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please dont message me about politics, the news, discourse, etc. i just dont want to deal with it. i have anxiety. i dont want to hear about all the shitty things happening in the world. if you need to vent to somebody, or need support or advice, ill gladly be here for that, but otherwise please just dont message me about it. i dont want to hear about it. this blog is a coping mechanism for my anxiety. its my safe space. please keep that stuff out of my safe space. thanks

Another Phone Call
  • Molly: *rolls over in bed to grab and answer her ringing mobile* Hello? This is Dr. Molly Hooper.
  • Sherlock: Molly, it's me. I'm using a different phone.
  • Molly: *sighs heavily* Right, what now?
  • Sherlock: I just need you to do something very easy for me.
  • Molly: *clenches her jaw* Are you trying to be funny, Sherlock? When you said that earlier today there was nothing easy about it.
  • Sherlock: Yes, but now I mean it. Because all I need you to do now is listen. Can you do that?
  • Molly: Well...yes.
  • Sherlock: Good. *exhales* You count to me, Molly, so very much. And I trust you. I trust you with my work, with my secrets, and with my very life. You matter more than most of the other people that inhabit this entire planet. You are unique, intelligent, brave, and puzzling to me in the best sort of way. And you're beautiful; so very beautiful in every way a person can be. And...I love you, Molly...I love you.
  • Molly: *speechless*
  • Sherlock: Molly?
  • Molly: Y-yes I'm here.
  • Sherlock: Good.
  • Molly: *her voice unsteady* And...was that it?
  • Sherlock: Yes, that was all I needed you to do.
  • Molly: *softly* Ok.
  • Sherlock: Well...goodnight, Molly.
  • Molly: Wait! Sherlock, can you do something for me now?
  • Sherlock: Anything.
  • Molly: *pauses* Come to my flat please.
  • Sherlock: ...right now?
  • Molly: Yes, now please. Because...I'm not saying it over the phone this time.

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Honestly you seem like one of the more positive users I've seen talking about this new season, and thank you for that? Because I feel like tumblr sometimes forgets that this is a show aimed at kids and not everything needs to be nitpicky and yelling at the creators for underdevelopment and such crap. Thank you for being positive and polite to everyone about the season. It was nice to get a breather from my cynical dash.

Oh wow thank you!! I just try to see most things from a positive point of view, it’s how I get through life basically. It’s easier to nitpick and be angry, so working on being positive is quite the challenge sometimes, especially when it’s more or less a trend to find everything problematic with everything on tumblr. It just sucks out all the fun .. But I’m glad I can bring some joy to your dash (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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I really admire the strength of your convictions and the passion you have for equality for all, and I was curious about your experiences with unlearning ingrained biases and how you have found the difficulties of changing world views that have been taught to us from birth? It has been a struggle for me at times, especially in overcoming privileges I had never had to think about or challenge before, but I was hoping for another's insight? if you don't mind

Honestly, it’s more simple than it seems. It requires you to just close your mouth and listen. When you make statements, you need to take the extra step and think about other communities. Does this sign I’m making generalize and exclude certain groups of women? After awhile, it starts to become a habit and you can just stare at something and say “That’s not intersectional” as an instinct. 

Most people have some type of privilege, and it is important to recognize them and realize you have zero credible opinion on an issue that does not involve you. Cut the tone policing, accept the criticism with your head high, and grow a thick skin when someone takes offense to your ignorance and calls you out harshly because their aggression comes from pain. 

name it

Noorhelm Appreciation Week
Day Seven: Free Day 

Noorhelm + Hogwarts AU

(Inspired by: you know, i was joking when i suggested you jump into the lake and see if there really is a giant squid, and i’m still not sure why you needed to take your clothes off to do this)

“Just tell me what I have to do.”

Noora had already turned to walk back to the castle when William’s voice filled the grounds’ mid-afternoon hush. In theory, studying by the lake on one of Hogwarts’ rare sunny afternoons had sounded relaxing. Pretty. Warm. A welcome break from the perpetual Scottish drizzle.

In practice, it left her far more open to the dubious advances of Slytherin’s most arrogant seventh year—which, given the house’s reputation, was something of a feat—than the Gryffindor common room would have. Especially since Jonas and Isak had stolen Eva’s company for the day.

