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My All-Time Top Ten Favourite Fanfics

I’ve thought about doing this list for quite a while now. Let me tell you why. 

Being part of a fandom is, for the most part, quite awesome. However, being a fanfic writer can be quite daunting and discouraging, especially if you don’t get the feedback you’re looking for. As a writer myself, I just want to spread the love and point people towards some amazing, amazing works I’ve loved and have been inspired by since I was a mere thirteen year-old discovering for the first time. I really, really hope you guys check these stories out. In my humble opinion, they are even better than some original novels that have been published over the years. (*cough* Twilight *cough*) 

At the end of the post, I’ve tagged TEN people here on Tumblr. I hope these people who are tagged will share ten of their all-time favourite fics and tag ten more people, and hopefully, we can keep this whole ‘support for fanfic authors’ thing going for a while yet. Fingers crossed! :) 

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1. The Life and Times (Harry Potter) by Jewels5 ( @itreallyatemyhand ) - The story of James and Lily’s sixth and seventh year at Hogwarts, and how they fall in love. This fic remains THE fic for me; it is practically canon in my mind.  If you’re a long-time Harry Potter fanfic reader, you’d probably have heard of TLAT. This fic has its own fandom, for God’s sake. (It’s even been mentioned in a Buzzfeed article? Whattt?) But if you haven’t heard of it, START READING IT NOW. I can’t gush enough about how well-plotted and well written this story is. It has inspired my own writing throughout the years and I’ve reread it more than five times. It physically pains me that it might never be finished, but don’t let this stop you from enjoying these 36 chapters. They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, they will make you fall in love, and trust me when I say - you won’t ever be disappointed. I still come back to this story every now and then, and every time, I fall in love with it a little bit more. - Multi-chapter on

2. The Queen Susan in Tashbaan, Part 2 of the Stone Gryphon (Narnia) by @rthstewart - The Pevensies aiding the British war effort in WWII. If you’re a history lover and a Narnia fan, you MUST read this story. The amount of history woven into this series is simply awe-inspiring. The plot still floors me, even after all these years. And the characters - both the canon ones and the original ones - are written and expanded so beautifully. Not only that, there is a lot of heart to this story and a very real, very palpable sense of bittersweetness to everything. - Multi-chapter on AO3

3. A Sea of Golden Sand (Narnia) by Andi Horton - The events of “The Horse and His Boy” through the perspectives of the Pevensies. This is everything - I repeat - EVERYTHING you’d want from a Golden-Age Narnia fic. This story chronicles the events leading up to the final battle at Anvard, from Rabadash’s visit to Narnia to Aravis and Shasta coming to Archenland. It is incredibly, incredibly well-written, filled with humour, heart, and amazing characters. And although it was published in 2007, most stories in the Narnia fandom don’t even come close to this level of badassery! Edmund, one of my favourite characters ever, is pretty much swoon-worthy in this. I’m legitimately in love with this version of Edmund. - Multi-chapter on

4. Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops (Narnia) by Francienyc - The Pevensies navigating life in England after they’re not allowed to go back to Narnia. Lots of sibling bonding in this one, but by God, the simplicity and the subtleness of their pain! It has been years, but I still think of this fic every once in a while, and it still chokes me up a little. - One-shot on

5. Hung Out to Dry (Narnia) by @rthstewart - Jill/Eustace but with an angsty, heartbreaking twist. Despite how short it is, it is still one of my favourite things I’ve ever read. The aesthetics, the silences, the unrequited love - this story has it all. Every time I read it, I find myself still getting emotional by the simplest of sentences. In short, just exquisite. - One-shot on AO3

6. Fools (Harry Potter) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ) - The First Order of the Phoenix, with the Marauders, the Prewett twins, and Marlene Mckinnon. I remember crying my eyes out the first time I read this story, years and years ago. Yes, there are a ton of First Order fics out there. But please trust me when I say - none of them is quite like this one. This story will undoubtedly shatter you, but in the best of ways. - Multi-chapter on AO3

7. In Their Autumn Beauty (Harry Potter) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ) - The teenagers of the First Order of the Phoenix as seen through the eyes of the much older, much more jaded Dorcas Meadowes. This story is only 2,000 words long, but it has stayed with me for years and years. It is so, so beautiful. Please. Just read it. I beg you. It’ll take you only ten minutes, maybe. You won’t regret it. - One-shot on

8. Joy in the Mourning (Narnia) by Andi Horton - The Pevensies during the Blitz in London, after they’re not allowed to go back to Narnia. I also remember crying when I first read this. (Yes, there really is a pattern here; I do cry a lot.) This story really captures what the Narnia books are about: finding joy and hope amidst despair. - One-shot on

9. The Death of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire) by La Reine Noire  ( @poorshadowspaintedqueens ) - The events leading up to and of Robert’s Rebellion through the perspectives of the Dead Ladies Club, primarily Lyanna Stark, Ashara Dayne, and Elia Martell. Usually, I’m not a fan of fics about Robert’s Rebellion; I find most authors’ take of the events hard to believe and the characters not well fleshed out. This story, however, is EPIC and SO well-written, you’d think it was canon while you’re reading it! I cried buckets at the end, of course. If you’re a fan of the ASOIAF books, definitely give this one a try. - Multi-chapter on AO3

10. Corellian Gin (Rogue One) by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue ) - Jyn/Cassian surviving Scariff, with bits told through the eyes of Bodhi. Of course, I had to squeeze in a Rogue One fic somehow, but I really had a hard time choosing ONE story from my old writing partner, guineapiggie. I nearly chose “The World Through A Scope”“Beinahe”, or something from the series that we wrote together (”Happy Endings”/ “Where’s My Love?”), but I settled on this one instead because it is one of the first Rogue One fics I read that made me tear up. I LOVE a bit of well-written romantic angst, and this story has it in spades. - One-shot on AO3


HONOURABLE MENTIONS (because I can’t quite help myself):

Harry Potter - Anything by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ), especially Brackets (Sirius/Marlene), Stray Thought (Sirius/Marlene), and the No, Nay, Never series (the First Order of the Phoenix). 

Narnia - Firstly, anything by Andi Horton, especially King’s Champion (Edmund-centric) and The Better Part (Pevensies bonding). Secondly, The Delight of My Eyes (Aravis/Shasta) by Francienyc. And lastly, Rat and Sword Go To War (Pevensies in WWII) by @rthstewart , as well as the rest of her The Stone Gryphon series. 

Rogue One - Resistance is Built On Hope (WWII AU) by ChronicOlicity, Floating, Sinking (fix-it fic) by @shu-of-the-wind, the violet hour (Jyn/Cassian modern au) by caramelle or @mellamymake, the road that sets into the sun (a beautiful Jyn/Cassian in the SW Legends-verse) by lyin’ ( @thegirlwholied ), and all the angsty Jyn/Cassian stories by guineapiggie ( @ruby-red-inky-blue ). 

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TAGS: Now, to join me in this venture of spreading fanfic love (yes, I’m perfectly aware of how weird that sounds), I’d like to invite these ten awesome individuals who I have interacted with here or on AO3: @ruby-red-inky-blue, @operaticspacetrash, @yavemiel, @rxbxlcaptain, @rapha-senna, @thenewleeland, @pingou7, @jeroncassianandor, @lclrgsl and @rebelcaptainfics. And don’t worry! You guys don’t have to write these long reviews for each of your recommendation like I did; I was simply bored and overzealous! :) 

If you’re not tagged, but have seen this on your dash and want to jump in on the action, please feel free to make your own list and tag ten more people. Let’s show appreciation for fanfic writers who put so much work and time into writing these stories we love so much! <3 

Modern AU with nothing special going on, no aliens, no magic space lions, nada.

