and just the whole aftermath

listen, my first montgomery hc

me, realizing that sitting around waiting for someone to send me something probably isn’t going to work quite yet, and I’ll need to work around my desire to be lazy in order to get this whole shebang really “shebangin” so just listen,

can you imagine the aftermath of you getting hurt, for some reason or another, i.e. a car crash, or maybe you’ve just had medical issues in the past, or maybe you just have a really severe case of the flu, and it’s really not a big deal but you still end up in the hospital or out sick for a few days– (were gonna go with the second one this time, so you’re home) and after just day two of not seeing you at school monty is worried, and by day three the guys notice because he has trouble focusing on everything including practice. so whether you’ve told him why you’re not there or not, he’s calling and sending multiple texts without even giving you time to answer, and when you do trying to explain and reassure him that it’s really nothing to worry about, he insists it is and he’s worked himself up to the point of being frustrated and angry with no one to blame or take his anger out on, and it’s really endearing but also makes you feel bad just for making him stress. so you plead with him to come over so you can help him calm down, and when he gets there you can tell he’s visibly upset and you ask him to get you something. which turns out to be the solution. he takes care of you for the rest of the day, and sits a/o cuddles with you, content to know you’re not really seriously hurt. + he’s up on his feet anytime you need something, occasionally asking if you’re comfortable, if you want another blanket, if you’re thirsty, hungry, etc.

?? idk, I just thought concerned (maybe a little too concerned about your wellbeing) bf monty might be cute haha.

Lucifer 2x22 - Vegas With Some Radish Spoilers and Speculations (Late July Update)

2x22- Vegas Jaunt

Known Credits:

Lindsey Gort - Candy Morningstar

Remember when Ella said this to Chloe during the S2 finale? Well, funny you should say that Ella, because it seems that you are going to be taking a “fun little road trip with the Devil himself.”

Ella and Lucifer are going to be taking a trip to Vegas sometime during S3. Good luck trying to figure out how this line fits into the episode, the writers stated themselves that the title would be impossible to guess what exactly was going on without a little context.

Now, with the title out of the way, let’s move on to what to expect in the episode.

So what exactly do we know about this one? Well, it has been described as a Vegas Jaunt and we have a few special guests. First up is Lauren Holly who will play a character called Roxie. It seems she will bump into Lucifer and Ella while they are in Vegas and her story is somehow tied into a Casino. Also, notice his red handkerchief in his jacket pocket, this detail will come into play later on in the post.

Lucifer S2b aired and about a month later these photos were taken and posted on Twitter. In the photos below you can see Lucifer looking oh ever so dashing and handsome as ever and Ella dressed up in quite the get-up. 

The sizzle reel from Saturday’s SDCC has also given us more footage of Lucifer’s and Ella’s shenanigans. In the 2nd and 3rd gif you see Ella in full Vegas getup while Lucifer sings Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra, this will be quite the number.

Now, a special guest returns in this episode! She was very unpopular with lucifer fans (mainly a handful of deckerstar fans), but it wasn’t until the end of the episode that fans made a 180 on their opinion of her character. She is sweet, lovable and kind, plus she also managed to trick the Goddess of Creation herself. Yes Lucifans, Candy Morningstar will once again make appearance! (P.S. the red handkerchief is back!…) Whether or not the case that leads them to Vegas is directly tied to Candy is tbd, but i’d put my money on the fact that she might play a big role.

Now, some of you are wondering why Lucifer took Ella to Sin City and not Chloe, well here are a few reasons…

1) After the whole 2x14 aftermath, Chloe seeing Candy again would just be too awkward for everyone

2) The LAPD has NO JURISDICTION to be solving crimes in Vegas, therefore Chloe cannot work the case. @sanoiro and I believe that perhaps Ella asked a favor from Lucifer to help with a case in Vegas

3) Ella is a non-judgmental character. She investigated Uriel’s grave and didn’t even ask too many questions as well as keeping her promise to not let Chloe know about it. What ever is going to happen in Vegas he doesn’t want someone to question his tactics.

Next, we believe it is Chloe’s birthday, Maze orchestrating the cop stripper at the precinct to help loosen her up. This is definitely a thing Maze would do, Lucifer would perhaps just get jealous.

At SDCC, Rachael mentioned that Chloe would come to Linda to discuss her feelings about Lucifer. Linda will suggest (for some reason) that they head over to LUX and look around his penthouse. Now, Linda is still dealing with the PTSD of the finale events. Chloe may find out that Lucifer went off to Vegas with Ella, get jealous and turn to his liquor bar to deal with her jealousy. Linda and Chloe will both get heavily, heavily wasted leading to the hilarious Risky Business scene.

By the end of the night, Linda perhaps makes it home but Chloe unfortunately only makes it to Lucifer’s bed. Meaning Chloe once again falls asleep in his room, on his bed, drunk. Lucifer will return to LUX to find Chloe asleep on his bed where a very sweet scene will take place.

Now, remember how Lucifer was wearing a red handkerchief in Vegas? Take a look at this gif below and tell me what you see.

Didn’t quite catch it? Here is a screen shot:

No? How about closer:

Ding Ding Ding!! Yep, same red handkerchief with his exact same suit. We can deduct that the gift scene and Vegas shenanigans take place during the same episode.

