and just tom being his usual self

“Tom and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“Have you got a kiss for me, my darling?”

Tom was being his sweet self, as usual, but the kitten had other ideas.

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Tom Holland Imagine (prompt) - PART TWO

request: part two to this tom request/prompt that some people asked for

a/n: this was kind of fun to write but i’m not sure it’s all that great

word count: 720

masterlist: (x)

“Thanks for these,” you said, dropping the pile of clothes into Tom’s lap as he sat in his set chair reading his script. Disturbed from his concentration, he looked up at you, his mouth curving into a sheepish smile. You were about to walk away when Tom called your name.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asked. You shrugged your shoulders. “Come by my place after you finish work, we can, uhm, run some lines and stuff. I’ll make you dinner.” He was so nervous, his words came out shaky.

Tom had no idea what was happening to him. His usual confident and carefree self was disappearing, being replaced by a nervous wreck whenever he was around you. He’d spent all night after you left him in his trailer thinking about you, wishing you’d stayed. He’d phoned Harrison in the early hours of the morning because he just needed to talk to someone about you. They came to the conclusion that Tom was developing feelings for you. According to Harrison, this had been happening for quite a while, but only now was Tom realising it. Harrison had said that Tom mentioned you in conversations whenever he could, he was always gushing about working with you in interviews, he watched you closely during set breaks, always wanting to be around you.

“Run some lines with you? Really?” You rolled your eyes. “Are you going to make up lines and stage directions again to try and get in my pants?” Tom fought back the redness of embarrassment burning his cheeks. He sighed. “Fine. I’ll come over, but only if you cook me that casserole again.”

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Random Tomco head cannons 4

-Marcos is a giggler, despite his best to cover up his soft noises Tom almost always hears them and tries his best to get Marco to giggle once more.

-The first time Tom is introduced to snow he absolutely loves it, finding the cold falling flakes to be mesmerzing, however he has a bad habit of trying to bury himself in snow to see how quickly he can melt it off.
-Marcos lost him​ three times due to the demon being buried too deeply in the stuff.

-everyday at three o clock is cuddle hour, Marco and Tom can always be found either tucked up in bed or entangled in an arm chair- doesn’t matter where as long as they’re close and can hear each other’s heart beats.

-Tom’s heart beats twice as fast as Marcos, for them to try and sync up one of them either becomes light headed or gives up.

- despite being self conscious of having thick thighs Marco always finds himself a giggling mess when Tom starts patting his thighs and belly, usually not stopping until he hides his face against toms neck.

-Marco learns how to ballroom dance just for Tom, showing up in the ball room in lovely dresses to match Toms suits.

-Being mated to a demon Marco finds that where he once had marked free wrists, he now has Toms family name elegantly scripted on the inside of his wrists as well at toms family crest marked on his right hip

-it took Tom three years of courting for him to finally hear Marco accept his wedding proposal.

Imagination - Michael Latta #2

Originally posted by dunbaerrito

about/request: not a request but just something i had to do okay latts getting all jealous because he left you alone in dc and you get way too close with tommy boy bye

warnings: cursing?? 

authors note: this really has a little bit of everything some crying and some fluff just take it ok i need it

word count: 2063

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Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 16
TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: Okay, so we finally know who the mystery man is and now we have some drama within the company. Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think! <33

Chapter 1 |  Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 |Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 |  Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | chapter 12 | Chapter 13  | Chapter 14 Chapter 15

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