Shiro works as a social worker and helps out at a private institution for orphans that aren’t good fits for regular foster homes. Keith is a kid whose parents died when he was young and he was sent to his next of kin. Spoiler: They’re awful. They get a call from a concerned neighbor and it turns out Keith had been severely neglected to the point where he’s mostly nonverbal, and Shiro’s workplace takes custody of him.

Shiro was the first one on the scene and he was the one who coaxed Keith out of the house, he made sure to speak softly and tell him that he was safe and, when he figured out that Keith couldn’t or wouldn’t speak, made sure to ask yes or no questions that he could nod or shake his head to. Because he didn’t even have a change of clothes, Shiro gave Keith his jacket and let him keep it and now Keith just latches onto him instantly.

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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Narnia Imagine

Fandom: Narnia

Pairing: None

*Extremly long

The planes are heard from outside and the bombs are falling. You hear your mom yelling for Peter but you run with Susan into your room. You notice Lucy lying in her bed.

“Lucy, come on!” You grab her hand quickly and pull her outside, Susan close on your tail. All of you run to the shelter, mom and Peter yelling at all of you to hurry up. Just as you were about to enter the shelter you hear Edmund shouting.

“Wait, dad!” He turns around starting to run back to the house. Peter tries to stop him but Edmund slips out of his grip. Peter runs into the house after him while Susan, Lucy, mom and you jump into the shelter. You sit on the ground nervously, waiting for Edmund and Peter to come back. Then Peter throws Edmund onto the ground and starts shouting at him.

“Why do you always have to be so selfish! You only think about yourself.” Edmund starts to cry a little so you move to kneel next to him.

“Stop it!” You shout at your twin brother (on whom, I must add, you do not look alike at all) and he shuts his mouth. You hug Edmund and he returns it, you feel him relaxing into your arms a little.

“Why can’t you ever do as you’re told!” Peter says more calmly and Edmund looks up at him, saying nothing. The blond Pevensie sighs and slams the shelter door.


“You need to keep this on darling, alright? You warm enough?” Your mother talks with Lucy as you stand in between Peter and Edmund. She moves over to Edmund and smiles softly.

“You will listen to your brother and sister, won’t you Edmund?” She asks him. He nods a little and she stands up to kiss him. Then she looks at you.

“Take care of them.” She says to you caressing your cheek. You smile a little and nod, she hugs you and turns to Peter, and lastly to Susan. After all of you said goodbye you boarded the train. You waved to your mom and left.


On your station all of you get off the train. Then you hear some cars and five of you run down from the platform. The car passes you and you are left there standing alone in the middle of nowhere.

“The Professor knew we were coming?” Susan asks but no one answers her. 

“Perhaps we’ve been incorrectly labeled?” Just as Edmund said that, you hear a noise on your right. You turn your head to the right and see an older woman coming closer. Ste stops in front of you and looks at you with no emotion. Peter and you share a glance 

“Mrs. Macready?” You ask uncertain.

“I’m afraid so. Is that it then? Haven’t you brought anything else?” She asks coldly.

“No, ma'am. It’s just us.” Peter answers and Lucy nods.

“Small favours.” She says and nods her head towards the carriage. We all get in and she takes of.

You stayed at the huge house which is owned by a Professor.


Today instead of going outside you had to stay inside because of the rain. You sit on the couch next to Susan, Lucy looking out of the window, Edmund lying under the table and Peter sitting in the armchair next to the couch. You try to quiz Peter but it’s not working.

“Come on, Peter Gas-tro-vas-cu-lar.” You say becoming bored and annoyed already.

“Is it Latin?” He asks.

“Yes…” You reply.

“Is it Latin for worst game ever invented?” Ed comes out and him and Peter chuckle. You close the book annoyed, you just can’t do anything with this boys.

“We could play hide-and-seek.” Lucy suggests standing next to Peter’s armchair. 

“But we’re already having so much fun!” Peter retorts in a sarcastic tone. Susan scoffs while you roll my eyes.

“Come on Peter! Please! Pretty please.” She begs shaking him. Then Peter starts counting. Edmund complains but stands up anyway. Susan and you also run away to find some place to hide. You all separate and try to find your hiding spots. You bump into Susan and both of you look at the box next to you.

“Mine!” Susan yells and you quickly sit on the top so she couldn’t get in before you.

“I don’t think so.” You say laughing.

“Oh come on Y/N. I’m younger.” She says and you groan.

“I hate it when you call on the `I’m younger` card. Fine, take it.” I say standing up and she grins.

“Thanks sis, you’re the best.” She says and you roll your eyes smiling. 

“I know.” You wink and run to find a new hiding spot.


When Peter finished the counting, after just a minute you heard Lucy and Edmund and Peter talking. You decide to see what’s going on so you get out of your hiding spot. You find them and hear Susan asking if she won.

“Don’t think so.” You grin approaching them. 

“I don’t think Lucy wants to play anymore.” Peter says and you look at him confused.

“I’ve been gone for hours.” She says and all of you look at her, very confused. She takes us to the wardrobe and explain everything to us. No one believes her so you get into the wardrobe to see what she is talking about. You come out and look at her seriously.

“The only wood in here is the back of the wardrobe.” You say.

“One game at a time Lu, we don’t all have your imagination.” Peter points out and we start heading out.

“But I wasn’t imagining!” Lucy yells and you turn around. You try to say something but Susan cuts you off.

“That’s enough.” She says, obviously having enough.

“I wouldn’t lie about this!” The youngest Pevensie defends herself and you sigh. You really wish you could believe her, but you just can’t.

“Well I believe you.” Suddenly Edmund steps out and everyone looks at him.

“You do?” Lucy asks shocked.

“Yeah, of course. Didn’t I tell you about the football field I found in the bathroom closet?” Peter looks at him angrily.

“Why don’t you just stop it, you always have to make everything worse. Grow up, already!” Peter says annoyed. Well now there’s going be trouble. 

“Shut up! You think you’re dad, but you’re not!” Edmund shouts and storms out. You look at him disappointed and leave after Ed.

In the meanwhile, Narnia was truly waiting for all of you..


“Y/N, Y/N wake up! It’s there, it’s really there.” You hear Lucy’s voice and she shaking you so hard that you are afraid that you’ll get seasickness. You groan and roll over to look at her, still half asleep.

“Lucy, what are you talking about?” You ask her. Peter comes into the room after Edmund and you see that Susan has woken up too. 

“Narnia! It’s all in the wardrobe, like I told you!” Lucy answers happily. 

“Oh Lucy, you’ve been dreaming.” Susan says and you sit up. 

“No I wasn’t, I saw Mr. Tumnus again! Oh, and this time - Edmund went too.” Lucy says and you look at Edmund, raising your eyebrows.

“You saw the faun?” Peter asks him and Ed shakes his head. Lucy stands up from my bed, still being cherefull. 

“Well, he didn’t actually go there with me. What were you doing Edmund?” She asks him, suddenly being confused and curious.

“I-I was just playing along.” He replies and Susan’s eyes widen, just like yours, “I’m sorry Peter, I shouldn’t have encouraged her. You know what little children are like these days, they just don’t know when to stop pretending.” He sits on Susan’s bed, looking smugly at Lucy. She starts to cry and runs out of the room, Susan follows her immediately, Peter following her, showing Edmund over on his way. 

“You know I love you Edmund, but you really need to cool down and learn when to stop. She’s your little sister.” You say disappointed, running after Lucy. She runs down the hall and smack into the Professor, she looks up a little frightened and then starts her crying all over again, hugging him. Susan, Peter and you stop dead in your tracks, then you hear some loud crash coming from your room.

“I’m gonna see what’s that. And talk to Edmund.” You say and leave again. It’s hard to be a big sister.