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“It’s not obvious what these protestors are protesting with these women marches”

I really hate to say this but…

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

Seriously? We are protesting the fact that the electoral college elected a person who didn’t win by the popular vote. We are protesting the fact that a man who openly encouraged violence at his own rallies was elected by no longer needed system. We are protesting the fact that a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women was elected by no longer needed system.

The electoral college was made in a time when information could not travel quickly across America. Now, with the digital era, we have access to just about any kind of information we want to know about potential candidates for being president. Even if you don’t have an electronic device, you can still go to the library and look information up. Most Americans have some sort of internet connection and/or a TV to turn on and listen to the different news channels discuss the potential candidates. Hell, go to any college campus or social gathering and I can bet you money, someone, somewhere, is going to be discussing the politics of this country. 

I Just Wanted a Nice Night..

At my friend’s house so we can plan and get our trip and everything ready to see David Tennant perform in Don Juan this April in London which I have worked my ass off in order to do so, and I still am because he is worth everything to me. Because I do love him more than anyone could ever imagine to know. And this one stupid troll of an asswipe anon had to ruin it, but whatever I don’t care anymore. I just know that no matter what in the end I will come out on top because they are just jealous and rather see me miserable than happy because, “How dare I see David Tennant again or go to another country when I can’t afford other things right now. How dare I complain about money or ask for help from time to time because most of my money goes towards helping my grandparents who I live with in order to help them out when needed. How dare I post personal posts when I need to rant and use my David Tennant gifs as forms of expressing my emotions at the time. How dare I be happy sometimes when I am supposed to be depressed. How dare I try to defend myself and what I love when someone is being rude or hateful towards me. How dare I post personal posts in the David Tennant tag because I am not allowed to use this blog of David Tennant as an extension of myself and a way to reach a majority of my followers who actually do care about me. And finally how dare I be a fucking human being on this site!” Anyway sorry for the long rant, but I feel like I need to remind people I am…

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Seriously some people are so fucking stupid! Why the fuck is everyone so sensitive?! You’re all just fucking looking for an excuse to feel offended or victimised by this movie when there are worse movies out there. I saw this movie and I loved it. In most movies this antagonist usually has some sort of mental illness so why the fuck were you guys never shitting on those movies?
For example, the fucking Joker. He clearly had some mental issues yet no one fucking cared. I didn’t watch that movie and say “yep I need to stay away from anyone who has that disorder.” I just sat down and watched a fucking movie.
It’s like some people are just sitting around and waiting for something to come up before immediately saying “this movie is offensive to blah blah blah” or shit like “this movie triggered me” Bitch shut the fuck up.
Why people are getting offended with this movie being “transphobic” or “offensive” whilst actual trans people have said nothing about this just pisses me off even more! If you are not transgender you do not get a say in what they find offensive or not! But I know that dumbass SJW are gonna fucking show up and tell me “you don’t know how it feels” or “you wouldn’t understand!” Which is true I am not transgender neither do i have DID but how many of you do? Most of these people bashing this movie aren’t transgender or don’t have DID so shut the fuck up, get of your high horse and jump in front of a train 😊

The power of love

Request: snowball fight with Ashton + “Don’t ask why” with Ashton
Summary: Ashton is a cheesy idiot who loves snow a bit too much


“It’s snowing,” Ashton says excitedly, never really able to hide the awe in his voice whenever he sees snow.

You smile at your boyfriend, and resist the urge to make fun of him. It’s not his fault that he spent most of his life in Australia, where white Christmas is a foreign concept.

“We need to go outside. Now.”

“I don’t wanna,” you pout, thinking of how cold it must be, when you could just stay inside huddled under the covers with a nice movie to watch.

“Y/N this is non-negotiable. It’s snowing.”

And so you let him drag you outside all eye-rolling and grumbling under your breath as you struggle to put on your winter boots.

Ashton’s excited laugh makes you grin, though, and you lift your face up to receive the snowflakes straight on. You hear someone dropping to the ground and see Ashton making an angel, his face delighted as he moves arms and legs.

“Oh my god you are such a child,” you chuckle and quick, grab your phone to take a couple of pictures.

You’re in the middle of snapping a particularly ridiculous one to Calum when something hits your back. You turn on your feet and Ashton’s half-sheepish, half-smug smile tells you everything you need to know.

“Oh, you’re on.”  

The next minutes are filled with you and Ashton’s sharp giggles as you struggle to create snowballs as quickly as possible while escaping the other’s hits. You’ve just finished making a large, beautiful one when sheer, piercing cold explodes in the back of your neck. You shriek, almost letting go of your snowball at the temperature shock.

