and just stay out of this tag pls

i’m safe right now

idk if any of my followers go to the university of texas but STAY INSIDE get home don’t go out and don’t wear greek letters

there were multiple stabbings and i know at least one person has been killed and it seems they’re targeting people in greek orgs

please be safe and please reblog this if you can i’m just very worried right now

(it’s may 1st 3:50 pm right now) 

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That blog imhelpingyouhere also posts in the otayuri and otabek x yurio tags (I was going through the otayuri tag and screamed it's all gore)

!!!!! guys please please stay safe!!! some have already looked at it out of curiosity and they all regretted it bc its that bad. i know u want to take a look ( i do too tbh ) but!! just dont!!!!! pls just add them in your block list and report them!!!!!


photoskinned eyebrows: starts assignments as soon as they’re set, has their whole future planned out, gets 12 hours of sleep a night, calls their mother every sunday, jogs

alpha eyebrows: stays up until 6am then sleeps all day, puts empty cartons back in the fridge, forgets to water their plants, turns their pants inside out, eats week old leftover rice

Hey everyone! ❤ It’s been awhile since I did my PJO fandom family page. and since then a lot of the blogs who joined changed URLs or deactivated, so I thought about doing a big revamp (◕‿◕✿)

I will make sure that the people who want to stay stay and give the opportunity to those who are out and want characters that are already taken to enter. Also, I’ll give a little something to the members who want something special, so please make sure to read the instructions ✿

(CLOSED}  ✧ If you’re a member:

  • pls like/reblog this post or send me an ask if you want to remain on the fam, if not, just don’t do anything and you’ll be out of the page. I’ll check the likes/reblogs/asks until may 20th,
  • if you want to stay, check all the info that are in the page and if something is wrong (such as your url) pls let me know

✧ If you want to be a member:

✧ If you are a member and want something cool™:

  • send me a ✨ if you want a blog rate
     a ⭐ with your face tag or info about yourself if you want a fan cast
    or a ❤️ if you want an edit based on the character you are on the fam! **
    **please choose just one of the options :3
  • closing june 1st

-> Formats down the cut!

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meet the mun!

Tagged by: @ask-the-aph-prussia thx scout ;))

Rules: You must answer the questions and tag 20 followers you want to get to know better. if ya’ll rly think i’m tagging 20 ppl - 

Name/Nickname: july/julie/mochi (the last one is an inside thing with my siblings)

Height: 5 ft 5 inches

Star sign: capricorn

Time now: 11: 26 am

Last thing googled:  “compound interest online calculator” lmao 

Fave music artist: i have a lot, but i’ve always rly liked the strokes, daft punk and the neighbourhood 

Song stuck in head: next time around by little joy

Last movie: logan (i cried way too hard lmao) 

Last tv show: community  

What I’m wearing: (this question omf) long sleeved tee with nike shorts 

When I created this blog: jan 3rd, 2017 (wow, only a few months??)

Do I get asks regularly?: yeet, my inbox usually stays around 50+ (i know i’m shit at answering questions)

Why the Url: well. this is, an ameripan ask blog, 

Gender: she/her/they

Hogwarts House: i joined pottermore just for this gryffindor!

Pokemon team: valor or instinct 

Favourite Colour: yellow, pastel pink

Average hours of sleep: i usually knock out at 11 pm and wake up around 6 am on weekdays, or around 9 on weekends (i hate sleeping in) 

Lucky #: 96,000

Fav character (From Hetalia): ya’ll know i’d ride or die for japan 

Dream job: storyboard artist at disney animation studios, or a historian 

# of blankets: 2+ 

hey guys just a quick heads up some a.nti troll on AO3 is spamming the sheith tag (yet again more spam…..). pls stay safe obviously it’s not nice to stumble across. i just heard about it from someone and took a look myself and yea there’s about 10 posted in a row by the same person all called “To The Stars” by “ orphan_account”. 

you know the drill unfortunately by now. let’s just report the links as best we can, don’t give it any attention, look out for each other and yeah. big love. 

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Oh man the anti otayuri blog seriously gave me a shock tho like what the heck take a chill pill get out and pet a dog or something

apparently spamming disgusting and triggering pictures in a tag is better than shipping two fictional teenagers who wouldve thought

Woah, Guys, Calm Down.

