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Inside Choices | Endless Summer, Book 3

Even though it’s nearly wintertime for us here at Pixelberry, we’ve got summer on the mind! Endless Summer is on the horizon, with Book 3 slated to release in late December. The book is packed full with exciting adventures, and the team is hard at work on making it happen during the holidays! In anticipation, check out this interview with the Endless Summer: Book 3 writers (mild spoilers for previous books ahead)…

The plot twists were non-stop in Endless Summer: Book 2. Without getting into any major spoilers, can you tell us what Book 3 will be about?

Taage: Yeah, I think the cover is probably spoiler-y enough! Book 2 was quite a ride, providing many startling revelations about La Huerta and its inhabitants. In Book 3, players will be able to bring even more pieces of the puzzle together and ultimately make decisions that will impact the entire island. This is your home now, after all.

Are there any new game features, characters, or storylines that you’re particularly excited for in Book 3?

Taage: If you’ve been dating someone, you’ll have the opportunity to take the next step with them in Book 3. I can’t say too much, but when it comes to soulmates, “when you know, you know”, right?

Jen: There’s a couple new characters that show up this book that really balance out the group dynamic and have been a joy to write. I’m really excited to see how the fans react to them, and hope they love them as much as I do.

Things are looking pretty dire for the Endless Summer heroes. Will they be okay?

Taage: That’s really the main question of the series. I think at its heart, Endless Summer is a story about a group of people trying to navigate a difficult transition. Most of the characters are on the brink of finishing college and getting ready to officially start their lives. There’s no turning back from adulthood at that moment, yet it can be very hard to make the jump. So in a way, I think Sean, Diego, Quinn, and the rest needed this time of exploration, and the challenges they face in La Huerta are serving to help them figure out who they are. I have faith that there’s hope for the gang, but of course it’ll all come down to a matter of good decisions.

Imagine that you’re going on a summer road trip with the Endless Summer crew. Who do you pick to go in your car? I’d go with Estela, just ‘cause she’d have the best life stories to tell during the long drive. What about you?

Taage: I hate to pick favorites, but I think everyone knows I’m pretty partial to Diego and Varyyn. I also really enjoy Quinn’s philosophical perspective. She’d be a great person to have a long, mind-expanding conversation with while Variego entertain us with their quirky chemistry.

Jen: I would take Sean, because of his born leadership qualities, charming/easy going nature, and cause he’s G O R G E O U S. I imagine he’d have everything planned and mapped out, and probably want to do a fair share of the driving. I would take Grace, because I feel like she would love stopping spontaneously at roadside attractions like a giant crater or geological park or something rad like that. Diego to make sure we have enough puns, Varyyn because I’d love to see his reaction to a classic American road trip. I’d take Yvonne, to make sure someone gets us in trouble, so we can tell stories about how we got out of trouble. And I’d take one more character, who the fans haven’t met yet, but would totally be necessary for long days on the road.

Any final words of advice for players as they gear up for Book 3?

Taage: Prepare to be shook all over again!

So ready! To those reading along, check back in late December for the finale book of the Endless Summer trilogy. What are you looking forward to in Book 3? And what do you think will happen next (spoiler alert!)? Let us know!