You run through the house looking a place to hide with your brothers and sisters. Edmund broke the glass when you were playing cricket, so now you have to hide from Mrs. Macready. You enter the room where the wardrobe is and Edmund runs to it, opening the door. 

“Come on!” He hurry you and Susan looks at him disbelieving.

“You’ve got to be joking.” She says, then you hear the noise getting louder so you run into the wardrobe, everyone following you. Peter shuts the door behind all of you, and now everyone is pushing around. Suddenly Peter, Susan and you fall on the snow. You look behind yourself, mouth falling open. Quickly all of you stand up and look around. Everyone is in shock except Lucy and Edmund.

“Impossible.” Susan gasps.

“Don’t worry, it’s probably just your imagination.” Lucy sasses and you look at her, not believing this is actually happening.

“I don’t suppose saying we’re sorry would quite cover it?” Peter says softly.

“No, it wouldn’t. But this might!” She throws a snowball, hitting Peter right in the face. You laugh, already making your snowball and throwing it at Susan. She gasps loudly and joins your snowball fight. Susan throws a snowball at Edmund, hitting him on the arm. 

“Ow!” He complains rubbing his arm, “Stop it!” And then you all realize that he lied.

“You little liar.” Peter makes a step towards him.

“You didn’t believe her either!” Edmund defends himself.

“Apologize to Lucy.” Peter says but Ed just looks at her, “Say you’re sorry!” He steps even closer to him.

“Alright! I’m sorry.” Ed apologizes.

“That’s alright, some little children just don’t know when to stop pretending.” Lucy says back, looking smugly at him, you just smirk knowing that she got her sarcasm and come backs from you.

“Very funny.” Ed mutters.

“Maybe we should go back.” Susan chimes in.

“Shouldn’t we at least take a look around?” Edmund asks, suddenly becoming interested in Narnia so you look at him suspiciously.

“I think Lucy should decide.” You finally say and she gasps surprised and very happy.

“I all want you to meet Mr. Tumnus!” She says excitedly and you smile.

“Well then Mr. Tumnus it is.” You reply and Peter walks into the wardrobe again.

“But we can’t go hiking in the snow, dressed like these.” Susan complains.

“No.” Peter comes back from the wardrobe with five coats in his hands, “But I’m sure the Professor wouldn’t mind if we borrow these. Anyway if you think about it logically, we are not even taking them out of the wardrobe.” He hands everyone a coat, lastly to Edmund.

“But that’s a girls coat!” Ed protests.

“I know.” Peter replies handing him the coat once again.


You enter the beavers dam and take of your coat. You found out that Mr. Tumnus is arrested for helping Lucy and then you met this talking beaver and he brought five of you to his home.

“Is there nothing we can do about Mr. Tumnus?” You ask, seeing how upset Lucy is.

“They took him to witches house. You know what they say, rare are those who enter through the gate..and come out again.” Mr. Beaver says and you put your hand on Lucy’s shoulder.

“But there is hope dear, lots of hope.” Mrs. Beaver said putting fish and chips on the table. Mr. Beaver chokes on his drink and looks back at us.

“Oh yeah, there’s more than hope!” He looks around and leans in a little, “Aslan is on the move.” He whispers and all of you look at him confused.

“Who’s Aslan?” Edmund asks. Beavers starts to laugh but soon Mrs. Beaver realizes that you are serious.

“Who’s Aslan? You silly little blighter.” Mr. Beaver waves his hand. His wife slaps him on the chest and he stops to laugh, asking her `what?` He looks at us and see that we are not laughing.

“You don’t know do you?” He asks.

“Well we haven’t actually been here very long.” Peter says.

“He’s only the kind of the whole wood, the real king of Narnia.” Beaver explains.

“He’s been away for a while.” Mrs. Beaver says.

“But he just got back! And he’s waiting for you at the Stone Table!” Mr. Beaver says excitedly and you just look at each other.

“He’s waiting for us?” Lucy asks.

“You’ve got to be joking! They don’t even know about the prophecy!” He throws his hands up in the air, “Look, Aslan’s return, Tumnus’ arrest…..the secret police! They’re all happening because of you!”

“You’re blaming us?” Susan says.

“No! Not blaming, thanking you.” Mrs. Beaver says.

“There’s….a prophecy, When Adam’s flesh and Adam’s bone sits at Cair Paravel in throne the evil is over and done.” Beaver tells you.

“You know that doesn’t really rhyme.” Susan sasses and you elbow her.

“I know, but you’re missing the point!” Beaver sighs.

“It’s long been told that two sons of Adam and three daughters of Eve will appear to defeat the White Witch, and restore peace to Narnia.” Mrs. Beaver finally says something that you understand.

“And you think we’re the ones?” You ask after glancing at Peter.

“Well you’d better be, Aslan’s already fitted out your army!” Beaver stands up.

“I think you’ve made a mistake; we’re not heroes!” Peter shakes his head.

“We’re from Finchley!” Susan says and you nearly facepalm at her comment, “Thank you for your hospitality, but we really have to go.” She stands up.

“You can’t just leave.” Beaver says.

“He’s right. We have to help Mr. Tumnus.” Lucy says and you stand up, Peter following your lead.

“It’s out of our hands.” Peter says to Lucy, more harshly than he meant to, “I’m sorry, but it’s time for us to go back, Ed.” You turn around and see tat he’s nowhere to be seen, “Ed?” Nothing.

“I’m gonna kill him.” You say, having enough of his attitude and behavior.

“You may not have to…Has Edmund been to Narnia before?” Mr. Beaver asks and Peter and you share a glance.


You run out of the house, following Edmund’s footsteps. You reach the top of the hill and see Ed going through the Witch’s castle gates.

“Edmund!” Lucy shouts making you jump.

“Shh! They’ll hear ya!” Beaver says quickly, shushing her. Suddenly you start to run after Edmund but Mr. Beaver grabs you by the sleeve of your coat. 

“Get off me!” You shake him down.

“You go on her hands.” He says trying to reason you.

“We can’t just let him go.” Susan says.

“He’s our brother.” Lucy speaks.

“He’s the bait! The witch wants all five of ya!” Beaver finally looses his temper.

“Why?” Peter asks.

“To stop the prophecy from coming true. To kill ya!” The Beaver whisper-shouts. You all look back at the castle, look of horror on everyone’s faces. The doors of the castle shuts.

“This is all your fault.” Susan steps up to you and you turn around.

“My fault?” You ask becoming mad.

“None of this would have happened if you had just listened to me in the first place!” She yells at you.

“Oh, so you knew this would happen?” You fire back.

“I didn’t knew what would happen..which is why we should have left while we still could.” You open your mouth to fight back but Lucy cuts you off.

“Stop it! This isn’t going to help Edmund.”

“She’s right. Only Aslan could help your brother now.” Beaver looks at you and you sigh.

“Then take us to him.” You say, turning back to look at the castle again.


You run after Beaver into his house again.

“Hurry Mum, they’re after us!” He yells.

“Right then…” She starts to pack some food and other stuffs.

“What is she doing?” Peter asks impatient.

“Don’t worry, you’ll thank you me later. It’s a long journey and a beaver gets cranky when he’s hungry.” She replies while Susan helps her.

“I’m cranky now!” Beaver yells and you would laugh if you weren’t in a situation like this.

“Do you think we need jam?” Susan asks.

“Only if the Witch serves toast.” You say getting quite impatient and nervous. Then you hear wolves barking and howling. Beaver shows you the way and you let everyone jump into the tunnel before you.

“Badger and me made this. It comes out right near his place.” You hear Beaver talking.

“You told me it lead to your moms.” Mrs. Beaver says back. Then Lucy falls down and Susan and you pick her up. 

“They’re in the tunnel.” Lucy whispers. You run further and then you stand face to face with a dead end.

“You should have brought a map!” Mrs. Beaver points out.