“You,” you point at him, feral. “You’re dead.”

You set off after him as he yells in mock terror, but you manage to corner him against a wall. And you’ve never had much of an amazing aim, but this time, the ball hits him right in the face. Ashton gasps loudly, and you smile in dark satisfaction. Except you didn’t notice that he had one ready too, and a sharp pain blossoms in your arm at the hard impact.

“Ow, fuck!”

Your pained cry stops Ashton’s laugh short.

“Fuck, are you okay?”

“No! This hurts like a bitch,” you scowl.

“Shit I’m so sorry…I don’t know my own strength,” he adds with a grin, and you snort. “Give me your arm, I’ll make it feel better.”

Raising an eyebrow, you let him take hold of your arm, and look on in complete bewilderment as he blows softly on what’s going to become a hell of a bruise.

“What are you doing? That doesn’t help.”

“Yes it will. Just trust me.”

He starts massaging your arm softly.

“Ow! Ashton, what the hell?” You’re caught between annoyance and humor at his strange antics.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to work,” he says, kissing the bruise. “It’s the power of love!”

“That…literally makes no sense. I just need to get back inside and put some ice on it.”

“I think you got enough ice today, no?” Ashton grins, placing another kiss on your arm. “I need to do this three times. Don’t ask why.”


“Shhh, don’t jinx it.”

“That makes zero sense,” you insist.

But then his lips catch yours, finally shutting you up. And it’s only when you’re pressed against his warm body, his hair playing with your hair as he kisses you softly, that you realize your arm doesn’t hurt anymore.

Wrong Disc

“But how could she have made a DVD about this case?” Lestrade asked again as he followed John and Sherlock into John’s flat. “She’s been dead for nearly two years. Er, sorry, John,” he added, as if realizing how insensitive he sounded. “I just don’t understand it.”

John shrugged, ushering Donovan and Dimmock and a couple of other officers into his living room as well. He didn’t really understand it, either, but there it was: Mary had somehow found time to make dozens of DVDs for him and Sherlock before she died, and managed to arrange for them to be delivered just when they were most needed. He suspected Mrs. Hudson was the one who was responsible for that; a suspicious number of the discs seemed to have been accidentally mixed up with her post.

“My theory is that she spent most of her maternity leave making videos,” Sherlock said, shuffling through the pile of envelopes that held the DVDs in question. “I’m told watching a newborn 24/7 is deadly boring, and Mary never liked to be bored.”

Lestrade squinted at him. "You sure she wasn’t another secret Holmes sibling?”

“She was a bit short to be a Holmes,” Sherlock said, “but possibly nearly smart enough.” He grinned and John couldn’t keep a matching expression off his face as Sherlock slipped the DVD into the player and then sat next to him on the sofa. He rested a hand on John’s knee and John put his own hand on top of it, then settled back to watch the video, eager to get a new glimpse of Mary. He still missed her, though what he had with Sherlock was in many ways more satisfying, even if he did refuse to move back to Baker Street until Rosie was old enough to be trusted around its many chemical and other dangers.

“Hello, John.” On the television screen, Mary gave a wistful smile. “If you’re watching this it means I’m dead…” She paused and the smile gave way to a sigh. “And that you still haven’t figured out if you’re straight or bisexual.

Everyone in the room froze for a moment, until Sherlock’s smug voice cut into the shocked silence. "Oh, he’s watched this one already. Haven’t you, John?

John leapt over the coffee table to reach the telly. "Wrong disc! Sorry! Sorry!”

“Oi, wait!” Donovan shouted. “I want to hear what she has to say!”

John jabbed at the eject button hard enough to jostle the wooden stand the DVD player sat on—the telly itself wobbled but he steadied it with his other hand.

Sherlock was giggling just as hard as all of the Scotland Yarders. John killed the power to the DVD player and glared at him. "Did you put that disc in on purpose?”

“No.” Sherlock shook his head, eyes squeezed shut with the effort of trying to rein in his laughter. “But you have to admit it was funny.”

“Do you want Mary’s help on this case or not?”

Sherlock nodded, but he was still chuckling.

“Because I think I could find another disc to show everyone,” John said, picking up the stack of DVDs. “A special one that she sent just for you?”

Sherlock’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t.”