  • Ok so I don’t think there’s an actual description of Katlyn in the books???
  • Other than the fact she’s a cheerleader and has long hair and is taller than Aaron??
  • So I give you
  • Redhead Katlyn
  • Think about it
  • Pale, maybe slightly tanned skin
  • Really big teal eyes
  • Slightly rosy lips
  • And like
  • Really red hair
  • That nice copper red??
  • And Aaron
  • Oh god Aaron is so smitten for her
  • No one thinks about it at first
  • Just “oh yeah she’s pretty they’re good together”
  • Cause Aaron doesn’t bring her around much
  • But I think once Andrew is more concrete with Neil
  • And they’re like
  • And established couple
  • Even though they’ll never admit it
  • They’ve been engaged for a month guys ok
  • They’re stable
  • And stubborn af
  • Anyway
  • I think once Andrew is more secure in Niel being there with him always being safe and not about to go walk himself down a plank
  • I think Andrew will tolerate Katlyn
  • And Aaron will notice this difference
  • Also I think Bee might talk them into spending more time together with her and the team
  • So then ta-dah suddenly Katlyn is around more often
  • And that’s when things get… noticed
  • How Aaron is like 2 or 3 inches shorter than her barefoot / in flats
  • And how he is blonde
  • And she’s a redhead
  • With blue teal eyes
  • Like… a certain other couple….
  • It’s Matt who notices it first
  • But doesn’t say anything cause he doesn’t want to die and he also doesn’t want to risk ruining this thing the twins suddenly seem to have??
  • But then Allison and Nicky notice
  • And Allison smirks, brow arched and goes right ahead with
  • “You two have really similar tastes”
  • At first everyone is like ?????
  • But then they look at the two blonde twins,
  • Who both have a redhead SO at their side
  • And it just
  • Clicks
  • “You two got a thing for redheads?” Allison continues, gesturing between them
  • Aaron looks at Katlyn at the same time Andrew glances at Niel
  • And Niel and Katlyn lock eyes cause shit just got real
  • Aaron looks at Niel
  • And he just
  • It clicks ok
  • And he regrets every decision he ever made
  • But like….
  • He just looks at Andrew
  • And Andrew gazes back
  • And they don’t kill each other
  • And Andrew doesn’t kill Katlyn
  • And the team are just lost
  • Thus begins Nicky’s “I wonder if other things run in the family…”
  • Aaron: “like what”
  • Nicky: “like liking guys”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “oh come on”
  • Aaron: “no”
  • Nicky: “not even a little-”
  • Aaron: “Andrew how the fuck do you say no for it to actually work”
  • Andrew: “either it works or it doesn’t - the person just has to learn”
  • Nicky: “….”
  • Team: “….”
  • Niel: *screaming internally*
  • Katlyn: *!!!!!*
  • Cause Aaron just genuinely asked Andrew for help
  • And Andrew answered honestly and openly
  • And everyone is kinda shocked they’re not killing each other ok
  • Well
  • Everyone but Niel
  • Cause Niel knows Andrew will always help Aaron
  • Whether Aaron realises it or not
  • Gahhh off topic
  • Ok
  • And like at games, Nicky always comments on how the two “redhead partners” should spend more time together
  • “Cause red hair must be really hard to look after and maintain so swap tips and ideas”
  • They laugh him off
  • But actually do end up spending more time together
  • And even though they’ll never be best friends
  • They get a bit of a…
  • “Gay emo cousin, floral bouncy cousin, who hate each other but get on ok”
  • Type thing going on
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyn advice for his hair
  • And after a while Katlyn suggests to Allison Niel would look great with like the sides of his head buzz cut while the middle bit is left to curl cause he has awesome natural texture
  • So Allison takes him for that haircut
  • And Andrew is
  • He is just so gone for Neil’s hair ok
  • That boy is gooonnnneeeee
  • And when Katlyn sees it she’s like
  • “Told ya”
  • After that and the events which unfurled in the bedroom the first night of that haircut and how Andrew just can not stop touching it and playing with the different textures Neil listens to Katlyns advice for his hair
  • He even buys the actual “redhead shampoo” she recommends
  • Andrew is a fan of the smell and how it just brings out all the highlights of Neil’s colours and how glossy it all suddenly is

Do you wanna be a Serpent? Part 5

She was angry with him, he could tell in the stiffness of her spine as she breezed past him in the cafeteria, in the way she looked anywhere but his direction during cheerleading practice, but when he found the blue and gold office locked and empty two days later there was really no denying it, Betty Cooper was angry with him and an angry Betty Cooper? Well that was nothing to be messed with.

It was all very confusing, things had been going well, better than well, great actually. He was happy, she made him happy and he thought he did the same for her, judging by the way her fingers would squeeze his hand under their chemistry table, or the way her nose would nuzzle the cool leather of his jacket collar when she hugged him for luck before his first football game, the curl of her smile when his knuckles would graze the soft pink flush of her cheeks. He was happy and he knew she was too, he knew it, so why was she hiding from him, avoiding him, the distance physically hurting him. He needed her here, right next to him.

“Looking for someone?” Toni spoke up from his right, the flash of her camera blinding him for a moment as his eyes adjusted.

“Knock that shit off Topaz.” Jughead growled, Betty wasn’t in the cafeteria and she wasn’t in the gym, she wasn’t in the office and she wasn’t helping the freshman in the tutoring center, he had looked everywhere and the lack of his very favorite blonde soured his already anxious mood.

“I just think you’re pretty is all.” Toni smirked, dropping her camera on the table and putting her chin in her hands, staring at Jughead “you know it never would’ve worked anyway, she’s not meant to be around people like us.” Toni offered, a bitter tint to her tone.

Jugheads head snapped up towards the purple haired serpent. “What are you talking about?” His eyes narrowed, something wasn’t right.

Toni shrugged, her hands tugging at the mesh of her top

“I’m just saying, you don’t have time for some bubblegum princess , you have shit to do on the Southside do you really think spending time with Barbie is a good idea? Come on Jughead use your head.” Toni snorted humorlessly, her posture stiff. “Besides…” her hand slid across the table, Black painted nails stroking the back of his palm “What about us?”

Jughead ripped his hand away

“What about us?” He sneered “there is no us, there never was, I told you Toni That kiss meant nothing, it was months ago and I had just gotten the shit kicked out of me by the ghoulies, I was tired and sore. I love you Toni, but not like that, I’ve Never led you on, I’ve never lied to you. You need to move on.”

Toni threw her hands on the cafeteria table, the sound of her rings clanging against the metal made Jughead flinch

“Everything we’ve been through? We grew up together, we’re supposed to be together! Don’t you see that? You want to throw all of that away for some privileged, spoiled townie? She doesn’t know you? She’ll never get you like I do. She doesn’t care about you, she didn’t even fight for you when I told her….” Toni trailed off, her face was scrunched, her eyes dangerously guilty but there wasn’t a hint of regret lingering.