“There was no room next to the jam!” He shoots back and jumps out of the whole. everyone else follows, you being the last one. Once you jump out you put a barrel to block the exit and Lucy falls on the bunch of stone things. You look at her and see stone animals, you help her up and look around.

“He was my best mate.” Beaver says sadly standing in front of the stone badger.

“What happened here?” Peter asks.

“This is what happens to those who cross the Witch.” A fox shows up, making you all jump in surprise.

“You take one more step traitor and I’ll chew you to the bone.” Beaver says threating the fox, Mrs. Beaver stopping him. The fox laughs and jumps down.

“Relax. I’m one of the good guys.” He says.

“Well you look mighty like one of the bad guys.” The Beaver still doesn’t trust him.

“An unfortunate family resemblance, but we can discuss family breeding later right now we need to move.” Fox says seriously.

“What did you have in mind?” You ask after you heard the wolves again.

You all get down from the tree when the wolves left. 

“They were helping Tumnus. The Witch got here before I did.” You sit around the fire, listening to fox’s story.

“Are you alright?” Lucy asks him softly when he whimpered while Mrs. Beaver is patching him up.

“Well, I wish I could say their bark was worse than their bite.” He winces in pain again.

“Stop squirming! You’re worse than beaver on bath day.” Mrs. Beaver says and you chuckle.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I’m afraid that’s all the cure I have time for.” Fox says standing up.

“You’re leaving?” You ask.

“It has been a pleasure my Queen and an honor.” He says bowing, “But time is short and Aslan himself has asked me to gather more troops.” 

“You’ve seen Aslan. What’s he like?” Mr. Beaver asks amused.

“Like everything we have ever heard. You’ll be glad that he’s on our side in the battle against the White Witch.” Fox answers proudly. You look down thinking about the whole situation, and Edmund.

“But we are not planning on fighting any witch.” Susan says.

“Surely, King Peter, the prophecy..” 

“We can’t go to the war without you.” Beaver says talking more to you than Peter.

“We just want our brother back.” Peter replies after a moment of hesitation.


“Now Aslan’s camp is just over there by the stone table just across the frozen river.” Beaver points across the river as you stand on the rock bridge.

“River?” Peter asks.

“It’s been frozen for one hundred years.” Mrs. Beaver says and you look back across the river.

“It’s so far.” The blond Pevensie says.

“It’s the world dear.” Mrs. Beaver says back, “Did you expect it to be smaller?”

“Smaller..” Susan says looking at you.


“Come on humans. While we’re still young.” Beaver hurries you four and you roll your eyes. It’s a hundredth time since he said you need to hurry up. You look over your shoulder and see Susan, Peter and then Lucy barely dragging themselves. You stop and wait for them.

“If he tells us to hurry, one more time, I’m going to turn him into a big fluffy hat.” Peter says picking Lucy up, carrying her on his back. You smile looking at them.

“Do you want a ride?” You ask Susan jokingly and she laughs. You wrap your arm around her shoulders and continue to walk.

“Hurry up! Come on!” Beaver yells again and you groan dropping your arm from Susan’s shoulders.

“He is getting kinda bossy.” Lucy complains.

“No! Behind you! It’s her!” Mrs. Beaver shouts and you look around. The bells are heard and four of you quickly start to run, Peter dropping Lucy back on the ground.

“Inside! Dive!” Beaver tells you to jump into some kind of opening which is beneath the ground you were running on. You all sit there curled up for a few minutes before Lucy spoke up.

“Maybe she’s gone.” The youngest Pevensie whispers.

“I suppose I’ll go look.” You say but the Beaver stops you.

“No, you’re no good to Narnia dead.” He whispers too.

“Neither are you Beaver.” His wife says and he smiles.

“Thank sweetheart.” He pats her hand and leaves to take a look. There’s a long pause before the Beaver shows up from the top.

“Come here. Come here.” He says startling you all, “I hope you’ve been good, because there is someone here to see ya.” You get out first, taking Lucy by her hand. Then you stop in your tracks surprised. Father Christmas stands there. Lucy tugs your arm and you look at her, she nods at you to move in front and you do.

“Merry Christmas, sir.” Lucy says dropping your hand and taking a step forward.

“It certainly is Lucy. Since you have arrived.” He replies with a smile.

“We thought you are the Witch.” Peter says.

“Yes..sorry about that, but in my defends I’ve been driving one of these longer than the Witch.” He takes his gloves off.

“I thought there was no Christmas in Narnia.” Susan speaks.

“No, for a long time. But hope which have brought Your Majesty’s is finally starting to weaken the Witches power. Still I guess this will come in handy.” He goes to his bag and throws it to the ground.

“Presents.” Lucy says happily running to stand in front of Father Christmas. He takes a bottle and holds it in front of Lucy.

“The juice of the fire flower. One drop will cure any injury.” He hands it to Lucy and she takes it, “Although I hope you’ll never have to use it..” He hands her a small dagger.

“Thank you, sir. But I think I could be brave enough.” Lucy says.

“I’m sure you could. But battles are ugly affairs.” Lucy steps back and Father Christmas takes out bow and arrows.

“Susan. Trust in this bow and it will not easily miss.” She takes it and looks up at him.

“What happened to, battles are ugly affairs?” She asks and he chuckles.

“And though you don’t seem to have a problem making yourself heard, blow on this and wherever you are, help will come.” He hands her a white horn and she takes it.

“Thanks.” She smiles and steps back. Then he turns around once again and takes out two identical swords.

“Peter. Y/N. Time to use them may be soon at hand.” Father hands one sword and shield to Peter, and the other sword and a bigger dagger to you. You two draw your swords from the scabbard and look at them. They are forged beautifully.

“Thank you, sir.” Peter says and you smile.

“Thank you.” You repeat.

“These are tools, not toys. Bare them well and wisely.” Father Christmas says and you put your sword back in it’s scabbard,” Now, I must be off. Winter is almost over and things do pile up when you’ve been gone a thousand years.” He puts his bag back on his sleighs and turns back to you one more time, “Long live Aslan! And Merry Christmas.” He gets in his sleigh and rides off.

“Merry Christmas!” Four of you shout after him with smiles.

“Told you he was real.” Lucy turns to Susan.

“He says winter is almost over.” You say drawing attention to you, “You know what that means. No more ice.”


You get to the river and see that the ice is breaking.

“We need to cross, now.” You say taking Lucy’s hand.

“Wait, maybe we should think about this for a minute.” Susan says stopping you.

“We don’t have a minute.” You snap.

“I was just trying to be realistic.” She defends.

“No, you’re trying to be smart, as usual.” You say and run down. Susan thinks about following you, but when she heard the wolves she run after you.

Peter steps on the ice but it breaks, and he pulls back.

“Wait, maybe I should go first.” Mr. Beaver says.

“Maybe you should.” Your twin brother nods. Beaver steps onto the ice and after a few steps and a little ice breaking, you follow him.

“If mom knew what we were doing..” Susan comment and you roll your eyes.

“Mom’s not here.” Peter says reading your mind.

“Oh no!” Lucy suddenly says squeezing your hand harder. You follow her gaze up and see wolves running.

“Run!” You shout and start running, but the wolves were faster and got on the other side before you. Quickly you stop, eyes wide. Everyone take a few steps back. You look over your shoulder and see that wolves are there too, there’s no going back now.

“Y/N.” Lucy says scared and you look in front of you. You see a leader of wolves coming closer so you draw your sword out, Peter doing the same. The other wolf has pinned Beaver down.

“Put that down girl, someone could get hurt.” Maugrim says and you push Lucy behind you. You stand in front of all four of them, including Mrs. Beaver, pointing your sword at wolf.

“Don’t worry about me. Slice his throat.” Beaver says still pinned to the ground.

