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🎵When did you hear your first song by them? What was it?

⛺️Have you seen them live?

🎧What do you like about them and their music?

💿Favorite album?

🌎Favorite song from Wild World

🗣Favorite song to sing along to?

📼Favorite song off the mixtapes?

📀Favorite cover?

👤If you could only meet one member who’d you choose and why?

👀Craziest or weirdest thing you’ve done as a fan? 

💔Most underrated song?

🚫Most overrated song?

🛒How much of their merch do you own?

📸Post your favorite photo of each member. (or your fav of them all together)

🎸Favorite song to hear live?

🎻Favorite acoustic song?

📝Favorite interview?

💕Which member do you relate to the most?

📽Favorite music video?

🎡If you got to spend the day with the band what would you want to do?

🎶Favorite song from Bad Blood?

🥊Which member do you want to punch you in the face?

💘Which member do you want to punch in the face with love and kindness?

💞Would you rather smother them with affection and hugs or them smother you dead?

🤝Would you hold dan so he can stop asking about it in his songs? 

🖕🏻If dan gave you the middle finger how much better would that make your day on a scale from incredibly better to blessed?


          all of it there and then gone. he was drowning in the harbor. her limbs were a corpse’s limbs. her eyes were dead and staring disgust and longing roiled in his gut.
          he lurched backward, and pain shot through his bad leg. his mouth was on fire. the room swayed. he braced himself against the wall, trying to breathe. inej was on her feet, moving toward him, her face concerned. he held up a hand to stop her.  
↳ crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo, chapter 26

*getting one tank*

Mmmmmm okay its better than nothing

*getting two tanks*

Hell yes we are SET

*three tanks*

wait wait no hold on I’m the only healer and we don’t need three tanks–

*four tanks*


*five tanks*


knowing John Simm so well you were questioning his disguise all along because you recognised his koala eyes and some of his gestures and his voice (like it was distorted enough for me to question myself but all along I was: is it him?nooo..maybe..dunno) 

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LAST DAY OF EXAMS TODAY!!! It’s been a tough month but after 34 days of intense studying i finally finished it!! i get my results on 17th august and that’s when i’ll know whether or not i got accepted into my top uni but i tried my best and i have no regrets so yeah! summer is finally here so now i have loads of free time wooo i miss you all! also i’m going to vietnam in 2 days as well as singapore and i’m going to music bank to see bangtan while i’m there❤️🎉🎉🎉

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I think the wormhole in s1e1 was programed before. Because Blue was been hidden, how was Blue supose to came back? And the other lions? I think Alfor did this for every lion, but since Blue was found first and Allura was awake by that time, then the other wormholes that have been prepared became useless. Can you picture Alfor doing something like that? Also, what about they were destinated to be paladins? Didn't Keith say something about a prophecy?

That is a very smart theory :0 I can absolutely picture Alfor doing something like this, there is no way that Allura was the only Altean to be able to work the castle. I mean, we already have magician!Haggar to prove that. 

Also, also. The castle obviously wasn’t on Altea either anymore. You don’t need magic to do that, but it’s still something that has to be Alfor’s doing. So maybe Alfor hid the lions and programmed the castle to land on Arus + the wormholes to open when the lions have chosen a new pilot. Until Allura is there of course, she and Coran reset a lot of the castle’s functions, it’s absolutely possible that she pretty much overwrote the wormehole openings for the other lions… 

MMMMH FUCK IDK ANON I’M NEW TO CREATING THEORIES,,, Keith said: “each one [of the markings] tells a slightly different story about a blue lion. but they all share clues leading to some event, some arrival happening last night. then you showed up.” Whoever put the markings there knew about what was going to happen. And they also knew when it was going to happen because the night where Shiro arrived was “yesterday” and they met Blue “today”. The arrival they were talking about was indeed Shiro’s arrival on Earth and not Lance meeting Blue for the first time. I’m absolutely floored by this, I have no explanation for it. Neither Allura nor Haggar have shown any kind of ability to see into the future like this, even if both of them have the ability to sense quintessence/the lions “waking up”. 

Anyone else got any ideas on that?? Maybe a new alien race that can create prophecies and was close friends with the Alteans???????? 

tbh ever since episode 34, Frost kinda turned into a disaster writing-wise

I’ve just been trying to salvage him and trying to enjoy him as much as I can just to spite Toei’s lack of care

  • me: starts to write a post about my struggles w accepting my myself as lgbt
  • me: no I'm not _____ enough I can't say anything

when u finish the wonderlands and ur sobbing bc a) it’s beautiful b) it made u gayer c) u want someone to give harry a baby d) u want harry and louis to have all of the beautiful things in life e) andy and harry remind u of u and ur dad f) u love ur dad g) u love ur dads (harry and louis) h) ur writing could never be this good i) u can’t stop wondering who or what inspired cassie’s character and storyline j) u love everyone and everything and life is beautiful and music is the reason ur still breathing

really considering making esmeralda. 

Day 6 - Future

I hope you like headcannons, cause I have more:

• Even though Caitlin’s gone, Cisco forbids anyone from cleaning her desk or touching her work space

• He knows that she’ll come back one day, and knows she hates it when people mess with her equipment

• When he’s not busy protecting Central City with Wally, he goes out of his way to stop by Caitlin’s favorite spots, just in case she happens to be there  

• Every time he sees someone with white blonde hair, he gets his hopes up and thinks Caitlin’s come back only to realize it’s some other stranger

• This happens so often that when a white blonde stranger sits next to him at Jitters late one night, it takes him a few minutes before he actually realizes it Caitlin

• He’s overjoyed to see her, but also a bit suspicious as to what she’s doing there, and letting herself be seen 

• She then gets up and leaves, so Cisco follows her until they come to a secluded part of the city in a back alley

• It’s a strange confrontation; he asks her how she’s doing, where she’s been, and she answers, albeit cryptically, and asks him how everyone at STAR labs is doing 

• After she get’s her answers she leaves, but then the next time Cisco goes to Jitters she is there again, and again they have a short conversation in a secluded alley

• This becomes a routine for them, and every time they meet their conversations grow longer and longer

• Cisco still doesn’t know exactly where she’s been staying or what she’s been doing, but when she shows up at his house when night and asks to sleep on his couch he of course lets her 

• She keeps popping up more and more, until one day she comes back to STAR labs, just like he thought

• Everyone is shocked but welcomes her back, even though she’s a bit different than they remember

• She’s a lot more stubborn and more carefree than before, but can still be organized and professional like she was previously

• Her and Cisco’s friendship continues and grows, so much so that people begin to think they are secretly dating or at least have feelings for each other

• They immediately deny it, but after a while they began realizing that maybe they do have feelings for each other, and after a slow and confusing turn events they find out the feelings are mutual

• They begin dating, and at first everyone thinks they are joking, but then Barry walks in on the two of them kissing and realizes NOPE they were serious

• Their relationship changes from platonic to romantic seamlessly, and they continue working together to help fight metas, create things for Barry, and patch people up, all the while bantering or sassing each other 

• Their relationship only grows better as the days go on, and for the first time in a long time, both of them are happy and content