The Serpent prince stood up, his height towering over the female photographers tiny frame

“what did you tell her? What did you say to Betty.” He demanded, his words coming out in a hiss, he vaguely registered Sweetpea and Fangs coming to stand behind him.

Toni snorted

“I’m not scared of you, I told her exactly what everyone already knows. You’ll never want her, she’s fun for now but everyone knows it won’t last long, you’re from two different worlds. You’ll end up with me. It’s just how it is,how it’s always been.” Toni smiled, it was different now though, wicked and deceitful.

Sweetpea spoke up from behind Jughead

“You’re done Toni.” He snorted as Fangs shook his head

“Not cool Toni. Not cool at all.”

The Serpents had grown fairly fond of Betty, the tiny cheerleader was helping them all pass their classes with her extensive tutoring and she was almost always admiring their bikes and cars, stroking the Serpents ever growing egos. Fangs and Sweetpea in particular were captains of the Betty Cooper fan club and Toni’s increasingly cocky attitude was beginning to grate their nerves.

Jughead turned quickly, his face so close to Toni’s he could hear the sharp intake of breath the frightened girl took.

“Don’t go near Betty, don’t talk to her, don’t look at her. If I catch you in the same room as her you’re done. Done with the Serpents and done with me. Stay the hell away from me Toni Topaz.” Jughead moved back, his combat boots pounding the cafeteria floor as he ran through the double doors.

Jugheads stomach twisted painfully, she thought he was playing her, using her. Betty probably assumed he was exactly like the stories said, the Serpent Prince, takes what he wants and leaves. It wasn’t true, not with her, never with her.

“Hey Jones, where’s the fire?” Archie whipped around from his locker, his normal goofy smile plastered across his face slowing Jugheads Run.

“Have you seen Betty?” The out of breath teen panted, his eyes looking around frantically.

Archie slammed his locker shut, his hands shoved into the pockets of his letterman jacket

“Listen Jones, Ive known Betty since birth, we used to run around in diapers through the sprinkler. I love that girl, but I like you bro, you’re cool and I can tell care about her. She’s a strong girl but she’s been through too much to be dicked around. You gotta be careful with her.” Archie nodded his head towards the locker room. Jughead nodded quickly, he turned around before he headed towards the gym

“I like her a lot. If she’ll have me I’ll treat her right, I’m gonna take care of her, protect her. I’m gonna treat her how she deserves to be treated.. I just… I want you to know that.” Jughead rubbed the back of his neck nervously as his eyes fell to the floor.

The redhead chuckled

“I don’t know much about you Jughead Jones but I know you’re a good dude. I think we’re gonna be good friends. Now go, go get your girl.” He smirked.

Jughead grinned, his feet carrying him to the locker room where he found her folding up her cheerleading uniform, her eyes landing on his.

“Jughead..” She whispered

“I like you Betty Cooper, i care about you.” He stated simply, chest rising and falling as he stared helplessly at the beautiful girl in front of him.

“I…What?” Betty whispered.

Jughead took a deep breath

“I like you, I like having you close to me, i like hearing you laugh, I like the way you know more about my motorcycle than me, I like the way you curl your hair around your finger when you’re nervous. I like how even though I know Toni said terrible things to you you’re still standing here listening, not judging. I like you Betty Cooper and I want you to know that I’m not giving up on you, no matter what you do, no matter what this stupid civil war throws at us I’m not giving up. And even if you don’t want to be around me I’m still going to be here, to protect you, to watch out for you because I care about you and I don’t even know why the thought of never talking to you again makes me feel physically sick…” Jughead knew he was rambling, he knew that he wasn’t making any sense but he couldn’t stop, not until he smelled the honey and vanilla of Betty’s perfume filling his nose.

Betty’s bright green eyes were filled with tears and her hands were placed on his chest.

“Jughead Jones I like you too.” She whispered

“And as much as id like to list all of the things I like about you, I really really need you to kiss me right now Okay?” She grinned.

Jugheads hands found her waist, pulling her closer to him

“As you wish sunshine.”

His lips met hers.


EXO reacting to a dirty tape of their s/o or their s/o watching porn

the title is longer than the actual post wtf
have fun buttercups


  • “You did… what? A sextape?”
  • would find it funny as fuck for some reason
  • also wouldn’t believe you until you show him
  • “It was a fraternity party and I was drunk ok”
  • “You look like you’re about to vomit”
  • it would be okay for him
  • why not, you’re grown up and had partners before him
  • “This is the baddest sextape I’ve ever seen-” *LMAO*
    “but we can make a better sequel”
  • *wink wink*


  • shocked
  • omg he just wanted to borrow your laptop because his was broken
  • he looked complete innocently trough the different files
  • smiled over pics you’ve saved from exo
  • but suddenly he clicks on a file and the screen is filled with your naked silhouette
  • “WTF”
  • “Myeon?! Are you okay?!”
  • “what”


  • the first sound he’s hearing when he’s entering the apartment are moans
  • it was clearly your voice
  • about to burst into the shared bedroom and ready to fight when he realizes the scenario in front of him
  • you’re in the bed, naked, masturbating and
  • watching a porn
  • this baby would try to stay calm
  • i mean it’s completely normal and ok and why the fuck didn’t you called him
  • “ohshitohshitohshit”
  • “YIXING?!”