“Leave now while you can, and your brother leaves with you.” Maugrim says and Peter puts his sword down, but you don’t put yours.

“Stop Y/N, maybe we should listen to him.” Susan says.

“Smart girl.” Wolf laughs.

“Don’t listen to him! Kill him, kill him now!” You hear Beaver shout.

“Oh come on, this isn’t your war. All my queen wants is for you to take your family and go.”

“Look, just because some man in a red suit hands you a sword doesn’t make you a hero! So just drop it!” Susan yells at you and you look at her from the corner of your eye.

“No Y/N! Narnia needs you!” Beaver yells.

“What’s it gonna be Daughter of Eve? I’m not going to wait forever, and neither will the river.” Maugrim says coming even closer.

“Y/N!” Lucy yells after she noticed that the ice is breaking completely.

“Hold onto me!” You say sticking your sword in the ice. The ice break down and you float away. You get to shore and turn around to see Peter holding Lucy’s coat, but she’s nowhere to be seen.

“What have you done?!” Susan asks terrified.

“Lucy! Lucy!” You shout afraid that you lost her.

“Has anyone seen my coat?” Then you hear her voice and you quickly turn around. You see her coming closer to you shivering, and you smile in relief. You take her coat out of Peter’s hands, who is still standing there in shock.

“Don’t you worry dear, your brother and sister has you well looked after.” Beaver says as you wrap her coat around her and then you hug her.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing those coats anymore.” Mrs. Beaver says and you look to your left. The trees are blossoming. You walk through and see spring coming about and flowers budding as you leave four coats and head toward Aslan’s Camp.


“Why are they all staring at us?” Susan asks as you walk through the Aslan’s Camp.

“Maybe they think you look funny.” Lucy says and Peter and you smile. When you got to the front Peter pulls out his sword.

“We have come to see Alsan.” He says to Oreius. Tent starts to blow in breeze and everyone kneels. Aslan comes from the tent and four of you kneel.

“Welcome Peter son of Adam, welcome Y/N, Susan and Lucy daughters of Eve. And welcome to you Beavers. You have my thanks. But where is the fifth?” Aslan welcomes you. You get up and Peter speaks up.

“That’s we’re here sir. We need your help.”

“We had a little trouble along the way.” Susan says.

“Our brother has been captured by the White Witch.” You say.

“Captured? How could this happen?” Aslan asks and you look down.

“He..betrayed them Your Majesty.” Mr. Beaver explains and you hear whispers behind you.

“Than he has betrayed us all.”

“Peace Oreius.” Aslan warns, “I’m sure there’s an explanation.”

“It’s my fault really. I was too hard on him.” Peter says and you put your hand on his shoulder.

“We all were.” Susan backs him up.

“Sir, he’s our brother.” Lucy says sadly.

“I know dear one.” Aslan replies, “But that only makes the betrayal all the worse. This may be harder than you think.”


Peter and you stand on the hill when Aslan comes next to you.

“That is Cair Paravel. The castle of the five thrones.” The lion says, “In two of which you will sit, as High King and High Queen.”  Two of you don’t say anything.

“You doubt the prophecy?” Aslan asks you.

“No, that’s just it.” Peter says, “Aslan, I’m not who you think I am.”

“Peter Pevensie formerly of Finnchley. Beaver also mentioned something about you turning turn him into a hat.” Lion says making you smile, “There is a Deep Magic more powerful than any of us that rules over Narnia. It defines right from wrong and governs all of our destinies. Yours..and mine.”

“But I couldn’t even protect my own family.” You finally speak.

“You’ve brought them safely this far.” Aslan says to you.

“Not all of them.” You say thinking about Edmund, wondering if he’s still alive, hoping he is.

“Y/N, I will do what I can to help your brother, but I need both of you to consider what I ask of you. I too want my family safe.” Aslan finishes and you look ahead.


You hear Susan’s horn and you quickly run with Peter by your side to find her. You run through the river and see Susan and Lucy on a tree, you draw your sword out and point it at one of the wolves while Peter does the same with the other one. Aslan pins the third wolf down. Both of the wolves launches at you two at the same time and you stab the wolf with your sword. He falls on top of you and you hear everyone yelling your name. Susan pushes him of off you and you sit up. You see that everyone is alright and you share a tight hug. Peter and you managed to kill the wolves and save Susan and Lucy. Aslan lets go the third wolf and he runs away.

“After him. It’ll lead you to Edmund.” He orders, “Peter. Y/N. Clean your swords.”

You did so and then you kneeled down in front of Aslan. He puts his paw on your shoulder and does the same with Peter.

“Rise, Sir Peter Wolfsbane and Lady Y/N Wolfsbane. Knights of Narnia.” Aslan says and you two look at him in awe. Susan and Lucy smile proudly at you two.


The next morning you get out of your tent and see Edmund standing on a rock above camp with Aslan. Then, after you comes Peter and then Susan and Lucy.

“Edmund!” Lucy shouts starting to run towards him but Peter stops her. Aslan motions Edmund down and they come to four of you.

“What’s done it’s done. There’s no need to speak to Edmund about his past.” Aslan says and leaves.

“Hello..” Ed says and you smile as Lucy hugs him. Susan hugs him too and when she pulled away Ed looked at you. He thought that you were disappointed in him and he was mostly upset about that because you were always the one who cared about him no matter what. But you just smile and hug him tightly.

“Are you alright?” You ask him pulling away.

“I’m a little tired.” He answers you.

“Get some sleep.” Peter says and Ed slowly makes his way to his tent, “And Edmund, try not to wonder off.” Both of them smile and Ed leaves to get some sleep.


Later five of you sat to have breakfast.

“Narnia isn’t going to run out of toast Ed.” Lucy teases him.

“I’m sure they’ll pack you some for journey back.” Peter says and everyone turns to look at him but you.

“We’re going home?” Susan asks.

“You are.” Peter says and comes to sit on his spot next to you.

“We promised mom that we’ll keep you three safe. But that doesn’t mean we can’t stay behind and help.” You explain to them and Peter nods.

“They need us.” Lucy says softly, “All five of us.”

“Lucy it’s too dangerous. You almost drowned, Edmund was almost killed.” Peter tries to reason them but you know your siblings well enough. They won’t back out, just like you won’t.

“Which is why we have to stay.” Edmund speaks up and you look at him, “I’ve seen what the White Witch can do..and I’ve helped her do it. We can’t leave this people behind to suffer for it.”

“I suppose that’s it then.” Susan says standing up.

“Where are you going?” Peter asks her and you look at her. She picks up her bow and arrows and grins.

“To get in some practice.”


While Susan and Lucy practice shooting, you, Peter and Edmund practice with swords. You ride on horses and you stop first.

“Come on Ed, sword hand up like Oreius showed us.” You say and show it to him once again. As you show him how to fight Mr. Beaver comes running up.

“Y/N! Peter! Edmund!” As he said that Edmund’s horse rears.

“Whoa horsey!” Ed says.

“My name is Philip.” The horse says annoyed and you grin.

“Oh, sorry.” The black haired boy retorts back.

“The Witch has demanded a meeting with Aslan.” Beaver says and a smile falls from your face immediately, “She’s on her way here.”


Five of you quickly run to the Aslan’s tent and you stop in the front and see Jadis on her bed-thingy as Cyclops carry her. She hops down and looks at Edmund. After she made a few steps forward she looked at Aslan.

“You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan.” She says and everyone gasps.

“His offence was not against you.” Alsan replies.

“Have you forgotten the laws upon which Narnia was built?” Jadis asks him.

“Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch. I was there when it was written.” Aslan says back angrily.

“Then you remember well that every traitor belongs to me. His blood is my property.” White Witch says and you take out your sword.

“Try and take him then.” You step up defensively.

