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when i started playing persona 5, i would stay up for hours after trying to fall asleep just going through in mind what i needed to accomplish the next time i played the game like. making sure i remembered that i need to level my kindness and get x amount of the palace done and a whole bunch of stuff. this game takes over lives, my friend.

OMG ME TOO!!!!! like i spent all of today just playing the game and i’m constantly thinking what combinations of activities are the most effective usage of my time like that always has me s t r e s s e d bc i want to have tons of healing items but they all cost so much money!!! and i’m the type of person that has to explore EVERYTHING so i end up getting a bit close to the deadline :// but yeah overall this game is great at first i was like “oh idk if i’m gonna like this” (bc it’s turn-based combat and this isn’t exactly what i was expecting) but the game exceeded my expectations and for me to be addicted to it like this means it’s really good………..i feel like i’ve both enlightened and ruined my life at the same time

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what kind of music do you think the amis listen to? i've been trying to figure it out for ages but like...?

i had to meditate on this for a while (music is really important) but i think i finally got it. i also linked specific songs i think they’d like?? disclaimer: i’m obviously very biased and have my own tastes and opinions and blah blah blah be nice ok here we go:

Enjolras: Nothing too recent, he mainly relies on Courfeyrac to keep him updated on what’s popular (but he’s a hipster at heart so he really doesn’t like anything Courf ever plays for him, with one notable exception). Definitely a Bon Jovi fan. Bastille, obviously. Listens to Imagine Dragons while sitting on the roof at dusk, deep in thought. Also don’t ask me why but I think he’d like Muse. Grantaire introduced him to Portugal. The Man and he really likes them (even if a lot of their stuff is pretty cynical). He and R also occasionally blast Fall Out Boy while driving with the windows rolled down, screaming the lyrics (it’s the only healthy outlet Enjolras has for all that righteous rage and passion inside him, and seeing the tension ease out of his eyes and the slight smile light up his features afterward is something R feels particularly proud of helping with).

Combeferre: probably into lots of instrumental, from a bunch of different eras. He’ll have classical music or soundtracks (lotr for sure) playing while he’s reading or studying, jazz while he’s cooking or cleaning or just chilling at home; modern stuff like Blackmill or The Glitch Mob or Ratatat (omg he’d LOVE Ratatat) on his mp3. Also like. Mumford and Sons bluegrass hipster type stuff.

Courfeyrac: Top 40′s. I’m talking Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé. And anything he can dance to, really (he and Grantaire would jam to Stromae). He also probably loves like Natasha Bedingfield and Corrine Bailey Rae and Coeur de Pirate. And Marina and the Diamonds. Probably loves remixes. Omg and 80′s hits, he’d be all over 80′s hits. (When Take On Me comes on you bet your butt he’s gonna be belting out the entire song.)

Jehan: Chillwave stuff like Odesza and Slow Magic and electro-pop Purity Ring type music. Soft acoustic romantic music like Jack Johnson and Ed Sheeran. They’d probably like really indie stuff too like Grizzly Bear. They would love Florence and the Machine. And, idk, probably some really weird shit no one else in Les Amis gets (”jehan why are you listening to bagpipes interspersed with whale noises and windchimes” “it speaks to me”).

Bahorel: Ok. Ok ok. So there’s definitely Queen and AC/DC on his playlist, no question. And more classic and progressive rock like Deep Purple and Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers. He’d also love Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, not gonna lie. And he would know like every 80′s hit ever made (when Courf starts belting out Take On Me Bahorel is right there with him, the two of them hitting that high note together is frankly astonishing to witness). He is also the biggest Taylor Swift fan do nOT ARGUE WITH ME ON THIS.

Feuilly: Probably the most eclectic taste in music. He and Courf play Coldplay in the car. He bonds with Grantaire over Arctic Monkeys and with Joly over Vampire Weekend. Select alternative rock like Weezer and Kings of Leon, and some more classic stuff that he and Bahorel bond over (Santana tho). He’d definitely be as into jazz as Combeferre is. I also think he’d love oldies like Edith Piaf and Frank Sinatra (he and Jehan would listen to Michael Bublé together probably).

Grantaire: He’d be all over the “””pop punk””” genre, like, Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy and Brand New oh my god. Indie rock stuff like Alt-J and The Black Keys and, as previously mentioned, Arctic Monkeys. He and Jehan probably listen to chillwave stuff together when they’re high, and he and Combeferre exchange music sometimes. He’d love Stromae and City and Colour. He’d also have a soft spot for The Beatles, because, well. I mean.

Joly: Huuuge Vampire Weekend fan. Generally electric indie/electropop stuff like Foster the People, Passion Pit, Of Monsters and Men, and MGMT. Probably also big into remixes and stuff he can dance to, like Courf. He’d also love k-pop so much oh god.

Bossuet: Probably Top 40′s but also indie stuff like Of Monsters and Men, Fleet FoxesDeath Cab for Cutie, and omg The Killers yess. He’d be into like late 90′s/early 2000′s hits like this and this and this. Also a Kylie Minogue fan trust me.