  • "That’s really you?”
  • “Yes Baekhyun”
  • starts giggling like a little child
  • “Whats wrong”
  • “Your naked”
  • he would find it funny as well, like Minseok
  • but also a little bit shocked because you really filmed yourself with your ex whilst having sex
  • “Why do you still have it? I mean… do you… miss him or something?”
  • “What?? Noo! I cleaned my hard drive and found it in an old file, I just wanted to show you then I’ll delete it”
  • “Oh”
  • “Btw he was bad”
  • “Of course he was!  It isn’t me after all!”
  • *sigh*


  • Jongdae’s standing behind you and is wide eyeing the screen in front of you
  • what are they doing???
  • is this a circus porn
  • like how can they even stay in this position without breaking their bones
  • you wouldn’t notice him, completely lost in the moment, your eyes fixated of the scenery on the screen
  • when you suddenly start to moan his whole attention would be towards you
  • lowkey turned on from the fact that you’re touching yourself in front of him without even noticing
  • “Are you having fun, Y/N?”
  • “Looks like ;)”


  • the fact that he found your browser history filled with porn would made him chuckle
  • your just casually walking into the living room
  • taking a seat next to him on the sofa and leaning your head against his shoulder
  • but he’s not reacting, just staring at the screen
  • what could be so fascinating that he-
  • “SHIT!”
  • he chuckles again with this typical deep ass Chanyeol voice ohgodpls
  • “Kinky”
  • “Chanyeol… I’m… I just-”
  • “Want to try some of them?”
  • “Calm down babe, I think it’s actually pretty hot”
  • ok imagine this in my head literally fucked me up rn


  • "Is this…? It is.”
  • he didn’t liked the fact that he watched another man sleeping with you
  • but holy guacamoly
  • you looked sooo scandalous hot
  • he was speechless
  • you sat next to him, your eyes fixated on his face searching for the smallest reaction
  • suddenly he smiled
  • “God… you look like an angel, Y/N… wait what is he doing with your leg”
  • “Omg Kyungsoo stop I should have never told you about this!”
  • “Are you an acrobat or something”
  • “Gimme the phone now!”


  • the fact that you watched porn somehow turned Jongin on
  • it was like reading a sex diary, your browser history was filled with forbidden secrets
  • he liked it
  • ok his face says angel but believe me this man is pure sin
  • can u imagine his dancer hips
  • sry i got carried away
  • so Kai’s casually sitting on the bed, re watching a few porns you watched when suddenly the door to the bathroom opened
  • you stood there in your towel, seeing Jongin on the bed with your laptop
  • “What are you doing there?” you asked nervous
  • when you see his smirk you turn pale
  • “Role play, huh? I think we can do that but with real moaning”


  • you told him that you did a live stream a few years ago
  • he would just sit there, smirking and asking you to show him
  • very turned on seeing you strip on the screen
  • "I can’t believe you were a cam girl”
  • “How long was this stream?”
  • “I dunno… 20 minutes maybe?”
  • “Did you showed your boobs?”
  • “SEHUN”
  • “WHAT I just want to know if it’s worth watching the whole thing”

This is an excellent question! 

For Sugar (Ht!paps), His brother’s approval is very important to him because he thinks his brother is a very strong person who’s a good judge of character! So whenever he makes a new friend or has a crush on someone, he usually wants his brother to like this person too!

Jaws (Ht!Sans) is a very protective and nervous person, so every first meeting is usually a tightrope walk for the person being judged. He’s going to pay close attention to the interactions between you and his brother and decide if he thinks that you’re someone who is good enough for his lil bro, or not. If no, well… He won’t threaten you. He knows how much Sugar trusts him not to do something like that, and he respects that is brother is a lot more wise than he was before the famine and that he can make tough decisions. So Jaws will be respectfully distant, and will avoid and ignore you if he doesn’t like you rather than do anything too outright about it. That is unless you physically or emotionally do something that hurts Sugar, in which case you have made a… ahem… Grave mistake. 

But if he thinks that you’re a good, trusting person after a while of observing you and his bro together - then he’ll be really kind and sweet to you; and will actually probably thank you for being friends with his bro pretty much constantly. He’ll be happy to know that someone’s around to make sure Sugar isn’t stressing out or overworking himself which he has a habit of doing. In the end you’ll probably be super good friends, as anyone that cares just as much about his brother as he does is a great judge of character! There will absolutely be cuddle piles, and late night TV watching in a pillow fort with some really… Unique snacks made by Sugar.

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anonymous asked:

Can we talk about Keith's calm "i said i didn't want a lecture" to Allura instead of blowing up at her?? That's not just because she's a princess or a figure of authority. Consider he maybe blew up at Iverson? And if Shiro ties into this somehow??? I just love that scene it's so kind of Keith and maybe selfless?