“Do you really think that pure force could deny me my right, little queen?” She asks calmly, turning back to Aslan. You put down your sword.

“Aslan knows that if I do not have blood as the law demands, all of Narnia will be overturned, and perish, in fire and water. That boy will die on the Stone is tradition.” She points at Edmund and you look down at him. He looks so scared, just like you and the other siblings does, “You dare not refuse me.” She turns back to Aslan.

“Enough. I shall talk with you alone.” He says and comes into his tent, White Witch following him.

After time passed the Witch finally exits tent.

“She has denounced her claim on Son of Adam’s blood.” Aslan published and Narnians cheered. You turn to hug Edmund tightly.

“How will I know your promise will be kept?” Jadis asks. Aslan roars and White Witch falls into her seat and the Narnians laugh. The White Witch leaves. Aslan sighs and walks into his tent.


Later you sat at the rock thinking, when Susan came and sat next to you.

“Are you alright?” She asks you and you smile.

“Yeah. I just needed some space to think.” You answer her and she nods understanding. After some think of sitting there in silence you spoke again, “Listen, I’m sorry about all the fights and everything bad I told you. I was just under a lot of stress, I needed to keep you all safe and to protect you, and I was really worried about Edmund, I never meant to yell at you..but I guess I did.”

“It’s alright. I was annoying, all you wanted was to keep us safe and I should have known that, I’m sorry too.” She says and you smile.

“I kind of miss us hanging out. I feel like we drifted apart.” You say sadly and she nods.

“Yeah me too. When Lucy and Edmund and even Peter tells me what they have been doing with you I can’t help but wish for old times to come back, when we were messing around.” She says and you look at her.

“Then let’s get these old times back, shall we?” You ask and she smiles.

“We shall.” She replies and you two hug.


That night a message came to you in your tent, you look around and see that Susan and Lucy are gone. After you heard the message you quickly get out of your tent, at the same time as Peter and Edmund comes out of theirs.

“She’s right. He’s gone.” You say coming out of Aslan’s tent, leaning on the table. Peter following you out.

“Then you two will have to lead us.” Edmund says and you look up at him, “There’s a whole army out there, and it’s ready to follow you.”

“We can’t.” Peter says, speaking in yours and his name.

“Aslan believed you could, both of you.” Ed retorts encouraging you, “And so do I.” He says softly and you feel like someone pressed a switch in you, like that’s all you needed to hear. You look at Peter and nod.

“The Witches army is nearing. What are your orders?” Oreius asks you. You and Peter look at the map in front of you and come up with a battle strategy as fast as possible.


You are on your horse, in front of everyone, next to Peter, Oreius on his left. You look up at Edmund over your shoulder and see him standing there in his armor, identical to yours, Mr. Beaver next to him. You look in front of yourself just when the Gryphon landed next to you, on your right.

“They come, your highness, in numbers and weapons far greater than our owns.” Gryphon informs you.

“Numbers do not win a battle.” Oreius says.

“No..but I bet they help.” You mutter. The Minotaur shows up and roars, and then your breath hitch in your throat when you see all the dwarfs, giants, bears, minotaurs, tigers…and her. The White Witch herself. But you stand there brave, not backing out of this. You put your sword out, Peter following your lead.

Her army charges and after a minute Peter gives a sign for gryphons to attack. They drop the stones on your enemies.

“Are you with us?” Peter asks Orieus and he looks at him.

“To the death.” He answers solemnly.

“For Narnia, and for Aslan!” You yell with all your power and charge into the battle.


You cut another minotaur when you see Jadis charging on her carriage. You make eye contact and then a fire catches on the ground. Narnians thought that that will stop them, but it didn’t. White Witch passed right trough it.

“Fall back! Draw them to the rocks!” You and Peter yell together and ride back. 

Arrows are flying everywhere and suddenly Peter falls from horse in front of you.

“Peter!” You yell jumping down from your own horse. 

“No Y/N!” Peter yells but I run to him and help him up. Then Oreius and rhino charge past you, “Stop!” But they don’t. You stand next to Peter and watch as Witch ducks attack, parries blades, spins her wand and turns Oreius to stone.

“Edmund! It’s to many! Get out of here..” You want to finish but minotaur charges at you. 

“Y/N!” Ed yells.

“Go!” You shout back and block a strike. 

“Get the girls and go home!” Peter shouts at him and Beaver pulls him away, while you still fight a minotaur who’s much bigger than you. What you didn’t notice is Edmund running back with an intention to fight the White Witch. 

You dodge his blade and then a blue light catches everyone’s attention. You look to your left and see Edmund breaking Jadis’ wand. Next thing you see is her stabbing it in his stomach.

“Edmund!” You yell and want to run there but your own pain cuts you off. A minotaur cutted your left arm deeply so now you’re bleeding. You turn your attention back to him. Your new rage gave you strength to kill him, even with your injury. You turned back to see Peter falling on the ground, as he fights the witch. You quickly run towards them and stand in front of Peter defensively. He stands up and both of you fight her until you heard a familiar roar.

“Impossible.” Jadis whispers and you see more Narnians on the hill, including Susan and Lucy. You start to fight the witch again after she attacked you and Peter. You feel your left arm being weaker in every second but you must be strong. Then you get pushed down by a dwarf and you look at him.

“You have got to be kidding me.” You say and with one swift motion kill him. The Witch stabs her sword in Peter’s arm after he fell down and just as you were about to attack her again, Aslan pins her down and kills her. Everything disappears. You pull the sword out of Peter’s arm and help him up.

“You’re bleeding.” He says looking at you left arm, which is bleeding quite a lot.

“I’m fine.” You retort, having much bigger worries. You look at Aslan.

“It is finished.” The lion says.

“Peter! Y/N!” Lucy says happily hugging you both. You wince in pain as she touches your arm.

“Where’s Edmund?” Susan asks and your eyes widen. You run to him quickly. Susan shots an arrow at dwarf who was nearing Ed with a intention to finish him and you kneel next to your younger brother. Susan takes his helmet off and Lucy pulls out her cordial and places one drop on Edmund’s lips. He stops moving momentarily before opening his eyes. You sigh in relief, thanking God that he’s alive. You pull him up quickly, hugging him tightly. Tears starts to spill from your eyes, you would never forgive yourself if he died. After you pulled away Peter hugged him too.

“Lu, can I get one drop of that, my arm is killing me.” You say and she gasps.

“Y/N why didn’t you said earlier, you’re bleeding badly.” Susan says as you drink one drop of Lucy’s juice.

“Ed was way more important.” You say softly and he smiles. You share a tight family hug, being more than happy that everyone is alive.


You walk in between Peter and Aslan to five thrones. Edmund’s throne being on the far left, than Peter’s, yours, Susan’s and Lucy’s on the far right. Each of you stand in front of your throne and turn around to face the audience.

“To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant.” Mr. Tumnus puts a silver crown on Lucy’s head, “To the great western woods, King Edmund the Just.” Tumnus puts his silver crown on his head, “To the radiant southern sun, Queen Susan the Gentle.” She gets a golden crown, with flowers, just like Lucy, “To the clear northern skies, King Peter the Magnificent.” Peter also gets a golden crown, “And to the central unbreakable part of Narnia, I give you Queen Y/N the Fearless.” Mr. Tumnus puts a golden crown on your head, which is a bit bigger than Susan’s and Lucy’s. Five of you sit on your thrones and Aslan turns to all of you, “Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a king or queen.”

“Long live King Peter! Long live King Edmund! Long live Queen Y/N! Long live Queen Susan! Long live Queen Lucy!” Everyone chants and you smile, almost not believing this is actually happening.


Years later you ride on your horses through the woods, chasing the white stag when Edmund slows down.

“Come on, Ed.” Susan says as you came back to him.