John tipped his head, taking advantage of the rare opportunity to look down at Sherlock. They held each other’s gaze for several moments before Sherlock looked away. “Mary’s advice has repeatedly proven to be extremely perceptive and extraordinarily helpful,” he said, apparently speaking to an indeterminate spot on the wall.

John turned back to the telly. “I’ll take that as an apology,” he said, and put the right disc in to play.

–I made an open collection on AO3 if anyone wants to add to it: Mary’s DVDs.

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do you think eric would like a girl who was the exact opposite of him?

No. He wouldn’t get along with her very well at all.

He needed someone that was like him in most ways, but someone that could also calm and soothe him when he got out of control. I don’t think some people understand just how exhausting it would be to be Eric’s girlfriend/wife.

The Heart Thief

Requested by:  @thosechocolatebrowneyes
Pairings: Arno Victor Dorian x Reader
Words: 3343
Warnings: Angst, smut (unprotected sex), fluff
A/N: Finally done writing this! Sorry to keep you waiting! 
I’m sorry for all the spelling/grammar mistakes… 
I hope you like it! <3

“What a disgusting place” you said to yourself, for who knows which time. You’ve been saying that to yourself for days. Days became years, and the years just convinced you that your parents doomed you not by deserting you, but by leaving you here. The kingdom of beggars, also, your home.

Veronique was like far from motherly, but at least she showed your mercy and kept a roof above your head when you most needed it. She, after all, was useful. She thought you to stay distant from everyone, keep your trust your instincts and far from the heart and desire of men.
She had a husband, though you merely knew his face. You’ve seen him twice. The second time was when he brought more “gifts” to Marquis De Sade, and then came back drunk and proceeded to torture Veronique.
After that, you’ve never seen his face again, because he was dead. He died by your hand, you were tired to see anyone mistreat your “mother”. She was endlessly mad at you, but helped you hide the body. Once time healed and blurred out the memories of that night, she thanked you.

But your life consisted of stealing, mostly. You just needed money and nobody wanted a beggar, especially not a woman beggar. They were thought of worthless whores, nothing less, nothing more.

You made peace with that. You were quite proud with your title, professional thief a lot of your “friends” called you and appreciated you because of it.
You were proud. But it all lasted ‘til you realized that you couldn’t steal the one thing that you loved wholeheartedly. The one thing that made you FEEL. Arno Dorian’s heart.

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Don't let the lack of feedback bother you, sweetie. I've got fics with 600 or more notes, but maybe only 30 reblogs, most of them without even a word in the tags or any kind of comment. It's the same on AO3. A thousand hits, 25 kudos. You are a fantastic writer (and you know I'm not just saying that). That's what you need to remember.

I TRY. I try so hard not to let it bother me. It takes me back to the lower follower count days when I had to keep writing FOR ME because that’s just how it is when you’re getting started.

Some people are vocal and some aren’t, but it’s really hard to GUESS if you totally missed the mark on a fic when there is no feedback. Just likes or reblogs without a word or tag.

That happening for pretty much two blurbs didn’t keep me from writing my Dean smut for your trope challenge. It’s coming at you later today. 😉😘

Love you, twin!


When I moved here in August 2012 and cats would just swarm to me everytime I stepped out on the balcony. :’)

I of course adopted Mina and her three kittens (they needed socialization before rehoming but it turns out I suck at this because I’m basically feral myself so they only ever warmed up to me), others were rehomed with good people, most of the ferals were TNR’ed… some of them disappeared before I could trap them, others disappeared after I released them. Two of them have been living on my balcony since that summer (I built them isolated shelters for the winter) and they will come running when I turn the doorknob, but I can’t touch them. There were also many more that are not pictured here.

Lance headcanon ( give the boy a hug )

This is mostly based off of when lance was talking about team voltron.

Lance Is insecure and as low self esteem, even when he calls himself ’ handsome best pilot ever ’ and when no one agrees with him he just dies inside. Of course lance won’t hesitate to throw himself in front of coran or shiro or even keith, its not just because he cares about them I think its also that he believes they are more important than himself.

When coran was in danger lance didn’t hesitate to shove him out of the way, and lance himself was probably thinking ’ the team needs coran or oh shit coran is in danger quick think ’.

Lance I believe is a person who was put through a lot of shit it could be because he washes his face and cares about his appearance, and has sad as it is most people would mistake him for gay. People would consider ’ lance the stereotypical gay ’ and he might of no, he would most likely be harassed for it. In this world he would be harassed for a false superstition.