Huh, that’s kinda interesting to me, because I personally never saw his reaction as a good thing. I think he was being pretty rude and inconsiderate of Allura’s feelings. “I’m not in the mood for a lecture,” isn’t kind or understanding, it’s a blatant dismissal. It isn’t until she offers her condolences for Regris that he lets his guard down and just manages to say, “Thanks.” But he doesn’t say anything else. 

When Allura opens her heart out there, expresses her concern for both him and the team, tells him that they need him–his response? Nothing. But earlier, when his role is reversed? When it’s a matter of Keith trying to convince “Shiro” to come back to them, to stay with them, that he’s the leader they all need? That he’s the person Keith needs? He keeps going until Kuron cuts him off, pleading for him to understand and just try again.  

And when Kuron ultimately refuses, claims that this is Keith’s role now? He closes off immediately. The fact that he flat out tells Allura he doesn’t want to speak with her and then never even comments on her concerns doesn’t strike me as selfless or caring. It just seems to me he’s pushing her away. Like he is with everybody else. 

And Allura picks up on this too. She also knows Keith’s hesitance to pilot and his wish for Shiro to return to his Lion is at the heart of it– “This is not the way I wanted this to happen, but if there’s a bright side to any of this, it’s that my absence allowed Shiro to reestablish his bond with the Black Lion. He can finally be the leader I was unable to be. I’m not meant to pilot the Black Lion. Is that why you’ve been pulling away from us?” “Yeah. I suppose that’s part of it.” And of course, there’s Keith’s declaration to Shiro that, “It was always meant to be yours.” 

Allura’s shown to be pretty observant

And it’s clear she’s seen firsthand how close Shiro and Keith are

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s easily able to connect Keith’s behavior with a possible motive. However, despite Allura trying to understand and reach out to him, I don’t think Keith ever really offered her the same courtesy in this scenario. And I imagine he had already resolved to leave the team at this point, and so felt that trying to connect with the other paladins further would only make things harder. 

That Boy is Mine

Anon asked:

“YES! I’m the anon that said I couldn’t wait for it to be open. So I was listening to a 90’s song (the boy is mine) and an idea popped in my head what if there was ( Namjoon or Tae or Jungkook: I love all of them but I feel like Tae, Jungkook, or Joonie would fit this perfectly. ) but like a high school au or college au Y/N and another girl fight over the member, The member is a player but can’t decide between the girls. You know like the song, and so the they try to prove who he belongs to.”

AHHH! Sorry this took so so so long! I have exams and things to prepare for when I don’t have internet and gahhh! I might have changed it up just a little, but yeah.. I hope this is mostly what you wanted. I’ve never done this kind of thing before, hehehe. So so.. chick-flicky, so I found it slightly challenging. And I watched the video like wtf the girls are so pretty like get ur head out of the clouds the guy you like is pulling DUCK FACES to the damn camera??????

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x reader

Genre: fluff, humor, highschool au!


Originally posted by bangthebae

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One More Confession

I promised @numinoceur soft kisses BECAUSE BAE IS TOO GOOD TO ME and keeps drawing me the happiest, softest Promptis. This wasn’t what I set out to write, initially, but the idea stuck and here we go. I… actually probably like this enough to post on AO3. (also: everyone lives canon divergence is always nice)


Noctis knows, as the damn crown prince of Lucis, he has to be careful.

His dad does his best to keep him shielded from the public eye. Most of the newspapers are under the influence of the crown, to keep them from reporting on him. The seedier tabloids are afraid of the wrath of King Regis—or, rather, they appreciate the money that’s tossed their way. A little bribery pays off, and as such, Noct’s happy enough to live a relatively low-key life, for a prince.

Of course, as much as he tries to keep the image up, he’s got a best friend who sorely tests Noct’s self-control. It’d been okay, at first, when their transgressions had involved skipping class occasionally, or spending way too much money at the arcade. But then Noctis had realized just how much he liked looking at his best friend. Weird dreams had followed, and they’d caught each other staring, had exchanged flustered, flushed looks, and then one day Prompto had gotten brave—

Now, instead of cutting class, they’re spending stolen moments in the back of the schoolyard during lunch breaks, sharing bites of the lunches Ignis packs them, stealing kisses when nobody’s looking. And nobody ever is looking. Noct’s pretty sure there’s rumours about them, but as long as they’re simply that, rumours, he can live with it.

It’s not Noct’s fault, really. Prompto’s just so kissable. They’ve kept this secret for a while now. It has to be a secret. Noct’s the crown prince, and even though the whole political marriage thing is only necessary in times of war – and Lucis and the Empire have been at peace for some time now, miraculously – Noctis hasn’t even started to think about how to tell his dad, hey, I’m kissing a boy.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! So this isn't about doves but my friend recently showed me a Malaysian Serama Bantam (youtube(.)com(/)watch?v=agdxu7N3DuA), and I'm pretty horrified but he just think its a cool chicken. Uh don't know why I sent you this but it reminded me of the American Fantail you mentioned before and my first thought was "Gotta show dove mum!"


