to need a cane for old age – he appears to be only in his mid-twenties, at least under the exhaustion creasing his face. He has an intimidating build yet he is pale under his natural tan, and Sousuke cannot decide if it is due to being tired or sick.

Either way, he is not weak enough for Freebird to let their guard down.

The man takes his time in sauntering over, drawing out the tension to a restless thing, Sousuke’s whole body straining with it. He hears Haru’s nails squeeze into his palm as the man steps right up to him with an indulgent smile – a shit-eating grin. “Haru.”

His voice is nothing but growl. “Pietro.”

Pietro’s eyes narrow over a smirk – excited. “You look better than I thought you would.” His thick accent lavishes the curling syllables. “Have you heard the rumors? I expected to see your intestines coming out of your throat.” Pietro tsks, the sound fading into a sigh as he smirks. “No matter. I still have a chance to see that.”

Haru arches a daring brow and Pietro hums a laugh. “You are as refreshing as ever, Haru.”  

He is impatient. “What do you want?”

Pietro’s eyes go so cold that ice claws down Sousuke’s back. “You are also as foolish as ever,” Pietro muses. His words drip poison and make Sousuke’s throat flood with acid. “You are in no place to make demands.”

Nii’s breath rolls into a snarl but Nao twists a fist into the back of her dress to keep her from charging.

Pietro spreads his left arm out wide and tips his head back to take a deep inhale of afternoon sunshine. He exhales with a bitter sort of smile. “Today is a gift. I plan to take my time with it and you will as well.”

Sousuke listens to Rin’s teeth grinding.

Pietro folds his left hand over his cane and works it into the dirt. His right hand has stayed in his coat pocket this entire time, but Sousuke thinks that is due to him gripping a concealed weapon. “I understand that my sudden approach was not polite.” He sighs over at the fresh pile of dirt across the way. “But you cannot expect me to be remorseful about it, given that your Nakagawa killed so many of my Diamond Back –”

Nao steps out from behind Nii. “Pietro, stop.”

Pietro goes so still that the air freezes. His skin falls paler like the blood is draining from his veins, evaporating. Nao is drawing the stoicism from him just by standing there. Diamond Back takes a collective gasp and floods with whispers and in turn, resentment comes off Nao in waves that sting Sousuke’s skin.

But then Pietro’s eyes, which are black as a snake’s, change. They glaze over with a warmth that Sousuke just recently became very familiar with.


So real quick, EWOATT’s birthday is tomorrow! AH! One year! I cannot thank you enough for the support and dedication so many of you have for this story. I can’t wait to continue this journey and share it with you. <3

Barba / Post Collateral Damages

Per Request HERE by @lunadegitana
re: a Barba imagine from the episode “Collateral Damages” where he’s been struggling with this case and at the end comes home to his wife and daughter. (Season 17, Episode 15)

Warning: SPOILERS!!! Talk about pedophilia (the crime, not the act)

Originally posted by knittingharlot

okay that’s fine my heart is broke it’s cool; Jessica Phillips killlllls me in this episode and now I’m tearing up at work- all aboard the feels train.

Was it ever enough?

They found a pedophile. Who gave up more pedophiles.
Who have further offered to reveal even more damned pedophiles.

Things like this were supposed to be done by cretins hiding in dark basements, or crude celebrities drunk on their own power. Monsters who dug through the internet until they hit the hidden depths of the dark web, sorry excuses for men that lay in the shadows until the blinding light of justice comes crashing down to expose them.

This was not a beast hiding in the dark underbelly of the world.
This was a man Rafael has held meetings with, made jokes with and about.

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Without You: Bloodstone (Part 7)

Genre: AU, bts!werewolf, fantasy, angst

Warnings: language, violence, suggestive content

Summary: Werewolves, contrary to popular belief, are usually gentle creatures. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, they would never hurt a human (on purpose). The few unfortunate times when mistakes were made put a permanent dark mark on the beasts and people began labeling them as monsters. What the human population failed to recognize was the fact that they were protecting us from something much more sinister. Luckily, a few survived and the gene was passed down hereditarily until one day finding its way to me… in the form of my best friend.

Link to: Storyboard (reference pictures) | Prologue | Previous | Masterlist | Next (coming soon)

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Loyalty is often as blind as justice should be, as unstable as a lightning storm ought to be, and as misplaced as an opinion in the truth.

Chapter 7:

In the hour that we take to eat, a heavy fog settles across the abandoned village like a blanket, the sun sets completely, and the temperature drops the smallest bit, dregs of cool spring air clutching to the landscape before being washed away by another balmy summer.

The electric lantern Munhee turns on floods the surrounding area in a ghostly white, the light reflecting harshly off of the water droplets diffused in the air, essentially dropping visibility to less than ten meters in any direction.

“Alright Tae, do your thing,” Munhee turns around so I do the same, preemptively covering my ears and squeezing my eyelids shut to block out the grizzly sights and sounds. Only when I feel a reassuring, human hand on my shoulder do I relax.

The bronze wolf paces in circles, shaking its head, and I glance at Munhee, confused.

She smiles, removing her hand from my frame, addressing Taehyung, “C’mon, you said you could do it.”

The creature whimpers, stopping to stare at us with a set of sad brown eyes.

Munhee lets out an affectionate “tsh,” placing her hands on her hips, “Do I have to go fetch Namjoonie?”

It gives a frustrated growl, muscles visibly tensing, and for a handful of seconds, I can see the eerie vibrant amber slowly creep into its eyes… only to disappear with a single blink. The bronze wolf laments with a huff, dramatically falling flat on its chest, licking its nose in a pout.

Recalling Hoseok’s teasing about Taehyung’s “only having been able to do it once,” I ask, “For helping me see what Jungkook will be like, I understand why he should be feral, but why would you want them to lose control after they’ve gained it?”

“It’s good for pack bonding and safety,” she says this without hesitation. “They rely more on instinct, which is often times safer when fighting spirits- C’MON TAE YOU CAN DO IT. Get up, try again.”

Munhee snaps her fingers at the wolf, who reluctantly rises again and tenses in concentration. The poor thing doesn’t even get a full ten seconds.

“Aish, move aside,” Yoongi leisurely waves at the bronze creature with a roll of his eyes as he exits the shack, “At this rate it’ll take all night. Watch and learn, kid.”

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