Lance ( in all my headcanons ) is bi, and this may be the reason he has low self-esteem, another reason might be Iverson always reminding him he was not the first choice.

there have been so many marvel movies at this point that it’s all just a blur feature in my mind. i’ve literally read the fucking comics, but i could not actually tell you which infinity stones showed up in which movies and when. there was an after-credits scene with thanos at some point, but that was like 8 years ago, maybe, i just know he’s been sitting in that chair a real goddamn long time. bargain brand darkseid’s been living it up. most relatable dude of dudes. i couldn’t point out a singular scene from age of ultron, except that the robot villain had an attractive voice. are there thor movies, actually? when did that shit happen? i feel like i need a notebook to keep up: note to self, remember that antman existed, otherwise you’ll forget and clearly the dude is important, if he was in civil war, right

In the wake of the worldwide Women’s Marches yesterday, I just want to reiterate that, to me, being a feminist means supporting ALL women and not just those who are the most visible or most convenient. If you’re a woman of color, if you’re an immigrant or refugee, if you’re queer, if you’re trans, if you’re disabled, mentally ill, or any other kind of woman, please know that I support you. As someone who also suffers from mental illness, I may not be able to be physically present every time I should be, but I’ll continue to do my absolute best in listening to your concerns and in amplifying your voices when needed or asked to do so. And I’ll continue to use my place of privilege to support women in my community and across the world, in opposition to others who use their privilege to attempt to rob us of our humanity.

To my American ladies: Shit’s gonna be more than just rough for the next four years, but I hope at the end of it we’re all still standing and fighting, ready to grab our country back from his tiny, worthless hands. It’s the only thing getting me through this right now.

I know I tend not to post much besides my art and photography on this blog, but I hope everyone reading this keeps in mind that creativity doesn’t spring from a void - there are human beings behind all of it, and the things they think and feel inform their work just as much as the things that inspire them. If you’re a fan of my posts but not a fan of who I am, you’re welcome to unfollow me if it makes you feel better :)

5 things

@honestalgernon tagged me to list 5 things I like about myself. I almost decided not to do it which made me realize that might be a sign I should do it.

1. I’m a pretty good seamstress. I know my machines well and Im really learning how different fabrics come together and how different techniques help fit a piece to the body. I’ve been sewing full time for 3 years now and I think it shows in my work.

2. I like to be helpful and try to anticipate what others are going to need before they know they need it. I definitely do this best with my mom but I’m getting better with other people in my life.

Ummm…. Having a hard time coming up with more…

3. I try to give people benefit of the doubt. This shows most when I’m in traffic. Oh that person just cut me off and we are the only 2 people on the road at 1am? Maybe they are on their way to a booty call. This dude is tailgating me and I’m already going 10 over the speed limit? Maybe his wife is in the hospital. This chick just blasted thru a yellow light so I couldn’t turn? Maybe she needs to take a crap reeeaaaaallll bad.

4. I’m loving. I genuinely care about people in my life. And for the most part I think that comes across. Except when I’m stuck in my head and Im working on that.

5. I’ve never smoked or drank or done any drugs. I don’t judge you if you do, a lot of my friends do. (maybe a case could be made that I’m poisoning myself with food). But I don’t even want to risk addiction. And I like being in control of my mind and body at all times.

I’m supposed to tag some people. If I tag you and you don’t want to That’s 100% ok! And if I don’t tag you, do it anyways. It’s a good practice to give some self-love.

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My Definitive Ranking of Every Sherlock Episode Ever

1. (Tie) The Reichanbach Fall ~ The Final Problem

I didn’t realize this until I made this list, but I could not pick between these two. I’m sure I don’t need to explain my love for TRF–it’s iconic. But to me it’s now forever inextricably linked with TFP, because both are about Sherlock at the apex of a conflict. In TRF, he tries to solve everything with his mind. In TFP, he realizes just how much he needs his heart. They’re both fantastic episodes, with Moriarty pulling strings and so much at stake. And yes, the beautiful Sherlolly development in each also helps.

2. The Great Game

All of Sherlock is amazing. TGG is when it reached legendary status. I mean, this episode just builds and builds and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final pool scene, which is one of the most amazing villain introductions ever. Scratch that, the most amazing villain introduction ever. There’s twists and turns and insight into who Sherlock is when he’s still so very guarded. 