I’ll have to ask my chicken folks if this is a sound bird or not, but it sure AF doesn’t look like it!



now I understand he most likely does but let me have fun

I did always think it was strange but I never thought to mention it much, however Damien was our only actual friend there. We don’t know what our relationship to Mark was and presumably we weren’t a part of the group of childhood friends since we had things explained to us and Will and Celine seemed not to know us. So I actually think it’s safe to say we were pretty good friends with Damien too

Jump cut and suddenly we’re hanging out with Mark, and having some sincere genuine moments and just showing love to each other and being close, us as far as we know now unaware of what mark did. So that means at first glance.

We replaced Damien, we forgot about him and pushed him aside, cuddled up to the man who’s walking around in his stolen body. Almost mocking him and his existence and the friendship we shared with him.

guys he’s smirking but what if that’s kinda genuine, and he’s upset because we don’t miss him and never did because we don’t remember him


Rick pulled the covers over his head to block out the blinding light. “Could you please turn that light off? It’s too bright. And who is playing Garth Brooks so loud this early in the morning?”

“Let me take that one issue at a time. First, that ‘light’ is the sun’s rays streaming through the window. There is no way to really cut it off. Two, there is no music currently playing in the house. I suspect that you are having some moonshine induced flashbacks to Shane’s singing from last night. And three, it’s almost 12:30 in the afternoon.”

“What? Why didn’t you wake me?” Rick mumbled from under the covers.

Michonne sighed. She walked over and shut the curtains and then moved back to the bed where she gently eased the covers away from Rick’s face before sitting down. He squinted back at her. His curls were in wild disarray all over his head.

“You looked miserable even in your sleep this morning. Your face was all scrunched up. I decided to just let you sleep it off. But I did come in here to wake you up so you could take these.” Michonne held out aspirin and a bottle of water to Rick.

“Thank you.” Rick sat up and took the aspirin and drank most of the bottle of water in one draw.

“Slow down, Rick. Those long nips are what got you here in the first place.”

Rick set the bottle on the nightstand and looked at Michonne. “I’m never drinking anything Shane offers me again.”

Michonne smoothed Rick’s curls out of his face. “Why did you drink in the first place?”

Rick closed his eyes briefly at Michonne’s actions. He remembered exactly why he drank last night, but he couldn’t share it with his friend. “Who knows? I got caught up in the moment I guess.”

There was something Michonne had to know. “Exactly how much of last night do you remember.”

This question Rick could answer honestly. “Everything after my first drink is a blur.”

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Can I get 2p america boyfriend head cannons? Thanks:)

2p America:
-He’s cocky, aggressive, and completely head over heels for you. He’s the kind of guy that’ll go from giving you a bouquet of flowers to breaking a guy’s nose in a split second. He also tends to think that he’s the best thing since sliced bread, and loves receiving praise and attention from you.
-He’s affectionate to the max, and you can expect some PDA when you’re with him. He just wants to show everyone that you’re his, since he’s also pretty possessive. He’ll constantly have his arm around you, give you random kisses, and , when you’re home with him, drag you close to him for cuddles. He just wants to be close to you at all times.
-His aggressive attitude and possessiveness makes him about as dangerous as a yandere can get. If he thinks that someone might be a potential rival, he kills them as soon as possible. He’ll also eliminate anyone who makes you even the least bit uncomfortable. The guy who was leering at you yesterday? He’s already vulture food, and America will do far worse to keep you with him.

Of Stars and Trapper Keepers

Steve Harrington/Reader FLUFF
Word Count:
Request: Anonymous asked “Hi! Could I request a Steve Harrington x reader where the reader is really into stars and outer space and Steve thinks it’s really cute so he buys her star stickers and she puts one on his nose. Basically just really cute fluff Thanks”

A/N: I feel pretty iffy about this one, so if you aren’t 100% satisfied, anon, send me another ask, and I will more than happily rewrite it (or write something new) for you <3

Requests are OPEN here and on AO3!

One night in mid-August, 1985, you are cuddling with your boyfriend, Steve Harrington, under the stars, his arm underneath your head.

“Okay, F/N, since you like the stars so much, what’s your favorite constellation?”

“Cassiopeia. The story behind it is so interesting, Steve,” you say, a dreamy quality to your voice. When he looks over to you, a questioning look on his face, you trace the W of her five main stars.

“Queen Cassiopeia was so convinced that she was beautiful that she took on the gods themselves. When they disagreed, she chained her own daughter, Andromeda, to the coast, to allow her to be eaten by the monster.”

Steve rolls onto his side to face you, an incredulous look on his face. “That’s a seriously messed up story. What the hell?”

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hey, all your fic recs are always pretty darn good. would you mind hitting me up with your favorite clint/loki whumpy fics? you are amazing and also thanks

there are sadly too few! or at least I’ve read sadly too few that I really like, which might be just that I’m pretty picky about my clint and loki and clint/loki fic. 

but I can think of a couple that you might enjoy (including mine, because I am…who I am)

This Is How by FelicityGS. Yes I know I recommend this one all the time but I really love it, all right, that’s just the way it is. It’s an AU where a pre-Thor Loki runs into a post-Avengers Clint, and while it’s more Clint/Loki messy relationship shit than whump exactly, I still think you’d enjoy it. 

speed the collapse (scatter what remains) by 100indecisions. Some decisions made by the Other and Thanos have unintended consequences. Some excellent protective!brainwashed!Clint, which is a thing I can never have enough of.