Remember, this is the same dorky cinnamon roll who: 

 - actually accepted Star into his home

  - fought every monster battle with her 

 - hugged Star a bajillion times

 - made nachos for her

 - actually wants to show her the world

 - actually danced with her

 - protects her (from everyday objects to serious injuries) 

 - helps her learn new things

 - helps her with her insecurities

 - cheers her up when she’s down

 - tags along with most of her adventures

 - talked her ex out of pursuing her

 - tried to help her with mewberty 

- stayed all night at a police station to make sure the cops would find her

-  legitimately cares for her and wants her to be safe

Please don’t demonize this child just because he’s finally dating the girl he’s had a crush on since BEFORE he met Star. Let him be happy. He’s a good friend after all. 

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'Is that my shirt?' From the prompt list for hank pls :)

hank mccoy + this prompt list

word count: 257

note: this is so short ahh // also, if you ever want to be tagged in any of my work, message me!!

Everyone knew that Hank overworked himself, and it wasn’t a surprise for him to find Y/N passed out on the couch in their shared living space, waiting for him to come back from the lab. She always tried to stay awake to greet him once he finished working, but some nights it just became too late. 

Tonight was another one of those nights, it was already 11pm, and Hank was still working. Y/N sighed, heading for a shower as a way to keep herself awake. Drying off her body once she’d finished, she picked up one of Hank’s shirts, doing up some of the buttons and put on a pair of his boxers, she started walking down to his lab. 

“Baby,” She says, drawing out each letter. “Why are you still working?” Y/N pouts, leaning at the doorway. Hank fumbles with his current project, at the shock of his girlfriend in his lab. “Is that my shirt?” He asks as Y/N makes her way over to where Hank is sat. She simply nods, wrapping an arm around his neck and sitting on his lap. “Princess, I need to work,” Hank starts to protest, but before he can continue Y/N places her lips on his. 

He sighs into the kiss, giving into her as he places his hands on her waist. “Time for bed.” She announces, moving from his lap and heading towards the door. “Maybe some other things first,” Hank smirks, slapping her ass playfully. Y/N squeals and lightly hits him in the shoulder. “Come on, Beastie,” 

aaaaaAAA, so i read @feralphoenix‘s series you can only use your own and had to draw some stuff for it. (prase in particular bc they’re…. rlly cuTE) but yeah honestly;; if u love urself and u love chara, u should probably check it out. her AU is awesome, her writing is awesome, she’s awesome, pls check out feral’s fic!! 

The fics that just stays with you...

You know the ones. Those stories you still dream about a year after you read them, or the ones you start thinking about during class or at work. The fics that still makes you smile or blush or cry a little.. I want to know about them!
Please write your 3 fav fics in the tags.
I need to know if I’m missing out on smth pls and thank you x

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Okay, think of punk!Levi who is actually a closeted nerd, and so when pastel!genderfluid! Eren comes to stay at Levi's for the first time, they witness him taking out his contacts and piercings n shit before pulling on a big ol' sweater that covers up all those tattoos and wearing these big ass glasses and just chilling out with his books and Eren just feels so blessed to have witnessed this fucker pull a Hannah Montana and never wants to let him go


Also, everyone please please please stay safe in the anon attack that’s supposed to happen very soon (new year’s) !!! 

  • turn anon off
  • on the 31st-1st stay out of the tags
  • enable two-factor authentication
  • stay off of tumblr on the 1st
  • stay off omegle

I don’t care if I’m overreacting and it’s just a rumor. Please stay strong and safe. 

Just remember that we’re all in this together, and we’re a family. If any family member needs help, we will help them. 

xoxo !! 

art by Ro

Honestly, this is a little bit overdue already, but, I can’t believe it’s been a year. I fell into Naruto fandom a year ago, I cannot believe. And it’s been such an amazing one at that. I’ve met so so many amazing people, so many friends, I’ve seen so many great writers and so many talented people all together. This fandom often gets a lot of bashing, it’s not perfect, no fandom is, but if I’ve been surrounded by people so kind and sweet, I wouldn’t say this fandom is bad, personally. It’s filled with so many kindhearted people, you guys overflow the bad so easily. Thank you so much for sticking with me through so much time. Thank you if you just started following me recently!

This really means a lot to me, I never thought I’d make this far with Naruto. I didn’t expect to grow so attached to this blog, all this kinda came as a surprise and when I realized, I was already too deep down the rabbit hole. I feel like I’m just getting started and I can’t wait to be in this fandom for years to come, like most of you have! Thank you!! (●´∀`●)

under cut are: sharxngan, kingofxcuses, vindictas, irukas, devilxish

bold - precious people
italics - amazing people (people who I look up to)

I already apologize if I forgot someone!

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