“Just catching my breath.” He replies.

“What did he say, Susan?” Lucy asks her.

“You girls stay at the castle, I’ll go get the stag myself.” She mocks him and you all laugh.

“What’s this?” Peter asks getting off his horse, four of you following him.

“It seems familiar.” You say looking at the lamp with the others.

“It seems like a dream.” Susan says.

“Or a dream of a dream.” Lucy adds, “Spare Oom.” She suddenly says and you look at her confused. Then she runs to the right and trough some branches.

“Lucy.” You call for her, following her.

“Come on.” You push your way trough some coats, which is very confusing.

“You’re on my foot, stop pushing, I’m not on your foot.” Is heard as five of you are pushing each other. Then the wardrobe door flies open and all five of you fall on the floor, being young again. The door to the room opens and the professor comes in with the ball.

“There you are. What were you all doing in the wardrobe?” He asks you and you share a glance with everyone.

“You wouldn’t believe us if we told you, sir.” Peter answers and professor throws him the ball. You look at it remembering everything from this world. The professor says with a twinkle in his eyes..

“Try me.”

You hoped that one day, you’ll get back in Narnia. And you will..


Keep you Safe//An Edmund Pevensie Imagine

Anon said:  Hi! I love your edmund imagines so much! If it’s not too much trouble could you please do one where you’re like caspian younger sister and he doesn’t want you to be with edmund but your are anyway and you guys like sneak around and lots of fluff. Thank you!

Okay so the first time I tried to write it,  my laptop crashed and I lost it. Round 2


You sat on a ledge outside the How with your legs dangling over the side, humming a Narnian lubllay that Cornelius had taught you. “Hey,” Edmund said, sitting next to you and lacing his fingers through yours.

“Hi. How goes the battle planning?’

He groaned. "Peter and Caspian are arguing about everything and Caspian won’t listen to a word I say.”

He continued to complain, mostly about his brother. At one point, he said Peter was something along the lines of “a drama queen and nothing is ever dramatic enough for him.”

You laughed. You liked being with him. “Ed!” you heard Peter yell, followed by Caspian yelling for you. You both groaned and stood up, walking back inside. Edmund kissed you quickly on the cheek and then ran off to find his brother. You watched him go, jumping when someone behind you cleared their throat. 

You turned to see Caspian with an angry look on his face.

“What do you want Cas?” you asked, somehow knowing what was coming. 

“I don’t like you being with him. I don’t trust him. I don’t want you alone with him.”

You rolled your eyes. “I don’t get what your problem with him is.”

“Are you forgetting that he betrayed his family? For sweets?”

“Cas, that was hundreds of years ago! He’s changed. I know he has, otherwise Aslan wouldn’t have made him a king.”

“You’re forgetting that it was only a year for them. People don’t change in a year.”

“And you, dear brother, are forgetting all the years that they were in Narnia before they disappeared.”

Caspian scoffed. “I don’t care. I don’t trust him.”

“Well I do.” And with that, you shoved past your brother and stormed off to the armory. You needed your dagger to be sharpened and armor that actually fit.

You browsed the racks, looking for a new scabbard when you heard Edmund say “you’re muttering again.”

You turned to see him standing there smiling. He noticed the look on your face and the smile changed to a look of concern. “What’s wrong?”

You sighed. “Caspian. He doesn’t like us together. He doesn’t trust you.”

“Because of the White Witch.” It wasn’t a question.

You nodded and buried you face in his chest. “I trust you, if that counts for anything.”

He tilted your chin up and kissed you gently. “It counts for everything.”

Later that night, you couldn’t sleep, so you went for a walk in the woods, singing the same lullaby.

“You have a lovely voice,” you heard someone say. You drew your dagger and whipped around to see a Telamarine soldier. A shaft of moonlight passed through the trees, hitting your face. “Oh, the princess! Well, that’s going to make this so much more fun.” His voice grated against your spine. He came at you and pinned you against a tree, knocking the knife out of your hand. 

“Help!” you screamed. He shut you up by smashing his lips against yours. You bit down hard on his lip, drawing blood and causing him to pull away. 

“You bitch,” he snarled as you frantically tried to find your blade. He came at you again. 

“Edmund! you screamed, even though you knew that no one could hear you. No one was coming for you. Which is why you were surprised when someone pulled the guard off of you and ran him through. Edmund. He knelt down and hugged you to his chest and you cried against his shoulder.

"It’s okay. Sh, it’s okay, I’m here.”

You sat like that for who knows how long until you manage to stop crying. “Let’s go back, yeah?”

You sniffed and nodded. He picked you up and carried you back to the How where you could hear Caspian yelling. “Where is my sister?!” he roared as Edmund walked in with you in his arms.

“You!” he snarled. “What did you do to her? I told her she couldn’t trust you, but she didn’t listen to me! I told her and now look what happened!" 

"Caspian!” Peter snapped, but Caspian was too angry.

Edmund, Aslan bless him, didn’t shout back, he just stood there and let Caspian yell at him. “Cas, enough!” you shouted. Edmund put you down and you stormed up to your brother. “I was attacked by a Telmarine, not Edmund. He saved me! You need to stop yelling at him!”

Caspian looked at Edmund suspiciously. 

“It’s true,” he said quietly. “I would never hurt her. I love her too much. I could never hurt her.”

Caspian raised an eyebrow and you gave him an I told you so look. Your brother cleared his throat, clearly embarrassed. “I apologize. I should have listened to my sister and trusted you. Thank you for saving her.”

Edmund nodded. “Thank you.”

You tugged on his hand and the two of you walked back to your room. You got under the covers. Edmund was about to leave, but you didn’t want him to.

“Will you stay?” you asked. He nodded.

“Of course.”

He got in the bed next to you and put an arm around you, pulling you close to his chest. You snuggled into his chest, feeling comforted by his presence and the warmth of his body. 

“Hey Ed?”


“I love you too.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up in a half smile. “Goodnight (Y/N),” he said, kissing your temple.

“‘Night Edmund.”

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I Told You I Was Mean // Calum Hood

Request; Yes
Summary; Fame begins to change Calum and he cheats on his fiancé, (Y/N). 


Once again you found yourself sleeping alone. It’s been 2 weeks since the boys got back from their tour and you were happy to finally have your Calum in your arms. Life had other plans for the two of you… well Calum did.

These past 2 weeks had been like torture for you, consisting of heated arguments and lonely nights. Calum had been coming home late completely wasted and rumors were beginning to spread that he wasn’t happy with his girlfriend, now fiancé, of 4 years and sneaking around having threesomes with random groupies. There were also rumors going around that he was getting involved with bad influences in the industry and falling into substance abuse, which to your dismay, weren’t rumors. He was acting out and he made it practically impossible to approach him,  he doesn’t open up to you anymore. All these rumors that were surfacing, you didn’t want to hear them. They weren’t true. You were a happy fiancé that was going to get married in a couple months to a wonderful boyfriend and have tons of babies maybe even have 2 dogs and you’ll two will move live in the suburbs to raise your family. At first you didn’t want to believe it…

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My Prince - Edmund Imagine

Fandom: Narnia

Pairing: Edmund x Reader

~(Y/N)´s pov~

I watch Edmund as he talks with his brother. He laughs and I can´t help but smile myself. He has beautiful black hair, eyes that sparkle when he´s happy, gorgeous smile…he´s really handsome. But his looks are not the only thing I fell for. He´s brave, really good fighter, caring, protective and many more. He is my definition of a perfect guy. 

He turns his head and his eyes find mine. I smile softly and he smiles back and I try not to blush because he caught me looking at him. I feel presence next to me and I turn my head to see Susan standing on my right with a smile.