3. The Sign of Three

Surprisingly, it took me a little while to warm to this–just because initially I think the mystery plot didn’t draw me as much. But this episode is really gold. It’s incredibly comedic, it’s incredibly touching, and it has so many wonderful Sherlock-John-Mary moments. It’s Sherlock at a wedding. It will go down in history.

4. The Lying Detective

A lot of people complained about The Six Thatchers, but not only does that get a much worse rap than it deserves (more below), but you need to watch it with TLD. TLD is one of the most heartwrenching Sherlock episodes to date; the dual layers of Sherlock going “to hell” to save John, and also, I fully believe, wallowing in his own guilty in a tragically self-destructive manner…and then that amazing scene between Sherlock and John, where they are reconciled and it’s probably the most beautiful scene of their friendship ever. 


5. Scandal in Belgravia

A lot of my friends aren’t fond of this one but I LOVE IT. Like, it’s one of the Sherlock episodes I could watch any time, in any mood. (Aren’t they all, though.) Irene Adler’s dynamic with Sherlock is fascinating, culminating in the final scene of him cracking the phone code, which is just one of the most perfect scenes in any episode of Sherlock (or television) EVER. Also, this has the Christmas party in it and some really fantastic Sherlock and Mycroft moments. 

6. A Study in Pink

I hope it’s not offensive to have the first, beloved episode towards the middle of the list. For me, this isn’t a list of best to worst, it’s a list of episodes that were excellent reaching to those that were sublime. ASIP is wonderful for all that it establishes…characters, dynamics, famous lines. I mean, the moment I fell in love (well, it was pretty immediate), but “Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street”–are you kidding me? I was SOLD. 

The only reason it’s towards the middle is that I really hate the cabby and have never been amazingly impressed with his “criminal mastermind plan.”

7. His Last Vow

Magnussen is so disgusting that it’s hard to enjoy parts of this episode. I can barely stand to watch the face-flicking scene. *shudders*. That said, I LOVE the twist with Mary…it had my jaw actually dropped. And everything that comes afterwards? The introduction of Redbeard? MY HEART.

8. The Empty Hearse

It’s hard to follow up the glorious tragedy of TRF with an episode, so this one took a much lighter tone in general. I love the introduction of Mary, Sherlock’s return, Sherlock and Molly sleuthing together, the motorcycle rescue of John, so many details…it’s tremendous fun but it doesn’t necessarily ascend to the emotional heights that would put it in my top five.

9. The Six Thatchers

This episode gets an undeserved bad rap. It’s full of sweet moments throughout, as well as some very difficult one’s….John’s struggle, Mary’s death.

I disliked AJ, and it crams a lot into the hour and a half, but it’s still quite remarkable.

10. The Blind Banker

This is one of the episodes where I don’t care too much about the crime plot at all (and it’s kind of creepy in parts), but I love Sherlock’s and John’s interactions. It’s Sherlock at his most mechanical and entertaining, very vintage Season 1. Even though it isn’t necessarily one of the “greats”, it’s still great fun.

11. The Hounds of Baskerville

It pains me to rank this so low, because it has some of the best Sherlock-being-obnoxious and John and Sherlock bonding ever. (“I don’t have friends. I’ve just got one.”) That said, it’s creepy, the setting isn’t my favorite, and Henry Knight drives me up. a. wall.

12. The Abominable Bride

Apparently any episode that creeps me out (with the exception of TFP, which was the most terrifying of all but in an AMAZING way) falls lower on the list. This episode is some really canon-indulgent fun, what with the trip back in time. But at the end of the day, it turns out I like my Holmes and Watson in the 21st century. My favorite moments in this episode (aside from Moriarty ;)) are actually the ones in present day, on the plane, with Sherlock and Mycroft’s heart-wrenching interactions.

Honorable Mention: Many Happy Returns

It’s not long enough to include in the ranking, but I FREAKING LOVE IT.

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Louis and Briana are single parent goals

Ah, Louis and Briana’s co-parenting warms my heart just lately, anon.

I’m sure they’ve had their moments in the past year establishing what works, what they are comfortable with, what’s best for Freddie. But B bringing Freddie to the UK to be with Louis and his family when Louis might most have needed cuddles with his little lad, but wasn’t able to travel, that warmed my heart. And being together for Freddie on his birthday, and looking so happy, and comfortable and proud - that speaks volumes about how much they put Freddie first.

Much love to all 3 of them.