Screaming Mute and Seeing Blind by Nonymos. Making this list made me want to reread this fic because I l o v e it, it’s so good, it’s one of those fics that I read and then was mad I hadn’t thought of it first, but also really glad because then I didn’t have to write it and I couldn’t have done it this well. Loki’s punishment is to be enslaved to Clint, but Clint is pretty sure this is more of a punishment for him. There’s a lot of Loki whump in there, and it’s one of my all time favorite Clint/Loki fics in general.

An Eye for an Eye by Mikkeneko. Mostly it’s a lot of Clint introspection which just takes a dive toward true whump at the end, but again, still think you might enjoy it. Clint reflects on what he knows about Loki, and what he doesn’t know. 

If It Takes a Thousand Years by victoriousscarf (WIP). This one is a WIP but it’s started updating again and I’m ridiculously excited about it - the premise is basically “Clint starts having dreams with Loki in them after Loki’s disappeared and it becomes clear that he’s being held prisoner and tortured, and Clint goes off with Thor to go find him.” It’s great, I’m super excited to see where it goes.

in a better time you could be my friend by 100indecisions. Clint talks Loki through a panic attack, and also bonding-with-your-brainwashed-minion-friend which is a genre that I could read 5 million fics in, the more depressing the better.

they’ll talk about us and discover how we kissed and killed each other by resident_longwinded_anon (WIP). You know sometimes the world just like. Drops a thing into your lap and is like “hey, that thing you didn’t even realize you wanted this much? here it is and it’s great, have fun”? That’s this fic for me. It’s intense, and it’s vicious, and it’s really, really dark - like, seriously, suicidal ideation and heavy content warnings for character death - but it’s incredible. Everything about it is just…perfect. And it hurts, so bad, in all the right ways. A Loki who can’t die goes to Clint asking for help. Nobody is enjoying this.


contains multitudes by Lise. Loki lands on Earth and walks off with the Tesseract, Erik Selvig, and Clint Barton as usual. All is not well, however. Basically just shameless whump derailing the entire plot of the Avengers with as much protective!brainwashed!Clint as I could shove in there.

we’re not friends, we’re strangers with memories by Lise. This one is a little more than straight whump fic but there is a lot of emotional suffering in it and it’s one of my personal favorites of mine so it’s going on here. Loki’s been made mortal and banished to Earth. Since Clint won’t kill him, he’s going to be Clint’s really, really frustrating roommate. It’s not as funny as it sounds.

Monstrosity / Abyss by Lise (cw: rape/non-con). The first one more than the second one though the second one has a lot of….psychological trauma going for it. The premise is basically “some bad guys kidnap Loki and Clint and make them fuck” and it goes from there. I never pretended to be classy.

Fragmented by Lise. Loki is exhausted and anxious, and Clint is a very good minion.

Clint Barton’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Lise. Clint stabs Loki. Only it turns out that Loki doesn’t actually remember anything. No one is enjoying themselves.

untitled Clint whump fic by Lise. Clint gets shot and he’s probably dying, but not if Loki has anything to say about it.

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A reader who sacrifice themselves to make sure mercy, hana, ana get to the pick up plane?(is that what it is)

Pretty sure it’s a drop ship.


  • She is absolutely devastated as she finally reaches the dropship, her body collapsed against the chair. She looks absolutely dead on her feet, refusing to think about what happened at the moment.
  • When she finally does realise what happened she sobbed frantically in her room, hands pressed into her face as tears just slip down and her body shaking with emotions.
  • She can’t forget you but she manages her grief, slowly moving on and beginning to smile again.

  • She barely manages to keep it together as she gets to the dropship, everyone seems awkward around the ship as tears just begin to stream down Hana’s face.
  • She recognizes that it’s beginning to absorb herself with grief, Hana seeking help to manage it. It’s a slow process but she slowly regains her life.
  • It’s something that always is there but she manages to live on without you, honouring your sacrifice.


  • She is a bit more used to grief than she should be, your not the first person she lost. But still, it hurts a lot with each death that happens and your is no exception.
  • She keeps it a little too well for the others to not worry, knowing that Ana must be hurting even beyond her fake smile. They don’t know how to approach her though, unsure of what to say.
  • She cries for you when she’s alone, thinking of the time you had together. She slowly learns to live again, remembering you through it all.

el and dustin are waiting for the rest of the party outside of the arcade

*max shows up*

el: I thought this was really pretty so i got it for you

max, in tears: ill cherish it 5ever i lvoe u sm u angel 

dustin: is that ?? a rock ??

anonymous asked:

I was doing some research on autism because I wanted to write a character with autism and as I was researching I discovered that I do I lot of things that where listed in my research, my most obvious ones being arm flapping, feeling uncomfortable with eye contact, being unable to eat certain food because of texture, and repeating phrases almost word for word. I tried telling my friend about this and she said to just ignore it because I didn’t act like her cousin who has autism. Any thoughts?

those are all pretty common traits for autistic people, but i think when writing an autistic character it’s important to go beyond the typical traits because the only representation we get is stereotypical (btw, all autistic ppl are different and saying they should all act like someone’s cousin - which is a rly common comparison - is ridiculous). so i’ll help break down the traits into what they come from? because i think understanding what makes these common traits gives your character more depth. 