End of 2x22 - July 26, 2017

Please note that the probability of having mixed up some pictures under a certain episode is a possibility we cannot avoid. Also, please note that is ALL SPECULATION and WHAT WE BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN PER EPISODE MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN IN THE EPISODE WE THOUGHT. We will reblog the original posts with any new spoilers up so if you want to navigate yourselves through these posts hit the either of the following tag:

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2x22 - Vegas With Some Radish

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I feel like they must have written/filmed a scene between when Betty tells Jughead she never stopped loving him before the race and that last “domestic” scene at the end with them on the couch with Hot Dog where Jughead narrates that Betty came clean with him about the BH (which I feel like was a cop-out and a bit of a disservice to their characters, really). A scene where Betty and Jughead BOTH come clean about the secrets they kept from each other and just the whole fallout/aftermath. I honestly wish they filmed it and hope they plan on showing us because I feel like we deserve to witness it as a payoff for all the angst we endured from the last episode.

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how about Hanzo's SO getting shot through the chest on a mission, and he's certain that the bullet hit their heart and that they're going to die, and there are no healers nearby. But, the whole time his SO is trying to calm him down and tell him it's gonna be ok. Eventually, they pass out from blood loss, but help does come and they're transported back to base. Only for him to find out that his SO's heart is actually on the other side of their chest. And they wake up and say, told you I'd be ok.

I’ve been excited to do this one for a long time because like. I really love the whole idea of it. However, since it’s so…set, I’m just gonna really do the aftermath of the whole thing and hope it lives up to what you want!

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Rfa + V + Saeran hugging MC feat. trying to hide that awkward boner/arousal

I don’t know whether to find this funny or just damn awkward for the boys… I didnt really know how to write this as this has never happened to me


  • His hugs are amazing!
  • Like hugging a huge, muscly, beautiful, tall teddy bear.
  • He also squeezes you a little before letting go.
  • And omg that’s the best part.
  • But…
  • He knew you were beautiful, but he didn’t expect little Zen to pop out to say hello.
  • While hugging you, he just notices it.
  • He pulled away kind of fast, but not fast enough for you to question it.
  • And he’d remove his coat,
  • And carry it on his arm, concealing his crotch and still looking like a complete gentleman™.
  • And just chuckle afterwards, when he gets home.
  • And curse.
  • Just a little bit.
  • Okay, a lot.

Jumin Han:

  • He’s an awkward one.
  • One of those forced hugs (Draco and Voldemort-esque) that really confuse you.
  • He wouldn’t know what to do, bless him.
  • He doesn’t have the most experience in the RFA with the ladiez.
  • So he’d find the whole aftermath awkward.
  • You’d know.
  • You’d definitely know.
  • But you would just offer to get a coffee sometime.
  • And he’d pull this really awkward smile.
  • Jumin were you just possessed by Ronald McDonald please don’t smile like that.
  • He was awkward enough hugging you,
  • But this just made the whole thing worse.

Jaehee Kang:

  • Cute little hugs.
  • Nothing big, or small, just right.
  • With the mom, she’d blush when she’s aroused.
  • And sometimes her glasses would steam up, she’d need car wipers for them.
  • So hugging you,
  • She’d pull away looking like a tomato.
  • You’d ask if she’d okay and she’d stutter.
  • “I’m.. O-Okay. *clears throat* Let’s go out again sometime”.
  • Bless little baehee, she’s so adorable when she’s turned on.


  • It’s like he’s hugging a toy he just got for Christmas.
  • Very willing, chirpy and excitable.
  • Giggles a little bit the first couple of times he hugs you.
  • But what happened after,
  • This never happened to him before.
  • He got a bit too excited, bless, now look where that got him.
  • He’s just trying to look away from it.
  • “WHY NOW?!!” He internally screams.
  • But it’s okay because you laugh and say that it’s alright.
  • It’s a boy thing, just get used to it.
  • Poor Yoosung would pull a pouty face :(
  • You thought a peck on the cheek would make things better.
  • But now he’s bright red and incredible turned on.
  • Oops.


  • One of the best huggers in the RFA,
  • Again, like hugging a teddy bear.
  • He’d place his chin on your head,
  • And sigh.
  • And it would feel great.
  • But when tiny 707 wants a peek of the outside world.
  • He’d try to almost point it out.
  • He almost walks into a wall,
  • “I wouldn’t hit my face if I did that.”
  • He would hug you again.
  • And when you realise what he’d getting at,
  • He’d laugh it off.
  • He’d totally be embarrassed too, but he’d sugarcoat it with crappy jokes and puns.


  • He’s unsure when he hugs, but you’d still love to hug him whenever you can.
  • This might have happened to him before.
  • But he still gets flustered.
  • The best part?
  • This is in a shopping centre.
  • “Right, let’s go into this shop then.”
  • Changes the subject way too quickly.
  • Trust me, you already know.


  • So so flustered, poor little child has no clue what to do.
  • He’d give an awkward hug, looks down, and 
  • He makes an excuse, goes to the bathroom and just looks at it.
  • Literally is like :/ right now.
  • What does he do?
  • How can it magically go away?
  • He doesn’t appear for half an hour.
  • You thought he got sucked down the toilet or something.

There’s a reason a lot of us are saying we hope Zach is there with Frankie for Grandpa Frankie’s celebration of life. It isn’t just because they’re “Zankie,” it’s because of the whole 24 hours aftermath of finding out about his death in the BB House & how much comfort they brought to each other during the mourning time for Frankie. Please don’t be angry at some of us for wanting/hoping Zach is there. It isn’t a selfish thing, it just seems…right.