“Why are you smiling?” I ask her and her smile just grows into a grin. I met Pevensies when they first came to Narnia. I was a kid who was raised to welcome the four kings and queens of old and show them where they belong. I am Edmund´s age, and I always had a crush on him. I was really sad when he left but I knew that he´s gonna come back. And he did. More handsome than ever. I´m still the same age as him because I´m growing older just like them, it doesn´t matter that I live in Narnia. When they left I was in charge of Narnia, but Aslan left and so many Narnians lost hope in me and my powers to keep Narnia safe. Telmarines came and destroyed everything, and I couldn´t stop them…many of them abandoned me and I couldn´t do anything. Then Caspian called my old friends and now we are all fighting for Narnia.

“Why are you smiling?” I repeat and she finally looks at me.

“It´s so obvious that you and Edmund like each other.” Susan says and my eyes widen.

“What the..what in the name of Aslan are you talking about?” I defend and she rolls her eyes.

“Don´t play innocent. Everyone can see it.” She says and I cross my arms over my chest, looking in front of me, away from her eyes that would make me nervous.

“I do not like Edmund.” I grumble and she sighs.

“Just tell him.” She says and leaves. I look at Edmund again but decide to go for a walk. Wouldn´t be too good if he catches me staring at him again.


“Just tell him. Just tell him. Yes that´s so easy to tell.” I talk to myself as I walk around the woods. I can´t just tell him!

“Tell who what?” I hear a voice behind me and I turn around to see grinning Edmund walking towards me.

“Nothing. Susan and I were talking something and she thought it was a good idea to tell…” I stop myself before I tell him too much, “Someone something.” I finish and he raise his eyebrow suspiciously.

“Okay, I won´t ask.” He says grinning and I smile back.

“You really shouldn´t.” I reply.

“Anyways, I noticed that something was bothering you lately. You were spending much more time alone, looking at the stars at night, or standing on the hill. What´s wrong?” He asks me and I look at him shocked. I never knew that he payed attention to me and that he noticed me standing alone.

“It´s nothing really, I just like to think when I´m alone.” I answer him and he comes closer to me.

“I can see it´s not just that. Y/N is everything alright?” He asks concerned and I smile softly.

“I´m fine Ed. Really.” I try to assure him but I see he´s not buying it.

“Y/N I know you. I know that under that fake smile a frown is hiding, I know that something is wrong. You are not that happy as you used to be, you are not that smiley little girl you used to be.” He says and I look down sadly.

“I grew up, Edmund.” I say and he shakes his head.

“That´s not it. You were happy and smiley the first three days when we came back. Yes you grew up, but with that you become braver, stronger, better fighter, more beautiful and wiser, but not less happy. Tell me what´s wrong, please.” He says and I feel tears welling up in my eyes. I can´t hold it in anymore.

“I feel like a failure Edmund. Everyone abandoned me when I needed them the most. They lost hope in me and they don´t trust me. They think I can´t save Narnia and that it´s my fault that Telmarines destroyed everything. But I couldn´t do anything! I fought till my last breath, I fought until they caught me. They tortured me for days until I finally escaped. I sacrificed everything I have! And for what? For everyone telling me that I can´t do anything and that I can´t protect Narnia!?” I let everything out. Edmund hugs me tightly and I cry in his shoulder.

“You are not a failure, I don´t want to hear you say that ever again, understand? You are more than capable of protecting Narnia, you are one of the bravest and strongest humans I have ever met. And why didn´t you tell me that they tortured you? I´m going to kill each and every one of them for touching you.” We pull away from each other and we look into each others eyes. I stopped crying and Edmund wipes away my tears.

“I didn´t told you because I thought that you would get mad.” I say.

“Of course I´m mad. No one touches my girl!” He says sternly and I look at him surprised. When he realized what he said, his eyes widen and he´s lost for words. Just as I was about to say something I feel a sharp pain in my right shoulder. I scream and fall into Edmund´s arms. He catches me quickly and I look behind myself to see a Telmarine running away.

“I´ll kill him.” Edmund says taking his sword out and I stand upright again. He looks at me concerned but I know that he wants to track that bastard down.

“Go.” I say weakly but he looks unsure, “Go.” I repeat a little bit louder and he runs after the man. I take the arrow out with my left hand, screaming at the end again. The pain is almost unbearable but I must be strong. Not one arrow hurted me this much, this one must contain poison. Edmund. I must help Edmund. I run in the same direction they left. I feel like my strength is leaving my body with every step I take. After a few minutes of running I hear a noise of clashing swords. Slowly I´m getting dizzy so I stop running. I look in front of myself to see Edmund and a Telmarine fighting and I take a dagger out of my boot. With a little power that is left in me I throw that dagger right through the Telmarines chest. He falls dead on the ground while Edmund looks at me surprised. In that moment I collapse on the ground. The last thing I heard before everything went black is Edmund´s voice calling my name.

~Edmund´s pov~

I run after the Telmarine who shoot Y/N and I finally catch up to him. I clash my sword with his and I try my best to beat him. He´s going to pay for shooting my girl. Suddenly a dagger hit him right in the chest and he falls dead. I look to my left quickly to see Y/N standing there exhausted, then she falls on the ground. 

“Y/N!” I yell, quickly running towards her. I kneel next to her and pick her head up and put it on my legs, “Y/N? Y/N, please say something.” Nothing. I pick her up and run back as quickly as possible with her in my arms. She can´t die. Not now. I didn´t even told her I love her.

~(Y/N)´s pov~

I open my eyes slowly and look around myself. I´m in my room. How did I get here? What happened? Then it hit me, Edmund, Telmarine, arrow. I sit up quickly but then I hear the door opening. Edmund walks in with a peace of wet cloth.

“Ed?” I say weakly and he looks at me.

“Y/N.” He whispers and comes to my bed, “How are you feeling?”

“I…I don´t know. Good, I guess.” I reply and he pushes me back down on the bed.

“You need to lie down.” He puts that wet cloth on my forehead and I look him in the eyes. I see something in them that I have never seen before. Worry, fear, concern, love? All in one.

“What happened?” I ask.

“After that Telmarine shoot you I run after him. You pulled the arrow out of your shoulder and came after us, you killed him with a dagger and fell unconscious after that. I brought you here as fast as possible, and it turned out I did it right in time. That arrow was poisoned, you could´ve died.” He tells me everything looking down.

“Ed.” I whisper and he finally looks at me. I see tears in his eyes and I feel like crying too, “Thank you.” 

“Please don´t thank me. I would do anything for you. You weren´t supposed to take that shoot. I was. I´m so sorry Y/N.” He says, a few tears escaping his eyes. I stare at him shocked..lost for words. I can´t believe that he´s blaming himself. Since I can´t find any words I sit up and kiss him, the cloth falling from my forehead. He seems to be shocked but after he realized what is going on he kissed me back. He put his right hand on my cheek while I put mine on his chest. I pull away and look him in the eyes again.

“I can´t believe you are blaming yourself. It is most definitely not your fault Ed. You saved me, I owe you.” I say and he leans his forehead on mine.

“I love you. I love you so much and the thought of loosing you is killing me. I don´t know what I would do without you. I would be lost Y/N. And you have no idea how happy I am that you survived, you are so strong and you amaze me every single day. You are my everything. My star, my sun, my moon, my princess. My love.” He says sweetly and I feel my heart melting. I wanted to hear these words for so long..but I never thought I actually would. The feeling is indescribable.

“I love you too Ed. So much.” I say back and we kiss again.

“I wanted to tell you for so long. I wanted to kiss you and hold you but I was so scared that you wouldn´t feel the same way. Please say you´ll be mine.” He says after we pulled away.

“Of course I´ll be yours. I wanted for so long.” I reply happily and we hug tightly. We lay in my bed together and I fell asleep in his arms, knowing that I´ll be alright. As long as I´m with my prince, everything will be alright.