  • arm flapping 
  • this is stimming, aka sensory seeking behaviour.
  • most stimming is repetitive movements, so leg jiggling and arm flapping, rocking and bouncing are all common body stims. 
  • people stim for different reasons, but when i analysed a survey of 1026 people, the main purposes were quite clear. firstly; it’s part of our body language. it helps us communicate and express ourselves in the same way that people smile when theyre happy. 
  • secondly, it helps regulate our emotions. this can be happy ones (i flap hard when im super happy because it’s too much happy for my body to hold inside!) or negative emotions (works like self-soothing and helps calm us down). regulating emotions can be especially helpful to autistic people as many of us experience alexythmia and so find it hard to identify emotions
  • thirdly, it is a way of interacting with the world. it can root you to the present or ground you. this links to coping with negative emotions, but also coping with the world that’s busy and overwhelming and not suited to our needs
  • finally, it’s also a way of focusing, because it lets u get some of ur extra energy out so it doesnt distract u, or it just helps u focus anyway. there are more reasons why people stim (u dont have to be autistic to stim) but those are the main ones
  • uncomfortable with eye contact
  • that one is to do with a lack of understanding social cues, or struggling with social skills
  • well, that’s what it says on the DSM, but personally i know im meant to make eye contact (it’s not a lack of understanding) its just so deeply uncomfortable it like makes my skin crawl. no thanks. 
  • unable to eat certain food
  • this is to do with sensory issues! sensory issues make up a big part of what it is to be autistic. here’s a pretty good post explaining stuff to do with it
  • if sensory stimuli get too overwhelming, it can cause a sensory overload. these are awful, and things you would normally have quite a high tolerance for may suddenly seem like hell. for example, i am personally okay with overlapping noise like lots of people talking most of the time, but as soon as i start to overload, or im having a sensory-bad day, that becomes physically painful for me. 
  • repeating phrases word for word
  • this is called echolalia. u can check the tag for a better understanding
  • this is when you repeat a word or phrase over and over. It is a type of echo-phenomenon that that specifically involves it being repeated out loud, but most people (including professionals) use it to cover thoughts as well. 
  • it can be either involuntary, for stimming, or for communication. I’ll explain each one:
  • involuntary - you know when u get a song stuck in your head? like that but words or phrases. it can go on for minutes or hours or can just be once at a repetition, like an echo. often it can be out loud too, eg. i sometimes just echo whatever my mum says to me for no particular reason when im tired
  • for stimming - repeating a nice sounding word or phrase can be a great stim! especially words that are fun to say 
  • communication - repeating things you’ve heard can be used for communicating. some autistic people are entirely echolalic, which means they only communicate verbally through echolalia. echolalia can be immediate or delayed. examples of each of these would be:
    • immediate: “shall we go shopping?” “shopping.” 
    • delayed: “can i have some of your drink?” “take a fucking sip babes

hope that helps! also, @scriptautistic is dedicated to helping people write autistic characters, so take a look through their blog!

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What do you think will be Mutsuki’s reaction when he returns to the CCG and finds Touka there working alongside Urie, Saiko, the Qs, and the CCG?

Probably….. not very pretty. But since the Quinx and Juuzou are there too, hopefully it will be an opportunity for Mutsuki to finally move off this downward spiral he’s been on. 

They’ve all stood by, hesitating to confront Mutsuki about his actions recently or refusing to believe there’s anything wrong. What Mutsuki went through was a horrifying ordeal and I can see how they would just have absolutely no idea how to broach this topic. Urie, who knows Mucchan is in love with Haise, saw hundreds of photos of Touka stabbed by knives, and didn’t think to go stop Mutsuki. Saiko tried to open discussion about Mucchan smelling like blood but when he diverted off that topic she dropped it. Juuzou was Mutsuki’s mentor and even commented that he was in the position of Shinohara as mentor to a wild child, yet the only wisdom he has passed onto his protege was using knives.

None of them have seen first hand though just how far gone down this destructive path Mutsuki is, so seeing a confrontation between Mutsuki and Touka would definitely open their eyes, giving them a chance to nip that issue in the bud and support him towards a healthier path.

That is, if Mucchan and Aura even go back to the CCG and don’t go off and do their own thing of course! :’)

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i am concerned my dude like im a day after having a major psychotic episode the fact that anyone can relate to my emotional state fucking up that badly is highly concerning

ok i dont actually relate to the stabbing someone and hallucination bits, but the rest of it i do

the past few months have felt surreal and i kind of just feel like things are happening but also not? like me existing and all this going on just? doesn’t register? and ive been irritable and sensitive and i dont think my friends think im crazy, but if they heard some of what ive been wanting to talk about, then they would probably think i’m crazy and i just  dont want to face that kind of judgement.

everything just feels. not ok.