and just want to cuddle

Being Queer With a Few of my Favorite Ladies

Angelica Schuyler:

  • Does not go to Pride
    • It’s too much and she just wants to stay home and cuddle
  • If anyone makes any type of homophobic remark, she will not hesitate to slap some sense into them
  • Laughs when people say that you two are just friends
  • Isn’t really big on pda
  • But will do it if someone is hitting on you

Eliza Schuyler:

  • Goes to Pride one year
    • She was too awkward and didn’t feel comfortable
    • But she always celebrates it with you and your friends
  • Makes rainbow/flag colored baked good
    • The two of you end up getting into the best frosting war ever
  • Always steals your lipstick

Peggy Schuyler:

  • Goes to Pride every year and goes all out
    • Face paint, glitter, flags, everything
  • Takes you literally everywhere to show that she is in fact gay
    • “Look at my girlfriend” “Oh I just love my girlfriend” “Let me get one thing straight: I am not”
    • Holds your hand all the freaking time
  • Flower Crown Gay™

Maria Reynolds:

  • Has never been to Pride
    • Really scared that someone is going to find out that she isn’t straight and is going to hurt her
      • You always tell her that you’ll be by her side no matter what
  • Still drops subtle hints that she isn’t straight but denies it every time she’s confronted
  • Wears your clothes all the time
    • Bonus points if you have forgotten who’s clothes are whose

Katherine Pulitzer:

  • Wears lipstick that matches her pride colors
    • She also does your eyeshadow to match yours
  • Takes you to every assignment she gets
    • “This is my girlfriend, (Y/N), she’ll be helping me today if that’s okay”
  • Joseph was so upset when he found out his daughter wasn’t straight
    • He eventually just gave up trying to understand and just ignored the fact that she has a girlfriend, even at your wedding

Hermione Granger:

  • A lot like Angelica
    • Has definitely slapped someone Ron who made a joke about the two of you
  • Cuddling in the common room!!!
  • Sleeping in her dorm almost every night
    • “Boys aren’t allowed in the girls’ dormitories”
    • The two of you just look at each other “okay”

Lily Evans:

  • Not dating until sixth year
    • James: “So that’s why she kept turning me down”
    • Lily: “I’m bi and still turned you down”
  • Being super casual about being together until someone brings it up
    • Then the two of you are all over each other
      • B/c you feel safe and just want to be happy
Not so sharp eyes, or?

Pairing: You x Moon Jongup

Genres: Fluff

Word Count: 

Sentence:  18 - “I think it’s adorable how easily you blush.”

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Sometimes even you didn’t understand your boyfriend. Either Jongup was an complete party animal, going out, drinking and dancing or just an cuddly bear that wants to watch Anime on his MacBook and eat his cereal. You certainly didn’t mind. You loved both sides and a change from time to time is nice. Today was the cuddle bear phase, but without movies. Jongup insisted, basically whined like a 5 year old, he just wands to cuddle and talk today.

“Do you at least want some snacks?”, you asked Jongup, head peaking out of the kitchen.

“If you want something, take something. I don’t want anything.”

You sighed knowingly. “You always say that and in the end you eat mine!”

“Then take two!”

After finally everything was settled, film ready to start, snacks between the two of you, you in Jongups arms, he started poking you.

“What?!”, you asked, in a matter of fact really annoyed.

“You have new eye makeup.”

“Yes…” At this point you were confused. Normally he didn’t notice such small things. Not because he didn’t love you or didn’t care, simply because he was squinting at everything and to lazy to put on glasses.

“It looks pretty. I like it.” He pressed a quick kiss on your cheek, before settling down in the pillows, pulling you with him and starting the movie. The first minutes in the movie you couldn’t concentrate, thought always wandering back to what he pointed out. Jongup also noticed this and paused the movie, smiling sweetly but confused at you.

“What’s wrong, jagiya?”

“Ehm, nothing. Just continue the movie.”

“Okay…why do you have makeup over your scar.” You looked downwards on your arm and the scar was covered indeed. You had a big costumer today in your company and your boss told you to cover it up, even when it was barely more than 2 centimeters.

“Ah, yes.”

“Also your hair looks different today. Have you done something with it today?”

You nodded, thinking he wouldn’t like it. 

“You think I don’t like it, right?”

You nodded again, baffled by what he noticed today. 

“I like it.” Too much is too much at one point. You started blushing and hid your face in his chest, him stroking your hair and smiling softly.

“I think it’s adorable how easily you blush.”

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I have a super big crush on you, you are just so cute and adorable and I want to cuddle you and make out with you and hold hands and shit. then beat you up like you want and fuck you till you can walk.

Please do! I want it! Need it! Crave it!

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The boys have been working so hard I just want them all to go home cuddle up in their beds and sleep till they are good and ready cus their schedule is insane

i know it’s awful :((

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My God you KNOW the teddy bear egos are a thing but only YOU know it and that's part of the problem Like with you sure! Cuddle hug whatever you want! Just don't tell the others cause they don't need to think I'm going soft In some cases "softer" and if it's just you and one of them it's like no boundaries just cuddle. But all together? No They don't need to see me being a softie XD it's just amusing to me tbh (side note ya got all them Halloween anons now Jenna got my winky ghost now pumpkin)~👻

(i am all for the Halloween anons~ If ya didn’t notice from my costume shots, I love me any time to dress up, Halloween is MY month of joy. Everyone else can keep Christmas and Easter.)

If anyone ever walked in on you and another ego cuddling, they’d immediately play exasperated. As if you’d practically BEGGED for these cuddles.